Sunday, June 3, 2018

Violent Fridays - 2

On the street where I live, I often see young kids running errands for the family. Boys in shorts and vests and young girls in frocks or shorts and tops. These are kids in the age group of 5-6 or a bit more. They buy grocery stuff or snacks or ice-creams for the family. I live in a place where kids can still roam around freely without parents having to worry about their safety, being abducted or some harm coming to them. Being summer, many of these kids play till late night till their mom or dad shout their throats hoarse and call them for dinner or bed. I’m sure there might be many such places in India but not so in some metros and sensitive places. Such places will soon go down in numbers. You can read the first part of Violent Fridays posted a few weeks ago.

You see, we have no Jihadis around us and no loud-speakers. We are not constantly living in dread of a Friday. On many streets and many cities in India, Friday is a dread. When you wake up on Fridays it should be in delight to see the week off. Instead, the new Friday morning is also a new warning. There are two realities that Hindus have to live with now – first, regardless of who the govt at the Centre is or any State, no govt is going to stand up for you. You are on your own. Hindus will be killed randomly in many states. There was a second hanging in Bengal of a BJP supporter named Dulal Kumar. This too was on a Friday but I would avoid making that connection. The Sickulars and the media claim it could be a suicide. Seriously morons? Why would a man go all the way to hang himself from a tall electricity transmission tower? A lower tree or a ceiling fan would have been enough.

The second stark reality we must now come to live with – Our Jawans will not be respected or stood up for by any govt – whether Centre or State. Forget the foreign-funded NGOs, activists or even that OIC called UN. Nobody is going to stand up for our Jawans except ordinary folks. For the govts – they are just “Expendables”. Recently, the Defence Minister arrogantly threw open cantonment areas and roads to the public, without much thought, to satisfy political agenda of a BJP guy.

Friday after Friday after Friday, there is an orgy of violence unleashed in many parts of India but regularly so in Kashmir. Friday, June 1, was no different. The cops know what to expect on Fridays. The state govt knows what to expect on Fridays. The CRPF and Army know what to expect on Fridays. Even Narendra Modi and Rajnath Singh know what to expect on Fridays. So, what explains this continuous and consistent neglect on measures required to make Fridays safer for our forces and our civilians elsewhere? Absolutely shameless slumber. The other nuisance of mass namaz on roads in various places is still being negotiated while Sickular media and assorted India-haters claim praying on roads and public places is a natural freedom. This scene from a place called Nowhatt in Kashmir is simply barbaric to say the least:
Yes indeed; I have to wonder how those CRPF Jawans got away alive. If the attackers had pried open the doors, I am certain every occupant in that vehicle would have been lynched to death. I am also surprised only one stone-pelter was killed in this riot given the scale of violence. Had the Jawans gone berserk, many more would have been mowed down. To expect them to maintain excessive restraint and a ceasefire under such circumstances is nothing short of criminal by the GOI. Everywhere else in India, our Jawans are usually garlanded even if they just do a flag march when called during riots. Kashmir is the only place where they are so mercilessly beaten, abused and thrashed. This video would show the episode much better than words (20 secs):

As a consequence of this brutal violence one stone-pelter is reported to have been killed. Whether this happened by the CRPF vehicle or by some other means is still not clear to me. But the CRPF has been declared a “suspect” and the Mehbooba govt has ordered FIRs against them. In which civilised country does such stupidity happen? The US is not a signatory to the International Court and does not recognise its jurisdiction over American citizens. The specific reason for this is to not subject their soldiers to the whims of such Kangaroo courts of the UN. The CRPF is the victim here but is being treated as a criminal. Whether in other violent riots or in Kashmir, our Jawans automatically become the criminals who should be prosecuted but not those who perpetrate the violence in the first place:

Jammu region and some other parts of India are already burdened with the Rohingya nuisance. Reports suggest Myanmar is willing to take back the refugees from Bangladesh. Here, in India, the SC sleeps over Rohingyas and the equally sleepy GOI does nothing to assert its power to decide on them and send back the Rohingyas. In places like Chennai, in mid-level hotels, there are room-boys and waiters who don’t speak a word of Tamil or English. They speak only their mother-tongue. There is hardly any doubt most of them are Banglas from Assam and are illegals. The GOI and some State govts (like Bengal) are ignoring the dangers posed by excessive inflow of illegals. Many Rohingyas have been arrested for drug-peddling or plotting terror acts. They are floating from Jammu to Bihar and as far as Hyderabad.

I wonder if the GOI suffers a severe lack of brains and intelligence in dealing with the “expected” on Fridays. Given this is a regular event and orgy of violence there is no plan in place, it seems, to stop or even curb this violence. And the BJP is in partnership with a govt in JK which still wants to release violent prisoners and grant amnesty to all stone pelters. If you are not surrounded by this Friday nuisance, count a blessing.

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  1. State sponsored cease fire cannot be one sided. What kind of prayer is this which incites violence in the followers. One should watch happening in iran where people are not willing to follow such religion any more. Safety of mankind is in following rule of natural law and justice. Attacking army vehicles should be dealt severely even by using guns. Opening Cantonment roads is like making armed forces sitting ducks to criminals and anti nationals.

  2. Hindus deserve it. Despite being 80 percent we live like slaves. Kicked around by Jehadies, missionaries, communists, secularists,pimps of Nehru Gandhi family, and every such a rascal. Because we have always been idiots and fools of the highest order. No wonder we were rules for over 1200 years by practically every race on this planet.
    Solution is very simple.Even if 60 percent of us know how to vote correctly, it makes 48 percent vote for one party. Now, ,If the right party is guaranteed a perpetual victory, all these problems will vanish in one second. What to do, dispute nine avatars and thousands of rishi-munis we are the proverbial 'kutte ki poonch'. Pit te rahenge par seedhe nahi hone wale

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  4. Another Nail on the head of by so called elected politicians only & breaucrats are slaves to save their income & loot but won't correct the politicians..who illuckily are empowered by "Xeroxed-Constitution" in the name of "Democracy" ; as if people were not having FoS FoE (Conveniently camaflouged by English Speaking Law Makers) those Kingdom days. There was "Tharkas" (Debates even with alternate View holders) to arrive at Concise decision....

    We Hindus have been fooled (Older generations) by Nehru to enact laws based on Britisher's Convenient Segregation , after ensuring Abrahamic Sects as Religion & balance "Majority" (even today) branded as "Hindus" clubbing all subsets & Nehru clearly punished "Majority" (Hindus) by enacting all laws including Temples takeover & Using the wealth/income to feed & make prosper Imported "Abrahamic Religions" ..

    Sadly We Hindus are a "Fracmented Lot" by Casticsm which has made "Majority" of the land unknowingly loosing the grip & even now played into fool : used as Vote bank by Crooked Politicians.. and such incidents of "Hindu Lynching" "Degrading , even attack on Security Forces" bound to Continue .. As So called Secularibards incl Media Morons will bugle loudly colluding with Crooked Politicians against "Hindus & Security Forces" leave alone Commies Naxals 🐖 s , imported Politicians exist in the system to do maximum damage to "Majority - Hindus" Only.. for their agenda ..

    Time now has come "Majority" should re-Organise if "Hinduism & Hindus has to survive" with & to my mind the following are options left with .

    Option 1.

    Ban Castes by Law & officially recognise "Hindus" as one Religious sect ( but within familes & particular Soceity unwritten verbal things can be continued eg. Dowry banned But is it continuing or not ? ) & Then ensure Hindus also be forced to visit temples without discretion convey as like what "Abrahamic Religions" do.

    Self proclaimed Sanyasis like Ramdev Asaram SriSri et all can still continue like Mullahs Pastors do , but with one Pinnacle *Hindu* Org like Vatican/Ulema..for issuing Common Dictats to Counter Fatwas & Pastors Calls.

    Option 2 :

    Scrap all Laws controlling "Majority, Hindus" & allow "Hindus have Their own laws.

    Option 3.:

    At Any Cost make UCC (Uniform Civil Code) & Bring Abhrahamic Religions incl their Assets like what Nehru did to "Hindus' & our Assets" of Temples Control etc

    Till then as a fractured Soceity "Hindus" can never or will be allowed to unite by Crooked Politicians & Imported Religions to further expand their sects forcefully totally erasing Our Ancient "Hindu" Culture & Scriptures ....

    Wake up "Hindus" - Chanakya won't be reborn to save Bharat , we Have to ...

  5. We Indians should stop living in the glory of the past, reinvent pragmatic ways to make Hinduism one homogeneous people, other wise any number of articles will just flow

  6. Stupid Foolish Hindus are voting for their enemies.. it's a pity

  7. Is Govt of India, PM and Home Minister are waiting for some sort of mutiny in the Army. In the latest case, if the doors were opened there would have been no survivor. Give armed forces free hand or be prepared to face revolt.

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  9. Bjp's alliance govt with PDP is the worst thing to happen after the 2014 elections. In hind sight it would have been good if bjp had lost that election. Things could have been better now

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  20. Glorifying of terrorists are done by vested interest politicians. Another thing I suspect is why are the Army and CRPF Jawans sitting ducks. This means there are some insiders informing these militants in consideration for money. We are living on with this situation is Kashmir for 70 years now and there seem to be no solution yet. When are our borders going to be well defined?.


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