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It took a long time coming. This should have been done ages ago. Narendra Modi became the first PM from India to visit Israel and signal our friendship with the tiny state. The history of Jews is a litany of persecution and bloodshed. I have no clue why the Quran would specifically ordain the killing of Jews. Maybe the interpreter had no idea of other religions like Hinduism or Buddhism to name them as targets. There is no country in Europe that did not hound the Jews. From Russia to Germany to Britain, the Jews were scorned upon and hounded. But nowhere were they more hounded than in their homeland in the Middle East. The Promised Land that Moses led them from the slavery of Egyptian rulers.

The land was a wretched desert like the rest of the Middle East. Even Julius Caesar was not interested in conquering it and he went to Egypt instead. 2000 years of persecution may have left their shoulders burdened and weak but the Jews never gave up. This has to be one of the most extraordinary historical story in our lifetime. We have had Jewish refugees in India from Muslim torture hundreds of years ago. My KG and Class-1 teachers were all Jewish. Hindus survived the Mughal Islamic onslaught, millions were slaughtered like goats. If we survived, it is thanks to our brave warriors and sages. The Jews, like Hindus, are one of the most intelligent races on earth. That is how they established economic dominance wherever they lived. After years and years of struggle the UN established their right to Israel and this is how it was marked:

From 1947, after the British made a mess of the whole Middle East, including partition of Iraq and severing Kuwait from them (Which caused the first Gulf war in 1991) the UN clearly identified Israel and Palestine in redrawn maps. Neither the British nor the Muslims accepted that. What followed was a bloody battle led by none other than Menachem Begin and the Jewish army drove out the British and the Muslims from their land. Begin became an Israeli PM many years later.

The root cause of distress, wars and hatred in India or the Middle East or in Africa were none other than the British. The people from this tiny island called England caused havoc across the world through their greed and imperialism. I shed no tears over their destruction at the hands of Islamists. I first heard of Israel as a kid when the Palestinian Black September killed Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics in 1972. It was hard to believe people could kill unarmed, sporting athletes. But then Muslims have been killing people all over since their Quran ordained it. Next came the hijack of an Air France flight 139 filled with Jews. That episode was supported by another Muslim dictator Idi Amin and ended in disaster for the penis-eating pig.

India was wrong in ignoring Israel and the Jews for a long time. We should have recognised their land and their right to survive when Israel was formed in 1948. We had cowards in our govt. It took a brave Narasimha Rao to recognise the State and start diplomatic relations. Still, no PM ever visited that holy land.

Jewish ingenuity went beyond mere possession of a homeland. They created homes, they innovated agriculture in a desert, they even created desalination of sea water for domestic consumption. Everything that India can borrow and learn from them. We are the two oldest races on earth. Jews are a real minority in India but they never beg for special treatment or favours like the Muslims do. The past is gone. Let it be dead. Narendra Modi has buried it and we should welcome Jews from Israel and all over the world into our land and our hearts. This is not a friendship of two PMs. This is a friendship between two great races. We are the two oldest civilisations that withstood the murderous Islamic nonsense and invasions. I am personally thrilled at this pic which signals a great friendship between Hindus and Jews:

The sea waves do not know who they crash upon. They do not know who they wash. They caress or unleash their fury equally on all. In reaching out to Israel, Narendra Modi has wiped out centuries of Sickular nonsense of the Commies and India-haters who hate Jews. Israel is not just a small country. At merely 15 million across the world, the Jews will never die. For me, the Jews are like our younger siblings. This is not reaching out – This is a reunion of long lost family.

Israel is like our younger sibling. I celebrate this reunion. MAZELTOV


  1. Salute.Well written as always.The Nehruvians and leftists have been dealt with a body blow by this outreach of PM Modi. Post haste India Hindus must use and cherish this friendship.

  2. Byegones are byegones we all know how much true Hindus love and respect Jews and Israel.

    We truly welcome them with open arms and make India their extended home and hope this great alliance helps defeating the other dessert cult.

  3. Israel always respected India and supported us many times, in UN, in Wars.. Modiji did well in visiting this country, which teaches us what a people with courage, love for the country, dedication could achieve to be self reliant, even with little resources. Kudos Ravinar, for this excellent article..Hope we Hindus learn from the Jews, how to respect our tradiation, our ancestors who gave the world many good things, as the Jews have done.

  4. India should have recognized Israel long time ago & there was no need to have shadow relations with it. Wherever Britishers went, they spread hatred & split the borders. Why still Indian love London material baffles me. India should give tough time to Britain over giving protection to all those tainted businessmen & their companies in India should be harassed regularly till they leave India or voluntarily handover all those tainted businessmen on its own to India.
    Modi's step to visit Israel & sign business agreements is an important milestone.

  5. Late Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt does not get his due credit globally for his brilliant "Theory of Constraints". He has left behind enormous body of Knowledge which can help Indian entrepreneurs to "Deliver MORE with LESS in LESS TIME". India desperately needs a silver bullet to improve the quality of existence of 1/6th of world population majority of which survives at less than US$ 2 per day.

    Japan has wisely recognized the power of TOC. Toyota is furiously adopting TOC to get a step jump in performance improvement over its famous Toyota Production System.

    1. Many many organisations in India subscribe to TOC and Goldratt's gold mine. Its that Indians do not have recognition themselves and news is always flying reg. politics, social issues, never on technological advancements. Tata Motors was biggest beneficiary of Goldratt's TOC. They
      got consulting from them directly.

  6. Just an another article from another fanatic who has not learned about East India Companies. India and Hinduism is supposed to have built upon virtue not on greed, Today the very people whose forefathers have conveniently licked foot of All the invaders of past( Say Persians, Arabs, Turks, Afghans, Portuguese, Dutch, Danes, French and British etc) are now pretending that they are Deshbakths and supporting every move that is aimed at selling our country, Its people and wealth to multinational banking cartels controlled by your so called great Jew brothers. Its very Simple, Raw material is ours, Work force is ours, End user of any product is going to be us, Tell me why the f--k does India needs any multinational companies or your so called foreign direct and institutional investors. what is hedging and futures?.

    1. When a flight load of gold was taken away for guaranteeing our imports what was our situation and what is now and what changed? Previously​ we were wailing about brain drain, now we are told human capital what changed? Learn trade practices and beat them in their game. If drilling a well for oil which may offset import bill is opposed by masses instigated for politics who will pay for oil? We were waiting for phone connection, paid more than 24 rupees per minute and what caused almost nil charges for continuous talk time? You want to take the country in WB and Kerala model where no industry functions most of population exported to other countries and gulf money playing it's own sin.

      State alternative model.

    2. Go to JNU for your phd. Condoms come free.

    3. Kumara one licked the feet of invaders..Hindus were a divided race and hence became easy target for invaders !
      So stop blaming people who are patriotic-specifically those who are successfully reuniting the Hindu population ! We all know that as Hindus unite, the filth which was spread by Jawaharlal Nehru will be swept out of India. Probably thats what is burning another hole in your rear ☺
      And as far as MNCs are concerned , both Indian and foreign based MNCs are playing a pivotal role in generating employment and destroying the 'THE FILTHY COMMUNIST GAME OF NEHRU '

  7. MC readers may be happy to learn that I was the first person in India to call the Israeli consulate in Bombay (now Mumbai) in 1982 to congratulate Israel on their successful bombing of the Iraqi atom bomb plant. I spoke to the then consul-general Yosseff Haseen on the very day the news broke. I also followed up the call with a strong letter of congratulations to the consul-general. On that very day, the shameless Times of India wrote a lead editorial condemning the Israeli air raid. If I remember right, the edit in the Old Rag of Bori Bunder was titled 'A terrorist attack.' A couple of years later, I visited the Israel consulate in Bombay (on GD Deshmukh Marg), met the then consul Haim Levav to congratulate Israel on saving the world from an Arab A-bomb.

  8. I have lived there in early nineties. I got trained in Ophthalmology, artificial skin grafting, managing BPH without surgery and genetically produced Hyluronic Acid by splicing écoliers! All in Israel. Prof Lael Best who was awarded by Indian Govt and met Narendra Modi at a félicitation in Jerusalem is my friend , son of Dr E M Best from Ahmedabad. Yes Ravinar Jews are our siblings. Shalom Namaste & Mazel Tov

    1. Really great to know about good people from Gurudev's Blog. Sir My daughrer is taking MBBS from KEM, She is in finals. I also plan to send her to Israel for study .

      Wishes required .

  9. Dont know how many would have read this:

    Indo- Israel relations are beyond just "Good Jew", an educative article by Gen VP MALIK, ex COAS in IE of 5 Jul 2017.
    On the eve of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Israel, I was surprised to see the kind of protests being made by some opposition political leaders. I wonder how many of them are aware that in the wake of the India-China war in 1962, when Jawaharlal Nehru was prime minister, Israel had helped us with 81 mm and 120 mm mortars and pack howitzer artillery guns with ammunition desperately required by us. This was reciprocated by Nehru’s daughter, Indira Gandhi, who sent spares for Israeli Mystere and Ouragon aircraft and AMX-13 tanks in 1967. During the 1971 Indo-Pak war, Israel delayed sending back the Pakistani F-86 Sabre aircraft that had been sent there for maintenance.

    Those days, military-to-military relationship between the two countries was more covert than overt, primarily to avoid upsetting India’s relations with Arab and other Muslim countries. However, with the signing of the Egypt-Israeli Peace Treaty by Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin on March 26, 1979 (following the 1978 Camp David accords), the geopolitical situation changed substantially. New Delhi’s official stance on Israel altered visibly in 1991, when then Prime Minister P.V. Narasimha Rao granted an audience to the influential Jewish leader Isi Liebler. With ever increasing media scrutiny, it was no longer possible to continue with hide and seek relations.

    In June 1996, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam (then scientific adviser to the defence minister) visited Israel. A month later, Air Chief Marshal S.K. Sareen also visited the country. This was followed by the Israeli Naval chief Vice Admiral Alex Tal’s trip to India in November 1996. In January 1997, the Israeli President Ezer Weizman made a week-long state visit to India. There were no protests on these developments except for a mild one by the Arab League when I visited Israel officially during March 8-11, 1998. I.K. Gujral was the prime minister then.
    Glad that Mr.Modi has made it bold and called off the hypocrisy of a hide and seek and openly visited Israel!

  10. This is an article which has flown directly from within the heart of Crores of Indians via Ravinar's hand. The great avenue is opened indeed by PM Modi & India-Israel friendship is set to go long way on all fronts. Thank u Ravinar.

  11. hi ravinar,
    The current jews are not from the tribes of judah......which gave birth to jesus......or part of 12 tribes that existed in 6the century onky after islam all 12 tribes of israel went extince now only 1 or 2 percentage people are actualy genticaly origanly jewish .....
    THESE CURRENT SET OF JEWS in ISRAEL ARE CALLED ASHKENAZI JEWS......WHO WERE ONCE part of GEORGEA IN 7TH CENTURY AD....And were pagans .......they were converted to judaism.....

    now .this is similar to ane dode...
    say inida has billion population we all converted to islam.....
    then we are getting assimilated oir self as arabs and disposing original arabs who have stayed there for 20 centuries and billio people migrating tomarabia claiming themselves as arabs just becaz we converted to islam......

    its practicaly.....stupid......

    india should develop fab labs like korea and start manufaturing her own defence components from scratch......rather than begging russia,usa,desert nations like israel....

    in thismmodern wprld only business matters....isarel needs her weapons to be sold...india is providing 3 billion dollar weaoons bussiness tomisrael inturn what we are getting back nothing simple......

    if we can become no one in it sector ...then we can become no one in defence and electronic components manufaturing with 80 crore youths in this country......

    1. So you mean to say that these Ashkenazis woke up one morning and said, "Let's all convert to Jews now, so that we could be hated and killed"? I don't know which fool would leave his oen community which has a country and converts to another community which does not even have a piece of land on earth of their own.
      The Rothschilds and Rockefellers that you, fake conspiracy theorists keep naming to hate the Jews do not represent Israel. Neither do Mallya or Daud Ibrahim represent India. Though these businessmen supported in the establishment of Israel, it does not mean that they hold their say in the govt.
      Use your peanut brain. There are people who keep barking what they read from the internet. The internet is filled with Islamic propaganda against the Jews. There are many Christians who have got sucked into this stupidity. I have done a lot of study on this.
      Why would these Ashkenazis convert and become so popular? How can they become so powerful in almost every aspect of life? They are successful in business, manufacturing weapons, medicine, irrigation system, computer technology etc.
      Why would these Ashkenazis seek for a land that had no demand, a land which was in the midst of Islamic dominated countries, in thr midst of thr people of a religion which calls for the elimination of the Jews? This makes no sense for anyone who has a capacity to think other than just blindly hate someone who is struggling to live in a small piece of land and develop it for themselves and help the world in a most possible way they could.
      Even if it is 2%, as you said, of the real Jews, it is still worth fighting for this small percentage for their land. The land still belongs to that 2%. And now don't come and tell me that crap story that the Palestinians are that 2%. If true, then the present Palestinians wouldn't be Islamists but Jews.
      So take your conspiracy trash and dump it where it is meant to be. You would rise up against Israel but it will overcome every enemy and remain there in THEIR land for ever.

    2. read the balfour declaration kid its not conspiracy theory....
      take it rothschild speaks about how he created israel.....

      muslims are bad but jews also fall under saame category becaz indian soliders were used to fiht in 2 world wars for creation of israel under israeli indian army


  12. Jew-Muslim enemity is a 20th century phenomenon. When Christian Europe was persecuting Jews many Muslim countries gave them shelter. I don't think Quran asks for killing Jews.

    1. What you said is not true. Jew muslim enmity is 1,400 years old, as old as islam itself. No Muslim country gave shelter to Jews. Muslims treated them as dhimmies and tolerated them only because Jews were skilled while muslims were almost totally unskilled. The only nation on earth that gave refuge to jews fleeing muslim and Christian persecution was Hindu india. FYI, the Koran explicitly calls for murder of Jews, Christians and polytheism so.

    2. In fact it is as old as quran.sample 1 verse(5.51),O you who have believed, do not take the Jews and the Christians as allies. They are [in fact] allies of one another. And whoever is an ally to them among you - then indeed, he is [one] of them. Indeed, Allah guides not the wrongdoing people

  13. I had been to Israel abt 18 yrs back n was impressed with it. 1.that long back they had grown fruits n grapes in dry arid land! Most houses were shelled with constant attacks yet the ppl had the spirit to stand up again and continue with life without despairing and crying endlessly. 3. The airport security was so tight that we checked in 5 hours early and our bags were turned upside down n every single item was scanned.4. Its warfare capability was outstanding n honest, dedicated citizens took it v seriously.5.they were proud of their religion n hell bent on keeping it intact.6.our passports were not stamped as then the muslim countries wd trouble us forever. 7. All youngster mandatory military training after schooling.I find it particularly disgusting and shameful that a small country like Israel can innovate(use brains) n create farming (incl grapes,sugarcane) in desert while we still are in caveman ages of loan waiver!! I alao find it shameful that we dont show a spine unlike them when it comes to teaching ur enemies a lesson and retaliating so as to put fear in enemy hearts. We r cowards who meekly release hostages,pamper terrorists n their sympathizers,put out our other cheek ahead when slapped on one.

  14. "It took a brave Narasimha Rao to recognise the State and start diplomatic relations." I read somewhere that our govt. took permission of Arafat for establishing full diplomatic relations.
    A few days before, full relations were established with Israel, Mr. Natwar singh was in college, gave some lecture on family planning. Probably he was part of govt. during discussions, issue of israel came up.I asked him why govt not having full relations with Israel. He was aghast how there were so many supporters of israel. He came with the BS that our relations with Arab countries will be damaged. Within a week or so, govt established full diplomatic relations.

  15. This article is like icing on a cake... a visionaries perspective of all the good things to come out of Indo-Israel pact

  16. Sorry for being a grammar nazi. A rare error for sure. This line in the second paragraph needs editing, sire! :)
    This has to be one of the most extraordinary historical story in our lifetime.

  17. As usual a fine and unapologetic article!

  18. U looked for reason ..why Jews are hated most by Islam.The answer is Islam hate all non-believer.
    gut feeling ... But recent world affairs again tell that ..cause of unrest and political behaviour is highly influnced by Jews in wrong direction in many countries. For example Trump opposition in USA.Soros ,Murdoch things..we find that all international media house owned by Jews but their views are globalist ...socialist.This globalist views are dangerous as for example Britain can not control their borders..Britain want exit from EU but media talks are against it ..against the majority people wish.
    Historically or earlier Jews came up with idealogiws of Communism..socialism
    ..cause of world sufferings.

    Even during German world wars Jews ditched Germany as Jews have similar concept of Muslim Ummah ..Jews dont have allegiance for their country.
    So Hitler hated them.

    May be this could be reason for development for violent religion that Arab could keep their tribal lifestyle.

    1. Sorry from Saladin days of Ottoman the persecution of Jews started for simple reason no other Religion must thrive on that Desert culture of Islam as propogate by Mohamad himself.
      So Jews had to flee everywhere incl India China which are far off .. Islam is religion of Killings & Ben-Gurion like gave a tit for tat to both Islam & the architects of division art politics by World's Greatest thieves British .. I fully agree British need to be wiped out first for their creation of so many countries by Religion .

    2. plain truh isralis children control world govenment.....
      the more modi gets closer to israel.....youll see a israeli crypto ruling india.....
      when 2 spisraelis were killed in france maharashtra cm did hoist indian flag half post and did candle light march.....
      but when indian soliders died....
      when punjab police pfficer got killed in drug war neithr modi nor fadnavis went to see them.....not even local bjp leader attended ratber than silly tweets in twitter.......
      captain amrindrr sing attended punjab funeral.......
      stop looking everything by plain eyes.....

  19. Why are Jews hated by muslims.?
    1. It is the oldest religion and certainly different from recent Muslim religion
    2.The prophet Mohammad was poisoned by a Jewish women. Though he just tasted it and services for three years and while dying said it was because of poisoning. His friend had died immediately and the Jewish woman who was pardon was killed later.
    3. Islam does not believe in interest and it is haram for them. Jews thrived from interest earnings and controlled nearly all the businesses.
    4. Jerusalem is a holy city to Jews, Christians and Muslims and Muslim claim a right to it.
    5. Someone said if all India converted to Muslims and we seek to drive away the Arabs it is wrong. Firstly you will never be accommodated as true Muslim by Arabs and you rights and professions will be controlled by Arab Muslims. Why not tell all Muslims in the world and especially in India that they are not original Arab Muslims and are converted lot and not claims the destroyed Hindu temples like Babari Masjid, Mathura and scores of others. Don't try to be extreme secular your are sickular!
    6. Muslim world hate USA as it is believed that all policies and businesses are controlled by Jews.
    7. They don't remember the sufferings of Jews during the holucaust. Same is the conditions of Hindus in PAK and of Kashmiris in POK.

    1. Pl read History first than blabbering. Islam is Religion of Killers from start till date

    2. No matter in which corner of the earth they are, muslims always fight,disrupt,violence,kill,destroy peace.take any damn past or present example n there is no excwption to this rule.

  20. As a kid I remember my father abusing Indian govt for not letting Israel refuel their aircraft in India on the return after their proposed bombing Kahuta nuclear plant in Pakistan. We pay the price for that mistake today.

  21. As usual Ravinar at peak more details incl Israel saving our warbdefeats especially in Kargil should have been mentioned ..

  22. Let a new friendship blossom between two people whose great minds shall work for the good of the world against terrorism, Chinese hegemony etc.

  23. Israel and India are natural friends ! To hell with the psuedo secular communist pigs who lean clearly towards the islamic filth.
    The only factor which comes between Israel and India is the Muslim control over OIL RESOURCES .

  24. dear mediacrooks.

    I am here to thank you on guru purnima for making me see the ulterior motives of the MSM in particular & in life in general. though you have blocked me years ago on some Australian trip jibe I am truly grateful to you. my bio at @mdbiyani is a reflection of what I have learnt here on SM. thank you Mahesh Biyani

  25. British is a misnomer actually. The right nomenclature is Brutish. Their greed to grab anything by any means is unparalleled in human history.

  26. A better, more poetic, more factual summing up I can't even conceive. To me Jews got my unreserved admiration after exodus...

  27. I was once talking to a Muslim friend and asked him why Jews are hated by Muslim world and I kind of liked the way he explained. Jews, Christians and Muslims are offshoot of similar origin, Isa/Musa/Yahweh. It's believed that last surviving religion will get the jannat and all associated benefits after Qayamat. Jews are considered the most intelligent species and hence the greater threat Muslims would like Jews to get destroyed so that the chances that they are the last surviving religion would increase as rest they could conquer relatively easily as compared to Jews. Jews are taken as threat to their ambition of getting Jannat on day of qayamat because of the sheer intelligence that Jews have.

  28. We love Jews very much. As a novice when I came mumbai in 1986 first time actually I was confused a bit between lady /aunty bearing one piece or skirt as only chrystians, Some time I saw Topiwala/black cap etc , it was more confusing , the nice guyes with all goodness packed in them. I stayed with my relative at Worli in mumbai , it was facinating to visit soth mumbai often by catching 124 Best Bus and roam around even in nariman point area.

    We have to learn a lot from them. The hstory of 2000 years peril and specially last 400 yrs for thir efforts to get united and make Israel a jews country is really a fascinating journey.

    We swayamsevaks are being thought their story and our Boudhik programmes many a times. Its really great our PM visited their holy land. Thanks Gurudev to bring all time favorite article.

    Love to be with Jews!!!
    Bande Matram!!!


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