Monday, July 17, 2017

The Indira Trickery

We all know how the incestuous Lutyens mafia works. Hardly anyone takes anything they say to be true unless cross-checked with multiple sources. Lately, even the multiple sources in the mafia can parrot the same song with lies as their chorus – like in the Junaid “murder-on-train-over-beef” incident. This turned out to be another of those hundreds of seat-fights on trains we see that turned ugly and tragic. You are all the more cautioned when a Wolf known to constantly howl against PM Narendra Modi suddenly sings a somewhat sweet song. It’s a new morning and a new warning, that some mischief is around the corner:
Naturally, I was wondering why Ramachandra Guha, a known Modi-hater since the days the latter was CM of Gujarat would suddenly want to rate his PMship like a Pop-chart. Although RG concedes Modi to be a successful PM, the mischief in the statement is unmistakeable. Guha was protecting “family jewels”. He wants to ensure his “Annadata” Nehru is somehow kept at the top. He then follows it up with the corrupt Indira Gandhi and with a flash of his pompous opinion, relegates Modi to third place in his silly wet dreams. Such is frustration of Lutyens crawlers over Modi’s success on many fronts.

Modi has had successes on many domestic fronts. He still has some way to go on many other reforms and critical issues but his PMship is not over yet. He has been a great success with his international diplomacy and has come to be recognised as an admired and powerful world-leader. Neither Nehru nor IndiraG had any kind of respect like that. Let’s bear in mind that Nehru won all the elections in a newly Independent India with the Opposition existing only nominally. Because the media then was nothing more than an adoring bunch of kids to Nehru, most of his failures were overlooked. If Nehru been around today, SM would have had a gala time exposing his failures and Pappuness on many fronts. SM writer Rajnikant Puranik has also written a book “99 blunders of Nehru”. These fakers of Nehru-Gandhi clan have no place to hide anymore.

IndiraG was the epitome of corruption, intolerant to criticism and an extreme dictator, the kind of which one hopes India never sees again. Even in IndiraG’s times the Opposition existed in a disorganised form and helped her win elections easily till she committed the crime of Emergency. In contrast, Modi has won election after election with against a massive alliance of Opposition, hundreds of small parties pitched against him and supported by an array of international media-mafia who want India to remain corrupt and profitable for them through the Gandhis and their Commies. This is a stunning feat that is conveniently ignored by fraudulent Distortians like Guha. But why Guha made that statement would be revealed a few months later when his family friend and Sickular accomplice, Sagarika Ghose released a book on IndiraG. Now I could sense the connection. Being a close Ghose-friend Guha would have known about the book being concocted and the chain of Indira, Indira, Indira was set in motion. Guha had to add Nehru because of “Roji Roti” compulsions, nothing else.

I have not read the book and nor am I going to. Candyfloss nonsense is not for me. So, Modi has scared these Lutyens crawlers so much that IndiraG has to be somehow pronounced the great PM she NEVER was. IndiraG really had no great ideas other than silly slogans and the usual “drama queen” acts. Even the 1971 war I would credit more to Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw than to Indira. He treated her like a little kid on issues of military battles. Indira will be more remembered for squandering the advantage without a clear-cut evacuation of Pakis from PoK. Mind you, both Nehru and Indira self-conferred Bharat Ratnas on themselves. They would have made Field Marshal, Admiral, President for life Dada Idi Amin proud. The public then did not have too many options. Anyway, all that is history. What stands out is that this C5M Sagarika writes a book on Indira and the greatest excerpt that she circulates in the media is about the juicy sex-life of Indira. That should tell you what candyfloss nonsense these technically uneducated but English-speaking mafia values. Even Indira didn’t have much of a formal educational qualification but she could speak English so anything about her can pass for this mafia.

Guha starts it. Sagarika finally puts it out proclaiming “Indira: India’s most powerful PM” and you how the dice is rolled. Can the little collective-croaking frogs then resist? Quickly, NDTV, a leading partner and pioneer of the Lutyens mafia and “Chinese Gandhi Slaves Club” latches on to it and holds a debate over the book and the topic. Who could be better than dawdle-head Nidhi Razdan to do the job? If there was an award for Modi-hating, Nidhi would be among the top 3 contenders. And I don’t have to tell you scores of newspapers and magazines are now running a PropAGandhi on Indira being the most powerful PM ever. Nice! Now, the interesting part is when it comes to sex life of Indira which Sagarika so gladly promotes as “excerpts” and these are being quoted all over. When the questions are asked, here is how she responds:
If it is “unverified” why publish it in the first place? BECAUSE, that kind of juicy sex-crap is what irrigates the writings of Sagarika without which her book would be nothing more than copy paste of newspaper articles here and there. And then she asks “even if she had sex, so what?”. Yes, it’s nobody’s business how many sex-partners Indira may have had, so why write about it? But imagine if some BJP or tall Hindu leader, especially a woman, were to be as cavalier as Indira as Sagarika’s book-excerpt describes. The entire Lutyens mafia would be giving us lessons on what being “Sati Savitri” or “Pavitra matrimony” is all about. But debauchery is acceptable within the Lutyens mafia and the Fiberal clans

And Sagarika tells another guy he probably needs a sex life, why grudge Indira. That’s laughable because the guy is merely quoting an article quoting her book. So, if that’s the standard measure that Sagarika applies what advice should we give to those who are orgasm-starved by her own write? Here’s what she wrote in Outlook, which later deleted the article from the web as they didn’t want to further exhibit the desperation of Sagarika:
Our Constitution and SC might guard many Rights. But certainly, I'm not sure they would be able to somehow ensure orgasms for desperadoes. To summarise, these idiotic Lutyens crawlers have now tied themselves in silly knots over Modi’s success. Modi is merely in his fourth year of PMship and they compare his legacy of two Congress failures who were PMs collectively for around 28 years during an uninterrupted 30-year rule of Congress till 1977

While these folks are still busy trying keep Nehru and Indira on a pedestal, the Congress goons are desperately trying to stop the release a film based on the Emergency by Madhur Bhandarkar called “Indu Sarkar”. They have protested everywhere he goes and indulged in violence too and threated a law and order problem in Mumbai and other places. The immoral Congress continues the legacy of Nehru and IndiraG who epitome intolerance, anti-democracy and a hunger for power that seems to have hit their claims like famine in an India that has grown more powerful under PM Modi. The Congress is dying and this stupid Indira trickery won’t work. Remember, a pack of wolves howls the most when one of theirs is dying – that’s exactly why Guha, Sagarika and others are howling.


  1. Who else can disect the Cry wolf media of Chinese Gandhys? Another master piece by Ravinar

  2. Sir. You are demeaning wolves, which are noble creatures. These lutyens mafia are more like dingoes and hyenas, the carrion eaters of society.

  3. Nehru was disastrous for our country. He created the Kashmir problem and the enmity with China. His daughter was a paranoid and manipulative woman who imposed the Emergency just to cling to power. Thousands were killed and tortured and freedoms suspended with even the right to life was suspended. The ecosystem of decades with this family at its heart is well established and creatures like Guha are just a minuscule manifestation of that. This ecosystem has its minions even in Modi's cabinet. Some battles have been won, a few a draw and a few lost. But victory is still elusive as the BJP is lacking of talent and corruption has seeped in despite the scrupulously clean Modi and the nationalist RSS.

    1. Ya , RSS has to swing into action to have major correction towards UCC,370 and two child policy including Ram Temple.

      We are waiting it to happen including nation wide ban on Cow slaughter.

  4. In Sunday's HT, Karan Thapar wrote why PM and government was wrongly blamed for Raghuram Rajan's exit and goes on defending Modi and government. Though not connected to Indira or nehru, his article was pro government and written in the garb of being a balanced journo. It did not seem normal.

    1. As against your observation - mine in Dainik Bhaskar Indore - publishes Rajdeep Sardesai regularly. Has a daily column of Jaiprakash Chokse who is a film critique but does not fail to insert atleast 3 lines bashing Modi. And this Bhaskar rose because the then newspaper sided with Congress in Digvijay Singh time. So essentially the newspaper who rose on anti Congress plank also tend to play in their lap - such is the buying power of Congress. Similar is the story of Rajasthan Patrika.

    2. "Has a daily column of Jaiprakash Chokse who is a film critique but does not fail to insert atleast 3 lines bashing Modi." I too noted it. Thnks yogesh jain. And Thnks to Ravinar.

  5. A superb piece of article at right time as lutyens media has again started chanting ,Nehru and Indira some how to save dying congress ..

  6. Khangress is funded by CIA or KGB or other foreign agencies, who want to India to become slave for them so that West can go on milking them for India keeps drawing from Asian Development Bank & World Bank at high interest rates i.e. interest money goes to those funding nations i.e. USA, UK, German..etc. perpetual income like they have done to Indonesia & Malaysia.

    To keep above things going, they never implemented nor serious about implementing GST or any policies, keep them lingering, so that tomorrow they can always it was my idea.... tomorrow they will claim that the Universe is created by Nehru & Indira Gandhi through their illegal marital relations & this should not be surprise thanks to Lutyens mafia.
    What still surprises me is why all those aged dump heads go & suck Pappu when he has no brains i.e. brain dead yet alive... NASA scientists to investigate this new God created creature.
    The world has been paying lip service to terrorism.... till Modi gave them a nice punch... i.e. Terrorists taught West what terrorism is ...!!!"
    Last few more years for Lutyens mafia before they are completely buried & new nationalist group comes in....

  7. Quick facts are noticeable. This Lytens media crapes are really deficit in everthing whether its money,power,Dharm ,sex etc. Why do not they join an outfit of Priyankas and Badhera for the last one and there is another team for the first two the khangress and commies.

    The middle one Dharm is anyway out of their reach as it is only available with right wing fanatics orgs where really they have No enrty!!! Jay Ho

    Ha ...Ha ... Ha

    Bharat Mata Ki Jay!!!

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  9. She wanted to rule India and not serve India. So, like truly invader mentality she did not find any Hindu to marry but many historical torturers and stayed over eventual anti national double loyality persons fit for rendezvous sex and secret Muslim marriage in Britain. And talking about powerful leader? Without foresight, vision and burning desire of service, how can one be powerful leader? He or she would be a morally corrupt, compromised, person and not leader. These pimp Chuha and sex preacher Sagrika are useless nuisance for a new marching nation.

  10. When people started about forgetting failures of N & I you have promptly reminded them about the true past history.Thanks.

  11. Great piece... Nehru and Gandhi have done more harm to the country then anyone else. I hope remaining clan of these two idiots gets wiped off soon...

  12. It's exactly what these Thug and treacherous Nehru family and its stooges are who are pathological slave to Nehru Gandhi evil nexus

  13. Never understood what a 'sex starved female' is. Now I know!

  14. From an article by TJS George (Nwe Indian Express)There is enough on record to show that Indira took major decisions on the basis of what was good for her in the short term, no matter what it meant for the country.
    There is an issue-by-issue assessment of Indira’s record by Ramakrishna Hegde. True, they were political opponents from the time of the famous Congress split in 1969 Hegde was one of the national leaders honoured with imprisonment during the Emergency. A speech he delivered in 1992 still remains a perceptive analysis of some major events of the Indira years. It makes frightening reading today.
    Hegde’s basic premise was that until the end of the Janata Government rule in 1979 and despite the Emergency, disruptive forces had not raised their heads in the country. Terrorism was unknown. Mass violence for political reasons had not happened. Regionalism and fundamentalism had not gained strength. By and large life was peaceful.
    Then a series of catastrophic events occurred. As Hegde put it: “Suddenly Bhindranwale was discovered to create trouble for the Akali Dal ministry in Punjab for the only reason that the Akali Dal was with the Janata Party. Bhindranwale having tasted blood became a Frankenstein monster. There were no disturbances in Kashmir until Farooq Abdullah’s government was unconstitutionally dismissed through organised defection. The Bodo movement was created and nurtured in Assam as a counter-force to the Assam Gana Parishad government. Darjeeling was a tourist paradise. Subash Geising was discovered and encouraged to organise a violent movement against West Bengal’s Left Front government. LTTE had not infiltrated Tamil Nadu. These and many other problems that threaten the very survival of India as a united country started after Smt. Indira Gandhi came back to power.”
    Just to get a few votes in Haryana and to punish Punjabi politicians she kept Chandigarh the combined capital of two states. Chandigarh remains the world’s only capital that houses two competing governments.
    In Jammu and Kashmir, Indira and Rajiv played a more dangerous game. Although Farooq Abdullah initially tended to put J&K interests first, his love of power soon made him a willing camp-follower of Indira and the Congress. Sharing power with the Congress in 1986, he lost his credibility. The Congress, wanting the whole cake for itself, openly rigged the election in 1987. “Young supporters of the opposition Muslim United Front, became militants. Disillusioned with the ballot, they took to the bullet... Pakistan could not have found a fertile ground for its operations if it were not for the policies of Rajiv Gandhi and Farooq Abdullah.”
    Assam and much of the North-east turned into perennial war zones as a consequence of Indira-Rajiv moves to exploit the problems between locals and migrants. The All-Assam Students Union had gained wide popularity and the Congress’s response was to polarise the population along irreconcilable linguistic-communal lines, with some major tragedies like the Nellie massacre (3,000 dead) attracting world attention.
    What made Indira so negative? the insecurity complex she is believed to have suffered from. She was neglected by her father during her growing-up years, she resented her mother being humiliated for being a “country woman”, and she was herself put down more than once by aunt Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit.

  15. Article by famous columnist Inder Malhotra in 2012 - not known or discussed by many

    On July 2 falls the 40th anniversary of the Shimla Agreement.

    First, the younger generation that constitutes a majority of the
    Indian population hardly knows anything about Shimla, even if it is
    vaguely aware of the 1971 war for the liberation of Bangladesh, to
    which the Shimla summit was the natural sequel. Second, as was perhaps
    to be expected, in the run up to its 40th anniversary,

    P.N. Dhar, who had headed the PM’s secretariat from 1970 to 1977,
    first published a candid and detailed account of the talks between the
    two PMs well after the Shimla negotiations were declared a “failure”.
    He even quoted Bhutto’s exact words — “aap mujh par bharosa keejiye
    (please do trust me

    In view of this, it is all the more necessary to go over everything
    that happened so that hereafter negotiators of this country do not
    repeat the mistakes made then.
    Large-scale infiltrations into Kashmir, the prelude to the 1965 war, began five days after the
    signing of the Kutch agreement. In 1999 the attack on Kargil occurred
    within weeks of the Lahore Summit between Atal Bihari Vajpayee and
    Nawaz Sharif. What lends a sharper edge to all this is the present
    Pakistani government’s persistent denial of the very existence of the
    understandings on Kashmir reached through the “back channel” by PM
    Manmohan Singh and the then Pakistan president, General Pervez
    In the Bangladesh War, India’s victory was decisive. Pakistan’s defeat
    was complete. The 93,000 Pakistani troops that laid down their arms at
    Dhaka (the largest surrender since World War II) were in Indian
    custody. Nearly 5,000 square miles of Pakistani territory were also in
    this country’s possession. These were powerful leverages, and many
    blame Indira Gandhi for not using them to the full. There may be
    something in this assertion, but the reality is that the custody of
    93,000 Pakistani soldiers was a big problem for the Indian army too.
    An equal number of its officers and men had to vacate their
    accommodation and live in tents to house the prisoners properly.
    Moreover, under the Geneva Convention, PoWs cannot be held beyond a
    A unique feature of Shimla was that it was the first occasion when,
    after a war, India and Pakistan were negotiating peace by themselves.

    India’s main objective at Shimla was to get a final solution to the
    vexed Kashmir issue. To this end, it got Bhutto’s agreement to convert
    the UN-sponsored ceasefire line into the Line of Control. This much is
    part and parcel of the Shimla Agreement. The agreement also includes a
    commitment by both sides to respect the LoC and not to try to change
    it by the use of force or threat of use of force, “without prejudice
    to the basic position of either side”.
    The nub of the matter at this stage was to have a credible commitment
    by Bhutto “gradually” to change this line (he at one stage suggested
    it may be called the “Line of Peace”) into an international border.
    That is where his plea that he could not commit himself to this in
    writing and his word should be trusted came in. Indira Gandhi accepted
    it. Later, when she and Bhutto disclosed their agreement to their
    respective top advisers, P.N. Dhar demurred and she frowned on him.
    In the Indian strategic community and among many informed foreigners
    there is a consensus that the Indian delegation was in the thrall of
    “Versailles Syndrome” — never to treat a defeated enemy too harshly,
    as the allied powers treated Germany after World War I. However, many
    still wonder how India’s most clear-eyed and hardheaded PM agreed to
    trust Bhutto’s word.
    Many years later I took this question to her confidant, the legendary
    spymaster R. N. Kao. To my surprise he answered it frankly and allowed
    me to quote him. “I am also totally surprised”, he said. “Before
    leaving for Shimla, she had asked me ‘Can I trust Bhutto? People tell
    me that if I shake hands with him, I should immediately count my

  16. The meaning of NARI in Malayalam when pronounced with a pressure on letter 'r' is the most suitable description of these frustrated lutyens.

  17. The meaning of NARI in Malayalam when pronounced with a pressure on letter 'r' is the most suitable description of these frustrated lutyens.

  18. Is sagarika having trouble getting orgasms? There will be many people willing to help her out. Many Muslims will help impressed by her Hindu bashing. No doubt she fats her orgasms by bashing modi and Hindus.

  19. I am repeatedly convinced Nehru family is the worst curse of our country.

  20. It seems like this is being publicised for the next coming elecetion. This will be a hint for either Sonia or Priyanka for the PM candiate??

  21. An correct observation of an Hindu writing on an article in Indian Express.
    //Shahrukh Khan SRK has donated a lot to Pakistan and I do know that he has so much love for Pakistan and he is partly Pakistani for his loyalty and sympathy to Pakistan. Dawood was an Indian and the moment he needs to run after blasting Mumbai as a terrorist he goes to Pak. What do you think SRK will do when he has to run? He will go to his native Pak. SRK has acted in so many movies. He has a long career. In how many movies, did SRK have played the role of an Army-Man or special agent who fought against Paap-kistan's conspiracy? None. In Veer-Jara he just played an officer who fell in love with a Pakistani girl. In Main hoon Na, he didn't fight against any Pakistani agent, instead fought an extreme Indian ex-soldier. Actually, SRK rejects any movie where he is to play against Pak. No wonder all Muslims in India will always be Muslim first and Indian never.//

  22. congress is a dying stock....
    it wants to resurrect itself by creating riots like farmers issue,hi dhu kuslim riot....

    kashmiri problem naxalism......or external threat like border issues with china pakistan etc.....

    badly nothing is working in congress way.....

    as long as bjp hold hindhi belt states tightly it will remain in power for ever.....

  23. Excellent piece as usual.

    Sir, I wish you write something on the new happenings of linguistic movements, caste movements crawling all over India. I believe there is a pattern for all this, though not sure who is playing it.

    1. In TN, they are trying to revive anti Hindi, fishermen and aryan-dravidian kid of movements. They tried with jallikattu and so called tamil farmers protest too. I believe there must be something cooking up behind all this. Not just sporadic or coincidence.
    2. In AP there is a kapu reservation movement though it is contained till date, can surge by the time of election.
    3. In KA too, some linguistic movement, separate religion for lingayats, and a new separate karnataka flag controversy are propping up off late.
    4. and then there is patel movement in gujarat
    5. Also strongly believe there is some organised mafia creating this ruckus in the name of goraksha. Could be few idiotic hindu sena groups who wants to show off their false bravado got trapped by libtards or another media created hungama like "church attacks"

    The eco system is leaving no stone unturned in maligning the hindus. As read sometime ago in opindia they want the avg hindu feel bad and guilty about the kind of incidents happening in the name of "BJP induced" hindutva agenda. The early it gets countered the better instead I see stupids like sambit patras and nalin kohlis playing straight into their trap


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