Monday, May 7, 2018

Violent Fridays

In most parts of the world, including India, many people are overjoyed when Friday arrives. It is often the last working day of the week for a large population and if the following Monday is a public holiday, then it means a short vacation too. But this is not so for a group that has come to symbolise Fridays for its mindless agitation and often accompanied by an orgy of violence.

Post 9/11 the FBI in the US had started a surveillance on mosques in the US. The reasons are obvious. This was diluted when Barack Obama became President. There were Fiberal lawsuits against the FBI and the issue is still being debated across the US. In an appeals court, here is what Judge Marsha Berzon had to say as reported by Politico:

"If you have a criminal group here which is very dangerous and very organized and affects our security but has no foreign — no direct foreign activity or we agree that's not what we're talking about?" Berzon asked. "If they like to read things on the Internet from imams in Egypt? I'm just having real difficulty seeing where the line is in this really difficult situation where we're in now.” The report further quotes then candidate Donald Trump: Notwithstanding those concerns, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump recently called for greater surveillance of Muslim houses of worship. "I want surveillance of certain mosques, OK? ...We’ve had it before and we’ll have it again," Trump said after the attacks in Paris last month.

The situation in India is pretty similar, the only difference being, many of these dangerous gangs are influenced by foreign agents and “Break-India” parties within India. I am not aware if Indian intel is monitoring mosques but there is every reason to believe that the call for agitation resulting in violence often comes from the mosques. And large swathes of rural India are now dotted by new mosques and formation of “No go” ghettos. Not even police dare to go into such ghettos. In the small “Biryani town” of Ambur in TN, police were attacked and many were injured. The violent rioters blocked the entire Chennai-Bangalore highway. Invariably, the mosque sermons on Fridays seem to be a trigger for the consistent riots or violence that erupt after such sermons.

March 12, 1993 – Bombay blasts by Dawood & co kills over 200 people – It was a Friday. Aligarh violence after Friday prayers 2017. Raza Academy organized a protest rally on 11 August 2012 at Azad Maidan. Two were killed, 54 cops were injured, many female cops were molested on that day. A Jawan memorial was destroyed. The call for the violent agitation at Azad Maidan was given on – you guessed it - Friday:
Yes indeed; the call for the violence at Azad Maidan was given through tweets, SMSes and WA messages on a Friday. No, they aren’t dumb enough to specifically call for violence but the assembly is implicit in its pregnancy of violence. The tweet above is from Farhan Azmi, the son of SP member Abu Azmi. Although some proceedings were started against Raza Academy, it is not known where it went and the Congress probably quashed the prosecution of the criminals. In many parts of Kashmir, it is now routine to call for agitation and violence on Fridays. The Namaz is usually followed by stone-pelting, excessive violence, killings. The image below is just a small count:
The recent Jinnah episode leading to agitations and violence follows this pattern on violent Fridays. It started off with a portrait of mass-murderer Jinnah in some student union’s office at the AMU. Some protested the pic and some wanted it removed. CM Yogi stated the “portrait of partition culprit” cannot be respected in India. That is short in its description – Jinnah was a MASS-MURDER. According to reports, it was first removed and then put back again and more protests. This led to Muslims and other Commies agitating from AMU to JNU to DU. The usual anti-India brigade had joined the battle.

This is an organised racket, funded and promoted from the backrooms of Congress, Sickulars and abundant help from the Pakis. Jinnah wanted a Muslim nation and got it; I consider it the biggest folly of MK Gandhi and JL Nehru and other selfish politicians who allowed Muslims to stay back in India despite the partition. Muslims DO NOT accept any Constitution or law other than their Sharia and Quran. In India, while many pretend to respect the Constitution and laws they cannot wait for Sharia to be their only law in good time. The riots over the Jinnah portrait predictably spread – on a Friday (May 4):
These riots are not “issue-specific”. All these riots from Kashmir to Kolkata turn into an “Azaadi” chant. The Jinnah episode wasn’t any different. The crowds were chanting “Hum leke rahenge Azadi” and the other gangs from Delhi that joined in, from DU and JNU, had the same bad seeds that keep shouting “Bharat ke tukde” and “Azaadi”. They were protesting outside the UP Bhavan in Delhi and, as always, the predictable clashes with police and the consequent victim-playing follows. It is time we put an end to this eternally agitational-Muslim culture. Jinnah is a mass-murderer but even otherwise, many of the issues they agitate and riot for is mostly without merits and uncalled for. Not just in India, Muslims have started demanding Sharia even in Britain where they are a much tinier population:
The Muslim population in India is frequently stated to be anywhere between 17-20 crores. And they do not believe in any family planning nor control excessive population growth. Pew Research estimates that in 32 years (by 2050) India will have the largest Muslim population of 30 crores. If the current situation is not frightening from the regular agitations and rioting, you can imagine life in 2050. What is the Azaadi they want? To put it bluntly, they and their political backers like Congress and Commie parties want another break-up of India and establishment of another Islamic State like Pakistan. Nothing less will do for them.

All that these violent thugs need on a Friday is an excuse to indulge in mob violence. Profitable Kathua driven by certain vested interests also resulted in violence on Friday (April 20) in Burhanpur (MP) and in Mysuru (Karnataka). Such violent thugs are the ones who are going to stand for justice for anything? Absolutely not! They just seek some or other excuse to exert their aggression in public and assert their Islamiyat on many Fridays. Anything happens anywhere in the world, these guys come out on the streets – they agitate, they indulge in violence, burn public property, cause deaths and then atrociously, they play victim and many state govts don’t even prosecute the offenders. Come Fridays, many citizens have to now worry about going about their routines or getting children to school in fear of some violence here or there or some roads being blocked by Namaaz groups. This is no more tolerable or acceptable in any part of the world.

I am not going to buy the nonsense of many Muslim leaders or Commie leaders who blabber about democracy or Constitution when convenient. They believe in neither. A prominent Muslim writer has written (as have many others) that Islam and Democracy are simply not compatible. The reason is, Muslims are unable to separate their religion from politics and laws. PM Modi is not deluding himself when frequently indulges in sloganeering like “Ek haath Quran”. While he makes an attempt to influence young Muslims to get out of their radical, rioting mode, I think he knows he is demanding the impossible:
The aggression has been growing more and more overt and pronounced. There is a simple lack of respect for law of any kind. Take the instance of Namaz in public places and especially on busy roads, narrow roads in business areas and even on highways. What stops them from praying at a mosque or a home if there isn’t enough space? This too is practiced more on Fridays. This is in addition to the 5-times a day loudspeaker nuisance of Azaan. This is neither innocent nor mere prayers. This is a clearly their intense desire to assert their religion, their desire to dominate and break laws as a mob and dare the State to stop them. And since the State is usually a coward that turns a blind eye to such offences, people have taken it in their own hands to drive out the public Namaz-players whose main intention is to provoke and intimidate others by their sheer nonchalance:
Our govts are cowards and condone the fake histories written by Commies of the Nehru variety. The mass-murder by Jinnah and the partition should be in our history books and every high school student should learn about it. They should learn that Pakistan was created for Muslims and, therefore, those Muslims who chose to stay in India should either live here or leave India if they cannot respect the laws of the land. GOI must also pass a law that makes public Namaaz and loudspeaker Azaan punishable by prison sentences and states must enforce it. In addition, any glorification of Jinnah or Pakistan Zindabad or hoisting or flying Paki flags should also be outlawed and punishable with prison sentences.

The old sedition law should be dumped a new law that seeks punishment for calls for “Azaadi” or “Bharat ke tukde” must warrant stringent criminal punishment. Only and only then will this nonsense of violent Friday threats have a chance of stopping. Else, a major civil war can even happen which enemies like Pakistan and those “foreigners” within India would gladly desire. 


  1. Media Crooks extends to other crooks who want violence every Friday to exert their nonchalant behaviour. This is a phenomenon world over. So most of the affected countries should sit and decide how to handle extreme radicalization especially if places for worship call for violence by covert means. Certainly new laws are needed for calling breaking of India.

  2. Not only the attacks and riots; even the decisions to attack are made on Fridays, as a large congregation happens for Friday Namaz.

  3. कोई शक नहीं है इस बात में की Muslims मौलवी मदरसे के युवकों के बुद्धि में मुसरिको (मुरीपुजको) के खिलाफ नफरत भरते है। खुद #कुरान की ढेर सारी आयतें मुसारिको से नफ़रत सिखाता है। तथा सुद हिंदी में मूर्ति पूजक जो काफिर (हिन्दू) होता है। जिसमे कुरान के आयात के अनुसार रमजान के पवित्र महीने में सारे मोमिनों एकत्रित हो कर काफिरों को अपने तलवार के बल पर इस्लाम स्वीकार शविकार कराओ अगर उसके बाद भी नहीं माने तो उसे कतल करो अल्लाह तुम्हे जन्नत नसीब करेगा।

  4. This article is an eye opener to all Indians particularly for the Hindus! Oppn r blind to all these threats for vote bank.Whole world is now disturbed n India which has almost the highest population of Muslims compared to any nation is not free from it! The law is very weak n support,encouragement from enemy nations,commies,oppn parties n soft attitude of present govt r matters of concern! Immediate law on birth control,monitoring of religious places r need of the hour

  5. This article is an eye opener to all Indians particularly for the Hindus! Oppn r blind to all these threats for vote bank.Whole world is now disturbed n India which has almost the highest population of Muslims compared to any nation is not free from it! The law is very weak n support,encouragement from enemy nations,commies,oppn parties n soft attitude of present govt r matters of concern! Immediate law on birth control,monitoring of religious places r need of the hour

  6. This just shows the sheep mentality of these guys and cross wearing kind. They cannot use their influence for doing good to the society, but constantly aim for dominance [for whatever crap it helps them to achieve.] Both must be reined in firmly using every effort possible. Does our govt. have the guts is the only question!

  7. Incidentally haryana chief minister today has said prayers shud b offered in mosques or home only n no namaz in open public grounds, next they will start claiming those grounds as theirs!

  8. Well, their population explosion will make the win democratically, by vote bank politicks

  9. While every word you write is true, I am not sure anyone is going to do anything about it. A lot of my Hindu friends were showing concern that mullas are not being allowed to offer prayers in Gurgaon. What can you do when people don't want to learn from history?

    1. 70 Years of brainwashing has led to this. If you take a city like Hyderabad, those who live in certain muzzie majority localities are more aware about these matters while those living in other places are completely unaware and unconcerned too. What might be the reason? Reluctance to come out of comfort zone ?

  10. Every word you have written is true, sir. To add to it, a big mosque in Old Hubli was openly ranting against PM candidate Modi on a Friday afternoon a week before LS elections in May 2014. No one raised any objections. They know they will get away with all verbal abuse they make against Hindus. Disgusting that they have taken our goodness for weakness.

  11. Modiji`s prescription of the quoran in one hand and computer in the other is not well-conceived because these two will nullify each other. If the prescriptions in the quoran with regard to the treatment to be meted out to the non-believers are to be followed then the computer in the hand becomes a very destructive weapon. That is why 200 intellectuals and writers in France have published a manifesto that certain portions of the quoran are not applicable in the present age.

  12. Jinnah at least spoke truth that muslims and hindus cannot live togather in india the result is pakistan.But Mahatma and Nehru parivar gandhi asserted hindu muslim bhaibhai and coexists in bharat.Time has proved these idiots wrong but for power congress hindus still do not learn.Muslims when in minority always hide and bring constitution and insanyat but when in power they forget constitutionand insanyat but only in sharia and islamyat.

  13. Veer Savarkar in his 6 Golden leaves of Indian History.In hindi Bharatiya itihas ke chah swarnim prushth said that in 1857 Bahadur Shah Zaffar the last Mogul came along with Tantiya Tope and Nana Saheb Peshwa because he knew Muslims are weak at that time and that was not a true Hindu Muslim unity of first war of independence. So Muslims will talk platitudes like democracy and constitution as long as they know that they are weak. The minute they know they are strong like in some mini Pakistans in India they care 2 hoots about democracy and Constitution. I am sure the minute Muslims in India are about 35% India will become an Islamic state. Because one Muslim thinks he is equal to 4 Hindus. That is why they say because being Muslim Pakistan can produce world's Fast bowlers even though the country is poor and no great cricketing amenities. That is why Hindu Mahasabha wanted a Hindu Inidia. Jinnah was more scared about HM than INC although HM did not weild sway all over India.

  14. we want India should be Muslim Fee.CONGRESS MUKT MUSLIM MKT CHRISTIAN MUKT BHARAT

  15. WE ought borrow The Patriot Act,Home Land Security act from USA and enactthem for security of India

  16. I have long been making a case for rewriting the entire constitution of India.
    1) how can a "dalit" who never has any poorva karma deserve to be treated with kids gloves & all benefits be given to him, for a person is born in a family rich or poor based on his own karma.
    2) Unless the individual is making his own effort, no help is to be given to lazy & undeserving self servers
    3) If rich were to only serve their entire wealth on the undeserving poor, then it is mistaken that god helps athiests (rationalists) & not the thiests (believers)

  17. Never seen any politician making or walking in the pandals of Ganesh Chaturti or Durga Navamis or Krishnastami festive seasons.
    Why every govt is eager to create space for the Friday / Ramadan prayers ?
    These people leave their work 5 times a day only to pray. If all Hindus also do the same thing, entire nation will come to standstill
    Now prayer halls are created within the office to accomodate them
    This should stop else, it will lead more jingoist muslims joining & doing nothing.

  18. Unless Hindus wake up , we will have one more partition on our hand in next 20 years or even earlier.Time has come for BJP to stop its doublespeak on Muslim question.All Muslims must stop espousing so called Muslim causes.


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