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Church Crimes 4 - Predators

In case you haven’t read “Church Crimes – 1”, “Church Crimes – 2” & Church Crimes – 3,  recommend you do. On the same topic please also read “The Anti-Modi Christian agenda

Ordinary folks invest a lot in religion and religious Heads. Leading a middle-class life or not being very well-off, they still wish to lead a morally principled life and look to such religious Heads for wisdom and guidance. They not only invest their Faith but also their generosity with money. The Church, in particular, gets most of their money from ordinary people. In return, what people get is shock after shock about the conduct of certain priests and padres. More so in the Catholic churches. Whether it’s a church or a “Retail Missionary Outfit” like a school or orphanage, the most horrendous crimes of rapes, pedophilia have been perpetrated by thousands of the church priests.

The Pope claims (in 2017) the Catholic Church realised the sex abuse problem “a bit late”. This is as disingenuous and dishonest as it can be. There is no truth to the Pope’s claim and I am certain the Vatican reads news as much as anyone else. There are pedophiles in the Vatican itself for a long time. Many “Frocked men” posing as religious Heads have been a menace in every country they are present. A quick list by country is available on Wiki just for information. Besides, the list of offenders runs over a mile long with countless names. Most of these offenders have escaped serious punishment. Let’s see how the Pope is not only living in denial but trying to delude the world in his claims.

Sometime in late 1999 or early 2000 the Boston Globe started an investigation into Church crimes – Pedophiles. A number of hush-hush complaints were received, young boys were afraid to talk to their parents about it and in many cases the Church hushed it up with some payments. The team at the Globe called it “Spotlight” (which later became an Oscar-winning movie a few years ago) and focused on these crimes.
One particular priest, Fr John Geoghan, was known to have sexually molested boys, put them to bed in the guise of caring for them, masturbated in front of the boys, and even fondled their genitals in cars. This criminal was doing this since the 1960s and each time he would just be transferred to another parish. He is known to have molested and sexually abused over 150 children over 3 decades. Around 2002, people dared to formally complain and a lawyer took up the case resulting in conviction and sentencing of Geoghan. Even in prison, Geoghan bragged that he would return to children sooner or later. His ending was not so holy:
Geoghan was convicted only for ONE single molestation while he had gotten away with over 150 others. Such criminals of the Church are spread worldwide and in India too. Time and again, there were complaints about misdeeds in the church but were quickly hushed up. The arrogance of the Bishops in the church has grown so fat that one in Kerala claims his church is above the Constitution and Indian law and he reports to the Vatican and only the Vatican has jurisdiction over his deeds. Such Bishops should be imprisoned and their churches shut down. However, the state and central govt have clay feet and are scaredy chicks when it comes to dealing with these criminals. And the stories kept getting worse:
The Sister Abhaya murder case is one from 1992. It’s been 26 years and the cops still don’t seem to have got the murderers. The case has been botched up by the CBI also. Nowhere in the world can a murder case get so muddled. Whether it’s a church or a school in a far-off corner of the country like Darjeeling, children are not safe from these fraudulent God’s messengers in a long frock. The Pope claims the Church realised the sexual abuses too late but have been paying hush-money for nearly 5 decades now. And when the GOI passed an ordinance making the death sentence possible for rapist-murderers of children, the first to oppose it was the Church and their dubious henchmen in NGOs parading as “child rights activists”. These are not child right activists, these are church-mission peddlers who are not only part of the conversion mafia but don’t undertake any social activity without making religion an essential ingredient of their actions.

And now the cases are coming out thick and fast. A woman was sexually abused, blackmailed, her voice recorded and she was harassed for months before the case came to light. I wonder what these pigs parading as padres run in their church. It seems some churches have become centres of the BDSM lifestyle where the padres run the most disgusting lifestyle of their own without any question from the police or the State.
And not even a few days had passed when that incident had come to light then another one is reported. This time, a Nun has filed a complained about being raped not once but THIRTEEN TIMES. I wonder how this nun remained silent till it went this far. But it need not surprise us. The female inmates of the Church are enslaved into submission till they cannot bear it anymore. They are abused like a sex-slave till she manages to escape their clutches and finds the courage and help to file a complaint. The latest one comes from Jallandhar. This is not new though, there have been many cases in the past where nuns have not only been raped but have been accomplices to the criminals of the Church:
The Church could cover up their crimes and grow in power dramatically under the corrupt Chrislamist regime of Sonia Gandhi. So much that among the biggest opponents of PM Modi, when he was in Gujarat, were activists and padres of the church (the Fr Cedric Prakash types). There are many individuals with deceptive Hindu names who are actually Christian snake-oil salesmen. Their conversion mafia is the biggest destroyer of native culture all over the world.

And then their bishops from Gandhinagar to the college in Mumbai to the recent outburst of that Delhi guy frequently send out alarms of Christians being in danger, the Constitution being in danger, democracy being in danger, the whole country being in danger with “turbulence” ahead. Why? Is it that their criminal activities should flourish without intervention? Even otherwise, who actually intervenes or prosecutes their criminals? ModiSarkar was silly enough to succumb to the idiocy of these Churches and their Sickular stooges to set up a “Christian helpline” after the fraudulent “Christians under attack” campaign. Fact is – it’s the church and their pedophiles and serial rapists that are frequently attacking the law of the land. Time to put an end to their nonsense:
Even in the US, it took nearly 50 years for the legal system to find victims and witnesses to stand up to the crimes of the Church but determined lawyers and law-enforcement officers started taking the gauntlet to the Church criminals. Over the years number of padres in the US have been prosecuted and punished. In over half a century, 6721 clerics have been accused of sexual abuse. And these perverts represent Faith? No, these animals don’t even represent ordinary human decency. In India, many ask why the media does not outrage over the crimes of the Church. Forget outrage, most of them, especially TV channels, don’t even report these crimes or hold discussions on Church crimes. The reason is very simple:
No, you’re not going to find a book entry in any church accounts stating money paid to TOI or Arnab of RepublicTV. The church has a vast network of NGOs and other covert charities that not only funnel money to the media but also to disrupt projects in various countries. We have seen church-funded and provoked agitations in Kudankulam and Tuticorin in recent times. The Church will not rest till the natives and their local culture and Hinduism is destroyed in India. The Sonia led govt was almost half-way there but was stopped in its footsteps. That is one more reason to never bring the anti-Hindu, anti-India Congress back to power ever again.

One of the Founding Fathers of the US, Thomas Jefferson, famously said “Christianity is the most perverted system that ever shone on man”. He went on to add: ‘The clergy converted the simple teachings of Jesus into an engine for enslaving mankind and adulterated by artificial constructions into a contrivance to filch wealth and power to themselves. These clergy, in fact, constitute the real anti-Christ”. 

There is no doubt about that and Jefferson went on to write his own Bible removing the fake miracles and disturbing verses from the existing one. The Church must submit to the laws of the land. If they think they are above the Constitution and blackmail the govts of the day then the govt should take over such churches and ask the clergy to leave or prosecute them. A church cannot be a place for criminals and predators to hide. And predators don’t stop with one crime, they are almost usually serial offenders.

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  1. Sex is integral part of healthy life. Any one including priests and padres cannot escape this reality. Fake spirituality brings gullible women to this fold who exploit them in the serene confines.

    1. It no more remains healthy if done with innocent children, un-consenting females and frauding them by their gullibility. Priests and Padres may have unsatiated sex drive but in that case they should be under tutelage and cannot be independently running such places of worship. They need to learn to channelise energy or not be taken into service of God.

  2. Another Master piecc exposing Church . How is only Abrahamic Cults have human Pardon or Nikkahalala with their own set of self proclaimed laws? Whereas all Non-Abrahmic Cults usually leaves to law of the land & Karma . Strange Abrahamic Cults ...

  3. Specifically the reason why Hindus believe in "grahast ashram" (marriage and family) before they renounce the world.... Brahmacharya is practiced by the very strong or else it leads to perversion....

  4. A little off topic here, but relevant for the overall series. Let me give you an example of soft crimes. The first thing any missionary hospital in India, e.g. St. John's at Bangalore, asks of the patient is not his ailment but his religion. If Christian, certain soft privileges like shorter waiting time, special rooms, discounts, etc. are provided. If non-Christian, every effort is made to bring him/her into the fold.

  5. Indeed you are bravest person , salute this is exemplary ! No one will dare to touch this concern , Now this criminal churches will will meet the same fate as that of MSM / Comunist / Congress. I can see the begining of the fall.

  6. Ravi Sir and Dr Swamy ONLY two Hindus who have the guts to beard the Lion in his den. Ravi Sir has struck terror in hearts of these church semen prds, presstitutes and commie pigs with hindu sounding names, and none dared to show their egomaniacism with him, they know he will hit back and it will singe, the scorpion swishing its deadly tail on all sorts of evil

  7. The biggest Christian snake oil salesmen are these so called dalit activists, all bloody Samosa converts and the commie pigs. These street born bastards commie pigs posing as Dalit activists, who lick the pigshit of White christian bastards, mostly target hinduism as brahminism like words, what are these bloody sheeps? bib lie says people are sheep and Padri a shepherd, so goatfuckers base is in bib lie
    Hindus SHUD NOT CARRY THe FALSE sense of self loathing when these bloody detestable breed of pope pigs shout casteism, and give general statements like Hindus using rape and massacre to subjugate so called bahujans and all that bloody crap. Even by the standards if prostituted, slutized commie tized history written by the most loathsome, detestable breed of white cock sucking pakipanjabi and Bdeshi Bong filth from Harems/brothels of porkistan likew Irfan habib, Ram guha, romilla thapar, where is ANY genocide perperated by hindu against hindu dalits? there is no proof or mention of rape being used for subjugation till the arrival of Islam and Xtianity (whose ass these bloody converts lick)
    Was Maurya, nanda, licchavi, Sarna, gupta, chola, pandya, gurjar Pratihar, Yadavs of devagiri, Nagas of padmavati, Villavars (archers) and minara (fishermen) kingdoms/empires of medieval india Brahmin or even upper caste? All of the above were OBC, SC< ST? Where is a single Brahmin empire? till Peshwas?
    And the rapes, subjugation barbarism was all done by invaders. by the way the christian love if built on the mass genocide of blacks, browns, natives, mass extermination of advanced but peaceful civilizations like mayas, incas, aztecs, tainos, red indians, maoris, chinese, indians,jews, genteels, hellenists, prussians, which these commie converted fake dalit activists never utter, for the fear of church money drying up. has the bloody italian white barmaid sonia whose PIDI shit these so called dalit activists like to eat as breakfast, the likes of that false dalit ki devi mayawati, prakash ambedkar, mewani even allows any non white except the asslickers near her, has any of this bloody commie christian fake dalit allowed by her to fight a gutter inspector election in Italy. their white christian baaps who nf..k thr mothers as baptism taken a single bloody convert to their white EU? AND ANY COMMIE PROSTITUTED HISTORY OF SLUT PRDS in BRIT BROTHELS RAN GUHA, Irafan Habib n his keep thapar or any of these Church planted fale dalits and OBCs TELL ME A SINGLE CITY PRINCIPALITY in White europe or America, which was ruled by any Black, brown king? all bcz these christian snake oil salesmen fake dalits and White keep prd bongs and pakipanjabi filth want to convert TO BREAK INDIA< these missionaries are bloody mercenaries of White racist klannist bigotry, criminals living a rich life. Now since south america, Africa are converted their love and seva does not reach Africa, South America, latin America. TELL ME A SINGLE NON WHITE CHRISTIAN COUNTRY WHICH IS RICH?
    I do not deny casteism it was a brutal fact, BUT these converts were a bulwark of barbaric savage brit occupation, Mahars helped Brits establish thr empire, Yadavs of UP BIHAR were their goons and policemen, the brit christian occupation was most barbaric and savage for hindus, 100 million deaths millions of rapes and these converted dalit Mahars, yadavs, Jatavs (the dominant SC, OBC castes who siphon off 95% of reservation benifits to the extinction of poor hindu dalits and OBCs, they are christians or so called neo buddhists). HISAAB BARABAR< you have left Hinduism to fake Xtianity to lick white man cock, best of luck, YOU BEAT OUR GODS PICS WD CHAPPALS BE READY FOR DEVASTATING RETRIBUTION ON UR BLOODY BROTHELS CALLED CHURCHES OR LENIN STALIN MAO bastd families

  8. In your usual no-holds-barred style you have brought out the misdoings of the Church Establishment in India (also all over the world)and your blog is thoroughly data-based . The current ruling establishment mollycoddles these criminal anti social elements who are ripe for action against them for their felonious activities. Why BJP is so cowardly ? Is it under the misconception that that they will bring additional votes from the Brotherhood of Christ?

  9. First time somebody broughtout the sinister happenings in the Churches. Otherwise one would think these things happen only in Ashrams. The innocent people of TN and Kerala who have been converted by the Churches with the lure of money, which are nothing more than dog biscuits, have been misled and it is upto the people to bring them back to the real truth. It is time the Hindu Organisations get active in our Country and educate these misled people.

  10. Straight from the shoulder! That's the way to give it to these rascals, who have no connection to Jesus but an abiding and deep connection to illicit sex, money and power.

  11. Fake Fathers in Christian missionary churches, Fake Babas always survived due to political support & connivance for they used to supply the people for mutual satisfaction & hoard black money in the name of fake religious preachers. Dr.Naik went further, he became a mole for spying & anti India activities.
    All these lechers need to "erased" from the society

  12. Trust vineetjain TOI=Toilet of Italy, running dog of Vatican, Italy to bring in Hindus, and he has done vide a Christian journo. Vineet Jain is long known as a dog of World Council of Churches, whose father and Grandfather were jailed for fraud. Some American said said "Women who work in media are sluts", no doubt Christian, pakipanjabi gutter filth from Pak and Bdeshis constitute 100% of media and bollywood, EASE OF LAYING by the White, and "phoren" sex maniacs is only criteria. Vineet Jain mom was "Personal seceratory" of Jain family Indu Fernandes who captured TOI from real hiers through Italian Sonia and Church help during RG Vatican rule

  13. Many people were lynched over the past couple of months in the country on suspicion of child lifting and cow smuggling. Most recently, a group of villagers killed a man allegedly on the suspicion of cow smuggling in Rajasthan's Alwar lynching district
    Rising Mob Lynchings


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