Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Kashmiriyat Fraud

Last week PM Narendra Modi visited Israel to much fanfare, publicity and applause. He had many meetings with their PM Benjamin Netanyahu. I seriously wonder what Modi learned from Netanyahu on terrorism. Over the years, the random terrorist attacks on Israel have reduced. And even for minor attacks, Israel responds with full force. That’s how you deal with terrorists. Israel also marks terrorist leaders for assassination and carries out the task systematically. Modi, on the other hand, gives sermons, speeches and pathetically moth-eaten condemnations over every terror attack and whines about the pain he feels.

I am sorry Modi! You neither feel the pain of the families of the victims nor do you give a damn about securing the precious lives of Indians. Something you should have learned from Netanyahu’s resolve on this issue.  It now smacks of worse fakery when Modi and his bunch of Cabinet-blabber-mouths now tom-tom “Kashmiriyat” over Hindu Amarnath pilgrims killed by Islamic terrorists. This is the worst deception that a govt can heap on its citizens. Here are a few samples of Modi’s ministers:

Rajnath Singh has to be the most incompetent minister in GOI. In the case of Amarnath Yatris being attacked he even let go of his nonsensical “Kadi Ninda” and instead paid homage to fake Kashmiriyat. The dead and their families mattered two hoots to this man. The same goes for another blabbering minister called RS Prasad. They echo the very views of a shameless terror-sympathising Barkha. The tweet by YR Deshmukh echoes the thoughts of millions of Indians who naturally think this fraudulent Kashmiriyat is nothing but a load of rubbish to defend the terrorists and cover up the failures of State and Centre.

Predictably, Rajnath’s Kashmiriyat crap delighted all the terrorist support providers in the media and Sickular politics. The Sabas, Ranas, Guhas, Vikrams and many were naturally dancing like little schoolgirls in the rain. Rajnath had managed to win them over. He won them by completely overlooking the dead bodies of Hindus. Even otherwise, there are media pigs like Raghav Bahl who demanded the Amarnath attack must not identify the victims as Hindus. When these same Commie Pigs identify a Muslim victim in each and every incident and scream from the rooftops “Muslims under attack under ModiSarkar”:

Folks on SM were quick to latch on to the lying, hypocritical Commie Pig Bahl. And once Rajnath set the trend, other media criminals (with exceptions) also jumped on to the Kashmiriyat bandwagon. In a rare instance Modi and his ministers and the corrupt, terrorist-sympathising media were on the same team:

People like Shiv Aroor and some others still call the bluff of this nonsense called Kashmiriyat. But I don’t think Modi is bothered nor cares anymore for Hindu lives. His boring, monotonous speeches are reserved for attacking Gaurakshaks alone or for sermonising on school exams. Staunch Hindu supporters are no more as wilfully blind to the truth as Modi is:

Rajnath grandly claims that he is responsible for peace and tranquillity in the whole country. What can I possibly say any more about the incompetence and dhimmitude of this man and his govt? Not once has Rajnath visited Kerala or Bengal where continuous violence sees Hindus being killed – almost on a daily or weekly basis. Neither Modi nor Rajnath has the courage to even condemn such violence. Modi has not made one single statement condemning the killings in Bengal or Kerala. NOT ONE!

AB Vajpayee used the phrase “Kashmiriyat, Insaniyat, Jamooriyat” in a peace approach with the violent Kashmiris. It worked for a while but Islamists neither respect Insaniyat nor do they respect some Jamooriyat. In reality, Kashmiri Muslims are an intolerant lot, many of them separatists and stone-pelters. If such violent gangs of Kashmiris had any Kashmiriyat why would they still protest the return of KPs to their homes? A distraught KP rightly lashes out at the stupidity of Rajnath and asks a very valid question:

There is a serious moronery in the thinking of Rajnath and ModiSarkar. “All Kashmiris are not terrorists”! What kind of stupid statement is that? If all Kashmiris were indeed terrorists imagine the havoc across the state and country. This is like idiots stating “All Muslims are not terrorists”. Such moronic statements ignore the fact that terrorists have to be a minority in their population. But even a small 0.1% is enough to cause havoc and murder as is happening in Kashmir, other places in India and other parts of the world. This childish blabber of Rajnath tells you what hollow thinking he and ModiSarkar have on terrorism. And we expect them to destroy terrorists? We should be the most foolish if we ever believed that nonsense. ModiSarkar has absolutely no will to combat terrorism. When India was being painted as a “Rape country” did these guys say “all Indians are not rapists?” or did they ever say “all Hindus are not Gaurakshaks”? Such stupid, uneducated logic is used only by terrorists, those who support them and wimps in the govt.

The BJP is in the most unholy, immoral and opportunistic alliance with the PDP in J&K. That state govt and the GOI are NOT battling terrorists. They are battling the media and Sickulars to gain a positive image with them. They care two hoots about those dead at the hands of terrorists. The hypocritical Sickulars in media and politics hailed Burhan Wani as a great youth-leader, condemned our brave army, called the COAS names and now praise Rajnath for his Kashmiriyat nonsense. Guess whose hearts Modi and Rajnath are winning? The hearts of terrorist-supporters, rank anti-nationals and enemies of India. The corrupt PDP-BJP alliance is tying the hands of our Army while publicly claiming they have been given a free hand. If at all Army has to be given a free hand then the JK govt must be dismantled, President’s rule imposed and let the Army completely wipe out terrorists, at least in Kashmir, and launch-pads in POK that can be targeted with ease. There is no way this limp JK govt will battle terrorists – because they neither have the will, nor the courage to do so. I predict more attacks, more deaths that will go in vain. If all that is not enough, here’s a claim made by the Commie Varadabhai on his address to Army officers:
This guy is a constant India-hater, abuses our COAS with names like “Gen Dyer” and Modi is blissfully ignorant of what his Defence Minister or his Babus are up to. Commies like Varadabhai support terrorists in their ideology to break India, write mournful pieces in their rags for dead terrorists and they hate Hindus as a race and hold contempt for India as a country. And I must not miss out on a message to idiotic Modi-Slaves who constantly rant that “ModiSarkar cannot undo or do what the Congress and others could not in 60 years”. To this nonsense, such morons must be constantly reminded of what Modi said during the 2014 campaign:

If we come to power, the corrupt shall be punished…. You have given the Congress 60 years, I only seek 5 years from you… If I become PM, all the illegal immigrants will have to pack their bags and leave” … and he bragged about his 56-inch chest… thumping it like a WWE wrestler. None of these grand chest-thumping claims have been realised. I wonder if his slaves want to give him 55 more years. And Mr 56-inch wants the US, UK and the world to declare Pak a terror-state but he won’t do it himself, despite a private Bill. Why? Because Muslim votes are important to BJP and Modi. Stupid Hindu votes are taken for granted. That’s his political thinking. It’s not revolutionary action, what is missing is even strong signals that Modi wants to act on his promises.

If I am at the site of a major accident or terror attack and see victims suffering, my natural instinct would be to try and help some of them. Many others around me would also come in to help. Would the morons of the govt then call it “Gujaratiyat”? Even so, most of the bystanders in the Amarnath attack laughed and mocked the victims (Read this tweet). Then what the hell is this nonsense about Kashmiriyat when the locals mock the victims? What kind of “Haiwaniyat” does this? This is a device to fool Hindus. This fraud called Kashmiriyat is nothing but an insult to the victims, the dead and their families.

During the UPA rule, Narendra Modi never tired of taunting MMS as a weak PM, of doing nothing against Pakistan, of doing nothing about terrorism and so on. He even trashed Congress and called Aadhar a security risk and now you need an Aadhar even to get married or go to a public toilet or file tax returns. Such is the wimpy hypocrisy. To hide behind some economic reforms as cover for failure on security issues does not pass muster with dead Hindus or dead people anywhere. If the lives of Indians cannot be protected nothing else can become more important. And this Kashmiriyat nonsense is nothing but a major fraud perpetrated on Indians to protect terrorists, terrorism, anti-nationals, stone-pelters and govt failures. Enough of it.


  1. Paap se dharati phati, adharma se aasaman,
    Atyachar se kapi insaniyat, raj kar rahe HAIWAN.....
    par fir bhi bole Kashmiriyat!!! Kashmiriyat!!!

  2. Yes, enough of this rhetoric. What is needed is action. With that Kashmiriyat they silenced a woman who just wanted extermination of terrorists. This way BJP is alienating Hindus from the party in the stupid hope that SICKulars will start voting for them. They are chasing a mirage.

    No action is taken against intrusion of illegal Bangladeshi immimgrants nor for deporting those who illegally entered. Now they can coin a new word BANGLADESHIAT to protect these illegal immigrants.

    Mediacrooks, you are doing a great service.

  3. Naam bade, darshan chhote. Clueless, planless, stumbling along like idiots, playing to the gallery, appeasement, taking supporters for granted, country In turmoil, globe trotting. Humbugs.

  4. Hindus and sacred symbols of Hinduism were not as much under attack in UPA govt than what it is today. Modi thumped his chest to drive out Bangladeshis from WB but in last 3 years more Hindus driven out of WB. Why this govt is lecturing on Kashmiriyat at a time of terrorist attack? Who is doubting on so called "Kashmiriyat"? What public at large wanted was solid action and less lecture but contrary, all the ministers of govt grab a mike and start sermons.
    What Modi didn't learnt from Israel is if u speak language of Action then no words r required to be spelled.

  5. Hindu Society always had the amazing ability for course correction and great reformers appear time to time from within its fold to get rid of the duracharas (wrong practices), not by coercion but by their philosophical insights and gentle persuasion.

    Such was the resilience of our ancient Vedic traditions that it could assimilate the alien cultures of the invaders and survive thousands of years of aggressive onslaughts..

    The philosophical underpinning of our culture enabled us to overcome all adversities.

    Then came the unkindest cut of all when the omissions and commissions of our leaders resulted in the partition in 1947 based on religion - Pakistan for Muslims and Bharat or Hindustan for Hindus. We meekly ceded a huge part of our glorious land, thereby mutilating our nation geographically, culturally and most importantly spiritually.

    Now it appears that we have learnt nothing from our past blunders and rushing headlong, out of control on the same disastrous path.

    1. Not only that Nehru and ilks did another blunder by allowing the Muslims to stay in this country, as against Dr. Ambedkars suggestion to deport all Muslims to Pak, And that is the root cause for all the Hindus suffering today with terrorism, etc Sardar Patel was prophetic when he said that the country will cry one day for this decision of Nehru. We had hopes abt Modi, but it turned out to be a water bubble.

    2. Nehru is the sole biggest curse on India for all the collective sins of his ilks.

    3. it is not only Modi but entire Sikular brigade in BJP mirchi seth, khadi ninda n all..RSS all so called Hinduvadi gang all are hand in gloves...where were they when Pundits were being butchered ..why did not they do mutiny against the GOI then...they do not have any morality, vision, responsibility about cultural heritage,tradition , values, Dharm which our ancestors have entrusted us..this democracy has become the hypocricy..where it has applied every mean to divide Hindus on different issue n keep them from following their traditional way of pursuing their Dharam because that unite them,develop them into Lion not the herd of sheep easy to maneuver thus create a problem before sikulars to promote their idea of India(weak,nonfunctional,subverted, Islamized/sikularised, corrupted) therefore they applied every mean possible to keep Hindus at mercy of administration n role of mere spectators,they systematically turn them into spineless,courageless,voiceless herd with subverted mind which hate their own heritage so they they could not have the confidence to pose a threat to mischievous, unqualified power broker sitting in Delhi ... ..we doubt that they 2 are getting their share for their service from ME n Vatican like others too

  6. That statement from Rajnath Singh was so sickening, bile rose in my stomach. Modi being such a coward is so disheartening. Liberals+Jihadi combine has cheapened Hindu lives and these two have no guts to stand up to them. Like puppies looking for a pat, they deliver inane lines. Disgusting, frankly!

  7. I wish Modi and his men read this wonderful blog sothat they open their eyes and start action without delay.Hindus have become orphans in our own country.State governments are biased against Hindus.Not a single word from PMO when Hindus are brutally murdered.56 inch seems to become 56mm.

  8. And he is so scared of getting Guruji @Swamy39 into his cabinet, who at 77 has more guts than this wimpish cabinet combined. The REAL 56",not an inflated balloon! Dr. @Swamy39 performance and achievements are exemplary and that is what scares the sh*t out of these wimps. But his time is coming..

  9. Kashmiriyat! My foot!RNS like MG with all failures now tries to get recognition,applaud from "dancing little school girls in d rain".Very sad to see d body language n appeasement of Terror supporting bigots by a bunch of leaders of BJP which include some opportunists who once shared Shakha in RSS.God save India n Hindus

  10. Rajnath Singh should be thrown out of Cabinet for his interest to get Liberal Certificate! Kashmiryat MY FOOT!

  11. sir, kashmiriyat today sounds like a gaali to me

  12. Mediacrooks,
    It is high time to face the reality. KASHMIR IS GONE. We are talkers and not doers. We are losers and not achievers. You try taking one square meter of land from China or Israel or US, and then see what happens. In last few centuries, we have lost Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and lot more territories...More losses are on the way...Kashmir? Large parts of West Bengal? Kerala? North East? TAKE YOUR PICK. Brace for the impact. Smart people have started moving out their children and money out of India. Jaitley-ji says that a dead soldier on the borders is his role model, but his own son is actually studying in Cornel.

  13. I wonder you take public posturing for real intent.
    Comparing Israel to India itself is misplaced. For Israel most of its aggressors are outside the country, but in our case they are within, well protected by the contours of law and political base.
    A small country with full public support can make radical changes overnight, but the same can take years for us.

    1. Agree..

      I hope its just public posturing & real work is being done behind. Though we are seeing many terrorists being neutralize in last 2-3 years, antinational organizations being shut down, Zakir naik case..etc..still lot of work to be done. As you correctly said aggressors are within the country well protected by laws, Modisarkar has to play smartly but confidently, I believe they have vision lets see..But before that we Hindus have to be united fist and this unity should reflect in votes..just like UP election then no govt will have do appeasement for 15-20% of votes ..if this didn't happen then appeasement politics will continue & BJP will not be different than congress.. Jai Hind

  14. BJP has chosen to play in to the hands of anti Hindu forces.If Mr Rajnath Singh thinks that by his tweet he has endeared himself to sickulars and anti nationals - good luck to him.All those who are celebrating his tweets to Ms Kalra are those who will celebrate even more if BJP was defeated in the elections.BJP is being voted in to power by Hindus.BJP should stop chasing mirage of Muslim votes and focus on Hindu agenda.BJP is also being greedy for power that it has got in J & K.This is time to dismiss J & K govt, appoint a young no non sense governor and control/eliminate jihadis in Kashmir.Hindus should suspend their plans to visit Amarnath or Kashmir for next two years.

  15. There is something known as diplomacy; we say one thing, but we do something else..
    White men.. They give lectures of world peace, togetherness, equal opportunity.. While they attack Iraq, bomb afganistan etc.
    Kashmiriyat is non sense, I know it, Rabinar knows it, Netanyahu knows it.. And I am pretty sure modi knows it as well... What really goes on, army is killing terrorists with free hand..
    Some drama has to be done.. Modi won with 33 percent votes, he didnt win with 70..No question that he is the best pm so far.. But if doesnt win n pappu or Ak comes next time.. Forget all good done

    Right now we donnot have any option except for voting bjp and bear with their nonsenical attitude towards nations bothering issues like ....
    communal violence fostered upon majories .......attack on hindhuism and national soverignity...........

    if bjp/modi takes it for granted youll see retribution of hindus ..hindhus iwll loose faith on bjp.....there will not be stability in india anymore bjp will lose power and it will pave way for .....banana republic like manmohan pr gujaral or deve gowda....which will destfoy future of india.....with mass amount of corruption.....

    lets so some patience....lets keep on pressurizing pm and bjp......thats all we can do,...god save india

  17. we expect too much from Modi. he is not same Modi who manged 2002 riots, nowdays he poor guy talks about Gandhi all time. there is need for people to rise...and new leaders.

  18. The strategy of anti nationals is that BJP is provoked by killings of Hindus and resultant outcries from the victims. The sixty years entrenched moles in the garb of awardies, MSMs, anti national politicians, compromised academians, historians and their illegitimate clones are just waiting to pounce and tear the govt. with international built up echo system in full force as in Egypt to disintegrate the elected government. Untill entrenched sixty years anti nationals are safely and surgically identified and isolated, the umbrella will be protecting as shield the enemy, making any utilization of force ineffective. Untill we will equate supporters of terrorists and the terrorists, there will be hole in our policy.

  19. This is the best piece of yours I have read so far. I think Modi will attend to Hindu Cause and act against terrorists in 2018 to get elected in 2019. Muslims will support Hindus only when they are weak. Like Bahadurshah Jaffar supported Nanasaheb Peshwa and Tantya Tope in 1857 first independene war because he was weak as written by Veer savarkar

  20. All the problems India facing today is the sum of "fear of loosing next election" Modi must break this practice.Do the right thing till the last minute .Ok if we don't understand security complexity that you point out, what about other sectors like education, books,contents, that MC have been pointing out who is stopping you there, what is stopping you there.

  21. This is Kaliyug Gurudev. The people with righteous credentials have to suffer with moronics. The gap between kathni and karni is being widen, Modi can not escape the wrath of time , but certainly he may correct it with a bit of his conscience.

    Some time I feel that power is always wested to the person who never wanted to use it or do not know how to use. What a mockery of the system , Pm wanted gaurakshaks to follow the rule and the mullas who Xport cows for slaughter are no way warned for the same very rule.

    Why this man is whinning one side , He must know that swayamsevak is going to listen to truth and sound of his antratma only not any one else like RajNathShakuni or PM. The cow vigilante are correct , Asuras are to be punished anyway.

    We do not care much about order ie RajNaths laW and order, We know what is to be done as per Dharma. If my mother is under threat , we will do whatever is required to save her.

    Come any one on the way. If this govt is not implementing two child policy, UCC,370 Ram Mandir and reservation on economic creteria and abolishing JatiPati, we are going to kick them at the next best opprtunity.

  22. வாய் சொல்லில் வீரரடி _ பாரதியார்.

  23. so called kashmiriyat died in 1989 when kashmiri pandits were driven out of the valley in droves by the kashmiri muslim neighbours.

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