Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Gainful Pakodas

Shantaben got married and lived in a small village called “Gadh” (about 25 kms from Palanpur) in Gujarat. She had 2 girls and then a boy. Her husband died when the boy was four. Shantaben’s husband had left her nothing but the small house they lived in. None of her family or relatives were that well off to support her. She sold off a few household items and with whatever little money she had, she opened a tiny grocery store on the veranda of her house. This was mid-1950s and all the stuff she stocked wouldn’t have cost more than Rs.100 at best. With whatever little gains she made, she sent the kids to school and brought them up. The girls were married off after class-5 or 6, the boy was allowed to continue his education and as he grew, he also helped in the business by weekly runs to Ahmedabad to buy from the wholesale markets and bring the stuff to Gadh.

Fifteen years later, the girls being married, the boy had graduated from college, Shantaben bought a tenement in Ahmedabad and the son moved there and found a job and later started his own business. One married sister lived in a chawl in Goregaon, Mumbai. The eldest sister lived in the slums of Borivali, the “Jhopdi” costing a “Paagdi” of 1 lakh plus rent in early 1970s. Into the mid-1980s all the siblings were doing well and economically well off. The sisters and their families had also moved into good flats in good localities in Mumbai. Shantaben ran her little grocery store till a month before her death in February 2008. She never needed money from anyone. This is a true story; the boy is a long-time friend of mine. All the family members are now well-off and living a life of comfort.

I know more than a dozen stories like this around me and from many towns. I am sure everyone reading this post also has many such stories around them. Most Indian families have risen through great struggles. They weren’t born into rich families like the Royals or politicians or rich businessmen. In a recent interview with Sudhir Chaudhary of ZeeTV, PM Modi stated Mudra loans helped people start their own tiny businesses and that too should count as “employment”. As an example, he stated that a man taking a loan and selling “Pakodas” and making Rs.200 a day is also employed.

That was neither a celebratory statement nor one made in great chest-thumping claim of having generated huge employment. Modi stated it in a very “matter of fact” manner and nothing more. This was enough to yank the rusty chains of the Congis and other Commies. All these “Elite Pigs” started screaming this is not employment. What is it then? What is their definition of employment? Living under MNREGA or working at a Call Centre? Worst among the Comrats was none other than the Commie outfit of Varadabhai which seems to have great ideas of what really constitutes “employment”:

So, selling Pakodas through a kiosk or “Laari” set up with the govt’s Mudra loan is not “employment” according to a writer called Gurdeep Sappal at the TheWire. A man or woman (and sometimes whole family) works at construction sites labouring hours for about Rs.100 a day and I guess, for Commies, that too would not constitute employment. In a country like India, long decimated by the Commie policies of Congress and the Commies in Bengal or Kerala employment has always been a problem. All that the Commies knew was at best “Band-Aid” to fix many problems and they have still left behind thousands of social problems. From Reservations to MNREGA, all of these are nothing but quick-fixes and band-aids that have brought more problems than creating wealth for anyone.

Commies are a “Stagnant, Static” bunch of people with no innovation and no imagination whatsoever. Businessmen and entrepreneurs, no matter how tiny or small, are not static or stagnant. They aspire to grow their business. I know many stories of Bhaaji Paav walas, Vada Paav walas, Samosa walas making it big through sheer commitment and perseverance. That’s what it takes to make a business successful. Business growth and wealth are outcomes of Commitment, Consistency and also functions of price and quality. Something the free-loading Commies who are used to the “Mai Baap” feeding them forever will never understand. The 200 per day Pakoda-seller wouldn’t intend to remain in that situation forever. The govt has lent him a helping hand and then he is on his own skill and commitment to repay the loan and make the business a success. In contrast, Commies with zero commitment will whine and find potholes where there are none, like TheWire:

Writing garbage is also a great skill. Even the “Kabadiwala” makes money, so do garbage writers of the Commie style. How exactly did the PM “Celebrate” it as a success? All he said was the Mudra thing was helping people and selling Pakodas and earning 200 a day is ALSO employment. And the Commie grandly says it is nothing but “under-employment”. The actual under-employment is at dens like the TheWire where people with redundant ideologies keep whining, cribbing and spewing venom over what is possibly a glimmer of hope for millions. And the irony is, that the writer claims NITI has acknowledged “under employment”. Well, what do these free-loaders know? Soon, this Pakodawala could well be employing 2 or 3 assistants in his business when it starts growing. Not everybody is cut out for a desk job and not everybody wants it. And who are the people really under-employed? The same Commies who do nothing but whine, don’t earn money or generate wealth for the country but beg the public to feed them money, seeking donations:

These “Educated Commie Beggars” are not even asking for a loan or a subscription. They are asking for a “DONATION” of all things. Are these people some educational outfit or NGO? No, they are a business unit and still seeking donations. If their business and analysis and crap they talk about is so good, why don’t they stake their personal assets and take a regular loan from a bank? They will not! The Commie life is one of a social scumbag, a leech that lives off free-loading from every possible source – the public, the govt and even enemies of the State. And these guys are lecturing others on what employment means? These shameless characters can’t even earn their own living and they mock the ordinary Pakodawala and the PM’s Mudra scheme for self-employment? The Pakodawala shows more character with his honest business no matter how low-paying it currently may be.

There’s another thing that these Comrats miss. Even at lower starting amount the Pakodawala is “Gainfully employed”. Imagine that he is not. What could possibly happen? Total unemployment leads to many vices and crimes. We have seen how Commie states of Bengal or Kerala have seen frequent violence and crimes owing to unemployment. Many unemployed people fall prey to the temptation of easy money through illegal activities. That the Mudra scheme keeps them gainfully self-employed also keeps possible crimes off the street. Many media folks like Barkha, Sagarika, Rahul Kanwal and others have blamed lack of economic opportunities as a reason for some becoming terrorists. Although all terrorists aren’t really economically backward. Keeping a man or woman occupied for 8-12 hours a day means a lot more than merely earning 200 per day, apart from the chance that they will go on to earn much more in the coming days and years and be wealthy. This is an important social accomplishment and cannot be dismissed as under-employment. There is more honour in it than the “educated commie beggars” show from their worthless pursuits:

On the website of TheWire they have a link called “Support the Wire” which seeks donations of Rs.200 minimum. Why in hell are well off people begging for donations? All the owners of TheWire are people who have made a lot of money one way or another. They have earned millions from political-pimping and yet want to live off public money? It’s an eternal principle of the Comrats – “Always keep the poor people poor and keep them beggars for life” as the Congis did and as the Comrats in Bengal, Kerala and other places do. And shiny suits and ties they may wear but TheWire is still a BEGGAR and nothing more. All they do is rant and rave and whine and bitch about everything that ModiSarkar does. Half the time they talk like bored, bitchy housewives of TV serials. They can’t grasp the simple age-old principle of setting a person free from economic shackles as ordinary people so easily understand it:

One of the problems of many commentators in media and elsewhere is that they don’t consider self-employment as proper employment. I think the Pakodawala is more important to the lives of people than worthless hate-mongers like Varadabhai or Sagarika and their ilk. For decades the Congi-Commie gang mocked the poor with false promises and crumbs from their elite palaces. This is so called “Intellectual” gang is out of touch, out of time and dead to new realities on the ground. And some of them work for channels that have investments from the Ambani group – Their founder was a gas station attendant. Only political pimps seek shortcuts not the humble, small gainfully employed Pakodawalas.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Gang Of Four

We normally don’t criticise judges. We normally don’t question their judgement or wisdom. We obey the simple rule “Do not judge the judges”, after all, through our democratic processes; we are the ones who put them there. We also fear being hauled up for contempt of court and being dumped in the cooler for incurring the wrath of some judge. But what happened on January 12 was neither in a court nor a judgement on any case. Four SC judges — Justices J. Chelameswar, Kurian Joseph, Ranjan Gogoi and Madan Lokur ran to the Press to whine about something. Even Darth Vader wouldn’t know what exactly their grievance was and what they wanted to whine about. Such a thing is unheard of – Judges running to media, and it is against the code of conduct for judges. To avoid mentioning their names repeatedly, I will just refer to the four as “CKRM” being initials of their names.

CKRM came out, chaperoned by known Congi footsies like Shekhar Gupta and Indira Jaising, to whine with the media. Normally, a journalist would be in front of the speakers to listen or ask questions. Only a Congi pimp like Gupta would be standing behind the speakers and fiddling around. I wonder what he was doing. At first, I dismissed it as accidental “positioning” but then doubt gave way to confirmation that this was an “Organised act with political motives”. What troubles me? What bothers me the most? Earlier we were aware of the Sickular politico-media complex. Now we are introduced to a judiciary-media complex. And I consider this a dangerous development:

Still, if there was dirty linen to be washed in public, one would have loved to know what the real grievances of the “Gang of four” were. They didn’t really say anything specific other than that they have written a letter to the CJI, Justice Dipak Mishra. I had watched the whole presser LIVE and I didn’t find them saying anything at all. Some prodded them on the issue of the death of Judge BH Loya and in whispered tones some judge concurred. But that cannot be any reason for this revolt. Evidently, this “orchestrated” presser was a political action choreographed by none other than Congis and their stooges. How much more evidence would you want when the Congi bootlickers sing in a chorus? Here you go – all the Congi Pigs singing “Ooh la la la.. Let’s go dancing”:

Among other things, it seemed that the Gang of Four was unhappy with the kind of cases they were getting to try. It’s like a salesman in a company complaining “You gave me Siliguri but you gave the other guy Coimbatore”. Seriously, judges have any right or prerogative to decide what kind cases they should get? NO! NONE WHATSOEVER! It is completely up to the discretion of the CJI to assign cases to any judge or bench he considers appropriate. Judges cannot be choosers. The moment judges start lobbying over which cases they should get, then it betrays a vested interest and a window for inevitable injustice. 

And as soon as this “choreographed” episode unfolded, the Congis were among the first to kick and scream about democracy and judiciary and Gabbar Singh’s daughter-in-law suffering from injustice from ModiSarkar which had nothing to do with this nonsense. I have to remind readers once more that Congis are the greatest enemies of judiciary and courts. From Nehru to Sonia and to Pappu, they have a history of disrespect for judiciary and of overturning verdicts of courts – including imposing Emergency because IndiraG was not willing to accept the Allahabad HC verdict:

Having organised and executed this revolt by the Gang of Four, we had an extraordinary spectacle. We had Justice C meeting Daniel Raja, a worthless politician who is in RS only because of crumbs of TN parties, and we are asked to believe there is nothing political about this. Raja goes to meet C through the “Exit” gate of his residence so that he’s not caught by the media. But in this day and age of mobile cameras there is always someone lurking around somewhere to catch you peeing on the “No parking” sign. Raja was similarly caught by a camera leaving C’s residence with a warm hand-shake. If you wanted to meet your “long-time” friend as Raja claimed, why would you go to his residence through the exit gate? Good you did, because this meeting exposed the entire clandestine operation of the Presser of the Gang of Four and the political motives behind it.

So what the problem is? Some like the C5M Sagarika Ghose want to agitate over the death of Judge BJ Loya claiming it is some kind of conspiracy and mysterious death. It has long been established there was nothing mysterious about Loya’s death and even his son has trashed the Caravan magazine’s claims which raked up the issue. Here’s a final excerpt from Loya’s son in a tweet that rubbishes all conspiracy claims:

I have to say the Congis got their act completely wrong and the revolt by the Gang of Four had nothing to do with assignment of cases or who will hear what PIL. It is not about Judge Loya’s death or the Aadhar issue or the “Roster” crap that lawyers like Prashant Bhushan are peddling. Entitlement morons like Indira Jaising claim they have the “Right” to be present at the Presser as citizens. No you don’t, but your presence confirms you are part of a conspiracy. The source code of this “organised revolt” is nothing but the Ram Janmabhoomi issue. The CJI had snubbed Kapil Sibal over the latter’s demand to postpone the hearing after LS2019 elections because it would politically damage the Sickulars. And just like Commie Raja, his Commie Pigsty dweller Prakash Karat let out on Republic TV that he wants some of the Gang of Four on the Bench that hears the Ayodhya case:

So now the Commie Pigs will even demand which judges they want on which Bench and on which cases. Fantastic! Every SC judge, whether junior or senior, comes with a substantial load of experience and it is to avoid prejudices and biases that we have a “Bench” rather than an individual judge. With almost less than 1% of representation, these Commies keep demanding their way of life. Their kind of justice and life belongs in a garbage can and not in public discourse. Every media crook that has stood up for the Gang of Four is a Commie and that says a lot about the whole orchestrated rebellion for no reason or rhyme.

And what does it say about the character of CKRM? You guys will adjudicate disputes and offer justice on millions of disputes in this country and yet, you are incapable of solving your own problems in-house? I have long said “Winners are busy doing business, Losers run to the media”. And that is an indisputable fact. Only the corrupt run to the media in fake victimhood and defence. The Gang of Four has demonstrated they cannot continue as judges anymore. Imagine four senior managers having grievances against the MD of a company running to the media to complain about him. What would happen to them? THEY WOULD BE SACKED INSTANTLY. I don’t see how this Gang of Four can preside over the destiny of many litigants with their biases, prejudices and political persuasions. We cannot trust them anymore. They should be impeached and sacked. Period!

As for the Supreme Court... Yes, there is a desperate need for reform. The CJI may be no angel but this is no way to settle differences within the SC. Judges cannot appoint themselves. GOI must strongly take up the NJAC again and implement it. Justice Gogoi was line to be the next CJI. He should be superseded because he has violated the code of conduct for judges. This is misdemeanour that cannot be reward with a higher position. The SC is not the Congress party where abject failures are promoted. Also, this Collegium crap is unconstitutional. I hope ModiSarkar finds the courage to restore the image and trustworthiness of the SC. The Gang of Four should honourably resign and continue their political career with some political party.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Twitter Censorship

I had long suspected Twitter is up to a lot of mischief unknown to users. It particularly targets accounts that are RW, anti-Congress, anti-Fiberals, anti-Commies, anti-Islamic Terror and anyone that exposes the crimes of MSM. I fit the bill in all categories and have been aware of being a target. This is not just in India but across the world, more so in the US. In just my previous post a week ago, “Twitter Games” I explained how Twitter strangles accounts, boxes-in targeted users and stunts their follower count, tweets and retweets. In an unprovoked sting, unknown to current and former Twitter employees, all of this has been thoroughly exposed. Project Veritas (PV) in a report and a video exposed Twitter to be a “political” outfit and not a free-speech platform it bragged about being.

Mike Cernovich (@Cernovich) is a journalist, author and a documentary film maker. Early last year he tweeted how his account was being strangled and followers were being “auto unfollowed”. His follower count currently stands at 393K but he estimates the count should have be 1 million. I am inclined to believe him considering his background and the content he generates. This kind of stunting of accounts has been going on for quite some time and although I was aware of it I didn’t bother much. Now that Twitter stands exposed, it becomes all the more evident:
Twitter is throttling accounts that are inconvenient to Fiberals and has been doing so for a long time. Let me narrate my own case. I touched 100K followers in October 2015. And then, every day followers were knocked off for no apparent reason. From October 2015 to May 2017, almost two years, my account crawled to 132K followers and was stuck there till my account was suspended on December 30, 2017. It is hard to explain how an aggressive, impactful account can reach 1 lakh followers and then for nearly two years get stuck around with another 32K more followers. And then from May 2017 it got stuck there. Once my suspension was revoked, the account got some attention and 3000 more followers and is now stuck at 135K. I am sure it will be stuck at 135K for a long time. Twitter will ensure that. Everyday, Twitter still knocks off followers. It’s like, if 20 people follow you, Twitter knocks off 30 and this “repeat, rinse” process continues. I got a confirmation from a follower who said he had to follow me 3 times in the past when he had never unfollowed me at any time:
It is not as if I don’t lose followers in the normal course. There are times when I have lost hundreds of followers in a short period because I harshly criticised Modi or tweeted something that didn’t go down well with the RW folks. But that is a pattern I very much understand. I have lost followers even when I have tweeted NOTHING for a few days when I was travelling. In November 2017, I was away for 3 days and mostly away from Twitter as well. When I returned, I had lost around 300 followers for no particular rhyme or reason. There are others too who have been losing followers in this fashion. I know of a friend who lost 2000 followers in one shot for no particular reason and that account is hardly as harsh and aggressive in content as I am.

Now the Project Veritas report exposes another aspect of Twitter’s crimes which is being called “Shadow Ban”. What this means is, although you exist on Twitter and tweet as you normally do, your tweets are “censored and blacked out”. In effect, you might think you have tweeted something but often your followers and others never get to see that tweet. Consequently, the engagements on that tweet or RTs are negligible or zero. This is perhaps an illegitimate (and perhaps even illegal) act that Twitter carries out without the knowledge of the user. A “Shadow Ban” means you practically don’t exist on Twitter even if you’re tweeting. This may not be a permanent operation on an account but an “on and off” operation so that no alarms are raised by the large number of people who are subjected to this fraud. The following statement is from a former employee of Twitter in the PV report I linked earlier:
Twitter DENIES it "Shadow Bans" accounts, although the above came from an employee and is not an opinion from an outsider. Twitter prefers to call it "Down Ranking". Another author, Charlie Kirk (@Charliekirk11), has also experienced the censorship by Twitter it seems. Anything that goes against the Fiberal Fart and anything that criticises Islam and Jihad is a “Red Rag” to Twitter. Charlie too confirms he had suspicions of covert censorship by Twitter as many of us have had:
Effectively, I don’t see any difference between the MSM and Twitter anymore. Both are clothed in the same Commie filth that suppresses any opposing view, censors independent voices and, worst of all, holds religious prejudices and biases and soaked in hypocrisy. Some say the excessive sympathy to Islam or Muslims and the censoring of harsh tweets against Islam are all due to a large chunk of Twitter ownership resting with an Arab Sheikh. This being so, Twitter will never be a platform for free speech and open exchanges. Their policies are now written to drive FEAR into users. Their covert actions are now exposed in this video (This is a 5-minute excerpt and you can watch the full 15-minute video of Project Veritas on Youtube):

Here’s part of the conversation the PV journalist (he asks a trick question) had with Olinda Hassan, Policy Manager at Twitter:

PV Journalist: I’ve tried to, like block people like Cernovich and stuff like that and mute and stuff like that, but they still show up, like all the time.
Olinda: Yeah. That’s something we’re working on. It’s something we’re working on. We’re trying to get the shitty people to not show up. It’s a product thing we’re working on.

Shitty people? The guy the PV journo is talking about (@Cernovich) hardly qualifies as “Shitty people” but then a “motivated” hater at Twitter gets to decide who are “Shitty people”. Extraordinary subjective monkey-spanner at the hands of a hater that can damage any account at will with her prejudice and hatred.

The De-verification FRAUD: This is one of the most absurd and arbitrary policies that Twitter has introduced without any notice whatsoever. They recently de-verified the account of anti-Islam and free-speech campaigner from England @TRobinsonNewEra. What does “Verified” mean? It only means that the handle genuinely represents the person or entity it represents. Just because you don’t like the content it tweets does it make the person a fake or an imposter or a fraud? There is no logic behind it. There are many “verified” accounts from Indian MSM, Bollywood and in general that tweet a lot of crap and abuses but those are of the “Sickular” clan, so that seems fine with Twitter. And even worse is what Twitter considers offensive. It is actually comic and real DUMB if you ask me. Look at the words they mask as offensive on the platform:
Words like idiot, retard, moron, dumb are routinely used words even in casual conversations. But words like “F”, “Chu….”, “Bhe...”, “Madar...” are frequently used on Twitter and those words pass muster. Twitter seriously has a character problem and a judgement problem. I can understand exceptions being made for PMs, Heads of States and other public figures, but Twitter DOES NOT HAVE A UNIFORM POLICY FOR ALL CITIZENS. And the administration of their arbitrary, prejudicial and bias-ridden policies is not left to very prudent and fair senior managers. These are routinely done by “Trigger happy” lower level “political animals” who are too keen to press the “Launch” button instead of the “Lunch” button. In the run up to 2019, more anti-Congress, anti-Commie voices will be suppressed, stunted, censored and perhaps banned on Twitter. It’s a clear warning.