Saturday, November 25, 2017

Church Crimes - 3

In case you haven’t read “Church Crimes – 1” and “Church Crimes – 2” I recommend you do. On the same topic please also read “Crucifying India”, “Burn down the mission” and “The Anti-Modi Christian agenda

The African joke that when the missionaries came they had lands and in a few decades the natives had the Bible and the missionaries had the lands is not really a joke; it’s reality. Nowhere on earth have missionaries brought anything but social conflict and destruction of native cultures. In India too, the largest land-owner is the Christian missionary mafia along with the Waqf boards and the Chinese Gandhis. Since Sonia Gandhi came to power in 2004 this Christian Missionary mafia has dramatically grown its activities. Apart from their regular business of conversions, the Padres and Principals have directly been involved in political campaigning against what they choose to call “nationalist forces” (implying Hindus or the BJP). And this conversion factory employs all the thuggery and deception usually associated with conmen, mafia criminals and political-bribers.

The BJP govt at the Centre grandly prides itself on saving missionaries from Afghanistan or Iraq/Syria. What these Johnies were doing in conflict zones is a question to ponder. The guy they saved from the MidEast first ran to the Pope to thank him before he returned to India. Save them all by means because they are Indians. But at the same time call the crimes of the church and punish criminal acts. There are paedophiles on the loose and Padres openly instigate their flock against so called “nationalist forces”. The latest one being a “secret letter” by the Archbishop of Gandhinagar, Gujarat, Fr. Thomas Macwan, to his lot. I say “secret letter” because the Padre later wondered how the media got a copy of the letter. Doesn’t matter! What matters is that the contents are pure hate-filled nonsense. And when such a thing gets exposed, the typical media morons find false equivalences. So, let’s get their stupidity out of the way first. Here’s a sample:
Sonia Singh of NDTV (Who else?) points fingers at Yogi Adityanath being the same as the Archbishop. This is the stupidity of folks who don’t care to think before they blabber. Yogi hasn’t incited Hindus or any community to vote this way or another. Yogi is also a politician, member of the BJP, who openly campaigns, contests elections and is not involved in covert operations. What stops the Archbishop from contesting elections and becoming a CM? Nothing! But these media idiots defend his skulduggery and criminal incitement of communal passions with false equivalence. In response to another question this Sonia screams “Are you mad? Why would I hate Hindus, I am a Hindu”? Dumb as she is, she won’t realise that this not about being a Hindu but about a criminal act by a Padre. Besides, NDTV and her husband with Congress, are known to be anti-Hindu is not a big secret. The inner coterie of SoniaG was filled with Chrislamists that guided her politics.

Now, the letter circulated by Archbishop Macwan warns his flock of the country being taken over by “Nationalist forces” and that churches are being attacked every day and Christians are under threat along with other minorities. Apart from being raw falsehood in each such claim, what exactly are “nationalist forces”? The obvious reference is to BJP and PM Modi. The term “Nationalist” can mean differently in different contexts. In India, nationalism stems from our fight for freedom from foreign criminals and pride in putting the nation first. For Hitler’s Nazi, it was an assertion of superiority of his race. That’s what the Padre insinuates – that “nationalism” everywhere means “Hitlerism” which is blatant falsehood. Still, what was the church doing when Hitler was mass-murdering Jews? The church supported Hitler in his slaughter of Jews as this extract from my previous posts referred earlier will show:
Hitler slaughtered Jews as he thought it was his duty as a Christian and not because he ran a Nazi party. To put it absolutely bluntly, it was “Christian murder of Jews” supported by the church but the West and the church cleverly mask and cover it up as “Nazi crime”. And our PropahGandhi media gladly peddles the same lies and nonsense to the whole population of “nationalism” being only associated with Hitler. I reproduce this video from my previous post on “Church Crimes” on how the church supported the murder of Jews and shared the loot from the campaign. which you may want to view again (5.24 mins)
As stated earlier, the media and Sickulars DECEPTIVELY associate nationalism with Hitler. This is a falsehood that we should reject. In India, nationalism simply stands for putting the nation first and making all the efforts to contribute to the nation’s progress as a patriot. It does not seek domination of other communities or to get rid of some communities. I would rather be a hated nationalist than be an admired employee of NDTV or member of the Congress or any Sickular party. These are neither patriots nor nationalists – they are TRAITORS plain and simple as their many acts have proved in the past and present. And this why Father Macwan’s outrageous, covert letter to his flock is nothing but inflaming communal hatred and anti-Hindu:
This lying Padre would have you believe that people have nothing else to do but destroy churches and attack Christian priests all day. In fact, the number of crimes within the church in terms of rapes of nuns, molestation and rape of children should worry them more. But these crimes have become normal in the church from a small church right up to the Vatican. The Founding Fathers of the USA were prudent enough to know how bad churches were and the following quotes by some of them should tell you what they really thought of Christianity and the church:
Wherever the desert religions have travelled, they have only brought conflict and violence and the goal was not preaching a religion or seeking salvation for the helpless. The goal was always to assert the non-existent superiority of their religion or their God. This continues till now in India and the church and missionaries continue these activities relentlessly. Fraudulent missionaries still come to India and claim BOGUS MIRACLES and such nonsense that heal people of their miseries in the name of Jesus. I believe Jesus would be ashamed of such idiots:
And these charlatans come to India and daringly claim that other Gods are “False Gods” as if they talk to God every day on their mobiles. It doesn’t help that govt after govt turns a blind eye to the crimes of these Padres out of fear of offending the “minority” or facing Indian-Fiberal and western backlash on the farcical “religious freedoms” they preach. Archbishop was surprised that his “Covert” letter was leaked on SM and picked up by TV channels. What follows is even more dumb – he gives a stupid explanation for his moronery with the same idiotic “secularism and constitutional” burqa as if people vote otherwise:
Because the govt is scared of these goons they are neither arrested nor prosecuted. That Imam Bukhari Delhi grandly told the HC that there will be riots in the city if he’s arrested even when there are multiple warrants on him. Across the world, church crimes are many and the Vatican and other Heads pay money, buy cops, media and even judges to cover up the crimes. What kind of religion, Jesus or God permits so many paedophiles? Hindu parents now have the additional responsibility of keeping their children away from peddlers of a religion that only relies on “marketing” than any genuine work for humanity. The Rajputs revolted against the movie “Padmavati”. Someday, there will be Hindus who will revolt against these church charlatans and their crimes if the govt doesn’t intervene and stop their illegal practices. 



  1. As always incisive and blunt and the facts as they are.

  2. As incisive as ever by Ravinar..Desert cult has only mission :Convert all others to believe & follow their cult & destroy all others incl Hinduism. Hitler was made to join the school to study Bible and translate it thus his Catholic affinity started from childhood incl claiming to be born catholic. Added Italian Sonia's clan sourced another dictator Mussolini and this Italian barmaid was brought to India who even sent fund to Arafat PLO to destroy Jews. Indian media morons act like dogs more faithful to Italian barmaid Sonia won't ever find fault with church padeopiles only with indian Nationalists is no wonder. For Hindus nationalism runs by birth for imported cults it doesn't.

    Bloody Congress Cooks and slave dogs of Indian media morons esp Maddison Thug Rajdeep (a Converted Xtian) and SoniaSingh like elks We Nationalists must eradicate these cancerous cells at any cost

  3. Brilliant post. These desert culties, be it Crusaders or be it Jehadis, these #chrislamist pigs spread filth where they go. A d the they turn upon each other, as in Nigeria and elsewhere, typically DOG EATS DOG routine. I fact Hindus must encourage them to finish off each other #chrislamist pigs. The sooner they die, the happier place this world will be.

  4. The poor among the Hindus, are enamoured, and induced with gifts, money, land and jobs, and easily fall prey, they are even asked to retain their original hindu names and don the same practices so that the deception of the church conversion activities are not evident.In Tamil Nadu it is not peculiar to see the father to be a Hindu and the mother and some children converted to christianity

  5. Brilliant and as true as true can be.

    But rather than blame religions, I would blame all those, politicians or religious heads, who try to influence naive audiences with their off centre views.

    Alarmingly, almost all political parties in the “secular” brigade are deeply involved in these decisive politics. It is an unfortunate cancer that this country has to be cured from.


  7. To be honest sir this time I am happy cause this is what will help the BJP a lot in the coming elections :)

  8. The Gandhinagar archbishop's unholy utterances on indian Nationalism as embodiment of Hinduism is regressive, intolerant and divisive.

    The timing of statement, just before Gujarat election, exposes his ulterior motive. His opprobrium synchronising with Gujarat elections is reprehensible.

    Who could be the source of his motivation?
    Are Sonia- Rahul Gandhis inciting the indian catholic christians to condemn indian Nationalism as an offshoot of Hinduism, the majority religion of india?

    Is Italian nationalism Christian,one wonders ?

    Now, some hard facts.

    One may recall how pressure was brought upon the then ruling dispensation during the corruption-ridden UPA regime by certain politico- religeous forces of Italy for releasing its mariners’ who had killed Indian fishermen after violating its sovereignty.

    Then, again, there were media reports of pressure brought upon the then PM by certain religeous celebrities when P J Thomas was appointed CVC pursuant to a recommendation by a high power committee headed by the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Home Minister P. Chidambaram as Member . Leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj, who was the third member of the high powered committee who had recorded her dissent against appointing P J Thamas as CVC due to a pending vigilance case against Thomas,who was cited as accused No. 8 in the Kerala palmolein case pending in the Court of the Special Judge, Thiruvananthapuram, for offences under Section 13(2) read with 13(1) (d) of the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988 and under Section 120B (conspiracy) of the Indian Penal Code.

    Thomas was appointed as the CVC despite this murky and morally questionable backdrop
    .He served for several months till his appointment was finally struck down by the Supreme court that passed serious strictures against the then Cong-led UPA government.

    India like Italy cannot be ruled by the Vatican, nor even by the Mullahs or Hindu priests.
    It is not a hereditary monarchy but a liberal and secular democracy where the faith of a majority of indians happens to be Hinduism.

    Against this background, labelling the hindus obliquely as being pseudo- nationalists and pseudo – secularists, psudo-liberals by the Gandhinagar archbishop,is anti-National, politically motivated.

    Nationalism like Terrorism has no religion.

    A majority of Indian catholics are nationalistic in their outlook.
    The archbishop, goaded by the misguided and opportunistic political class, seems to be an exception.

    A K SAXENA (A retd civil servant)

  9. Church should restrict themselves to Bible & its teachings & keep away from politics. When any such religious representative speaks, such organizations or the person has be immediately disqualified including the organization he represents unless the organization disowns him & removes him from that position.

  10. In a nation of 80% hindus we hv to bear with all this nonsense.

    Suppose if it were 80% Catholics then?

    Suppose if it were 80% Muslims then?

    When will Hindus understand? When will they open their eyes...

    What is happening in the Christian majority (NE) and Muslim Majority areas in India???

    Hindus are the No 1 Minority group on this planet. It is a global world now. There is no other land for Hindus other than India...

    If anything happens to Christians in India, the Perverted War criminal White man questions, interferes...

    If anything happens to Muslims in India, we have to send emissaries to explain to the thoroughly communal Gulf nations.

    If anything happens to Hindus in India... WHO ON THIS PLANET QUESTIONS? WHO ON THIS PLANET CARES?


    GOOGLE FOR Hindu Holocaust + Capt Ajit Vadakayil.

    Thank you and pls wake up.

  11. The mainstream Media which screams hoarsely about intolerance keeps quiet when christian charlatans like Benny Hill and Dinakaran arrange rallies and claim to heal people from long standing incurable illnesses. Thanks to crusaders like you, Mr Ravinar, facts are presented before everyone from time to time. Although the conversion bandwagon has slowed somewhat, Christian evangelists are still very active in remote areas. People like Kancha Ilaiah, John Dayal and now Thomas Macwan have no hesitation to malign Hindus through Media abroad. Unfortunately they get abundant coverage due to the gullibility of the European and the american people. I think media should question Thomas Macwan ( Note the 'europeanization' of a Dalit Surname !) to provide data on Church attacks that he alleges are happening everyday and if at all who have been the perpetrators in each and every case that has been investigated and understood.

  12. The video about the Hitler and Pope should be run very frequently on TV channel, especially pro-Hindu channels.

  13. It was not an African joke. It was said by Rev. Desmond Tutu, the African leader & anti-apartheid campaigner- "When they came, we had the lands and they the bible. We closed our eyes to pray, and thereafter they had the lands and we the bible". This method is being used even now by these crooks to hoodwink the people and loot their countries!

  14. It is also a part of the song by the European Band Enigma


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  16. Pappu earlier went to churches, he did not get votes, then went to Mosque & Masjids, it also failed... NOW going to Temples, unfortunately, he does not know that Hindu Gods do not recognize other religion sycophants. So he gonna lose again in Gujarat.


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