Sunday, March 25, 2018

Sinister Vs Meek

There are some people who, when they say something, you know instinctively the opposite is true. When they deny something, you know it has to be true. There are even more criminally mischievous media crooks. These guys, when they find that Congress is in trouble (as with the Cambridge Analytica thing) they will quickly jump to muddle the issue and claim “everybody was doing it”. Therefore, the criminality of data-theft, inception and seeding of propaganda by covert means is defended/denied by the likes of Rajdeep and Pitroda. Rajdeep, of course, is known for monkey balancing whenever his darlings Congress, Sonia and Pappu are in trouble. Here, Rajdeep tries multiple monkey-balancing in true style of a street Madari. Sam Pitroda is the new mentor of Pappu who hand-holds him through his idiotic speeches abroad:

I don’t have the slightest doubt that Congress and Rahul Gandhi footsies had tied up with Cambridge Analytica (CA) as a desperate measure to counter the election successes of BJP and PM Modi. From the fraudulent “Christians under attack” campaign in 2014 to the latest mixed-grill “Farmer-Dalit-Muslim” chant, someone has been stirring chaos and anarchy throughout India. It may not be CA alone but various foreign hands that may be pushing this agenda. Add to that the “convenient Ponzi Hindu” that RahulG frequently becomes to appeal to gullible Hindus. The guy is a thoroughbred idiot who doesn’t even how to sit in front of Spiritual Gurus when he meets them. There is a severe lack of decency and education:

The latest in a line of Congress’ sinister acts have to be the Lingayat conspiracy. They want to turn Lingayats in Karnataka into a separate religion and a minority. The hypocrites who blabber “power is poison” are now into every act that will divide India and Hindus. From every place that Pappu ran to for a confrontation in the name of farmers or Dalits or raking up violence in some places, the Congress “hand” is unmistakeable. The pattern has been steady and is growing – inject agitations and violence in states that go for elections and then parade the joker as a “Janeu-dhari” Hindu. The list is long and the GOI watches all this helplessly as the Congis dig holes all across India:

However, the Lingayat problem stems from the RTE discrimination and more Hindu groups will seek separation and minority status. ModiSarkar has shown no inclination to repeal/modify this discriminatory RTE law. The Congress has been ant-Hindu, anti-India for a long time but it became all the more pronounced during the 10-year Congress-UPA rule under SoniaG. Even in her claim that her party has many Hindus there is a farcical over up. The Lingayat as a separate religion was being fanned by CM Siddaramiah for over a year when the chapter was closed by the Congress at the Centre in 2013. The Dalit issue has been politically hammered so much that they are now quoted everywhere by the Comrats, media and the Sickulars as a separate entity that is distinct from Hindus. Rahul does not have the brains to orchestrate all this. These ideas come from Western agencies that influence SoniaG in her “Break India, Break Hindus” agenda:

The sinister plan has gone so deep that the Congis have now busy “engineering” a North-South divide. This time, it has nothing to do with language. This time, it has everything to do with provoking raw hatred among communities and states. I have no doubts about who “injected” Kamal Haasan into politics and who mouths a daily anti-Hindu chant. I have also no doubts who planted the idea of “six southern states” forming some kind of union and creating a “Dravidanadu”, an idea that is being planted on FB, Whatsapp and being circulated through other SM platforms. Such issues do not crop up suddenly. These must have been on the “simmer” mode for some years and since the death of J Jayalalitha all kinds of scumbags have jumped into TN politics in promoting this agenda. RG doesn’t know a damn thing about Tamil Nadu, its culture or its people or its problems. But in a recent Congress gathering he claimed TN and Tamils are being discriminated against. He’s not just a Pappu but a “Loose Pappu”. And I don’t see why another scumbag like Comrat Stalin shouldn’t be prosecuted for making this call:

At the other end we are facing another problem. Despite all the majority and power assigned to ModiSarkar, PM Modi prefers to ignore all these “Break India” forces. The BJP is under a delusional trip that merely winning elections is enough and these anti-India forces right from JNU to Kashmir to TN will just go away on their own. The more the meekness of ModiSarkar, the more all these goons riot more and raise idiotic ruckus that affects the common man. We have reached a stage where in this holy land, absolute trash in the garb of humans carry out a march with pictures of Lord Ram and they are thrashing his pic with “Chappals”. And BJP and Modi are supposedly Hindutva guys. I doubt such a thing ever happened before and ModiSarkar and Modi didn’t even bat an eyelid that such things have become routine. Imagine this was done to pics of Jesus or Mohammad. There would have been bloodshed on the streets making Modi jump out of his seat and media and Sickulars wailing love wolves all over. Hardly the behaviour of a champion:

That reminds me of Roger Federer’s method of remaining a champion at No.1 even at the age of 36. Federer’s skills and flair have not gone. But he is certainly aging and the physical wear and tear does affect an athlete. To make up for that, Federer has stopped chasing “unchaseable” balls, he saves his energy. Besides that, he is also more frequently into the “serve and volley” mode to shorten the points. He also uses the lob a lot more including “fake lobs” to deceive his opponents. Modi has been chasing unchaseable balls. He has been chasing illusionary balls of “statesman” and “international recognition”. That may come if it has to but ignoring domestic social strife will damage him and the BJP very quickly. Federer or any top Tennis player does not depend on “unforced errors” by the opponent to win a match. They rely on their ability to hit winners and aces.

Modi and BJP have been winning elections partly due to unforced errors of opponents. Seriously, Pappu and Comrats are currently “unforced errors” that are easy to win free points and beat. There was a time when there was a sense of fatigue at Federer routinely winning most major tournaments unhindered. People wanted a tougher fight. They were happy when the Nadals and Djokers turned up. The BJP and Modi too will enter into that “fatigue” phase or probably already have. Even the die-hard Bhakt will admit deep inside that this is not the Modi from Gujarat they voted for. For all his rants against Pakistan, Modi recently sent a minister to attend “Pak Day” celebrations at their Low Commission. GOI claims it is merely “protocol”. What nonsensical protocol? Was this govt voted to maintain protocol or break undesirable rules and protocols?

The battle against anti-nationals, anti-Hindus cannot be fought merely during and by elections and electoral victories. Evil doesn’t go away just like that. It plots the death of the good every time and all the time. Congress is one such Evil that this great country has unfortunately has been visited upon along with their Comrats from the Commie Tabela. The country is left with a choice between the Sinister and the Meek. Not a rosy situation.


Thursday, March 15, 2018

Black Lotus

The recent victories of BJP in Tripura and govt formation in NE states like Nagaland and Meghalaya is perhaps the most dramatic change in Indian electoral history. Add to this the earlier clean victory in Assam too. For decades, the NE states were stuck with the Comrats – either in the form of CPM or the Congress and silently suffered all their lives. No roads, no power supply, no connectivity to the rest of the country and militants killing people all over. It’s only since the BJP and ModiSarkar started paying attention to NE after 2014 that they sensed that life can be a lot better too. They desperately needed change and embraced it at the first opportunity.

But the NE electoral outcomes don’t necessarily apply to other states where they have already experienced BJP rule and a good level of development in the past – states like Gujarat, Rajasthan, MP, UP or Bihar. This is the reason there have been some upheavals in these states either in bypolls or lower number of seats in a BJP-stronghold like Gujarat. In the recent rounds, BJP lost some bypolls in Rajasthan and MP and the latest losses came from UP and Bihar. Of these, the greatest and most shocking loss has to be from Gorakhpur from where CM Yogi has won five terms in the past. We will get to it in a bit. In the meantime, the thrill and adrenaline that ran through a filthy, abusive C5M is quite heartening:
All the media criminals who eternally vomit nonsense about caste-religion in politics are most excited learning Muslim-Yadav support for their darling prison-mate Lalu is intact. Elsewhere, a NiraRadia-Slave of many years, MK Venu, who is now an inmate at “TheLiar” holds out a vile threat. That the loss of bypolls in UP is a signal that investigative agencies must “start behaving”. What this Comrat confirms is that in all his life investigative agencies were slaves of his political-Mata Sonia and any other scenario is impossible. For an abusive filth like Sagarika and her ilk, starved of any Sickular wins, even dirty Cactus would taste like Banana. Let them eat!

Let’s return to the BJP. Nearly six years ago I wrote “BJP – The suicidal bridesmaid”. This was in the context of BJP playing second-fiddle in all its alliances. I had made the case that for a party seeking to be a national power, the BJP must assert itself, refuse to play second-fiddle and go it alone in most state elections, even if it means sitting in the Opposition. The image in that post that is reproduced again (on the left) is an artwork called “Black Lotus – the suicidal bridesmaid”. Today, the BJP stands on its own strength at the Centre and in most states where it is in power. But the one thing that is still missing in the BJP approach to governance isassertiveness”. In the post I referred, I mentioned the vast army the BJP has been eternally up against:

The BJP does not have any “ideological” friend or ally. NOT ONE! The allies and friends are mostly “opportunistic” allies and not ideological ones. In contrast, the Sickulars and their Comrats are married till death do them apart. Even the ShivSena is not an ideological friend – it is merely a worn out, rag, tag and bobtail outfit that flies around like a stunted chicken.

In the four years of ModiSarkar, the BJP has done all it could to please and suck up to every Sickular issue than attending to serious issues that its core supporters face and for which they were voted to power. Hindutva has been dumped in the garbage can and has now become a taboo for BJP. Ram Mandir finds a mention only during election campaigns. All that is still fine. The biggest crime of BJP is to continue the Sickular appeasement policies. What in hell is a nonsensical statement like “Ek haath me Quran, ek haath me laptop”? Does PM Modi ever have to make such statements about Hindus or others? What is it that PM Modi seeks from such idiotic statements – cheap applause? And when the Hajj subsidy was withdrawn, it was promptly ploughed back into some other Muslim-appeasement scheme. There is no cause to antagonise Muslims but there is no cause to suck up like this either. We are FED UP with this wanton Muslim/Minority appeasement.

What exactly did Hindus demand from PM Modi or his Sarkar? NOTHING! All they wanted was that there be more equality in treatment of all communities. Issues like RTE are killing Hindu-managed schools, not one step or signal has been given by ModiSarkar to millions of pleas to attend to the problem. Conversions by the Missionary Mafia continues relentlessly and visas continue to be given to foreign charlatans who come to India to abuse Hinduism and convert the poor. PM Modi had promised in his LS campaign that all illegals will be packed up and sent back. Forget that, now Rohingyas are freely indulging in violence and creating swamps in JK where they have been planted. Sometimes, the SC plays a hurdle but it was up to ModiSarkar to bring in an ordinance or Act in Parliament to send a clear message that “national security will not compromise with any interference”.

There is a sense of fatigue and boredom with governance it seems. Many BJP supporters are now tired of the “Vikas, Vikas, Vikas” chant. Vikas is an essential and permanent thread that runs through our life. It is not a one-time goal. Therefore, even when ModiSarkar has done exceptionally well in infrastructure, railways, power supply and areas like housing and toilets, it still generates heartburn and discontent. And the NorthEast wins are not a “burqa” that can cover up these heartburns. Many ministers are simply incompetent and are trundling around like a stock-bowler who has to bowl the last over just to concede the few winning runs to the opponent. The UK expelled 20 Russian diplomats and suspended high level bilateral ties with Russia over the suspected murder of a Russian spy in Britain. But Modi keeps begging other countries to declare Pak a terrorist state instead of acting. There is a clear lack of courage and daring in critical daring and the fear of Muslim backlash.

Is it plain arrogance or a lack of presence of mind? This is what I have called “fatigue”. And in the four years of ModiSarkar, one thing that really shocks and stuns BJP supporters is the extraordinary slavery of BJP ministers and members to the media and in particular with NDTV. Pray what ghostly or divine powers do the scamsters of NDTV hold over BJP ministers who constantly want a room at NDTV? This looks all the more sinister when many of these NDTV crooks have mocked and abused Modi non-stop for many years. It also mocks thousands of BJP supporters who have spent hours and hours to investigate and expose NDTV. What compels Modi’s men and women to indulge in romance with alleged criminals? This too will cost votes and withdrawal symptoms, if not whole elections:
As if all that was not enough, the BJP recently purchased a foul-mouthed, anti-Hindu garbage-can like Naresh Agarwal from the SP. Political numbers do matter but there was no such extreme threat of survival that BJP had to make such a purchase. This Agarwal is the same guy who all BJP members and supporters have trashed consistently without exception. And the man deserves it. Yet, like with NDTV or Muslim appeasement, ModiSarkar SLAPS all their supporters with a vile decision like this. The frequent signals being given to BJP supporters is “you don’t matter and you can go to hell”. Even the BJP footsies, when there is criticism, often tell others “go vote for Congress”. Such arrogance will not pay. The sooner Narendra Modi and BJP learn this, the better. Don’t even be misled by the nonsense of some who peddle the TINA factor. The Lotus can also turn black in no time:
The main vote-segment of the BJP is the middle class and the Hindus. These segments are not demanding any special favours. Hindus are mostly fine if some concessions are even to deserving poor classes or even poor Muslims. But to constantly ignore “social fissures” and play “Goody two shoes” does nobody any good. The recent bypoll results can thrill some Sickulars for a while but I don’t see any reason why it should impact LS2019. Bypoll results often reflect an “instant” unhappiness with a strongly-voted govt and it happens often. I am sure when the Sickulars lose Karnataka they will be back to their Rudaali act with “Eternal Victimhood Mode” (EVM). The LS2014 majority was won after a long and tough struggle by BJP, take sound counsel and make some corrections quickly. It doesn’t take long for the Lotus to rot and turn Black.