Sunday, June 24, 2018

Instant Secular Passport

In just the previous post, I was talking about the excessive appeasement of Muslims in allowing Namaz on the roads and rail tracks. Additionally, on many Fridays and on Eid, there is violence in some form or the other after the prayers. Far from stopping this street occupation, the BJP govt has actively been supporting this and promoting this as a sign of “integrity” of Faiths. NONSENSE! All we find is more and more pandering to the Muslim community in every manner possible. And even when nobody asks a bumbling Rajnath Singh, he vouches Yoga doesn’t belong to any religion, effectively denying its Hindu origins. In short, dump and trash everything that’s Hindu and condone unlawful acts of the Muslim community with applause. Rajnath is equally aided by Devendra Fadnavis whose shameful appeasement has reached the levels of abject slavery:
On International Yoga Day, June 21, Rajnath grandly states Yoga doesn’t belong to any religion and that many Muslim countries had supported the resolution at the UN. Who in hell asked if Yoga belongs to any religion or not? NOBODY! Did anyone create a dispute about the origins of Yoga? NOBODY! Yet, in all his exotic foolishness, Rajnath issues a statement that riled many Hindus and the whole day many trashed his idiotic statement.

Elsewhere, Fadnavis grandly tweets about scholarships to Muslim students and how this is “Sabka Saath”. I have not heard a more moronic and illogical statement. And Fadnavis govt has decided to take over the Hindu temple of Shani Shingnapur claiming mismanagement. Does anyone expect a govt to manage anything better? It will be Air-India in no time – with loot and scams. He is talking about scholarships to Muslims and yet claims it is “Sabka Saath”. This outright, brazen LYING and assuming Hindus are worthless idiots who won’t understand this hypocrisy has come to inform many acts of BJP ministers.

On the same Yoga Day, June 21, another incident emphatically showed us how much BJP and their ministers are willing to crawl for Muslims. This, even without the slightest sense of legality or procedural ethics. A Muslim woman called Tanvi Seth had earlier tweeted to EAM Sushma Swaraj about being harassed by the Regional Passport Officer in Lucknow over her name and documents. This triggered a media blast at Timesnow, Republic and other channels accusing the RPO of bigotry against an “interfaith” couple. More horror has not been perpetrated in a single day for quite a while, cleverly trafficking away from the Yoga Day celebrations. The problem with this Tanvi is that she wants a new passport but according to the RPO the name in the application and the name in her Nikahnama did not match and he advised her to get the name endorsed. That was enough for the Muslim woman to claim being harassed, make all kinds of accusations and whine right up to the EAM. And the liars in the media kept calling the two offenders an “interfaith couple”:
The couple has been married 11 years as the report says and the woman had converted to Islam for the marriage. So, how in hell does a marriage between two Muslims become an interfaith marriage? But facts don’t matter to media as we have long known. But facts don’t matter to the Sickular ministers of GOI either. Each day, their arrogance, abuse of power leaves us stunned as to what next, they will not do to please some Muslim. As with the road Namaz, no laws for Muslims, no rule, no procedure applies to Muslims it seems. And, therefore, when the Muslims claim their Sharia is above Constitution, I believe they do have a firm conviction on it based on how the govts treat them as “above law”. And within no time, the couple was on many TV channels whining and bitching about how they were treated because they were Muslims. Claiming to be Muslim and playing victim is now a license to make any kind of accusation and get away with it. From what the RPO clarified, he was merely following normal verification procedures and nothing else:
And this same Tanvi changed her tune and tweeted she had no problems with what was advised but it’s the “tone” and “demeanour” of the officer that she was offended with. Absolute trash as an excuse for her own bad behaviour which has been borne out in a video with an eyewitness who was present at the RPO at the same time as this couple. Her disgusting tweets were followed up by their deletion and locking up of the account itself:
All this was fine. But it’s the instant intervention of Sushma Swaraj and over-riding all procedures, having her passport issued instantly without any further procedure and transferring that RPO, Vikas Mishra that stinks of “Dadagiri”. All this smack of absolute arrogance and abuse of power by the haughty minister. All that the minister frequently does is intervene in many cases of passport, visa or procedures even when not called for. No wonder she has been termed “Visa Maata”, “Medical Maata” and such titles for her excessive love for Pakis and their medical needs. She was the faker who grandly claimed “10 heads for 1” when Pakis killed our Jawans and beheaded them.

Most ministers of ModiSarkar seem to want excessive lipstick popularity on Twitter/SM rather than the rule of law and systems. They are also gripped by the fear of being accused frequently of being anti-Muslim. Consequently, anything to do with Muslim, they are willing to turn a blind eye or break all the rules and laws and even tar a diligent officer like the RPO.  This intervention in the case of this Muslim, Tanvi, is just another episode of their failure to rely on proper systems and increasing Muslim appeasement. The manner in which Tanvi applied for a new passport with a different name and the RPO she chose itself leaves a lot of suspicions about her dubious claims:
The BJP slaves think PM Modi is blissfully unaware of all this. If they do, then they are bigger idiots than I thought they were. Absolutely not! Modi is well aware of what these ministers from Fadnavis to Swaraj are doing. Amit Shah too is aware. Why else would someone from BJP go and meet that Imam Bukhari of all people for votes under their “Sampark Kranti Express” idiocy? There seems to be a clear instruction and an unwritten policy now in ModiSarkar that Muslims must be pleased and appeased at all costs – whether it is scholarships or dubious episodes like this passport thing. And I guarantee, there will be more such instances in the run-up to the next round of elections right up to LS2019.

The latest is that the Tanvi passport issue will be investigated. I have absolutely no doubts that a simple investigation will establish that her claims were false and that she was trying to dodge procedural requirements. And how many names and in how many different documents she carries is hilarious to say the last. This list is being circulated by many. I have blacked out the name of a company from the information as involving employers of individuals is uncalled for:
And this is no inter-faith couple as the media criminals grandly claimed. They have been married for over 11 years after the woman converted. Why anyone would need so many different names other than some illegitimate purpose is a right question anyone would ask. And the RPO merely asked her to get her name in the Nikahnama endorsed because she produced that document in support. He has been wronged and one hopes that wrong will be righted soon.

The long and short of it though, the BJP is out in all its strength to appease Muslims more than any other party. This is a dangerous sign for India. From Namaz on roads and rail-tracks to scholarships based on religion to instant action on passport over-riding procedures – they are leaving no stone unturned to appease them in hopes of either votes or brownie points internationally. The crocodile has never been grateful to anyone who saved it. Gratitude is not its nature – to grab, chew and eat is all it knows. From 2002 till 2014, Modi went around grandly shouting everywhere – “I have only one mantra – Justice for all, Appeasement of none”. After 2014, this has clearly turned into “Ek haath Quran...” and all that. Post 2014, the Congress kept pondering why it is seen as “Anti Hindu”. One seriously hopes BJP does not fall into the same perception by its mindless appeasement of Muslims.

An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last” - Winston Churchill. Yes, we all know that, but you see, we don’t want to be seen as being unkind to the crocodile.

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  1. This has been ailment BJP is suffering from since coming to power at the centre and the party is under delusion Muslims and Chritians will vote for them in 2019 if appeasement is done on regular basis. These two communities hate BJP . On the other hand such appeasement alienates thousands of core voters.

  2. I think BJP represents typical common Hindu psyche down the centuries.

  3. BJP has obsession to remain in opposition for ever albeit got power by fluke for five years but it's suicidal tendencies removed it from power.BJP has been a party of selfish leaders who once gets power forgot own supporter voters.But Congress never do that so it come back everyone everytime soon bjp get-out.ABV saved Rahul Gandhi from drug peddling in US but after 2004 they worked against BJP and tried persecution to Narendra Modi Amit Shah and put in jail amit shah

  4. भाजपा एक नमक हरामी पार्टी है।हिन्दू वोट से सत्ताधीन हुई मगर सत्ता पाते ही हिन्दू विरोधी हो गयी।सब नेता दोगले मुसलमान हैं।जिनको एक भी मुसलमान वोट नही देता फिर भी ये उनका गांड चाट रहे हैं।अगर यह योगी को प्रधानमंत्री मंत्री बनाएंगे तो जीतेंगे नही तो एक भी हिन्दू इनको वोट नही देनेवाला

  5. I hv never seen such a foolishness from BJP. BJP appeases Muslims under sab ka saath crap, if cong does the same, BJP calls it a vote bank politics. BJP never intends to do anything good for hindus / voters as it sees hindus as just vote banks, on the other hand cong does 'anything' on earth to protect its votebanks. That sums up.
    It is better to vote cong only as I find no diff b/w Cong & BJP either in devp process or appeasement politics. May be Modi is percieved to be non corrupt. Who knows the truth?

  6. It's equally sick gore they pande to the padres. I am told a giant Jesus statue welcomes pilgrims to Tripathi and now the VishnuSahasranamam has been altered with yesu and thomas replacing krsna and arjuna. Not only does BJP not protest, they also blink. Both offensive to Hindus

  7. Your hard hitting post should be an eye-opener to BJP ministers. For every single muslim appeasement bypassing laws they are alienation Hindu core constituency. BJP hopes Hindus don't have a choice other than voting for Modi but their is a great possibility that Hindus may not vote at all and muslims will vote en mass for Congress. Some soft BJP liking muslims especially women will be prevented from coming out from homes for voting. BJP is doing sab kaa vikas at the cost of its followers and loyal voters. Developing infrastructure is really sab kaa vikas but distributing few hundred crores for minority schemes may be mirchi in eyes of Hindu majority. One of the most important aspects of Religion is looking after all with same views but ignoring Hindu temples and breaking them for development works is bad. Whereas saving minority places of worship is a norm. Tolerance of Hindus looks foolish when our govt ministers don't use commonsense.

    1. Us Hindus have to understand that this problem of pseodo-secularism is deep rooted and will take a generation. Please vote for the BJP in '19. By '24 we can get Yogi as Pm'maybe for two terms. By then more Hindu parties would have grown and we can vote for them. Once we have control of our temples we won't be so dependent on the government to protect us.

  8. The Dhimmi-isation of NaMo is SAD:((((

  9. BJP is not the same party which won on HINDU votes in 2014.It has become a Corrupt,Greedy,Nonsense Idiot Party.IT was voted to power on a aggressive Hindu offensive aggressive united polarized and consolidated vote but it didn't kept its words.After it rode power it forgets all what it said before power.I.It forget all its voters.It forgets is poll assurances.It forget that NO MUSLIM CHRISTIAN VOTED it.But Sabka sath Sabka Vikash made it a rogue.Congress communists Muslims Christiana put all obstacles still all HINDU are solidly stood behind MODI and BJP.WE are supporters of BJP not a coward Impotent spineless PM.WE will elect a new leader for PM if he wouldn't change his policy of Muslim appeasement son.RSS has made its arrangements with many such leaders to elect him as the next PM.MODI will be dumped to dustbin if he wont chnage his polices now.

  10. RSS has warned Amit Shah when both parties met for a discussion in Haryana just a few days back.In that meeting RSS leaders warned Amit Shah that BJP will lose all states and LS if it didn't changed its policy of Muslim appeasement and show cowardice spineless characters.It also asked Amit Shah to change the J&K ministry.IT also asked to drop all corrupt slow and inefficient ministers before Monsoon session.RSS Supremo Mohan Bhagawat lamented that Narendra Modi is not on talking terms with him anymore.He said that RSS will not work for BJP if it thinks that RSS has no alternative to MODI.RSS also said that they have many more aces .So at last Amit Shah became fearing and withdraw support from Mehbooba.and now Amit Shah is PM of India as MODI is side tracked.

  11. We thought there is an invisible ✋ hand behind the chor UPA sarkar, but now it is obvious that the same invisible hand defines BJPs narrative

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  14. Nobody, let alone a National party, can be seen to hate a particular community or religion. We have to look at the merit of an event rather than whether the participants belong to one religion or not. We cannot be seen to hate for the sake of hating, nor appease in order to get some favours.

  15. Modi is a gone case, comically running around the world pretending to be a world statesman. Rajnath and Sushma have started making pseudo secular noises to improve their PM chances if Modi doesn't get a majority in 2019, a likely scenario and a coalition has to be formed. And the Hindus? They can go take a walk in Modi's sabz bagh for all they care. Vajpayee and Advani also stuffed the Hindus in the same manner. Sab kursi ke bhookhe, the whole lot.

    1. vajpayee did a lot with 182 + than modi is ale to do with 282 ..i dont think modi has the guts to do something like pokhran ..vajpayee also battled international sanctions kargil and parlimanet attacks..and came out on top at the other side..Modi has had a very smooth sailing compared to that...but still he has not performed according to the expectations ..

    2. Agree. Vajpayee at least showed more guts, as you mentioned above. He was a Nehru family toady, a self declared Nehru fan. All these BJP walas did not do anything about the Congress corruption scandals. Vajpayee and Advani shouted about Bofors but quietly swept it under the carpet. Modi too has not done anything about corruption and black money, even today they keep blaming Congress but after 4 years not a single action taken. All hogwash.

  16. Your two posts are thought provoking to reasonable minds. But what is the percentage of reasonable minds in Bharat?
    Education is very much a missing factor in India’s population. A majority are like flock of goats. These flock of goats are often in delirium and identified very well in any political/religious/festivals and what not either in the form of hired gundas or drunkards who have no qualms for indulging in arson or in such other demeaning activities at the slightest instigation.
    What was the percentage of educated people in this country when Namo took over in 2014 and the present percentage as on this year? I mean the term educated should apply to a graduate. Others below it to be considered as mere literates. If 5 years of Modi’s rule has increased the percentage of educated lot, yes then he needs a great appreciation.
    Only true education can open up the mental eye of this great country.Corruption and all other associated forms of ills can be gotten over to some extent after achieving this feat.
    No doubt that Muslims are trying to spread their wings so much in an alarming proposition. If allowed, we, the rest of us will be gobbled up in no time. There got to be a well-defined space/place for doing Namaz. Anything in violation, is to be considered non-religious and strict action to be taken.
    We lived in appeasement, and the successive Govts thrive on it. Old habits die hard
    With election around the corner, I am afraid if BJP can indulge in strong arm methods to do away with this sickness. Any move in that direction might jeopardize the interest of BJP in 2019. Presently, all the parties in India are in unison to oust Modi/BJP.
    The long and short of the problem is that the BJP will have to come back to power in 2019 by hook or crook. Thereafter, unmindful of what to follow in 2024, the BJP will have to tighten up things right from 2019 onwards.
    However, Modi should reduce his foreign trips, should keep himself close to the work force, the more influential local Netas of the BJP and earn the love and regards of RSS to remain in power. He should be more accessible to those who matter. He should keep travelling within India right from now on. Introduce populist measures to the poor.
    Right at the moment, I find no alternative to Modi. If there is some, let that leader surface now without any further loss of time. S Raj, Rajnath Singh Shatrugan Sinha etc etc are not faces that would appeal to the voters.

  17. Let's take a look at the things as a whole rather than looking at it in isolation. This government has dared to challenge to work on Triple talaq, Haj subsidy, Ram mandir and on Kashmir autonomy. We need to understand that after a long time someone has dared to take the bull by its horns and while they are at it they need to give the Muslims some sops too. Modi has to face a lot of international and internal pressures (from a population of around 25 - 30 crore Chrislamists) and we need to look at it not as appeasement but as balancing. All he needs is our support and understanding.
    Hindus for all the raving and ranting don't unite for themselves when there is a threat from Chrilamists.
    What have we hindus done against the anti hindu onslaught in Kerala, Karnataka, West Bengal and now Tamilnadu? We are very eager to keep denouncing Modi but when have we raised our voices against the Hindu bashing in these states.
    Every anti indian and anti Hindu leader is up in arms against Modi and we hardly come to his rescue but keep taking potshots at him, whenever we get an opportunity.
    While I am an RSS admirer, how many elections could they have managed to win for BJP? Honestly, but for Modi and Shah do you think BJP would have won in this many states in India?
    Many of the RSS and BJP leaders keep uttering nonsense and we never bother to censure them. Sometimes I wish that Modi can be like Indira Gandhi and have a stranglehold on BJP. We have a non entities like Shotgun Sinha playing to the gallery of the opposition. Even leaders like Advani ends up committing faux pas talking about Jinha being secular!
    The simple fact is that we the Hindus had been sleeping for almost 70 years after independence and while we were sleeping a lot happened, Haj subsidy happened, Shao Bhanu happened, Taslima Nazreen happened, Kashmir happened, Manmohan's speech on first right to Muslims happened and the interesting part is we refused to protest and we allowed it all to happen without a whimper from any of us.
    However now when someone tries to positively do something good for us we keep looking at where he would slip up and bash him up for good!
    I have news for you, if we remove modi we play right into the hands of the opposition. If we jog our memories, even in 2014, they were so desperate that they were even ok with an Advani becoming the PM.
    Opposition with the connivance of the sickular media are pulling out all the stops to finish Modi. All of them target just one man and that should speak volumes about Modi and the fact that he is the impenetrable wall that is trying its best to keep the Chrislamists at bay. We have to decide on whether to go along with the Chrislamists and sickularists or to support him. Remember if he is gone our future does look bleak.
    Let us make an informed choice and desist from acting in haste and repenting at leisure. Jai Hind

  18. B Nateshan,
    It is not that we would like to remove Modi or things like that. Modi is, undoubtedly, the tallest leader that we have had so far in this country. He has energy, positivism and many more PLUS things in his favour. In fact, I, personally, would want him to be the PM from 2019 to indefinite period.
    But all PMs when in Office tend to neglect many things and prove themselves very difficult to access. They make an iron wall around them or they just don’t care for small things in the assumption that their subordinates will take care of matters. They become more like Manmohan Singh resulting into drawing unpleasant comments from one and all for their self-imposed silence.
    In my view, Modi should have taken the bull by its horn somewhere around his 2nd and 3rd year in Government. Doing it now will no doubt screw up BJP’s chances in 2019 election? He should better avoid it now. You would have heard what the lunatic Assaduddin Owaisi has said about Muslim votes. Let BJP field more Muslim candidates. Hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You talk about the unity among Hindus. I may laugh at that. Chidambaram is a Hindu and like him there are so many in Congress, Communists and Dravidan parties. What happens to them? Why do they behave in a manner of unbecoming of a Hindu. Are these Hindus are not opportunists?
    You talk about the special Hindus in Bengal, Kerala and TN. The Hindus of Bengal are cowards of the first order and they remain mere slippers of the senseless Madam who is also a Hindu. She needs power and she will go to any extent to make Bengal as an exclusive land for Muslims. In so far as it relates to Kerala, a good majority of the elders are mere literates, and they are Cong Bakthas. The rest of the population minus some percentage are rowdies/hooligans who live on daily wages who know not the difference between their mothers, sisters and the one who sells her body for money. It is not God’s own country but God’s cursed country. The TN, the less said the better.
    BJP should field educated youngsters this time as its candidates for MP election. Can it do? With loyalty and devotion, BJP can do miracles. PM has done enough foreign tours and it is time that he minimizes it. He should come out with populist measures NOW with an aim to garner popular votes in its favour.
    Modi should reduce the fuel price, bring it down to Rs 40/ or it should be under GST. Let the common man realize that the Modi Govt has done to them a lot. As of now, the impact is not felt. If it is going to take another 3 to 4 years, then the successive Govt will reap the present Govt’s initiative.
    Modi should be calculative and play his cards diligently from now on. Will he?

    1. I appreciate your response. Firstly I want all of us to understand that Modi is an extremely shrewd politician (which is an understatement) and his silence tends to be misconstrued both by his friends and enemies, alike.
      We need to give him credit for rise above all others withing and outside his political outfit and let us not forget that he has almost no friends even within the BJP except for Shah and a handful of second and third rung leaders.
      Indulge me just for a bit, here. Do you believe that Kujliwal went silent without any intervention from Modi? There are many such examples, that I dont want to open it out on a public forum.
      He will have made out his plan. I even feel that the recent happening in karnataka, where Yeddy just ruled just for a few days was to move positively on the Cauvery matter.
      Modi and Shah hold their cards close to their chests and play it. Trust me (no trust the Shah - Modi duo), they will come out victorious lets wait and watch. Meanwhile they will have to do whatever they have to but they know it much better than us.

    2. Modi's foreign trips, I don't think we can comment on it. All I can say is that he has no interest in sight seeing or in holidaying at these places and so he obviously has a valid reason for that.
      Regarding oil price, he has to keep the fiscal deficit in check by doing away with subsidies. It would have been easy for him to lower fuel prices and increase taxes elsewhere. At the end of the day, more the subsidies more the burden on the exchequer which has to be funded thru increased taxes or thru more printed notes from RBI to bridge the fiscal deficit. This move will definitely increase inflation and will also lead to lower rating on the economy and will lead to higher interest rates on external borrowings.
      The prices of many other commodities are falling, anyway. The opposition will keep whining away and if the price of petrol falls they will pick something else, I wont give much credence to it.
      Finally it is upto all of us to decide whom to back. I personally am firmly behind Modi and I am not looking at anyone else at all. Yes we all have a wish list however we need to understand that Modi has to address over 1.3 billion wish lists and in my opinion, globally, no other leader at present can measure upto him.

  19. Ravi Sir, I for one am inclined to give a benefit of doubt to Modi and I have full doubt that its the sewerborn Pakipanjabi and bdeshigutter born OUTSIDERS who in tandem planned this whole hitjob, the BJP ITALUTYENS cabal. DR Swamy has for last few days warned ofgang of 4. the pakipanjabi n bdeshi grp is out in open supporting Sushma Swaraj including the worst sewerage from worst sewers of Bdesh Bdutt suar ka gost(sagarika) sadhavi khosla like halalavanshi secular bokoharamis..
    Check sequence of events
    1. AJ is effectively a minister without portfolio
    2. The lutyens sewer wants to AJ back
    3. LKA, Sushma Swaraj, AJ,...Gang of four
    Now chk Dr Swamy tweet today and i have no doubt that Dr Swamy and Modi travel in same boat. Note also that Italian Nazi streetdogs like surjewala,pigvijay have started foulmouthing Modi again, as the Bdesh of Europe sewerfilth, add to it the bastard gori and topping prostitute dogs are supposed to bark
    Its all to do with Italian and chidambram ass saving, seems lutyens BJP cabal and Namo confrontation has started. Dr Swamy maybe firing the retaliatory fire
    "Subramanian Swamy

    Verified account

    4h4 hours ago
    Today what happened in SC in my Aircel Maxis case shows that MoF is full throttle campaigning for removing Dr. Rajeshwar with scurrilous bogus wild charges to ensure he cannot chargesheet PC at end of this month because BC has already been chargesheeted. Now I will retaliate"

    Hilarious in SC. The Writ Petitioner asking for removing ED investigator did not turn up. I said since MoF is against Rajeshwar ASG Banerjee can represent the Petitioner. Everyone laughed. Then Court asked me personally to inform the missing Petitioner to be present tomorrow."

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    Jun 20
    "You won't want to miss this panel! @TwitterIndia, @TwitterOpen and @TheQuint are delighted to share great conversations and discussions around #Pride2018, this Friday, June 22: Watch this space for more!"

  21. Hindus and BJP Guys are confused lot. Muslims, xtians, Congress guys, Commies are clear in their minds. I can say about mysel. On many issues I feel ambivalent and had 2 opinions about many things. When I discuss with my daughter and Son who are raised in US are clear in their minds and what they want. Hindus have to unlearn a lot.

  22. Now I will explain with my own experience why I said as above. I was standing at the ticket wending machine to purchase my ticket for my commute to office in NYC. A gentleman looks like a senior citizen may be 5 to 6 years older than me is struggling to purchase a ticket from the machine. I am not a senior citizen yet. As I was behind him and the train was almost there at the station and ready to leave I wanted to help him. I asked him where is he going? he told Newark. I was suggesting him to select various options. In a minute or so he asked me shut up. I kept quiet. at last he could buy his travel ticket. I got mine and others standing in the line. Then we both were standing side by side to get into the compartment. when the train arrived he climbed first saying to me Americans First. I then told him I am an american too and he or his ancestors came to the country before me. Then after a while I thought he must have felt insulted as I was guiding him how to buy the ticket and therefore he said so before getting into train. when I told this to my daughter she said it s clearly a racist comment and I should have given him back more forcefully. That is why I say my children are clear in their understanding and I am not. Same is the confusion of BJP and lot of Hindus. They will not get more than 0.1% of Muslim votes what ever appeasement they may do. This is my opinion.

  23. Sushma should have been kicked out at the same moment, at least should have been demoted.


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