Sunday, May 27, 2018

Six More Years

For years the Tehelka off-spring Cobrapost was doing nothing. No one heard them doing any reports and their past record is as dubious as their current lack of record. So, they came up with a “sting” on media houses and grandly claimed most of them are for “sale”. I am wondering why anyone would be jumping around at this. And a sting is the lowest form of “paid” masala because some political/corrupt outfit does pay to do such an operation. We have known for very long that all media houses are corrupt and financial crooks to the core. It is just that the GOI doesn’t go after them like they do other financial criminals. A tainted outfit like Cobrapost calling others tainted is the irony of media itself:
Well, I guess the Gobarpost guys were just bored doing nothing and must have gotten some money to go around do some sting to reveal things we already know. Unsurprisingly, known fincrimes and political bootlickers like NDTV, Indian Express or Shekhar Gupta’s rag were left out. I suppose I can make a safe guess who funded this silly operation. What the idiots of Gobarpost confirm though, that the GOI allows the media to fully indulge in their corruption without any hindrance. Therefore, there is neither a curb on their FoE nor a curb on their crimes. Anyway, as in the past, the media collectively is about to harvest its best year since 2014. In the run up to LS2019, most of them will make a lot of money from genuine campaign ads to paid shows to fake surveys and paid articles to promote some individuals as agents of God. Don’t be surprised if you find RahulG frequently pictured as Jesus by the Commie media.

The Congress and other Sickulars are already devising all the riots and agitations to combat ModiSarkar. Yesterday, ModiSarkar completed four years and has done quite well and has been fairly successful. The Congress was planning 21 pressers and protests on May 26. There is no political intelligence left in the party nor any political dialogue or agenda. Their only strategy is to keep demonising Modi (which keeps backfiring) and peddle nonsense through Pappu, which is becoming blabber beyond compare. The party lost miserably in Karnataka but dance around after being the pillion rider of another loser, the JDS. This is what they are reduced to. Congress is reduced to a sidekick with regional parties – whether it’s the SP or TRS or with RJD and JDU in 2015 in Bihar, they are just an item-girl to do a little dance here and there without much of a role to play. Predictably, their best allies are now Mullahs and Padres that we can collectively call “Padullahs”:
I cannot recall any act by ModiSarkar that harms these breast-beating mullahs and padres or their communities. These Padullahs are nothing but little pawns in the political game that Congis keep throwing up and still end up with eggs on their face. Recently, another idiotic bishop from Delhi wrote some nonsense about “praying for 2019”. I wonder if his last hope is “Jesus Saves”.

In absence of any real political agenda that could beat ModiSarkar, the Congress and its stooges did what every loser does – run to courts or intimidate them. They tried the bogus Judge Loya case, they tried impeachment of the CJI and they are desperate to get Judge Joseph in the SC. They failed in the Loya case and the impeachment conspiracy. They even planned a no-confidence motion against ModiSarkar. RG is the typical badly groomed kid who throws the most worthless tantrums when he doesn’t get the lollipop.

The Sickulars have rendered themselves in poor repute with bogus agitations and riots and moronic plans to intimidate the judiciary. One of the least talked about aspects of the four years of ModiSarkar is that the GOI has sought accountability for the funds it doles out to states. Most regional parties are not used to it – from DMK to TDP to SP to even ShivSena. Some BJP allies will quit the NDA alliance and hope to “fish” on their own in LS2019. I am not sure they are going to end up with a great catch. During the Karnataka campaign, Pappu grandly declared himself a PM candidate. He has company. Mayawati to claims to be a PM candidate, so does MamataB. The ShivSena will plump for any Marathi as PM, even if its Sharad Pawar or Arun Gawli.

The only other thing the Sickulars do is play up Dalits, Muslims (Christians don’t count for much as a votebank) and other castes like Patidars or Gujjars. They tried the Lingayat thing in Karnataka and that too failed badly. In sharp contrast PM Modi constantly talks of one-India, one-people. This tactic of Modi is probably lost on the Sickulars. Besides, except for some parts of south India, Modi’s speeches make a connect with the masses, the Sickulars don’t have that connect across India and Rahul, in particular, is more of a comedian than a political leader. Thus, it is still advantage Modi and BJP and a TOI poll bears this out:
The Sickulars ganging up or playing it alone also gives the BJP an advantage. If they gang up, most constituencies will put up a candidate while the campaign is still run by mostly a tainted leader and it helps BJP when it’s often a one-to-one contest. If they go it alone, then it’s some dozen Sickular candidates against one of the BJP. That too, gives BJP the advantage. As for the medically unfit SoniaG, she sounds more and more like Hillary Clinton all the time – constantly whining about democracy being under threat or a crisis. The Sickulars and Fiberals idiotically think only they know anything about democracy and they usually are the ones that hate democracy the most:
Backed by good performance on many fronts, free of corruption taints, ModiSarkar has the best chance in all in returning to power in 2019. When that happens, I predict the complete disintegration of Congress and a certain revolt within the party. Elsewhere, the media jerks like Ravish and two-bit media guys like Rana are busy concocting their own grand victim stories and “Intolerance-2” campaigns. In history, media folks had the closest ears to the ground and connect. But that is history. They live in their own Lutyens Cave or Hookah bars and believe they know anything about people. They don’t! They never learn. Their only strategy for 14 straight years now is to throw mud at Modi in the hope that some will stick. The public perception of Modi being a clean PM is not going to change with this. The last year of this term and with five more years from 2019 I can predict six more years of ModiSarkar. 


  1. Vande mataram!!
    First comment :D

  2. Ranvirji, once again analyzed and shoot s exactly the point.

    1. Dear Bro, he is not Ranvir (Kapoor), or some bolly guy. He is Ravinar (Ravi Narayan).

    2. He is Both ;A Ranvir as well as Ravinar !!

  3. i disagree with CHRISTIAN as a vote bank ..
    they are VOTE BANKS and percentage is underestimated b/c most of them are RICE BAGS ..
    in TAMIL NADU ~ 25-30 %
    highly underestimated ..

    1. Yes...The rice bag population is more. I would add AP as well.
      Coastal AP is completely baptized.

  4. I fully agree shivsena’s pappu udhdhav will back any Marathi manus as PM even if it’s crook pawar or mawali Gawali ! I still remember how they betrayed NDA n backed Indira’s Marathi cook Pratibha for president !!!

  5. Ravinar, Although I agree with most of what you said, I certainly differ with you on one front. “That there will be a revolt in the congress party”. No, there will no longer be a revolt in congress since all the mass leaders of the party have left in the last two decades and either moved to other parties or started their own successful regional outfits. Consider shared pawar,mamata banerjee, jagan reddy(AP) and moopanar(TN). All these leaders were successful at starting and running their own regional outfits(although moopanar is dead) others in UP and Bihar have joined sp and bsp and other secular parties. Even siddhiramaiah who pretended to be a mass leader lost from his own constituency.what are we now left in the congress is power brokers like Ghulam Nani azad, financial fraudsters like chidambaram and few rootless Chamchas of Gandhis. So no, congress party will not die in a boom �� but will die with a whimper. So as long as this charade lasts, it’s good for the BJP. It’s core states are now only limited to Rajasthan , MP, chattisgarh and Gujarat, the states ironically having a direct fight with BJP.

  6. I also strongly believe that all journalist is forth pillar of Democracy and impacts the public affairs directly. There should be rules and regulations for these Media house's as well to adhere to disclose their findings and fave actions for Fake news as the wrong commit of politicians ( offcouse it does not include thug bandhan) displayed by media.

  7. Tragedy of opposition and paid media is complete bankruptsy of ideas. They have no clue how to enter voters heart. Every trick tried by them has brought muck on them. In fact all the blabber of Padullas is sponsored by some political outfits. They are degrading their Religion through fatwas. If at all there is Hindu uprising it is because of political interference by Padullas.

  8. Modi will win in any of the condition...But we need one more direct action from him like putting some of these khangressi looters behind bars n keep hindu emotions charged up.

    1. Lungi Chidya is still roaming free even after looting 3bl USD.He is giving shamelessly attending press conferences. Unless they put some crooks behind bars...It will send a wrong message to people that nobody is punished for corruption so far by Modi Govt.

  9. There is no doubt that Modi is the undisputed leader in India now and is most suitable as the PM. RG is not even a distant second. However, that is not to say that Modi has no drawbacks. It still makes me wonder what has Modi done for Hindus in all his 4-year rule. He also exhibited the tendency to alienate some of his NDA friends. The state AP with its 25 MPs has been in his pocket. Why did he not speed up the trial against Jagan and send him to jail, where he belongs? Why did he not honour the promises he made to the people of AP? Does he see Chandra Babu Naidu as a threat, who should be extinguished? Obviously, he wants to play the same game as Congress of playing Jagan against CBN, hoping he would win at their expense. History is going to repeat and BJP will lose deposits just like the congress in the 2019 elections. CBN may win or may not win but that is not the point. He just alienated the people of Andhra, which was totally unwarranted. He was sitting pretty but he ditched himself for no reason.

    1. Mr Murty,
      Though I am with you on why Modiji has not done for Hindus which are apparently low hanging fruit. But on the count of speedy trial please recall when Modiji gave a call for fast track courts to set up for politicians to be tried so that their taint would be proved or cleared by court such that this question from minds of people go away the then Supreme Court Chief Justice R. S. Lahoti refuted the idea that courts cannot run on whims of PM and that they won't fast track any case. That day and this day - Modiji only quipped against judicial activism in some Supreme Court function, other then that he kept quiet. You must see how many players were / are against Modi. Chelmeshwar et all came out on Shekhar Coupta's shoulder. That Shekhar Coupta later says (in Karnataka Verdict) that SC has been correct and Congress should seek apology. Till then SC was playing to unconstitutional ways. The nexus of Congi-Commie-Sickular_Media-NGO has washed any good deed of NaMo govt. So much so that when NaMo and other BJP members fasted the whole day-RaGa came out with candle march in night and whole evening all channels were awash with Candle March and BJP's fast got a whimper coverage if at all it got any. So you see these Congi-Commie and supported gange only play games to play to galleries. Development, Nation Building, Youth, Children, Indian Lives, Religion, Matrbhoomi, all are sham to them and their existence with lavish lifestyle is the only thing that matter to them.

    2. I agree. Chandra Babu Naidu is one fine guy - he has class and he can present himself well to his people. I was greatly disappointed when he left. And mre than that - very greatly disappointed that such a fine guy should stand on the same dais as the PAPPU and Maya and all the shit prople forming the MahaGhatbandhan.

    3. When CN can leave his Father in law who actually made him he can leave anybody. He is also equally corrupt and interested in dynasty politics to bring another pappu his son. As far as making Hyderabad a cyberabad any CM could have made it in those conditions. Without much fanfare Chennai, Coiambatore and Trichi have also become good professional Software centers. BJP should start building their roots both in AP and TS. may be in 2024 they will become a party to recon with.

    4. people mis-reading CBN issue. My uncle who is very close to ram madhav told me the real issue is seat sharing. TDP is not ready to allot more seats to BJP in Andhra. thats the real problem. not the special status. BJP wants to grow in Andhra. they know they cant win now but atleast after 10 years, BJP will play a major role in andhra. Also people underestimating RSS in Andhra. RSS has strong roots in east godavari dist. but its not showing its full avatar due to bjp not fighting directly. Once BJP fights directly, then u will see full display of RSS strength in Andhra

    5. It is clear that political compulsions have driven Chandrababu Naidu to side with a fictitous group which has no roadmap but to outst BJP and capture power. I hope good sense will prevail with Mr.Naidu just like it happened in the case of Nitish Kumar. But Andhra people have to come out of their shell and exercise their franchaise properly. Chandrababu Naidu has nothing to fear from Jagan if his intentions are good.

    6. whatever are aspirations of BJP in Andhra, following hold good.
      1) Andhra is a newly formed state, deprived of a well
      developed Capital city.
      2) Depleted revenues due to loss of most income generating
      areas because of untimely bifurcation, seemingly
      unjustified, and with full co-operation of the then main
      Opposition. Serious discussions did not take place.
      Enough statutory provisions not made. Everything was
      made in a hurry.
      3. Many pre-election promises were made in respect of
      construction of new capital, special status, Polavaram
      etc, but only a half-hearted attempt was made to
      4. Losing the bird in hand is worst thing to do in
      anticipation of unknown future gain at distant time.
      It could be too late and useless, futile exercise
      distancing and disturbing a well settled alliance.

      4. It would also effect credibility of BJP and sow seeds of
      suspicion in existing partners and prospective partners.

  10. Ravinar has exposed hollowness in congress,other oppn parties n their echo system! They r desperate how to grab power but are not in touch with ground reality! So they are adopting different methods which to their bad luck backfires on them!Crook Medias r equally desperate but their reliability is zero before the masses.SM have exposed them!Its a good article in exposing anti Modi brigade n highlighting positive sides on Modi govt to rule for another 6yrs!

  11. Pappu is a buffoon & it surprises me that all those educated, intelligent & aged consider this Pappu as their inspirational leader !!
    Time for media agencies to run a advertizing poll campaign to rate qualities required in a PM & ask the citizens to rate Pappu on those parameters.
    Pappu should undergo a public scrutiny in every state without any media persons or without any mobile phone / tablet briefing, in presence of Election Commission i.e. preliminary processing that the candidate is fit enough.
    I think Pappu got only 1% in the mentioned survey, the balance 10% are the grace marks given by default.
    Pappu without school has become more like mad dog barking all day !!
    Khangress leaders should be grilled on
    1) what cabaret does the Italian Bar girl show to them in return for their continued support
    2) How the seasoned politicians still lick that Italian Bar girls legs
    3) what leadership qualities they see in Pappu
    4) what inspires them to continue in Khangress party - any midnight mujras or dances or ..... bed supplies ?
    5) Pappu is to be asked of his knowledge on Cholas, Pallavas, Satavahana, Kakatiya & Vijayanagar empires
    6) Insist Pappu to speak on Indian History or INdian values for 15 minutes without any help

    1. Pls delete this post as this may land you in trouble Raviji.

  12. It was Pappu who promised Amethi that it will be manufacturing base & known in the market as USA i.e. United Stooges of Amethi. He seems to have forgotten that promise to Amethi people
    //Amethi will become California and Singapore in next 10 to 15 years: Rahul Gandhi = Wed, Apr 18 2018 10:50:45 AM //

    Rahul Gandhi denied permission by local authorities to inaugurate road in Amethi
    Shailvee Sharda | TNN | Updated: Apr 16, 2018, 18:09 IST

    Note : Pappu after 60 years want 15 years more to make Amethi same like California & Singapore. Amethi is a town, California is a state, Singapore is a country !!! How he is going to do it, is surprising.

  13. I find your blogs so partial. You never say anything against Modi. You seem to be paid by him or his changu mangu!

    Modi failed big time.

    Doubling Delhi metro fare was his decision not AAP's. Apparently, it was because he received a huge amount of money from these privates cab corporates like Ola and Uber. There are people who earn 10-12 thousand a month. And after this fare price increase, they go to spend 2000 merely for commuting by metro. People in lakhs, dropped down the idea of traveling by metro.

    And, of course , petrol and diesel prices have also drastically increased.

    His gov. Cut M.Phil-PHD seats in JNU by whopping a 81 percent or so. Already, humanities students have no healthy prospects in India.

    And, how can you forget the Note bandi campaign? People have literally died during this campaign, just because they didn't die in masses, doesnt mean their lives are insignificant. And the worst part - it caused loss rather than benefit to the economy of our country.
    Both my parents are gov. Employees. Before elections, Modi promised a DA of 10 percent which got reduced to 1 percent when he came in power.

    My father's HRA is pending.

    Modi is pro-corporates, pro-upper castes, anti-liberal youth, anti-socialism.

    During the Jat reservation protests in Haryana, Modi Sarkar successfully appointed a mute and deaf force which failed to protect the civilians. Isn't that a vote bank politics at the cost of innocent lives? But, mind it, it had all the time to deviate us from the issue and label JNU students anti-nationalists in the meantime.

    So, the section that likes Modi is the one that has a comfortable life and sees itself grow via capitalism.

    Your approach is biased. And,I'm ready to get trolled by your intolerant and monarchist followers who dictate me which party to like!

    1. Upmaji,
      Trolling starts:
      Raviji had scathing comment over Modiji too. Have you read his comments / blogs on what Modiji failed to do. You must know Ravi earns enough himself that he can take care of his and his family needs. Writing this blog is passion. If he had to sell-SP/BSP etc. were ready with crores of Rs.

      Doubling Delhi metro fare: was practical decision. You cannot not give facilities unless it can self sustain or it starts decaying like DTC. You seem to have lived on Congress largesse so do not want to understand that. Delhi Metro commuters are still crowding the trains. If 2000/3000 is spent by 10000 earning people - wither they must be saving on house rent or have not chosen their work place - home judiciously. Indians must choose balanced work place-home locations now. Blaming Metro won't work.

      Petrol and diesel prices have also drastically increased - You are right there but States have equal share of taxes. They won't come down even if Centre does. This vicious Commie, Congi, regimes had shown earlier too.

      M.Phil-PHD seats in JNU cut 81 percent is a welcome step. These M.Phil, Ph.D. are non productive title grabbing degres only which produces professors who are most impractical.

      Humanities have healthy prospects-if you meaningfully contribution to nation development. For A.C. room chair of professor / bureaucrat this has limited numbers.

      Notebandi - Poor class actually earned in the game. Loss was of black money hoarder who still got exchange but had to pay bargain money to poor class people.


      My father's HRA is pending - THIS SHOULD COME.


      During the Jat reservation protests in Haryana-THIS IS COMPLEX MATTER - NEEDS A LARGE SPACE TO DISCUSS BUT I HV MY VIEWS.

      But, mind it, it had all the time to deviate us from the issue and label JNU students anti-nationalists in the meantime. - SO YOU MEAN JNU TUKDE TUKDE GANG IS NATIONALIST???



    2. Lol! Laugh out loud! If you had to defend my points with such shallow arguments, you should not have tried.

      I pity those people who don't know what JNU people stands for, the reason behind their protests and what they do! Four slogans and under-informed people like you get the audacity to label them anti-nationals? I have met P.hd scholars from the university, most of them spend their time in the interiors of India, take part in the protests by labourers, are concerned about the rights of the Schedule Castes. But you don't want to know all of that so I should stop taking about JNU.

      To me, BJP is the biggest anti-nationalist. When my relatives were getting beaten up and surviving on bread loaves in the BJP-led Haryana, your BJP didn't do a thing, literally to protect the civilians. A gov that lets the civilians die is surely not meant for the nation. It is an anti-national gov.

      Don't talk about the opportunities that humanities students have. I have been one and I know they are pretty scarce. And, how dare you say gov employees are not hardworking, do you know how much effort they are putting in to do justice to their role. My parents are those gov employees. Your knowledge is shallow to the extent that people like you don't know the basics of Communism and socialism and still have the balls to trash these ideologies. Highly developed nations like The Netherlands and US run on such ideologies. And don't tell me how much Metro is earning. I commute by it daily. Instead of appointing more employees, the Metro is using machines (that further helps to cut the cost as fewer people get the employment opportunities). So many people travel, it is impossible for the metro to run short of maintenance charges. The same applies for the raise in petrol prices, we do't want the reason, we want them to be cut down. Statistics prove demonetisation was a mess! You don't want to believe that, who cares. People like you remind me of right wing monster who are not willing to listen. But I am not gonna keep quite either.

    3. Improve your English please. It is not quite. It is quiet.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. @UpmaSharma

      You seem to be a very frustrated person seeking venom against Modi. You can find it in plenty on MSM and with Barkha, Sagarika and such sickular people.

      Secondly, you also seem very uneducated in understanding what the post is about. It is about a projection of what to expect in the 2019 elections and the reasons why Modi will get six more years. Instead of understanding the context of the post, you simply want idiotic criticism of Modi? As far as Ravinar is concerned, he criticizes Modi more through his blogs and Twitter than idiots like you ever will. The fact is, Ravinar keeps things in context and perspective, while losers like you only want everyone to rant against Modi.

      If you are so frustrated with Modi write your own blog and abuse him as much as you want. This post is merely a projection of what could happen in 2019. Why should you seek criticism of Modi here? If you want to hunt Modi and find criticism of him, there is no shortage of media pages. Find some sense first to understand what the post is about, instead of ranting and claiming to be a bogus intellectual.

    6. I am not a troll but your facts are wrong. If you are an intelligient person, you will know ater reading the facts how AAP is equally responsible for metro fare hike. So when facts change, you eithre change your opinion or else you are the troll.

    7. Dear Upma Sharma,

      1) Trust you are original "Sharma" & not a namesake "Sharma".
      2) Hindu dharma extensively writes about "karma". That you reap your own karma (good or bad)
      3) So do not blame BJP, but blame yourself & your own actions.
      4) There is no doubt in entire universe irrespective of the country, the Govt servants are the most rotten stuff. This does not apply to those who are sincere in their work. The problem with Govt servants is they work as individuals but not as a team in an organization. Rarely seen any govt servant helping a common man
      5) In a honest discussion with few govt authorities suggested them to give no objection letter & requested thme to remove some penalty clauses in prospectus, all the learned govt servants who are heads of various govt institutions "rejected" my sincere advice, only to be admonished & warned by Supreme Court that all such clauses are NULL & VOID. What was a free advice, resulted waste of time, energy & money for me, for having to fight the legal battle in court & win the case, hands down.
      7) NO one in the world will ever agree that government servants are God's messengers... NO they are worse the Hell messengers.

    8. Dear Upma Sharma

      1) Humanities subject needs to be "Erased / Deleted" in entire country long time ago. BJP did the right thing.

    9. Upma Sharma, your allegations about Mr Modi and BJP are so vague and unsubstantiated.
      On what grounds do you state that Mr Modi received money form Ola and Uber for hiking Metro rates? Imagination running wild ?
      Do you have statistics to support your claim that that "lakhs of people have dropped the idea of travelling in Metros" ? In fact the metros in New Delhi are as crowded as ever !
      So you say that students of humanities have no openings and try to substantiate this by claiming that you have had no career opening ! Maybe something is wrong with you, and not in the system!
      As for Govt. employees, they milk the system thorughly. They get a lot of sops anyways. Good if some cut in DA is made !
      Don't defend Communism. People who suffered it have dissociated themselves from it. If you were in a communist country you wouldn't have been able to hurl abuses at the head of the govt, like you have done through your letter.
      Don't try to tell us that what the anarchists from your favorite University do in the interiors of India is of any use to Indian society. Let me tell you that the cadres of RSS do a lot more quietly and without any foreign aid !
      Upma Sharma, you seem a very confused person. You have a personal grouse against Mr Modi. Many Faculty members of the departments of Social sciences, History and political sciences in central universities are the real anti-nationals with hidden political agendas.

    10. Upmaji.. eat some "upma" from South indian restorent.. to reduce ur frustration.. hahahahaha...

    11. But the upma should not be stale like Upma's arguments.

  14. HA HA HA Upmaji typical SJW, illiterates comments, monarchist and intolerant, bcz like pure JNU iots Bharata tere tukde honge is 'liberal" FoE, ha ha ha idiotic illiterate SJW who put o tags like feminist, liberals and Progressive to satiate their king size egos of nothinng, no Drs, Engieers, Scientists, technicians but some useless BAs i some arty farty subjects like sociology, women study, journalism or bullshit in 20 years, which even a pig can do in 6 mis, but finds its below his/her dignity to do it. And all here are engineers, Drs , scioetists, farmers, technicians unlike u illiterate PIDIS n chinese pigs of italian (mo..F) gang whose cumulative education won't be 10% of Ravi sir
    Oh yes itolerant for sure, Shouting Bharat tere tukde is itolerance while arresting a youth for calling a white italian barmaid shurpnakha invites very tolerant arrest and is very secular and liberal indeed. After all you SJW pidis et-al will certify who is liberal ad who is not after hanging around the whites dirty filthy smelly rascals for certification authorization. Arrest of mahesh hegde for his FoS and the viral pic of a Dalit woman being secularly and liberally being garlanded with chappals openly in liberal Bengal
    oh yes modi sarkar has failed o all fronts as some illiterate, "phoren" white asslickers will say on orders of their white, or phoren masters, i did forget that under Italia Nazi rule everybody was getting 5 star food, BMW wd free petrol did not require to work, Farmers were not committing suicide but killing themselves i gratitude of Italian Mussolini rule. Offcourse SJW crap Commie pigs will decide who is pro upper caste, anti dalit after haging like dogs in front of 10 JP for some PIDI shit to be thrown at them.Offcourse some are so liberal that they miss their mothers, daughters and sisters being legally raped vide Italian PCTV Bill (also called Communal Violence Act), but majority of us will not want to be so liberal. bloody Italia liberal raj was so pro dalit that Scholarships to minorities, including filthy rich Xtians but leaving poor dalits out for being hindu, Sachar recommendation to take Dalit reservation out, silence of so called seculari liberal pigs on Dalit girl Jisha, punya and huge nos of others girls by Bdeshi and Islamists gangs were just blocked out by the "liberal" media
    Capitalist, ha ha tell me which country in world is communist? China kicked Mao and Maoism 40 years back and flushed it in toilets where it belongs, USSR crashed like house of cards and it was revealed that biggest business of commie thugs was "Brides by mail" to Western sex crazed white bstds (same liberal brothelhood do in kerala, or Bengal max BF producer), yeah i forgot the commie , liberal north korea of Kim un, where ppl do not know internet exists, do not know what is a car, eat tree bark, while Animal farm pig enjoys.. wd USD 5 billion island of luxury., just like Indian Commie bastds Yechury, Jyoti Basu daughters 'marrying" white bstds only

    1. please read this to know how communist North Korea is! There is a big difference between being a communist and claiming to be one. If you see these comments, they are instigating communal voilence and other kinds of disparities. There have been nean comments about Christians, there have been derogatory comments about students who are 'Just BA pass'. Is this a neutral way of debating or leading a healthy and unbiased discussion. In the sting operation video, these media leaders are admitting to take money and market the Bhakt Brigade - what bigger proof do you want. Again you highlighted those fours slogans by JNU proe without knowing the background to them. Sorry sir, you have not been to JNU. You have not been taught by them and nor do you know enough to criticize them. If you still want to continue your barbaric arguments, please do but do come with better rationale next time. I am a die-hard supporter left ideology but unfortunately, in India, the parties which represent them are corrupt themselves. So I don't support the party, I support the ideology. Modi has done no magic in his tenure, he might be the best PM to you because he is least worst leaders. Others are even worse. You may give your full support to BJP but you can't ignore the factsheet I have raised about the party if you have a neautral approach. Never before did an Indian citizen had to prove their nationalism. This nationalism is an instigated campaign at national level when an eversge Indian still stands divided and discriminated on the lines of caste. You can always support Modi but you are being quite right wing, biased, partial and monarchic if you don't admit his flaws.

    2. Sometime back one gentleman defined JNU as jolly night university .lol.

  15. Nothing new you do not agree with English speaking white ass licking fashionista SJWs, PADULLAH prds all some BAs or less, but addicted to rich life though not worth a peon job, but siphoning off India taxpayer money as loot, you would be casteist or racist depending on location, anybody opposed to most illiberal ideology of mass murdering POl Pots, Vatican, Stalins, Maos is invariably a fascist, or Hitler, but people are NOT fools, Hitler was a Catholic commie to a core, communism is just another name for Pope mass murdering Tempelars, e.g Stalin was a Priest, Kim Sung, Mao , Sun Yat Sen all CAtholic Xtians like Yechury, Karats et-al Cryptos (check ZoomIndia site and serch for them, even Wikipedia) Catholics against protestant, Hitler PArty was National SOCIALISTS and Jews were Class enemies, Mussolini was a Commie pig. TRUE FASCIST was Francisco Franco of Spain and protected Jews even challanged Hitler to touch them in his country, while the Commies were calling Jew Extermination as War Against Imperialism and sending hoes to Hitler marauders, till Hitler attacked USSR and overnight war against imperialism by pol pot thugs bcme People WAr

    Anybody with little grey matter will look through you cretins classic doucblespeak, china has such FoS that it employs 3 million filters on a little word called Tiananman in google serach

    So better keep ur certifications to urself we here do not value the useless scum certificates more than a shoe which has stepped into dogshit, to be thrown away there and then
    Keep your SJW terminology of illiterates to your SJW group of PIDIS, socialists with Clive Christian imperial no 1 perfume, Nike Mag shoes and Lamborgini cars talking socialism over Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne in Hyatt regency all o honest taxpayers money, Ameero ki shaam gareebo ke naam
    But I cannot fault you either, actually it maybe tooooo much for 20 years arty farty types, there is a Law of Genetics and it clearly states that genes carry the codes from ancestors to make person behave in ways they do, all other is secondary, AND Brits, and other foreign invaders did this to produce the gutter prds of depravity wd debauched keeps (liberal) to create creoles (mixed breeds) to perpetuate their rule. ALL countries which became independent first thing was to go after these creoles and butcher or pack them to their real fathers destinations Indians excused them. These bloody prtds of gutters ruled till now in name of secularism, liberalism PIDI shit, now Native Indians are NOT willing to be subjugated by these modern day 3rd rate wannabe white nazis (a bstd will always be worse bcz he/she is wannabe white carousal pack of hoes and gigs).Modi IS A INDIAN AND NATIVE INDIAN so all this hatred for him by the Creole elitist apartheid class of gutter prd whites. nd Pakistani panjabis, bdeshi bongs and Xtains are therefore most secular (the pandher class which other day cut a Jharkhand girl LIBERALLY in 13 pieces for asking salary). and there are two classes in Brahmins Vedic Brahmins who have conserved Hindu scriptures and culture despite Violent attacks, the bravest class i will say as they are attacked all round and second 5 paisa White carousal SJW d.k rider class the beefbrahmins ones who created casteism to lick Mughals and Brits and now CANNOT TOLERATE a EBC PM and Dalit President, your class has lots filling the mediabrothels which can hand the country to a Baghdadi but cannot digest a EBC PM
    Better be Ravi Sir follower Monarchist that a bloody Nazi (Italia Sonia Antonia Father was just that A Nazi Jew killer, whole Cong is ITALIAN NAZI CHURCH CABAL=INC), Coartes, bagdadi liberals, who are so illiberal that they only lick asses or ride white d..ks of CAPITALIST countries, why not a Black?)


      To know how communist North Korea is, please read this link. There is a big difference between being a communist and claiming to be one.

      You are so discriminating. You reduced a humanitities graduate to BA pass or less? My God.

      Your right wing classism didn't stop there, you looked down upon fourth class jobs like being a peon. Too discriminating and too classist.

      I understand you are particularly talking about those nations which have misused communism and hence, given a negative image to it. However, on ideological ground, if you read the 'Communist Manifesto' by Karl Marx, I am 110% sure, you would agree to the ideology because it promotes a classless society in which means of production are distributed equally among all classes.

      There are number of videos that talk about Bhakts disguised as a Muslim lady (by wearing a Burkha) and placing cow meat in a temple. And I can site many more such examples. Is it also done by the left-wingers?

      I have been taught by JNU faculty and I have have seen them spend the most part of year in rural india, particuppar in protests by laborers and March for the rights of minor, fund the local NGOs that are fighting against the Khap rule in Haryana. So, four slogans and a few people cannot reduce my JNU to an institution that is an excellent platform for dissent.

      If you are so quick at labeling JNU, you might as well consider the goof-ups and under-performance by BJP as a yardstick to measure the party's capability.

      Never before did an Indian citizen in our Bharat had to prove his/her loyalty towards the nation. Now this country-level campaign 'nationalism' has instigated so much of voilence and hatred towards each other when an average Indian, at a micro-level, still stands divided on the lines of caste. Where is the unity, let's be frank there is none so there was no nationalism, ever.

      I do not favourite these left wing parties in India. My approach is neutral. I am favouring the socialist and communist ideologies. I hope to see a political party practice them in true and authentic spirit and create a classless society.

      It doesn't matter, what you think of me or what I think of you. Our ways are totally different. But what matters is that we both love our country and think in its best interest.

    2. Khaps have never been bad as painted by JNU type people. Readh Madhu Kishwar extensive work on Khap and the fight she as a loner does with them in courts.

  16. I have always suspected that most of the Lutyens are top of the ladder boot lickers.Media crooks has brillianly exposed them. Well done ,congrats.

    1. asslicking shitbags is more appropriate BUT V MISSED THE CRUX, PADULLAH a new word and few PADULLAH came rushing in

  17. I would suggest all Nationalists (excluding White carousal NAZI PIDI creoles) to Read 3 books Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, Animal Farm and 1984 by George Orwell. Atlas Shrugged " These gutter philosophers who hand around uninvited in parties of capitalists, scribes of gutters, want to create a FALSE SENSE OF GUILT I MOST VUNERABLE section of honest population, for their masters who throw crumbs at them, to create a FALSE SENSE OF GUILT, so that they can be punished more savagely for a crime they never committed' so White Dick Rider hoes prds, the secular liberals whose birth is a accident due to failure of birth cntrl device, are barking intolerant, hindu terror... The Animal Farm Dogs brought up by Pig (politbereau) Yechury? one who barks loudest will be i line for pigship and JNU eau de cologne, pentene arty farty types are dogs training to be pigs
    India present day is like nazi Germany of Hitler, wid Italian Nazi Antonia Party and chinese pigs commies axis of evil and Italia Nazi won't dare to attack China so war of secularism will NOT become People War
    Maam SJW Upmaji frustration is DUE to the FACT that these so called progressive who find all that whites do as progressive, looking to white asses to fart as sign of approval, the racist,Nazi bigots are unable to digest a EBC,non Englishspeaking PM success,while tha bloody MMS the genetic lumpen pakipanjabi whitedick fucktrumpets who cannot speak a single indian language and Insulted the pakistani who insulted the Indian PM chair by being a abject shameless slave of Italian barmaid.The English speaking (For us Engineers English is incidental lang of study,while for these Italian or White pissflaps it is what they know) apartheid,racist,klannist bigots of Liberal shitbags come uninvited to serve their white masters

  18. RAVI SIR PADULLAH new word,GR8 one,now PADULLAH sewer prds like Coupta n Pakipanjabi,bong lumpens Lutyens gang will be getting assburns a TwitterIndian n Liberal Boko Haramis cannot do anything

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Ravi : Thanks for a good article. But - please do consider the huge funds from American sources and from the Vatican - to convert India by possibly splintering India into bits and pieces. Please also consider the Saudi and other money to spread Islam by whatever means. Sonia apparently is a Roman Catholic committed to convert India into a Christian Kingdom. All these consider the BJP and Hindus as fair game. They all seem like a pack of hyenas circling a magnificent bull - eager to kill; but afraid to come too close.

    Thanks and keep writing. Your articles are always to the point and eminently readable.

  21. Because of this Tehalka dubious sting operation an honest man who is also a dalit ( Although I or he himself doesn't want to use his caste) which now-a-days people wear it on their sleeves like an honor and Media emphasizes very promptly had to bear the shame and go to Jail and died with guilt for no fault of his as he was duped to accept Rs 1 lakh as Party fund during the times when Party contributions were given in Cash. He always mentioned to us that he was naive and was not suitable for Machiavellian type of Politics. I used to meet him in RSS functions and as Sangh stands for eradication of caste in hinduism I knew his caste only when he contested from a Reserved constituency Peddapally in former AP now Telangana. His life has been taken away by this yellow journalism of Tehalka. I am talking about Bangaru Laxman who was BJP President who I know personally.

  22. I convey my Hearty Congrats to Shri Ravinar for a fair and correct assessment.May your tribes increase

  23. You are right.This motley crowd of "leaders" is enough to ensure a comfortable second term for Modi and BJP.Overwhelming majority of Hindus have started laughing at this rant of intolerance and "democracy or secularism under threat" narrative.Just read comments to the article written by Julio Rebero in TOI today [28.5.18].BJP and Modi will get yet another term after 2024 unless those opposed to BJP develop innovative approaches to national agenda,governance,messaging,electioneering and funding.

  24. Why your twitter handle suspended?

  25. Haha ..this jihaditwitterindia could not take it any more! You really pissed them off!

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.


  27. @ddtoonsart @JitendreDesai @SomesPabbi @YogeshJain @SCB @Santhosh @GOPAL @SunilDabadghao @PKK077 @Anonymous
    People have mocked my name.And there are comments like "Humanities should be deleted". And, then people were questioning if I am a true 'Sharma'? Those who made fun of my name just showed their level, I'm not surprised. I am born into a Brahmin family but I do not believe in casteism so I am not a Sharma, you are right. I am Hindu, not a casteist.
    For those who believe that Humanities should be deleted, are under-exposed businessmen who have been to utilitarian schools where the relevance of psychology, geography, literaure, political science, History, Civics, Journalism went under-noticed. I was under doubt but now I'm fully sure this blog worships Modi and is meant for its fascist Bhakts. By the way, your Modi is a postgraduate in humanities only.

    Thirdly, Khaps have ordered honour killings and ousted the couples from their own community despite their legal marriage. It might have done some good work. But can we ignore the bad work it does?
    And how can Alka Lamba speak against her own party's decision when she herself resisted the hike in metro prices in this video She openly admits this hike is Modi's decision. My entire agenda of commenting here was to bring up a neutral approach but little did I know I was talking to one-directional anti-thinkers and monarchs. Thank you for letting me know that.
    Trolling is your cutlure and you just proved it. I'm ashamed where will your thinking take you by hating Christians and Muslims, undermining the struggles of Dalits and subjects of humanities, labeling people in a generalized way - I'm ashamed and afraid it the same time. You can't digest some facts and talk with a neutral approach *Slow Claps*

  28. Madam Upma Ha Ha ha when a low IQ moron,some commie Italian nazi talks of "FACTS" but just bark their lies, like u ,same old JNU type Lies, bcz of low IQ 3 things bcme very clear 1. You blng to either of 3 classes, the bloody converted 5 paisa Xtian Beefbrahmin and a pakipanjabi,the creoles created in british brothels,genetic lumpens
    YOU ITALIAN NAZI streetdogs talk of Dalit struggle,that too from Freesex commie JNU low IQ you do not have even capabilities to study 'humanities'like useless subjects,so better get lost to your Itlian Nazi or chinese pigs of India (mo f) pigsty
    I will not even question u r true sharma as there are two types of brahmins
    1.Vedic Brahmins: Thankfully 90%.true sons and daughters of single father and mothers from Indian Families.Targets of Christian nazis and prds of keeps of brits/portuguese/turks/mughals the bstd prd of church pedophiles and massmurderers

    2.the 10 % Beefbrahmins,the 5paisa converts who persist wd brahmin names but are hidden hideous cobras bcz of prevalant keep culture offoreign, specially white barbaric thugs, and if its Pakistani Panjabi variety then DNA is almost destroyed
    ITS YOU WHO IS THE TROLL HERE, certifying others who are wizards in their fields,no BS like social science or bloody english,french and pretender SJW who flock uninvited to award SJW certification not worth even the pigshit on boot, which is thrown away,except Italian streetdogs n chinese pigs
    Talking of Dalit struggle FACTS for White Klannist,Nazi white supremacist SJW for who look upto Goras for applause at every action like u must be now. Here are facts,even from commie prostituted history
    TOday FACTS:
    1. One Dalit 18 yr old HANGED in WB for supporting BJP by BDESHI illegal peacefuls TMC workers, note found warning ppl supporting BJP ur SJW selfstyled Liberalism infull display,since the white racist pig does not sanction,the pack of hoes n hyenas SJW creaoles created by goras are silent
    2. Another DAlit boy killed in commie gutter of Yechury pinrayni Kerala,by Christian Girl family as he dared to date her.Liberalism in full display
    3.Another Dalit killed by PFI peacefuls in Karnataka during victory parade of Italian NAzi party as he objected to raising pakistan zindabad slogans. SJW silent maybe busy in commie filth free drugs and free sex practical classes (commie pigs are the worst bastards berthed by the incest of colonial slave drivers and church who enslave entire populations in name of workers paradise)
    Some doses of facts for u uninvited totalitarian whose liberal humanists are Stalin,Mao,pol pots,kims, reksas who killed 200 million ppl in just 70 years ofbastardly existence (Black book of Communism), very liberally n humanly killed with best FoE in north korea and China
    for ur memory BABA SAHEB used to be called WHITE SLAVE, BRITISH DOG by uruncultured,illiterate commie brutes and i thank Baba saheb retaliated back in kind calling commies as green snakes in grass,he bunked communism as abuse on human race,as for Italian NAzi party ur white goddess Sonia (white skin whose asses u SJW in Versac bikins lick) Father was a Jew killing Nazi
    As for ur ROL beefbrahmin Prof Johannan hari has given statistics of 4 billion blacks,browns,muslims,hindus,chinese asaians wiped off lovingly in LOVE OF UR GOD OF ETERNAL need elaborating,bcz it will require VOLUMES
    The comic part is same pack of bloodthirsty Sunday blood drinkers act like great sympathizers of muslims,while the FACT is U petticoat Desert deathcult is raining death from Airplanes and missiles in Muslim ME, 3 million dead in Iraq in Bush crusades supported by Italian Nazi christian bigot 3 million dead in Afghanistan, due to White Xtian Love, CAR and MALI genocide of Muslims bcz 47% Muslims in CAR were able to capture power democratically that Christian barbarians wd machetes started ethnic cleansing of Muslims and here show fake sympathies. THE JNU freesex low life SJW virtue signallers do not even talk of it from their dog like faces

  29. Oh yeah the pakipanjabi SJW,the genetic lumpen brutes, 3rd rate wannabe white,uncultured,uncouth pure evil who butchered LIBERALLY and secularly White style,who killed and cut a tribal girl in 13 pieces was a LIBERAL SECULAR wannabe while slave like u a pakipanjabi creole n Italian NAZI slave, bloody demons giving gyaan.No U r beef Sharma true one like Mihir Sharma, Abhisar SHARMA, Giroudi SHARMA bcz beefbrahmins like u can sell thecntry to demons (If White ALWAYS welcome) but unable to digest a Native Indian Hindi speaking EBC as PM a Dalit as President. carry ur BS certification your low IQ morons AND YES INDIA BLNGS TO NATIVE INDIANS not U genetic paki vermins who slithered into India,under deliberate White Xtian conspiracy AND invader created genetic mutant creoles 5% who have enslaved Native Indians aft brits handed power to bstds it created.SO GET LOST to Christian heaven LRA Uganda

  30. I do not believe in the caste system so I am not a Brahmin (despite being born into a Brahmin family). And, guess what, I am not beef Brahmin as well because I am vegetarian. You know what is your problem? Your problem is that you think I am anti-Hindu because I am pro-muslim and pro-Christian and a pro-muslim and pro-Christian person can only be anti-Hindu. Sorry dude, I am pro-Hindu, Pro-Muslim, Pro-Christian, anti-violence, anti-monarchism, anti-war and anti-capitalism. And you have a tough time believing that. I love my nation and most of my teachers were from JNU and I find them authentic - you have a tough time believing them. JNU helped the lower-level workers of Maruti get higher wages - you have a tough time believing that. My BASIC PROBLEM WITH YOU FOLKS IS THAT I HAVE READ THE FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES OF COMMUMISM, SOCIALOGY ETC.THEY ARE PRO-PEOPLE, PRO-EQUALITY AND ANT-AUTHORITY BECAUSE IT IS THE PUBLIC THAT SHOULD DOMINTATE GOV. BECAUSE THE GOV. IS PUBLIC-LED AND NOT OTHERWISE - YET NOBODY HAPPENS TO DISCUSS THE 'CAPITALISM VS COMMUNISM' DEBATE WITH ME ON IDEOLOGICAL GROUNDS. THEY AGAIN AND AGAIN BRING UP THE EXAMPLES OF THOSE LEADERS WHO MISUSED THE IDEOLOGY OF COMMUNISM AND INFLUENCED PEOPLE LIKE NORTH KOREA'S PRESIDENT. Sirf party ke naam mein 'Communism' shabd include karne se koi party communist nahi ho jaati. If you say that JNU is a good place to have sex then you may say anything, I know JNU more closely than you - so I really am not bothered, I know JNU too well to get influenced. I have friends from the university. I am not anti-Modi also, I am against those people who worship Modi because he has his own set of flaws (discussed in my previous comments). Ok, let's say the operation is paid but the senior media professionals admitting to market BJP through false statistics exist in real. They have not been paid to ruin their own careers. But you will take ages to understand these little things.


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