Saturday, June 9, 2018

Threat Mania

An episode of “Quantico”, a TV series about an FBI agent played by Priyanka Chopra, had Hindu nationalists plotting to blow up some building to lay the blame on Pakis. The TV channel has since apologised for this idiotic episode. Hindus live all over the world and are known to adapt with local cultures and live in peace and contribute to their societies. Only pig-headed Islamists can concoct such a story and only pig-headed actors can execute the script. Not all new though, in India, Sonia Gandhi and her Congress goons tried to pin many terror attacks on Hindus and even glorified terrorists like Ishrat Jehan as “martyrs”.  

There is no doubt PM Modi has faced death threats since 2004. From Ishrat to others and to the Gandhi Maidan, Patna episode in 2013, from domestic to foreign terrorists – I am sure he is a prime target. But what do you know, the greatest threats the UN attends to are the claims of “Rape and death threats” by some out of work journos. Ravish Kumar of NDTV claimed he had received over 1000 death threats but has no evidence or recording of any. The other propaganda peddler of the original Tehelka-Tabela Rana Ayyub claims she receives “rape threats” in addition to death threats. Of course, the OIC called UN also jumps into save these morons as if they know anything:

Their tweet might be garbage but you must compliment the Islamic UN for such taste in images. Who could pick this image in a silhouette so stylishly clicked like in a horror movie? Elsewhere, Genocide Suzy grandly claimed “violence in India is terrifying”. She is probably the sickest person that India ever produced. Her contempt for India, for Hindus and her lies. Let me state in no uncertain terms, for a population of 1.3 Bn people, India is quite simply among the most peaceful countries on earth. The violence largely comes from the Comrats of Genocide Suzy and their cult. Here are stats for the US from none other than the FBI for 2016 on murders, rapes and general violence:

The figures are in minutes and seconds. Just convert it for a day or for a month or for a whole year and you will get a staggering number. As with those fake journos, another Naxal-supporter Jignesh Mevani, a Johny-come-lately from Gujarat, also claimed he was given death threats. What is laughable about this clown is, he claims a death threat on phone and again puts out his phone number in public:
Mevani has the phone number of the caller but chooses to tweet instead of filing a police complaint. This “synchronised” act of claiming death threats by a variety of Commies is just another plot to malign the ModiSarkar. People are too used to these boring, uncreative tricks. And given these Commies don’t have much brains, I don’t expect they will come up with any revolutionary new idea – they never have. Even on the issue of problems facing the country, they will rant and rave but ask them for 3 solutions to anything, they won’t be able to list one. They are like zombies walking across the political landscape trying to suck the blood out of the nearest Indian they can catch hold off – they do so by engineering riots and violence.
Riots and violence! Now that is a speciality of the Church too, just like the Congress. Historically, the Congress is the biggest expert in engineering riots. I have written many times about it. In the last decade or so, the Church too has gotten involved in engineering riots. From Kudankulam to Tuticorin – the hand of the church in riots, causing deaths, stalling any kind of progress is unmistakable. A Kerala church head recently claimed he is not subject to the laws of India but those of Vatican. Other bishops, rooks and pawns of the church keep issuing letters of threats to democracy and Constitution asking their flock to pray. Make no mistake; these padres believe in no democracy and they are Commies and businessmen too. Their primary business is promoting their conversion factory and constantly whine like a Sunday sermon on the threats they face. An investigation of their activities will indicate deep-rooted plots to subvert democracy for the benefit of the Italians rather than any concern for it.

The most dramatic of threat mania behaviour comes from none other than the histrionics specialist Barkha Dutt. On June 7, she again claimed she was facing all kinds of threats and attempts to scuttle some TV channel she is trying to launch. I wonder what that channel would be – JihadTV? The most disgusting and compromised journo that was and has-been, this India-hating, Hindu-hating entity now feels the frustration of being down and out and a sense of worthlessness. All earned only by herself with no help from anyone. Here is her stupidity demonstrated on June 7:

Not even a moron would make such a statement. I’m not sure Barkha is under surveillance but there is every good reason to put her under the scanner. And what new projects? This laughable clown is going from bad to worse. Apart from her bizarre garbs like a mosque preacher she demonstrates no brains. Remember, if a place is bugged, it takes highly skilled specialists with detectors to debug it. If that were the case, the Karamchands that Barkha might employ will not be able to find it.

Besides, she indirectly got bugged during the Congress rule and the Radia tapes fell out. That was the end of her career in a way. It established beyond any doubt that she was nothing but a Congress slave and poodle doing the bidding of Sonia & co. How many times have heard NDTV claiming “Sonia happy” or “Sonia unhappy” through the crumbs fed by Ahmed Patel to Barkha and her group in NDTV? More whining from a has-been who thinks she has any relevance. Even her own journalist-community didn’t bother much about her fakery and she doesn’t forget to bitch about Arnab a bit in her rants. He seems to have rattled all her little cells:
No sensible person watches Barkha’s shows (if there are any) or reads the crap she writes in some foreign rag. She has simply been unable to come to terms with the fall she has had. There is no crime of Barkha that I have not written about and what journalist would consider it an honour to be praised by a terrorist like Hafeez? Barkha has that unique distinction and her crime-dossier lists all of it. And this is not the first time, she has claimed threats many times before:
Stalking, death threats and abuse! This is the Azaan of Barkha and others like her. A song they sing almost every single day without fail, five times a day. And you have to admire the clever timing of Barkha’s idiotic rants. It came on June 7, the day former Prez Pranab was to address the RSS in a special event. I am sure she is not alone in this manufacturing work. There must be other Congis who concocted this grand idea for her. All you have to do is look up the ones who instantly tweeted in her support – guys like Kapil Sibal, Digvijaya and others. Congress mouthpiece NatHerald carried an article on the episode just an hour after Barkha announced her victimhood.

The pattern of these rants is very clear. All of these are rabid Modi-haters for ages. Ravish Kumar is ridiculed – I’m facing thousand death threats. Rana doesn’t get any work – I’m facing rape and death threats. Mevani might face arrest in multiple cases (including one of photoshopping and maligning a woman) – I’m facing death threats. The Shehlas and Vehlas of JNU routinely claim – I’m facing death threats. And the repeat claimant Barkha again claims – I’m facing death threats. All this, when in the four years, ModiSarkar has not harmed any of these insects in the slightest. On the contrary, his supporters are angry he has not prosecuted violent rioters and the corrupt Congi goons.

Some Maoists have been arrested in connection with the Bhima Koregaon violence. Letters and notes found by police indicate a conspiracy to murder PM Modi. I am not surprised. Modi is a prime target for Congress, Naxals, Pakis, ISI, terrorist groups, many journos and certainly some Commie politicians. When asked about it, the Commies grandly claim this is propaganda planted by Modi himself and the arrests were an attack on Dalits and Adivasis. They pooh-pooh the threat to PM but we are supposed to take the theatrics of Barkha or Mevani seriously. One guy is named Rona Wilson. I wonder how a Christian continues as Dalit. And Urban Naxals D. Raja, Shekhar Gupta, Saba Naqvi and others defend these Maoists as “Dalits & Adivasis” as if being anything is a license to riot, indulge in violence or plot the murder of the PM.

For the benefit of these Naxal-sympathisers, let me state clearly – Cops are not stupid. They wouldn’t round up and arrest a bunch of people in a politically sensitive case unless they have strong evidence. They know well the scrutiny they will be subjected to and I have firm conviction that all Maoists, with or without guns, must be arrested and prosecuted.

In any case, even if they are indeed Dalits, it doesn’t give them a license to riot and plot murder of the PM. I have warned many times, that in the run-up to 2019, the Congress will engineer many violent riots and create chaos and anarchy. There is no other way they can hope to win any elections. As the countdown gets nearer, expect this stupid threat mania to grow crazier and it should make us all the more determined to defeat these anti-nationals. 

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  1. Excellent posts Ravinar... Thank you.

    yes, the decibel levels of the chorus of chest beating and playing victimhood by these thugs are increasing by the day..

    I think time has come to declare emergency across the country. The first emergency was declared,then, to save the congress.. time has come to declare the second emergency, now, to save the country from these vultures..

    Extend the emergency for the next 20 years - almost indefinitely, to

    - clean the country of commie pigs in educational institutions, media, policy making bodies and NGOs

    - Rewrite history books to reflect our glorious pasts, write about how Muslim invasion and Christianity have destroyed our culture

    - clean up the totally compromised justice delivery system

    - Implement UCC and scrap Article 370

    - Deport all illegal immigrants. That number is somewhere close to 10 crores now

    - Strictly enforce 2 child policy across

    - close down Madrassas and move all of the kids to Govt schools where scientific temper can be developed

    - Destroy urban naxals - they are as dangerous as the one in the jungles

    - Totally destroy Jihadi network and conversion factory

    - stop politics of appeasement and doles

    - Have zero tolerance for presstitutes, news pimps and brokers - destroy them completely

    - Nationalize rivers, connect them to a grid (similar to what we have done with Power sector)

    There are more.. But the above ones will keep us busy for 20 years..

    We owe it to our children.. to redeem our beloved country and restore it to its glorious past..

    Make no mistake..this is a clash of civilisations..tolerant Hindus at one side and imported, intolerant cults at the other

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  3. Always love to read your eye opening columns. Wonder why you don't publish for a wider audience. Would help in illuminating ignorant minds dumbed down by the foolish mainstream media.

  4. Thank you for your excellent blogs. I check for your new blogs almost every day. I wish you would expand your coverage. Do you accept contributions? Please provide information on how to contribute. Your work is of utmost importance to Hindu community and I would like to support it.

    1. Contributions can be made to Educating Forward/Karmic Action. The Paypal link for the same is given at the bottom of the post or go to ""...

    2. A must read book by Ravi Sir by Karmic Action on SM vs Presstitutes MUST READ Ravi Sir hope its available

  5. Ravinar Sir as usual Hard hitting and fearless. Modiji drawback is his infatuation with Mahatma rather than Great Sardar,but Ravi Sir a little correction needed,these padres are NOT Commies BUT Commies are Padres cryptoXtian pigs, Yechury is a Xtian pig graduate in something called 'liberation THEOLOGY"

    QUOTE from Expose of ZoomindiaMedia
    "Church just being a right organization is a hogwash. For example, not many Indians know that Prakash Karat, Marxist Communist Party, General Secretary is also a bible expert and who was guided/recommended by liberation theologian, Reverend Duncan Forester for scholarship to Edinburgh University. Reverend Duncan taught at Loyola Chennai and most probably had a role in creating other dubious “worthies” – N Ram & P Chidambaram."
    Rona Wilson is a Xtian claiming to be Dalit
    Dhawale is an avowed Christian working in tandem with the evil church and Vatican Money
    Shoma Sen is a monkey pig cross faced bdeshi Bong BeefBrahmin

    Mahesh Raut is a relative of jairam ramesh (Timesnow witheld the name) a suspiciously white Beefbrahmin crypto
    As Babasaheb correctly said Communists are a pack of green snakes hiding in grass, pack of Brahmin boys Commies used to call him english dog...Prakash Ambedkar licks commie ass as Communism is a vast conspiracy of Xtianity,the bastards prd by debauchery of Vatican, note ATHEIST USSR KGB worked closely wd Opusdei..Never a single Catholic country been troubled by these evil Church Monsters.They have been destroying the Eastern spiritual dharmas for the petticoat deathcult much like medivial christian barbaric armies destroying entire civilizations,burning holy books,massmurdering ppl in name of a jew..ONLY CHRISTIAN countries under communism were Russian Orthodox Church as it refuses the supremacy of Vatican
    In India it is more complex as Church is a master of deception and subversion,it has captured major parties like Cong,commies,BSP, TMC,DMK,DK vide subversion
    These f..king Commie pigs are nothing but these converted BeefBrahmins the most evil Breed, watch out the nefarious role they play, as these converts n prds of harems n white d..k crazed Brahmin sluts Christians in garb of Brahmins have always been worst traitors,they can sell Bharat and hindus to Italian,Vatican even Bdesh slavery but cannot digest a EBC PM
    Vedic Brahmins on other hand are Nationalists and have kept Hindu culture alive despite being targetted by those Dhoortas Beefbrahmins. A little look at SM you can note that most of hindu supporters of Italian Nazi who is bent onbreaking India and destroying Hindus are these bloody nefarious Beefbrahmins in addition to Pakipamjabis who anyway are Porki outsiders to be thrown out
    these christian beefbrahmins the evilest vilest of breeds from Nehru to all these Yechurys mihirsharmas, sardesais,.... and lots of others "INDIAN BrAHMIN" but NOT SANGHI types support Italian and can stoop to lowest of low to kill a EBC PM...bcz of satanic Xtianity plus devilish 90% DNA of brothels of Gora savages or Jihadis
    Its simply a WAR between Native Indians from single Indian fathered families called Sanghis and the multiple unknown fathered sewer created creoles (Haramis created by brits/Portug/French/Russians/Americans n white d crazed hoes)

    BY the way ever thought y Dhume,ravish,Jairam ramesh,n ram, Pronoy James Roy,Prakash Karat,brinda karat, karnika kohli, Raghav Bahl,Kanshi Ram,lalu n progeny suspiciously white skinned,many wd blue eyes..SPERM DNA showing?
    Its a war between Christians barbaric terrorists Naxals are nothing but Christian terrorists with Islamic INput, so is NE and Panjab Terror (google vatican took undue interest in Khalistani terror) note all terrorism in India started ONLY AFTER ITALIAN SONIA ENTRY INTO INDIA. VATCAN ESTABLISHED its foothold in top family of BeefBrahmins
    I agree wd the modified slogan, by separating Vedic Brahmin(not bloody "ASTROLOGERS" BEEFBRAHMIN Congi pigs) "BEEFBRAHMIN SAAF"

  6. 99% of these Maoists UrbanNaxals who want to impose the gutter ideology of Mao which even china threw to sewers where it belongs 40 years back are Christians savages with criminal tribes like Yadavs, n pakipanjabi or Bong Beefbrahmin and kayasths .Bangal is a commie filth where OBCs n SC?ST are most suppressed.. YADAVS ARE ANYWAY A CRIMINAL TRIBE OF goons and offcourse for Beefbrahmins Hinduism can go to hell if thr pockets full,these bastards are filthy rich looters

  7. ThreatMania is NOT some sympathy gaining exercise, it is well planned and sinister in Break India design.with foreign hand duly visible.I know that Italian gandi naali keede, BDUTT, Rana Ayyub, Ravish Kumar (BEEFBRAHMIN genetic evil wd suspiciously white skin while his rapist bro n jailed sis are brown,Dhume twin, Bangali amma jaate thi ki gore aate the?) are part of conspiracy to kill Modiji, let them be arrested
    1.Get Modiji be killed by a evilest, demon a christian Samosa Convert,branded a Dalit
    2/Hindus will retaliate but against Congi foot soldiers,Commie pigs maybe or suspect Muslims, chk Rona Wilson the Xtian Bastard looks like a Mulla
    3.BDUTT,Ravish,sardesai,PP Bajpai the brit/Portug gutter prd Pakipanjabi n Bangali filth Pvt Corporate Media filth will shout Dalits Under Attack,Muslims under attack, Intolerance for their 1 hr husbands fathers and SILs all in one,THAT"S WHY BARKHA so desperate for channel as Italian bitch n her PIDI shiteating bdutts, sagarika,Aroon Purie know they are safe and Indian Heathen life is not of any value to white skinned evil uncultured Italian Xtian,Jats,patels,kisans..all incited by her a cannon fodder Heathen life does not matter take few goras hostage and Italian bitch will die shouting.
    Theyknow 1 year Hindus will forget all. FACT IS THERE IS NO OTHER LEADER IN BJP which comesnear to popularity of MODIJI
    AND yes Sagarika,ravish,Bdutt,Joseph Mewani,Umar Khalid if threats have come to U and ur fams, NOTHING GLAD INDIAN HEART MORE if it turns out to be true,for me 1 Indian soldier is worth more than 100 trillion burqus,rubbish,ayyub,mewani, sardesai et-al, are the 10000 Indians Engineers,Drs,Scientists, farmers,workers killed 350 blasts by Italian Sonia paid terrorists blood cheaper than ur gutter blood bcz those killed belong to Indian Families with single father,grandfather...while U bloody 2 bit have Green (secular) genes bcz 99% of ur genes come from unknown sources due to failure of birth control devices in the home brothels, semen testing being ur family jobs for generations..BY THE WAY SEMEN TESTERS BDUTT sagarika, james roy,aroonpurie,raghav bahl, tejpal INDIA IS NOT UR COUNTRY u genetic vermin slithered into India in 47 and 71 beggers,naked, orgied every 10 feet, begging with ur hands as even u did not have bheek katoras,U R PAKIS orBDESHIS (Gutter of the world most filthy backward filthiest nation which produces only the monkey faced animals Bdeshis known to slither into all countries without visa) Saudi,UAE< qatar, kuwait banned Bdeshis and threw the filth out..India does not need u or ur family Unsafe get lost to gutter of world Bdesh,search the filthiest sewer there and live in it best for pests like U.
    ARREST BDUTT,RAvish etc. they are part of the plot Rana UNHR game was due to these pests somehow knowing in advance that their part in conspiracy is abt to be exposed with foreign vatican hand.UNHR wanted to pre empt the arrest as these pests from PAk,bdesh serving White pigs well

  8. priyanka chopra is a pakipanjabi and christian the genetic lumpens prd by worst colonial thugs and hoes, like is expected from her.They are best slaves whites can ever get SALVERY wouldnever would need to be banned had they been in place of Blacks they wud willingly serve even till bedrooms.If her father was a Armyman he needs to be investigated 110% he would turn out to be a CIA ISI spy

  9. देशद्रोहियों की वाट लगाकर रख दी है इस लेख ने। सुप्त,अवनत व उदासीन हिंदुओं की अनदेखी नहीं करना चाहिए ,वे दुष्ट विधर्मियों से कहीं अधिक धोखादायक हैं। उन सबको निपटाना ही पडेगा यह कार्य शासन का है।

    1. Watch out the greatest Dhustas,the evil genetic lumpens,prds of debauchery of Brits , Turks and the 'phoren' d..k crazed pakipanjabi sluts,the 47 namesake Hindus but actually Xtians and brothel prd of worst of Brit pigs,the veritable sewer vermin who slithered into India in 47 as naked, hungry,raped dogs and the bloody B'deshi monkey pig cross faced Bongs,both prds of gutters of Brit Islamic brothels,these bastards are greatest threat to Hindus and India. These sewer demented,debauched genetic evil lumpens will open their mothers,daughters bedrooms wd Red carpet on site of a filthy,dirty smelly Gora,for a gutter cleaning visa to white sewers.THEY ARE GREATEST ENEMIES OF INDIA,47 needs a repeat billion times over.These Bdeshi,apkipanjabi Haramis control all media, Naxals,WE GAVE THESE HARAMI naked, hungry,raped,orgied pigs who didnot have bheek ka katora,these bloody evil DNA due togenerations of willing sexslavery of invaders gave us Naxalism, panjab terror,kashmir terror,communist savagery,Xtian terror..THESE ARE BLOODY OUTSIDERS PAKISTANIS and BASTARDS, either they goto Bdesh,Pakistan or we repeat Noakhalis magnitides ahead..bloody pbhushan,ravish,bdutt,Nidhi,porn roy,ABP,priyankachopra,sonamkapoor,Taimur ki AMMI.....THIS IS INDIA NOT BDESH< PAKISTAN where u slithered from like pigs..Even IF TRILLION LIKE U ARE butchered savagely we have no problem, go to stinking gutter of world Bdeshand search most stinking sewer there where u can survive

  10. Incisive post, as usual ! On another note, you should write a separate post on how we are all subject to daily severe threat of listening to Pappu's statements like Shikanji/Coke, making gold from aloo etc.

  11. The Porki gutter filth Barkha (not her real name,its just the reverse of Khabar,she hides her real name) who was thrashed by Arnab and the Ravi Sir, 2 years back again giving lectures that Bdeshi multiple halala slime (self confessed Father layer) of b4 71, the treacherous vile naked hungry orgied beggar,radia scamster,Hafiz harem member, 26/11.Uri accused, kargil reports thief,of money launderer channel NDTV,now lectures postcard news on DO U BELIEVE 'ETHICS",prostitutes talking of virtues of virginity

  12. Ravi Sir, the conspiracy to assasinate Modiji is not a isolated conspiracy by some commie loony pigs.Kindly note,it has all hallmarks of a big Vatican Opusdei Christian conspiracy with Italian streetdogs n sows of lutyens. Theze JNU/commie terrorists are f..king cowards of worst order to plan it just like that,its a Vatican Italian Sonia Raul Bianca conspiracy with pakipanjabi bdeshi 47 outsider bastards
    1. SOW nia Antonia Maino and her bred piglets of filthy Italian genes disappear to foreign location for'check up' (When is this Italian witch dying? I will distribute sweets that day).POPEoo also caught on camera passing some slip to a unknown white

    2. UNHRC which is least bothered about the sheer genocide of Baluchistan, Yemen or christians butchering muslims in CAR,Mali despite so much representation by ppl become tweets about some lowlife journo Rana Ayyub threat,bcz Paki Army there and this traitor serving the Interests of white bastards. Proverbial Atlas Shrugged type Black PSYOp,to create for nothing so that Hindus can be made to be punished
    3. All caught fake dalits are christian pigs Rona Wilson,Dhawle,christian bong hoe getting banged by white Nandini Sen
    4.Suddenly all Lutyens pigsty of christian/white daughterlayers Pakipanjabi lumpens,bdeshi bangalimonkeys Lutyens mafia start receiving death threats(no proof,no Police complaint) ravish,bdutt,nidhi,Mewani,UmarKhalid (I least care if their entire fams are butchered 1000 times over ONLYthrkilling shd not be easy like gunshot)

    The contours are clear,UNHRC was activated by Vatican bastards to save the conspirators Sonia raul Opusdei,they disappeared so that they can wash their bloody hands (This time entire Italian pigsty went together). Ravish,BDUTT,nidhi, rana infact entire James Roy cabal of christian maddogs are all involved and as Dr swamy clearly said these media maddogs shd be given narco test,Prof R Vaidya clearly indicated this today in his video interview with pgurus.
    I do not grudge Modiji little appeasement of Muslims better to break Shias, Bohras and even sunnis minus salafis,wahabbis,as really the war is between Hindu India and the white evil christianity actually
    PS :Naxal and Commies terrorist pigs are nothing but Vatican created subversive goons, and Bastards prd arebest for it

  13. Proverbial Atlas Shrugged type Black PSYOp,to create 'GUILT', for no crime, so that Hindus can be made to be punished

  14. Excellent Article Sir. More Power to your keyboard.

  15. Do write about the sinister vatican owned media going gaga over Modi doing yoga. Personally, I think it's a conspiracy by the corrupt media to paint our great PM as someone who enjoys the limelight doing everything but work as they know that when he does work, he implements something extraordinary like demonetization. Jai Modi. Jai Bharat.

  16. I an baffled at Priyanka Chopra that she even acted in an episode of such bizarre nature. India needs no foreign enemies. We know lot of Congis are fostering trouble, but why are they not getting exposed. Even if exposed, like in the case of Mani Shankar Iyer's blatant anti-India Pak visit, why is he scot free? Why is he not ostracised?.

    1. Why baffled Sir, priyanka chopra is the gutter filth pakipanjabis,the psychopathic,low IQ, genetic lumpen breed of depravity of worst of Brits and equally debauched white d..rider pakipanjabi rakhails,they still are,the best sexslaves WILLING GORA TAHARRUSH/HALALA sluts,These lumpen filth we fed in 47 are planted due to conspiracy of Brits to keep looting and indirectly controlling Bharat vide bastards of sewers. In addition,she is a christian and India is facing Christian war from 65 onwards since Italian entered into India,all Naxalism, Communist terror, Panjab terror, NE terror and even part of Islamic terror 350 blasts, 10000 killed in India was church financed Islamic terror MOST of these pakipanjabis r christian pigs to make their white moms yaar happy. another head of the christian bastard monster is the Bdeshi monkey pig cross, wd false Hindu names,bcz Bengal was always a harem since khilji times.DNA always control 99% of thought process.Has anybody seen a pakipanjabi begger or poor? While Native indians prds of single Indian families of 100% native Indian parentage n genetics, of cultured Indian families called Sanghis are slaves of these bloody multifathered psychopathic white begetted filth left behind prds of failed birth control devices called seculars.THIS bloody 2% mafia led by a Italianhas enslaved India.Its ONLY bloody revolution which will save Hindus and india,these monsters have to be exterminated.


  18. Paranjyot with two surnames Guha and Thakurta, seems these monkey pig crosses from Bdesh (gutter of the world), most low IQ, arrogant (Why bcz Bandhopadyays bcame banerjee,mukhopadyaya bcem mukherjee bcz the white pig njoying their women found it difficult to pronounce, just like pakipanjais where sandeep bcmes Sandy, PROUD OF GUTTER PATERNITY?) loudmouth louts seem to be confused about real fathers.Bdeshi bongs (Bangals) your biological baap actually is some Abdul, Francis,Ahmed, Romello from neighbourhood. SECULAR DNA is failure of birth control device

  19. Whom would Paranjyot, Ravish, Rajdeep, Shekhar Coupta, Bdutt, sagarika, Aroon Purie, pbhushan, Rahul Gandhi, congis, AApis, Presstitutes would have wished on fathers day?? the Official registered father or All unknown biological fathers who created the SECULAR? Mom might not know? and whom would have their children wished on fathers day? Biological unknowns of sementesting or these above registered ones?

  20. Ravi Sir, request you to start the worst presstitute voting as you used to do previously, these bstds need to be made naked per month

  21. Ravi Sir, and all Nationalists targetting Modiji, to be noted is that IT SEEMS the Pakipanjabi Sonia pimps in BJP are in cahoots wd Italian Nazi to actively sabotage Modiji,seems Advani is another charan singh,Haddi devegowda,chandrashekhar...who is dying to be PM or project AJ or Gadkari,check target of all is ModiHatao NOT BJP HATAO. Now this nautanki by KANJADWAL started only after apology and obscence haste in accepting by gadkari and JAI ITALY egged by pakipanjabi LK Advani.The doubt of ppl that Pronob Mukherjee actually carried some message from Italian SOW nia to RSS, which RSS refused so that bogey of fake Hindu terror has been again raked by the gutter pig in human clothing,that pigshit nematode DogVijay or Pigvijay.
    Even Dr Swamy has indicated it in his tweet. I can vouch for a fact, kairana, Gorakhpur n Phulpur were there for BJP, but Hindu Yuva Vahini in Gorakhpur and heavyweight Jat leaders like capt abhimanyu, and RSS leader were somehow held back and on advani grp subverted cadre mobilization to get more voters to booths. Modi WUD have known that ceasefire in Kashmir would be disaster for BJP image,but was forced by Italian cabal in BJP, DR Swamy was warning of nirmala sitharaman since day 1.TARGET MODI..JAI ITALY as leader of Opposition during HARLOT RULE was like another MMS
    These pakipanjabis n Bongs cannot be trusted.MODIJI is like Abhimanyu trapped in Chakravyuh INTERNATIONAL ENEMY POWERS SURELY AT WORK,specially Christian Nazi of that fake dead Jew and Advani daughter is a Xtian.


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