Monday, April 24, 2017

Enemy Gateways

A few days ago, Pratap Bhanu Mehta, one of the “designated” intellectuals of Lutyens Valley wrote an article called “Sinking Valley” about Kashmir. He avers the Centre has failed in handling Kashmir. Not once in his article did PBM attempt to explain the cause for so much violence by the youth there. Not once did mention Islam being the root cause of the stone-pelting and mindless violence. Never mind. In February 2016, PBM wrote a stinging article against the BJP govt at the Centre on having botched up the JNU issue. This is over the “Bharat ke Tukde” speeches, Afzal Guru will birth in every home slogans and arrest of Kanhaiya and others. Here’s what he wrote towards the end of that article:

And in this case, it is the BJP that upped the ante. The BJP does not also understand one subtle point: that unless there is real and immediate violence involved, a democracy that cuts “anti-nationals” some slack is a robust democracy. For the fact that even people who push the boundaries of expression are safe makes us all feel safe”.

If you go through the “Sinking Valley” article of PB Mehta you will find all his silly explanations of how the State is failing Kashmir. But PBM doesn’t give you a clue what motivates the violent protests. PBM also miraculously gets through his whole article without once mentioning Islam, Islamiyat or Jihad. This is how liars and hypocrites who lose their relevance and power-influencing positions write. The question no one ever asks is: “What do these stone pelters want”? This same PBM glossed over all the crimes and corruption of Congress under Sonia. One fine day he woke up to tell the country “you were silent”. Truth is, these are the guys who slept over crimes and then blamed the slumber on others. That’s the ultimate stupidity of PBM. And PBM’s article becomes fodder for all the Salmas in India and their transmitter Sabrinas in Pakistan:
This is how you become a gateway to the enemy. Your propaganda peddles the very sounds that Pak wants you to peddle. It doesn’t stop at that. India Today calls war criminals like Musharraf who gladly quotes Barkha Dutt to justify his Kargil misadventure. It’s organised trickery and an organised campaign. Call all the Paki filth in a line to peddle their anti-India filth. Key players of the failed MSM now stay in touch with each other, pick up 3 or 4 points related to their agenda and then whack the ingredients to serve you a poisonous medley of sounds from those who hate India:

How is this done? It’s certainly not free. MSM is PAID to host these Pakis. Don’t expect the bill to say “Charges for hosting Musharraf, Basit and Kasuri” it won’t. The bill will claim some vague service or other provided and will be paid by some PR agency or corporate body in India or abroad. It’s not a POV that motivates this organised racket – It is simply money. India can go to hell, but they will keep the gateways to our enemies wide open. That’s their job.

Bharat ke Tukde is FoE as PB Mehta has written before (FoE pushing the boundaries of democracy) and all these MSM goons have defended the sloganeers and expensive pigs like Kanhaiya. But they have a problem when Virendar Sehwag or Gautam Gambhir speak up. They call Sonu Nigam a flop singer if he vents. They trash Randeep Hooda as an actor. It is now becoming comic. HT even carried a whole article on why Gambhir shouldn’t speak on Kashmir:
So, they will tell you what you can and cannot talk about. The other HT footsie Barkha Dutt, part of the axis of evil, implies other TV anchors know nothing about Kashmir – she is the only repository of the garbage she generates. And then all these gang-members probably negotiate on WA on what kind of new headlines and narrative to create. It is interesting if you club their stupid utterances together and find that they are so moronic that their articles have become as generic as unbranded washing powder or unbranded “Gaanja”.

This is Shekhar Gupta in his latest piece of garbage. One doesn’t have to read the whole article to know what he is driving at. Keywords – Kashmir, People, Land. Now note these three words very carefully because this is the new “nuanced narrative” concocted by these failing, workless media crooks. SG says we won’t lose Kashmir by military actions but we will lose the people. Interesting! As if those people are very desperate to be called Indians. Harsh truth is: Many Kashmiri Muslims don’t want to be called Indians, they see India as an enemy, they stone our Jawans and create violence enough to sabotage elections. Therefore, this nonsense of losing people we don’t even have is just mental masturbation. Now watch the “organised concoction” in the first two images below:
So, you see, Rajdeep asks whether only the land of Kashmir is what India wants and not the people. Then the Commie Pig Prashant Bhushan relays him with Kashmir is sinking deeper into an abyss. Why should the troll-queen be left behind? She too peddles the same crap – not losing the land but the people. Barkha also repeats the “abyss” crap. We already saw how Gupta talked about Kashmir as land and people separate. Very clever, eh? It’s like the “Sangam” of three Paki hearts in love who have been up many nights on Whatsapp to concoct the same dialogue. Reality, in Fatah’s tweet, is what they ignore. Kashmiri Muslims, like Pakis, do not consider Hindus or other Kafirs as their part. No people who cannot accept others can be respected or cared about. This “Trinity of evil” doesn’t ask a simple question: “Does Pakistan want the Kashmiri people or the land”? Why don’t they ask Pakistan to take the people who feel harassed by India? Does Pakistan want the land or the Kashmiri people? Why don’t they encourage Pak to realise Kashmir is a useless piece of land not worth fighting for? Just like Nehru, these morons wouldn’t mind if we lose more land to others.

All the ruckus over the Jawans tying someone to a vehicle as a “shield” is to only peddle the enemy propaganda. Jawans have to react to situations on the ground and are not TV studio or print media morons to have hour-long debates and arrive at worthless “No decision” situation. They have to protect the lives of people and their own. Period! To this end, whatever they do has to be approved. Same criminals never question why the stone pelters use children and young girls as shields. Army or CRPF isn’t in Kashmir to find political or electoral solutions. If they are attacked, they are entitled to respond in a manner they deem fit. Those fighting our Jawans don’t have any rules nor wear any uniform – to me, they are deemed terrorists and must be dealt in the same fashion. NO MERCY! Some even conducted silly Twitter polls to find out what most Indians thought about using a stone pelter as shield by the Jawans and got a resounding slap for their twisted agenda:
Those who sympathise with stone-pelters are as much terrorists as those actually pelting stones. And what do the stone-pelters want? They want jobs? They want fish or beef? They want money? (Though they get paid for it by ISI and Pak). They want democracy? None of it – All they want is Islamiyat and an Islamic State. If these stone-pelters are from poor, uneducated backgrounds then nobody has held them back from going to school or college and seeking a better future in the mainstream. In contrast, most of our Jawans come from modest or poor families, sometimes being the sole bread-earner:
The problem is not merely a few hundreds of youth pelting stones or grenades. Though parts of Kashmir have become a daily battleground for our Jawans there is something even more sinister. As with the Jihadi-culture prevalent in many other parts of the world, children are being fed with venom and taught to hate the army and uniformed men. What explains a small kid in this video using expletives and kicking Jawans? It is this culture that has to be removed from the roots. Video (47 secs):
And those whining for these stone pelters conveniently turn a blind eye to the killings of Hindus in Kerala or in Bengal. Hindu temples are routinely attacked and destroyed in Kashmir, Bengal and Kerala. We have far more serious problems to attend to than the over-fed, over-attended and over-appeased idiots of Kashmir. Our Jawans can take care of those enemies. It’s the enemy gateway in our media, NGOs, fake-whiners that those on social media and elsewhere must continue to battle. There is always some humour to even failures. Those who are failing with their stupid narrative and bogus defence of violent Kashmiris quickly resort to the worst whine of all – they cry being trolled. Barkha and others, sponsored by HT tried a major coup in playing victim and being silenced by trolls. Imagine, this woman who blabbers nonsense all through the day on every topic claims she’s being silenced. It’s like Barkha is saying “I am brainless, please don’t put up facts and destroy my bogus arguments”:
And when the combined, gang-like concoction of all these folks, from PB Mehta to Barkha to Shekhar and to “pillion-rider” Dhume peddle the same worn-out nonsense Pakistan feels elated. The Paki Salmas like Musharraf quote Sabrinas like Barkha. Hamirs of Pak quote PB Mehta. They’re nothing but the gateway to our enemies. We have known this for long and Indians are now better off with this knowledge. 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Let’s concede one thing – the Azaan has to be sweet sound for all religious Muslims. It’s like a call to their conscience to pray and be a good human being. To that end, every sentiment behind that call deserves respect.  But when you add a loudspeaker to it and blare it five times a day, there is nothing pious about it. It’s an assertion. Most people who appeared on debates over this lousy loudspeaker practice made it about “noise pollution”. That’s the dumbest argument put forth by idiots who keep covering up Islamic nonsense.  Surely, the noise of Azaan is not louder than the aircrafts that fly over Santacruz or Andheri all through the day in Mumbai. We can forgive the aircrafts because it’s the nature of the beast and not some conspiracy against people trying to sleep but the Azaan is not a Pratt-Whitney or Rolls Royce engine design – It’s a man-made assertion and conspiracy. It is not an environment issue, it is a religious issue. All it took was a couple of tweets by singer Sonu Nigam for Islamic defenders to rage over this issue:

I have written before, that since the early 1990s Muslims in India have started asserting their identity far more than ever before. Yusufbhai passed as Dilip Kumar for a long time in Bollywood. Now, if you have a Muslim name or if you are a Paki, your chances of making it in Bollywood are better. There’s a movie called “Noor” about a Paki journalist. Naturally so, because Indian journalists were portrayed better by Martin Scorsese in “Goodfellas” – the mafia wiseguys. The loudspeaker-Azaan is a nuisance all day – five times a day. If it were limited to some festivals or Ramzan or Eid, we could understand. That is not the case.

When I travel to Delhi or Bangalore or Chennai, wherever I stay, I hear this Azaan stuff from 5am in the morning till 9pm in the evening. Don’t point to Hindu stuff like Ganesh festival or Diwali. That argument is bogus. Hindu festivals last a few days – Azaan lasts forever. In any case, I am also for a ban on band-baaja processions on our roads in this day and age. It can be limited to a few metres for symbolism. But I don’t think Azaan is merely a call to pray anymore. Muslims in India since the early 1990s have been encouraged to assert their identity strongly and Azaan is just one part of it. Wherever there are Muslim pockets, you will find men clad in Pathani garb, with beards without moustache, a skull cap and women with black tents adorning them. This is to let you know – “We are Muslims, we are a clear separate community distinguishable from common Indians”.

At the Golden Temple in Amritsar the reading of the Holy Granth Sahib is amplified but the sound doesn’t travel beyond the complex. At Hindu temples, the century-old bell is still the symbol and not loudspeakers. Azaan on loudspeakers is not merely a call, it is an assertion and imposition of Islam over Kafirs who have to be forced to listen to it. This is worse early mornings when everything else is quiet and the noise becomes more amplified. Pre-1990s Muslims in India were not distinguishable from other Indians. They dressed just like other Indians. It’s only now that you see everywhere that the Pathani garb, the skull cap, the nonchalant defence of beef-eating that has grown dramatically. This is nothing but deliberate and planned assertive Islamisation of many towns in India. This has nothing to do with noise pollution. The usual media morons find faults with Nigam’s tweet with holes they see in their cheese in terms of English grammar, like the “Wheeler-Dealer” of Lutyens who is probably funded by anti-Indian forces:

The problem for these redundant, workless folks like Shekhar Gupta is that Virendra Sehwag, Gautam Gambhir, Sonu Nigam or Phogat sisters or our wrestlers are standing up for India, standing up for our Jawans and standing up against Islamic invasion of our culture. Make no mistake about it. As more prominent voices become assertive about such invasions, the more the discomfort for media mafia and the Sickulars. Sometime back, the Bhagyalakshmi temple in Hyderabad was shut down its Aarti sounds because Muslims agitated. Why should Azaan be an intrusion in our lives? Keep it to your home or mosque! Not just loudspeaker-Azaan, the very call to Azaan has motives that we aren’t aware of, followed by sermons we are unaware of. History has a reason and logic:

I will write more when time permits. But I know this – The Azaan in places like Kashmir and Namaaz (especially on Fridays) has become a call for violence. This cannot pass anymore. Azaaniyat is not a prayer or call to pray. It is more of an assertion of Islam dominating every other faith. It is not merely the noise pollution as some idiots would like to argue – It is thought invasion, and Faith invasion.