Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Goldmine Lankesh

"A Horse, a Horse, my Kingdom for a Horse… I haven't had a winner in six months”. The first line is from Shakespeare but the second line is used by a pathetic, worn-out loser who was once a champion. Deserted by all, fat and lonely, the “Raging Bull” ends up a stand-up comedian. He didn’t have a winner for months. I imagine that’s the feeling our Commie folks in media, politics and assorted Naxal-Maoist NGOs and gangs feel ever since ModiSarkar has been in place. The most recent thrashing being the UP elections and it’s not even six months. They were desperately looking for a “winner”. They finally found one – Gauri Lankesh!

GL was shot and killed outside her Bangalore residence on the evening of September 5. She was supposedly a “Journalist” although I haven’t heard much of her journalism. I have mostly heard of her Maoist sympathies, her heart bleeding for anyone and anything that’s anti-India or anti-Hindu. But she died instantly and this was the moment the entire Commie Gang (media, politics and activists) were looking for, to jump and down and scream “Hindutva murder, Hindutva murder”. All too predictable. Some from this Commie Gang glowing described GL as a “Progressive thinker”, a “Free thinker”, “Spoke her mind” and so on. Unbelievable! Having written about media and journos for so long I am a bit surprised I didn’t hear much about the journalism of GL. Perhaps, it’s because she ran something called “Lankesh Patrike” which is a local paper in Karnataka. I am sure those describing her with such glowing epithets must be reading her paper. The Commie Scotch-circuit gang instantly went into “Rudaali mode”:

Dabholkar, Pansare, Kalburgi and now Gauri Lankesh! And because they were critics of BJP or anti-Hindutva these folks quickly imply some Right-Wing faction or group has killed GL. Let’s just get a bit of trivia out of our way – all these murders happened under Congress rule. In none of the cases this Commie Gang held the CM or Congress responsible. No resignations were demanded. No reminders for investigation were made. All the previous cases either went “Cold” or are hanging. Karnataka (along with some other non-BJP states) has been facing a series of murders. Hindu activists or RSS activists have been frequently murdered. Makes no sense to do a count. None of these Commies in media called it a “Jungle Raj”. IAS officers like Ganapathy, Ravi and some more have either committed suicide or were killed. None of those deaths mattered to these Commies.

GL was a “Journalist” too. So, it’s natural these redundant journos like Rajdeep, Sagarika, Barkha or Saba types would shed buckets of tears for her. Even in mourning journalists, these Commie Gang is selective – there’s a class separation. It’s like “Our journalists” in their club and others who call themselves journalists are mere undesirable intrusions in their “Scotch life”. Three journalists in Bihar were killed in the last 2 years – Rajdeo Ranjan, Akhilesh Pratap Singh and Brajesh Kumar. Nary a mourning was held. No outrage. NOTHING! You see, these stinking Hindi-speaking, not so perfumed guys aren’t sincere journos because they haven’t demonstrated hatred for Hindus, hatred for India, hatred for our Constitution as demonstrably as Lankesh. For this Commie Gang – Lankesh had attained Gold Standard in that department. This is further demonstrated by Congress morons who talk like they were Saints from the Himalayas:

Had it been a BJP govt, these same Johnies above would be trashing the govt. That Dinesh Gundu even says shivers go down his spine. If such is the fear under a Congress govt he should have asked it to resign. And readily, the Pappu is at hand to claim Lankesh will forever live in his heart as if ever read a word of what she wrote. Pappu also grandly claims “culprits have to be punished” but like a typical Congi he has condoned all the crimes under the Siddaramiah govt in Karnataka. It doesn’t matter who died – All that matters is that someone who hates BJP, who hates Hindus died. So, the Congi morons must glorify the person despite her being a Maoist supporter. The Lankesh types celebrate when Indians are killed and our Jawans are killed by Naxals and Maoists. But to these Rudaalis her hatred of Hindus and BJP is more important to qualify for a nice grave. I don’t think the Commie Gang in media or politics give a damn about GL and I am inclined to think they are happy she was killed so that they can point fingers at Hindutva/RW and dance over her dead body:

Yes, indeed! I am convinced she was expended by her own Commies as I don’t see how any Hindutva brigade or BJP would profit by eliminating her. She was no great threat to them and nor was she any electoral force that affected anyone. I don’t think Lankesh was such a towering figure that would have dented any electoral prospects of BJP or ShivSena. She is largely an unknown figure except in her Commie Scotch circuit and the Hindu-hating gangs. While the investigations will reveal the truth (although nothing guarantees that) the current nonsensical finger-pointing by the Commie Gang only indicates how happy they are that Lankesh was killed. It’s the shot in the arm they were desperately seeking to rant against RW, Hindutva and eventually against PM Modi. We all know the script.

It would make sense to take a look at Gauri Lankesh’s preferences and views too. I don’t know what she wrote and I couldn’t care less. But she was certainly convicted for defaming a couple of BJP guys and sentenced to six months in prison. She was out on bail. She was also hobnobbing with the JNU gang. Her Twitter page banner carries the pic with her darling “son” Kanhaiya, the guy who thinks Naxal-killers are “Nationalists”:

Not just Kanhaiya, GL had also sort of adopted the India-hating goon Umar Khaled as her other son. She sure had a happy life. Any Commie with a farm of pigs would be happy indeed. Her own mind was disturbed on the morning of September 5 as she tweeted some infighting among Commies as early as 3am:

I would prefer to dismiss the first two tweets as family squabble within her Commie family. But it’s the earlier Retweet of a disgraced cop that reveals the FILTH that fills the mind of Gauri Lankesh. Being a critic, being anti-BJP is fine. But grovelling to the level of endorsing absolute filth against Modi reflects the deep-rooted hatred that cannot pass. I hold many Commies and media morons in utter contempt. Still, I wouldn’t wish them killed or wish them death. However, I am certainly not going to mourn the death of such filth. These are the very Commies who insult our Army, Hindu culture and celebrate the death of our Jawans at the hands of Naxals or terrorists. I certainly won’t mourn such people.

And all the Commie animals will come out – media, politicians, filmy idiots, worthless writers and jhola-chaaps to protest the killing of GL. But what will they be protesting against? They won’t protest jungle-raj in Karnataka. They won’t protest against Sonia, Rahul or Siddaramiah. They will slowly turn it into another anti-BJP, anti-Modi, anti-Hindutva rant. And that’s why it’s “Goldmine Lankesh” for them. They will use her death to score political points. Will they succeed in trashing BJP or Modi with her dead body? I don’t think so. But let them try. Such trials are more steps to more failures. 


  1. Thor's Hammer nailing it perfectly.

    1. Dear Subhash,

      I would suggest BJP should give a call for Karnataka bandh against the growing intolerance in Karnataka on basis that not only Hindus but even commie filth is not safe in Siddha's state. Boomrang it on them.

  2. 100 SONAR KI
    1 LOHAR KI.
    kudos to MEDIACROOKS.

  3. Although I mourn her death , the way certain media houses is portraying her death and taking undue advantage is something which I condemn... Brilliant article..

  4. Hate India n hate Hindu gangs are now hyper active as soon as this naxal activist (a lesser known journalist) was shot at.Even the shameless Congitards openly blame Hindutwa ideology,BJP,RSS for the murder.Despite their own govt in power there are spate of murder,suicide of SR police,IAS officers,BJP,RSS members.These anti Hindu n anti India groups actually provoke Hindu's with their brazen expression of hatred n enimity.You rightly said it's Goldmine Lankesh for these thugs.

  5. The defamation cases, which convicted her, shows what type of journalist (?) she was. And these vultures who are on feast on her death, never ask their CM to expedite the investigation of Kalburgi's death, which is going on for years. Shameless Idiots. And how this Siddu Govt tried to cover up the murder of Ganapathy, IPS speaks volume of the calibre of Govt. Good that this case is now in CBI custody and truth will come out

  6. Absolute Truth!View of the State of Affairs of Presstitutes Activists Leftists n Oppn.Thank You @mediacrooks.

  7. A roach which has taken the "bait" end's-up with it's body being eaten by it's comrades;commies and Congies r super roaches

  8. Brilliant! No need for any of us to shed tears for these India breakers and commie bastards.

    1. So an article was enough to make you lose your humanity? Most of the things written here about her and other people is wrong anyway.

      I think it's the right wing who have got another excuse to make the US and them narrative, to make people more hateful and excuse of rss killings always come handy for them!

    2. Firstly,

      Hindutva is not right wing. Simply because we do not scribe to one particular god like Islam or Christianity.


      The Left want's nationalists to be labelled as Right wing to give themselves an ideological identity & legitimacy.

  9. Bullseye! A searing dagger thru the leftie hogwash.

  10. I'm so happy to read this article. It's self-fulfilling! It's Just So Much Ritualistic These daus...

  11. Karara Jawab Diya apne Mediacrooks ji, Ek kwahish hai ki aap apne Blog ko Hindi Anuwadit Zaroor Karein taki jyada se jyada hindi bhashi log apke vicharaon ko pad sake.

  12. I have been leaving in banglore for 14 years, i have not seen a single guy reading lankesh patrike.

  13. Who killed her is the question!! Please focus on that! If a BJP member killed her then why? If a non-BJP member killed her then why? If she was a threat to BJP then why? If she wasn't a threat to BJP then why?

    And, please I have seen a lot of authentic communists from JNU. The entire philosophy of JNU revolves around creating a classless, society. A paper-thin book COMMUNIST MANIFESTO' explains everything. But a few fish make the pond dirty then irrational people with pre-conceived notions use it as a weapon to instigate masses and distract them from an objective approach.

    I your quest to expose the truth, don't reduce 'Communists' to Commies'.

    And, always bring up both sides of the story.

    1. Did you even read the article?

      "Yes, indeed! I am convinced she was expended by her own Commies as I don’t see how any Hindutva brigade or BJP would profit by eliminating her. She was no great threat to them and nor was she any electoral force that affected anyone. I don’t think Lankesh was such a towering figure that would have dented any electoral prospects of BJP or ShivSena. She is largely an unknown figure except in her Commie Scotch circuit and the Hindu-hating gangs. While the investigations will reveal the truth (although nothing guarantees that) the current nonsensical finger-pointing by the Commie Gang only indicates how happy they are that Lankesh was killed. It’s the shot in the arm they were desperately seeking to rant against RW, Hindutva and eventually against PM Modi. We all know the script."

    2. When JNU's Kanaihya was targeted because of his "anti-national" speech (btw, 99% of his speech would make sense to you if you read it but who cares, we will only focus on that 1% and assume that we have the right to question his for the nation). BJP , at that point in time, made many claims to defame JNU. Later the BJP MLA apologized on national radio but damage to the image of this esteemed institution (about which most of the opinionated people know nothing) had already been done.

      Now that Congress has got the opportunity, it is trying everything and anything possible to defame BJP.

      But the point is that be it the anti-Hindu brigade or Hindutva family, none of them has the right to divide us. What media crooks is doing? It is taking an alternate stand rather than the neutral one.

      Be it BJP or Congress, no party in our country is fair and transparent.

      Then why only Anti- Hindus are being targeted by media crooks, why does it not target ALL BODIES THAT TRY TO DIVIDE THE SOCIETY ON RELIGIOUS/COMMUNAL BASIS?

      Why couldn't media crooks talk about Modi's underperforming demonization,Arunab's pre-planned news interview with Modi which was more of a PR exercise, sudden and unexpected love for cows shown by Hindu Sangh, BJP's ill-efficiency and diplomacy that led to killing of so many people in Haryana during that Jat protests, BJP's alliance with rapist Ram Rahim?

      Both the sides have to be presented to make this nation like the one defined in The Constitution.

      P.s: I worship Communism, please ask me a hundred times why before labelling me a "commie" or "anti-national". I promise we will talk and I will bear no grudges against you as I am a tolerant Indian citizen.

    3. The problem with commies is that they become very `sensitive' when are on the receiving end. But very `aggressive' if they are on onslaught. Same with you also. If you have answer for the facts mentioned in the article put it forward. Do not try to be over smart. If you have the case you scream like anything. Otherwise weep like goats. Communism is the most destructive ideology on the face of the earth. Go and google. Do not try to put the victims (Hindus) and aggressors (anti hindus) at par. You have mentioned `long list' of misdeeds which you suppose should have got mention in the media crooks. But at the same time conveniently avoided listing the misdeeds of commies. What is happening in Kerala? Day in, day out cpi goons murdering RSS people. Govt. is protecting the goons. Why don`t you demand an article on commie violence? Worshiping one ideology is not a sin. But blind faith is dangerous. Do not take personal. Commies are anti national. Their track record shows that.

    4. I love communist ideology.

      Although, I admit that due to non-transparency and under-performing leaders, it has failed to prove itself particularly in India. The US is partially communist and we can see the progress. Other developed countries like The Netherlands and Sweden are also being run on communist lines.

      But what is BJP's right-wing ideology doing? Allying with industrialists like Amabanis and Mallya?

      Please read 'Communist Manifesto' and then question my ideological values.

      Is it my fault that the real communists (and not commies) are not at the forefront. Some of them have been teachers and some been defamed. Few fish make the pond dirty.

      Just like media crooks, you are also going in one direction.

      Bring out the cons of all the parties.

      I read media crooks sometimes and I quite like it.

      I was only trying to say that media crooks is biased, it doesn't highlight certain topics that are not in favor of Modi or BJP.

      Please admit if you have an objective approach.

    5. You have not answered my question. Instead posed counter question. This is die hard habit of commies! They do not have answers and explanations, they just have umpteen questions. If I admit your point then you consider that i have objective approach. Otherwise not! Have you read the book `black book of communism"? Have you gone through the book `Mao`s great famine'? World over commie regimes killed millions of people. How do you justify this genocide? These are not `few fish' the whole pond is infested with such fishes. Because fundamentally communism starts with the division, compartmentalization, vengeance. There is no scope for synthesis, adjustment,harmony. That is why you always think that your point of argument is correct and other person should come to your terms only. This rigidity is the hallmark of communism. You just reflected that trait. That is all.

    6. Why do you have to be so aggressive?

      I may think differently from you but that doesn't imply I'm biased or doesn't love my nation as much as you do. I do not have to confirm to your standards to be able to prove my love for India. Similarly, you don't have to confirm to my standards to prove your "nationalism". We all love our nation dearly and have individual opinions.

      Here's why I support Communism -
      #1 It wants a classless society
      #2 It wants the means of production or profit to be divided equally among all
      #3 It doesn't encourage hoarding of more-than-required money
      #4 It gives no right over dead labour. It means, a dead labourer's family is supposed to be paid buy the industrialists who is using the assets manufactured by the labourer himself. The industrialists can't get away by paying a little sum to the labourer as He is using those assets and expanding his business for decades to come.
      #5 Public should control government and not otherwise

      BTW, Adolf Hitler was a right wing leader. Remember that.

      On the hand, in the Right Wing Ideology says -
      #1 The capital of the state should remain with Authority
      #2 The best way to help poor is to give rich more money. No wonder why all industrialists love BJP so much!
      #3 Ignorance is strength - that's why BJP aligned with Ram Rahim despite knowing so many innocent girls were being his victim. Those victims could be your sister or mine. How wonderfully it ignored the destruction and havoc caused by Jats during the protest. Do you even have any idea?
      # War is peace - That's why the government has been glorifying wars so much because its members don't have to die. But I want peace and no war because I don't want any Indian to die.

      I want Harmony and I don't like these pseudo-socialists/communists like Barkha Dutt and Rajdeep Sardesai to ever be called a communist. It is an insult to Communism.

      Yes there have been severe losses caused by both the ideologies but it was because the leaders and authority were misleading. But there have been good things too.

      I have my own ways of loving my nation and I'm a communist. Please respect that and be a tolerant Indian citizen.

      You have your ways of loving your nation. I respect that and I'm being a tolerant citizen.

      Sigh and peace!

    7. Commies are also low intelligent people. Take the example of this commie. He argues that media crook is biased and not criticising BJP or in his word right wingers, ruling party etc. But Media crook has severally criticised EVEN UNFAIRLY, RW, Hindus, BJP. And he claims, he reads MC and likes him, lier. Unfairly, because BJP and Hindus' under performance can not be equalized with 70 years of criminal loot of anti nationals and just to please monkey balncers like this commie, whom Mr. Bharat has appropriately exposed.

    8. Another example of monkey balancing. There is not only one class of people, why there should be 1 class only i.e class less. Yes, there should not be unfair previlidged class and oppressed class unfair classification. Again, where is fairness in distrbuting equally to lazy bum and honest, hard working intelligent investing or laboring individual or investor?

    9. Whatever I feel I say while keeping objectivity in mind. But you time and again prove that you are intolerant

    10. Lately there has been very little criticism of BJP by media crooks. And please sir, don't forget to call me commie again because I feel proud to be one. I have mentioned very elaborately that why I'm a communist.

      People like you can't do inter-caste marriages, can't eliminate CASTEISM at local level and they vouch for the larger concept of nationalism.

      It is so easy to for the authority to use you as a pawn, instigate your anger and manipulate you.

    11. Congress did bigger damage to the nation

      But we should forgive BJP because the damages it creates are comparitivily smaller.

      Is that what you are trying to say?

      I'm sorry, I'm not a BJP supporter nor do I support Congress.

      If I feel we are diverting from the definition of a democratic and secular country, I will speak up.

      P.s: I have time and again mentioned, I believe in Communism and I have stated the reasons behind holding this belief too. So when you call me 'Commie' as an abuse (u know you abused me, reduced me to a monkey but I still respect you and your views), I wear the badge of Commie with proud. I love my nation and that shouldn't need anybody's approval.

      Btw, how proudly we talk about a larger concept of nationalism despite knowing modi sarkar or Gandhi sarkar never made big efforts to eradicate CASTEISM. We the Indians can't even marry our fellow dalits, can't accept them wholeheartedly and we talk about nationalism? We are only a nationalist when we fight at our level. You abusing me or bashing my ideological values won't do any good the nation. How ironic and hypocritical is that?

    12. Don't you think, dalits should get married to other upper caste to eradicate casteism highlights the low self esteem of dalits?
      Why do you want to put them down by suggesting this? I am surprised..!!! On the other hand, black people did not want any special treatment to compete with the whites in USA. That i would say is the way. The biggest obstacle to eradicate caste is, the "CASTE COLUMN IN ANY APPLICATION FORM" and based on which the reservation is done...!

    13. Commies and nationalism?! what a joke. They never, ever considered India as their country. This is only lip talk. When ever situation demanded they stood on the other side not on India side. Take partition of this country. Commies were first to support the `two nation theory'. They even tried to conspire with British to sabotage quite India movement. They supported china during 1962 war and even collected funds for Chinese soldiers! Even now in Kashmir they support divisive forces and meet Jilani and Co. quite often.This is the `nationalism' of commies! You have listed the `wonderful aspects' of communism. Good. But did you find any society which got all these, at least some of the aspects? Why Soviet Union collapsed? Why there is economic turmoil in China? So communism is a total failure. It could not create the system or society which is the reflection of the `lofty ideals'. Peace is impossible in communist regime. Because its basic tenets are grounded in violence. First try to understand communism properly. Then talk the `right wing' nonsense.

    14. once Betrand Russell (if i am wrong anybody can correct) said that at young age if you are not attracted to communisim then there is problem with you. But after gaining much experience in life still if you are with communism again there is problem with you. It seems you are too young!

    15. Interesting, I find both nationalists and commies abhorrent. Both are trying to reduce the freedom of the common man. One in the name of the nation, the other in the name of equality. BTW Hitler was a socialist and nationalist. Remember the full form of Nazi party? I don't even believe in party based democracy. The party is the root of corruption, and the corruption of democracy. Democracy is about the rule of people's representatives. Party democracy turns the concept on its head and creates the rule of party's representatives, not people's representatives.

    16. Dalits should get married to upper castes and vice versa because that is how we can create a homogeneous society. Otherwise there will always be a division.

      It is high time we embrace each other.

      Yes, Communism is "violent" in your words. If the authority happens to control the public, the public has all the right to attack the authority.

      But you seem to be hardly bothered about the under-paid and overworked laborers, over-exploited construction workers and farmers who commit suicide.

      You seem to have no problem seeing local small-time businessmen suffer at the hands of international brands. You don't seem to care about crores of workers who are told to sign on salary slips that claim four times of salary than they actually get.

      Hating Communism is not the solution. You can critique me but you cannot snatch away my values from me.

      I love my nation and that needs no proof.

      I feel bad that recently BJP and RSS assumed that they have the power to question our love for the nation.

      I'm sorry, they can always believe that have the power and feel good about it but no one really cares.

      Again, what are you trying to do by questioning my love fir India. Who are you to have that authority!

      We both are Indian citizens.

    17. 'Homogeneous Society'??
      Where is it mentioned by any of the communist leaders Marx etc.. i meant.

      Division in society will be always there, if it is not caste, it will be something else.

      Even in Dalits, there are many groups and they don't get married into each other.

      It could be an obsession which dalits or groups like you have, to get married into upper caste. As it was mentioned by someone else here, the DEEDS make you to upper caste and NOT whom you are born into.

      The question of your LOVE for INDIA is raised, cos of your thoughts and belief. Which is generally considered as spewing venom...!

      If you love a person you will correct them gently not by disrupting the progress of the person, IMHO...

    18. Ask your commie comrades who day in, day out question the credentials of the people who love this country, its culture and its religions. Ask those commie intellectuals who are hell bent to prove that this is a country of intolerance, backwardness, communal, regressive and what not. Ask those people who organise lit festivals just to degrade this country internationally. Ask those people who conspire with foreign forces to destroy the age old social structure by labeling it as dangerous, inimical, superstitious etc. True no one has to certify that commies are anti national. Their past and present deeds are ample proof for that.

    19. There is caste division in society and since apparently none of us belong to a "lower caste", we fail to understand how much secluded and alienated a Dalit feels in our society. Even B R Ambedkar suggested inter-caste marriages to kill the worm of CASTEISM in our country.

      If you are thinking that I support Congress because I don't worship modi then you are wrong. I don't support congress and pseudo- socialists and pseudo-communists like Barkha, Rajiv, Sagarika and many others.

      I have just tried to put a simple point - that I'm a communist for all the good reasons and you all went to troll me.

      I have seen JNU communist students doing their research and spending half the year in unknown villages of the country. I have seen JNU students marching along with the labourers for their rights.

      Your version of Communism is different from mine because you have seen the other side of the coin.

      But I love my country and your declaration cannot make communists the anti-nationals neither my declaration can make right-wing the anti-nationals.

      Please act like a tolerant citizen . I'm a 25 year old girl who is trying to take a neutral stand and debating with 4-5 trollers like you

      Please be tolerant . I respect your views till the time they don't overpower mine. I'm not trying to make you a leftist.

      You find doing good for your nation by believing in BJP and I find doing good for my nation by believing in none of the parties.

      I love my nation and I'm a communist. Even if you or any other person will declare me an anti-national 1000 times, it won't make me one.

    20. I,for that matter anybody here are not in any hurry to `prove' you or your comrades as anti nationals. I was demonstrating the `objective approach'and putting the facts. These facts, and many more things are proving that commies are anti national. National interest should be the first and foremost for any citizen. But in many cases, which i have elaborated already, commies behaved otherwise. Not only JNU students many students of many universities in this country are trying to do something for their country. In fact there are students in JNU who want to tear the country into pieces(tukde honge..) Not only students many voluntary organisations, which are not certainly commie, are doing yeomen service to the people. First of all try to take the facts as facts. Do not run away from them. Many people in this country know more about commie misdeeds. Still commies are in this country. So do not try to preach `tolerance' messages.

    21. @Upma Sharma....

      You did not answer any of my questions.
      1. Will marrying to upper caste will uplift dalits
      2. When Blacks in USA have self-respect why can't our people?
      3. Homogeneous society - when did communism quotes this...
      4. If BR Ambedkar waited to marry in upper caste, he would not be remembered now for what he has achieved.. The GOAT to ACHIEVE will UPLIFT you not marriage...!

      None of these you addressed or touched.

      That really shows about you... Thanks...!

    22. Upma Sharma

      Your comments on the post are now longer than the post itself. That's the power of MC writing and how badly it hurts Commies. You can be anything you want but it takes only common sense to understand that the principles of murderous Communism are not compatible with Democracy. India is a democracy, therefore Commies are forced to live under its principles and norms. Had the Commies had their way, they would overthrown the Constitution and established a murderous one-party rule. For the record, Commie Pigs are the ones who objected a lot to the Constitution and Ambedkar has outlined very well in his speeches what their problem is.

      Even Jaitley told Yechury in parliament that the Commies had strong objections to the Constitution. In which part of the world is there a Communist government that has any norms of democracy? Who are you trying to fool with your eloquent whining? This is what all Commies do. Rant endlessly without realising they cannot live in a democracy. Communism itself is anti-democracy.

    23. Mani sir ,

      @ You know in India 2017, there are separate villages, streets and even temples for Dalits. When they pass on something to their upper caste neighbour, that neighbour covers their face to distance himself from the "smell" of a Dalit. Promoting inter-caste marriages is not because Dalits are low or they do not have self respect, inter-caste marriages should happen because India still lies divided and you and I can't feel the plight because we are not Dalits. For the first time, I'm hearing inter-caste marriages are not a progressive measure for the society.

      Dalits are full of self-respect and my best friend is an SC.

      Communism aims to create a classless society that eventually forms a homogeneous society.

      B R Ambedkar did suggest inter-caste marriages I can vouch for it.

    24. @ Sonnet, I am amazed at your intolerance, narrow-mindedness and one-directional approach.

      I never denied the misdeeds committed by the Congress or even these self-proclaimed communists. China is communist and it is doing pretty well.

      If I were to list the misdoings by BJP, this entire day will pass. But you are not willing to acknowledge that.

      So all in all, I have acknowledged that there have been "wrongs" done by both. You are not taking a neutral stand.

      Just because I am not confirming to your way of thinking, doesn't mean my ways are wrong . I still believe we both love our nation and have different ways of manifesting that. You are being intolerant not me.

    25. @Bharat

      Yes you are right sir. Facts are facts. I even admit that Communism has caused violence and there have been leaders who exploited the public in the name of Communism. But it was because the leaders were corrupted, not because the principles of Communism are shallow. Call me a communist time and again, as I said, I wear the badge with pride.

      Btw, can you accept the following facts as facts -

      #1 BJP failed big-time in curbing jat protests. BJP was rules Haryana and under its governance, Jats looted shops, burned people alive, raped women and demolished factories and schools. How do I assure myself that BJP can provide my state the right protection ?

      #2 BJP aligned with Ram Rahim for vote bank. The fraud raped girls and killed people who could expose him. Those girls could be my or your relatives.

      #3 BJP implied demonetization that eventually caused more loss than profit. Forget about that, people even died during the demonization struggle.

      #4 BJP defamed jnu students by claiming these many cigarette buds, beer cans and condoms are found in Jnu. Later it apologized because it had no proof to claim all this.b

      Sir the point is that, we think differently and we have to let things be. Two people can definitely choose two different ways to love their Nation but Tha doesn't mean one of them is wrong.

    26. @Upma Sharma

      Thanks for the reply.
      You have answers in your reply. If Dalits are living in a condition, which is un-hygienic you want the person who is clean to touch him. This baffles me.

      They live separate because of the animal killing, meat handling process they do. Which I remember BR Ambedkar also said, for Dalit to come out of untouchability they should come out of animal killing and handling conditions.

      This is not uncommon. Even in abroad, when an indian travels in a public transport and if he is smelly, others do cover their face and distance themselves.

      The problem lies in there.

      BR Ambedkar also said, that the reservation should NOT BE CONTINUED FOR EVER. It should be abolished after 30 years or so.
      This is where the SELF RESPECT part comes. As I mentioned earlier, the BLACKS in USA DID NOT want any special consideration for them. Which is lacking in our country.

      Inter-caste marriage : If it happens naturally that is beautiful. How can you force one person to get married into a family he doesn't want. Pass a law for this in a democratic country? How will communalism will create a casteless society? By force? The more you force, the more you create rift and resistance. In fact, by doing this in my view communists and others are creating a rigid caste based society. Having caste in any application form - how will create casteless society?

    27. Upna Sharma,
      Pl remove your sharma & talk

    28. Upna Sharma,
      Pl remove your sharma & talk

    29. @Upma Sharma,
      Why are trying to trivialize the debate. I am trying to say something about the basic tenets of communism and their effect of the world as as whole and India particular. But you have listed some issues related to politics. In all my posts i raised some fundamental issues about communist ideology and its horrifying effects on many countries, including India. You have not bothered to answer not even one question. Is this `objective approach'? If you try to count the misdeeds of commies even in the field of politics you get a much longer list. But that is not my interest. I just want to show or present some facts which prove that communism as an ideology is dangerous and harmful. If you have any counter facts then furnish them. Do not try to derail the discourse.

    30. I don't know how am I deviating from the mainstream. I have mentioned in my previous comments the basic pillar of communism. Nevertheless, I explain again -
      "Communism differs from socialism, though the two have similarities. Both philosophies advocate economic equality and state ownership of various goods and services. However, socialism usually works through the existing democratic structures of capitalist countries."

      "Someone who is "right-wing" usually supports tradition and the way things are. People who are extremely right-wing are called "reactionary", and want to either return to the way things were before, such as neoreaction, or more often start as a reaction against left-wing ideas which are spreading in a country.

      The right-wing supports tradition and authority."

      These are the standard definition of right wing and communism.

    31. This comment has been removed by the author.

    32. I have given up on you. You are a gone case. All you are trying to do is to find ways to prove me wrong ANYHOW! For your information, many Brahmins in North India, almost all Rajputs and Baniyas love eating meat and they are not Dalits.

    33. I don't know how am I deviating from the main issue. I have mentioned the basic pillars of communism in my previous comments . Nevertheless, I explain again -

      "Communism differs from socialism, though the two have similarities. Both philosophies advocate economic equality and state ownership of various goods and services. However, socialism usually works through the existing democratic structures of capitalist countries."

      "Someone who is "right-wing" usually supports tradition and the way things are. People who are extremely right-wing are called "reactionary", and want to either return to the way things were before, such as neoreaction, or more often start as a reaction against left-wing ideas which are spreading in a country.

      The right-wing supports tradition and authority."

      These are the standard definition of right wing and communism.

    34. Who gave this definition? If supporting the tradition is the approach of `right wing' then so called left wing should also be called as `traditionalist'. Because you people also believe in values or aspects which are preached by someone or in some point of time. Every one on the face of the earth have past, present and future. If one who looks at the past deemed to be `traditionalist' or supporter of tradition then commies are also `traditionalists'and `reactionary'. They also reactionary as they try to spread their ideology as an reaction to so called `right wing' by calling it regressive, fanatic, reactionary etc. As per your definition socialism works through democratic structures where as communism do not. It confirms that communism is against democratic system and values. That is why so much of destruction and violence in commie regimes. Economic equality is an utopia. Leave a society or country even in a family the so called economic equality is not possible. That is common sense.

    35. This comment has been removed by the author.

    36. @Bharat

      Dear Sir,

      "Economic equality is not possible." - we think it is not possible so we end up making it impossible. People like us who are corporate slaves can never think of demolishing the capitalist structure because our 'fancy life' feeds on it. We are part of the capitalist setup that has shaped and manipulated our desires to the extent that our mind is programmed to ignore and justify our unjust choices.

      Communism stems from socialism but it takes a hard-hitting route of changing the system rather than taking a passive one.

      You can always contradict what I say without answering my questions that prove BJP is no less devil and ignorant. So I have given up on you regarding that part. My relatives (who are non-jats) have suffered terribly during the jat protests. My hardworking fellows have been hurt by the untrue allegations made about them by BJP. And, trust me, I know my people inside out. They are not "Anti-nationals". And, there's so much I can say about BJP but I won't because you will not listen.

      I never denied the existence of pseudo-socialists and pesudo-communists who have troubled the country.

      I am still comprehending the reason behind your level of intolerance on the path that I have chosen. No matter how I decide to choose my views, I make sure the ideology appeals to me and I am taking a neutral approach.

      You know what is the problem between you and I?

      I am not a right-wing supporter but I respect your views because I know you won't harm your own country and that's all that matters!

      I support communism and you just can't take it even when you know that I love my country and I cannot harm it, no matter what!

      This is how you are not tolerant.

      While penning down this comment, I have no hatred or a feeling of disapproval towards you. I know there is no absolute truth, nothing absolutely wrong and nothing absolutely right. In the end, we have to just take care of the fact that we are not troubling others while pursuing our ideological quests

  14. CM & HM of Karnataka were in a hurry to visit the crime scene and give their statements to media. That is enough to give a clue who is guilty. It is the guilty who rush to the media

  15. Brilliant posts! India is safe in the hands of next generation! Keep it up boys!! Throw and bury commies of their last bastion!?

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  16. Perfectly summed up, great analysis.

  17. Exactly the point... Who benefitted from her murder...her beloved commies! And you've hit the nail right on it's head

  18. Commies got a new issue. They had been to all hospitals in North India to count the child deaths to defame BJP. Now that lost steam as reports about the past numbers came out they need a new issue to talk about

  19. Ravinar! Take a bow! Thanks for such brilliant write-ups.

  20. As soon as news of murder of Fair Lankesh strangely blame game of BJP and RSS started as though these people knew who did the killing even before police were at the spot.
    Brilliant write-up exposing the commies and the siculars

  21. It almost seems that Commies / Left- Libs are deliberately manufacturing these issues to tarnish BJP/RSS/Hindutva. BTW, latest update after the writing of this blog is
    1. The Karnataka Govt has given a 21 gun salute funeral to her.
    2. A watchful @surnell has posted screenshots of @publictvnews which has exposed that there were attempts to murder Gauri Lankesh by Naxals and that Naxals had been nurturing hatred against her for past 2 years
    3. She had disputes with her brother. Brother accused her of being a closet Naxalite and she accused him of threatening her at gunpoint.

    Fact is these Maoist and Muslim Terrorist sympathisers forget that these groups are like reptiles which can bite the very hand that feeds them. Quoting Ravinar - these sympathisers can be useful idiots to these terrorists.

  22. GL's father, Mr Lankesh was a good man. Gauri undid his good work as a Journo.

    Her followers had no right to disrespect the burial ground by disrespecting the Lingayat rituals of a simple prayer 'dust unto dust' and 'prayers from r the soul'.

    Why is it that the tolerant folks are taken for granted by the intolerant ones? Is it morally wrong for the meek to speak out?

    In all political propriety her death has been answered with more gun shots, 21 to be precise. God bless us all!

  23. Fearless article with content of truth. Without giving undue attention to foul cry of commis.

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Noronha

      You rant like an emotional fool with no logic or reason and then accuse others of being emotional. I have not known MC to be one bit emotional in his factual style of writing. He is simply ruthless with facts, which fake fear-mongers like you cannot digest.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Your eating beef shows the animal behavior in you, for educated people like you read bible, which also speaks of ahimsa, but end up doing everything opposite. Pseudo thinkers like you have a reason to worry themselves. Nobody has any business to torch your home, unless you torch other's home !!
      What do you mean by ".... I am high caste ..." Do you known none of the hindu scriptures talk about "caste" by birth ? What all you wrote is applicable more to the dead journalist Ms. Lankesh Gauri

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  25. While BJP/RSS are working day night to unify Hindus and all nationalists and eradicate discrimination, this woman was supporting a movement to disintegrate Lingayats from Hindus and to form a new religion. God is not blind. He bestowed what she deserved.

  26. Face check for you ....... Pansare died in 2015 in Maharashtra -- BJP rule then. In the name of Mjai jai Modi let's not blur the facts. I am not sure commies are innocent but does not mean mediacrooks can twist facts. How is he different from the rudali's then?

    1. Pick up rats rather than choosing to pick up ants !!!

  27. Mediacrooks Ji Ap sahi mayne mein sankat mochak bhartiya Vichar dhara ka.

  28. Khangress can go to any length to blame Right Wing parties. I will not be surprised if Khangress party loyalists are there behind the journalist murder.
    So many soldiers killed by Pak sponsored terrorists during Khangress ruling, not one journalists shed their tears or held candle light or at least crocodile tears for them, furthey they went on to support Pakistan behavior & insisted India to speak & surrender to Pakistan & to buy peace.
    These doves no doubt have themselves to blame for the current lopsided reporting & in return getting bullets driven in to their bodies.
    One can have endless debates on any religious matters particularly hinduism related. Can these doves even debate on ill practices / matters relating to Islam / Muslims, without their throat being cut within ONE hour of their starting ? But they love to criticize hinduiusm for being a forebearing religion. Criticizing & writing against a religion does not make you a saint.

  29. The new thing Indians learned is burning candles, instead of burning their minds / burning. It has become a fashion. Sri Adishankaracharya debated with many stalwarts of his day, but none chose swords or knife, they humbly bowed to him & became his disciples. But these journalists are a different breed of wolves & foxes, who intend to get Nobel Prize, but there is no prize for yellow journalism. This lady journalist spread hatred through her writings & it returned to her with full compounded interest !! She sowed the seed, got the fruit. Argue & debate for good of the society, but remember Journalists are not saints nor babas nor role models for they are worst than cabaret dancers. These journalists are wolves in form of doves !!!
    The religious teachings are very clear - You sow, you reap.
    There is one lady writer, who has written Vol-1 & 2 critizing Ramayana in south in 1970's & it became popular for it "revolutionizes radical " thinking, after few years the lady's popularity waned, she died of cancer.

  30. This is the way the cookies crumble, Seculars and Liberals become victims in their own dugout

  31. True but look at irony of India (Hindustan, now a days one should be very careful saying that) all people while on auspicious days like 15 August and 26 Jan shows theirs love by proudly singing SARE JAHA SE ACCHA HINDUSTA HAMAR and after such poor incidents immediately a small part of society starts blaming all RF or RSS or even BJP for the happenings without even knowing the truth behind
    Nice eye opening article kudos

  32. There are lacs of people who still thrive on the khangress thrown crumbs & news publication is not a revenue earner, thanks to online information, citizens are able to pick their choices, earlier journalists earned income by genuine news printing, now they earn by printing what others want. Cannot find one good genuine journalist at national or state level. So called ideological writers have no practical vision. AAJ TAK channel keeps saying entire India is wrong, but do not find anything wrong in their own channel way of working. Society & Politicians are corrupt. For doing something genuine, unless Supreme court gives a judgement (50 years waiting to hear judgement) then only you can change constitution. For salary perks of politicians it can be changed any time (midnight also).
    The entire story of this journalist should be she sowed violent ideas & died violently (karma siddamtam) which every Hindu should be believing & acting on.

  33. You appear to miss the point here !
    We are a democracy with a Constitution governing our lives and giving us freedom of belief and expression.
    It certainly doesn't sentence dissent to death. Sedition is a fashionable word which even our law makers don't know how to apply.
    Ram Rahim's body guards charged with sedition .... what nonsense !
    And your article is very close to that !
    Is summary execution permissible ?
    I think not !!
    But if the pinnacle of political power is seen as sympathetic to such views, ,God bless our country !

  34. Sir, kindly please blog about INDIRECT TAX TERRORISM caused by Mr. Jaitley-- I've lived in USA for 15+ years and I've never ever heard of 18% GST taxes on services! Imagine you paying an architect for a diagram and they pay their income tax anyway why would you want the person buying the services pay tax...

    Ofcourse I wont even go into what you get in return of paying taxes (broken roads, no water, no clear air, no sanitization, no security, promoting lazy people via socialism, promoting activists so on and so forth)

  35. bindranwale a protegee of Indira gandhi. RSS and BJP a critic of Indira's policies but no personal enmity. Who killed indira gandhi. followers of Bhindrnawale. DMK supported Rajeev Gandhi and snet IPKF to Elem like Indira sent forces to Golden Temple. Who killed RG? DMK supporters and LTTE cadre. Kalburgi a left activist), Pansarea (communist), Dhabolkar(a secularist who claimed that Shivaji is also a secularist) i.e. so much of hatred towards Hindu. All are cosy with Naxalites and Maoists. One of these is lkilled in 2013 when Cong was ruling. So all are against BJP. When they did not serve the purpose of the Naxelites it is the right time to killed them with same modus oprandi that naxelites use country made pistols or sickles and axes. MSM is there to help them to give the narrative that RSS, Abhinav Bharat or sanatan sanstha the Hindu saffron terrorist killed the social workers. So easy escape route for naxals. India atleast needs 25 years of BJP rule to set right the law and order and bring the derailed train onto Tracks and Law and order at par with western developed system of Policing and courts. Even in BJP lot of scmbags need t obe pulled up.

  36. Mr. Bharat. Here is a URL to some quotes on communism.
    Wislawa Szymborska's quote is similar to what you said. But I didn't find Bertrand Russel said it. But I too heard it or read it in Blitz magazine now not there. published by RK karanzia a good communist. Communism became a religion and it lead to dictatorship now you see it in Putin and Xi. All communist heads became dictators. It has no heart. How do you explain the bond between a maid in a home and the land lady when problems come to both. they are not just employer-employee relationship. Communism could not explain this. It is expalined only in sanatan dharma. That is why Rama and Hanuman are master and servants, brothers and lord and Bhakth.

  37. This blog of Raviji incited a lot of discussion and expression of views and counterviews, after a long time. One this is clear. भारत does NOT need either the Commie pigs or the jehadi terrorists of the desert cult. The other desert cult evangelists too need to be kicked. India will be safer then.

  38. While every murder should be thoroughly condemmned, there is no justification in going overboard in glorification of the deceased. Neither Gauri Lankesh nor her patrika was an influential and opinion making instrument. She was a convicted journalist. It is interesting that on the day of her murder, she is sermonizing other commies for dishing out fake news despite being convicted for character defamation, which is just another term for peddling fake news. Her anti-hindu and divisive nature is so apparent as she has been reported to have supported the demand for Lingayat sect/caste to be labelled as a separate religion. The ways of commies are sinister indeed !!


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