Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Twitter Tricks Again

Last night, around 9.30, as I was logging out from Twitter a message was suddenly flashed on my page – “Your account has been suspended, please see “Suspended accounts”. As in the previous occasion in December 2017 no reason has been offered for the suspension. Before finally logging off I completed their appeals process and got a mail to which they sought a reply seeking a confirmation that it is indeed my mail account. In the appeals form they again sought my personal information like full name, phone number, email ID etc.

There is a pattern to how Twitter targets certain accounts and I am sure many have experienced it. I had known as far back as 2012 that my account is definitely a target and had created an alternate account should @MediaCrooks be suspended or banned.

Even in the normal course, lately, Twitter has been sending all kinds of funny messages like:

# Suspicious activity in your account, please verify email ID or something. I wonder what suspicious activity my account would undertake. Certainly, I don’t possess the knowhow to as much as photoshopping let alone make incendiary devices and blow them up on Twitter. It’s laughable.

# Many a times, another message would flash on my “Mentions Page” = “You are getting too many mentions, would you like to control the messages you get?” – Surely, people would like to have interactions and get a lot of mentions through RTs, quotes or replies. When Twitter has already provided a “Settings” feature on the Mentions Page on who I want to hear from, why would they keep sending such messages.

# Not to mention, frequent lock downs for an hour or 12 hours or sometimes more than 3 days. I am used to all this for quite some time.

My tweet messages are aggressive but nowhere of the kind of filth and abuse poured by handles like “VORdotcom” or many stand-up comedians and journos. Twitter has made my tweets invisible to followers, RTs disappear and even when one searches for a word or phrase with the “@Mediacrooks” handle, the results simply don’t show the related tweets that used to appear earlier. All these tricks are not accidents. So, since @mediacrooks is suspended, this morning I logged into my alternate account @RealMediaCrooks. To my horror, I instantly find the following message from Twitter:

Automated behaviour by an account that is not even used at all in a million years? The account hasn’t tweeted anything other than two tweets – One in August 2012 informing this is my alternate account and another RT in December 2012. What possible “automated behaviour” could an unused account manage? All these are downright stupid Twitter tricks at work for the political agenda they follow.

In any case, while Twitter can take its own sweet time to deal with the suspension of my first handle (@mediacrooks) those who were following that handle and wish to read my tweets can now follow me at @RealMediaCrooks.

PS: Since @RealMediaCrooks wasn’t ever used before, I have to make it a point to specifically inform the MSM crooks to immediately block this handle as well. That will take some effort considering the number of crooks that have blocked me.  


  1. RS PRASAD dumbo is sleeping under LUTEYAN cockpit with PAGAMBO modi ...

  2. There must be many in @BJP4India and MSM celebrating too. Very pathetic Twitter.com

  3. So Twitter is an extention of paid media !!! Confirmed & proved beyond doubt.

  4. I think besides Twitter you should also start replicating your thoughts here or some other platform that is more neutral. You may actually bring about a change and decrease Twitter's popularity (at least in India and maybe other countries too where Twitter uses its tricks.

    1. Please replicate your ideas in any other platform so that it reaches the people.

  5. You are a thorn in the flesh of the political ecosystem, which btw also includes the BJP, and therefore are unpopular with sickulars, presstitutes and bhakts. Muzzling attempts will persist and your new twitter handle too will face problems. It is a given. But that has never deterred you from plain speak, unselfishly in the interests of the country.

  6. Was very disheartened to learn about suspension of twitter handle @MediaCrooks. But heartened by his rebirth as @RealMediaCrook!

  7. Or a French Hacker who loves to hack Indian accounts for Aadhaar is trying his skills on your twitter account #Sarcasm

  8. Hi Ravinar,
    I have read your blogs for a long time. You have changed my point of view and connected dots like no one else. I feel very strongly that you have been the pivotal person in other people's mental framework too. I look forward to seeing you back on Twitter ( Sharia compliant Twitter & FB ) & will continue to f/u on your web-page.

    I wish you all the success and health life.
    Jai Ho!!

    Unknown follower.

  9. It's been done by Zubair of Altnews gang he was boasting about getting your account suspended
    Check out @swamv39’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/swamv39/status/1001518756479188992?s=09

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    1. This dhruv rathee and his followersis happiest of them all.. he tweeted twitter blocked communal media crook ... he claims to be neutral youtuber but always spread lies against people who are against congress abd app ...

  12. Removed twitter shit from my gadget, put your thoughts here or on some other platform that is more neutral.

  13. It appears that many ganged up and reported your handle to twitter for "Abusive" remarks.

    You can appeal to Twitter to revoke suspension.

    If Twitter does check user reports manually, then based on the hard hitting language that you are known for, it is very likely that the handle will be blocked by them.

    Unfortunately, there seems to be no check in place to prevent this from happening again to both, your original handle 'MediaCrooks' or the spare one 'RealMediaCrooks'.

    Ironically, handles that impersonate such as Sususwamy are perfectly fine in twitter world.


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