Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Honourless People

It is not just Sanjay Leela Bhansali who uses and abuses Hindu icons from history for his movies but there are many others who have done so in the past. Bhansali’s disease seems to be more chronic. The movie “Padmavati” was alleged to have a dream sequence showing Padmavati singing and romancing the mass-murderer and rapist Allaudin Khilji. Maybe Bhansali quietly removed the scenes and then sent the movie to a handful of media folks. This, when the movie does not have a CBFC certification for release. These media guys (Like Arnab Goswami, Rajat Sharma and some others) were then issuing “clean chits” for the movie - that the movie wasn’t offensive to Rajput sentiments or didn’t show Padmavati romancing Khilji. Since then the movie’s release has been postponed, presumably because the CBFC has told the producers their application for certification is incomplete.

This is not the first time Bhansali or other movie-makers are involved in such controversies. He earlier made a “twisted” version of a movie called “Ram Leela” and also “Bajirao Mastani”. It has become a “sponsored practice” in Bollywood to “twist” and if possible “slur” Hindu icons and Gods and glorify Mughal and Muslim tyrants and murderers. Long ago, Sanjay Khan made a TV series glorifying Tipu Sultan. The man, to me, should be ranked in the top-20 mass-murderers in history. This time, Bhansali & co messed with the Rajputs who are known to value “honour” for their history far more than idiots of Bollywood do. Now this is where the controversy over Padmavati has taken a different turn – about “honour” in the “Jauhar” that Padmavati and many women with her committed to escape the tyranny and rape by Khilji.

Evidently, our Sickular Commie men and women would prefer that women in their families should surrender and enjoy rape, molestation, gang-rape, be “haremised” or even be traded as sex-slaves by tyrants and murderers. The stupidity of their arguments can be measured by the predictable utterances of their biggest moronic sample – the C5M:
Let’s see! The women being discussed, Padmavati and thousands of others, were in no position to defend themselves (not being warriors or trained in Karate like Sagarika) chose to protect their honour from being savaged. Long ago, a Nigerian woman beat up this Dumbini Sagarika over a parking quarrel. The brave Sagarika got thrashed, didn’t even file any FIR obviously because she thinks there is no dishonour in getting physically thrashed over a parking issue. Sagarika and her gang are also the same people who slobber over their darling rape-accused Tarun Tejpal no matter what. There are media criminals who still support sexual-harasser RK Pachauri. It’s their culture. In Lutyens, these people follow the Confucius rule “If rape is inevitable, lay back and enjoy it”. They seem to forget, even Bollywood for long never used the word “rape” or “balatkaar” to describe the situation – they always used the term “Izzat loot liya”.

That usage of “Izzat” is apparently lost on these idiots. Women are NOT prepared for a rape incident and sometimes get murdered. Even rape victims do not straightway commit suicide even if they have been raped and battered. It is in the context of knowing that a rape would happen with mortal threat to life that some might prefer a death of “Izzat” rather than being a brave warrior of sorts like Sagarika. Surely, Padmavati wasn’t as moronic as Sagarika – she would have known damn well that what was in store for her and other women was not merely rape or gang-rape. They know how the Muslim murderer Khilji would consign them to a life of filth, slavery and humiliation. When you know for sure you are going to be raped and killed, it is better to die with honour than to die in dishonour at the hands of murderers. It is the threat of that life that compelled them to “Jauhar”. And controversies do surround movies often but for the actress of the movie had the temerity to term all Indians as “regressed” over this stupid issue:
 And others who protest the movie (even if their apprehensions are imaginary) have no right to freedom of expression? Morons like Deepika Padukone are available dime a dozen in Bollywood for various roles and their desperation for money and success doesn’t make them stop and think about things they do or say. Deepika is just one person but think about a whole family that is a “Tree of morons” when it comes to extreme moronery. That’s right you have Javed Akhtar, Shabana Azmi and Farhan Akhtar who form a glorious threesome of extreme moronery. This is what Javed had to say about Rajputs because of his ire over the Padmavati issue:
Considering street-thug is a usual liar I believe he deleted the tweet with the Muslims in it and re-tweeted after correcting it to British. The British did not invade Rajput territories as much as Mughals. And I also believe the British were smart enough to realise the Muslim Nawabs and rulers were most vulnerable and could be more easily conquered than the Rajputs. Rajasthan, in particular, is not famous for British lust and invasions. Either way, there is a misleading angel called “MK Gandhi” who wanted all Indians not to attack the British in later stages. He wanted the whole of India to be a wimp unlike Netaji Subash. So, what is the context of the moronery of Javed Akhtar? NONE, ZERO! Like him, his moronic wife Shabana too has her own hypocritical line of stupidity:
The Muslim community is usually out on the streets protesting violently against anything that offends their “fragile sentiments” – from cartoons on Mohammad to any movie or satire that rattles them. They murdered the publisher of “Rangeela Rasool” about Mohammad. And these two (Javed and Shabana) believe these sentiments should be sacred but Hindu sentiments can be freely offended as FoE. Not to mention, these two people belong to a Cult that still stones women to death and awards them lashes for the silliest of reasons. Had history been different and had Padmavati been raped, idiots like Javed and Shabana would have demand she produce five witnesses or be punished again – such is the cheapness of their hypocrisy. There is “honour” even among thieves but there is never any honour among hypocrites. Then other Commie pigs then go into action to throw in their handful of muck on history claiming Padmavati never existed:
Is that the issue with Padmavati? Whether she existed or not? NO! It’s a matter of BELIEF. It’s the belief of Hindus in general and Rajputs in particular that she existed and represents the “honour” when facing Islamic murderers and rapists. Did Jesus exist? Where was he from the age of 1 or 2 till he turned 32? Did some angel really whisper to Mohammad in a cave? And why? God is so powerful, why does he have to send someone to whisper in someone’s ear? And if Padmavati didn’t exist why is a movie being made about her? The folks at TheHindu and other Commie pigs will believe the virgin birth and stories about Adam and Eve and even Santy Panty but will constantly question Hindu icons.

You ask these people about verses in Quran that are violent they will tell you that the context was different when it was written. But does “Jauhar” have any context today? Is it being practiced because there are murderous rapists invading parts of India (except for the terrorists killing innocents and Jawans)? No, there is no context for “Jauhar” in this age but these Commies will make it sound as if Hindu women practice it as routinely as the Lutyens scum indulge in orgies. Such times of controversy also show up some Bollywood idiots like Ashoke Pandit for who and what such scumbags really are. This guy held a full presser with a whole team to defend “Padmavati” as FoE and that Bollywood is under attack and to the extent he calls it “terrorism”:
Ashoke was offended that the movie “Haider” batted for terrorists while he thinks KPs are victims and that our Army was shown in bad light in the movie. How is that not FoE for that film-maker? His KPs should be respected for their sentiments but Rajputs don’t have any right to protest and are indulging in “terrorism”. This Pandit hardly makes any movies. I am not aware of any work he has done in the last seven years. All he does is shout and blabber nonsense on TV on various issues. But like the typical Rajdeeps and Sagarikas of media, he too is another who knows nothing about honour and continues to live a life of shame as a refugee without honour. KPs have completely forgotten what they should be fighting for because of idiots like Ashoke Pandit.

There are politicians who utter nonsense every now and then. There are the likes of Lalu who eternally vomit crap. And then there is one called Mamata who speaks like she is permanently possessed by the devil and not one nice word ever comes out of her mouth. Mamata routinely jails cartoonists and young people making silly posts on Facebook and now she pretends to be a champion of FoE. She’s the one who restricts Durga puja, Hindu processions and even blocks access to public platform for leaders of the BJP and the RSS. And this rotten woman claims to bat for FoE over Padmavati? The answer is simple – Commies will bat for anything that is “Anti Hindu” and defend atrocities of the Chrislamists. During the CPM rule in Bengal all the barbaric crimes of Muslim invaders were white-washed into smaller acts of violence. Bollywood, funded largely by Islamic money, is just another anti-Hindu mafia as has been shown over and over again.

In 1994 a song from the movie “Khuddar” which went “Sexy sexy sexy mujhe log bole” had to be changed to “Baby baby mujhe log bole” because of objections. Sushma Swaraj protested in parliament over Hindu Gods and icons being abused in Bollywood songs with reference to a song involving Radha. There is an organised “operation” to glorify Mughal murderers and show Hinduism as a regressive culture. This is done by books, movies, social commentary, bogus litter-fests and political campaigns. The ones ranting about honour of Hindu women or a particular community are the ones most indulgent of illicit practices in the fields where the dogs of society howl:
Like I stated earlier, even in movies the term most used for instances of rape is “Izzat” and anyone who has seen Bollywood movies long enough will know that. To now debate whether “Jauhar” by Padmavati and hundreds of other women with her is a deceptive and failed attempt by the same dogs of “Society” that wish to tarnish Hindu history and icons. The word “honour” is indelibly linked to life and existence. The wisest of men have known and experienced it:
Ignominy is worse than death as some say. A life without honour is no life at all unless a person is a willing pimp for evil as many in Lutyens, Bollywood and media are. MP has banned “Padmavati” and Punjab has followed. It should be a stern message to Bollymorons and Anti-Hindu agencies that Hindus are not willing to tolerate their nonsense anymore. 


  1. Awesomely exposed all incl always crying victimhood KP Lutyen Pimps Boolywois Stripteasers et all ..Ravinar 🙏🙏🙏. The Title should be "HONOURLESS APES"

  2. Padmavati is an imagination of the authors so is honour imagination for many. Living a life without honour is living a dead life. Many in Bollywood Media and Politics are living such lives. You have very well summed up their pimping for the living dead. Most importantly making money as a by product of Hindu bashing is the way commies live day in day out because Hindus enjoy their bad products. When a resistance is given the commies are rattled to extent they all form a chorus to defend their brothren. Samata Mamata Sagarika Rajdeep...List is long who come out for defending their Freedom of depression.

  3. Mahatma Gandhi, the official hero of the current generation of elites and leftists, had once said (do not remember the exact words) "If a woman can not match the assailant physically, her purity will give her strength to die before he succeeds in violating her..".
    Wonder present day elites and communists would condemn this statement.

  4. Money, more money washes off all the sins. These leftists, Commies, SICKulars who cry hoarse are ready to trade in HONOUR for bagfuls of money. There is every possibility that a lot of money is pumped in to white wash the worst genocide recorded in the history of the world when Barbarians started their invasion, loot, destruction of temples killings of people in lakhs just because of their religion, rape of women, forced conversion and taking lacs into captivity as slaves trading them in as far away places as Damascus. We are "REGRESSIVE". We consider honour and death anytime a better choice than ignominy of rape & other inhuman atrocities. We have one request. Leave us, our historical icons, our Religious literature alone. Use your FoE within your circle where you can find more juicy stories to make your stupid movies on. As for your favorite Barbarian Khilji try making a romantic movie with Malik Kafur where you can have all the FoE and your imagination can run riot. We are thankful to mediacrooks for exposing these selective FoE scums relentlessly.

  5. The commies have one agenda, that is to show anything Hindu, in poor light, thanks to people like Ravinar, it is the end of their deceptive games

  6. Sagarika beaten by .... Oh god.....!

  7. sir, both my parents were born and brought up in jaipur. post retirement, they still live there. they have a better understanding of rajasthan's history than me. i never knew this, a couple of days back my mom said that in rajasthan many people worship padmavati as a "devi", an aspect never discussed in the various debates

    1. Discussing that will ensure that Bhansali had not shown sensitivity. We should be surprised only if this had been discussed

  8. "The honour of Hindu women....who sleep with every one in Lutyens..." Oh!! This is the fittest slap for all those dumbos, like Sagarika, Shabana et all. ThanQ Ravinarji,for exposing the bigots like Ashoke Pandit too..

  9. Reference to Sagarika, what a great analogy. Awesome as earlier Ravinar.

  10. Deepika kicked up a fuss over a journo who photographer her.... Yes... Cleavage. And then everyone including current journos and TV screamers and liberals ran to speak up for her. What's wrong with Hindus then speaking up for Padmavathi whom this very Deepika dishonours? The Queens of India were well educated, learned, dignified women. Not item girls who swirled about the courtyard with a bunch of 20 something starlets in 30kg gowns. This article should be posted on the walls of film institute. Thank you...

  11. What an article?..and it splash acid over the filthy faces of the MSM dull heads Arnob,Rajeep jodi and others..days have come where Hindus expect more from ruling parties..secular cross we shouldered all these years ..enough is enough.

  12. People seem to forget that SLB is not making a movie on a social cause or a political statement but a purely commercial movie.He knew very well he was going to offend certain sections of people still went ahead because the publicity will help the movie. This movie was made with only one purpose to make money and not to create any kind of awareness.So the artistic or creative freedom that is being espoused is non-existent.Its just cheap gimmickery to make a buck. Taslima Nasreen was highlighting the cause of Hindus but still I didn't see any of these so-called broadminded individuals provide any kind of support to her.Creative freedom cannot be exclusively used to target Hindu icons and who are these people to question decisions taken by a lady to defend her values.

  13. Many non bjp states banned da vinci code on their own telling it will hurt sentiments of a religious group.
    Where were there morons then?

  14. Very timely & lucid piece. This movie is part of 10 headed hydra, others try to glorify Khilji & denigrate Padmavati for her courageous Jauhar. The opeds appearing were probably written to coincide with its release but timing got awry. Your blog should open fencesitters’ eyes

  15. One good thing about this protest against this film is even Congress party don't want to lose Rajput votes !! Those who were shouting protest from the rooftop against a very recent event based film Indu Sarkar are shouting from the same rooftop for FOE for Padmavati.

  16. It has a become a fashion to mock at every dimension of India & then raise hue & cry, as if some injustice is being done, in which media is playing to the gallery or selling itself.
    Since decades Indians were "enamoured" of "London" & USA "returned" which is conveniently exploited either to leak sensitive data or work by gathering information & pass it on to Westerners for many Indians yearn to get their children studied in USA or London, further having ammassed illegal wealth abroad, they are prone to blackmailing & also compromise their official positions to favor Western masterminds.

  17. Tweets from Sh Gurumruthy in this regard : Padmavati burnt herself to escape being raped by Khilji. And Padmavati maker monsters to create love scene between her & Khilji. Will they do it between the Delhi rape victim Nirbhaya & rapists and call it artistic freedom? Will SC endorse it as freedon? Its challenge to them. If liberals & seculars have guts they must say they would support the Bollywood if it makes pictures love scenes of Jesus & Mary Macdelane, Mohammed & Ayisha. And the Supreme Court when it endorses Padmavati too should have the guts to say it will okay such film.

  18. It should be checked out if the dream scene of Padmavati dancing before Khilji was removed before it was screened before limited journalists like Rajat Sharma, Arnab erc. If it was there in original version, Arnab,Rajat and others should be included in the pimp list because they were pimping and defending Bhansali as a good director without disclosing the pervert facts of Bhansali.

    But even if the film does not show any dishonorable things about Rajputs as is truly the case in history,thevdumb idiot Bhansali is pervert minded as he is obsessed with Hindu females and non Hindu males romances with few exceptions. He is pervert and must be put behind bars.

  19. Dear Ravinarji,
    I wish you partner with one Mr. TG Mohandas in Kerala to publish your works in Malayalam in their media.
    He is an RSS ideologue and won the media award last year for the best public awareness programs in the state.
    He appears on MSM debates on Love jihad and other anti national topics.

  20. Film world has been the easiest prey & channel for entering & planting moles in the industry. There sudden rush of "actresses" from West to break into all "Filmy woods" (bolly + Tolly + Kolly + Telly + Kelly woods) & expect more scandals & scams coming out. Kangana Raut case is one such case, Jacqueline is another case. When a beautiful damsel is next to a person whole day, the lines of morality gets blurred & disappears or vanishes. The west is very soon is likely to break the entire *woods of India. They pushed Sunny Leone a pornstar, to get red carpet welcome in Kerala (sex hungry youngsters). Slowly one would see & watch more such characters to enter India & attack "Hindu" world.
    The phoren actresses are well trained & well advised by strategists on what & when to speak to make most of the damage.
    Gone are those times, where one could watch movies with entire 3-4 generations & have good family time. Now you cannot watch even alone !!
    Ever imagined or thought
    Kajal Agarwal (30 yrs) actress - acting with Telugu stars Chiranjeevi (56yrs), his brother Pawan Kalyan (50 yrs), his son Ram Charan (30) & other youngster. All songs dances are full of intimate scenes. In short it is worst than incest.
    Similarly many other actresses down south & including Hindi world.

  21. As usual, excellent. Kollywood is no different from Bollywood. Funded by Gulf and Pakistan.

  22. Like MSM and NGO Industry,Bollywood too since last three decades has become part of anti Hindu agenda.Like MSM and NGOs,Bollywood too is being funded from abroad.Very soon we will see editorials and blogs in NYT,Washington Post,The Guardian,The Economist on this film and FoE.Time for 100 crore Hindus of the world to unite and declare that we had had enough of so called tolerance and Sarva Dharma Sambhava.If Muslims want to take to streets for their prophet - Fine.So will Hindus -Liberalism,FoE,tolerance be damned.These values have not taken Hindus anywhere.They have been wiped out from Afghanistan,Pakistan,Kashmir valley,Kairana... and are about to be wiped out from Bangladesh,Assam,WB,Mallapuram.... It has become an existential issue for Hindus

  23. Sagarika Ghosh, better known as Pagalika, is a crazy woman so what she says does not matter. Only extreme jihadi communists listen to her. As to Javed and his wife, they are typical Bollywood Muslims, pretending to be intellectuals but at heart are jihadi, hating all non-Muslims.

  24. Bollywood, off late, dominated by a community with vested interests, is becoming unbearable. There are many things wrong with Bollywood, but they seem to get away scot free. Their words, actions and display are all arrogant and vulgar. It is time they are restrained and shown the earth.

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