Sunday, December 16, 2018

Handling Congress Wiseguys

In many past posts, I have explained what a “Wiseguy” is. To refresh, a Wiseguy is a criminal in the Mafia hierarchy or family. Effectively, he is the footsie who runs all the errands for the Bosses with his small crew. You know, simple errands like murdering someone, smuggling goods, robbing banks or cash-storage facilities, extortion, blackmail, bribing cops, bribing judges. They are specialists only in their experienced tasks but otherwise brainless and often called “morons”. Martin Scorsese made a movie of some such real-life morons with an alternate title “GoodFellas”. So, they have also come to be called GoodFellas.

Though Wiseguys are experienced and very committed to their Boss, they usually goof up and bungle quite often. For instance, the Goodfellas in the Scorsese movie murder a “made man” of another family (which is an offence punishable by death in the mafia) and quietly bury him in a municipal land. Months later the municipality decides to develop that piece of land. So, the morons go and dig up that body to bury it elsewhere. The same goes for Congress Wiseguys – The footsies of Sonia Gandhi. They will run all kinds of errands for her and they will invariably goof up, being brainless by nature. Lately, they also run simple errands for RahulG, the heir to the Congress mafia. Take for instance Wiseguys like Abhishek Singhvi, Kapil Sibal or the ever-whining Randeep Surjewala:
The exit polls to the recent elections in MP, Rajasthan and Chattisgarh were just out and these Wiseguys were issuing threats to officers of the ED and other agencies against prosecuting Vadra or any of their mafia family members. You see, Wiseguys like Singhvi and Sibal are good at their regular jobs like getting a midnight bail by pressurising judges or sexploiting women in their chambers with the promise of a judge position. They can also be very brainless with theories like “Zero loss” or “termites ate all the accounts books”. I am sure SoniaG puts these morons across her lap and whacks them blue when they goof up. But given these are her Wiseguys, they will be restored to their criminal jobs of threatening officials and even claiming “Modi cannot protect them” as if Modi protects any of them. Such is the extortion, threats and “Goondagiri” of the Congress Wiseguys. Then there are other assorted Wiseguys of the Congress like this guy Prashant Bhushan:
Bhushan is actually from another mafia family but since that family has no business, he is often “rented” by Congress to do their dirty work. So, the moment Sonia sneezes, Bhushan runs to the SC with a PIL on something or the other. I call him the “iPIL” man. Whether it’s the Judge Loya case or the Rafale case, Bhushan is kept employed with frivolous PILs. One has to wonder who funds this guy. Surely, Bhushan cannot be doing all this as hobby or in any public interest. The SC recently slapped a fine of 25 lakhs on Bhushan and his NGO called “CJAR”. I wonder what CJAR stands for – Cookie Jar – where every enemy of India drops in Cookies? It doesn’t take much for the IT Dept and GOI to find out the source of funds for all the misadventures of Bhushan. I am sure, some forces that are anti-India are funnelling funds through some route.

Then, there’s a whole channel called NDTV with male and female Wiseguys like Sreenivasan Jain, Prannoy Roy, Nidhi, Sunetra etc. who have been long time henchmen and women for Sonia and Congress. They will find the most twisted, irrational and moronic arguments to defend Congress and Pappu. And the NDTV guys are more brainless than your average Wiseguy. For instance, only a Nidhi can come up with something as stupid as asking the GOI to define “Default” and scream about “Default 24”. Recently, the other brainless Wisegirl Sunetra claimed trying Michel in India would amount to “Double Jeopardy” without even knowing what that means. The NDTV Wiseguys are dumber than your usual suspects:
Then there are others like Barkha Dutt, Varadabhai of the TheMire and Shekhar Gupta who is now busy “Printing” lies by the minute. All of these little Wiseguys desperately want their fiefdom back – to indulge in corruption, free lunches, free joyrides on govt flights, brown envelopes – EVERTHING! What about some sundry Wiseguys of other parties who act as spokies of Congress on TV? These are the biggest moronic Wiseguys of the lot who are the “Kadi Patta” in Congress recipes; worthless guys that have as much utility as a bathroom drain plunger that is seldom used:
Tanveer Ahmed even turned up with a towel wrapped around his head on Republic TV after the recent election results. When I ridiculed him, he responded stating he had injuries on his head. Well, even with injuries he wants to bat for Congress who were the JDS enemies till recently. Less said about the dumb Ghanshyam Tiwari the better. He’s supposedly a Harvard graduate but has the brains of a Cuckoo that belongs to the SP but keeps laying its eggs in the Congress nest. He’s a “Wiseguy for rent”. As for Suneet Chopra, I wonder who found this useless piece of trash that keeps whining all the time. He’s a Commie CPM footsie but from somewhere Arnab Goswami dug out this redundant fossil to embellish his already idiotic debates with more idiocy.

There’s another Wiseguy who floats around as a “Defence expert” and goes by the name of Ajai Shukla. He used to be an NDTV fixture but is now a “Roving Wiseguy”. I have strong suspicions that he is one of those 68 privileged journos of Christian Michel in the Agusta scam but time will tell. Shukla doesn’t describe the SC verdict as a “Slap for Rahul” but rather as a “respite for the BJP”. He calls the judgement “flawed” and that SC judgements do not come from God. Voila! At last someone realised that SC judges are not Gods but humans like us. As stupid as these people can get, they don’t like the SC if it doesn’t go their way. Shukla was on a show with Nidhi on NDTV – talk about two morons discussing SC. Nidhi had famously slammed SC with a British MP and he had to ask her to respect the SC clean chit to Modi on 2002 riots.

And Shukla claims SC judges don’t have military knowledge to pronounce judgements. He forgets that SC had two Air Force Chiefs providing testimony in the Rafale case too. Of course, with such stupidos, SC was a medical and forensic analyst in the Judge Loya case or the judges were Pujaris at Sabarimala to know all about Ayyappa traditions. This, then, is how Congress Wiseguys behave when things don’t go their Mata’s way. Very predictable! As much as these Wiseguys claim that their Boss Pappu had demanded a JPC on Rafale, out comes the news that their own Wiseguy Kharge, as the head of a Parliamentary panel, slams HAL for its failures. And the naturally stupid Pappu shouts about HAL being side-lined in the Rafale deal:
The behaviour of these Wiseguys is dictated by the behaviour of Pappu himself. Naturally stupid, and habitual liar, RahulG has emerged as the biggest Wiseguy of the lot. With nothing to lose and no clear agenda on anything – the Congress has coached Pappu to utter only one sentence repeatedly – “Rafale scam and Chowkidar Chor”. He repeated the “Chowkidar Chor” slogan again even after the SC verdict dismissing petitions seeking a SIT into the Rafale deal. That is the only agenda for the Congress and their only slogan right up to LS2019. They hope they can somehow paint Modi as “corrupt” and make that an election issue. It’s comic that the most corrupt party in the world and the most corrupt family running it even calls someone else corrupt. Still, however, the mafia must be brought down and it must be brought down cleverly, smoothly and without any hesitation or demure. A journalist, Mohan Sinha, describes the dirtiness of the Congress politics pretty well:
This is the lesson that Modi & co haven’t learned. You cannot deal with the Congress mafia and their hoodlums by being nice. The Congress is a demon when in power. When out of power they become even worse. They resort to abuse, resort to character-assassination and brazen out their corruption as if they are angels send by Caligula. The kind of LIES they constantly blabber just to dodge their own crimes would shame even a Ponzi operator. ModiSarkar and BJP would be well advised not to treat these criminally-accused with kid gloves anymore. Whining in media and seeking apology from criminals is the trait of fools. They need to go after the criminals hammer and tongs. And for a start, they must regularly inform the public about the misdeeds of Congress and how they are trying to sabotage the Rafale deal and compromise national security. The govt should use its money to advertise the SC verdict and how Congress is obfuscating and peddling falsehoods to the public. They need to gently educate the masses:
Advertisement also has the propensity to have adverse effects if there is an overkill. Therefore, this has to be done in instalments just to ensure that the crimes of Congress stay at the top of the mind recall and do not become extinct. The land grab, “Tax Chori” and that National Herald scam must also be highlighted, although this part needs to be done at the BJP expense and not the govt. The Rafale BLITZ can be under govt expense as the as the lies and allegations rejected by SC are against the govt and not the party. Let the Congis respond with ads. Let them drain their money.  When things go wrong for them, the mafia Wiseguys soon start behaving like idiots out of their depths. I can almost imagine SoniaG desperately calling every moron and threatening them with dire consequences when this happens (Video 30 secs):

So, how do you then bring the Wiseguys to book and stop their criminal activities? Not all of them are viciously criminal, some are just jokers floating around. You do it the same way the FBI did with the mafia in the US. Put a tab on all the Mafia Bosses. Pit one Wiseguy against another. Read out their crimes to them and threaten them a good life in prison. Consequently, some Wiseguys will turn rats and be willing to snitch on others. Bug some of them and collect evidence against the other bigger Wiseguys and their bosses. Keep them under constant pressure. After all, who is a better teacher than Sonia on this? She hounded people like Mulayam and Mayawati with the CBI on their illegal assets cases and twisted their arms. Be absolutely RUTHLESS with Congress Wiseguys. They are neither used to decent behaviour nor used to normal systems of justice. Publicise every small and big crime of the Wiseguys widely in the regional media. Stop sleeping with Wiseguys like NDTV or India Today. Lipstick does not sell in politics.

And that is that. Put the Wiseguys on the run, hound them and investigate them for any and every crime they may have committed. After all, there is hardly a Wiseguy of Congress who is free from corruption or some crime. If you let these jerks off the hook, it would be the biggest mistake to make in politics. Let them cry vendetta, let them cry politics. Show no mercy, no remorse. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Ten Messages For Modi

There is an old Biblical saying “Be angry, yet do not sin. Do not let the sun set upon your anger and do not give the devil a foothold”. And the Devil did get a foothold in three key states of BJP – MP, Rajasthan and Chattisgarh. While this wasn’t entirely unexpected every defeat must hurt. The BJP, facing anti-incumbency, had everything to lose. The Congress, with nothing to lose, had everything to gain. These State results need not alarm anyone but the BJP – they gave the Devil a foothold through their own follies. However, even for the BJP and PM Modi, these results are neither a disaster nor extremely alarming. They had the longest run of victories in the past few years, so a few losses are not abnormal in politics. The results are also not any vindication of Pappu or his politics. It is merely anti-incumbency coupled with voter-anger with various policies and actions of ModiSarkar. This will be a long post but I will try to keep my assessment as short as possible and the way ahead for BJP and ModiSarkar. I will attempt to list the failures and corrections needed as I see them.

Modi’s Congress tactics & contempt for the middle class

In a campaign speech at Rewa (MP) on November 20, PM Modi reiterated his usual boring line: “The rich don’t need the govt, the govt is only for the poor. The rich can get their children to schools and higher education abroad but it is only my govt that cares for the education of the poor”. What is this nonsensical contempt for the rich and invariably the middle class that doesn’t matter to BJP, which is also the core of their voters? The Congress constantly claims being a champion of the poor, the farmers, the backward classes and so on. Modi is pretty much doing the same. By all means serve the poor and farmers all that you can – no one complains. But stop behaving like the rest of the population is a bunch of criminals and nothing more. In most economic issues it is the middle class that bears the brunt of any bad policy or natural effects of various disasters. One can be pro-poor without having to make anyone else the villain or enemy of society.

Incompetent Ministers with nothing to offer

Surrounding oneself with incompetent non-performers is the trait of a weak person. What exactly do people like Javdekar, R. Rathore, Maneka Gandhi, Smriti Irani etc bring to the table? Nothing really. This bragging about not having changed anything in text books is outright foolishness. There are disgusting travesties fed to children through our text books and a party voted to full majority is afraid of bring the truth to these books? Obviously, education is not a strong point of Modi himself so he shows a distinct lack of interest in it. The education system – school and higher, is in utter shambles and directionless. Four years is too late to even talk about changes now. Besides, some of these foolish ministers have gone “Samparking” with BJP-haters like Kiran Shaw, Imam Bhukari, Archbishops, even Saba Naqvi? Horrendous! Why is it you are so desperate to earn the goodwill of those who clinically hate you but ignore the ones who support you at all times? What is this neurological disorder among BJP guys that makes them seek love from the ones that hate them the most and ignore their core vote bank? INEXPLICABLE!

Fake Gandhigiri

Having observed Modi since 2001, I have not seen such fakery from him over his Gandhigiri. Swachh Bharat because “Gandhi wanted it”. What nonsense! Is Modi saying that people are so dumb that they won’t appreciate the value of cleanliness unless Gandhi is invoked? That is as dumb as saying that rape is okay because the “Ten Commandments” didn’t say anything about rape. Trying to play Mahatma and appear to be a noble soul (I don’t consider MKG to be a noble soul) is a “Burqa” that Modi wears and he is better off without it. MK Gandhi DOES NOT represent progress of mankind in any way whatsoever. MKG is the prime example of a Commie whose ideas were close to those of the redundant CPM and Yechury and Karat types. MKG also does not represent the progress and valour of our armed forces. Every political party knows that the usual tribute on his birthdays and death anniversary is all MKG deserves. To claim that Gandhi is the foundation stone of your vision, economic or social policy or anything is bound to lead to more disasters.

Congress Mukt Bharat was a joke?

 The entire campaign for LS2014 was based on Vikas and “Congress Mukt Bharat”. In 2016, then minister Venkiah Naidu grandly announced they don’t want that. What do you want? The issue is not whether you want the slogan. The idea behind “Congress Mukt Bharat” is that their massive corruption and crimes against India must constantly be on the top burner. This should never go out of public memory or concern. When you surrender a key slogan, you also forget why you created it and what message it was supposed to convey. When you lose that message, then you also lose the most potent message and tool that got you into power in the first place.

Muslim Appeasement

This is perceived as the most serious crime by Modi & co. From Devendra Fadnavis to the GOI, the Muslim appeasement is simply alarming. During the LS2014 campaign Modi ridiculed the Sickulars for wearing a “Secularism ka Burqa” when real issues came up. How is he any different? In 2012, at a meeting organised by the late Cho Ramaswamy, this is what Modi had to say about the fakery of Secularism (video 1 min):

Secularism is not harmony among religions as Modi claimed then. Secularism means the State will not use religion as a policy tool. He also mentions that secularism has become a tool of minority appeasement. What exactly different is Modi doing now? Every step of the way – Muslim this, Muslim that! And yet, some of the Muslims in media paint not only ModiSarkar but India itself as a hell for them:

I have ridiculed “Ek haath Guran, Ek haath Phantom” so much that Modi probably doesn’t use that stupid slogan anymore. And Muslim-ONLY universities? How SICK can you probably get? Are children of all other Faiths so abundant in educational opportunities and seats that you want Muslim-Only universities? From various schemes to public dialogue, this Muslim-appeasement has become a sore point for Hindus who seem to get nothing from any govt. At the same time, the Hindus aren’t demanding any special privileges but just an equal treatment of everyone.

Once again, Modi has been using this shameless Congress trick – Farmers, poor, Muslims, SC/ST are all that matter for votes – others can go to hell. Remember, you beat Congress severely with a different message, following their age-old caste and religion politics will get you only failures. Because, the Congress is a better player at that lousy game. Hindus voted in huge numbers for BJP since 2014. More this silly appeasement, the more you keep alienating a large population who will simply refuse to come out and vote. All this is in addition to a non-existent Pak policy, making insensitive announcements of Kartarpur corridor on the day of mourning for 26/11, instant passports to Muslim, mindless visas to vicious Bangla Mullahs like Abdur Razak.

Excessive Self-pity

In 2014, the “Chaiwalla” ridicule was handy to use as a public challenge and a tool to show how Congress looked down upon other Indians and those of lesser means. But Modi has not been a Chaiwalla for over 40 years. In election campaign after campaign, Modi frequently plays victim for being abused by Congis about his mother, his father and so on. This does not sell anymore. In fact, Modi spends longer minutes on how his mother, wife or family is being abused than on issues to trash the Congress with. Nobody likes a whiner. By all means, point out the abuse but don’t make it the central issue in your speeches. Consequently, the history of Congress corruption is slowly being pushed out of people’s minds while a Pappu keeps tom-toming the canard of “Modi gave 30000 crores to Ambani”. You are not a Chaiwalla or a victim – you are the most powerful man in India. Talk and act accordingly. People want to hear about good things done, good things planned and a sprinkle of trashing the opponent with the truth. Self-pity doesn’t wear well on a Prime Minister.

Stop Ram Mandir Circus

Lately, from Yogi Adityanath to various Hindu groups, including ShivSena, have been screaming hoarse about building the Ram Mandir. Excessive noise leads to illogical expectations and consequently disappointment. The RJB issue is in SC and it is doubtful anything can be done other than an Ordinance that over-rides everything else. Talk to these groups and have them simmer down on the issue. It might create sentimental value or stoke emotions but does not get votes when nothing happens. Ram Mandir is important to Hindus and a passionate issue. Being silent and distanced from the issue makes Modi a mere passive observer and not a mediator. It is within the power of the PM to influence these groups to temper their ruckus and seek patience rather than public hysteria. Even the RSS has been holding out veiled threats over Ram Mandir. Subramanian Swamy has threatened to pull down the govt if he is not supported by the govt in the SC on his petition. Excessive noise on the issue gets the BJP nowhere and it only helps alienate some with disappointment or anger. Don’t be a silent spectator – talk to the groups and ask them to simmer down.

Communication & Response Failure

Modi may not like media and may not hold pressers. That is his choice. But there are sometimes issues that need to be nipped in the bud. It not need be a presser but Modi does need to often come out of his hole and talk to the people directly through a media statement on critical issues. The bogus charge of “Modi paid 30000 crs to Ambani” is stupid but it cannot be left to rookies and whiners like Sambit Patra to combat. Modi must step up to the plate and clearly tell the world the systematic lies about Rafale and this 30000 cr nonsense. It cannot be left for an election speech. The same approach is being taken where judiciary assaults and tramples Hindu culture and practices. From Diwali to Sabarimala, there is a marked insensitive indifference. Sabarimala needed an intervention to send a message to both Hindus and the judiciary. Modi failed in both. Everything cannot be left to an election campaign speech. Some wounds need emergency attention. One-way communication like “Mann ki Baat” where Modi plays Sant Baparam cannot be the only method of communication. Strong, robust responses to canards must come from the PM and not low-level spokies or eternal media-tourists like Arun Jaitley.

Prosecuting the corrupt cannot be a slogan

This is one area that is filled with hypocrisy by ModiSarkar. For over 5 years they have been singing songs about Vadra & co and still keep raiding him with no outcome. PC, Karti, Raja, Maran all strut around grandly sermonising the world on politics and economics while facing corruption charges. The effort to prosecute the corrupt seems half-hearted. The praise for corrupt NDTV just because of Swachh Bharat also reeks of a lost mind that has got it all wrong. Getting back Christian Michel or Vijay Mallya means NOTHING. Where ModiSarkar is failing is that the agencies do not seem to have solid evidence-backed approach.

As Deep Throat famously advised Bob Woodward in Watergate – “In a conspiracy like this, you build from the outer edges and go step by step…. If you shoot too high and miss, everyone feels more secure”. Today, Sonia and Rahul happily strut around without any fear and feel more secure. Congress coming to power in Rajasthan will also wipe out some Vadra cases. While ranting Sonia and Rahul are on bail, the govt is least interested in supporting Swamy in prosecuting the NatHerald case. Arun Jaitley is perceived to be protecting the corrupt like PC and is on record stating how the Chinese Gandhis can escape the NH case. Don’t use corruption as “theatre” with mere raids, ask the agencies to build a water-tight, evidence-based cases and arrest the criminals.


There are many other issues like UCC or 370 that were on BJP’s manifesto but they can still wait. Nobody is in a rush. But Modi & co should know there is a wear and tear to everything and a fatigue to even election victories. ModiSarkar has ushered in some of the best economic and social policies. From Jan Dhan to insurance for all to better road and rail services etc, it should start highlighting those and understand sentiments of the middle class and the poor. Not everyone sits around with data about GDP and certificates from Moody’s or IMF to decide how to vote. People like Arun Jaitley who have no connection to the ground are running the most important ministries. Subramanian Swamy urges voters not to turn into “Jaichands” over these election losses:

Well, who exactly is being Jaichand here? Time and again, Hindus have stood firmly behind BJP and Modi. They gave warning signals in Gujarat and Karnataka. ModiSarkar did not listen and did not care. It is the BJP that appears more and more ashamed to even mention the terms Hindu or Hindutva (while the Congis go around in saffron and temple-runs). The public is not the Jaichand – it is ModiSarkar that has become the Jaichand. Still, I don’t believe a majority of Hindus and others want to see Congress in power anywhere. The recent State-wins are just out of fatigue and anti-incumbency and nothing more.

Find the courage to sack some useless ministers and set the course right again. Get people like Shivraj Chauhan to the Centre and give him important roles. He is still very popular and MP will immediately regret losing him as CM and people will realise the goons they get in exchange. LS2019 is still only for BJP and Modi to win. However, shun the arrogance that has come to litter the party and govt and start responding to people. It is not “Sabka Vikas” that got Modi from Gujarat to PMship. It is robust Hindutva and avoidance of “Secularism ka Burqa”. Never forget that.