Wednesday, April 25, 2018

10 Bullets For Karnataka

Don’t be alarmed. I am not asking anyone to carry weaponry or start a war. The Congress has more at stake than any other party in the state. Karnataka is the last major “cash cow” they were left with to loot and they have milked every drop. Already reduced to just 3-4 states, the Congress is literally gasping for breath for survival. That survival-struggle manifests itself in the form of riots, fake Dalit campaigns, fake Judge Loya PILs, attempt to impeach the CJI and so on. Of all the fraudulent campaigns that Rahul Gandhi came up with, the most idiotic was the “Save the Constitution”. Save it from what? To say Congress has molested and raped the Constitution to suit and extend the party’s rule or benefit their political ends, even when illegal, wouldn’t be overstating it. So, here are my 10 bullets for Karnataka (not necessarily in any particular order):

10. Divide people on Caste/Religion
When a political party senses death through electoral defeats after being in power for very long, the first thing it does is plan a clandestine operation. And in India, the biggest game plan of the anti-national Congress is to divide and destroy Hindus and that is what they tried with the Lingayats.
And why does Congress bring the Lingayat issue up again? When they were in power at the Centre they had assessed that it is not a legitimate claim for a separate religion. The trick is – Congress first makes everything in the country worthwhile only by being a “minority”.  In this case, they also get to blame the BJP GOI of being anti-Lingayat. Then that will help them break people into many small groups, all becoming minorities.

9. Demoralised police force
From the murders of rationalists to that of “State hero” Gauri Lankesh. The Sickulars of Congress and their Commie friends point fingers at Hindu groups. But, ironically, the police force has been reduced to utter incompetence through excessive political interference. Sasikala was living in a resort in the jail it seems and the DIG Prisons, Ms. D. Roopa, who exposed it was promptly transferred to Traffic. There have been police-suicides too.
Funny part is, technology which is supposed to help, is being blamed as the cause of this situation. Never heard greater absurdity in modern crime-solving.

8. Anti-Hindu/Anti-Freedoms
This is what Congress has always been and Siddaramiah just extends it. Hanuman Jayanti processions repeatedly barred and MPs arrested or detained while the murderer of Hindus, Tipu Sultan is grandly celebrated as a State event. The CM announced withdrawal of riot cases against only Muslims. 
Siddaramiah sympathises with the SDPI, the political arm of the PFI, which is no different a terrorist group from SIMI. Arrests and silences online critics, like the editor of PostcardNews and keeps them in jail for weeks on frivolous charges. There is no need to remind the frequent murders of Hindu or RSS workers. If nothing else, the party and its mouthpiece “NatHerald” gladly embraces some Tawdry-Audrey who calls Lord Ram a “Pig”. If the Congress continues in Karnataka or anywhere in India, the destruction of Hindu culture and Hindus as a community is assured.

7.  Infrastructure
Across the state and many cities, infrastructure is crumbling and badly planned new projects have brought the development of new infrastructure to a slow-down. Every other state is on the go where this is concerned.
In particular, people have been complaining about roads in Bangalore. Presumably, most noise comes from the Capital as the other towns are not covered all that much by the media. And nothing reflected the frustration more than this comic image shared by many on SM about “Titanic” being made in Bangalore:

6. Crime
It has been a pattern that wherever and whenever Congress is in power, the general crime-rate goes up. Mumbai had long been the den of the underworld and Delhi had caught up to become No.1. But Siddaramiah was not to be left behind, he made sure Bangalore climbed up the ranks very fast. Even the Lokayukta couldn’t be protected from a violent attack. The high crime rate is not surprising considering many top cops even committed suicide blaming ministers in their suicide notes.
5. Most corrupt state
This shouldn’t surprise anyone at all. Congress is the “Congotri” of corruption and like I said before, they have treated Karnataka like a “cash cow” since it’s the only large state left with them to loot. Right from the top to the lower level cadre, it is simply Congress DNA to loot and scam:

4. Disappearing women
There is always this hypocritical blabber by Congis, especially by Sonia and Rahul on how much they care about women. That is the biggest joke they produced yet. From reports of “sex for election tickets” to rape and murder, they have a history of exploiting women. Given that, how does the party explain disappearance of such a large number of women?

3. Fake farmer champions
From Mandsaur to any other place that you can think of, tragedy-tourist RahulG runs around the whole country to pretend he knows anything about farmers. He also went and squatted with those “green-half-naked” fake farmers, with skulls and bones, of Tamil Nadu in Delhi. All you have to do is look at Karnataka for dubious record on helping farmers.
As with the 55000-crore farmer loan-waiver announced by Sonia during the UPA regime, most of the money was pocketed by middlemen. Farmers had to make do with some crumbs that reached them. Every scheme is an opportunity for loot and scam.

2. Farmer suicides
Not a week passes without Rahul or some jerk from Congress blabbering about farmer suicides and deaths. Congress doesn’t give two hoots about farmers other than as a vote-bank. Not once has this faketard Pappu ever addressed the serious issue of farmer suicides in the Congress-ruled state of Karnataka; easily among the highest in India:

1. Local/State issues
I have seen many from Bangalore on SM complain about frequent power-cuts. This, when many parts of India which went without power for decades are now electrified. Even places in UP and Bihar are now getting decent power supply. Polluted, foaming lakes in Bangalore affecting environment. Water supply being a frequent problem. 
Agrarian crises while Siddaramiah grandly wears expensive gold watches worth 70 lakhs. Festivities at Vidhan Soudha cost food “Thalis” worth 1700/- per VIPs and over 800/- for employees. Two crores spent on a documentary on the Vidhan Soudha festivities. It is not one or two areas that the Congress has failed miserably. There has been an overall slumber coupled with the usual high-level corruption that marks any Congress govt.


There might be many issues to be resolved with ModiSarkar and BJP in many other states. But the historical social strife for which Congress laid the foundations will hound Indians for a long time. The corrupt, repulsive methods of Congress and Sickulars adopt for electoral gains still remain intact – money, alcohol, bribery. Karnataka, among the top performing states at one time, has degenerated into a listless, direction-less state with crumbling infrastructure. The Congress is the greatest enemy of this country and the greatest enemy of progress. And their recent behaviour in the last couple of years, Cambridge Analytica, engineered riots, attempt to slander and destroy judiciary and all, will tell you that a desperate party has nothing to lose:

Running a State and Country is serious business. The Congress has a Pappu who rides the number “15” for everything as if it’s some card game – 15 minutes to finish terrorism, 15 minutes in Parliament, where his attendance is dismally low and never allows it to function, 15 years to change Amethi to Singapore after having spent nearly 15 years as its MP. When schoolgirls asked Pappu about law & order in villages, he said “Modi has to look after it” and when asked about Amethi, he said “Yogi has to look after it”. Empty blabber, hollow claims and no plans whatsoever other than the agenda of loot and scam. No Municipality can be left to the Congress, let alone a state or the country.


  1. Congress under a non-Indian Sonia and her half-Indian son Rahul is the single biggest threat to Hindus and Hinduism. Congress is a bigger threat to India than Pakistan, China, ISI and even ISIS.

    It is a minimum duty for all Hindus to convince their friends in Karnataka to explain the dangers of voting Congress. Don’t have material? Just explain these 10 bullets of Ravinar above!!

  2. Ravinarji! Woke up to a great start, reading your blog. Yes, at present, living in Bengaluru, can relate to what all you have written. How come BJP is unable to cash in on these things? I have been dreaming of your blog being translated into as many Indian languages as possible, by some of the talented followers of your blog, so that it can reach as many Indians as possible. Hope my dream gets fulfilled. Whether it is BJP or Congress, I think, most of us just want India to progress, develop, be corruption free and we are all tired of the circus we wake up to, everyday!

  3. @Ravinar, Regarding “Pappu who rides the number “15” for everything as if it’s some card game“....MIM’s Akbaruddin Owaisi initially used that “15 minutes” to “finish all Hindus”. Looks like Pappu Owaisi picked it up from him.

  4. Killing Congress rule cannot be at the cost of fullfilling aspirations of Lingayata to have a separate religious identity, and because Congress gave sanction to the genuine demand, Lingayats will not get swayed and vote for an antinational party, BJP and the Hindus should not have an apprehension that Lingayata will be like Muslims and Christian, whose sole purpose is anti Hindu, Lingayats are just a Reformist Hindu, with the sole aim is to make Hinduism a homogeneous simple casteless society, modern and democratic.

    1. If you really think Congress cares about you (& other Lingayats), I hope and pray some good sense prevails. The move is a desperate attempt to get some of you to vote for Congress and it looks like it is working. If you think a Kuruba will be a better protector of your interests than Yeddi, again may good sense prevail. The Congress is like the Britishers. Divide and Rule. You are being like the stupid Kings who fought with each other and let the British rule India for decades.

    2. Dont cast aspersions, read again what I have written, where have I mentioned that we vote for Congress, we Lingayats believe we are very Hindu, but it is the Hindus who have the same mindset which Basavanna tried to correct, if only Hindus had fallowed his advice to shun caste system neither British nor Muslims would have ruled the undevided Hindus, but it never happened, even now we dont want to change, all Hindus should follow Basavanna and become Lingayats, who are reformed Hindus

    3. If Lingayats feel that they are reformed Hindus, it does not justify calling for a seperate religion. Either do mot allow the caste system within your community or try to reform other Hindus to give up the ills. Asking for a seperate religious status is definitely causing a wedge.

    4. So what do you have to say about Mathe Mahadevi announcing that Lingayats should vote for the Congress in gratitude for Siddaramaiah's 'gesture' on the minority status?

    5. It’s an irony that Basavannas followers are pratising exactly opposite things.Instead ofJaniwara(Janeu or Yajnopaveeta)they have started wearing “Shivadara” with Linga in silver frame.There are 99 subcastes in Veerashiva\Lingayat sect.All pooja rituals,car(chariot)processions,extravagant decorations during festivals,all vehemently rejected by the founder are being observed by the sect.There are hardly any inter caste marriages advocated by him.
      It is very clear that Congress is desperately trying to garner votes by Hindus thus posing a great danger to the nation.Its a pity that some “Educated” Lingayats & some “Stooge” Mahants are backing Congress unaware that they are being used as pawns.The sooner they realize the better for Karnataka & Bharat

  5. Ten bullet points sum up Cambridge Analytica agenda of Congress. May be it's fees is coughed up by Karnataka so the Sidhu govt doing its last ditch to follow Tipu agenda. All said and done people are intelligent enough to know the difference between 2 min noodles and 15 minutes Politics. Healthy nation needs painful efforts of years to progress not 15 minute fixes.

  6. With so much obsession with 15, he may end up with just 15 MPs next time!

  7. There is the entire fiasco of Tipu Jayanti celebrations across the state which was a backstab for the Junta of South Kanara and Kodagu. Not to forget the riots which happened in Coorg as a result. Also, the Appeasement of the M' s through marriage subsidies which is a first in the country.
    After all this if the Hindu's still vote for Congis then nobody can help them.

    1. Very true, marriage subsidies for Muslims who follow polygamy and don’t follow family planning is treason. This is nothing but encouraging Muslim population at the expense of Hindu taxpayers money.

    2. Good one Sudhir.You may prove right too!

  8. Very succinctly presented. Thank you.

    You missed a few points.

    Indira canteen, white topping, tendersure, steel bridge .. etc projects as financing means.

    Mahadayi ineffective effort in North West Karnataka .. Netravati to chikkaballapur .. lake encroachment .. other de-notifications..

    Lokayukta was made teethless by siddu .. nalapad and other cases .. rape/molestation cases in North .. Karnataka ..

    Worst of all .. bringing in the rotten culture of Congress to every corner of admin .. even most of BJP workers and mla have gotten accustomed to the culture, they will find it tough to come out of it ..

    In all this it's the people of Karnataka who have bore the brunt .. yet they can't even stand together as one for the fear of being called communal ,bcz congis have made fight for Kannada asmita untouchable for their political gains ..

  9. This article should reach the max. Excellent and very thought provoking. Very well researched.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. This is the high time people should be united and vote against this NEGATIVE ENERGY.Karnataka will be the keader in coming days for development, growth and security.Jai Ho

  12. There is a third rate actor calling himself Prakash Raj in TN and as Prakash Rai in Karnataka who is now the Mevani of this state.He thinks he ia already a Kamal Haasan or Rajnikanth in Karnataka politics.He is loud mouthed with no subatance,who was made to shut up by Malavika Avinash for his irrelevent comments on Modi.Congress is pushing such worthless fellows to attack BJP.

  13. I agree with above points. But I don't see BJP as an alternative to existing party. BJP leaders never showed unity. BJP never supports Hindus at ground level. BJP gave tickets to migrants, and how u expect migrants helping Hindu.

  14. You are right.Congress has become unfit to rule even a municipality.Look at the way Congress under Rahul Gandhi is trivialising politics.Any local issue is blown to national/international proportion for the "prince" to comment that Modi is personally responsible for all these.Wise voters from Karnataka should kick out this last bastion of corrupt and incompetent Congress.

  15. It is time that Hindus deliver a message to corrupt and anti national party once and for all. Karnataka has a historical opportunity to hammer a last nail in the Congress coffin by voting them out. Eventually a responsible opposition will emerge to fulfill the balancing roll of democracy in place of monkey balancing of current opposition. Out of ashes of so many BJP workers death in Karnataka, let a lotus bloom to washout past misdeeds of a corrupt party.

  16. Karnataka is the first state for Khangress, where the education & forest land has been encroached upon to fund Khangress. They started privatization i.e. capitation fees, which is nothing but party fund.
    The land of Vijayanagar dynasty is held captive by Khangress descendants & fake Gandhis.
    Time to send these fake Gandhis back.


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