Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The Lynch Fraud

The Ministry of Home Affairs has issued yet another advisory to all States on the issue of mob violence and “lynching”. They have laid down a NEW “Maha mantra” – that law and order is a State issue and therefore States and Police must make all efforts to prevent such lynchings. This is following the recent observations by the Supreme Court which has directed the Centre and Parliament to enact a special law on lynchings. I have never seen such knee jerk reactions from the govt or the SC on such a matter. What exactly is lynching? And how the hell does SC assume the power to direct the Centre to enact a law? Making laws is beyond the authority of the SC and at best it can only make a recommendation. The lack of prudence in such a direction seems totally lost on our judges:
While it is desirable that crimes be prevented, how exactly can the police prevent a crime unless they have a tip off or intelligence report on an event? Police cannot prevent rapes, murders, abductions or mob violence unless they have been tracking some case or get an advance warning. This nonsense of crime prevention is biggest nonsensical rant of media, politicians and many Big Bindi frauds. No one can prevent a crime; the only solution available is swift justice. Our courts fail to provide justice in reasonable time and therefore criminals and potential criminals are free to commit more crimes. The latest case of “lynching” according to the chest-beating of media is a guy called Rakbar in Alwar. The guy reportedly died in police custody and had previous FIRs and charge-sheets against him. So he had a history but was out, probably on bail and free to commit more crimes.

No crime can ever be justified. Mob violence, regardless of the reasons, cannot be justified. In a group or a mob, people act in a frenzy of a different kind. Individually, a man may not burn vehicles or throw stones but when in a group, the rioter is pretty capable of all kinds of violence. Spectators and crowds are known to throw water bottles and other missiles at players when a match goes badly for their team. An individual by himself wouldn’t dare to do so.

But this entire campaign over “lynching” is nothing but a fraud. Who concocted this fraud? The Congress and the media inserted this term into mob violence that existed in India long before ModiSarkar came into power. In fact, the incidents of lynching under ModiSarkar are far lesser in number than under the criminal Congress during their term. A tweet by A.Ranganathan shows that there over a dozen lynchings under the Congress in 2013 alone. So, if one digs deeper into the ten years of Sonia and Congress, they would exceed the number of incidents in the four years of ModiSarkar. This is not to justify any killing but to indicate how the media and the Congress have labelled and created a terror-syndrome called “Lynching” which has managed to fool even the SC. This is nothing but mob violence and mob frenzy which has existed for a long time but has surely been declining with greater awareness among citizens.

What exactly is lynching? In technical or dictionary terms, a lynching is the execution of a person alleged to have committed a crime without any legal process or trial. This form of execution was usually by hanging. This form of execution was invented by none other than the Christians. They hanged people for blasphemy or even burned them at the stake. They have hanged people for merely being “Black” or for seeking equal rights. Lynchings were part of Christian rituals and this evil was most practiced in Europe and the US for a long time. The pic with Blacks being hanged comes from the South in the US where the White Supremacists were not willing to accept the erstwhile Black slaves as equal human beings.

As with the Commies, the Christians too have a heavy guilt hanging on their conscience. The Commies in India wiped out all the crimes of the murderous Mughals from our history books and our school books. Worldwide, the Christians are unwilling to accept responsibility or blame for the evil practice of lynching in their history books or school books. Even in the US, the lynchings in America are covered up and blacked out to hide the evil side of Christianity and its rituals. This is a scene from Texas, US from 1893 which is not so ancient:
What is different from mob violence and the Christian lynchings is that their lynching had the approval of society. Just look at the crowds collected to witness and enjoy the lynching above. In contrast, Indian society has not approved of lynching. It is simply another mob-violence crime. But given their guilt, the Christians under Congress and Christian-influenced media cleverly and mischievously planted the “Lynching” concept in the public domain only after ModiSarkar came into power. During the ten years of Congress also there were many killings by mobs but there was no such ranting and raving about “Lynching” as a terminology and label as it is now. The US has a history of over 4000 lynchings of blacks and that figure may not be accurate as there is no proper record of these crimes:
This clever trickery is missed by the SC and the idiots of the BJP. The Congress and their slave media rant about Lynching because the Christians have cleverly transferred most of their guilt on their crimes to other societies. The powers that dominate our media, Congress, Sickulars and NGOs are all driven by Christian funding and Christian narrative. And the other side of the coin has Islamic funding which ensures Muslims are portrayed as the victims and blown out of proportion as the only victims. Even a death over a seat fight on a train was blown up as lynching. The deaths by lynching under Congress is far more than the incidents under ModiSarkar but the “Lynch-song” is played out specifically to tar PM Modi as the “perpetrator” of the crime or empowering the perpetrators of the crime.

This is the nonsense and crime by the lynchers of Congress and media. Neither the PM nor his ministers have the guts to do a straight-talk on this. Instead, they crawl before the SC and issue advisories over this fake narrative. The purpose of bringing out a brief history of lynching being a Christian ritual is not to hold Christians responsible for mob-violence in India but to point out that the narrative is set by none other than Christian-dominated forces that still drive certain political parties and much of our media. The record of their past gets more dismal if you read more about it:
The Christians have cleverly, more or less, wiped out their history of lynch-crimes but have now transferred the terminology and guilt to India, particularly to ModiSarkar. The SC has been influenced into directing the Centre to make stupid laws specially for lynching by the same lobby that is permanently in a PIL mode to throw as much mud on ModiSarkar as any other issue not worth the time of SC. Current laws in the country are adequate to deal with mob violence and there is no need for a special “Lynch law”. And there is technically no lynching in India because society does not approve it as it did in Christianity. Our society does not hold public hangings or beheadings or burning at the stake as a socially-approved practice in any state or in any society in this land. Therefore, this fraudulent narrative of lynching is yet another discourse that ModiSarkar has failed to combat effectively.

And pray, what exactly is all this cow-smuggling and cattle-rustling for? In many states in India, cow-slaughter is banned. This ban should legally be extended to all states. Even in states where cow slaughter is banned, there may be illegal cow-slaughter and beef consumption. Here is a table of beef consumption across the world from 2016:
The cow is a holy animal for Hindus. Still India figures at 52 in the world list of beef consumption. It is down in the charts only because of population numbers. If you look at the absolute quantity in the above chart, India would probably be in the top 5 or 6 countries. The fraudulent narratives on many issues continue because Modi wants to play Mahatma.

The source of the cow-vigilantes problem is cow-rustling and cow-smuggling. Instead of addressing that as a serious issue, ModiSarkar is busy putting Band-aid on visible wounds. The wound that is NOT VISIBLE is the suffering of the farmer or poor family that depends on cattle for livelihood and source of income. What if a man came out of his house and suddenly found his car is stolen? A family that loses cows or cattle feels much the same way. And as with cars, the stolen cattle is never found unless you happen to be the Home Minister like Azam Khan and can order the police around. PM Modi needs to find some guts to address this serious issue:
Either way, a law on total ban on cow-slaughter is required across India. That itself will stop a lot of crimes. But on priority, a law that punishes cow-theft and cow-smuggling severely will by itself deter criminals. It’s not a stupid anti-lynch-law that we need. That is based on a fraudulent narrative. What we do need is a law that severely punishes cow-thieves and smugglers.

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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Sons Of Perdition

There is this old saying “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”. This quote is attributed to St. Bernard, although that too is considered a myth. However, it doesn’t take away anything from the essence of the saying. The most common interpretation of the saying is that wrong doings or evil actions are often masked by good intentions. Some recent rants and statements by Congress slaves of the Chinese Gandhis may seem spontaneous or impromptu but none of these is an accident. In his landmark series “Cosmos”, the famous late astronomer and scientist Carl Sagan devoted an episode to convey that heaven and hell aren’t upstairs – they are right here on earth. The episode and the series itself are forever remembered for the haunting theme-score by the Greek composer Vangelis called “Heaven and Hell”.

In every town and every city there is some individual or group that is desperate to turn someone’s heaven into hell. Reasons can be many – jealousy, wealth, betrayal, loss of power or loss of spouse; anything. It is when a bunch of goons want to turn a whole country into hell that should alarm citizens and make them stronger in their will to destroy it. In the latest instalment of stupidity, Rahul Gandhi made the most frivolous of allegations against PM Modi and the govt. He then proceeded to make a laughing stock of himself and a mockery of LS with this:
RG behaves like an imbecile. A juvenile jerk that cannot maintain the decorum in Parliament but wants to be PM. He finishes a lousy, fact-less speech, runs around to the PM, asks him to get up from his seat, hugs him, then winks at others as if he as scored a cheeky goal. This third-rate, uneducated, indecent filth of a two-bit man-child has the audacity to ask the PM to get up for his stupid stunt? Brainless bumblers have no sense of place or timing. And how much more moronic can this get? RG claimed in the Parliament during the no-confidence debate that the French Prez Macron told him there was a secret deal over the Rafale purchase between ModiSarkar and France. Does this blabbering idiot seriously think the French Prez would say such a thing to him? Lying in public is now chronic with the Congress.

This happens when a party that has no clue or positive agenda to offer the country resorts to cheap theatre and worthless blabber. Sonia Gandhi is uneducated and RG is practically illiterate and ill-mannered. In their desperate hunger for power, they throw their minions and slaves to sow evil into the country and plot the destruction and defamation of the greatest civilisation on earth. The idea is to create HELL in India till they can snatch back the power they lost. Neither Shashi Tharoor nor Hamid Ansari are blabbering accidentally. These minions are chosen to plant and deliver certain dialogues in public that will keep churning a worthless discourse. The “English Lalu” again brought up the nonsense of “Hindu Pakistan”:
This “Hindu Pakistan” is not new – it’s the favourite chant of Commies like Ram Guha and thugs like Rajdeep Sardesai. And having blabbered his nonsense, Tharoor then challenges TV anchors to ask the BJP if they have abandoned their “Hindu Rashtra” dream. My tweet in response explains facts. However, this is not about Hindu Rashtra or “Hindu Taliban” as Tharoor claimed in another episode a few days back. This is about constantly tarring India and her Hindu origin and culture. The EVIL wants to take it to such an extent that the very term “Hindu” becomes a “cuss word” and an “abusive insult”. This is the Chrislamist plan set in motion by none other than the Congress Heads – whether it is Sonia or Rahul. 

This then gets synchronised worldwide with the foreign bosses of the Congress who produce articles that shame India through lies and distortions. There’s no limit to the rapes and murders of women by Congis but they would like the world to believe India is the most dangerous country for women. Why? Because a supposedly Hindu party (that too wrongly alleged) is running the govt and the country. Rejecting this lie does not even need any fact-checking:
Anyone who has been casually observing events and media would know that rapes are the highest in Africa and the West and consistently so. But EVIL sponsors EVIL. The Congis will not rest till every road to the progress of this country is splattered with big rocks and large nails till it becomes a road to perdition. They will not rest in the grand plan to break this country to pieces so that they can somehow procure a small province for them to be “Infernal rulers” of that tiny piece. How else do you explain an ungrateful, extremely bitchy person like Hamid Ansari? This Sonia slave had the best of his life in India. Had 10 years as VP and RS Chairman. He quit his high office claiming Muslims live in fear in this country. EVIL is not an accident. It exists all around us and we just need to recognise it and defeat it. Like Tharoor, this minion Ansari was also thrown into the ring by Sonia & co. to sow his seeds of poison in the public domain last week:
In his farewell speech for Ansari, PM Modi rightly pointed out: “HA's way of thinking was moulded by the West Asian (Islamist) ambience & Ansari will have freedom to work & talk according to his basic ideology & instinct." And what is that ideology and instinct? Simple – Seek to break India again and impose Islamic rule in as many parts of India as possible. Evil does not rear its ugly head all in one go. It keeps peeping like a Peeping Tom every now and then to assess how much damage it has inflicted and when the right time is for a final kill. Ansari claims people are confusing “Social practices with legal system”. You won’t find bigger Taqiya specialists anywhere else. They will keep fooling you into believing Islam is not a political system and Sharia is not a legal system of the Islamists.

And what is Ansari’s idea of India or inclusive democracy? That their idiotic system of Triple Talaq should continue, Female genital mutilation should continue, the right to obstruct others with street prayers should continue, the right to spill blood on the streets during their festivals should continue, their doles should continue, their victimhood should continue. Honestly, I don’t really have a problem with their TT or what they want to do with their women or goats or whatever. But I do have a problem when they want to impose their nonsense on all Indians, like the street namaz and Azaan. There is no place for this and they can take these to their deserts of Arabia or Syria.

None of these episodes are accidents. Each fortnight or month, it is now a practice for Congress to throw two or three of their worst morons in the public domain to utter nonsensical statements or complain that the sky has fallen under ModiSarkar. Imagine, the Congress has molested and raped the Constitution over 100 times in its long rule of around 55 years. Yet, their disgusting LS leader Mallikarjun Kharge has the audacity to threaten bloodshed if the BJP tried to alter or amend the Constitution in anyway:
That was as early in ModiSarkar as November 2015 in Parliament. There is a lot to desire from ModiSarkar and I often believe the BJP and GOI are a bunch of wimps and cowards who are diffident and do not possess the courage to fully use the mandate given to them. At least 18 ministers of ModiSarkar Cabinet are useless ballast just biding their time and will unlikely get a ticket again to LS or RS. But no way is ModiSarkar evil in any form or any sense of the term. The only evil that stares this country in the face is Congress and by Dusshera 2019 I hope this evil goes up in flames.

Perdition is the Christian word for HELL, eternal damnation and total destruction. “Son of Perdition” comes from the New Testament. The interpretation of son of perdition is a person who is UNREDEEMABLE and DAMNED while still alive. Considering the Chrislamist plot against Hindus and India, I don’t have any doubt why every second week a son of perdition is heaped upon India to curse and abuse her by the Congress. These sons of perdition are unredeemable and damned forever.

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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Church Crimes 4 - Predators

In case you haven’t read “Church Crimes – 1”, “Church Crimes – 2” & Church Crimes – 3,  recommend you do. On the same topic please also read “The Anti-Modi Christian agenda

Ordinary folks invest a lot in religion and religious Heads. Leading a middle-class life or not being very well-off, they still wish to lead a morally principled life and look to such religious Heads for wisdom and guidance. They not only invest their Faith but also their generosity with money. The Church, in particular, gets most of their money from ordinary people. In return, what people get is shock after shock about the conduct of certain priests and padres. More so in the Catholic churches. Whether it’s a church or a “Retail Missionary Outfit” like a school or orphanage, the most horrendous crimes of rapes, pedophilia have been perpetrated by thousands of the church priests.

The Pope claims (in 2017) the Catholic Church realised the sex abuse problem “a bit late”. This is as disingenuous and dishonest as it can be. There is no truth to the Pope’s claim and I am certain the Vatican reads news as much as anyone else. There are pedophiles in the Vatican itself for a long time. Many “Frocked men” posing as religious Heads have been a menace in every country they are present. A quick list by country is available on Wiki just for information. Besides, the list of offenders runs over a mile long with countless names. Most of these offenders have escaped serious punishment. Let’s see how the Pope is not only living in denial but trying to delude the world in his claims.

Sometime in late 1999 or early 2000 the Boston Globe started an investigation into Church crimes – Pedophiles. A number of hush-hush complaints were received, young boys were afraid to talk to their parents about it and in many cases the Church hushed it up with some payments. The team at the Globe called it “Spotlight” (which later became an Oscar-winning movie a few years ago) and focused on these crimes.
One particular priest, Fr John Geoghan, was known to have sexually molested boys, put them to bed in the guise of caring for them, masturbated in front of the boys, and even fondled their genitals in cars. This criminal was doing this since the 1960s and each time he would just be transferred to another parish. He is known to have molested and sexually abused over 150 children over 3 decades. Around 2002, people dared to formally complain and a lawyer took up the case resulting in conviction and sentencing of Geoghan. Even in prison, Geoghan bragged that he would return to children sooner or later. His ending was not so holy:
Geoghan was convicted only for ONE single molestation while he had gotten away with over 150 others. Such criminals of the Church are spread worldwide and in India too. Time and again, there were complaints about misdeeds in the church but were quickly hushed up. The arrogance of the Bishops in the church has grown so fat that one in Kerala claims his church is above the Constitution and Indian law and he reports to the Vatican and only the Vatican has jurisdiction over his deeds. Such Bishops should be imprisoned and their churches shut down. However, the state and central govt have clay feet and are scaredy chicks when it comes to dealing with these criminals. And the stories kept getting worse:
The Sister Abhaya murder case is one from 1992. It’s been 26 years and the cops still don’t seem to have got the murderers. The case has been botched up by the CBI also. Nowhere in the world can a murder case get so muddled. Whether it’s a church or a school in a far-off corner of the country like Darjeeling, children are not safe from these fraudulent God’s messengers in a long frock. The Pope claims the Church realised the sexual abuses too late but have been paying hush-money for nearly 5 decades now. And when the GOI passed an ordinance making the death sentence possible for rapist-murderers of children, the first to oppose it was the Church and their dubious henchmen in NGOs parading as “child rights activists”. These are not child right activists, these are church-mission peddlers who are not only part of the conversion mafia but don’t undertake any social activity without making religion an essential ingredient of their actions.

And now the cases are coming out thick and fast. A woman was sexually abused, blackmailed, her voice recorded and she was harassed for months before the case came to light. I wonder what these pigs parading as padres run in their church. It seems some churches have become centres of the BDSM lifestyle where the padres run the most disgusting lifestyle of their own without any question from the police or the State.
And not even a few days had passed when that incident had come to light then another one is reported. This time, a Nun has filed a complained about being raped not once but THIRTEEN TIMES. I wonder how this nun remained silent till it went this far. But it need not surprise us. The female inmates of the Church are enslaved into submission till they cannot bear it anymore. They are abused like a sex-slave till she manages to escape their clutches and finds the courage and help to file a complaint. The latest one comes from Jallandhar. This is not new though, there have been many cases in the past where nuns have not only been raped but have been accomplices to the criminals of the Church:
The Church could cover up their crimes and grow in power dramatically under the corrupt Chrislamist regime of Sonia Gandhi. So much that among the biggest opponents of PM Modi, when he was in Gujarat, were activists and padres of the church (the Fr Cedric Prakash types). There are many individuals with deceptive Hindu names who are actually Christian snake-oil salesmen. Their conversion mafia is the biggest destroyer of native culture all over the world.

And then their bishops from Gandhinagar to the college in Mumbai to the recent outburst of that Delhi guy frequently send out alarms of Christians being in danger, the Constitution being in danger, democracy being in danger, the whole country being in danger with “turbulence” ahead. Why? Is it that their criminal activities should flourish without intervention? Even otherwise, who actually intervenes or prosecutes their criminals? ModiSarkar was silly enough to succumb to the idiocy of these Churches and their Sickular stooges to set up a “Christian helpline” after the fraudulent “Christians under attack” campaign. Fact is – it’s the church and their pedophiles and serial rapists that are frequently attacking the law of the land. Time to put an end to their nonsense:
Even in the US, it took nearly 50 years for the legal system to find victims and witnesses to stand up to the crimes of the Church but determined lawyers and law-enforcement officers started taking the gauntlet to the Church criminals. Over the years number of padres in the US have been prosecuted and punished. In over half a century, 6721 clerics have been accused of sexual abuse. And these perverts represent Faith? No, these animals don’t even represent ordinary human decency. In India, many ask why the media does not outrage over the crimes of the Church. Forget outrage, most of them, especially TV channels, don’t even report these crimes or hold discussions on Church crimes. The reason is very simple:
No, you’re not going to find a book entry in any church accounts stating money paid to TOI or Arnab of RepublicTV. The church has a vast network of NGOs and other covert charities that not only funnel money to the media but also to disrupt projects in various countries. We have seen church-funded and provoked agitations in Kudankulam and Tuticorin in recent times. The Church will not rest till the natives and their local culture and Hinduism is destroyed in India. The Sonia led govt was almost half-way there but was stopped in its footsteps. That is one more reason to never bring the anti-Hindu, anti-India Congress back to power ever again.

One of the Founding Fathers of the US, Thomas Jefferson, famously said “Christianity is the most perverted system that ever shone on man”. He went on to add: ‘The clergy converted the simple teachings of Jesus into an engine for enslaving mankind and adulterated by artificial constructions into a contrivance to filch wealth and power to themselves. These clergy, in fact, constitute the real anti-Christ”. 

There is no doubt about that and Jefferson went on to write his own Bible removing the fake miracles and disturbing verses from the existing one. The Church must submit to the laws of the land. If they think they are above the Constitution and blackmail the govts of the day then the govt should take over such churches and ask the clergy to leave or prosecute them. A church cannot be a place for criminals and predators to hide. And predators don’t stop with one crime, they are almost usually serial offenders.

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