Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Congress Treachery

Media footsies of Congress were busy last week trying to covertly defend or cover up the “Neech” comment by ManiShankar Aiyar. They went on a digging spree to find out who called others names first. They pointed PM Modi calling SoniaG names like “Jersey Gai” in 2004. Of course, they forget that it’s the Congress that started this filthy practice. ManiShankar called AB Vajpayee a “Nalayak” in 1998. ABV was one of the most honourable politicians and PMs ever. I have never known ABV to use harsh language for anyone despite being a tall leader of greater stature than anyone around him in the Parliament or in politics during his period. Since 2002, the Congis have heaped dozens of abusive names on Modi, some of it coming directly from the foul-mouthed, uneducated SoniaG. Not brainy enough to write her own speeches she relied on scripts written by others without knowing the consequences. Each time she hurled an abuse directly or through her Pidis, Modi just kept growing stronger and winning some more. Let’s forget all the name-calling.

SoniaG grandly taught her duffer son “Power is poison” as the Ponzi-Hindu son claimed in the Congress meet in 2013. Looks like this vicious, hate-filled woman desperately desired nothing but this “poison” all along. And 3 years out of power, thrashed in elections in many states, the worst electoral-slaughter being in UP, has driven these power-hungry Congis into extreme desperation. And it is all showing up in the Gujarat campaign. There is a reason and source for this desperation. You see, in the past, the Congis were confident of toppling any non-Congress govt at the Centre or State because they couldn’t muster a full majority. Here’s a history of non-Congress PMs:

Prior to ABV becoming PM again in October 1999, not one single PM from the above list could complete a full term. ABV was voted out twice through no-confidence motions. Once in 1996 and once in 1999. Some of these PMs couldn’t even manage a year in office. This is what has driven the Chinese Gandhis to extreme desperation. Modi has a total, unbreakable majority and they cannot topple his govt. In many states too, a non-Congress govt has unbreakable majority, particularly the BJP. Congress couldn’t even manage border-line cases like Goa, Arunachal or Manipur. Such has been the dominance of BJP under the leadership of Modi. Come Gujarat and the Congis hatched a grand plan to fool the Hindu-majority state with their “Clown King” parading as a Hindu-Bhakt running around temples - 24 in all. I don’t think RahulG would have visited so many temples in all his life. On December 11, drama-queen RG grandly carried the “Swastika” flag at the JaiRanchod temple:

Even the worst scumbag wouldn’t indulge in fraudulent acts like these for votes. In the whole Gujarat campaign, not once have the Congis uttered their pet word “Muslim”. All this, while Kapil Sibal tried to stall the Ram Mandir hearing in the SC. Everyone knows both Sonia and Congress bear extreme hatred towards Hindus. And as if to demonstrate this some more, RG brings in his friend and Congress spokie from JK, a guy called Salman Nizami to secretly address a Muslim gathering in Kutch. Now, this Nizami has abused India, called President Mukherjee a “bastard”, has vowed that Afzal Guru will be avenged and wants Kashmir to be broken away from India. This traitor and anti-national is the mascot of RG and Congress. The title “traitors” suits the party quite well. A quick and brief look at this Nizami and one would be horrified that the guy could be called to campaign for any party at all:

There is more to this scumbag Nizami. PGurus reports (extract): According to IB officials, Salman Nizami actively participated in igniting the Kashmir students in JNU and was behind funding and harbouring… photos also show him with Digvijaya Singh, when he visited JNU and addressed the students. It also shows the murky role of Digvijaya Singh in creating chaos in JNU by aligning with anti-national forces. The JNU’s controversial Afzal Guru remembrance ceremony in February 2016 was actively supported by Salman Nizami and he was actively associated with student leaders like Kanhaiya Kumar, Umar Khalid, Anirban Bhattacharya and Shehla Rashid. IB officials indicated that Salman Nizami had collected funds for igniting JNU students from Kashmir and harbored them in safe zones. He was in touch with many journalists in Kashmir and New Delhi. His mobile call records also show that he was in regular touch with them in creating faking news to create panic.

Such a dubious character like Nizami was given a pass by most media. Only TimesNow and a couple of others reported this anti-national being used by Congress for votes. That apart, all the regular Congress bootlickers like Shekhar Gupta, Rajdeep Sardesai, Rahul Kanwal, Sagarika, Nidhi Razdan and the usual Commie gang kept ranting Modi is campaigning excessively in Gujarat and that he is worried BJP will lose Gujarat. In all the years I have observed him, Modi has never run a half-hearted campaign, never taken any state or voter for granted and as a leader he has never left the job half-finished. To understand his method of election-campaigning, I recommend you go through the post “Why Modi won’t leave it to No.10” again. It’s a leadership quality to emulate if one is leading a campaign. The Sickulars and their media want that Modi loosen his vigil and campaign so that things are a lot easier for the Congress and their Ponzi-Newborn-ShivBhakt. Modi has sworn to put Congress away and he will do everything he can to make that happen.

The Congress knows it cannot win Gujarat. Their media bootlickers know Congress cannot win Gujarat. The assorted Commies know Congress cannot win Gujarat. So, the advisors to the Congis game up with the game-plan of the “Caste” factor again pitting Patels against Patels and promising bogus, illegal Reservations for the Patidars; in addition to RG playing the Ponzi-Bhakt. This has already backfired. And true to its nature, the Congress keeps running Ponzi schemes to fool voters and there isn’t one iota of truth or sincerity in anything that Pappu says or does. He also claimed Gujarat and BJP have not given any compensation for the July 2017 flood victims. That’s another outright LIE. Amidst all this, elsewhere, ManiShankar was hatching a grand meeting with the Pakis at his residence. This happened on December 6 at the height of the Gujarat campaign and just a few days before actual polls.

MSA and other Congis have frequently slept with the enemy. They have slept with the Separatists in Kashmir. They have slept with Pakis in Pakistan, hobnobbed with ISI operatives and MSA also told a Pak TV channel: “Bring us (Congress) to power and remove him (Modi)” for better relations with Pak. Even the stunned anchor said it’s for “you” and not for Pak to do that. Such treachery is dangerously disturbing. This meeting with the Paki HC, a former Pak Minister and others was attended by MMS, Hamid Ansari and Sickular anti-nationals from the media and politics. STUNNING! The Congi gang first denied this clandestine meeting and then tried to brazen it out and claimed it’s a private meeting that doesn’t need informing anyone. Really? A few months back, RG also met the Chinese envoy clandestinely, during the Doklam stand-off. The Congis denied such a meeting and then admitted it when evidence showed up on the official Chinese website confirming the meeting. And such are the devious ways of the Congress, they even got the Chinese to delete their press note on the meeting from their website.

Chronic liars and deceivers! And then MMS wrote to PM Modi stating the meeting only discussed Indo-Pak relations and not Gujarat elections. Even if Modi has made mistakes in handling Pakistan, as MMS and Congis claim, there is nothing he has done that was clandestine or done like a “thief in the night” as the Congis have been doing. Ask the question – Where do these Chinese Gandhis go when they travel abroad? Nobody ever knew, no media ever asked. They go secretly like thieves in the night and return in the same fashion. They can have privacy in their family life but surely, as leaders of a political party, they cannot hoodwink the nation on their trips. It is disgusting that a spineless, corruption-supporting former PM behaves in this fashion and still claims he is honourable. To say MMS is a downright scumbag and nothing but a low-level poodle of Sonia and the family would be an understatement. He has brought insult and shame to the PMO in his tenure and rightfully deserved the title “Dehati Aurat”, a whiner with nothing to show for his tenure or life.

Who in hell knows what they discussed or whether they kissed each other or had an antinational-orgy to topple Modi? Imagine, a US delegation clandestinely meeting Iranian politicians to topple Donald Trump. This Congi gang meeting a bunch of Pakis is not very different. And they don’t fool anyone with what their agenda really is. This is treachery of the highest order and that a former PM from the Congress and a former VP from the same party chose to keep it a secret meeting till caught like thieves says a lot about the Congress, about SoniaG and about RahulG. To me, the whole gang is a bunch of traitors who have indirectly supported enemies and terrorists to undermine a democratically elected govt and a very popular PM. And the Congi doormats in the media think Modi should neither raise this issue nor make it a political issue during Gujarat elections:

Although it didn’t happen and will never happen – Just imagine if AB Vajpayee had met the Pakis or Chinese in a similarly secret manner like a thief. What would these Congi Pidis like Rajdeep, Saba or Urdu-Ponzi Siddiqui say? They would bay for the blood of ABV and Modi and would have demanded the resignation of Modi. TREASON happens in many ways and there is no one way it can happen. Most of the men who met the Pakis have held govt positions, one being former PM and a former VP. They hold many govt classified information between them? It is reasonable and fair to suspect these clowns were not meeting the Pakis merely for Biryani. Their purpose is obviously political and a conspiracy that might seek to undermine India or the PM. What other purpose do they have? Surely, hugging each other or kissing each other can be done in public without having to resort to closed-door, secret meetings that have to be discovered accidentally. Shame on these traitors – all of them, including those who defend this nonsense of Congi traitors.

There is another important question that none of these jokers are asking. If the focus of the meeting was merely “Indo-Pak” relations as claimed why were only Congis and their stooges present? Why not representatives from DMK or RJD or CPM or the Owaisi gang? All these parties are darlings of Pak too. It’s crystal clear that the meet was nothing but an act of treachery to plot the removal of PM Modi and how to grapple with the Gujarat elections. These media poodles of Congress can rant all they want and demand apologies for their orgasms but the Congi conspirators and their media Pidis deserve a resounding slap for the entire episode.

It’s easy to forget Sonia’s hunger for the “poison” she calls power. In 1997, even when she wasn’t party president, Sonia threatened to pull out of the IK Gujral govt if he didn’t drop DMK ministers. Why? Because Sonia claimed the DMK was supportive of the LTTE that killed Rajiv Gandhi. She did pull down the Gujral govt forcing another election in 1998. She also forced Sitaram Kesari out of office, literally. And when the Congress came to power, DMK was one of the strongest allies and together they scammed and looted the country left, right, centre and above in the skies. A woman without any principles in politics became the Congress President and now the duffer son is the President. And their hypocrisy and hunger for power has gotten worse enough to now serenade rogue elements and terrorists of Pakistan and those sponsored by Pakistan. The entire Congress govt, particularly P. Chidambaram, conspired to celebrate Ishrat Jehan as a martyr when all evidences pointed to her being a LeT terrorist. Now the only political policy that Congress has is – Topple PM Modi at any cost by hook or crook, by terrorists or enemies, ANYTHING!

The desperation is not with BJP or with PM Modi. Gujarat is his home-state and he is justified in ensuring that no effort is spared in retaining the BJP govt there. The entire gang of Commie-Sickulars, Hindu-haters and much of MSM is pitted against ONE MAN who refuses to relent. These gangs know all too well that Congress cannot win Gujarat and they cover their sorrows with fakery like this:

Pappu has become King. Pappu has achieved puberty. Pappu has arrived. And even if Congress loses, Pappu is still the winner. All it took was another presser of RG to show he is ignorant and had to be fed chits by RS Surjewal and the latter answered most questions without much knowledge. If this makes them happy, so be it. I don’t think Modi bothers even if they declare Congress the winner after BJP wins handsomely and retains Gujarat. In 2012, P. Chidambaram (himself accused of election fraud) claimed "BJP attained less than 117 seats in Gujarat, we (Congress) have made significant gains, it’s our victory”. Well, if the traitors of India, who need Paki help, who need the help of Kashmiri Separatists in Gujarat, consider that their victory. I don’t think BJP or Modi will complain about 117 seats. It will not alter Congress treachery. And no Ponzi ShivBhakt will make any difference what post he holds in Congress. 


  1. As usual excellent write up.PC is known to make friendship with LET the terrorist organisation of Pak.Con Gress has many traitors and have to be taken to task.

  2. Brilliant as usual. Hope some Congies read this and commit suicide!

    1. Dear Patnaik,

      He won't commit suicide. Instead The Luyten's Media is slowly exposing it's true colours by spinning the Congress & pappu's defeat as some kind of loss for BJP. Hope the average Indian is aware of this non-sense.

      I am Eagerly waiting for your next post which I hope should be named " Luyten's Vs Modi 2019- The final Showdown".

  3. Thank god you have put this in public domain in perfect order.

    Ever since namo victory I was expecting some sort of treachery from Congress & they have not disappointed me.

    MMS was the Leader of opposition who took all grieving family members of hijacked plane to ABV' house for dharana to put pressure on ABV government & told him to do anything possible to relive hijacked passenger.In all party meeting Sonia & other bastetds backed goverment to anything to relive passenger. But the Sonia MMS duo started blaming ABV for the release of terrorists.The whole Indian media helped put pressure on ABV by amplfying screaming relatives of hijacked passengers.I remember that basterd doctor whom media projected who said that"If politicians can release terrorist to save politician's daughter, why goverment can'tsatisfy hijackers demands.

    Such was the treachery that time by Congress & Media.

    Thank god NaMo is vigilant

  4. Anti-Hindu TRAITOROUS Congress is torn apart and laid bare by Mediacrooks. Great laudable effort. CONgress played every card. They instigated Patels, OBCs, Dalits through Hardik, Alpesh and Jignesh. They wooed Muslins through Salman Nizami and even PAKIs, Christians through Archbishop. Hindus in general through 24 in all temple visits claiming to be Janeudhari Brahmin. Every trick of the trade used to divide People to their advantage. At the end it is the people who will lose with this kind of divisive politics. That is quite apt CONGIs are like "the thief in the night". We have to keep vigil not to allow the thief to enter our place.

  5. First and foremost grateful appreciation to Ravinar for his usual forthright plain speak. The treachery and deviousness of the sickulars has been laid bare repeatedly by him and some others. However, Hindus are historically again and again let down by their own. Modi was given a full majority by the voters on the basis of his promises, record as Gujarat CM and nationalist background. He has disappointed. He is in Jaitley’s grip. No action regarding UCC, 370, Kashmiri Hindus, Bangladeshi illegals, Ganga clean up, black money retrieval, scamsters prosecution and last, but certainly not least, Sri Ram Janambhoomi. Swamy is running around the courts to pursue Sri Ram Janambhoomi, scamsters and corrupts. The BJP is willing to take credit for his efforts without lifting a finger. On the contrary government agencies are thwarting his efforts by slowing or sabotaging files and cases. Where Pakistan is concerned, Modi has shied away from declaring it a sponsor of terrorism. He in fact did the most stupid and childish act by dropping in uninvited in Lahore for Nawaz’s family wedding. Unbecoming conduct for the PM of an ancient nation like a India. Rascal media like NDTV and people like Barkha are patronised by government ministers. The issue of OROP was badly handled by the Jaitley creature. The fact is Modi has disappointed as PM. History haunts Hindus again. We supported Gandhi and he f.....d us properly. Modi wants to be known as a international statesman. He calls Obama a friend. Nehru’s friend Mountbatten advised him to take the Kashmir issue to the UN although our jawans were poised to take POK. Modi pretends to be a Sardar Patel, total BS, he is just a loudmouth poseur now. We have to carry on supporting and voting for the BJP as the alternative is a nightmare and Hinduism will be existential danger if the damn sickulars return. Our bad luck, our disappointments, our let down leaders, our Prithvirajs and Jaichands bite us again and again.

    1. I fully agree with Kumar.Modiji has not delivered on many fronts especially taking actions over the scams and frauds of opposition and media.bestowing Sharad pawar with padmabhushan was another disgusting act of hypocrisy and sycophancy.ndtv is still being sponsored through govt adds.what Modiji wants to show by doing these cheap stunts is beyond the understanding of any honest Indian.Modiji is letting the voters down

    2. Unfortunately this a fact. SICKularism virus has affected even BJP. CONgress other SICKulars hate Hindus while BJP royally ignored Hindus chasing a mirage called minority votes. Hindus are back to square one even after voting BJP massively. CONGIs are still ruling the roost.

    3. Dear Mr Kumar, Prabhudesai & Subramanian,

      We don't live in a dream world & Modi is a Politician, not a film hero or saint who fights all evil with only truth.

      He is a true Politician like Krishna & not ideal king Rama.

    4. Abhijeet, our Lord Sri Krishna was an incomparable titan, was a true politician, a true warrior and above all a true saint and yogi who told Arjun to be a true Kshatriya (soldier) and confront even his elder Bhisham, i.e. the same guy who sat doing nothing when the 'ghar ki bahu' Drupadi was being disrobed in full court. Unfortunately, for the many Hindus who invested so much emotion, hope and effort in him, Modi turned out to be another false hope who enjoys the kursi and international glamour and jet setting and who makes more and more tall but empty promises like a dream merchant. I feel sorry for the cadres, ordinary folk, of the BJP and RSS who begged and still beg from door to door for votes for Modi and the BJP. I wonder what is that creature Jaitley's hold on Modi and Amit as they both dance to his tunes and the corrupt and anti nationals are not even remotely touched? One could be excused for thinking it is de facto a Jaitley government.

    5. MR KUMAR I am afraid your perception is not right on Modi.He is a Yogi Par Excellence and not at all after power.If you find a more capable leader than Modi, take him to Modi and he will not hesitate to handover the reigns to him.His understanding of issues both National and International is remarkable and he has truly brought the entire attention of international community on India by his shrewed political diplomacy.The rating agencies and the World bank have endorsed his economic policies.RSS has nothing to gloat over Modi and his governance.I am of the firm view that it was only Modi who gave direction to the RSS and not vice versa.You may also read the brilliant interview of Walter Anderson of USA in this regard.For 60 long years RSS achievement is nothing more than conducting the same dumb sakhas without any orientation to their folks.Many RSS senior members have violated the personal code of celibacy as instructed by Guruji and became power mongers like congis.It is only Modi's discipline and character that is giving direction to RSS.Modi is found wanting only on two areas principally that is Bringing back the black money from abroad and punishing the economic offenders like Vadra PC and the like.Demonetisation exercise already addressed the black money issue and you will see the long arm of the law catches the offenders soon

    6. We are on the same side. You are being unfair on the RSS, it is they who threw up Modi for the nation. It is not their fault if their wards have veered off course and succumbed to temptation and lucre. Even old goats like Vajpayee and Advani fell to the charms of Lutyens Delhi and in my view betrayed the cause. Where Modi is concerned, believe you me, I would like to give him the benefit of the doubt. The last three and half years have been disappointing. Again, in my view, whatever his compulsion, Modi has to show the door to the likes of Jaitley, RS Prasad, Javdekar etc who are a serious impediment, if not a hurdle, in the march of the nation's cause. Till these sort of people are influential, it will be hard for the BJP and Modi to get moving on with the job.

  6. अप्रतिम। प्रत्येक राष्ट्रप्रेमी के लिए पठनीय लेख। धन्यवाद रविजी।

  7. if you have noticed not 1 visit to church/moque in Gujarat & the whole msm is quiet. if it is about modi y he did not visit the gyanvapi mosque at Varanasi. of course no topi gaffes bcoz of pappu. on last day having lost all hope slyly commented Gujarat progress is for 85% & rest 25% r ignored. In arithmetic he is 0 . how he passed primary school need to be investigated

  8. Absolutely Brilliant analysis.You are very right on Modi's style of functioning.If one remembers in UP 2017 elections when Modi did the roadshow in the last leg the same Congi Commie gang shouted that he is afraid that is why he made this road show.Modi as I know is a perfect Yogi and only a spiritual Sadhak can understand him better.Yesterday after finishing his Dharshan at Ma Amba Temple and after finishing his election work he tweeted "Enjoying Spritual Bliss on doing Karma Yog.That is Modi

  9. Dissection. Visceral display. If after reading this, people don't get a hang of what the corrupt,power starved anti Hindu gang going by the name and style of Congress is York, aGid save us all! The narrative if two decades makes it more cooling than just the sickening events if the past fortnight. Thanks for that holistic perspective, as ever

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  11. A few excerpts from the middle of your note, I felt like reading my own Facebook Timeline in the last few days. Thanks for making me think like you.

    Wish you good health so that we can read more of you.

    Absolute home run that by you..

  12. MR KUMAR I am afraid your perception is not right on Modi.He is a Yogi Par Excellence and not at all after power.If you find a more capable leader than Modi, take him to Modi and he will not hesitate to handover the reigns to him.His understanding of issues both National and International is remarkable and he has truly brought the entire attention of international community on India by his shrewed political diplomacy.The rating agencies and the World bank have endorsed his economic policies.RSS has nothing to gloat over Modi and his governance.I am of the firm view that it was only Modi who gave direction to the RSS and not vice versa.You may also read the brilliant interview of Walter Anderson of USA in this regard.For 60 long years RSS achievement is nothing more than conducting the same dumb sakhas without any orientation to their folks.Many RSS senior members have violated the personal code of celibacy as instructed by Guruji and became power mongers like congis.It is only Modi's discipline and character that is giving direction to RSS.Modi is found wanting only on two areas principally that is Bringing back the black money from abroad and punishing the economic offenders like Vadra PC and the like.Demonetisation exercise already addressed the black money issue and you will see the long arm of the law catches the offenders soon

  13. Congress was convinced about its loss in 2014 General Elections.Reason why PC and his gangs followed the scorched earth policy so that the new govt is left with nothing but humungous problems.In Gujarat too Congress is convinced that it can't win.So it has followed a sinister policy/strategy of dividing Hindus.[Consider the fact that this Jignesh Mevani is funded by PFI a Jihadist outfit].BJP is sure to win Gujarat elections but think of the aftermath of massive caste divides that Congress has forced on Gujarat.Expect MSM supported agitations by Patidars,OBCs and Dalits from 2018 onwards till 2019 general elections.Congress is aware that it is not winning 2019.It is bound to indulge in more desperate acts from now on.Modi,BJP ,RSS and Hindus have got job on hand.

  14. Mr.Kumar: I fully respect your considered views.Many in RSS are jealous of Modi's rise without realising the hardwork he has been putting over the years to raise in competence to govern this nation.Persons like Sridhar Chari of RSS wished openly in UP elections 2017 the ill luck for Modi.Now coming to your other point of Jaitley,RSP and PJ of Bjp and the like,we have to remember that Modi has given and will continue to give a corruption free govt in all these years.Though AJ,RSP and PJ may be found wanting in talent and competence to function in thier own area, Modi is well aware that they will support him in his endeavour of corruption free regime which is the most valuable part of Modi.Also you must understand that till 2014 May he was in Gujarath and not aware of the Delhi Politics.He is now coming into a firm grasp of Delhi and its mob and I am sure no one including Shah can never dictate any terms to him and he alone will be the chief decisionmaker and endowed with a total awareness by virtue of his strict personal conduct his perception of politics can never be matched by any one.This is not a mere exaggeration but a considered view.Regards

    1. Brother I respect your sentiments but to be truthful I don’t and can’t your sincere faith in Modi. He has frittered away an historic opportunity given by the hard work of millions of cadres from India and the thousands of our young well paid professionals from abroad who took an unpaid holiday from their job in 2014 to campaign for him, believing in him. Now we discover he is not what we believed. Although personally he is scrupulously honest and scam free, he has succumbed to the glamour of kursi. The mighty sage Vishwamitr succumbed to the charms of Maneka, human weakness and failing. I would desperately like to be proven wrong in my assessment. However I have now moved on and hope the Yogi becomes PM and does not let us down. Because the kursi somehow does something to these BJP walas’ brains and they do a somersault and start behaving like Gandhi. A recent case is the previously fiery Smriti Irani, now a damp cat. My devout Hindu and nationalist minded wife always chides me for my naivety in believing any politician be it BJP or Congi or any other. She thought there may be a reasonable chance that Modi was different but he turned out to be another false hope. Sincere regards.

    2. Mr S.Kumar,

      As I stated earlier, we don't live in a dream world & Modi is a Politician, not a film hero or saint who fights all evil with only truth.

      So You can continue dreaming whatever you want & crib like a loser.

    3. History is witness to the fact that Hindus lack the killer instinct. Prithviraj defeated Ghori and let him go away scot free. Ghori returned and defeated Prithviraj and finished. Such cases are unfortunately numerous in our country’s history. It is a contributing factor to our slavery in many parts of India for 1200 years. Approaching independence, the wily British who realised that direct colonialism had had its day, propped up Gandhi and Nehru. Even in nominal prison such people were afforded the comforts of home by the British as they were useful idiots, to quote Lenin’s view about communist symphatisers in the West. Genuine freedom fighters like Netaji, Veers Savarkar, Chandershekhar Azad, Bhagat Singh and many others were treated with utmost cruelty and harshness. Chairman Mao said Nehru was a British plant.

    4. Abhijeet I started out as an almost fanatic Modi supporter. After 3.5 years I have started to have doubts. I would desperately like to be proven wrong about my doubts. But now I want to see action not words or promises. You may think you are on to a winner, or a loser. For me, in simple terms, I would like to see action on promises.

    5. You waited patiently for 60 years of Khangress rule, but not wait for 10-15 years. Do you extend the same "restlessness" when you deal with your children ??
      Did you not see the sincerity in Narendra Modi. Do you know the time & effort required to make ONE technical specification for any military equipment ? & then to float enquiries & evaluate response & conclude ? When India has "Khangress" moles everywhere, sellers are asking what is your security frame work. Do you know that Khangress has taken help from Pakistan & its agents in India for winning the Gujarat Elections ?
      You are very happy with Pappu who has no brains & drug addict (if media reports can be trusted) for it is recorded that Atal Behari Vajpee has bailed him out from USA jails.

    6. My view is that there is enough prima facie evidence to bring the mega scamsters to justice. This was what Modi promised but no action. I have stated that I dread the return of sickulars. During the 2014 election campaign, Modi said you gave them 60 years give me just 60 months. He lost the plot and did not act in one single scam case, despite prima facie evidence. Why he did not, I have no idea except guessing that some people close to him are advising him not to do so. Vajpayee and Advani went soft and Modi isn't acting. This is a high stakes game, fight to the finish, you finish them or they, the sickulars, will finish you. The country is still solidly behind Modi, he must act in haste and be ruthless in dealing with traitors and saboteurs. Waiting any more may be politically suicidal for Modi and India. Learn from Prithviraj's experience and from our history. Mauke ko haath se ab jane na do. Dusht shatru ko dobara moka na do.

  15. Whatever Modi says or does is WRONG.
    Whatever Chinese Janudhari Hindu says or does is RIGHT.
    - Media’s agenda has been set in stone in May 2014. It will continue until at least 2024.

    Brilliance of Ravinar is proving the above with facts and logic and exposing the media crooks, closet Pakistanis, borderline Bangladeshis and Chinese Indians.

  16. Mr.Kumar:We must all develop the quality of being rooted in Patience.We have allowed the shameful Congis to rule over us for 60 years and we are sharply criticising Modi in 36 months.To my understanding and comprehension Modi is neither a Kursi Lover or a Power Monger.He has vowed to Ma Ambaa to develop this Nation with all its attendant Pitfalls.MODI CANNOT AND WILL NOT CHEAT BHARATH AND BHARATHVASIS.May God Bless all of us to stand United to opposse the Congi and Commies.Regards

    1. As I said above, I desperately hope Modi throws away the shackles of creatures like Jaitley and his ilk, and repeats his deeds as Gujarat CM. I became his fanatical fan for that performance, which is not there as PM so far. Having said that, a BJP government is any day better for the country than a sickulars ‘ government. But Modi must heed history and resist the temptation to play a gentleman. He knows that historically we have paid for our uprightness and tolerance. The saboteurs and traitors within India and enemies and competitors outside want India to fail, for their sundry vested interests. We want Netaji, not Nehru.

  17. Reading the comments I feel the expectations on Modi are too much.He is only democratically elected prime minister not dictator to take strong action like hanging corrupt looters and traitors

    1. Give full co-operation and backing to Swamy. He will bring the guilty scamsters to justice and into Tihar. Absolute democratically and legally, through the courts. The evidence is plenty out there if the will is there, but the government is actually placing hurdles in his way. Strange but true.

    2. that will happen after forty years when all these are dead. Indian SC and Swamy said he put traja in Jail but all the DMK guys are out. He claims more than he is

  18. As usual, absorbing and eye opener on the Dark Evil Schemes of Con Party.

  19. Mr.Kumar: I do not know to which Indian State you belong.I am from Tamilnadu.It is very surprising that you are backing Mr.Swamy to this extent.Mr.Swamy is a big mouthed, arrogant and a man of very poor political and fiancial integrity.You may feel upset with my comments.But for your kind information this was the Swamy who with the help of Jayalalitha brought down the BJP govt at the centre.In the latest UP assembly election 2017 he has said that BJP will not get 150 seats and when I confronted him in Twitter he did not have any reply.More than this after Jayalalitha's death in TN, the Corrupt Sasikala clan has his patronage.Does not it sound surprising?Mr.Swamy functions and assumes himself as an Indepependant Power Centre and many times he has spoken against the Party Line of BJP.He is not a Team Player and Modi and BJP are tolerating Swamy for some reasons otherwise he is a nuisance.

    1. I am aware of Swamy's double face and double dealings. He is a loose cannon first and foremost loyal to his own ego. I hoped with age he may have changed for the better. But my hopes were dashed when he recently supported Sasikala against whom he had once filed a case My point, my friend, is that we take a leaf out of Chairman Mao's assertion that it does not whether a cat is black or white as long as it catches mice. He is currently pursuing PC case, NH case, Sri Ram Janambhoomi case and Sri Ram Setu issue. I support him purely issue and merit based, aware he is untrustworthy and his frequent flip flops.

    2. I totally agree. When I asked some straight questions he blocked me on twitter. He was enemies with ABV, friends with Sonia and Jaya lalta and again enemies with them. He is a like stone in anybody's hands.

  20. I think the Election Commission or Supreme Court should decide that the party name Congress which stood for Freedom Fighting should be changed as it has mislead & fooled the people. SICKULARS PARTY of India would be an apt name. What baffles me is how people are still supporting a party of this stature owing allegience to one family. After the Cong-Pak meeting many should desert the party for goodness to prevail.

  21. Mr.Sane:My Salutations to you.Your voice is like a Asareri meaning the Voice of the Invisible.You are absolutely right is the least compliment from my side.Congis and the Nehru Dynasty has billions of money in all currecies.But today they are not respected by majority of the People.And when Modiji achieves Cong Mukt Bharath which will happen in near future this family of thieves will be totally out of power and this will be best punishment to them and to their cronies.One must always Live respected and Die Regretted.Your voice is like those of Chanakya and Vidhura.Regards

  22. Quotable quotes.
    1) Expect wave for Pappu, Tsunami waves FROM Modi
    2)The Shiv Bakth Will perform a Tandav after the Congress loss
    3) If ever RaGa comes to power at centre expect Bharat Ratna to Sonia and RaGa and major projects named after the family
    4) "Vikas" did happen in Khangress rule i.e. $ $ $ money was earned & it could not be counted by God also.
    5) Though Congress is out of power, Congress party leaders meet foreign ambassadors.

  23. I see page full of people with hopes and aspirations....

    But none of them will be full filled

    Modi,rss,bjp and Rahul congresss
    All work for same boss only faces are different... policies are same....

    Imf, world bank and globalist Corporates controle Indian government.....

    Even Pakistan is a controlled govermeent....

    Bjp has majority in lokh Saba and rajyasabha...but they have not full filled single promise....

    Just go to the website of govt mid day meals scheme and see whom supplies meals to Indian children.....
    It's monsonto......
    Hindhs are fools..
    A slow and painful death 20 years..

    Know about the globalists and start questioning..
    Or keep complaining a about why modi is doing nothing and BJP is doing nothing.....bang your heads against walls like headless chicken. . thTs what you people Re Worth for ...
    If you don't know the Corporate game global ellitea are playing with bjp and congress...

    If you people don't have cognitive Intelligence then you people do t deserve to live. Or complain about your fate blaming modi or these people merely work for saving money and serve global Corporates

  24. Mr.Shankar Subramanian:Being an Indian your comments are really deplorable.We all know about the Big Corporates and about Roth Child and his cronies.For your kind information Please read the Book "Confession of an Economic Hitman" and Modi knows about the devious ways of Global Corporates.Their mighty money power can never be destroyed overnight.It is a slow process.Have you not watched the growth of Patanjali and now Hindusthan Lever is finding it difficult to compete with.Same way the Pepsi and Coke have seen their market crumbling in the last few years.What you wished against India will happen to these monstrous companies.India is a Sacred Land and will fight tooth and nail these wretched global corps.I bless you that you live long to see thier end.Jai Hind

    1. What your talking?

      Hindhustan unilivee limit itself a Forign from controled by Rothschild...
      All Babas fill their money bags...

      Have not done anything to stop Christan conversation despite having 12000crores of money.....done nothing ...simple....
      Baba's call Lord iyappa homosexual creation you agree with them.......

      What deplorable ...truth is before your eyes.....

      Whining about modi and rahul

      Swamy will take care nothing will work....all judges are freemasons controle by globalists

      Media crooks never said anything about them.....

      Main persons in power enjoy the loot of bharatmata...

      Disillusioned ANDH bakths of modi...WATCH MODI LICKIMG FEET OF SICKULARS GANDHI .....





      Everything is sold out to monsonto.... Genetically modified Corporates of ISRAEL....


      Nobody gonna do anything about it......

      Only silly talk,whine and dine....

      Globalist hold your modi/rahul /RSS by balls...
      It's the plain truth

      rajaeskara Reddy visited 100 so many times to Israel....
      Within 10 years Christian population spiked from .6% to 14 % today it may be 24. %...

      These people here Donno who enmeis Are.....

      What can I do about them.....
      I am not against any one here...

      It's my anger that hindhus lack cognitive Intelligence even yo understand the puppet game they re being set into.....

      Even modi wins 2019 election he'll behave same way told by his global masters ....
      Nothing gonna change...

      Our fate is already scripted...

      If you want to change it speak about global Rothschild or better whine about modis inaction RSS impotancy.....that's the better thing to do

    2. Pepsii and coke are also globalist controled....
      I Donno where your brother get information from ...

      We can talk a lot about it...if you wish to know more...

      Current law minister ravishankar Prasad sister is married to Rajeev Shukla of congresss.....

      All these people hold lot of information .... congresss and bjp are related in many ways

      Modi is just bluffing.....acting like he did take action against shell companies....

      But major players live abroad...

      A day will come Indian banks will go bankrupt after finding Corporates and tax payers balance will be siphoned off....

      That day you'll see Jai italy and modi blame congresss....

      You tax payers will experience the what Americans did......that day you'll will come wait and watch......

  25. After Gujrat win it's heartening that Hindus still consolidated their vote against the divide and policy of RGhandy, Naxalite Jignesh, Casanova Hardik and ayaram gayaram congi Alpesh who wanted to weaken Hindus on caste basis. Now in 2018 SC should act fast and punish these anti nationals and corrupts as early as possible

  26. Mr.Shankar:Let us stop our discussion at this level.Toomuch of Negativity will spoil your system.Let us start witnessing the events in our life with total awareness.I am a freemason by myself and aware of what you talk.I know the extent of Rothchild's reach but donot think that He is the Be All and End All of this world.Like all those Asuras who played with the Divine had their end oneday.Let us watch the play before us.I am happy that you are very Aware.May God Bless You with True Wisdom.Regards

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I am just a frustrated citizen like everyone.....
      Expected some things to happen before 2014...but now after realizing truth I have no more trust in govt bjp or congresss or RSS

      I am happy that you openly accept your a Mason...

      If bjp,RSS people openly reveal how many of then are Masons ...

      I will be more happy..even PUBLIC of India will get to know about you people more....rather than taking lot of negativity

      It's better to know about you peoples background ....

      Rether than believing Election go nna turn the tide around...

      As same boss from europe puppets you both parties.... congresss,bjp etc.

  27. The good thing out of Gujarat election is that shameless jihadi Congis had to pretend to be Shiv Bhakt and janeu Brahmin.

  28. When General de Gaulle was told by a journalist that Brazil had great potential, he replied “and it always will”. Ditto India. Modi was given full majority, the guy went globetrotting doing childish hug diplomacy. Jaitley ran and runs the show. Who pulls Jaitley’s strings is an open secret. The trend was ominous in May 2014 itself when Swami Ramdev went to see the new FM Jaitley. Swami Ramdev asked him to pursue the corruption and loot abroad cases vigorously and said his patriotic sources within babudom will help in the exposure. The country was full of hope at that time. Jaitley offered the Swami tea and biscuits and very politely told to get lost. The Swami and his supporters had gone begging door to door for a Modi. In 2019, a coalition government will resume and Modi or Rahul will do deals for power. Power brokers and back room operators like Jaitley will be in charge. Even the likes of Advani, with one foot on the funeral pyre, might fancy their chances. Contrast the dignified demeanour of President Xi with the sadak chhaap antics of Modi and one can see the reason why China is way ahead of us.

    1. Truth is right here brother ...

      These global Corporates rule us..

      Modi is hand in gloves with them

      He will sell nation to be in power....

      He just sold Justice today in 2g to gain power in tamilnadu

    2. Modi, Advani, Vajpayeem - not to speak of Jaitley, RS Prasad, Javdekar and their ilk - all kursi aur satta ke chahne wale. Use our nationalist sentiments to fool and gain power and then after that bas baat khatam.

    3. If yogi aadityanaath kind of person stands for Election and clean up the system and then COMPAIGNS for bjp then only bjp will win


      By making speeches if they think they'll win 2019....they gonna loose Election

      We are set for doom
      cannot digest if BJP goes and shakes hands for die hard ANTI HINDHU PARTY...DMK..... FOR ELECTION

  29. Guys:

    You are all correct. The problem is that Desh bhakts like Media Crooks are still in denial about Modi since they are in thrall to the “attraction of opposites”. That is, they believe one side is in opposition to the other. They are too naive to understand that India has been the playground of the West for hundreds of years and by foisting one Joker after another as the Big Saviour for Hindus they are milking Moolah up the wazoo.

    Ask yourself this:

    Why are Modi And BJP so desperate to introduce and implement GST as soon as they come to power while they opposed it while Congress introduced it before? It was all a show. Now Congress opposes GST. Ugh? What’s going on? Why is GST such a unanimous choice of both BJP and Congress? Because the powers that Be want GST so that their loans to India can get paid. The more that fall under taxes, the more they can squeeze the money from the common man.

    Why isn’t Modi in no rush to reduce Income Taxes the same way he rushed to implement GST? Chakkar kya hai. Because there is no interest among the powers that Be to reduce Taxes for Aam Admi.

    Think about this way for every Bill that Modi and BJP have introduced since they came to power? Has even a single one been different from what MMS or Congress would have done?

    But wait. What about RTE or UCC or any other act that they promised us before the Election? Vote Maangtha hai bas.

    Desh Bhakt: Forget this false dichotomy between Congress and BJP. Both are controlled from behind by the same Mafia. If you don’t believe me, continue supporting Modi blindly without any demand until 2019 and see. Hopefully people will wake up then.


    1. Election Democracy judiciary

      just illusiilon...
      All people in ruling class share the loot and sell the pound of flesh if bharatmata to forigners...

      By saying so I am not communist

      It's the plain truth

      I am just deshbakt..

      Neither bjp bakth nor congresss bakth

      Stop being bakts to leaders...

      Stand by nation...
      Not leaders or political parties...

      Parties come and go

      Leaders will switch sides..

      Only our mother land we have to protect at any cost...

      Dharmaey rakshati dharmitha ha...


    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Slasher,

      Name one thing that UPAI & II did that did not invoke suspicion? and look at what MMS says that "We all are dead in the long run".

      Look at how MNREGA was implemented and look how the RTE has been enacted forcing the Hindu run institutions to pay the price.

      Remember, Rahul Gandhi mentioned "Hindu Terror is a bigger terror than Islamic terror".


  30. The other extended form is
    1. saama, the process of pacifying
    2. daana, the process of giving money in charity
    3. bheda, the principle of dividing
    4. danda, the principle of punishment

  31. Hi, I just came across to your blog and loved the way you have put across your thoughts. Plus it is very informative, unbiased and research based analysis. Good work!

    I also run a blog on election related news/updates and analysis. Looking forward to your review.

  32. via @postcard_newsWhy is PM Narendra Modi not putting Congress leaders behind bars in corruption cases ?

  33. What an outrageous act by TwitterIndia , had enough of there nonsense. It time to uproot Twitter nonsense.

    1. Who's Twitter to censor us..cunts literally.....

      Mediacrooks us not social enemy....

      It's hard time Indians all of us should invest our money and create our own social network like China weibo....

      And show middle finger to these WESTERN cunts whom censoring our freespeech.....