Thursday, May 31, 2018

Comically Dangerous

John Wayne Gacy had moved to Des Plaines, near Chicago after his marriage. He quit being a chef and started his own construction business. He was quite successful and was well connected with politicians and the establishment. He had once met Rosalyn Carter (wife of ex-President Jimmy Carter) and a picture with her adorned his drawing room. One of the things Gacy did successfully was being a do-gooder in his community. He always dressed up as Pogo the clown and entertained young children and adults too. He also employed young boys at higher wages in his business than they earned at grocery stores or pharmacies. Paints a pretty picture, doesn’t it?

Everyone wants to be a do-gooder, especially those who are supposed to be community leaders. The Christian church has always portrayed itself as an entity that spreads nothing but “love”. Recently, the Archbishop of Delhi, Anil Couto, also wrote a letter deeply dipped in love asking his followers to “pray” for 2019.  His letter mentioned a “turbulent political atmosphere” ahead of the LS2019 campaign. And he added that this turbulent atmosphere poses a threat to the Constitution, secular fabric of the nation. In short, he projects a dangerous situation ahead of the LS2019 campaign. Nice! If you ever ask any church priest in this country about Pedophiles in the church, rape of nuns and illegal encroachment of land – you will probably never get a reply. But they are good at predicting danger.

They are innocent! From Kudankulam in TN to the recent Tuticorin riots, the church is alleged to have engineered the agitation. Let’s pray! Ironically, one of the priests alleged to have been involved and in the middle of the riots, got injured in the riots or police firing. I am not sure of his name but it seems to be Rev Fr Leo Jayaseelan. He was earlier pronounced dead on SM but I am happy he was only injured and survived. This is a pic of him from Twitter:
While the media reported on his being injured in the riots or police firing very passionately, nobody asked him a simple question – What was he doing in the middle of the riots and violence and in plain clothes? Had he worn his pink garb at least people would have identified him and immediately taken him to a safe place. Not that a bullet would know the difference between plain clothes and pink garb but, surely, why would a Padre be in the middle of all this? Praying for peace and love? As with the letter of the Delhi archbishop, the annual whining of the US religions committee comes out with another of its bombastic nonsense on India and her minorities:
Since the time ModiSarkar took office in 2014, this has been an annual feature, like a pilgrimage to some holy place. And if you read the last para in the report above, it is mostly “he said, she said” garbage that is peddled under a grand headline. If there is violence, there is from every community, and I have identified Fridays as a “national day of violence” with some violence in some corner without fail. As for the US, their candy boys wouldn’t ask what the church is doing in India or in their own country. What was Rev Jayaseelan doing in the middle of the riots to get injured or shot? All this hogwash will now be moved from “simmer” to “high” as LS2019 gets closer. The Pogos in India will probably reveal their joyful agenda. All this “orchestrated” nonsense just to beat one man – Narendra Modi.

It is quite understandable that the whole Opposition has no clue what to do or what mathematical formula to adopt to beat this one man. Never in the history of India has one man dominated politics and managed to sway public opinion and emotions the way Modi has done. And he hasn’t done this with mere oratory and rhetoric – there is hard performance to back it up. There is no doubt that ModiSarkar has performed on various fronts although nobody will ever be happy till the cup of ice-cream keeps running over. That is why, this motley crew of personalities of different hues, each one with his or her own personal agenda and desire for a “fiefdom” is clueless on what to do with this guy. Sure, they did try sending that Manishankar to Pakistan to beg for help but those guys seem embroiled in their own election quandary and they have their own Pogos to deal with:
One Pogo, in particular, Udhav Thackeray of ShivSena, has gone so crazy, he calls every one dogs and mistresses. His is a classic situation with his feet and legs stretched over a six-foot wide trench. You don’t know whether UT will fall in or tear from the middle of his body given the stress and suffering of excessive stretching. He’s a guy not very liked by BJP and not very trusted by the Sickulars. He is another Pogo that is comically dangerous, apart from many in the Sickular gang. And here is my most favourite Pogo of all:
They call him Pappu, Clown Prince, Dunderhead and what not. MP Rajeev Chandrashekhar recently said he sees RahulG as a “dangerous man’. I would add “Comically dangerous”. What nonsense Pappu spews by relating to RSS in Tuticorin and RSS killing Tamils because they aren’t toeing their line – this is not mere idiocy, this is an attempt at “political-character-murder” with the hope that he can get away with the crime. I am not sure he will. He visits India for a few months a year, runs around in election campaigns blabbering nonsense and then runs off to some foreign land to vacation. From the Cambridge Analytica episode to the Karnataka campaign, riots on the streets, riots in Tuticorin – all of it seems orchestrated by powers well outside India.

The characters I have named in the post are not serial killers or criminals of that genre. I have studied serial killers, mafia and other criminals since my school days. Most serial offenders offer a singular reason for their unbelievable crimes – they feel a sense of power over their victims. It is in that sense that the behaviour of the Opposition members is comically dangerous. They are hungry and thirsty for power not to do any good – but to feel a total command and control over their victims. Just like the govt in Karnataka is in a “Hang” mode and citizens suffer, even the ones from a natural calamity.  The poor, the Garib have been their victims for ages but that doesn’t matter one bit. It is the same motivation that a serial killer has for power and the belief that he can get away with it that drives the scamsters and the comical clowns. From Pappu to Mayawati to Mamata to Naidu – everybody wants to be PM.

The underlying desire for power over their victims since ages and an assertion of their fake superiority in culture, class or education is the comically dangerous situation that India faces – and that is exemplified by the desperation of the Opposition to throw out one man. John Gacy played the clown very well. In the end he was convicted for murdering 33 young boys and men and burying them in the basement drain of his house. The cops who entered his house couldn’t bear the stench from the vents. Indians would do well to understand where and from which house all the stench is coming from lest India become a victim. 

PS: Since my original Twitter account remains suspended, please follow the alternate handle @RealMediaCrooks for updates.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Twitter Tricks Again

Last night, around 9.30, as I was logging out from Twitter a message was suddenly flashed on my page – “Your account has been suspended, please see “Suspended accounts”. As in the previous occasion in December 2017 no reason has been offered for the suspension. Before finally logging off I completed their appeals process and got a mail to which they sought a reply seeking a confirmation that it is indeed my mail account. In the appeals form they again sought my personal information like full name, phone number, email ID etc.

There is a pattern to how Twitter targets certain accounts and I am sure many have experienced it. I had known as far back as 2012 that my account is definitely a target and had created an alternate account should @MediaCrooks be suspended or banned.

Even in the normal course, lately, Twitter has been sending all kinds of funny messages like:

# Suspicious activity in your account, please verify email ID or something. I wonder what suspicious activity my account would undertake. Certainly, I don’t possess the knowhow to as much as photoshopping let alone make incendiary devices and blow them up on Twitter. It’s laughable.

# Many a times, another message would flash on my “Mentions Page” = “You are getting too many mentions, would you like to control the messages you get?” – Surely, people would like to have interactions and get a lot of mentions through RTs, quotes or replies. When Twitter has already provided a “Settings” feature on the Mentions Page on who I want to hear from, why would they keep sending such messages.

# Not to mention, frequent lock downs for an hour or 12 hours or sometimes more than 3 days. I am used to all this for quite some time.

My tweet messages are aggressive but nowhere of the kind of filth and abuse poured by handles like “VORdotcom” or many stand-up comedians and journos. Twitter has made my tweets invisible to followers, RTs disappear and even when one searches for a word or phrase with the “@Mediacrooks” handle, the results simply don’t show the related tweets that used to appear earlier. All these tricks are not accidents. So, since @mediacrooks is suspended, this morning I logged into my alternate account @RealMediaCrooks. To my horror, I instantly find the following message from Twitter:

Automated behaviour by an account that is not even used at all in a million years? The account hasn’t tweeted anything other than two tweets – One in August 2012 informing this is my alternate account and another RT in December 2012. What possible “automated behaviour” could an unused account manage? All these are downright stupid Twitter tricks at work for the political agenda they follow.

In any case, while Twitter can take its own sweet time to deal with the suspension of my first handle (@mediacrooks) those who were following that handle and wish to read my tweets can now follow me at @RealMediaCrooks.

PS: Since @RealMediaCrooks wasn’t ever used before, I have to make it a point to specifically inform the MSM crooks to immediately block this handle as well. That will take some effort considering the number of crooks that have blocked me.  

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Six More Years

For years the Tehelka off-spring Cobrapost was doing nothing. No one heard them doing any reports and their past record is as dubious as their current lack of record. So, they came up with a “sting” on media houses and grandly claimed most of them are for “sale”. I am wondering why anyone would be jumping around at this. And a sting is the lowest form of “paid” masala because some political/corrupt outfit does pay to do such an operation. We have known for very long that all media houses are corrupt and financial crooks to the core. It is just that the GOI doesn’t go after them like they do other financial criminals. A tainted outfit like Cobrapost calling others tainted is the irony of media itself:
Well, I guess the Gobarpost guys were just bored doing nothing and must have gotten some money to go around do some sting to reveal things we already know. Unsurprisingly, known fincrimes and political bootlickers like NDTV, Indian Express or Shekhar Gupta’s rag were left out. I suppose I can make a safe guess who funded this silly operation. What the idiots of Gobarpost confirm though, that the GOI allows the media to fully indulge in their corruption without any hindrance. Therefore, there is neither a curb on their FoE nor a curb on their crimes. Anyway, as in the past, the media collectively is about to harvest its best year since 2014. In the run up to LS2019, most of them will make a lot of money from genuine campaign ads to paid shows to fake surveys and paid articles to promote some individuals as agents of God. Don’t be surprised if you find RahulG frequently pictured as Jesus by the Commie media.

The Congress and other Sickulars are already devising all the riots and agitations to combat ModiSarkar. Yesterday, ModiSarkar completed four years and has done quite well and has been fairly successful. The Congress was planning 21 pressers and protests on May 26. There is no political intelligence left in the party nor any political dialogue or agenda. Their only strategy is to keep demonising Modi (which keeps backfiring) and peddle nonsense through Pappu, which is becoming blabber beyond compare. The party lost miserably in Karnataka but dance around after being the pillion rider of another loser, the JDS. This is what they are reduced to. Congress is reduced to a sidekick with regional parties – whether it’s the SP or TRS or with RJD and JDU in 2015 in Bihar, they are just an item-girl to do a little dance here and there without much of a role to play. Predictably, their best allies are now Mullahs and Padres that we can collectively call “Padullahs”:
I cannot recall any act by ModiSarkar that harms these breast-beating mullahs and padres or their communities. These Padullahs are nothing but little pawns in the political game that Congis keep throwing up and still end up with eggs on their face. Recently, another idiotic bishop from Delhi wrote some nonsense about “praying for 2019”. I wonder if his last hope is “Jesus Saves”.

In absence of any real political agenda that could beat ModiSarkar, the Congress and its stooges did what every loser does – run to courts or intimidate them. They tried the bogus Judge Loya case, they tried impeachment of the CJI and they are desperate to get Judge Joseph in the SC. They failed in the Loya case and the impeachment conspiracy. They even planned a no-confidence motion against ModiSarkar. RG is the typical badly groomed kid who throws the most worthless tantrums when he doesn’t get the lollipop.

The Sickulars have rendered themselves in poor repute with bogus agitations and riots and moronic plans to intimidate the judiciary. One of the least talked about aspects of the four years of ModiSarkar is that the GOI has sought accountability for the funds it doles out to states. Most regional parties are not used to it – from DMK to TDP to SP to even ShivSena. Some BJP allies will quit the NDA alliance and hope to “fish” on their own in LS2019. I am not sure they are going to end up with a great catch. During the Karnataka campaign, Pappu grandly declared himself a PM candidate. He has company. Mayawati to claims to be a PM candidate, so does MamataB. The ShivSena will plump for any Marathi as PM, even if its Sharad Pawar or Arun Gawli.

The only other thing the Sickulars do is play up Dalits, Muslims (Christians don’t count for much as a votebank) and other castes like Patidars or Gujjars. They tried the Lingayat thing in Karnataka and that too failed badly. In sharp contrast PM Modi constantly talks of one-India, one-people. This tactic of Modi is probably lost on the Sickulars. Besides, except for some parts of south India, Modi’s speeches make a connect with the masses, the Sickulars don’t have that connect across India and Rahul, in particular, is more of a comedian than a political leader. Thus, it is still advantage Modi and BJP and a TOI poll bears this out:
The Sickulars ganging up or playing it alone also gives the BJP an advantage. If they gang up, most constituencies will put up a candidate while the campaign is still run by mostly a tainted leader and it helps BJP when it’s often a one-to-one contest. If they go it alone, then it’s some dozen Sickular candidates against one of the BJP. That too, gives BJP the advantage. As for the medically unfit SoniaG, she sounds more and more like Hillary Clinton all the time – constantly whining about democracy being under threat or a crisis. The Sickulars and Fiberals idiotically think only they know anything about democracy and they usually are the ones that hate democracy the most:
Backed by good performance on many fronts, free of corruption taints, ModiSarkar has the best chance in all in returning to power in 2019. When that happens, I predict the complete disintegration of Congress and a certain revolt within the party. Elsewhere, the media jerks like Ravish and two-bit media guys like Rana are busy concocting their own grand victim stories and “Intolerance-2” campaigns. In history, media folks had the closest ears to the ground and connect. But that is history. They live in their own Lutyens Cave or Hookah bars and believe they know anything about people. They don’t! They never learn. Their only strategy for 14 straight years now is to throw mud at Modi in the hope that some will stick. The public perception of Modi being a clean PM is not going to change with this. The last year of this term and with five more years from 2019 I can predict six more years of ModiSarkar.