Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Who Poisoned Gurmehar?

Across the world Fiberals are going down in elections. They’re finding it harder to stay relevant as does the corrupt, Commie media. In India, we have this problem in a magnified scale. There are Commies of different shades – Congress, TMC, CPM, RJD and so on and their footsies in the media. For want of a word, we call them Sickulars collectively. And these Sickulars constantly plot the downfall of the ruling govt at the Centre, trash PM Modi with any excuse, create chaos and anarchy. And ever since 2014 they have been manufacturing a climate of violence and confrontation. From Christians under attack to Vemula to Dadri they have now come down to a young girl called Gurmehar Kaur. Much has been written about Gurmehar so I need not narrate the Ramayan again. I will call her Mehar for short in this post. We will try to understand how one more conspiracy was hatched by the Commies and media.

Rahul Gandhi had started his UP campaign many months ago, with his “Khaat Sabhas” sometime in September 2016. He then shifted to a cycle borrowed from Akhilesh, since people ran away with his cots. In contrast, Narendra Modi, Akhilesh, Mayawati all started their campaign just about two months ago. The elections to Punjab, Goa, UP, Uttarakhand and Manipur are being held in the same season. So the spanner in the works of the BJP was being hatched long back. And suddenly, when Mehar was thrown into spotlight last week, all of us were left wondering where she sprung up from. From the crap this girl was peddling, I had no doubt who might have coached her:
We didn’t have to wait very long for proof. And we had this tweet discovered by many, one from the eternal India and Hindu-hater Rana Ayyub. She was applauding this girl as an ambassador of peace:
And when the hate-filled Rana applauds someone – it’s a Red Alert. May 2016. Ahem! So, just as I suspected, I found Barkha Dutt, the talent-spotter and Evoluter of Paki-lovers or morons, behind this little Mehar and having done an interview with her. From then on, it becomes very easy. Barkha must have spotted her and assessed her sentiments and found the perfect Bakri for a launch. She has done that with Pappu, Pappini, Kanhaiya, Hillary and even Udhav Thackeray but failed to Evolute anyone. I estimate Barkha put Mehar on to her protégé Arvind Kejriwal and life in the limelight is just around the corner. I have absolutely no doubts whatsoever that Mehar was coached by Barkha before the interview on the exact lines to use. And like a parrot those lines were reproduced in the tweets on May 2, 2016:
First of all, Barkha peddled the LIE that Mehar was the daughter of a Kargil martyr. How is that for a sentimental claptrap to surround the girl with? She is the daughter of a martyr but her father died fighting terrorists after the Kargil war – in August 1999. But saying he was a Kargil Hero has greater theatrical value for the media criminals than saying he died fighting terrorists. The young Mehar bought it too and gulped it. And then all the other soundbites you read in the image above is very well coached by Barkha and parroted by Mehar like I suspected. On being asked on Twitter why Barkha lied Mehar was a Kargil martyr’s daughter, she replied it was claimed by the girl herself and she saw it on Mehar’s video.  All this was on May 2, 2016. So Barkha saw the video of May 3 on May 2 – Fantastic! Now, a day later on May 3, 2016 Mehar uses the same lines as those with Barkha to create a “placard-video” like a Fiberal Artyfarts mime-video on Youtube and flashes all the same statements from the interview that NDTV had tweeted. Sample one:
Very sassy, eh? Six-year old kid thinks of stabbing someone? At that age, I was busy playing marbles, Kabbaddi and trying to con my dad for small change. The new Fiberal generation is indeed advanced, they want to kill someone at age six. So, if this crap is not concocted I am truly Darth Vader. This is concocted to stun you and to imagine what kind of emotions must be running inside a six-year old. Very dramatic, very histrionic – all the hallmarks of Barkha. No wonder Mehar calls her an “inspiration”. And post the Ramjas fracas between AISA (the Commie unions) and ABVP all kinds of fake allegations were concocted. While the JNU morons were called students, the ABVP was constantly referred to in the media as “Goons” and even as “Hindu extremists” by Sickos.

But it didn’t stop there. Little Mehar had to go on and cultivate her exceptional adoration for one of the most detested politician of our times in Kejriwal and even troll PM Modi over demonetisation like her Guru:

Her statements in the above images can still be dismissed as harmless fun. But after the Ramjas episode she put out anther placard claiming ABVP were goons and she would stand up against them for FoE and ALL students of India were with her. A bit bombastic for a student. That made the entire Sickular gang stand up and applaud her “Bravery”. It was like she just conquered Tiger Hill all over again. But out came other placards from her video where she claimed “Pak didn’t kill my dad – War did”. That set off a laughter challenge among the RW folks who hit back with jokes and satires that raged like a wild fire on the SM. People were shocked that the daughter of a martyr was defending Pakistani murderers. Even though her father didn’t die in the Kargil war he still is a martyr for sacrificing his life fighting terrorists.

The SM-freaks are good “diggers”. Thus, they dug out all her past utterances, statements and Kejri-association. They also dug out her association with the Maoists and India-haters like Kavita Krishnan, Shabnam Hashmi, John Dayal in a concocted “Anti-war show”. Celebrities like Virender Sehwag, Randeep Hooda, Yogeshwar Dutt also joined in and had some fun. But the Sickulars in media and politics started branding them as ‘abusers” and more jokes followed. It seems FoE is reserved only for Commie Pigs and anyone hitting back with even wit and humour is unacceptable to them. They are always serious and angry like Mao or Yechury or D. Raja. They make me laugh a lot – I will give the Commies that much.

When the jokes, taunts and satire became unbearable Mehar and NDTV jointly concocted another story – that she was receiving death threats and rape threats. Now this is the easiest route a woman takes. That too is an inspiration from Barkha I guess, who is an expert and throwing nonsense and then playing victim when people hit back at her stupidity. I guess this is also the reason they chose a girl this time instead of another Kanhaiya – it’s easy for a woman to play victim claiming “rape threats” than for a Kanhaiya to do the same. And Mehar didn’t go to the police but to the DCW which is also headed by a controversial Aaptard, Swati Maliwal. And what explains Kejriwal rushing to the LG to complain and whine about a student Union?
Now we know who are the parties involved in propping up Mehar as another “Kanhaiya” to be used at an appropriate time. I consider it distinctly unfortunate that they picked on the daughter of a martyr to poison her mind with their stupid ideology and misguided notions of war and peace. Minister Kiren Rijiju is therefore right in asking this question:
Claiming Pakistan did not kill her dad and slyly leading Mehar to hold placards that would imply Hindus were anti-Muslims is a “card” very cleverly played by Barkha, Kejriwal and all the others involved in this fraud. And each time there is an election such cards and muck get thrown up now. This time around, I suspect they were a bit late for Punjab but still in time for the remaining phases of UP elections. Rijiju merely calls it pollution, I call it poisoning. And whenever some election or major disaster for the Sickulars comes up – our “poisoners” bring up some such concoction. So much so, that they imply BJP was the party that threatens rape and the Paki friends of these clowns promptly relay it too:

Finally, Mehar being burdened with the onus of proving rape threats must have weighed heavily on her young shoulders. Not a very nice ending to what she thought was courage and boldness in what her puppeteers coached her for. Folks like Kejriwal, Barkha and others USED this young girl who now faces ignominy in the public domain. She tweeted she has withdrawn her “campaign’ (whatever campaign that was) and wanted her privacy to be respected. The media didn’t fail to spin even that as many grandly claimed “women are being silenced”:

No, women are not being silenced nor is anyone else. It’s just that the Commie Fiberals are unable to reconcile to the fact that FoE goes both ways. And behind this young girl were forces that exploited her innocence and boldness. Even though she claims she speaks her own mind, I think we know damn well who scripted all her lines, placards and videos. We also know who threw her to hyenas like Kavita Krishnan, Shabnam Hashmi, John Dayal and others – people eternally nursing contempt for India. It should also be borne in mind that these puppeteers pick on certain specific universities or colleges to indoctrinate their venom among students. From JNU to Hyderabad University to Jadavpur or FTII. These institutions are the last bastions of Commies and I foresee a miserable death for their hate-filled ideology. 


  1. Ms. Kaur found out quickly tat if you live by cheap publicity, you die by similar cheap publicity. Remember an AAPtard girl who tried to get cheap publicity in Delhi traffic by abusing an innocent, non-suspecting man? The media caught up with her lies. Then there were two girls (sisters?) who kept a video-grapher with them in a bus and started attacking innocent men as if they eve-teased them and posted those videos on internet. All indication are that this Ms. Kaur just did not know what she was getting into.

    1. The coward psychopath criminal Kejriwal and his media supporters like Barkha Dutt, Nidhi Rajdan, Ravish Kumar, Abhisar Sharma, Rana Ayyub, Saba naqui, Zaka Jacob, Rajdeep Sardesai and her wife etc is behind all this happening in Delhi and elsewhere, he is also getting support from opposition parties.

  2. Very good analysis which I had also mentioned as comments on many blogs and MSM on the subject. I don't call her little Meher. IN US at 17 you are good for a beer. An Indian who filmed a Gay roommate was not innocent. he was punished by the judge for an year and community service. She is of voting age and is not innocent. Her dad in the grave must be crying. Swarajaym magazine Jaggi says Right should have passed it on. ABVP did the right thing taking it by horns. Silence so long created a JNU and even partitioned the country.

  3. ‪Great post as always, wouldn't expect anything less. ‬

  4. बहुत ही सुन्दर, तथ्यात्मक, To the point विवेचना जो कि कम्युनिस्ट विचारधारा इस राष्ट्र पर 1927 से थोपने का असफल प्रयास अनवरत कर रही है, बरखा दत्त और राजनीतिक व्यक्तियों में न जाने कौन सा गठबंधन है कि सत्ता के परिवर्तन के बाद भी वह जेल जाना तो दूर, एक FIR भी आज तक नहीं हुई, मोदी जी को यह समझना चाहिए कि जेटली ,नायडू आदि पर अत्यधिक निर्भरता उनके प्रबल समर्थकों में गहन निराशा का भाव भर रही है और यदि उन्हें आदरणीय वाजपेयी जी की तरह one time magic phenomenon से बचना है और 2019 में पुन: सत्ता पानी है तो ऐसे लोगों से यथाशीघ्र छुटकारा पाना होगा |राजनाथ सिंह ने आजतक केरल में हिन्दू लोगों की निर्मम हत्याओं पर एक भी टिप्पणी तक नहीं की है, कैसे गृहमंती हैं | जय श्री राम |

    1. darbari non performers'schemers found place in govt ministries, Modi sud have made them work, now its too late

  5. "From JNU to Hyderabad University to Jadavpur or FTII. These institutions are the last bastions of Commies and I foresee a miserable death for their hate-filled ideology."

  6. @BDutt and poison seem synonymous. We should start boycotting the national trouble maker

    1. Boycott her ?? She is the go to girl for many ministers & party leaders in the BJP except Modi & Shah. Remember she was given a tour of the party war room by none other than their IT head.

    2. Wow. Can you throw light on this angle please.

  7. Great post as usual. You hit it where it hurts most. My respects to you. These so called Sickulars need to be shown their place. The Leftists are out to divide India to try & retain their ever diminishing relevance to the Indian society. Their claim of being spokesperson of the masses is all hog wash.Similarly there is a definite agenda by the Sickulars to project a narrative that makes the SM fraternity suspicious of the Modi government. There was no such threat to these Sickulars / Commies when the Dynasty was in power. They got all the support to bring our nation to this pass over 70 years. Shame on these anti nationals. They cannot contribute positively but will definitely derail any progress keeping their selfish motives. Shame !! Shame !!

  8. Unparalleled nationalism, unparalleled wisdom and unparalleled wit - that is MC for you.

    1. very well said. Thanks. and thnks to MC.

  9. i think that placards were popular before barkha's interview.

  10. Great dissection. It is important to bring out the truth to public. Hope more and more people will read it. Nationalism cannot have two different definition.How can we get rid of Barkha Dutt?

  11. A very well written Article,simply ripping apart the sinister game plan of Inimical Intelligence agency who are conspiring along with their moles in our system who are using their position power and intellect to stop the growing Nationalistic feeling across the country.

    In a way such episodes are acting as catalyst and the credibility MSM is dying its own death.
    Kudos to ppl like you who are failing the azadi gangsters with the power of social media.

  12. Fantastic article MediaCrooks!
    Way to go ahead and expose these sickulars.

  13. Absolutely wonderful article, but why is GOI not taking any concrete actions against these idiots. GOI should be more proactive in these issues and take measures to prevent repeated occurrences of such anti India propaganda. Professors and students who propagate anti India sentiments should be under scanner, arrested and tried in court of law.

  14. She is another self-styledPappu who want to boost poltical career n wanted to break record of being CM at young age.

  15. Cant we do nything against these media mafias??

  16. Where Gurmehar went wrong…

    We, the people of India believe in FOS & FOE and live it, mean it every day. It is in our genes. But there is “Left extreme – Right extreme Limit” of FoS & FoE, within that one can exercise it.

    This Gurmehar Kaur – who’s mind is polluted & converted by commies & anti-armed force agenda holding people – started sermonising the nation “USING” Martyrdom of his father.
    She forgot that the common man of India respect the Armed Force more than anyone in the world. Even most popular political leader can’t get it and WILL not get it ever. The way armed force secure the nation with pride, nation reciprocate it with unshakable faith & respect in Armed force.
    And when one insult it with “STUPID” logic & drama – backed by an agenda & in the name of peace / FoS / FoE, the nation always reciprocate and correct it.
    Not everyone who is correcting Gurmehar is her enemy, nor everyone who is supporting is her well-wisher.
    Nation reciprocated and corrected her because the nation loves the armed force and their families.
    If she doesn’t get it or refuse to CORRECT herself, fact will not change and not the mood of the nation.
    Respect for her father will be same as earlier, but she can’t “CLAIM” respect for herself again from nation without correcting herself.

    1. Very well said. Exploiting a martyr's daughter is the new low in media and Delhi politics. Mehar should learn her lesson and correct herself. She crossed Loc of respect for her father's martyrdom. But that is also the reason why Ravinar has written a balanced post isolating her for her to lead a dignified life and we can call a spade a spade.
      How much manipulation is done to poison young minds can be seen here.

    2. Her father would be turning in grave unable to bear the insult by own blood.

    3. it is pathetic that the liberals and pseudo seculars would go to such extremes to defame our PM and the BJP

  17. The message sequence of NDTV (Barkha) is the key which you have painstakingly documented. That proves the entire plot. The sooner these Commipigs shown their place, the better for India

  18. Wah!! Fantastic analysis keep going

  19. Media Crook you should change your name but crooks are in media as well as politics so also in business and education. It is a painstaking post and hits the nail on head of the commies.

  20. Every sentence in this post would pierce and hurt the Commies and Media Pigs! Such a hard hitting post. Kudos to Mediacrooks!

  21. Awesome post! The darling of the presstitutes, Mehar was an AAPTARD, after all! Their influence is for the whole world to see!

  22. I guess the plan of anti India forces is that to bring this issue to ahead of Punjab/UP elections in order to anger in the minds of people of Punjab against warmonger Modi.

    But the plan couldnot be executed due to Uri attack and the surgical attack followed by that. NoteBandi further changed the narrative.

    It has finally come to the fore now.

  23. Ravines,wat is NaMo doing NOTHING....pathetic media strategy still doing exclusives...stupidty galore😕

    1. Narendra Modi is giving them long rope with which the media (through its blatant hypocrisy) hanging itself. The more media reveals its hypocrisy, the more "Right" thinking people joining hands. Why Modi would kill this golden eggs laying goose?

    2. You thought process is correct.

  24. Come any election & the Prestitute go in their convoluted way to destroy the awakening india is going through. Since 2014, the rot that was killing india since 1947 is electorally being wiped yet the hangers on the sycophantic lot, the "Siculars" , the dynasty leeches all are tryning hard to bring chaos. Pawns like Merar, are just the fodder. The humour of SM has just destroyed the insignificant MSM and also brought out the scum like Javed Akhtar in their true colours. Sad that the tragedy of February 27, 2002, of 59 lives roasted alive by Muslim hoards is not even recognised as an act of terror.

  25. Lot of sense in what you write,one of the panelist on TV debate also claimed that what we are witnessing is the urban naxals spreading their wings in the universities for creating anarchy.
    However it appears that the NDA govt seems to be oblivious to the looming danger and seems to be smugly complcent since it is always caught off foot every time there is leftist propaganda coup.
    One wonders if the govt has any intelligence dept monitoring the activities of the lefties.
    Govt should have infiltrated these leftist union,one reads of how American FBI infiltrate extremists organisations and foil their nefarious activities.
    Sad to say the NDA govt gives impression of being flat footed and lumbering in their reactions,beyond giving sound bites the concerned ministers seem to do nothing,hope Javdekar the education minister takes fast steps to stem the rot of naxalisim in some of the universities.

  26. Lot of the posts on this site are criticising lefties which is fine,but BJP with 335 mps and RSS with thousands of shakhas and lakhs of volunteers and with their own govt in centre and 10 states appears to be helpless in face of leftists media onslaught,leftists with no govt in power without financial back up are smartly setting the propaganda and agenda and are winning
    Perception war.
    We need to introspect on the above contradiction.

  27. GurMehar says,"My mother helped me evolve out of my hate for Muslims" and thus she came to understand that "Pak did not Kill her father,War killed him" But surprisingly,her mother or her Granfather or any of her Teachers,family Elders helped her to know WHO killed Shri Guru Arjun Dev Ji,Shri Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji,4 Sahebzadas and Lacs of innocent ppl from the very Religion she belongs to. Is this Brave Girl of 20 that stupid or she is doing all this nautanki for her own lust?

  28. I completely support what you have written. But few fish make the entire pond dirty.

    In the name of defaming Barkha, do not defame the idea of Communism and do not support the hooliganism spread by ABVP.I know many communists from JNU who have done authentic work.

    Please present both sides of the story.

    By the way, ABVP forgot to throw stones at BJP's Dhruv Saksena who is guilty of being an Islamic State spy -

    1. Just wondering Upma ji, how much difference would it make if it was, say, Namo or Amit Shah or Arun Jaitaly, instead of Dhruv Saxena in this ISI catch?
      Just considering their respective position in the party.

    2. All I'm trying to say is that how can one justify physical violence by ABVP? And by saying that let me clear first - I don't support Barkha, Congress, anti-national slogans or anything of this sort.

      But law is law. How can ABVP or any organization for that matter not be criticized for outrightly creating violence and stopping Umar from speaking about his work. Let me also remind you I'm no fan of Umar. But I believe he is an Indian citizen and if court permitted him to talk about his work in Bastar at that conference, then he shouldnt have been stopped.

      There is a very thin line between being objective and subjective. I love 'media crooks' but I (very few times) admire Barkha's take.

      I admire Modi for the good things he does and I criticise him sometimes too.

      There's nothing that's called 'ENTIRELY BAD' or 'ENTIRELY GOOD'.

      Our enemies can talk sense sometimes.

    3. Your intervention is punctured by 'I am not supporting...'and your sole argument seems to be: ABVP taking law into its hands.For one you don't seem to be very well informed, for another, you fail to appreciate that personal insults alone don't cause anger and agitation. For many itis the nation that is inviolate and any attempt to target it in any manner is unacceptable. You appreciate that Commies are always out to create trouble and resort to all reprehensible means to execute their nefarious plans.You expect young blood not to boil.Under grave provocation Commies are adept at causing, anger is most likely to spill over. So instead of trying to put ABVP in the dock,you should be training your guns at the agent provocateurs. Freedom has its limts and the likes of Umar Khalid don't fit into that space. Pacifism of the kind you seem to be advocating, I believe, seeks to camouflage your true intent.Iwouln't mind being proved wrong.

    4. I do not see how is my idea punctured. The apathy is that those who can't critique 'Communism' as a theory muster the courage to label communists as anti-national.

      1. Do you know BJP took the most diplomatic stand possible during the Jat reservation protests and the result was awesome. Non-Jats were killed, looted. molested. This gov. which rules my state and the country failed with flying colors.'Shoot at sight' orders were only in paper. Yes, neither CPI can guarantee my safety nor
      BJP. Which party can do it? I am a helpless Indian.

      2. Communism says - nobody has the right over dead
      labour (let's say a laborer has manufactured some
      machine and sold it to an industrialist at a
      price of Rs. 2000, but the industrialist uses it
      and benefits from it for more than a decade. The
      laborer dies and his family is still poor and
      suffering.) So Communism says, the industrialist
      is entitled to pay a good part of his earnings
      to that family on a monthly basis. Is that wrong
      on Communism's part to say so?

      3. Communism also stresses on equal distribution of
      production by state. Therefore, sound education,
      fine healthcare and decent living standards are
      the right of every citizen. But may have you
      noticed the long queues at AIIMS hospital, the
      lakhs of villages with no schools and
      electricity in 2017?

      3. So yes, Communism does work for me and it will
      always. Written Ideas about Communism sound
      great, but they will only make a difference to
      India when followed sincerely with no siphon off
      of money and corruption. Unfortunately, that
      could never happen. Agree?

      4. I know why you dislike Communists. Because most
      of them can only talk about this ideology
      without having any noble intention and courage
      to follow the lifestyle of a communist. I too,
      agree on that part.

      5. On the other hand, no wing - be it the left wing
      or the right wing, has any right to violate law.
      I condemn all acts of disobedience of law, be
      them by BJP and ABVP or by JNU and CPI.

      6. If we continue to support such aggressive forms
      of implementing our ideology on others, we are
      on our way to creating an autocratic set up
      wherein if the majority likes Orange, the
      minority will be killed for liking blue. Agree?

      7. I have come across some really authentic JNU
      academicians who aren't money-motivated and they
      are keen to know the interiors of Bharat. I
      believe it is important to do research in those
      deprived area and dig the reality. Kill me for
      meeting authentic JNU people who believe in the
      communist ideology.

      8. The recent events have led to hazardous
      generalizations like, "if someone supports BJP,
      they must be a capitalist", "someone supports
      Communist ideology, they must be a Jihadi.",
      "All Pakistanis are bad", "All Hindus hate
      Muslims.". I do not want these stereotypes and
      hateful generalizations to spread and further
      divide the country into two. I support communism and dare you question my love for the nation. Kill me for that.

      9. You know one day I was debating with a
      non-vegetarian on why being a non-vegetarian is
      'unfair'. We concluded 'We think differently on
      this issue, let it be.'

      10. You are fine with the Capitalist ideology and I
      completely respect you for this. I don't think
      if you think different from me then you are
      bad. We both dearly love our India. That's all
      that matters.

      I also want to end our discussion on the note - 'We think differently on this issue, let it be.'


  29. This girl is a member of a British NGO Postcards for Peace....
    This NGO is funded by ISI and has ISI folks on its board...


    1. Is it possible to extradite her to Pak along with Burka .Just asking for clearing my doubt

  30. Sir, how, actually how you come with such master pieces one after other! Just can't stop thinking. But for space provided by SM to voice views like yours, both lefties and RWs longing to be in limelight were collectively POISONING so many minds 24 by 7. May God keep giving you strength.

  31. One thought the treatment Kejriwal underwent at Bengaluru would have brougt both physical and mental balance in him.Unfortunately he is no more fat and his venom is stronger.I find fault with Mr Anna Hazare who was solely responsible for bringing him to politics,for not against the venom this man spews on anything Hindu.

  32. "From JNU to Hyderabad University to Jadavpur or FTII. These institutions are the last bastions of Commies and I foresee a miserable death for their hate-filled ideology." Difficult, these institutions are septic tanks where turds float to the top which go about infesting media, civil services, judiciary & other educational institutions. They have become apt at creating brain dead zombies out of intellectual pygmies like Mehar, Kanhaiyas.

  33. There is uncanny but eerie resemblance of failed democratic pseudo secular card of using military tragedy in recent USA elections. Indian nautanki Bollywood imitating Hollywood and its counter parts in media hand in gloves with corrupt congress are master mimetic and must have lifted the idea and launched it in India after finding a bakri. There was a practice run. Some BSF personnels were found playing victimhood to create public outrage before launching of latest in line of kanhaiya, kejri or any illiterate piggyback.

  34. Now i am absolutely convinced that toxic species like Burkha , Kavita etc are having brains filled with filth of pigs and they spew venom as they speak and exhale farts as they breathe.







    WE WANT OUT from your Bull$&@$ Vikas MISTER MODI


    OUT !


    There has been a worrisome tendency over the last two years of Delhi-based media using highly local events, mostly in Delhi, to broad-brush the entire country as religiously intolerant; increasingly intolerant; as Freedom of Expression (FOE) and our rights being under attack; becoming increasingly communal; becoming fascist, etc. The good citizens of India are perplexed, hurt and angry at being so branded. The same media also brands citizens who do not agree with their India view as communal, intolerant, Bhakts, internet Hindus and the like, reducing the space for a genuine debate on multiple issues. Local incidents are blown up as All-India issues. Known and unknown political leaders who hold strong extreme views have often had mics thrust into their faces and their views blown out of all proportion as indications of an All-India view. To buttress their arguments they pick on abusive extreme views from Twitter, of which there are plenty.

    Delhi is not India, and what happens in localised areas of Delhi is far distant from what India thinks and what India is all about.

  37. Bulls eye Ravinar!! So much concern for "women silencing" bu sickulars who r shit scared to actually help really silenced women- muslim women who r punished with triple talaq, domestic violence, burqa,segregation etc.
    Indeed if she had real rape threats n the courage she claims she possesses she wd hv gone to police!
    Her game shd b turned back on her by police or court taking suo motu action by asking her to produce evidence ;) fir dekho kaisi fategi hahaha.
    Shocked how her mother cd allow or reapect her for concoting rape n 6 yr old stabbing story. My mom wd spank me for even small chilhood lies that she thought wd b harmful for my personality n heres a mom who stands by personality disorder of such huge danger!!
    Wonder when govt is going to wake up from its " kadi nind" n start using its powers in disciplining media

  38. I see from some net writing that this girl holds a Canadian passport. Is this right? How could a foreigner make such comments?

  39. The agenda is to create rift between Hindu and Sikh and not to win some stupid MCD election or DU election..that's y such people with devilish mind are made face ... and AAp gaining political foothold in Punjab courtesy the funds and support from pro khalistsni section in Canada and Punjab... bjp govt fell right into this trap of dividing the citizen.. visit the facebook page of Ravi Singh a khalsa aid and a famous worker and just see the comments and post.. BJP should provide justice to the 1984 victims and hang Tytler and don't work hand in glove with Congress... luckily Congress won Punjab


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