Saturday, March 25, 2017

Muslim Approval Not Needed

The Commie Pigs couldn’t digest the thrashing they collectively received in UP. Even in their wildest dreams for the Sickular coalition they did not expect BJP will run away with 300+ seats. All their Muslim calculations failed. It was quite reasonable to estimate that many Muslims would have also voted for BJP. To the Sickulars, that was like their cattle being stolen. Saba Naqvi did describe Muslims as a herd in her article lamenting the UP loss that awakened her Kundalini. They simply had no answers for the eggs that were smashed on their faces. And then, the BJP chose a saffron-clad Yogi Adityanath as the CM of UP. This was enough to set off idiotic screams:

What about Muslims? How can Muslims live? How will Muslims be treated? Muslims will be discriminated against! Muslims will be alienated!

Some couldn’t stop at Muslim. They were simply so agitated that they suffered mental hernia and started writing through their bottoms. Aroon Purie and his bunch of tired Commies came up with the trashiest article one could imagine. This is not criticism. This is not anger. This is not even a point of view or opinion. This equating of the Yogi and Hindutva to the porn industry is the frustration they have been driven to. This is nothing but unbridled, raw hatred. Consequently, they fall to the lowest form abuse to provoke the Hindus. This is a stupid sense of revenge they derive when they lose important electoral battles. And it’s only a perverted mind that keeps thinking of porn all the time. Maybe they have secret saffron-fantasies. But let’s get back to this idiotic what about Muslims thing. Here are two women who epitomise the idiocy quite well:
Sagarika is, of course, a veteran, brainless dumbo and some Zoya Khan is the debutant dumbo. UP has voted strongly in favour of BJP and I don’t think Muslims want whining idiots like Sagarika to speak on their behalf. As for Zoya Khan, the dumbo believes Haj subsidy is a Constitutional Right. So, on both sides of the coin you get nothing but idiotic nonsense OVER Muslims or BY Muslims. Then there’s the eternal whining Bollytard couple who cannot stop playing victim no matter what:
I find it funny that perverted hypocrites like Shabana Azmi or Javed Akhtar who gloss over all Muslim crimes indulge in the same fear-mongering that idiots like Sagarika, Barkha or Rajdeep do. In this case, Shabana rightly got a tight slap from Mohandas Pai. Now, these known Commies may utter what they want and do their best to instigate Muslims. What bothers me is something else. Our own Hindus, RW and other assorted supporters of BJP jump quickly to defend against such bogus nonsense with some information from here and there. Here are some samples:

That Yogi’s Matt in Gorakhpur caters to Muslims too. That Yogi allows Muslims freely in the temple and some work there too. That Muslims celebrated Yogi’s appointment as CM. That Yogi’s first engineer was some Muslim called Nissar. And then many of these Hindu guys RT any Muslim who claims to have benefited in the past from Yogi’s deeds and compassion for Muslims.

All of this is harmless but, seriously, what is the need for excessive defence? Some good examples are enough but why go on and on telling stories of how Yogi cares for Muslims? Is a state or this country going to be run solely on what Muslims are or want? Is a state or this country going to define politics and society by one community? Is everyone else nothing but worthless pieces of junk? Think for a minute. Do Hindus stand by Yogi because he does good for Muslims or because he is a staunch Hindu and not a rabid Sickular? I believe it’s the latter so we don’t need to lecture morons on what good he has done for Muslims. We don’t need the approval of Muslims or their apologists in media and politics. Hindu leaders have repeatedly demonstrated they can stand and work for everyone. I cannot say the same of others.

Do we need to justify to Muslim-apologists why the Yogi should be CM? NO! They can take it or leave it. A winning party choosing a saffron-clad CM does not need the approval of Muslims or any Commie Pig. Assert this simple authority on these people. Henceforth, Hindus should dare to say – Take it or leave it. You have the choice not to live under a saffron CM who has posed no threat to you. Don’t try to justify by citing friendly deeds to Muslim by any Hindu CM or PM. That’s a wrong practice. The Commie Pigs don’t ask the right questions because they want to instigate fears. The right question is this:

Don’t ask what will happen to Muslims under a Hindu leader or a Mahant. Ask what will happen to Hindus under a Muslim leader or a Mullah.

There is absolutely no need for any Hindu to defend against the nonsense of Commie Pigs on their whining for Muslims. For whatever its worth, Muslims can choose to become part of the mainstream and grow and stop demanding special benefits. And a moron from JK has the audacity to state there will be ZERO Muslims under the Yogi in UP:
This Pappu and his treacherous father who live their miserable lives on Indian money, abuse India all the time and want Kashmir separation from India makes this dumb statement. And what is the reality? It is Muslims like Omar and his dad who have overseen the complete elimination of Hindus from Kashmir. That’s why ask – What will happen to Hindus if a Muslim leader or Mullah becomes the CM. As with Kashmir and also in Bengal and Kerala (Where CMs are Commies and Muslim appeasers)? Hindus will be wiped out sooner or later. On the day the slaughtering of Hindus began in Kashmir, coward Farooq Abdullah ran away to London with family. And these scumbags speak for any community?

Reject such filth and assert yourself. No need to show Hindus are kind to Muslims – that is not a debate that is necessary because the facts speak for themselves. Let us now ask how Muslim leaders show kindness to Hindus. And they can start with Ayodhya. But even on that they will demure when they know the truth – Babri was built on a destroyed Ram temple as were many other Mosques.

Truth is, Muslims are far safer under a Hindu leader than Hindus are under a Muslim or Chrislamist leader. Kashmir is a good example. But you also have Bengal where Hindus are being killed. Hindu temples and culture are being brazenly destroyed. What about the Commie Pigs of Kerala? The less said the better. And the guttermouth Owaisi who the media grandly touts as a Muslim leader? Make him CM for a month, I guarantee he and his brother will wipe out Hindus in 15 minutes. Oh wait! Asadu’s moronic brother already made that demand. He still runs free and the Commies in media and politics wonder who holds a threat to society.

The ordinary Muslim may or may not be happy with who gets majority and who becomes CM. This holds true for Hindus too. There are many Hindus in Commie parties like Congress or SP or BSP. They too don’t like Modi or Yogi. Muslims are no special community and at 18-20 crores in India they don’t even qualify to be a minority anymore. Don’t be apologetic or find the need to justify to anyone why a Hindu is the best CM for any state. AR Antulay was a rare Muslim who was CM of a large state like Maharashtra. He too was sunk in corruption and had to resign. More than anything else, all Commie parties whining for Muslims are extremely corrupt, goonda parties. 20% Muslims in UP or anywhere in India do not need to be explained why a saffron-clad or purple-clad BJP guy will be a good CM. It is the choice voters have made. Don’t fall into the trap of media morons:
Whether Gujarat or Maharashtra, Muslims haven’t faced any discrimination. And when it comes to communal riots, remember, there have been 400+ riots under the Akhilesh govt in UP. All have of these have been washed and laundered by Commies in the media and politics. We don’t ask why Hindu-haters in Bengal or Kerala are CMs. Why should Muslims or anyone else ask why a saffron-clad CM needs any explanation. He is the choice of the people and his party – He and the public don’t need approval of Muslims to run his govt in UP or anywhere else. Those who have a problem are welcome to seek their Tunday Kabab elsewhere in the world. India is a Hindu majority country and naturally will mostly have strong Hindu leaders. This is a reality media and Commies can either accept or become a hero like Vemula. Either way, Hindus and Hindu leaders do not need any Muslim approval for their politics, governance or agenda. 

Monday, March 20, 2017

Yogi & The Flying Pigs

That the MSM has mostly become a bunch of folks with political wet-dreams is now looking more and more comic. Sitting far away and getting some inputs from local folks one could sense the mood in the states that went to polls recently. The MSM footsies went to UP, Punjab, Uttarakhand and Goa and still got it all wrong. Obviously, their purpose wasn’t to report or find out the mood of the people. They went to campaign for either Congress or AAP and did their best to file bogus reports on BJP and fake opinion polls. Nobody went to Manipur because there weren’t many sponsors for their trips and nor do they consider the state politically relevant. In Punjab and Goa these scumbags were rooting for AAP despite Kejriwal being a terribly bad performer in Delhi and nothing but a wanton anti-Modi-ranter. The worst footsies of Kejri, like those crap-peddlers from Economic Times for Akhilesh, or this one didn’t know how to react:
Yes, AAP has indeed arrived as a “national force” only to provide us with a glut of political comedy. And pigs can fly. The higher they climb, the harder they fall. And they keep thinking their deception can fool people into making choices of their corrupt parties. Kejriwal still has dreams of Gujarat. I am sure he will end up damaging Congress votes because Hindus are not going to veer away from BJP yet. Fools fall into the same trap, not once but thrice. And yet around the corner another disappointment smacked them in their faces. The BJP went ahead and chose a saffron-clad Yogi as their CM for UP. Understandably, all hell broke loose with these Sickulars. Who else to start off the charade than the C5M with a bucket full of lies:
Quickly, Sagarika Ghose realises her lie won’t sell on SM because they rip apart liars in seconds lately. Then, she vaguely defends here crap claiming Yogi Adityanath shared the stage with the person who made that comment. Seriously, would a person know in advance what kind off-hand comment one would make on a shared stage? But these liars so soaked in their own filthy crap that they’re unable to feel the pulse of the people. Not that they did at any time in the last seven years or so. And eternal loser and graceless Barkha Dutt became a laughing stock again with her endless, frustrated rants:
Her driver educates her. Some Lucknow guys educate her. Some Paan-wallahs or Sabji-wallahs educate her. But wisdom still eludes her. She still asks if the Yogi represents polarisation. Yes whiner, every election is polarisation! Each party seeks to polarise voters to its ideas and agenda. Elections are not about “we will be everything for everyone” kind of school-contests. And the “What about Muslims? What about Muslims? What about Muslims?” nonsense is also waning. No govt should be ever about any single community and it’s not as if the Muslims have had a raw deal. They too are tired of being portrayed as eternal victims by the Sickulars. In the Yogi’s constituency of Gorakhpur, the Muslims were reportedly celebrating along with others:
There are videos and stories on SM on how the Yogi has shown no partiality or bias against Muslims who are quite in number around the temple he is associated with in Gorakhpur. But that is not the core issue here at all. Why should Muslims continue to be pampered? Are they such weaklings that they should forever be mollycoddled? And even as BJP won a massive majority in UP the stupid questions had already started from the same corrupt media:
There’s CNN18 asking if BJP will have a Hindu as a Haj minister. Well, if Azam Khan can be head of the Kumbh Mela, I don’t see why a Hindu cannot manage Haj. Even otherwise, Haj is a private travel to a foreign country where India has no control. Why should there even be a minister for it? The SC has also sought an end to Haj subsidies by 2022. I hope it does end. You don’t need to go on a pilgrimage on borrowed money. God would probably prefer you came with your own. And there’s MaliniP whining about the decline of the Commies. We should be glad and celebrate the decline. Communism is one of the most evil ideologies ever practiced by humans – a most murderous and inhuman ideology. In India, it transforms to a Chrislamist agenda that then hates everything that is Hindu – from festivals to a saffron-clad CM. The BBC recently released a list of the most corrupt parties from a survey. And it puts the darling of Sickulars, the Congress, at No.4 in the list:

Interestingly, the Congress is in good company with the worst Commies and Nazis of the world. And their morons keep calling others “fascists” and “Hitler”. We certainly didn’t need some BBCNewspoint to tell us Congress is among the most corrupt, fascist parties in the world. The narrative accompanying the list makes fair reading too:

Corruption is the most dreadful disease of the government but some people are not conscious of it therefore there are many parties in the world which are called as corrupt because of their ruthless behavior and they also deceive countrymen to fill their own necessitates but despite of this, they impacted before the world as most desirable and welfare parties of their countries”.

Sickos in media must learn at least now that their preferred corrupt parties like Congress or SP or BSP won’t sell any longer. These parties need to change dramatically to present a viable political option to BJP that does not discriminate against Hindus and does not fool Muslims. And the third-rate peddler of Muslim-victimhood to enrich herself, from Gujarat to Kashmir to UP, equates the Yogi with scumbags like Azam Khan and Imran Masood. The last one, Masood, is the guy who wanted to make “boti-boti” of Modi during the 2014 campaign. Barkha Dutt and her ilk have become laughable clowns and SM is having a good laugh over their stupidities. And singularly, Barkha has been losing her political campaigns from Gujarat to UP to USA. People rightly call her a “Panauti”. There’s the Southern Commie who calls the Yogi a “hardliner” who doesn’t fit in with PM Modi’s development agenda:
Malini seems to forget that stupid media also called Modi a “Hindutva poster boy”, a “Hindutva Hardliner” and the “Hindu Hriday Samrat”. I don’t see why a Hindutva guy cannot deliver development. Modi has already proved it and so will Yogi Adityanath.

I consider politicians are now smarter than media folks. They don’t go into battles with ordinary folks and the public in general. PM Modi himself has been more receptive to criticism from ordinary folks than the media. He even responds on Twitter to ordinary people and shows concern where required. It’s the dumb folks of media that have gotten into a running battle with the very people they are supposed to serve. Nobody is complaining though, people are seeing these Commie pigs fly and they are enjoying watching their flight. Yogi Adityanath, I am sure, will do a fine job in UP as he knows his challenges pretty well and also knows UP well enough to know what to do. We await the flight of the Pigs in Gujarat. And the result is going to be no different. 

Friday, March 17, 2017

Avarice Kejriwal

Since I wrote my first post which was a humble attempt which lasted no more than a paragraph or two, this could be my shortest post in ages.

We underestimate the experience and judgment of a cook. She has great estimate of when the oil is hot enough to throw in the pulses and leaves to roast the garnish for the “Daal” or some “Sabji”. Mothers don’t use any measure to judge how much rice to use or “Aatta” to knead to cook for four people. It is sheer experience and sound estimate. A cobbler has spent years knowing how to push in the broken toe-holder strap and hammer those nails down and with which size of nails and hammer to use. It’s the daily magic in our lives that we simply refuse to see in front of our eyes. These daily, unnoticed miracles in our lives can be summed up as “measure twice, cut once” as Stephen Covey would put it.

PM Modi measures every word he speaks for impact. Arvind Kejriwal words every measure that he purchased. AK got media folks as his tailors who got all his measurements badly wrong. They dressed up him in the “emperor’s new clothes” – Naked as hell, with only fraudulent limp bizkit to show for it. They measure the whole of India with the little Delhi Dicks, Blonde and Harried. And the results are predictably bad. A fraudulent “Scambag” like Kejriwal, planted by forces that are anti-India gloated a bit too much for the public to swallow.

Sometime back, the street-thug and monkey-balancer Rajdeep Sardesai grandly claimed in a speech in Pune that before launching the IAC movement, Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi came to him for advice. They wanted to agitate in Mumbai with Anna Hazare against corruption. Rajdeep claims credit for advising them to blast a bomb in Delhi and not in Mumbai because Delhi would get greater media coverage and political attention. He was tactically right. IAC and Kejri did get the mileage from the bomb-blast.

The one thing they forgot was that a scumbag character like Kejri only knows how to use people and not work for people. He is not used to it. He has quit from every venture that he undertook. There are many other CMs – Naveen Patnaik, Late Jayalalithaa or even Maomata Bungleringjee or others who kept their utterances to state matters and rarely jumped into national issues or foreign affairs. In contrast, Kejri blabbered about every issue on earth sitting in Delhi because the media bolstered him and fawned on him. Every idiotic nonsense of Kejri was magnified by the MSM as that of a great leader who was going to challenge the system. In fact, truth is that Kejriwal is the worn-out termite who is indeed the system. A small dot on our map never deserved the disproportionate voice. The Commies never deserved it. This is the balloon of Kejri bursting and his politics will die a miserable death:

The best description of this pathetic, psycho Kejri came through Twitter. A non-performing CM of a senior municipality like Delhi was lecturing the nation on every damn thing. Not a day passed when Kejri didn’t abuse Modi or his opponents. He RTd the worst morons and the worst abuses hurled at Modi. A mere Twitter CM with no portfolio, Kejri had the swagger of a Viv Richards with neither the talent nor the extraordinary skills that Richards possessed. A planted dumpling of foreign forces that want to destroy India, Kejri was only interested in border-states or coastal states like Goa or Gujarat.

Avarice would be a better term, instead of Arvind. Avarice Kejriwal! And all the greed is nothing except for money and working for anti-India elements. He has no agenda, no goal, no mission. We owe a small debt to Punjabis for junking this weed. We owe the biggest debt to Goans for thrashing this anti-national to his nakedness. If Kejri still wants to sell his poison in Gujarat – we are ready. Punjus and Goans are fun-loving people. Gujjus don’t even care about governments. But one thing for sure – Gujjus hold extraordinary contempt for scamsters and thieves. They hold contempt for rapists and kidnappers. Most of all Gujjus don’t like anti-Hindu gangs. I should know a bit about that.

Avarice Kejriwal is a dog in the manger who wants India to fail. He even wanted to campaign against BJP in UP although AAP wasn’t contesting the elections there. His media supporters like Barkha, Saba Naqvi, Sagarika, Rajdeep, Shekhar Gupta etc. have smoked him and now lie in disarray. India is doing fine. Scumbags like Kejri will die a natural death in our new politics of performance.