Saturday, March 4, 2017

The DogWhistlers

Holding the UP elections over 7 phases is not a very bright idea. If the US with 30 crores-plus population and a much larger area can do it in one day, then technically it is possible for UP too. However, there are various other issues in UP which may not make a single-phase election possible. Still, 7 phases lasting almost a month is a sure invitation to crimes, corruption and malpractices that no EC can control. It also creates a situation where our media players create and throw muck of all kinds to muddy the situation for one party or another. And considering media is heavily dominated by Sickulars, their target is always one party. So, they create all kinds of stories that are predictable of their scheme but still amuses us how far they can go. The messaging becomes even more intriguing when Aaptards and media almost become one.

We had the Gurmehar episode which we now know was concocted by both AAP and NDTV but backfired badly. And then we had Arvind Kejriwal himself throwing a lot of muck about the EC and bogus claims of EC promoting corruption. AK will make some stupid statement and like his little dolls the entire media would dance around peddling that stupidity:
People aren’t fools. Everyone knew AK’s game once he entered politics, then elections, then the alliance with Congress. He was neither interested in being CM nor in any governance. He had delegated all that stupid work to M. Sisodia and has been busy doing his “Nautanki” in creating chaos, anarchy and constantly abusing Modi for his failures. RSN Singh, the former intel-officer, correctly spotted AK’s talent and his anti-national agenda way back in 2014:
AK is keeping that promise – Dogwhistling. After the Gurmehar episode some in the media were busy conducting polls about who the villain was – whether AISA or Virender Sehwag. Till the young lady was fully exposed on her silly FB posts, these guys whistled around as if everything in India had stopped. Unfortunately, their silly polls too got them smacked in their faces and their Dogwhistling backfired:
Then there is always Barkha Dutt and NDTV and their playground at JNU to stoke student-fires here and there. There are “criminal” teachers at some colleges breaking their service rules by actively indulging in student politics. How and what these teachers teach is a mystery to me. And they come on TV and play tragedy-queens like Meena Kumari. And the first and last resort of these Commies dressed up as professors is NDTV:
What exactly do these Commie “Useful Idiots” want to hear from Umar Khaled or Shehla Rashid? Some of these JNU guys have cases against them, they have holed themselves up in the campus and don’t get through their courses. What wisdom do they possess to come and lecture anyone at any forum? In the middle of election season more muck to keep you busy elsewhere. Clever! And apart from JuD shouting some anti-India slogans which is the daily diet for folks at Timesnow there’s the usual Azaadi for Kashmir and Palestine that is thrown up in the media:
Both terrorists and their supporters seek one thing desperately – Publicity. It is the oxygen that keeps them going and our stupid media channels gladly provide that in excess at the cost of other issues that need attention in a vast country. These inflammatory statements over Kashmir are meant to intimidate and shock. The VC of JNU must be another wimp watching over all this. The art of over-blowing incidents created by such anti-nationals and terrorists will keep you away from thinking about the economy and other serious issues. They will bury Kerala murders by Commies or fake-notes being revived in Bengal. There is a reason dog-whistle was invented and it has now become so shrill that everyone hears it except the dog. And there’s the street-thug once again whining like a chicken caught in a storm on how the BJP will win UP:
There’s no better Dogwhistler than Rajdeep who is the undisputed champion at Monkey-Balancing as well. You would think his article in HT predicting a BJP win would have some sound reasoning. But if you look closely, he only does his usual crap of finding endless faults in Modi but that the stupid UP voter will still vote for him. Read these excerpts, especially the ones underlined in red:
So Modi has adopted Jayapur but has to keep nursing it and therefore Rajdeep has deleted it from UP and assigns no responsibility to Akhilesh-govt at all. And whether it’s Barkha or Rajdeep, they invariably get their deepest intelligence from Paan-wallahs and Bangle-sellers. And though demonetisation has hurt them they still want to vote for Modi. Then there is false discrimination claims and stoking of fears and prejudices. You know, I recommend you read Mark Antony’s “Brutus is an honourable” man speech and you know where this BA-English literature pass guy brings his narrative from. Well, Rajdeep hopes they will kill Modi electorally, just as the crowd killed Brutus. And when the media does get around to talking about the elections, this is what you get:
So, now there are “Muslim lanes” in this country. I cannot repeat the tragedy MKG has heaped on this country. Like a box of parrots the entire media screams “Chanting Jai Shri Ram in Muslim lanes is provocative”. Dogwhistling at its peak. It never matters that the mosques blare Azaan five times a day from early morning which disturbs many people. Or that on some days Muslims squat on major roads and highways and do their Namaaz. Not surprisingly, this Rama Lakshmi is with WaPo and their latest rental being Barkha. I have to laugh, those devastated most by JaiShriRam have Ram in their names too – be it this WaPo lady or that Yechury guy. That Gurmehar packed up and left. She deleted her FB account too. She didn’t delete her Twitter account though. Her FB account had the maximum trash on various issues. But many in the media again screamed FoE was being throttled, especially FoE of women. Well here’s a cartoon published by an Aaptard showing Modi raping a woman. This is after the Gurmehar episode and its aftermath:
I had to “censor” it and black-out the obscene portion. I am not that progressive yet. All through the last 2 weeks the entire media and some politicians have been throwing up useless issues to keep our minds away from serious ones. This is more to cover up for possible setbacks in the UP battle. Just as dog-whistle can be heard only by dogs, these individuals and entities carry out well-coordinated discourse of Dogwhistle politics. Dogwhistle politics is meant to create negative impact in voters and keep them busy with some statements or slogans so that they develop negativity towards the possible choices. It is not long ago that Udhav Thackeray was ruined by messages that were turning him “Sickular”. He ended up with egg on his face. I have listed some Dogwhistlers here. There are plenty more – just look around you. Just watch out for their whistles blowing around you. 


  1. outstanding sir... now it seems to be coming in torrents! you must be madari desai's nightmare!

  2. Thanks Ravinar for the expose of the "DogWhistlers". How ever HARD you may slap them, but these thick skinned, shameless creatures, who live on the Goo of the Congis/AAptards won't stop helping the Break India brigade..And the present spineless Govt indirectly supports them by not taking any action on India haters and by funding NDTV likes by giving advertisements.

    1. One Clean Modi cannot make a govt with spine....

      The rest of them are as crooked as any other neta maybe barring one or two...but they are in a leash because of Modi...

      So let us just support Modi and hope he can do his best...

      100% delivery is not possible in a compromised nation like India...

      Even 50% is fine...

      Think about it...

    2. Well Said.
      Progress in India can only happen when the population grows some brains. We have the dumbest masses in the world and our history proves it. (Mughal rule, British Rule, Congress Rule, Sonia Rule...)
      We have to support Modi 100% until a viable alternative emerges. RaGa, Kejri, Mamata are not alternatives to Modi.

      It will take 25 years to clean up the mess in India, that is what it took for China to emerge as a world power.

      We have to
      1) destroy dynasties by always voting against them
      2) always vote for the least corrupt politician. Corruption is the number one destroyer of India as a nation
      3) understand that Modi is not perfect but he is the best we have at the moment, give him a few terms....Gadkari, Goel, Prabhu are great ministers who are changing India.

      Vote Modi for 2 more terms and give India a chance. I hope the younger generation thinks for themselves rather than fall for every tweet and media manipulation.

    3. Very valid and practical viewpoints - I agree fully with you. I don't know if you are from Tamilnadu, but here guys are just screaming at any problem in the state associating it with Modi. Some guys in FB (who probably don't have any other job to do or are dravidian party stooges) keep posting all sorts of balderdash against Modi. Such posts increase the resolve of sane people to think along the lines of what you have said and keep voting for Modi.


  3. Doordarshan is so Primitive still that we have to listen to these dogwistle blowers, thanks for SM and MediaCrooks, we see through their games

  4. Indeed a toothless govt run by Cowards and PsyCOpaths..No matter what these DogWhistlers come up with, they are never punished for their propoganda, which in turn is emboldening newer DogWhistlers;(

  5. Hard hitting and very thoughtful. Sometimes I wonder at the impotence of the GOI. What prevents the Govt from taking harshest steps to curb this menace?

  6. And Punjabis has voted this shit called Arvind Kejriwal almost to be the CM. God save this state.

  7. simply awesome... truth never felt sooooo beautiful! thanks for writing ..

  8. I knew from 2010 that AK is an agent of Cong-CIA-ISI-MARXIST-VATICAN-MISSIONARY-ISLAMIST nexus he has been hired by breaking India forces to de stabilise India one believed me then but now its all crystal clear .. Govt must eliminate these anti national traitors like CIA, KGB, MI6, Mossad does to their enemies .. these crooks should not be taken lightly

  9. These anti-India crusaders succeeded in the beginning when Narendra Modi did not have long enough time as PM to show case his work, hence False Church Attacks, Dadri, Intolerance, Awards Vapsi etc. worked, but this time around people showed them that that dog ain't going to hunt, no more, no way. And Gurmeher was forced to go back in hibernation.

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  11. Ravinarji you are the Chanakya of Today's India , Ap aise hi humara margadharshan karte rehna.

  12. Read Rajdeep's OPed in HT carefully he has stated that once he had predicted BJP's would win after Babri and BJP lost that election, he is again using same jinx and predicted win for BJP with a intent that it will lose again

  13. Khangress party over their long periods of ruling, have replaced muscle men with foul mouthed journalists & awarded Padma Shri & Padma Bhushan to Burqa Dutt i.e. Buffalo Beauty, who are tactically invisible & can be representatives of Salva (character in Mahabharata, charioteer of Karna & father-in-law of Yudhistir, whose job was to keep praising Arjun & Discourage & Demote Karna).

    Recently, in an Muslim dominated area, a young muslim boy (less than 15 years age) without driving licence, driving a motor cycle, hit a aged person who had a pillion rider (appeared to be a grandson), this young boy, immediately went on to launch fist punches on aged person, then I intervened & warned the young kid who was taken aback, by sudden development, ran away & returned with other neighborhood Muslim members, I had to warn them that they are supporting a boy who is driving without license & made the mistake of making the accident, & they should be ashamed to support such a spoilt kid. Thankfully, my stern words had a positive effect on them & the young boy was taken to task.

    sometime in 1970's, read a translated book by Indian Nostradamus (Sri Potaluru Veera Brahman) who predicted that violence will spread all through India & it would then get "silenced" slowly over a period of 50 years, before peace returns to original Bharat & this is happening true.

  14. For those who ARE DISTURBED BY THE ANTINATIONAL NDTV benami channel and its crooked so called journalists....

    Yesterday NDTV on Monday admitted its illegalities and wrongs committed including insider trading and decided to settle the cases by adjudication and withdrawing frivolous appeals and counter cases related to violation of Stock Exchange norms.

    This admission of guilt is informed to Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE) on a letter dated March 6 by NDTV.

    This letter to Stock Exchanges is a clear admission of guilt by the TV channel and invites the provisions of registering cases under Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA). A few days ago, NDTV received a big setback as the RBI rejected their move to compound the FEMA Notice of Rs.2030 crore.

    Apart from these huge fines involving serious financial implications, NDTV has been slapped Rs.525 crores ($78.8 million) fine by Income Tax. These developments will block Prannoy Roy’s attempt to sell the channel, as Income Tax has already blocked the sale of his and wife’s shares.





  15. I tweeted medaicrooks on RS article in HT. he is literally crying in that. Like a guy with fire under his bum and wearing a fire proof pants from outside.

  16. Now after Trump's election there are attacks or threats on synagogues and Jews. Find some similarity of attacks on churches after Modi's election.

  17. There is a Google Ad appearing on your page saying "Convert to Islam". Pl. Check

  18. Internal traitors are more dangerous than external & these internal traitor's ideology needs to be exposed relentlessly as USA made critical assessment of Professor Emeritus Noam Chomsky to be agent of Russia & then given a clean chit. Every journalist & individual in public service need to be profiled & these profiles to be constantly updated. Wiki is one intelligent instrument used by West to track others, in the name of social service, but actually they are spy handlers.
    Such internal traitors need to be exposed & their children should be made to realize that their parents are internal traitors & they should psychologically "used" either to distance their parents or refine them forcefully.

    1. Very good idea...
      All suspect activists and NGOs need to be profiled and put up on

  19. Unless people learn to live within their own means of income, do not wish or get greedy on high end living, morality or truthfulness of the person will always be a suspect.

  20. a new dogwhistler is taking shape ..irom sharmilla


      Desmond Coutinho, a 48-year-old writer and activist, met her in March this year after a year-long exchange of handwritten letters that Sharmila carefully keeps in a cardboard box by her bedside.

      They have met once, in March this year. Desmond had arrived in Imphal in February but Sharmila’s supporters were probably put off by his dishevelled appearance and talk about human rights — including his and Sharmila’s.

      He had to wait for some time before the activists would relent and allow the meeting. Ironically, it was a two-day protest fast by Desmond that clinched it.

      “(At first) they insulted him and threatened him,” Sharmila said. “It was a stormy night. He was sitting near the meira shang (women’s shelter) where the meira paibis (women activists) gather. They were hard-hearted.”

      The couple met on March 9 at a court, just before she was released for a brief period. Sharmila requested the judge to provide him with security.

      Sharmila said it was Desmond’s soulful letters and thoughts that made her fall in love with him. For a year, they kept in touch through letters, mostly written by the spiritual experimenter who has alternately delved into Christian evangelism and Buddhist Vipasana.


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