Monday, March 20, 2017

Yogi & The Flying Pigs

That the MSM has mostly become a bunch of folks with political wet-dreams is now looking more and more comic. Sitting far away and getting some inputs from local folks one could sense the mood in the states that went to polls recently. The MSM footsies went to UP, Punjab, Uttarakhand and Goa and still got it all wrong. Obviously, their purpose wasn’t to report or find out the mood of the people. They went to campaign for either Congress or AAP and did their best to file bogus reports on BJP and fake opinion polls. Nobody went to Manipur because there weren’t many sponsors for their trips and nor do they consider the state politically relevant. In Punjab and Goa these scumbags were rooting for AAP despite Kejriwal being a terribly bad performer in Delhi and nothing but a wanton anti-Modi-ranter. The worst footsies of Kejri, like those crap-peddlers from Economic Times for Akhilesh, or this one didn’t know how to react:
Yes, AAP has indeed arrived as a “national force” only to provide us with a glut of political comedy. And pigs can fly. The higher they climb, the harder they fall. And they keep thinking their deception can fool people into making choices of their corrupt parties. Kejriwal still has dreams of Gujarat. I am sure he will end up damaging Congress votes because Hindus are not going to veer away from BJP yet. Fools fall into the same trap, not once but thrice. And yet around the corner another disappointment smacked them in their faces. The BJP went ahead and chose a saffron-clad Yogi as their CM for UP. Understandably, all hell broke loose with these Sickulars. Who else to start off the charade than the C5M with a bucket full of lies:
Quickly, Sagarika Ghose realises her lie won’t sell on SM because they rip apart liars in seconds lately. Then, she vaguely defends here crap claiming Yogi Adityanath shared the stage with the person who made that comment. Seriously, would a person know in advance what kind off-hand comment one would make on a shared stage? But these liars so soaked in their own filthy crap that they’re unable to feel the pulse of the people. Not that they did at any time in the last seven years or so. And eternal loser and graceless Barkha Dutt became a laughing stock again with her endless, frustrated rants:
Her driver educates her. Some Lucknow guys educate her. Some Paan-wallahs or Sabji-wallahs educate her. But wisdom still eludes her. She still asks if the Yogi represents polarisation. Yes whiner, every election is polarisation! Each party seeks to polarise voters to its ideas and agenda. Elections are not about “we will be everything for everyone” kind of school-contests. And the “What about Muslims? What about Muslims? What about Muslims?” nonsense is also waning. No govt should be ever about any single community and it’s not as if the Muslims have had a raw deal. They too are tired of being portrayed as eternal victims by the Sickulars. In the Yogi’s constituency of Gorakhpur, the Muslims were reportedly celebrating along with others:
There are videos and stories on SM on how the Yogi has shown no partiality or bias against Muslims who are quite in number around the temple he is associated with in Gorakhpur. But that is not the core issue here at all. Why should Muslims continue to be pampered? Are they such weaklings that they should forever be mollycoddled? And even as BJP won a massive majority in UP the stupid questions had already started from the same corrupt media:
There’s CNN18 asking if BJP will have a Hindu as a Haj minister. Well, if Azam Khan can be head of the Kumbh Mela, I don’t see why a Hindu cannot manage Haj. Even otherwise, Haj is a private travel to a foreign country where India has no control. Why should there even be a minister for it? The SC has also sought an end to Haj subsidies by 2022. I hope it does end. You don’t need to go on a pilgrimage on borrowed money. God would probably prefer you came with your own. And there’s MaliniP whining about the decline of the Commies. We should be glad and celebrate the decline. Communism is one of the most evil ideologies ever practiced by humans – a most murderous and inhuman ideology. In India, it transforms to a Chrislamist agenda that then hates everything that is Hindu – from festivals to a saffron-clad CM. The BBC recently released a list of the most corrupt parties from a survey. And it puts the darling of Sickulars, the Congress, at No.4 in the list:

Interestingly, the Congress is in good company with the worst Commies and Nazis of the world. And their morons keep calling others “fascists” and “Hitler”. We certainly didn’t need some BBCNewspoint to tell us Congress is among the most corrupt, fascist parties in the world. The narrative accompanying the list makes fair reading too:

Corruption is the most dreadful disease of the government but some people are not conscious of it therefore there are many parties in the world which are called as corrupt because of their ruthless behavior and they also deceive countrymen to fill their own necessitates but despite of this, they impacted before the world as most desirable and welfare parties of their countries”.

Sickos in media must learn at least now that their preferred corrupt parties like Congress or SP or BSP won’t sell any longer. These parties need to change dramatically to present a viable political option to BJP that does not discriminate against Hindus and does not fool Muslims. And the third-rate peddler of Muslim-victimhood to enrich herself, from Gujarat to Kashmir to UP, equates the Yogi with scumbags like Azam Khan and Imran Masood. The last one, Masood, is the guy who wanted to make “boti-boti” of Modi during the 2014 campaign. Barkha Dutt and her ilk have become laughable clowns and SM is having a good laugh over their stupidities. And singularly, Barkha has been losing her political campaigns from Gujarat to UP to USA. People rightly call her a “Panauti”. There’s the Southern Commie who calls the Yogi a “hardliner” who doesn’t fit in with PM Modi’s development agenda:
Malini seems to forget that stupid media also called Modi a “Hindutva poster boy”, a “Hindutva Hardliner” and the “Hindu Hriday Samrat”. I don’t see why a Hindutva guy cannot deliver development. Modi has already proved it and so will Yogi Adityanath.

I consider politicians are now smarter than media folks. They don’t go into battles with ordinary folks and the public in general. PM Modi himself has been more receptive to criticism from ordinary folks than the media. He even responds on Twitter to ordinary people and shows concern where required. It’s the dumb folks of media that have gotten into a running battle with the very people they are supposed to serve. Nobody is complaining though, people are seeing these Commie pigs fly and they are enjoying watching their flight. Yogi Adityanath, I am sure, will do a fine job in UP as he knows his challenges pretty well and also knows UP well enough to know what to do. We await the flight of the Pigs in Gujarat. And the result is going to be no different. 


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    1. Kejriwal is done...there will be more embarrassment if he goes to Gujarat.
      Remember Gujarat stuck with Modi as CM even when Congi's were doing an all out smear campaign.

      Gujarat is one state in India that does not get fooled

    2. Gujarat is a difficult for pseudos because here public cannot be fooled on castelines. Moreover they hate anti nationals. I think BJP will be Winn hands down with almost same numbers of seats.

  2. Ravi:

    You missed out the Traffic policemen, the Three musketeers of NDTV, Shekar, Prannoy and Dorab Sopariwala. The video showing them questioning Yogi on Hindu and India (


    1. They look like 3 monkeys. What yogi is talking is beyond these stupids comprehension. Macaulay must be happy that he has produced these 3 monkeys. Don't insult musketeers. They are warriors.

  3. A few grammatical errors, but the message is crystal clear ��

    I am sure Yogi Adityanath will be a golden chapter in the history of UP and India

  4. Hi Ravinar,

    I enjoy reading all your articles which is an eye opener and filled with facts. Keep writing :)

    Regarding "The Top 10 Corrupt parties" survey seems to be a bogus one and not done by the actual "BBC". Could you please double check it.


  5. The survey can't be of BBC. True, their standards are rather low these days, but the language sounds more like something off Google Translate than the BBC brand of English.

    1. But why do you bring these surveys from these so called westerners? When a Bengali who scolded Hinduism day in and day out in front of Rama Krishna once started praising BhagwadGita. Standing by Vivekananda then Narendranath was surprised and asked the Thakur how come the hater is praising the Hnidu script. RK replied that the guy must have read that day's statesman where in a Britisher praised BhagwadGita. Indians and mainly Hindus should stop quoting these Caucasians to prove a point. Here in USA I give examples from direct Sanatan culture and my American friends are happy to learn new things.

    2. Facts don't need to be proven by surveys. Every Indian knows congress is corrupt to the core. It is shameful that we dumb Indians allowed the rise of Sonia and her use of MMS as a lapdog.. a terrible chapter in our independent history.

      Even if the survey was from BBC, who are they to certify anyone or anything. The most corrupt cannot certify the honesty of others.

      Let us focus on building a new India by defeating the dynasties and removing the corrupt anti-national garbage.

      Vote BJP and Modi for two election cycles and transform India.

  6. Words are not enough to express the pleasure we right wingers are enjoying from 11 March 2017 and it has been multiplied since Yogi announced CM of UP . I will wait for another round of your aptly bashing blog on how flying pigs crashlanded in Gujrat. Much respect for you. Take care. Prashant Patel

  7. Very well captured flights of pigs and their crash & cash landings. If majority cannot look after majority and all others who can. Minority appeasement has become a thing of past. If majority develops so also minorities. They both coexist in real life. UP is poised for major development like many other states like Gujarat & MP. Political discourse needs a quantum change. Same is being seen in Congress for calling internal party democracy. It's time for change from dynasties to democratic setups.

  8. Hahaha back with a bang....yehhhhh.i am 99% sure that yogi will decimate LOOSEBRALS in UP but i am 110% sure that only you will decimate these corrupt media crooks and liars.And u r not going to relent, you r going to finsh them

  9. Ravinar, you may want to add this epic.

    " I vote for UP to secede from India. Please feel free to be the world's 5th most populous country. Thanks. #YogiUPkaNath "

  10. After Bihar electn these vultures were sure abt BJP's Rout n wr involved directly in electn propaganda.AAP money also boost for some.They wr heartbroken with d result n more shaken on Yogiji's nomination.Never seen earlier such outcry by these 'flying pigs'

  11. We as nationalist are unable to find a quick fix to these commies and anti national scrum bugs. Some times I really surprised if these bugs have real escape to life from many killer attempts during dark nights.

    when we were young and we spot a bug at cot , we try to push it at the chadar,pillow any where and the momemnt we leave , the felow will run with double speed , during all these trails we end up killing him with red spots on our chadar or pillow.

    The similar thing is going to happen with these media bugs. They have been fed by irresponsible political parties from tax papers money for decades and now they are bound to run to get them a feed from BJP which is never going to happen.

    I feel ashamed many times seeing them peddling false ideology and agenda with inferior motives. During all these years we are able to identify many of them and a number of them are now in hiding like real commies.

    Its true , they are mistaking the power of the Hindu awakening & foolishly getting exposed to further which is beneficial to us. We will wait for the day when their ideology will have natural death or we will be able to dump all of them to a well where they will be forced feed by their own shit in days to come.

    Gurudev Ravinar ji, really a great article and pl. accept humble Charanasparsh and sadar pranam from this SwayamSevak.

    1. Imagine how Dr. Hedgewar, founder of RSS used to used to discuss and fight with these kind of intellectuals in congress during freedom struggle and in the prison as to how come a small number of foreigners (be it Islamic or Christian Europeans) could conquer us without our disunity and helping them. At last fedup with them he started RSS with five boys who listened to him while playing games in the evenings. A man making machine with the mantra of a one hour shakah daily with gospel of man to man contact. Still we have these weak links and we have to get rid of them or make them understand the unity that is writ on the blackboard.

  12. I still can't stop grinning from the Yogi Adityanath announcement!!! It is almost the May 2014 level of joy!

  13. Nice article but one factual error.

    The BBC report on most corrupt political parties is from a different website "BBC News Point" which has nothing to do with BBC. This website is probably run by someone in Pakistan.

    OpIndia did a good expose on the same:

    Original "BBC News Point" article:

    But there is a nice compilation of Congress scams in this article from 2012 on BBC site:

  14. This article clearly brings out the bias, weakness and next to nil influence of these ostriches who refuse to take out their buried heads above to see the real world around. Basically where, when and with what mandate anyone in India ever committed to form the government or its head only when they are acceptable to the minorities. Never. So no such demand can be made and conjectures also can't be made as to what will ensue. 'Hindus'never got perturbed or frenzied when for long our country has been ruled by 'anti' Hindus at Delhi or UP or in other states. So others too should learn to live with it when people have decided that.

    1. When there was no Muslim candidate selected by BJP to contest in UP elections the seculars were crying at least there is not even a single Muslim candidate. And when one is chosen as a minister they say only one. It's like the Arabian Sheik and the Camel story.

  15. Well Bang on. As we Gujarati understood these commies/Congress way back and haven't let them been in CM chair since 2 decades, UP should also start this practice.

    In Gujarat, Muslims are the happiest even as per sachchar committee analysis report, because muslims in Gujarat also stopped falling in hands of congress anymore, and started being in main stream without getting used as political pawns. BJP is the only party who actually had started "Performance based politics". And that has to be way forward.

    Since the inception of SM, we should not worry about such commies/piggies now, as they will be caught and paraded for their every lies instantaneously. Remember "Social Media as watchdog" (Courtesy:Ravinar :-))

  16. Impressive analysis,truth highlighted as it exists and well articulated. Deserves an applause from the heart. Heartiest Congrats.

    The "Mercenary India Disruptive Inc"; comprising of(to name a few) : S Vardarajan,Shekhar Gupta,Rajdeep Sardesai, Karan Thapar,'Radia Product' Barkha Dutt; 'Somebody look at me' Saba; Never Been kissed' Rana Ayub; 'Jilted' Shammy Baweja,'Not worth it' Sagarika Ghose and so on are a frustrated lot who have sold their souls 'For a few Dollars more".

    Parting comment.The 'Barkha Mystery?' May be Bill likes her;Hilary does not mind;Maybe Hilary fancies her and Bill down not mind. Kuchh to hai.

  17. What is interesting is, the article rich with information. As to BBC's findings no media or to that matter newspapers ever published it. None of these media and newspapers muchless Indian National Congress will have the courage to challenge to challenge BBC's report.Even none of the so called leaders of INC will challenge for sure.

  18. The pseudoseculars have still not accepted the reality of the majority coming together and have thus lost all objectivity... If at all they had any.

  19. Wonderful, wonderful Article! Reading the gelis given to the Presstitude gang was stomach filling! Still space for more though! Will save it for Gujarat!😂😂😂

  20. What is interesting is, the article rich with information. As to BBC's findings no media or to that matter newspapers ever published it. None of these media and newspapers muchless Indian National Congress will have the courage to challenge to challenge BBC's report.Even none of the so called leaders of INC will challenge for sure.

  21. Excellent article...Yogi's elevation to CM's chair has created heartburn among the media dogs. Ppl are watching these commie pigs and certainly will teach them a lesson, as they have taught to their boss, the Congis. For many true Indians, March 11 / 19 were the days to celebrate.

  22. This is the earthquake that Pappu was talking about. All liberals are shaken to the roots. Nehru's policies won't stand anymore. he fell flat on his NAM movement and these Commies still holding onto the straws in the raging occeans.

  23. Superb Ravinar
    I request u to publish Editorial in The Hindu about Yogi.

  24. Come December 2017 and they will be back with same vengeance and same stupidity backing Congress or AAP.They have become shameless now.

  25. Narendra Modi, walked into a bar around 9:58 pm. He sat down next to a Rahul Gandhi at the bar and stared up at the TV.

    The 10 pm news was coming on. The news crew was covering the story of a man on the ledge of a large building preparing to jump.

    The Rahul looked at Modi and said, "Do you think he will jump?"...

    Modi said, "You know, I bet he will jump."

    The Rahul replied, "Well, I bet he won't."

    Modi placed a Rs. 1000 bill on the bar and said, "You're on!"

    Just as the Rahul placed his money on the bar, the guy on the ledge jumped off the building, falling to his death.

    The Rahul was very upset, but willingly handed his Rs.1000 to Modi, saying, "Fair is fair. Here's your money."

    Modi replied, "I can't take your money. I saw this earlier on the 5 pm news, and so I knew he would jump."

    Rahul replied, "I did too, but didn't think he would do it again.

    Modi took the money

    - Captain Ajit Vadakayil

  26. Dear Ravi, it was a wonderful read as ever. I think somehow someone at top level in BJP is doing a great mind application nowadays and that is reflected in making Yogi a cm or grabbing Goa and Manipur. I think MSM has reduced themselves to entertainers who catalyse our thinking and get targeted in twitter. You wrote about how SM will be a powerful tool to call the bluff of MSM a long back and it is now evident daily.
    I just want to point out that the survey about the corrupt party was by "BBC newspoint" which not related to BBC but nonetheless they are an independent watchdog like ADR or Amnesty international and there is no point in doubting their findings. So, well put that survey data and I think majority of Indians will agree to them.
    Overall the issues which you touch upon are very relevant and thanks for that.


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