Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year

Last evening, I was told by some friends that my Twitter account is suspended and I know the information is correct. I also know who are the people who conspired for this act. I am currently on travel for the weekend visit to a nice resort. 

I just wanted to put out this message..


Nothing will ever silence me and I shall keep speaking and raising my voice in the interest of our country, for Hindutva for our glorious future.

Enjoy the New Year with your family and friends safely. 


Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Congress Treachery

Media footsies of Congress were busy last week trying to covertly defend or cover up the “Neech” comment by ManiShankar Aiyar. They went on a digging spree to find out who called others names first. They pointed PM Modi calling SoniaG names like “Jersey Gai” in 2004. Of course, they forget that it’s the Congress that started this filthy practice. ManiShankar called AB Vajpayee a “Nalayak” in 1998. ABV was one of the most honourable politicians and PMs ever. I have never known ABV to use harsh language for anyone despite being a tall leader of greater stature than anyone around him in the Parliament or in politics during his period. Since 2002, the Congis have heaped dozens of abusive names on Modi, some of it coming directly from the foul-mouthed, uneducated SoniaG. Not brainy enough to write her own speeches she relied on scripts written by others without knowing the consequences. Each time she hurled an abuse directly or through her Pidis, Modi just kept growing stronger and winning some more. Let’s forget all the name-calling.

SoniaG grandly taught her duffer son “Power is poison” as the Ponzi-Hindu son claimed in the Congress meet in 2013. Looks like this vicious, hate-filled woman desperately desired nothing but this “poison” all along. And 3 years out of power, thrashed in elections in many states, the worst electoral-slaughter being in UP, has driven these power-hungry Congis into extreme desperation. And it is all showing up in the Gujarat campaign. There is a reason and source for this desperation. You see, in the past, the Congis were confident of toppling any non-Congress govt at the Centre or State because they couldn’t muster a full majority. Here’s a history of non-Congress PMs:

Prior to ABV becoming PM again in October 1999, not one single PM from the above list could complete a full term. ABV was voted out twice through no-confidence motions. Once in 1996 and once in 1999. Some of these PMs couldn’t even manage a year in office. This is what has driven the Chinese Gandhis to extreme desperation. Modi has a total, unbreakable majority and they cannot topple his govt. In many states too, a non-Congress govt has unbreakable majority, particularly the BJP. Congress couldn’t even manage border-line cases like Goa, Arunachal or Manipur. Such has been the dominance of BJP under the leadership of Modi. Come Gujarat and the Congis hatched a grand plan to fool the Hindu-majority state with their “Clown King” parading as a Hindu-Bhakt running around temples - 24 in all. I don’t think RahulG would have visited so many temples in all his life. On December 11, drama-queen RG grandly carried the “Swastika” flag at the JaiRanchod temple:

Even the worst scumbag wouldn’t indulge in fraudulent acts like these for votes. In the whole Gujarat campaign, not once have the Congis uttered their pet word “Muslim”. All this, while Kapil Sibal tried to stall the Ram Mandir hearing in the SC. Everyone knows both Sonia and Congress bear extreme hatred towards Hindus. And as if to demonstrate this some more, RG brings in his friend and Congress spokie from JK, a guy called Salman Nizami to secretly address a Muslim gathering in Kutch. Now, this Nizami has abused India, called President Mukherjee a “bastard”, has vowed that Afzal Guru will be avenged and wants Kashmir to be broken away from India. This traitor and anti-national is the mascot of RG and Congress. The title “traitors” suits the party quite well. A quick and brief look at this Nizami and one would be horrified that the guy could be called to campaign for any party at all:

There is more to this scumbag Nizami. PGurus reports (extract): According to IB officials, Salman Nizami actively participated in igniting the Kashmir students in JNU and was behind funding and harbouring… photos also show him with Digvijaya Singh, when he visited JNU and addressed the students. It also shows the murky role of Digvijaya Singh in creating chaos in JNU by aligning with anti-national forces. The JNU’s controversial Afzal Guru remembrance ceremony in February 2016 was actively supported by Salman Nizami and he was actively associated with student leaders like Kanhaiya Kumar, Umar Khalid, Anirban Bhattacharya and Shehla Rashid. IB officials indicated that Salman Nizami had collected funds for igniting JNU students from Kashmir and harbored them in safe zones. He was in touch with many journalists in Kashmir and New Delhi. His mobile call records also show that he was in regular touch with them in creating faking news to create panic.

Such a dubious character like Nizami was given a pass by most media. Only TimesNow and a couple of others reported this anti-national being used by Congress for votes. That apart, all the regular Congress bootlickers like Shekhar Gupta, Rajdeep Sardesai, Rahul Kanwal, Sagarika, Nidhi Razdan and the usual Commie gang kept ranting Modi is campaigning excessively in Gujarat and that he is worried BJP will lose Gujarat. In all the years I have observed him, Modi has never run a half-hearted campaign, never taken any state or voter for granted and as a leader he has never left the job half-finished. To understand his method of election-campaigning, I recommend you go through the post “Why Modi won’t leave it to No.10” again. It’s a leadership quality to emulate if one is leading a campaign. The Sickulars and their media want that Modi loosen his vigil and campaign so that things are a lot easier for the Congress and their Ponzi-Newborn-ShivBhakt. Modi has sworn to put Congress away and he will do everything he can to make that happen.

The Congress knows it cannot win Gujarat. Their media bootlickers know Congress cannot win Gujarat. The assorted Commies know Congress cannot win Gujarat. So, the advisors to the Congis game up with the game-plan of the “Caste” factor again pitting Patels against Patels and promising bogus, illegal Reservations for the Patidars; in addition to RG playing the Ponzi-Bhakt. This has already backfired. And true to its nature, the Congress keeps running Ponzi schemes to fool voters and there isn’t one iota of truth or sincerity in anything that Pappu says or does. He also claimed Gujarat and BJP have not given any compensation for the July 2017 flood victims. That’s another outright LIE. Amidst all this, elsewhere, ManiShankar was hatching a grand meeting with the Pakis at his residence. This happened on December 6 at the height of the Gujarat campaign and just a few days before actual polls.

MSA and other Congis have frequently slept with the enemy. They have slept with the Separatists in Kashmir. They have slept with Pakis in Pakistan, hobnobbed with ISI operatives and MSA also told a Pak TV channel: “Bring us (Congress) to power and remove him (Modi)” for better relations with Pak. Even the stunned anchor said it’s for “you” and not for Pak to do that. Such treachery is dangerously disturbing. This meeting with the Paki HC, a former Pak Minister and others was attended by MMS, Hamid Ansari and Sickular anti-nationals from the media and politics. STUNNING! The Congi gang first denied this clandestine meeting and then tried to brazen it out and claimed it’s a private meeting that doesn’t need informing anyone. Really? A few months back, RG also met the Chinese envoy clandestinely, during the Doklam stand-off. The Congis denied such a meeting and then admitted it when evidence showed up on the official Chinese website confirming the meeting. And such are the devious ways of the Congress, they even got the Chinese to delete their press note on the meeting from their website.

Chronic liars and deceivers! And then MMS wrote to PM Modi stating the meeting only discussed Indo-Pak relations and not Gujarat elections. Even if Modi has made mistakes in handling Pakistan, as MMS and Congis claim, there is nothing he has done that was clandestine or done like a “thief in the night” as the Congis have been doing. Ask the question – Where do these Chinese Gandhis go when they travel abroad? Nobody ever knew, no media ever asked. They go secretly like thieves in the night and return in the same fashion. They can have privacy in their family life but surely, as leaders of a political party, they cannot hoodwink the nation on their trips. It is disgusting that a spineless, corruption-supporting former PM behaves in this fashion and still claims he is honourable. To say MMS is a downright scumbag and nothing but a low-level poodle of Sonia and the family would be an understatement. He has brought insult and shame to the PMO in his tenure and rightfully deserved the title “Dehati Aurat”, a whiner with nothing to show for his tenure or life.

Who in hell knows what they discussed or whether they kissed each other or had an antinational-orgy to topple Modi? Imagine, a US delegation clandestinely meeting Iranian politicians to topple Donald Trump. This Congi gang meeting a bunch of Pakis is not very different. And they don’t fool anyone with what their agenda really is. This is treachery of the highest order and that a former PM from the Congress and a former VP from the same party chose to keep it a secret meeting till caught like thieves says a lot about the Congress, about SoniaG and about RahulG. To me, the whole gang is a bunch of traitors who have indirectly supported enemies and terrorists to undermine a democratically elected govt and a very popular PM. And the Congi doormats in the media think Modi should neither raise this issue nor make it a political issue during Gujarat elections:

Although it didn’t happen and will never happen – Just imagine if AB Vajpayee had met the Pakis or Chinese in a similarly secret manner like a thief. What would these Congi Pidis like Rajdeep, Saba or Urdu-Ponzi Siddiqui say? They would bay for the blood of ABV and Modi and would have demanded the resignation of Modi. TREASON happens in many ways and there is no one way it can happen. Most of the men who met the Pakis have held govt positions, one being former PM and a former VP. They hold many govt classified information between them? It is reasonable and fair to suspect these clowns were not meeting the Pakis merely for Biryani. Their purpose is obviously political and a conspiracy that might seek to undermine India or the PM. What other purpose do they have? Surely, hugging each other or kissing each other can be done in public without having to resort to closed-door, secret meetings that have to be discovered accidentally. Shame on these traitors – all of them, including those who defend this nonsense of Congi traitors.

There is another important question that none of these jokers are asking. If the focus of the meeting was merely “Indo-Pak” relations as claimed why were only Congis and their stooges present? Why not representatives from DMK or RJD or CPM or the Owaisi gang? All these parties are darlings of Pak too. It’s crystal clear that the meet was nothing but an act of treachery to plot the removal of PM Modi and how to grapple with the Gujarat elections. These media poodles of Congress can rant all they want and demand apologies for their orgasms but the Congi conspirators and their media Pidis deserve a resounding slap for the entire episode.

It’s easy to forget Sonia’s hunger for the “poison” she calls power. In 1997, even when she wasn’t party president, Sonia threatened to pull out of the IK Gujral govt if he didn’t drop DMK ministers. Why? Because Sonia claimed the DMK was supportive of the LTTE that killed Rajiv Gandhi. She did pull down the Gujral govt forcing another election in 1998. She also forced Sitaram Kesari out of office, literally. And when the Congress came to power, DMK was one of the strongest allies and together they scammed and looted the country left, right, centre and above in the skies. A woman without any principles in politics became the Congress President and now the duffer son is the President. And their hypocrisy and hunger for power has gotten worse enough to now serenade rogue elements and terrorists of Pakistan and those sponsored by Pakistan. The entire Congress govt, particularly P. Chidambaram, conspired to celebrate Ishrat Jehan as a martyr when all evidences pointed to her being a LeT terrorist. Now the only political policy that Congress has is – Topple PM Modi at any cost by hook or crook, by terrorists or enemies, ANYTHING!

The desperation is not with BJP or with PM Modi. Gujarat is his home-state and he is justified in ensuring that no effort is spared in retaining the BJP govt there. The entire gang of Commie-Sickulars, Hindu-haters and much of MSM is pitted against ONE MAN who refuses to relent. These gangs know all too well that Congress cannot win Gujarat and they cover their sorrows with fakery like this:

Pappu has become King. Pappu has achieved puberty. Pappu has arrived. And even if Congress loses, Pappu is still the winner. All it took was another presser of RG to show he is ignorant and had to be fed chits by RS Surjewal and the latter answered most questions without much knowledge. If this makes them happy, so be it. I don’t think Modi bothers even if they declare Congress the winner after BJP wins handsomely and retains Gujarat. In 2012, P. Chidambaram (himself accused of election fraud) claimed "BJP attained less than 117 seats in Gujarat, we (Congress) have made significant gains, it’s our victory”. Well, if the traitors of India, who need Paki help, who need the help of Kashmiri Separatists in Gujarat, consider that their victory. I don’t think BJP or Modi will complain about 117 seats. It will not alter Congress treachery. And no Ponzi ShivBhakt will make any difference what post he holds in Congress. 

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Congress Religious Ponzi

Since the time of Indira Gandhi, the Congress has come to be known as one of the most corrupt political parties of the world. Rajiv Gandhi enhanced that reputation and Sonia Gandhi made it the MOST corrupt party among all democracies. All that is a known fact. What is much less known is the religious corruption of this Chinese Gandhi family that the family and the media has cleverly covered up and guarded for ages. The dumbest of the whole clan of Chinese Gandhis, Rahul Gandhi, is now “elected” President of the party. Obviously, in the private factory of Gandhis this shouldn’t be shocking at all. But why such a person with zero performance in anything his entire life would be given such a position has greater reasons than publicly known.

IndiraG was married to a Muslim and not a Parsi as propaganda would have you believe. Though the “faithful” dispute it. After he became PM, Rajiv Gandhi once announced to the press in London “I am a Parsi” and not a Hindu. RajivG was married to SoniaG who is a Roman Catholic. Thus, RajivG was either a born Muslim or a Catholic by conversion. Therefore, children of SoniaG are also either naturally Muslim or Catholic. But there is no way any of them are Hindus by any stretch of imagination. After their deaths, both Indira and Rajiv were publicly cremated, with vast crowds in attendance, like a Hindu funeral. Priests of other religions present too to ensure a “secular” funeral. Such public cremation presents a dramatic picture, drives emotions and is a great political score. Systematically, for decades, this family has consistently divided Indians by Religion and Caste, a formula adopted by all Sickular parties. In short, throughout their existence, these Chinese Gandhis have operated a “Religious Ponzi” scheme in India. They’re any religion per convenience to fool any group.

In modern times, the Gandhis would be called “Religious frauds” or “Charlatans” in the way we associate such terms with financial fraudsters and Ponzi operators. None of these Gandhis since Indira was a Hindu by birth, choice or by practice. This fraud is now taken to a higher level by the most idiotic member of the clan – RahulG. Otherwise known as Pappu, RG would easily have to be the most brainless among all politicians of India or maybe even the whole population. So, when this guy goes around Gujarat campaigning and visiting all kinds of Hindu temples you should know what kind of Religious-Ponzi scheme the Congress operates to fool Gujaratis and Indians. Gujarat has a slightly bigger Hindu majority than many other states. And most of these Gujjus are very conservative and very religious too. To exploit this, RG goes around temples foolishly claiming he’s a “Shiva Bhakt” and his slave Kapil Sibal adds that he goes to some temple every morning. Here are some comic scenes:

Reports say that RG visited some 11 or 22 temples so far in Gujarat in the last two months. The number doesn’t matter so much. As a Hindu, I haven’t visited that many temples in five years. And as a Hindu, going to temple is not mandatory at all. People go out of their own choice and desire. Take a look at the last pic on the right in the above montage. RG is wearing a garland as he enters the Somnath temple. Now what kind of moron wears a garland to the main prayer area? This is how the Religious-Ponzi operator perpetrates his fraud. Even if someone welcomes you with a garland at the premises because you’re a VIP, you would remove the garland before you enter the actual temple. But RG wouldn’t know such things and that’s why he’s India’s biggest moron and a fake Hindu. He’s a Catholic with an Italian passport too and goes by the name of Raul Vinci outside India.  

Even a Hindu who does prayers or “Puja” once in a blue moon would know how to sit at such Pujas. He learns it from his parents, family and at temples. What kind of fraudulent character sits the way RG is sitting for a Puja in the pic. He is sitting as if he’s offering Namaz or like a frog that is about to jump into the fire. His mother Sonia is also sitting uncomfortably. Why do these charades and fraudulent acts when you could honourably be a Muslim or a Catholic which these Chinese Gandhis really are? There is not one shred of Hinduness, Bhakti or belief in what these charlatans are doing. If I were to parade as a Padre to collect money at a Church, I would be punished as cheat and fraudster. Non-Hindu charlatans parading as a Hindu to merely “collect votes” should fall in the same category. Same should apply to those parading as Muslims or Christians merely for votes. RG would be punishable under that category too for parading as a Muslim:

Eats at Dalit homes for theatre. Parades as a Muslim in other states and, in reality, RG is not very different from Vijay Mallya – “A business class fraudster”. All this man does is run around India for elections dressed up in various costumes and return to his real self in “Business class” to run away abroad. He’s like the actor Govinda in the movie “Raja Babu”, always dressing up in some costume. That apart, he is also low on character when you realise he was abroad when Uttarkhand was sinking in floods or partied immediately after the 26/11 attacks. RG cannot make one sentence without uttering some garbage or idiotic stuff. All his comic moronery is now a legend that people enjoy laughing at frequently. And the Ponzi-Hindu gets worse with time:

No Hindu seeks a blessing without bowing his head to the elder. This is even worse when the person blessing you is shorter than you in height. And RG fancies himself being decked up like Hindus deck the heads of animals like bulls or donkeys. The third pic is fantastic on how far these Congi charlatans can go with the Ponzi scheme of RG. They have bestowed upon him the title of “Pandit” just as Nehru was given that title for nothing. Given his endless stupidities “PidiT” (from his dog) as a title would have suited RG much better. These guys seriously think Indians are still living in the times of Nehru and Indira and can be fooled with such stupidity. Nehru and Indira got away without much scrutiny as the general public was not as connected as they are today.

The worst fraud of this Ponzi scheme comes up when the Ram Mandir case is to be heard in the SC. On the day (December 5) the Congi Kapil Sibal appealed the court to postpone the hearing to July 2019 after the next general elections. The Congress foolishly claims Sibal is representing the Sunni Wakf Board and the Congress has nothing to do with it. If that is the case, then the following question everybody is asking must be answered by the Religious Ponzi operators:

Is the Sunni Board a contestant in the 2019 elections that it would be affected by a verdict before that? No, only the Congis and the Sickulars would be politically affected. They have been consistently losing elections anyway and I guarantee they will lose 2019 with or without Ram Mandir but the Ram Mandir makes it a CERTAINTY and these charlatans know it all too well. Still, a Sunni Wakf member, Haji Mehboob, clearly said Sibal was wrong to seek postponement and they too want an early settlement of the case. But the episode further exposes the hypocrisy and Religious Ponzi scheme of RahulG and SoniaG. Hindus must never allow these Anti-Hindu Ponzi operators into power again. On the same day, December 5, a group of Commie thugs, obviously engineered by the Congress, peddled a petition with a protest to the SC demanding SC should not hear the Ayodhya case:

These 30 odd thugs include scam-tainted charlatans like Teesta, Aparna Sen and Congi bootlickers like Kumar Ketkar, Aruna Roy, Medha Patkar and others. These scums really think they have any say in the matter or the SC and those arguing for Ram Mandir are so dumb that their moronery can pass. Not anymore! Sonia is not in charge and Anti-Hindu Congress is not in charge. These thugs don’t fear the Ram Mandir. These Commies fear their own survival being in danger when the Sickulars lose again in 2019. This hateful group also includes John Dayal, a Catholic, who has absolutely nothing to do with Ayodhya even as the others don’t have any stake in it.

Now that we know the Religious Ponzi of Sonia and Rahul let’s get back to the question in the first para of this post. Why would a dumb moron like Pappu be made President of the Congress? The answer partly is in this NewsX video where in the Pakis are batting for Congress and Ahmed Patel as CM in Gujarat (2.03 mins):

That is just a tiny part of who influences Congress. Not the members, not an election, not an open contest – foreign powers do. There are various forces like Pakistan, its ISI, China and other Western forces like the Vatican, CIA, Russia who all decide what happens in the Congress party. Russia filled the coffers of Congress when IndiraG was in charge. Russians have reportedly paid money when RajivG was in charge and the Congress closeness to terror outfits in Pak to eliminate political opposition is all too well known. Manishankar Aiyar rightly said that there were no elections in the Mughal dynasty. He realised his faux pas later and corrected it to “everyone’s welcome to contest the election” but the cat was out of the bag. RahulG is nothing more than a Hindu-hating Aurangzeb, with behaviour like that of Tughlak (he lives on Tughlak lane too) who is likely to end up a Bahadur Shah in his corrupt, immoral, Religious-Ponzi party.

Obviously, these foreign powers have lesser influence on a PM like Modi but they would prefer a pliant, malleable nincompoop like RahulG as PM. At least they hope he will be PM one day. And then, like under Sonia during UPA, the entire country will again see all laws and actions being dictated by vested interests and the Missionary mafia. Shouldn’t forget that this same Pappu who rants nonsense about Chinese getting employment because of selfies in India clandestinely met them to beg for something. We don’t know what he begged for but these Congi charlatans are not the ones to be trusted with a vast country like India. When everything else fails, these charlatans revert to their Religious Ponzi scheme. One such attempt at Gujarat warrants and will deservedly get a resounding slap for these Hindu-haters. The other one at the SC on the Ram Mandir will invite Divine Retribution.