Sunday, February 25, 2018

Kerala Burning

The recent lynching of an Adivasi in a tribal area of Kerala has largely gone unreported. There has been no outrage in the MSM like they normally would, probably because the victim is not a Muslim. In this case, the perpetrators are reported to be Muslims – and as always, the media covers up their crimes, whether it’s Kairana in UP or Kottathara in Kerala. It’s been more than a year since I wrote “Slaughterhouse Kerala” which is what it is – not God’s own country. Let us take a diversion first.

Contrary to popular belief John F Kennedy did not favour the Civil Rights Bill. In fact, in 1957 he voted against the Bill in the Senate. It’s only after he became the President that he supported it. But he didn’t get to pass the Bill as he was assassinated in November 1963. After his death, Lyndon Johnson passed the Bill in July 1964. The Bill “legally” ended discrimination against Blacks, bestowed equal rights and voting rights for all. But legislations don’t end discrimination in society, it takes a social revolution for that. Many legislations in India too did not end social discrimination. The end of many social discriminations had come through social reformers rather than legislations. In the US, the state of Mississippi still had many White Supremacists and groups that refused to accept the equality Bill and continued their discrimination and it progressively got worse.

The story of “Mississippi Burning” has been made into a much-dramatized movie. The “burning” refers to the burning of a Zion church (mostly frequented by Blacks) followed by endless violence against Blacks. Members of the “Ku Klux Klan” were mostly responsible for all of it and some police officers too were involved in these crimes. You can read up the stories online or watch the more real FBI documentary on Youtube. Following the crimes civil activists descended on the state. Three of them were killed and buried (two Whites and one Black activist). Here are some horrifying pics as reminders:
Why am I narrating this old story? Well, for one, racism still does exist in the US in some forms despite legislation against it. But in the case of Mississippi in the early 1960s, the US Federal govt did not stand by and watch as an idle spectator. FBI agents were sent in after the murder of the 3 activists and followed by over hundreds of more FBI agents to find the bodies of the activists and others killed. The Agents did manage to bring more than a dozen to justice and that mostly marked the end of the KKK. However, except in one case, most of the criminals weren’t charged with murder but served lengthy jail sentences. And this one criminal, Edgar Ray Killen, was convicted of murder 41 years after the crime and he died in prison recently.

And this story is important because it is the job of the Centre to ENFORCE laws and bring criminals to justice if a State fails. Sacking a State govt and imposing Central rule is not really the only option. In the current situation, the murder-spree and the endless killings of Hindus in Kerala does warrant a GOI intervention. A State cannot be allowed to defy laws, make murder its political policy and continue nonchalantly as the CPM govt does in Kerala.

The state of Kerala has long descended into an orgy of murders. The CPM in particular has murder as its “political policy” and this has been written and exposed before by many. In the state of Bengal 55000 murders in the 34 years of CPM still remain unexplained and unpunished. The question is, how long will this murder spree continue? And it is not just murder of Hindu workers or RSS/BJP members, there are other serious issues infesting the state. There are threats of Islamisation, there Sharia “No go” zones being reported, ISIS infiltrating and luring Muslim youth to terrorism. There is also the Popular Front (PFI) which is known for being a militant, anti-India organisation which has been banned in Jharkhand but also has its wings in Karnataka and elsewhere.

It is not just murders but the gruesome manner in which they are carried out. There are cases of houses being burned with residents inside. Even children weren’t spared. Cows were slaughtered on the streets as protest to infuriate the Hindu community. The CM of Kerala, Pinarayi Vijayan, has been alleged to have been involved in murder of an RSS activist. He is also alleged to have infamously promoted the “Bengal model” of murder stating: “We should learn (how to kill adversaries) from Bengalis. They do it without shedding even a drop of blood. The (rivals) are kidnapped and buried in deep pits with a sack of salt added. The world will not (even) know about the blood, picture (of the victim) or news”. Given what’s happening in Kerala for years, this is not hard to believe. We may not even know of many murders that have gone unreported.

Ministers and members of the BJP govt at the Centre visit and conduct Yatras or meetings but this is not a problem that is going to be solved by such political activities. The Commies will not rest till Hindus are wiped out not only from Kerala but from many parts of India itself. Their agenda is not just murder but complete elimination of Hindu culture. Add to all this the loot of Hindu temples or the agenda of “Love Jihad” which the media denies but is rampant in some parts. And now comes the news of the most brutal lynching and murder of an Adivasi named Madhu in Attapadi tribal area of Kerala:
According to reports Madhu was frequently robbing shops and was mentally-challenged. He was around 27-30 years of age by different accounts. The mob that beat up Madhu had a person who even clicked pictures and took selfies as the guy was being thrashed. The lynch-mob finally handed him over to the police but Madhu died on the way to the hospital. So far, two have been arrested for this murder - K Hussein and PP Kareem. The selfie-guy Ubaid (in the pic above) seems to be absconding. Had Madhu been a Muslim, there would have been a huge outrage in our media, from the Sickulars and even from international media mafia. But in this case, the victim is an Adivasi and the perpetrators are Muslims. So, the entire gang of Sickulars and their Chrislamist media are largely in stone cold silence. The TV media, in particular, did not even spend ten minutes on this gruesome murder.

This lynching may be accidental but the routine, targeted murders in Kerala simply cannot go on anymore. It is time the Centre stepped in. They must discuss with the State govt and come to a clear deal that the murders will stop and all the killers in previous murders will be hunted down and prosecuted within a time frame. If not, the GOI must issue a clear warning and timeline that it will send its own investigators to all the murders in the past 5 years or so. There are those who argue law and order is a State matter therefore Centre is helpless. This is nonsense. India is far less federal in nature than the US is. And the Mississippi burning case should be a good yardstick. Mind you, even in the Mississippi cases, the FBI only did the investigations, the prosecution was eventually done by the State under severe compulsions. Recently, US President Donald Trump stated he would send Federal troops to Chicago if the violence there does not end. And I am sure he will not hesitate to do so if the situation warranted it. What is happening in Kerala is far worse than Chicago.

The GOI can undertake investigations through NIA or CBI and nothing can stop that. GOI has all the powers to constitute a special SIT when Kerala has reached such an extreme stage. If need be, ModiSarkar has enough muscle to pass an ordinance for such an SIT.  Thousands of CBI or NIA agents must descend on Kerala and investigate every major Political and Religious murder – whether reported or unreported, whether FIR registered or not. If action is taken by GOI, people will come forward to give testimonies. Merely sitting back and watching the crimes continue unabated is not an option anymore. We have many states on the boil – J&K, Assam, Bengal and Naxals in some other states. Jammu is more or less destroyed by infiltration, demographic alterations with Rohingyas and refugees.

If any govt can halt these crimes then it is only the current GOI. The more important question is – if not ModiSarkar, then which other Sarkar would even show the slightest interest in stopping the killing of Hindus? The Sickulars like SP or BSP or TMC or Kamal Haasan? Kerala is burning and with the enemies around our borders and within this country, I have no doubts that they will attempt to set more states on fire. Ignoring the threat is a grave and serious mistake. 



  1. How true. Just need to add the machinations of the church that plunders, abuses sexually children and women, influences politically and receives overseas funding to cause unrest. And their crimes hi unreported as well. Look at the Uthiramerur murders of Indians (notof TN).. Destitute old people by hundreds, goes unreported. The media is complicit in is silence. Not just Kerala, anti Hinduism is passing in TN with a vengeance. The concept of federal governance is now used to prevent local crimes and law and order from being investigated by centre. . And you are right. It's now or never

  2. True Ravinar ji. Further Tamilnadu doesn't lag behind now from Kerala. A Christian Mission run Old Age Home at Uttiramerur near Chennai has been deliberately killing Old people and exported their organs and bones (powdered) made into some medicines (as per local media papers) but none of the MSMs incl Local TVs or Main stream English media is outraged or even bothered to report . Reason Christian Missionary ..and the latest Tamilnadu Political crack Kamal Hassan has registered his recently announced party in Cayman islands and fully funded by Christian Missionary...has surfaced.

    AcriAc India even after being Majority population Hindus have no rights and any attribute of Hindus will never reported or action taken. Modi lost his golden opportunity to give confidence to very clear..

  3. too much of education and liberal thoughts have made malyali minds paralytic. they have to live with medieval offsprings of a desert religion.

  4. If not Modi sarkar,no other sarkar, are we expecting too much?

  5. From Gods own country Kerala is becoming Satan's own state under peenari vijayan.

  6. Still surprising that inspite of so many things happening to demolish Hindu in India, saffron did nothing. The only thing to be done is have dedicated hindu school, hindu hospitals & hindu grave yards. Tell Hindus to engage only hindu people, even if it is a maid servant.

  7. When media channels have become mouthpieces of political parties, truth scumbles. Need independent media which can be trusted to spread right messages.
    Political workers should be kept away from the media. It has become boring to see the John & Chelliah to debate on every subject on earth !!

  8. Kerala is the first successful and visible experiment of break-India forces. If Jihadis and conversion factory join hands with communists thugs, it is very easy to wipe out Hindus.. Hindus are 55% of kerala population and still they can be terrorized and subjugated.

    Now you will see Tamil Nadu and AP go the kerala way. Significant coastal districts in TN has been converted. So as AP. There is a clear danger of India going the Africa way. The North falling to Islam and the South to Christianity. Hindus are caught napping.

    Can you tell one common thing about Harsha, Harshita, Ramya, Renu, Srinivas, Santosh, Suresh, Sunil, Gita, Jaya... They are all Christians. That's the beauty of conversion factory. You won't even realize till it is too late.. Add Jihadi and communist pigs to this equation; that's a sure recipe for Hindu extinction.

  9. Agree with everything except that what is happening in Kerala is worse that what is happening in Chicago. There are more murders in Chicago in a week than the number of murders in one month in ENTIRE India. Although, these murders in Chicago are mostly of black people by black murderers. In Kerala Commies are not murdered by Commies. Or Hindus are not murdered by Hindus. Although the Presstitute media stay mum about what is happening in Kerala (and WB), today Social Media has become powerful and must be preventing hundreds of murders every year.

    1. You are wrong! And you have read the whole thing wrongly...

      The analogy is with Trump's willingness to intervene in Chicago and not a comparison of Chicago with Kerala. We dont have data on what is going on in Chicago to make a comparison.

    2. Official Figures: Chicago murders 760 (2016) and 650 (2017), But almost all are gang related. So yes Kerala is worse where Hindus are killed just for being Hindus or petty crime (as in the case of Madhu). And yes, the center should intervene even when the crime does not involve multiple states (requirement for FBI to intervene in USA).

    3. Just clarifying...

      It is not just multiple states that make a case for FBI. The institution or office can be a Federal institution - that too entails FBI jurisdiction. Besides, once a crime is declared a "Terrorist" crime - that too gives FBI the jurisdiction. Thirdly, local or state police may call for FBI help even in cases within their jurisdiction, given that FBI has higher technical & other related expertise and databases.

  10. Donald Trump is taking bold steps despite hostile US media and Democrat leaning establishment (its a different story whether all of these bold steps are right or wrong or well thought). He is also doing these despite non cooperation from his own Republican Party sometimes. Compared Trump’s situation, Modi’s is in a better position to do bolder steps. But, too much of Mohandas influence and JaiItaly’s effects.

  11. If the current trend of Hindu persecution continues in Kerala, the day is not far Kerala will become next Kashmir or Pakistan or Bangladesh for Hindus.


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