Thursday, July 27, 2017

Naked Dictators

Malignant narcissism is a psychological syndrome comprising an extreme mix of narcissism, antisocial personality disorder, aggression, and sadism. Often grandiose, and always ready to raise hostility levels, the malignant narcissist undermines organizations in which they are involved, and dehumanizes the people with whom they associate. That’s the Wiki description and it fits very well with the Chinese Gandhis, particularly Rahul Gandhi. If you observe closely, the mother-son duo has not only undermined the Congress party but have undermined many democratic institutions while they were in power. Even the PMO was destroyed as a mere post office. Now out of power, they are worse in their behaviour and worse in their stupid utterances. The very manner in which the Gandhis animate and behave like Narcs (short for narcissistic) can be seen in this montage:

And Pappu calls others dictators and “emperor without clothes”. Look at the hand gestures of Sonia. Anger, frustration and extreme contempt. Only an extreme Narc would allow herself to be sculpted to a “fake Goddess” or have jerks issuing full page ads falling at her feet. As for the little ignoramus; his biggest animation is rolling up his sleeves in all his silly speeches, like he’s up for a street fight. Other times he tears manifestos and slams ordinances by a PM from his own party. Pretending to care about farmers or the poor, this little brat lives in the lap of luxury and practically does no work. RG utters such extreme nonsense that any parent would be ashamed if s/he had produced an empty-brain like him. Yet, the Congis are so enslaved that they cling to this family, unable to escape slavery.

RG says dissent is being stifled by Modi. He even claims “India’s voice is being stifled”. And all this when he hops around country blabbering anything against Modi and inside the parliament too. When it came to a movie on the criminal Emergency, the same Congress agitated and even threatened a law and order situation (from FirstPost):

What exactly do these goons mean by “untoward incidents”? Clearly, a threat of violence and rioting. None of this happens without the approval of the dictators of the party – Sonia and Rahul. Be it rioting and violence in Mandsaur or butchering a cow in public in Kerala. All of it happens with the knowledge and approval of the Gandhis. Congis don’t have guts even to take a bathroom-break in the middle of a meeting without a sanction from these dictators. So, like the Fiberal media and Sickulars like Commie-Congis, freedom flows only one way – For them to abuse, defend their crimes and hurl the vilest epithets at Modi or RSS or anyone not in their basket. From Nehru, right down to this little Pappu, everyone in this clan has been a naked dictator. It’s only now that people are asking them to wear some clothes.

RG goes around calling Modi a Hitler with no consequences. Noted lyricist Majrooh Sultanpuri once called Nehru a Hitler and the Congis jailed him for two years. For the corruption, loot of the nation and the damage caused to the self-esteem of the nation, these Gandhis could well be jailed for 150 years in another democracy. And they find “Indu Sarkar” offensive because? Because it might reflect IndiraG and Sanjay in a poor light. And other Congis whine that the movie is going to hurt Congis:

The audacity of claiming that their crimes must be hidden from the public simply because it will hurt Congis or the Chinese Gandhis is the kind of Hitlerism that has infested the Nehru-Gandhi clan for long. You talk about a play or movie about Nathuram Godse, the Congis will be the first to ban it or burn down theatres. These folks still think Indians are a bunch of fools who cannot tell the grain from the chaff. A Malayali author is being threatened with his life if he didn’t convert to Islam. Another teacher in Kerala (TJ Joseph) had his hand chopped because he asked some question about Islam.

In Bollywood, Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s freedom to concoct stories about Rani Padmini is ferociously defended. Trashing Hindu Gods and Goddesses in Bollywood and in other arts is promoted as artistic expression. But talk about crimes of the Gandhis – their goons are sent to riot all over the place. Even the horrible 66A was enacted because of Facebook posts that trashed Sonia and Rahul. Such is their intolerance of any dissent or even cartoons. The story of Emergency maybe about Indira and Sanjay and maybe partly fictional. But that’s the freedom artists have. Every true story world over is always introduced as “Based on a true story” or “Inspired by real events”. All such movies are dramatized to some extent, otherwise it would be as bland as the clueless Gandhis. Indu Sarkar would be best judged by those saw the Emergency close-up and experienced its cruelties or observed those.

Both these Gandhis parrot grand lines like “power is poison” but cannot live without power even a year. Almost every parliament session is drowned in noise and ruckus. Outside, the Congress is losing election after election. The little Pappu secretly meets Chinese envoy like a thief in the night, which the Congress first denies then confirms. The Congis sleep with the separatists and the recent Samjhauta Express news (already known long ago) further exposes them as anti-nationals covering up Pak and Islamic terror to create a fake “Hindu terror” nonsense. Sadhvi Pragya and Col. Purohit are jailed for long without proper trials. Gobar-load after Gobar-load on their faces still makes them think no one can run this country except them. Of 70 years of Independent India, almost 45 were ruled by the Nehru-Gandhis or their puppets. In particular, the Hindus have rightly unleashed their fury against these Gandhis for their destruction of Hindu ethos, culture and educational set-ups. I completely agree with the following tweet:

Vikas Saraswat (a freelance writer) is slightly off the mark though. It’s not just Islamists, Sonia runs a brand of “Chrislamist” cult that is determined to damage India and harm Hindus. The sheer loot from Bofors to the last major scam would shock anyone but these Gandhis prattle around like it’s their moral right to scam this country. And then they call others Hitlers, fascists, “Khoon ki Dalali” and so on. Earlier, even mentioning the word “Sonia” was taboo for the MSM. At least now, channels like Timesnow and Republic are hauling Sonia over the coals for all the scams and anti-Hindu crimes.  A few days back I watched a movie called “Enemy” and the opening monologue from it stunningly fits the Gandhi cult of dictatorship:

Control, it's all about control. Every dictatorship has one obsession and that's it. In ancient Rome, they gave the people bread and circuses. They kept population busy with entertainment but other dictatorships used other strategies to control ideas, the knowledge... how do they do that? Lower education, they limit culture, censor information, they censor any means of individual expression and is important to remember this, that this is a pattern, that repeats itself throughout history”.

Exactly what the Nehru-Gandhi clan has done with Indians. Kept them poor, largely uneducated and threw them crumbs as doles. They made every effort to destroy Hindu culture and promote the Chrislamist ideology. They curbed free speech, imposed Emergency, brought in 66A and the discriminatory RTE. SoniaG has been president of Congress for 19 years (since 1998). RG has been general secretary and then VP for the last four years. And they talk democracy? These power-hugging dictators are the ones standing naked in front of Indians. We don’t need lessons from them on democracy or any kind of freedom. And because the pattern will not change, these naked dictators must perish from the political landscape or at least buy some real clothes.

Monday, July 17, 2017

The Indira Trickery

We all know how the incestuous Lutyens mafia works. Hardly anyone takes anything they say to be true unless cross-checked with multiple sources. Lately, even the multiple sources in the mafia can parrot the same song with lies as their chorus – like in the Junaid “murder-on-train-over-beef” incident. This turned out to be another of those hundreds of seat-fights on trains we see that turned ugly and tragic. You are all the more cautioned when a Wolf known to constantly howl against PM Narendra Modi suddenly sings a somewhat sweet song. It’s a new morning and a new warning, that some mischief is around the corner:
Naturally, I was wondering why Ramachandra Guha, a known Modi-hater since the days the latter was CM of Gujarat would suddenly want to rate his PMship like a Pop-chart. Although RG concedes Modi to be a successful PM, the mischief in the statement is unmistakeable. Guha was protecting “family jewels”. He wants to ensure his “Annadata” Nehru is somehow kept at the top. He then follows it up with the corrupt Indira Gandhi and with a flash of his pompous opinion, relegates Modi to third place in his silly wet dreams. Such is frustration of Lutyens crawlers over Modi’s success on many fronts.

Modi has had successes on many domestic fronts. He still has some way to go on many other reforms and critical issues but his PMship is not over yet. He has been a great success with his international diplomacy and has come to be recognised as an admired and powerful world-leader. Neither Nehru nor IndiraG had any kind of respect like that. Let’s bear in mind that Nehru won all the elections in a newly Independent India with the Opposition existing only nominally. Because the media then was nothing more than an adoring bunch of kids to Nehru, most of his failures were overlooked. If Nehru been around today, SM would have had a gala time exposing his failures and Pappuness on many fronts. SM writer Rajnikant Puranik has also written a book “99 blunders of Nehru”. These fakers of Nehru-Gandhi clan have no place to hide anymore.

IndiraG was the epitome of corruption, intolerant to criticism and an extreme dictator, the kind of which one hopes India never sees again. Even in IndiraG’s times the Opposition existed in a disorganised form and helped her win elections easily till she committed the crime of Emergency. In contrast, Modi has won election after election with against a massive alliance of Opposition, hundreds of small parties pitched against him and supported by an array of international media-mafia who want India to remain corrupt and profitable for them through the Gandhis and their Commies. This is a stunning feat that is conveniently ignored by fraudulent Distortians like Guha. But why Guha made that statement would be revealed a few months later when his family friend and Sickular accomplice, Sagarika Ghose released a book on IndiraG. Now I could sense the connection. Being a close Ghose-friend Guha would have known about the book being concocted and the chain of Indira, Indira, Indira was set in motion. Guha had to add Nehru because of “Roji Roti” compulsions, nothing else.

I have not read the book and nor am I going to. Candyfloss nonsense is not for me. So, Modi has scared these Lutyens crawlers so much that IndiraG has to be somehow pronounced the great PM she NEVER was. IndiraG really had no great ideas other than silly slogans and the usual “drama queen” acts. Even the 1971 war I would credit more to Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw than to Indira. He treated her like a little kid on issues of military battles. Indira will be more remembered for squandering the advantage without a clear-cut evacuation of Pakis from PoK. Mind you, both Nehru and Indira self-conferred Bharat Ratnas on themselves. They would have made Field Marshal, Admiral, President for life Dada Idi Amin proud. The public then did not have too many options. Anyway, all that is history. What stands out is that this C5M Sagarika writes a book on Indira and the greatest excerpt that she circulates in the media is about the juicy sex-life of Indira. That should tell you what candyfloss nonsense these technically uneducated but English-speaking mafia values. Even Indira didn’t have much of a formal educational qualification but she could speak English so anything about her can pass for this mafia.

Guha starts it. Sagarika finally puts it out proclaiming “Indira: India’s most powerful PM” and you how the dice is rolled. Can the little collective-croaking frogs then resist? Quickly, NDTV, a leading partner and pioneer of the Lutyens mafia and “Chinese Gandhi Slaves Club” latches on to it and holds a debate over the book and the topic. Who could be better than dawdle-head Nidhi Razdan to do the job? If there was an award for Modi-hating, Nidhi would be among the top 3 contenders. And I don’t have to tell you scores of newspapers and magazines are now running a PropAGandhi on Indira being the most powerful PM ever. Nice! Now, the interesting part is when it comes to sex life of Indira which Sagarika so gladly promotes as “excerpts” and these are being quoted all over. When the questions are asked, here is how she responds:
If it is “unverified” why publish it in the first place? BECAUSE, that kind of juicy sex-crap is what irrigates the writings of Sagarika without which her book would be nothing more than copy paste of newspaper articles here and there. And then she asks “even if she had sex, so what?”. Yes, it’s nobody’s business how many sex-partners Indira may have had, so why write about it? But imagine if some BJP or tall Hindu leader, especially a woman, were to be as cavalier as Indira as Sagarika’s book-excerpt describes. The entire Lutyens mafia would be giving us lessons on what being “Sati Savitri” or “Pavitra matrimony” is all about. But debauchery is acceptable within the Lutyens mafia and the Fiberal clans

And Sagarika tells another guy he probably needs a sex life, why grudge Indira. That’s laughable because the guy is merely quoting an article quoting her book. So, if that’s the standard measure that Sagarika applies what advice should we give to those who are orgasm-starved by her own write? Here’s what she wrote in Outlook, which later deleted the article from the web as they didn’t want to further exhibit the desperation of Sagarika:
Our Constitution and SC might guard many Rights. But certainly, I'm not sure they would be able to somehow ensure orgasms for desperadoes. To summarise, these idiotic Lutyens crawlers have now tied themselves in silly knots over Modi’s success. Modi is merely in his fourth year of PMship and they compare his legacy of two Congress failures who were PMs collectively for around 28 years during an uninterrupted 30-year rule of Congress till 1977

While these folks are still busy trying keep Nehru and Indira on a pedestal, the Congress goons are desperately trying to stop the release a film based on the Emergency by Madhur Bhandarkar called “Indu Sarkar”. They have protested everywhere he goes and indulged in violence too and threated a law and order problem in Mumbai and other places. The immoral Congress continues the legacy of Nehru and IndiraG who epitome intolerance, anti-democracy and a hunger for power that seems to have hit their claims like famine in an India that has grown more powerful under PM Modi. The Congress is dying and this stupid Indira trickery won’t work. Remember, a pack of wolves howls the most when one of theirs is dying – that’s exactly why Guha, Sagarika and others are howling.