Monday, May 8, 2017

Some Pricks For ModiSarkar

The first few months were euphoric. PM Modi toured the world like the lead of a Rock Band. He floored audiences all over. He moved quickly to dismantle some redundant practices like attestation of documents or a committee to dismantle redundant laws. The next two years, the action moved to economic reforms, railway reforms, budget reforms, demonetisation and so on. It’s in the third year that ModiSarkar seems fatigued. This is not electorally but in terms of actions in key areas such as defence, security, internal enemies and prosecuting the corrupt. Modi has been unwilling to dismantle the crimes of Congress – like RTE or scholarships only to minorities. The Aadhar he once strongly criticised with the words in a tweet: “...there is no vision, only political gimmick”. This same Aadhar is now being enforced him and Arun Jaitley for nearly everything.

On continuing the much trashed NREGA, Modi humorously said in parliament that he “would never make the mistake of shutting down NREGA, it’s living proof of Congress incompetence and failure”. But these are issues of continuity of govt policies and there isn’t much to fault. The biggest problem of PM Modi is that he appears insensitive and oblivious to death of Jawans. He has become indifferent to incompetence in his Cabinet or his key state managers. Here’s what Modi said about Congress handling Maoists:
Congress was divided. Agreed! Congress was corrupt and aligned with Commies and Maoist sympathisers. Agreed! What about BJP? There’s no coalition compulsion, so what will it take to bomb the hell out of Maoists? Why are our Jawans still dying? Like his contradictions on Kashmir and Aadhar, the Maoist thing is also strange. Worse are the lower-jacks of BJP. Sample just two of these stupid utterances:
I can’t believe these statements. Ram Madhav reiterates ISI is funding separatists. Hansraj Ahir says he will probe ISI funding of stone-pelters if a written document is found? Does PM Modi hear all this? At the beginning of his term, Modi had an absolute free hand in choosing his Cabinet. Some minor mumblings here and there apart, nobody questioned a single choice. Even Smriti Irani was given the benefit of doubt when made HRD Minister without any major educational qualification. We all backed Modi. Now there are voices like the website PGurus saying some “Cabal” is holding back Modi in his assertiveness. And, worse, Subramanian Swamy, known to shoot in the dark quite often, makes stranger allusions:
Whatever the truth may be behind Modi’s slowing down on many fronts, there is one thing clear – ModiSarkar desperately needs a Cabinet reshuffle. Certain NPAs are just trundling along with no major purpose or direction. And as a rule – It is always the bad eggs that get the most attention in media and public.

The Worst of ModiSarkar

In my assessment, over the last year or so, the following ministers are going to cause a lot of damage for Modi in the run up to 2019. It is better said now than later or not saying it at all. For each minister, the kind of job they are doing is described not by their ministries, but by my estimate of their public perception. We will just go through thumb nails of each of them (in no particular order).

Ministry of Troll-hunting: Initially I thought Modi had some women in his Cabinet to provide fair gender-representation. But surely, this cannot be at the cost of competence and pursuit of agendas not aligned with ModiSarkar. I don’t know what Maneka Gandhi does for women or children. In the last one year, she has been too busy promoting her son through journos of dubious reputation who are aligned with Congress. If that wasn’t bad enough, she started a WA group of assorted, disgruntled anti-Modi journos who run some campaign against “Trolls” on SM. The main target of this group of Modi’s own staunch supporters. If there are abusive trolls, there are many ways to deal with it. Why should a Cabinet minister be part of a group that consists Barkha, Bainjal (the most abusive troll on SM) and others that even organises a seminar on trolls with the Swedish Embassy? Recently, Delhi Police accused her animal-NGO workers for assault on some buffalo transporters. There is too much conflict in her agenda and that of ModiSarkar. That is enough to sack her.

Ministry of Ribbon-Cutting: Modi once called SheilaD a “Ribbon-cutting CM”. I am surprised he retains Prakash Javdekar who does nothing more than that. PJ is totally clueless on education or HRD and is mostly busy with some event here and there. He sermonises schools to provide great education at low costs but has hardly shown any major initiative. Our education system needs dramatic change and simplification. The discriminatory RTE Act needs modification. Our school text books are nothing but vehicles of garbage – especially history and social sciences. The worst poison is being fed to our children but this guy walks around as if he’s in some wonderland of bliss. He is convincing me strongly that Modi doesn’t really bother about education. PJ must go. HRD and education are too important to be left to a laggard.

Ministry of Eternal Whining: Over the recent Sukma attacks, the ever-glib Ravi Shankar Prasad asked “Do Jawans and their families have human rights”? Well, he’s the govt. He’s the Law Minister. Who is he asking this question to? Then in the Lalu Yadav tape episode involving exchanges with criminal Shahabuddin – he wants someone to start criminal proceedings against Lalu. Who should start? On the Law front, I am unaware of any great accomplishments by RSP. He also holds the responsibility for IT, in which he seems to be doing relatively better although his expertise is Law. RSP doesn’t need to be shown the door but has to be either asked to keep his mouth shut or be assigned a single ministry. I don’t consider RSP incompetent as a minister – he is just plain incompetent with his words.

Ministry of One-liners & Acronyms: The ministry of I&B is a leftover garbage from the Commie regimes. They needed to constantly dole out propaganda. These days propaganda doesn’t succeed with such an overflow of information. Venkiah Naidu is simply too nice a guy to be dealing with tough hoodlums of our media. After the one-day ban on NDTV (which was postponed due to rains), it was VN who was defending all the time on Twitter rather than NDTV. Fake news, slanderous news, old videos to incite violence in Kashmir – all of this is routinely happening. There is a desperate need for a media policy that places responsibility and punishment for falsehood, lies and wilful slander. So much, that India Today had gone to the extent of reporting Shashi Tharoor was requested by ModiSarkar to draft a Parliament resolution over Pak terrorist attacks. Then VN goes on to certify “The Hindu” as a great institution despite the rag being anti-Hindu, anti-BJP and anti-Modi. There are too many instances of non-performance by I&B. VN should be assigned to a new role. I&B itself is disguised unemployment. The incompetence rubs off on his ministry too, who retweet parody accounts that mock the minister and his ministry and cannot tell the difference. Shut down the I&B ministry itself.

Ministry of Kadi Ninda: Poor Rajnath Singh. I am sure he has his heart in the right place and does the best he can. But he is simply not up to the mark for a Home Minister. After every tragedy, he only seems to be taking briefings and relaying briefings. He is also guilty of peddling the falsehood that ISIS has no following or cells in India. It has been repeatedly proved that there are many ISIS cells, especially in Kerala and Kashmir. There is no proposal for any action against those who constantly rant Kashmir is not a part of India. Nothing proposed against those who celebrate convicted terrorists. No policy on how terrorists killed or hanged by SC should be handled. Why should terrorists be buried and allowed public funerals? They should be quietly burned to high hell in dishonour. These are things that a real HM of India should be sternly acting on. RS is simply not up to it. Too occupied with post-event mopping up than any pro-active signals coming from someone who is supposed to secure India and Indians. He has been taunted so much that he has stopped using the term Kadi Ninda.

Ministry of Durbaris: In 2009 the Congress, despite 26/11, got more seats than they did in 2004. Who managed the 2009 election for BJP? Arun Jaitley! The man who lost an election in a Modi-wave. AJ is a perfect Durbar manager. He has his durbaris from media, from Babudom, from Business-class, from the establishment. The guy has no enemies, only friends. I don’t find him competent for Finance or the part-time job of Defence. Many suspect he is there only because he is Modi’s close friend or because Modi is obligated to him or scared of him for some reason or the other. AJ is a great lawyer, an articulate orator and a sound thinker. The problem is, he thinks finance legally and has absolutely zero interest in defence. He was once again on NDTV with an exclusive, a channel his ministry has accused of money laundering, tax evasion.  
AJ is romancing the one he should be prosecuting. He protected Barkha in the Radiagate episode according to the late Vinod Mehta. AJ admitted to a foreigner that Hindu Nationalism was just an election ploy, according to Wikileaks. He stated on NDTV that the NatHerald case can be closed if the Gandhis returned the money. In 40 years of his political career, I dare you to show one article in the media that criticises AJ. He is the typical Lutyens Durbari that Modi intensely abhors. If Modi loses 2019, AJ will have a sizeable contribution in it. The 160-club, as it is called, desires Lutyens Love as much as the filth in the media and Congress do. More than Pakistan, Maoists, political parties or any other adversary – AJ is the biggest threat to Modi politically.

Whether PM Modi agrees or not, there are many voices (from his own supporters) that they are tired of the incompetence on various fronts, especially national security and prosecuting the corrupt. After the departure of Parrikar, the noises about Agusta Westland investigations have also died down. I am not sure ModiSarkar is really after the corrupt. So far, it’s only dropping crumbs at opportune moments. The only corrupt man they seem to chasing is abroad; Vijay Mallya. The corrupt from UPA regime at home are safe. The typical ModiSlave will instantly ask – “so you want Sonia Congress back”? I discount these idiots. People slam Modi to provoke action, precisely because they do not want Sonia Congress back. I had coined the slogan “Congress must die” but I don’t think anyone voted for BJP incompetence on so many fronts. Last week PMO tweeted about the value of pricks and how they save lives:
And it’s been three years. Certain key areas need drastic change. PM Modi does need a Cabinet reshuffle and ModiSarkar does need some pricks too. A prick in time saves lives – that’s ModiSarkar’s line, I hope he uses it to throw out the worst and get new talent.


  1. Congress is corrupt but they know how to Govern. BJP is not corrupt but they don't know how to govern. More so taking tough decisions like cracking down Maoists and terrorists in J&K. Modi being an ex Rama krishna Mission type sanyasi, likes to preach a lot. People get bored with his sermons. He is doing things like he will be in power for 70 years. He has not selected a good cabinet. He just chose old party friends and stalwarts who he can't put them down.

    1. Regarding Arun Jaitley, difficult situation. Maneka Gandhi should be kicked out. The other four should zip their mouths and properly start earning their salaries. Subramanian Swamy is egoistic and may have his agenda, but as proved in the past, he has his ear to the ground and knows much. His hints cannot be dismissed lightly.

    2. This statement that Congress knows how to govern is sheer arrogance. Its that BJP is unable to rein in babu's who because of Congi mindset and years of enjoying inactivity wishes to derail the game-change activities. Some rotten fish in BJP also dirty the governance pond. Modi must read this article of Raviji and look inside and do the needful. As early as possible would be better.

  2. Use of words like blackmail and sexual secrets are to be avoided not in good taste....

    1. It is for Modi to handle it. Who is saying such words? None other than his own BJP MP.The blogger is warning Modi against loose cannons in his own party and Cabinet.

    2. Many a times, the truth is not in good taste... A Reality!

    3. Agreed. Criticism is fine but loose talk won't serve any purpose. May be some ministers are incompetent but atleast I don't want the corrupt Sonia-left cabal to rule the country again.

  3. This article would be an eye opener for Modi slaves!

  4. Modi is not going to do anything he does not have that WILL n Mind set of Kshatriya.he is just a shrewd/clever politician ..he is now more scared of his own security, now what is course ahead... how can we turn the problem cum danger in opportunity,how we can make the most of this situation saving all assets our ancestors imparted us which if remained not dealt will lead our nation with future generation in darkness,gloom,slavery and we will lost our identity with it total extinction..solution is revolution, a only revolution voluntarily, naturally now or 10-30 years later will only decide the fate of nation many parasite have cropped here lynching the Atma n everything of nation..and we are dealing with so many enemies from outside too...and this fellow(which once sparked d hope even consciousness) seems to be living in oblivion, indifferent of everything just too scared to do anything concrete, he is lecturing n doing Every type of BAAT not to make people aware but to distract himself from his own indecisiveness, guilt(if any),cowardice,insecurity...he is just Lost, He might have lost but we are not, we will not,we have to win this war ..we will win this War..even if we have to take rebirth 1000 times or more

  5. I had such high hopes from Modi but he seems to be failing now... he more wants to become a statesman than a people's man.... i am sure he too will go down in the history as a man who did not do anything when he had the opportunity... As a Hindu nationalist, I will look for better options and will raise my voice for a better alternative... for 2019, I will rather abstain from voting rather than voting for these fake so called nationalists...

  6. Ravinar,
    You have echoed what we people asks often.We have asked for removal of all these incompetent arrogant prejudiced and hardcore supporters of Sonia Gandhi from MODI ministry but they are retained and also allowed to harm more and more.We know MODI is the only alternative in India to save the country but we want swift and visible action.Modi ought know that if he failed this time India will be devoured by vultures like Congress AAP Communist and Italian mafia. They are waiting for the deluge.Catasrophe is waiting in 2019 when people may vote for a Maha Gathbandhan of all opposition parties ge 40% votes against Modis 33% votes.Modi votes are in tact but Maha ganthbandhan has a solid 40% votes with Muslim christiaa nd secular votes.Those who think that it is abusr to count them as competitors are living in fools paradise.Sonia will weave a coalition of all Anti BJP parties before 2019 and say to say before Presidents election.Dr.Swamy echoed what I have said in last 3 years the blackmail of a head of state by any such ex escapas are dangerous to state and nation.If such a thing exist in world the same ought to be killed soon.If that is not done than calamity cannot be ruled out for nation.

    1. Shah,Modi,Yogi will play minority card well ahead of 2019 Election...And we middle class Hindus will have no other choice but to vote back BJP or stay back at Home..

  7. So far Modi has been mostly a gimmickry prone, pie in the sky speeches, time pass guy. Megalomania has set in. Ministers are running riot and the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing and vice versa. Netaji and Sardar were action men. Just talking about them isn't action. Indira Gandhi broke Pakistan into two, Narasimha Rao finished off the Khalistan terror in Panjab. Now we got Modi and his band. 3 years have gone by, let us see next 2 years "mein kya gul khilaate hain".

  8. AJ, VN, PJ, RJ are certainly not incompetent. But the amount of leftover mess they are clearing is understated.
    Setting unrealistic expectations itself maybe a ploy to show them down.
    Ultimately 'perception' is what matters, not statistics. The dumb sermons of these assorted ministers need to stop now.

  9. As usual, you have taken the bull by the horn. Narendra Modi needs to do a major shake up. To see Jaitley with NDTV makes any sensible Indian cringe in disgust. For rest less said than better.

  10. Sir pls send one copy to Arun Jaitley, And ask him to take over the DR Roy Role in NDTV, Most of the time he will be in NDTV Studios.

    I don't know why can't give the interview to DD.

  11. AJ is Achilles heel of Modi!I think compared BJP when it's pitted against Congress has d worst set of ministers, never expected by ppl of India.Corruption has not been noticed due to Modi.But not that ministers r honest.Criminals fleeing from Ind is not small thing.Most serious issue is no independent DM!DoesbBJP lacks efficient leaders to handle defence?It is d same with edn,I&B,MHA,MCD
    as MC rightly pointed out.So Modi has to act fast n with toughness.

  12. MC echoes our concern over Govt led by Modi. Thanks for well written blog. There are also other NPMs like Uma Bharati/ AGRaju etc. Hope it get's into mind. My perception is that Modi when he became PM, took all seniors into his cabinet to refurbish party under AmitS (which did not go party cadre is unable to support & take Modi's initiatives, to the people). There is no much contribution for NDA2 Govt from party side, this is First setback to Modi. Second is all the seniors in cabinet wanted to see how Modi can make them work under him (only youngsters are performing better in his Cabinet). See how Make in India initiate failed. Thirdly, there was no coordinated/inclusive approach between Ministry of Finance & Ministries of Commerce & Power leading to rise in Unemployment & NPA companies..thanks to partly to Raghuram Rajan who made impractical Zero-NPA campaign which led to closure of all SMEs. Fourth set back was rise in commodity prices compared to 2014...While the Farmers are denied minimum support price, by all politician-turned-buyer agents, consumers are charged double. No action. Fifth is Followup on Demonetisation..we are back with cash transactions now & special thanks to Banks/ Financial transaction Service Providers for levying 2 to 3% on each transaction (this is a huge plunder by Banks/ FSPs)..They can collect a Re to Rs.10 per digital transaction.

    ArunJ & RSingh are major hurdles for Modi's performance.

  13. There are many worthless ministers in Modi ministry.
    I & B = No activity.
    Education & HRD = No activity
    Textiles = No activity Do not have one properly designed portal to sell handlooms to public
    Defence = Surprised that there is no defence minister for over TWO months now.
    Law Minister = Sleeping. No sound of snoring also.
    Telecom = Another dead ministry
    Industry minister = Sleeping & deep coma
    Agriculture = Non existent. Bring a technocrat & make him a minister.
    IT minister = who is manning this ministry, no one knows. Whey India cannot have e-governance IT systems in place, which can generate huge job employment. Having 2-3 third class online payment systems does not make it a IT super power.

  14. Never knew that govt is so afraid of taking on NDTV which every ones to be anti national media channel.

  15. Modi govt seems to have lost its direction on
    a) Rober Vadra land deals
    b) Shashi Tharoor Rs. 50 crore girl friend murder
    Hotel Claims to have given all videos to govt., who tampered
    them i.e. Modi tampered them.
    c) Maneka Gandhi, another feather weight better to push her out

  16. The most neglected ministry of the Modi Govt is the Defence Ministry. In three years you have had three Defence Ministers, twice being a part time Defence Minister and for the remainder time a Pass Time Defence Minister. Mr Parrikar was out of his depths in understanding the nuances associated with looking after a country's defence while AJ is most comfortable with his bureaucracy and is at best a reluctant DM. It is indeed surprising that Mr Modi cannot find a suitable Defence Minister among the 282 elected representatives and has to rely on people from the Rajya Sabha. There are enough creditable people in BJP who are competent to look after the most important ministry of the Govt, which sadly has been relegated to an attached ministry. It is extremely sad to see the country's defence being treated in such a callous manner. I hope better sense prevails.

  17. Raviji, you are biased! You forgot your another favourite ribbon cutting NPA of NDA, the ex-gun slinging Rathore! Now his tongue slings, nothing else!

  18. People call Dr. Swamy many names....a "ONE MAN ARMY too! But if you sit back and analyse the run up to 2014 elections which gave NaMo and BJP a clear majority in LS, it was the decimation of Congress by Swamyji in his relentless pursuit of corruption cases of the Gandhis and others Khangressis, SINGLE HANDED, no mean effort. And even after 2014, this Govt. headed by de facto PM Jai Italy , all his efforts in courts are being thwarted by the FM and his cronies, the leftover Congress-loyal babudom, and delay tactics in courts with "tareekh pe tareekh" by judges... ever wonder why?

  19. Most of the responses are excellent.its a million dollar question,whether Modi is unable to spot the negatives of AJ or he is afraid of antagonising him. If he is afraid of antagonising AJ, what is the fear. Absence of a full time defence minister at a time when Pak is murdering some uniformed men almost daily, emboldens Pakistan & makes us a laughing stock internationally.
    As has always been the case HRD & health ministries have been given the least priority by allotting it to non performers. GOI is content with opening a PGI whenever it comes out of slumber. Health sector is in complete neglect with fake figures being accepted without serious scrutiny.
    Higher education is directionaless with no new researches being done. Most of the times conferences & seminars turn out to be moments of get together & enjoyment.Conferences have huge budget, which at times encourage corruption. Primary education is mainly on paper, with very poor attendance & infrastructure. Middle & college education is plagued by mass copying, which should have been fought like naxalism, but unfortunately everyone is comfortable with it. Mass copying is a major cause of unemployment in private sector & corruption in govt sector

  20. One thing about this PM is sure that he preaches more, with less or nil action on the corrupts in Cong..A CD was released by BJP abt land dealings by Damad, but it is 3 years and no action either by GoI or Har /Raj Govts.. People will tolerate to some extent in the hope of positive action, but if these Govts dilly dally on this subject, they (BJP) will be sure to see negativity in the next elections..Hope they get up from their slumber and do some work.

    1. Power has gone into their heads! They have become Ostriches. Some of the Ministers, as pointed out by Ravinarji, are just eager to have their face beamed on TV channels and keep blabbering some useless cliches, exactly like the Congress or Manish-The-Weary!!

  21. Somehow I see my hopes fading away, my illusion withering away.
    If corrupts are not prosecuted, if soldiers are not protected, education is still in same commie grip; not much to be proud of.

    Another thing, MPs do not have much to show in their respective constituencies. At least few I am associated with.

  22. Just remember the night when Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated. PM Chandrasekhar was in Orissa. It was Dr. Subramanian Swamy who ordered a military take over of Tamil majority area of Delhi to prevent a repeat of 1984. A man with a clear sense of direction is being blamed just because he publicly declares: I give as good as I get. Modi must make use of his talent

  23. BJP has no sense of pride. Always look for appreciation from their enemies knowing fully well nothing gonna come their way, still will continue to do the "right perceived" things instead of actual serious work. This government too facing same issues. This urge to look for approval from enemies is a curse that makes them patients of statesmentitis starting from top.

    Had they any grey cells, should have ensured no minister sucks up to perceived anti-Hindu anti-India channels. They have a very sensitive skin. Maneka Gandhi should have long gone sending message to anti-Hindu industry but no our Narendra Modi is fine with "RW trolls" having to fend for themselves while persecutors are united and work in a coordinated manner.

    HE should put a poster in his office that states "I Narendra Modi was elected for 1. Development 2. Taking Congressi Corrupt to task 3. Hindu Nationalism"

    Atal ji could have let law take its own course in Pappu's drug case but he too was bitten by same bug.

  24. I am tired of hearing Modi kept inefficient female ministers having soft corner for them. This is leftist propaganda for a long time. SS has no admirable restrain between juicy fantasy and
    Hard truth.

  25. This govt is run by event management company behind the curtains. All uneducated banias who have looted the public have become politicians via bjp and congress. Now half of the congress is merging into bjp. Irony of our times. Long live jhumlas. I m neither congressi , nor bhakt , nor aaptard.

  26. Present BJP GOVT is behaving like Robinhood!

  27. All ministries to be headed by Technocrats & not generalist who have ruined the country for so many years. HRD minister does not have any idea of education. Home Minister does not know the difference between pistol or handgun or rifle. Why should there be so many state educatio boards - delete all & have a a single nodal agency at centre.
    There is NO action in any ministry till now. Only coined news. Finance ministry run by a lawyer !! where will be the economists or finance experts go !! other than being jobless ?
    Why insist of females to avoid modern dresses - the foolish minister talks with foul mouth, instead should engage sociologists & psychologists to do the taking on these sensitive topcis.

  28. Superb article as usual. My take:

    1) Ministry of Troll-Hunting: Absolutely should sack her but I doubt she can seriously help or harm 2019. Other than mainstream English media (which nobody trusts), she is a non-entity and has almost nothing to do with ground level needs which will shape the 2019 elections or voter perception.
    2) Ministry of Ribbon-cutting: Apparently, has been given a deadline to formulate new education policy by end of 2017 - am willing to give a rope till I see it but so far certainly has been a disappointment.
    3) Ministry of Eternal Whining: Nothing to add - agree 100%.
    4) Ministry of one-liners and acronyms: One of ModiSarkar's biggest failures; atrocious media management under the nose of a CEO who is such a brilliant communicator is simply not done. They need a bull here (someone akin to Gen V.K.Singh) who will show the media its place; VN is too soft and goody-two-shoes.
    5) Ministry of Kadi Ninda: Honestly, I am a little torn on this; when I look at the rise of terrorism around the world, it is a wonder we haven't had a major terrorist attack for a long time and that has got to do something with HM. At the same time, Sukma has happened and I am not sure what stops us from completely dismantling and demolishing the Maoist structure. As you said, heart in the right place but maybe just not up to it.
    6) Ministry of Durbaris: AJ was NaMo's lawyer through Gujarat riots et al and dunno if NaMo for some reason feels obligated to him for standing by him at the time but he is easily the biggest threat to 2019. Since he's a long standing party loyalist, I hope they find a "Margdarshak" type road for him and get him out of any cabinet position at the earliest. Maybe Swamy for FM?

  29. Western financial organizations & Banks failed due to sub-prime crisis (inflated asset values atleast on paper), MMS was cheered for India remained unaffecte. In reality India got a "ass kick" from MMS by way of giving huge loans to undeserving corporates which have become NPA's now. Part of the NPA's may also be given as kick backs to then ruling parties i.e. Khangress. This point of Manamohan singh economies of ruining the country is never discussed by any media in India or global, still MMS is Cleanest Economist who did not get Nobel Prize

  30. I wish he would stop making speeches and stop advising in "Mann ki Baat".Its more annoying when your own govt is a joke and you think you are some kind of a role model. Kashmir is a mess and I dont see any ownerhsip from the Home Minister.Time Rajnath was moved he simply doesnt have it. I&B should have gone to Smriti Irani in the first place or Meenakshi Lekhi the only people capable of giving it back to these biased channels.At least now this should be implemented or is Modi scared that Smriti Irani will get too popular.Gen VK Singh or even Kiran Bedi will be a good choice for a Home Minister.A police or army background is a immediate requirement to handle the Kashmir and Maoist mess. Or pick a retired police officer or army general who has proven abilities in solving such crisis.Frankly I dont understand why we are facing such a bad situation with Ajit Doval as advisor.

    1. You have hit the nail on the head. This guy was given unprecedented support from all sections of society because he promised to change the country. You gave them 60 years, give us 60 months he said. He is been twiddling his thumbs since and trotting around cockily. A disappointment so far, still hoping though. The alternative is horrendous and not even worth thinking about.

  31. In childhood we studied Kabirji's Doha which said, keep your supporters near, but keep your critiques even nearer. Accordingly, perhaps Modi Sakar keeps many Presstitute reporters nearer (than what we like). Will Ravinar agree to stay nearer to Modi Sarkar? He could be a valuable critique.

  32. 1) Interlinking of rivers is a dead idea atleast for now, for no
    river today has any water.
    2) Modi govt should engage Pakistan for a war & like Israel, should
    occupy Pakistan land. Believe me the Pakistan border towns will
    be happy to join India permanently & enjoy the prosperity
    3) If you do not attack now, you lost the golden chance of it & BJP
    will regret that decision for its entire life time
    4) NOT attacking Pakistan now, means another historical blunder like
    what Nehru did for J & K
    5) None of the BJP minister are good. The civil aviation minister
    speaks like a man talking from death bed.
    6) Why they are still entertaining NDTV is unknown. Think BJP is
    also buyed by NDTV TV or BJP is also paid by ISI or Pakistan not
    to act. Sometimes feel BJP is Pakistani agent.
    7) Shashi Tharoor should have been sentenced to life time jail by
    now & all those people who involved in its cover up are now
    holding important BJP positions i.e. reinstated again by BJP
    when these rogues or crooks worked for Khangress.

  33. Modi is human too. Is it possible to expect superhuman tendencies from him? There are cultural differences in Delhi than in Gandhinagar which one has to take into account. Having said that, there has to be more stern actions on the lines of Surgical strike because Pak is becoming bolder and desparate with the support from China.

  34. bjp is in the state of re election pranab mukherjee again....
    funnything is media people are compaigning for pranab and asking for bjp support....
    maulana modi ....perfect name formhim ue has cheated very own majoriy community which voted him 33 %

  35. Exvellwnt analysis !! 👍👍

  36. Written well, as usual with genuine concern for the Modi sarkar. Two issues Modi needs to tackle at once. To win the 2019 elections. Kashmir - Bring it under President's /Governor's rule and hand over the administration to the army with a free hand. Nothing else has worked for the past seventy years.At least the indian jawan will not die unsung and his sacrifice will not go waste if gthe army can give it back in the same coin. Eradicate naxalism in toto even by resorting to violent means if necessary. Chattisgarh is not a border state. With BJP in power in Chatisgarh, MP and Jharkhand and Teleganan being ruled not by a hostile party it should not be an impossile task if willingness is there. The time to show determination has come. All else can wait.

  37. Where are you mediacrooks ? Long time no article ...

  38. I loved BJP's spokeman Sambit Patra getting banged on NDTV. That is what you pay when you patronize NDTV rogue channel. Trust at least now BJP wakes up now & does all to close this anti-India channel.

  39. It's been a month now... No add up... Hope everything's fine back home


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