Thursday, February 8, 2018

India's Worst Jaichands

It is strange that in a system that empowers people the most, democracies have seen the maximum number of traitors, internal enemies and spies. This is not something new. Even in the Roman Republic the Aristocrats of the Senate ganged up and killed Julius Caesar who was popular with the masses. In time, the end result of that murder led to the Roman “Empire” and a form of dictatorship. In 1741, the American General Benedict Arnold betrayed his country and became synonymous with “Traitor”. In the 20th Century, the US has seen many spies and anti-nationals and so has Britain. Among the most famous were the “Gang of five” from Cambridge University. All the five betrayed Britain to the then Soviet Union. Many scumbags in India who also come from this Cambridge hotbed of Commies are also Aristocrats who hate the common Indian and cannot tolerate democracy. Some of them are even stooges of foreign non-democratic countries, especially China and Pakistan.

Indian history has its share of traitors too. The most infamous one has to be the name “Jaichand”. Although the story of Jaichand betraying Prithivraj Chauhan is said to be a myth, Jaichand is popularly known for leaking battle plans to Prithviraj’s enemy. But the tag and ignominy has stuck with the name. We have many Jaichands in modern times too. Their frustration and voices have become louder and they bark nonsense in every forum and place they can. Just like the Aristocrats in Caesar’s senate, these people too are “Aristocrats”, the elites who look down upon ordinary Indians and mock their wisdom and democratic choices. Since the election of 2014 and the victory of BJP/Modi, these venomous elites have shown us how they will hook up with anyone over the frustration or their desperate greed for power. Most of them are also staunch Anti-Hindu and even defend Islamic terrorists.

There are many of these Jaichands in all corners of India and there might be hundreds. It is hard to list all of them in one post, so if your favourite is not in this post, it is only because of the need to keep the post within reasonable limits. Also, this was not a poll but based on identifying these people in their consistent appearances either in the media or at various “hit and run” agitations or forums. This is also not a countdown but listed randomly. So, here we go:

Arun Shourie
He may have hit senility and a point of worthlessness to any party or to the country. His only shed where he whines his useless tears is at NDTV. A once respected journalist and a past failed-minister is down to the most deplorable rants one will hear from a treacherous hate-monger:
Everyone has the right to criticise Modi, his policies and his bungling in whatever area. But to get to the level of illogical, moronic rants like “Modi is dangerous for democracy” betrays a mind that is unwilling to respect electoral outcomes out of selfish reasons. In what way is Modi dangerous to democracy? Has he threatened Emergency? Has he threatened suspension of Constitution? Has he jailed opponents and critics? This is worthless nonsense that plays into the hands of enemies of the state. Therefore, Arun Shourie qualifies as a Jaichand.

Yechury, Daniel Raja & The Commies

The Commies anyway stand for anything that is anti-India. Whether it’s a confrontation with Pakistan or with China, you can trust the Commies to be on the side of the enemies. In the pic are Yechury and Raja (and there were others too) standing like beggars outside the gate of the house of Syed Geelani, the separatist and terrorist who wants to break India. These “Useless Idiots” hold no power, hold no govt post but will hobnob with every enemy of India from slogan-shouting at JNU to Kashmiri terrorists. The death of Communism is imminent and a certainty. With that, these Jaichands can dance around in their Politburos with their worthless existence. Count dozens of Jaichands.

ArtyFarty Bollywood Traitors
There are many leeches and anti-nationals in Bollywood that are funded by the underworld and make movies glorifying terrorists and covering up for Islamic terror with their arty-farty trickery. There was one movie by the Miyaas where the terrorist was named “Raghavan” (I think “Main Hoon” Na). Their balance is to find a Hindu alternative for the Muslim terrorist or to glorify ISI and uniformed Pakis as nice people helping to fight terrorism. But what has taken the cake are those traitors whose family has hobnobbed with 26/11 plotters and then came out to release this trash of a book:
Mahesh Bhatt and morons like him in Bollywood are classic cases of Jaichands who shouldn’t be in any public forum but the equally treacherous media harbours such traitors. This book also exposes Jaichands like Diggy and the frivolous writer with a Congress-driven agenda. Count Jaichands wearing lipstick.

Arvind Kejriwal
No one fits the description of a snake better than this guy. From the start of his political adventure to the present, Arvind Kejriwal has been dabbling with all the enemies of the state or mouthing stupid dialogues that favour them. One might remember his infamous campaign in 2014 in JK where he grandly advocated referendum in Kashmir. Modi had called him an “AK-47” then in a snide reference to his being a Paki footsie – the gun that terrorists usually prefer. Kejri also wanted proof of “Surgical strikes” like many other Sickulars. Kejri is currently on a downslide right now. We are yet to see what a desperate man will do to regain lost ground or to regain power of any kind. If ever the movie “Dances with wolves” were to be remade in a different context, Kejri would definitely be the lead actor – no, not the human – the wolf.

Sudheendra Kulkarni
There is no real evidence this guy is into actual treachery. But he gives us all the signs of being involved in clandestine dialogues with Pakis and ISI and their agents in India or in Pakistan. He doesn’t care how many of our Jawans or civilians are killed by Pak terrorists but he never fails to sing like a Cuckoo for friendship, peace and love for the killers. For this alone I have bestowed him the title of “Father Teresa”. Sudheendra Kulkarni frequently visits Pakistan. I often wonder who funds his trips. I wonder how he’s hosted in 5-star hotels with plush landscape and lawns where he breathes air that is much better than that of India as it seems. Who all does he meet and what are the transactions? Someday it might all come out but I would watch this Jaichand carefully. Either way, he is another “Useful Idiot” of Pakistan who is totally useless to India.

Seasonal Insects
These insects come up here and there and make those gnawing sounds around your ears. They don’t present any threat – just nuisance value. Each member of this “Insect Squad” will support anything that is anti-India just because they hate PM Modi and the BJP. There is no doubt these are also Congress footsies and pawns that get used in every battle that Congress plays hiding behind some skirt – and they still lose those battles. And these insects dance for terrorists – dead or alive. They want to break India with “Bharat ke tukde” chants and slogans. These are a bunch of comic morons prancing around. They will not cause little harm but are from the extended family of Jaichands who are like “Rioters-for-Rent” and you can rent them any place, any time, even for a “Rudaali” act for fake mourning of other idiots. These are “Loose Jaichands”.

Congress Lackeys
You look at the picture and it’s hard to imagine that there is an ex-PM and ex-Minister of Congress who meet the Pakis clandestinely. There are many such meetings that have been hosted either by these guys or by the Paki side. What they discuss at these meetings is as much a secret as the travels and travails of SoniaG. One such meeting came out in public domain, we don’t know how many such clandestine meetings are held and with what purpose. But one can be absolutely sure that there cannot be anything good discussed with Pakis in secret that can be good for India. In particular, Manishankar Aiyar has even blabbered on a Pak channel that Pakis must help in toppling or defeating Modi. The entire Congress party is dangerous to India. Under SoniaG they have also SECRETLY released over 20 Pak terrorists with no reason and no reciprocation of any kind from the Paki side. What deals this party and their members make with various groups, apart from their loot of India in many defence and other deals makes them among the greatest Jaichand India has seen in centuries.

Hate-mongers in the MSM

This category is as dangerous as any other. Some of them concoct such fake stories that would make seasoned liars hang their heads in shame. Some of them have abused our Army in different words. Some of them have concocted “Coup” stories and their synchronised acts with some politicians makes them all the more dangerous. Other than that, many of them either jeopardise Indian interests globally or with enemy countries with their fake stories like Raghav Bahl of the Quint:

The worst acts of many of these media goons is that the spew such venom that is then picked up by anti-India media in the West to heap more fake accusations and abuses against the ModiSarkar and India in general. And this entire gang of media goons is predominantly a Hindu-hating crowd. Try this one from an extreme moron who concocts idiotic nonsense to poison public discourse and then plays victim just because she was born a female (All “Paid Jaichands):

Rahul Gandhi
A monkey with a gun is far more dangerous than with a thief with a gun. In somewhat a similar fashion, the Congress foisting a useless dimwit as their party Prez just because he’s a “Chinese Gandhi” is actually good for the country and the final death-knell for the party. What this two-bit man-child who has a history of being a loose-tongue uttering non-stop nonsense now does is “engineer” troubles at all tragedy-sites like the Mandsaur episode. RG is also suspected of engineering riots in the Koregaon-Bhima incident which resulted in some deaths. The most dangerous aspect of RG is that he too, like many other Congis, has clandestine meetings with the Chinese and maybe Pakis too.

In every instance where national security was involved, Pappu has stood with the enemies – From Kargil to Dhoklam. Lately, the Chinese are his preference. Where he goes, what he does, who he talks to and what he talks about is mostly a secret. Even the meeting with the Chinese envoy was first denied and later confirmed. I have no doubts that these clandestine meetings compromise Indian interests or hope to regain power for Congress with external involvement. Other than that RG doesn’t live much in India. He may be a covert Jaichand but that he will ensure the death of the Congress is some cheer. Count a “Dimwit Jaichand”.


There are many others like Arundhati Roy, many of the JNU cesspit or from the Jihadi states of Bengal or Kerala but the post would run too long. The challenge is to publicly shame these Jaichands I have listed and destroy their discourse. They are the “Wombs” of other Jaichands being birthed regularly in India. These folks cannot be ignored. Changing the public discourse to a positive feel about India requires constantly trashing these Jaichands in public and in elections. They have no place in the life of Indians or in India’s progress.



  1. The list is quite long including Om Thanvi, Mrinal Pande, Ex-MEA Spokesperson Nirupama Roy, Rahul Bajaj, Rahul Kanwal, Nidhi, Ravish. I am observing News24 Anuradha Prasad advertising on Republic... Seems Rajiv Shukla wants to come back to winning party - utter turncoat

  2. "Seasonal insects"is perfect fit word,your vocublery is fitting so nicely for all the disease causing creatures

  3. Love the expression seasonal insects. Very apt!!

  4. When you hit the nail, as always, you hit it spot on. You have made the job easy to identifying many more Jaichands in every sphere

  5. Incisive and great writing.Thanks. Let us contribute to make a comprehensive list of such

  6. Jaichands get traction because of gullible masses. For example Rahul Gandhi’s new Avatar as Hindu Brahmin has fooled so many Hindus.

  7. Exceptional piece. Note how ONLY that endanger the nation are listed. Not pretty politicians gunning for Modi. That's what makes this a dangerous list of people who would hurt the nation to settle scores and how it's ingrained in them to do so

  8. Exceptional piece. Note how ONLY that endanger the nation are listed. Not pretty politicians gunning for Modi. That's what makes this a dangerous list of people who would hurt the nation to settle scores and how it's ingrained in them to do so

  9. Very well summed up the Jaichand tales of modern india. They should remain united under their masters so that whole Country is safe from them. If distributed they would pollute every corner and make it turbid.

  10. Add to the list our own BJP members also like Jaitly Rajnath Sitharaman who have soft corners for Kashmiri jehadis and help these rascals to kill main and injure our brave armymen

  11. Interesting and very apt categorisation.

  12. "Daniesl Raja" jumps & is a free lancer, jobless parliamentarian who shied in appearing on TV when asked about the "ticket booking scam" i.e. Delhi-Kolkatta = Rs. 99,0000 - one way ticket.
    But ready to appear on any other channel when need to speak against BJP.
    The last nail on Yechury's coffin is sealed by Pinarayi Vijayan. Time for Yechury to join Khangress.
    Khangress has been usurping the parliament from functioning by raking up useless - "prestige" topics & headless topics. So the will to engage Opposition is gone. So the winter session saw bare minimum 10 days. Good thing to do. Modi (Karate Kid) full blast of 90 minutes, seems to have shocked the the kid i.e. Pappu the Kid. who seems to be totally clueless after the blast & trying to find his alphabets !!
    Renuka Chowdhury is a fat heavy weight empty vessel licking Khangress & ofcourse she helps Khangress to drown by being overweight!!!
    Modi govt to quickly find the pests in every govt department & take them off. Intall all spywares on the babu's computer & monitor them closely & to catch them red handed.

  13. Granted all countries have their share of Jaichands, but it seems when it came to Jaichands, India wrote the book. These useful idiots for our enemies, don't know that they are the biggest enemies of their grand and great grand children.

  14. Awesome ! Bhramos missile. All together new level , Deal with it .........


  16. There are people within the BJP itself who are in cahoots. No wonder foreigners ruled over us for thousands of years.

  17. The article is superbly well waiting for. It is time we identify correctly who our jaichands are in making from within. Luckily, in present era, with MC, DC, Arnab, Rohit, Rubika, Anjana, Sumit, Amish, such other awakened and patriot journalists and social media spread out throughout India, the time of abnormal existence of thoussands of Jaichands are over.

  18. maza aa gaya boss. eagerly waiting for the next list of jaichands and seasonal insects.

  19. Except Arun Shourie, all others are born traitors. Once upon a time Shourie himself used to expose these traitors. Unfortunately he lost his mind and began uttering nonsense. Congress is the big banyan tree which sheltered and nourished these traitors. So if India has to survive and progress congress should die.

  20. We have History, though may be a myth, to describe Jaichands. Will we, Indian people, get the capacity to learn from history?.

  21. Need to have " Hall of shame" for all jaichands since 1947, so as to remind people of India constantly

  22. I am so eager to read what you have to say that I keep checking daily for new post. You are doing an amazing job. I wish you would expand and bring in more people so that we can have a website equal to Firstpost or Newslaundry or postcard.

  23. The recent case of the IAF officer falling to a lady trap, shows how vulnerable are our Indians. This officer has no sense of integrity nor fear that he is selling the nation to enemies nor he thought the value of secrets he is passing to enemies... what sort of "officer" is he, totally empty headed & has no sense of valuation. Had he approached his seniors & confessed himself would have helped to nab more spies !!! He looks so naive & stupid & surprising he is working in that critical defense establishment. Really a dumb head officer. It did not stuck him that he need to track or trace back that lady who honey trapped him as part of "revenge"... very senile officer.

  24. The Christian Missionaries led by John Dayal are also very experienced Jaichands !

  25. For the 1st time I am not so convinced. Even the author is not. He is too intelligent to not see the elephant in the room. For how long we want to beat breasts and play victim? Is Congress stopping Modi to do what he promised in his manifesto and election rallies? You have the power. You have the majority and mandate. Now go fix the problems. Have you done that? I am sure our text books would have been sanitized, Kashmiri Pundits would have gone back home, Ram Temple erected, Gyanvapi liberated, Article 370 removed, black money brought back... and so on. Right? No? None of these has happened? Why? Because of media crooks? May be the media asked Modi to appoint a lawyer as Finance minister. Or maybe Arun Jaitley has a secret degree in economics & Finance nobody knows. Look at his cabinet ministers!! And their steller performance! Maybe they need another 70 years to fill the pit Congress has made. So forget 2019, India will change by 2020, only keep faith in these superheroes and the God no 56 himself. Oh I am sorry. I must be a Jaichand too. But I have a simple question, and the question is - what has Modi achieved in last 4 years? What has "really" changed? Who betrayed the mandate and the trust that people invested? Well if I have to pick one Jaichand, I will write a 4 letter word.

    1. Dear Abhishek,
      India is a democracy where there are set of rules to play your game & it cannot be bypassed. Had it been dictator country, it could have been done much earlier.
      Agree Arun Jaitely is not doing enough or doing nothing. Just imagine that country $ $ coffers are empty & nation cannot speak it louder least enemies exploit it. Army does not have guns, will they fight with bamboo sticks ? The banks are lost their capital thanks to the NPA loans, which Prime Minister cannot talk of it loudly for the more he opens up, the more damage he does to the nation. His hand are tied. citizens are in dark.
      Agree there are few things he could have done better in making the corrupt Khangress leader sweat for their ill-doings & he has not done anything.
      I am no bhakt but can only understand things.

    2. These guys are poseurs and dream merchants. Whether Vajpayee, Advani or Modi. Modi is a loudmouth paper tiger. Modi’s record is poor. Don’t have any hopes. If people point out the obvious about no action against any crooks in fact there has been collusion to let escape, his supporters say do you want Rahul? Of course Rahul is useless, but that doesn’t mean Modi is great shakers.

    3. Dear Kumar,
      Did you ever try to change a behavioral aspect of other person till date ? Have you changed your own habits or started a new habit ? How long did it take ? Believe it is all within your control & will & wish. Still you have so many failure or excuses for failing. So does many others like you & me. Think of changing a nation without any coercion is a task... it will happen.. you could not change Khangress for 70 years, expect Hindu BJP to change the nation in 5 years ? Let us be realistic. Modi could have done many more easy things (low hanging fruits), but he does not have any worthy ministers in his cabinet. Rest are all Lalu's & Pappus. Budget talks about health care to low income group. Have you heard any single word from the Health Minister himself ? This minister is still enjoying his Rip Man Winkle sleep.

  26. Looks like we have a room full of Darbari's here ... who just accept and take this author's word for the gospel truth and agree to whatever he says. Totally agree with Abhishek's point --- there are the Jaichand's existent, sure, but what is Modi doing about it? Does he even care to change any of that?
    All he ends up doing is increase our taxes in the name of cess and various other things -- but ground reality does not change much.

    His foreign trips do not seem to be bearing much fruits either. Latest case being that of Maldives.

    Simply signing MoU's do not help, he needs to actually bring in those projects / $$$$ or simply stop "travelling" for some time, clean up the mess inside before going out.

    And I fail to understand him --- his speeches with world leaders in their countries / Davos / various interviews seem to classy, but the moment he stands in front of a mic on a podium amongst "aam aadmi's" seeking votes --- all bets are off. He is at his crassiest (if such a word exists) best.

    1. Foreign trips are for making up a lost time. Maldive case is more tricky for it is a fight for its resources by China, India, USA & many more. Can you convince your own neighbor (it could be a muslim or dalit) to do a thing in your way ? If you success please return & report in details.
      Demonetization & AADHAR linking is all about bringing visibility to where moneyis going !!
      PM may be crazy man, so do you & me !!! Did you listen to Pappu's speeches & got enamoured of him ?? If yes, then no more explanations.
      The country just completing a term by a non-khangress govt without a scam nor there is any policy paralysis & there is over all stability i.e. stable govt.
      Yes the present govt could have done many more things however, unlike you & me, the party has to go & get public votes, which neither you nor me can guarantee to give. While we talk of endless wishlist but never guarantee our own vote. Then why all this cribing

    2. Completely agree with you. What are we doing except cribbing ?

    3. Let us objectively think for a while...without getting emotional
      1) The Khangress has left the country with negative
      cash & govt cannot buy a bamboo stick for its army
      2) From where to get money to fund defense purchases
      3) He has to get majority in Rajya Sabha
      4) Youth want the jobs. Indian businessmen are not
      any money nor they have any business plans
      5) Banks have lost the capital thanks to NPA
      6) NO country is going to give you its defense
      technology just because you became friendly today
      until they have a pound of flesh extracted from
      7) India has no irrigation canals to sustain farmers
      or agriculture. Even after 70 years still
      dependend on monsoon.
      8) Farmers are committing suicide, what can Modi do ?
      He has no money in govt to give. yet he has to
      hear the death cries from Jawans to farmers &
      youth shouting for jobs... Can Modi sleep...?
      9) he is trying hard, should you have better ideas
      share them.... may be it can work & India may
      raise on fructification of your creative ideas !!
      10) Do you doubt his sincerity...then hang him if
      you have any doubts...
      11) He did not escape like Pappu when country needed
      him or when it was shouting at him full throttle.
      Put yourself in his shoes & think for a moment assuming that country is your family & your wife & children are staring at you for "leadership, help & guidance"... will you able to stand on your own legs & yet smile ??

      Khangress is hiring anti-India pests in Gujarat elections, whereas Modi could have tampered the voting machines, which he did not do... see his strengths...
      I also criticize, everyone criticizes, but it is in positive sense.. trust you are also doing in good faith but not in desperation.

    4. Most dangerous thing is Congress supporting Catholic church and the huge number of Christianised Hindus from it's educational institutions.That vicious Jignesh Mevani is a Catholic church plant who insults Hindus but gets away by covering up by temple visits of Rahul Gandhi.Every state has many Mevanis and their sole project is Tukde,Tukde policy for India.

  27. They Forgot PM WHO went to eat Biryani .. Saale MC

  28. Dont underestimate the reach and strength of these anti national leeches. They are unscrupulous, compassionless.They should be dealt with utmost resolve.

  29. Dont underestimate the reach and strength of these anti national leeches. They are unscrupulous, compassionless.They should be dealt with utmost resolve.


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