Monday, August 14, 2017

Freedom From The Disgraceful

From 2004 to 2013 we had some of the most mumbling, boring speeches from the Red Fort by the PM. Mostly written speeches that started and ended with tributes to the Nehru-Gandhi clan. We heard or ignored, mostly despondent with corruption hovering all over and a sense of despair. Since 2014 we have had some more optimistic, realistic speeches but politicians are wont to indulge in rhetoric that is soon forgotten. Last year, PM Modi even threw in Balochistan in his I-Day speech. That has not been on the radar for a long time since. Nevertheless, when we look back at the last one year, there are some great things that happened for India on the political landscape. There have been some new freedoms that we can celebrate.

Earlier this year, we saw the exit of the corrupt, Goonda-raj govt of Akhilesh Yadav and SP in Uttar Pradesh. The disgraceful, fake father-son drama in UP resulted in our crooked media promoting Akhilesh as the new “development messiah” of UP. Thousands of crimes – rapes, murders, children’s deaths were all wiped out by the media and the Sickulars just to stop the BJP from winning. Just one sample of the criminally corrupt govt that the MSM so lovingly protected and promoted is enough to demonstrate the rot brought in by Akhilesh & Co. The Akhilesh govt spent 15 crores to distribute cheques worth 20 crores under a social benefit scheme. Doesn’t take Einstein to guess where most of the 15 crores went. AY and his gang were brutally thrashed in the elections and it’s good to see them go. Count a blessing!

In the same round of elections, the people of Punjab and Goa buried the political nonsense of Arvind Kejriwal. A blabber-mouth and Twitter CM who is now facing a flurry of defamation cases has been relatively quiet since March 2017. The man who trolled Modi day and night was shown his pygmy size by the voters. This disgusting charlatan, who was the darling of our corrupt media, may or may not have learned his lessons. But I have no doubts that Kejriwal’s political ambitions or even future is over. The very mention of his names evokes contempt and disgust. Mindless drama, eternal nonsense of Muslim-appeasement and terror-sympathising is now passé. The downfall of Kejriwal is something to celebrate for anyone who finds corruption and hypocrisy disgusting. Count another blessing! And in the pic, here are some whose exit I celebrate:

To call former VP Hamid Ansari a disgrace would be an understatement. He will be most remembered for abruptly closing the discussions on the Lokpal Bill in 2011. Arun Jaitely accurately described the act as “Fleedom at midnight”. For nearly 50 years Ansari was on our payroll and made an ignominious exit with the most uncharitable comments that could only come from a “Closet Islamist” who nurtures severe contempt for Indian society. He claimed Muslims live in India in fear and unease. Not one shred of fact or evidence for this mindless political blabber. This is a country that spends enormous of money on Muslim appeasement – scholarships, funds for Madrassas, for Haj and even special funds for their girls’ marriage. All this at the cost of other communities, particularly Hindus. And what we have seen over and over again, from Kashmir to Coimbatore, Mumbai to Malda… wherever one looks, only hears of excessive mindless violence from Muslim groups for some reason or the other. Ansari and his ilk feed this eternal “victimhood” narrative so that this war on Indian society continues:

It was fitting that PM Modi in his send-off speech for Ansari rightfully but gently chastised him and advised him to come out of his closet with the words “Now you are free from responsibility, you can start expressing yourself as per your original thought and mind”. This disgrace can now whine peacefully with the pension paid by us. Good riddance. Count another blessing!

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Whatever one’s opinion of Nitish Kumar, he remains an opportunistic politician and at least one who was in the Opposition who didn’t want the taint of corruption on him. Therefore, his break with Lalu Yadav’s RJD is a tactical and politically sound victory for the BJP and people. People like Lalu and his corrupt family don’t have any business to exist in public life. They are the darlings of the Barkhas, Sagarikas, Rajdeeps and Shekhars for a damn good reason. The family must have fed enough “Chaara” to these media goats. Imagine, Lalu’s daughter Misha purchased a Delhi bungalow, along with her loving brothers, for a pittance of Rs. 5000. In a time when you can’t even get a “Jhopdi” anywhere for 5000. My bet is Lalu and his crime-ridden family is gone for good from politics. You might hear a rant here and there from this joker but that’s all. Count another blessing!

Arun Jaitley’s parting gift to Sitaram Yechury was in telling him that Yechury had the liberty of making several suggestions which are "idealistic but un-implementable". That was in addition to telling the “unelectable” Yechury that he has never been in the govt. That is true of all Commies – lot of hot air and pretty-pudding ideas but no sense of reality. And when they did get power in Bengal or Kerala, they succeeded in turning the state into massive garbage of failures, poverty, violence and unaccounted murders. Our Parliament is better off without hot-air Commie balloons like Yechury and the likes of him. A useless man that I consider no more than a “Senior Kanhaiya” from JNU, Yechury still belongs in JNU politics, not in national discourse. Gone! Count another blessing!

Some folks keep up their imaginary greatness of criminal Mughals who slaughtered millions of Hindus, raped their women, enslaved many, destroyed many temples. It ought to rank as history’s worst barbaric crime-spree of 800 years ever. But thanks to our Sickular Commies, these murderers were glorified and monuments and roads named after them. We have long desired that the true history of our past be taught to our children. But our Commie book-keepers started our history with Babar, as if India and Hindu culture didn’t exist before the marauder. Some states like Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan are starting to restore true Hindu history in their school books. It’s a small start but a good one. Naturally, it upsets Congi slaves like Salman Khurshid who thought Bahadur Shah was the greatest ruler ever and wrote plays about him. Khurshid laments how the history of Mughal-Hindu romance would be lost:

Of course, to tell this joker that Jodha-Akbar is a fictional story would be wrong on our part. Why? Because the Commie idiots have consistently believed fiction to be real history – be it the kindness of Aurangzeb or Tipu Sultan or the Babri Masjid. Forget these guys, even Mughals of recent history like Nehru and his clan have not been portrayed accurately in our books. That is changing. And once we have taken that direction one can be hopeful that all our books will reflect the murderous Mughals in their true colour. And that change should be welcomed. Count another blessing!

The biggest disgrace to have ever walked on the political path in this country has to be the Congress (I) party which wrongly calls itself INC. Their worthless ideology of nothingness, their enslavement of their members and the poor, their division of people on religious and caste-lines, their destruction of our democratic institutions is an insult to Indians. Worse, this anti-national, anti-democracy party even heaped a foreigner on us and still cannot find a truly real Indian to revive their party. Just imagine, a footsie of Sonia walks up to the RS Chair and whispers in his ear to adjourn the RS to stop the discussions on the CoalScam report by the CAG:

In the last year or two, the sick Congress has been wiped out in most electoral battles. Their dumb-headed leader, RahulG, is nothing but entertainment and a laughing gas for the masses. As for SoniaG, she retains her venom but will not be campaigning anymore in future elections owing to her health. The most disgraceful, though, are the Congis who still cling on to this redundant family which offers nothing to them or to India. The death of Congress should be cherished. It’s a disgrace in any situation. Count another blessing!

So, now that these disgraceful entities have exited the scene or will be extinguished totally, what do we look for in the form of an Opposition? Political parties that seek to survive and offer any alternative must dump their retarded and corrupt leaders who run parties like family business. Indians are developing a distinct contempt for such parties. There are hundreds of problems but there is also boundless optimism and a renewed pride. The BJP will likely hold the fort for at least another five years till 2024. This I-Day, let’s celebrate the political-death of the disgraceful and our freedom from such uncouth people and entities.

Happy Independence Day!