Monday, February 27, 2017

Fiberal Artyfarts

To escape the summer-heat the engine drivers jumped into the engine furnace. That kind of Wodehousian humour best describes our Commie Fiberals. Or, desperation leaves them clinging on the edge of a house on fire as Elton John would have put it. From India to the US, Commie Fiberals are clinging to everything that will help cover up their frustration and stupidity. Here’s the queen of trolls clinging to some of the dumbest soundbites as HUGE HEADLINES:

But it doesn’t seem to be working.  News, analysis and communication now empowering the public at large leaves no room for the Artsy-fartsy liberals to hide anywhere. From Bollymorons like Anurag Kashyap or RG Verma to social-sludge crawlers like Shobha De, nobody spares their dumbassery anymore. No, not even the usually communication-shy police when it comes to trashing stupidity:

All the so-called artsy, intelligent Commie Fiberals like Shobha De are discovering that the internet is a very unforgiving domain. Sometime back the Commies orgasmed collectively when they thought they discovered that Kanhaiyalal of JNU. One artsy idiot even went to the extent of stating that in Kanhaiyalal “Modi had met his match”. Surely, that must have Modi’s legs shivering in fear. Barkha, Rajdeep, Rahul Kanwal and every stupid Fiberal went to pay respects at the feet of Kanhaiya. Soon, Kanhaiya “brayed” very loudly and the horse-dress fell off his back. Now we had to look for another hero. The search didn’t take long or maybe they were already building up another Rockstar for the appropriate launch. As with the JNU nonsense, they found one in Gurmehar Kaur, a student of Delhi University who also happens to be the daughter of a Kargil martyr. What a combination – Kargil martyr and a superstar-shield for the Commies:

Well, well! Daughter of a Kargil martyr in the same gang as the “Bharat ke tukde” and “Afzal Premi gang”. To top it all she’s also an Aaptard who hangs around with the likes of Kavita Krishnan, Shabnam Hashmi and John Dayal. These folks have been grooming the young kid quite well to behave stupidly. After the fracas at the Ramjas college she held out this placard claiming she stands up to ABVP goons and that ALL students of India were with her. Very nice! The story at Ramjas in short is that the Anti-India gang of Umar Khaled and Shehla Rashid types wanted to corrupt the DU too with their poison which the ABVP protested and there were clashes.

Rashid claimed huge stones were thrown at her and she was beaten up. She immediately took to Twitter to tweet about it and was later admitted to the famous Commie hospital called NDTV to whine her heart out. Artsy! Very Artsy! And then came Gurmehar’s placard which was promptly carried as a story of great courage by Hindustan Times and had all the other usual Commies standing up and applauding:

Okay, so now this Gurmehar is as big a hero as her soldier-father. We get it. Hope these guys build her up like a “Malala” and she finally gets a Nobel for her courage. Lest we forget, let me remind you of the horrible atrocities those “ABVP goons” committed against the peaceful SFI and “Afzal Premi” Commies. And who better to tell you that story than the Commie-hospital called NDTV. So, here you go:

So, some guy called Prashant Mukherjee from SFI says police was just a spectator while the ABVP goons slaughtered his “peaceful” group. To tell you the truth, I confused this guy with one of those Bollywood art-movie directors from Bengal. He bears uncanny resemblance to one such director. Even the Southern Commie Pig-farm, The Hindu, confirmed that this Mukri was beaten up very badly while police looked on:

There is just one problem. The stupid LIES of Commies don’t pass anymore. While The Hindu wanted to pass the attacker as an ABVP goon, he’s the same Prashant Mukherjee who was whining on NDTV about police being a spectator. This is guy in the pic attacking another. We all know the JNU-type filth. We all know the Barkha-type Rudaalis. Attack, abuse… and then play victim when exposed. And then Gurmehar placard thing happened and the “playing victim” was complete. The entire Commie gang was activated to start tweeting and singing like a box of parrots. Only, the RW found it very comic and couldn’t stop laughing at this stupidity. They realised that this girl was a “placard champion” and dug up past placards of hers. The one that was most amusing was in which she said Pakistan didn’t kill her dad, war did. That was enough to set off a huge fight of laughter challenge, especially among the RW. I couldn’t resist it myself:

Yes, even these blogs are not written by me. My keyboard does. And they listed a long list of crimes people did not commit. Hitler didn’t kill Jews – the Gas did. Salman Khan didn’t kill any pavement-sleeper – His SUV did. He didn’t kill any blackbuck – some bullet did. This was almost like that Truck killed vacationers at Nice in France – Not that Muslim terrorist. Maybe even Barkha didn’t indulge in any Radiagate scandal – her mobile phone did. Even Virender Sehwag realised he was wrongly credited with scoring all those triple centuries. He finally faced the truth propounded by new-wave artist Gurmehar and her Commie handlers:
I am as progressive as the next guy. I am fine with the worst of slogans and placards as long as they are not anti-national and do not support or glorify terrorists. The JNU idiots do exactly that and they claim it’s their FoE. And they are ably backed up and handled by Barkha, Kejri and Yechury type Commies who do want to see Pakistan succeed in its designs against India. But this latest round of art-work by a young girl, daughter of a Kargil martyr, shows us what filthy Commie indoctrination does in our schools and colleges. I balk at their talent and their artsy-fartsy ways of communicating as does this guy in the video (2.12 mins):

As with the “Progressive-Liberal” artist in the video, these new-wave Commie idiots are nothing but Artyfart experts. Whatever comes out of them – whether spoken, written or expressed, expresses the “waste of their life”. I am not complaining. I am convinced they will fart their stupid ideology and beliefs to death very soon. Let them fart some more.


  1. Ranvir...again U nailed it with some best examples. Honestly I feel empowered because of you. Love u bro...

  2. Great last para. Yes...yes let them fart. They are convincing more and more people not to vote for them. They made hero out of Rahul, then Kejri, then Kahaniya and lately Uddhav. Any Tom, Dick or Harry will do as long as he opposes Narendra Modi. This Kaur lady became damp squib even before she takes off.

  3. The commie pig professors in JNU,DU etc need to be booted out asap.Wonder why BJP is silent on this issue.

  4. The commie pig professors in JNU,DU etc need to be booted out asap.Wonder why BJP is silent on this issue.

    1. You could have expected that to happen if smt Smriti Irani were to be there. Not with this present weakling

  5. Hahaha this is how MSM should be, not like how its held hostage by the Commie Libtards, Kudos for nailing it !

  6. Sangh parivar has much to learn from commie media about coordinated attacks.

    1. Sangh parivar is doing fine. They have not got their strength with these 2 minute noodle MSM congi and Left type blabbering. The alternative view is coming from SM because they are not selfish.

  7. Wonderfully written as usual on twitter only because of you.

  8. During my school days a fart was defined as - a bugle from Fort ass heralding the arrival of Major shit ..

    1. my late uncle was a lawyer. During Court session when he used to fart loud the judge used to say Vakilsaab Shahani bajnedeejiye. My uncle used to tell this to us as a joke.

  9. Most hillarious and pathetic attempt was when they were promoting sena mayor in Mumbai with Congress gathbandhan until they realized, Congress dead horse will prove poison pill both in UP and Mumbai. Meanwhile, natural Hindu gathbandhan is playing desperate commie fiberals big time.

  10. Very incisive as usual ! Keep up the excellent work !

  11. Why a nefarious channel like NDTV still operates when it's is known of scams & anti national activity, boggles my mind. But you my friend Ravinar are priceless.

  12. a wonderfully classic troll article that i havent read in long time! we need more of these to keep showing these artsy-fartsy fiberals the much needed mirror... kudos MediaCrooks!

  13. Fantastic top spinner!! Well done! Keep it up!

  14. The entire Ramjas College episode was engineered by a group of Bengali professors who wanted to inculcate critical thinking among their students!

  15. I don't remember somebody said that a picture is better than 1000 words. You are really superb. especially with the last video clip. Reminds me of the village guy telling that his bull does social service and is taken to the municipality staple where lots of cows are kept for social service.

  16. Good retort to those "arty" types trying desperately for relevance.Communists had their days - rather decades post WWII.They did nothing except indulging in such nonsense.Now they find that the world has moved along leaving them by the way side.As time passes they will look even more comical.

  17. I follow your blog posts and I love them. Do I stand by the slogans raised by Umar? Definitely not. Do I like congress? No. Do I like Barkha? No.

    But had I been part of that conference, I would have been eager to know his work in Bastar.

    Don't you think he was deprived of his basic rights? Who can hold him guilty - the court, the law.

    He is a free citizen. He can speak in a 'Civilized' manner and we can definitely contradict him in a 'Civilized' manner.

    On a personal note, I know a couple of JNU people closely and I find them authentic.

    I don't want an institution like JNU to be defamed because most of my professors were from there and I respect them for what they are.

    But a series of events has degraded its reputation. Last year, A BJP MLA from Alwar claimed its campus has these many cigarette buds, beer cans and condoms. Later he apologized as he had no evidences of his claims. Why wasn't he highlighted?

    When these four slogans were being raised within the JNU premises, my sister was surviving on bread loaves in Haryana during the Jat protests, shops were being looted, factories burnt, colleges destroyed and most importantly not-jats were attacked and killed. Haryana is ruled by BJP. Of course the violence was instigated by Congress. As I said, I don't like Congress. BJP had released 'shoot at sight' orders but they were only in papers. Jats happily burned my aunt's house. Basically, what I want to say is that BJP failed to protect the state it rules which is its very duty. Civilians were not safe. Why wasn't the inefficiency of BJP as a protective leader was questioned then

    1. You are like the guy in the video... Umar Khalid will be farting and that will fall on you just like in the video.
      Why do you want to listen from a totally useless guy ? Does he have any notable publications at all ???
      He's not a free citizen..he (acc. to judge) is the gangerene who is on conditional bail and his dad is a terrorist.

      You guys are funny... You want to blame the govt. when the rowdy elements damage your house and also blame govt. when it stops the rowdy elements.
      Just like in the video, you guys deserved the fart on you..and hence your house burnt.

    2. Upma ji, focusing on khalid alone, he has been found guilty by the court once, of a serious offence. secondly, may be you are expecting too much out of the loudmouth gang. you give them 70 more years, and they'd still be mired in rallies & placards & sloganeering & graduating to become murderers of those who they deem to be 'fascist'. their 'work' in rural and tribal areas? pls do a web-search of a case from 2015-2016 wherein 3-4 DU professors, one of them a woman, were arrested by the police when villagers from a place in Chhattisgarh/Jharkhand complained to the authorities that they had come to their place & threatened to get the whole village 'bombed' if they participated in the elections. these fellows were regular visitors there & carried the pseudonyms of the kind which usually the blood laal brigade likes to garland themselves with.

      finally, i value 'mutual respect' and 'self respect'. i dont and i wouldnt hold a dime worth of respect for any entity that holds me or my values or my heritage or my views or my say under (often violent) contempt & scorn.

    3. Ok, let's take it this way - if you presume he is going to talk crap, let it be. But first let him speak only. Why can't debate be the answer for a debate.

    4. Rajnikant Panuganti

      BJP forms the best govt. because it is the least bad party so far.

      There are elements in every institution that pollute it and sre there in DU and JNU.

      I know JNU people closely. A handful of them could be bad. But dare you say they all are alike. No they aren't and I know this. An idea like 'Communism' sounds great in books and could have worked great in real too but there were always some or the other loopholes. But impatient capitalists have no time to admit it. TheY fulfill their national responsibility by supporting ABVP's 'Goondagardi' .

      In a country like ours, debate can never be the answer of debate. Leave it.

      अपने स्वभाव के मुताबिक तो ABVP को ISI के लिए जासूसी करने के आरोपी ध्रुव सक्सेना के मामले में BJP दफ्तर पर पथराव करना था. लेकिन राष्ट्रवाद के मेंढक तब चिचीया भी नहीं रहे थे. साफ है कि इनका राष्ट्रवाद किसी विचारधारा की जूठन भर है.

      And, I am civilized I won't use any foul language (just to remind you)

    5. I think I asked for too much when I expected the ruling party of my state and country to protect me and my citizens. And, the party failed with flying colors.

      But still I would vote for BJP. You know why because it's way better than Congress and there's no other option.

      And, that is the whole point. No party, no institution, no journalist is entirely bad or entirely good. Even our enemies can talk sense. But we fail to observe it because we are busy passing judgements

    6. * "But first let him speak only. Why can't debate be the answer for a debate."
      - Totally agree. like, T.O.T.A.L.L.Y.! the voice of umer shouldnt have been muzzled, & he should've been allowed to participate & speak, like how his comrades have earlier greeted everyone with a different voice from the likes of Dr. MMS, Swami Ramdev, Vivek Agnihotri, to Tarek Fateh, Shazia Ilmi, etc. with open arms & a red carpet to air their voices! at the most ABVP and those with differing opinions could've hooted down umer while he was speaking, like how last year Dr. Makarand Paranjpe was hooted by the hoardes of JNU do-gooders. ABVP SHOULD have allowed him to speak. tit-for-tat doesn’t always work, you see. max-to-max, he could've been rebutted like how Dr. Sambit Patra did to kanaihyya kumar at a recent event, what more, hain ji?! but, alas!

      * "An idea like 'Communism' sounds great in books and could have worked great in real too but there were always some or the other loopholes. But impatient capitalists have no time to admit it."
      - Yes, 'sounds' great in BOOKS. the first thing that should be done after the time-machine is invented is to go back & correct all the screw-ups the mistaken communists did to the splendid ideology of communism, which was BOUND to succeed had it not been followed by all the wrong folks, from stalin, to pol pot, to mao, to nicolae, to kim jong, to mengistu, to our own sepoys like jyoti basu, to pinarayi vijayan etc etc etc. those morons did it worse than the impatient cruel capitalists & ruined the good name of communism! even the grand success of the great soviet union couldn’t redeem it!
      * "In a country like ours, debate can never be the answer of debate. Leave it."
      - spoken truth, madam. am disappointed by how RSS & BJP capitalists kill & maim communist doves & put faeces in the water-sources of communist leaders' homes & urinate in the mouth of the nationalistic communists, when invited & challenged for a debate in the states of kerala & tripura. am sorely disappointed! leave it. really, can’t happen in a country like ours.

    7. * "अपने स्वभाव के मुताबिक तो ABVP को ISI के लिए जासूसी करने के आरोपी ध्रुव सक्सेना के मामले में BJP दफ्तर पर पथराव करना था. लेकिन राष्ट्रवाद के मेंढक तब चिचीया भी नहीं रहे थे. साफ है कि इनका राष्ट्रवाद किसी विचारधारा की जूठन भर है."
      - परन्तु हमारे कम्युनिस्ट एकदम अपने स्वभावनुसार ही लगे हुए हैं! दिल्ली में शान्ति, प्रेम तथा सहनशीलता के ये आदर्श कम्युनिस्ट मसक्कली, निश्चय ही कन्नूर ज़िले में CPI-कार्यालयों के समक्ष झुण्ड में गाँधीवाद की गुटर-गूं किया करते हैं, तभी तो RSS-BJP की हत्यारी गुण्डागर्दी के समक्ष भी CPI के कार्यकर्त्ता ऐसे सहनशीलता तथा भाईचारे की मूरत बने रहते हैं, नहीं?! यह जानकार ह्रदय गद्-गद् हो उठता है!
      यह निस्सन्देह दृष्टिगोचर होता है कि भारतीय कम्युनिस्टों का प्रेमभाव पतित-पावन चीन की थूँक, अहिंसा के सबसे बड़े पैगम्बर के शान्तिदूत जिहादी, तथा परम-कृपालु यीशू के कृपापात्र evanjihadiyon के गुदा-द्वारों द्वारा निष्कासित द्रव्यों को नित प्रसादरूपेण ग्रहण करने से बल प्राप्त करता है| धन्य हैं उस प्रभु के ये प्यारे बच्चे (जो कि ह्य्ये नहीं; केवल अल्लाह ही है), धन्य हैं!
      (जी, क्षमा कीजियेगा, यहाँ पर एक त्रुटि की ओर आपका ध्यान केन्द्रित करना चाहूँगा| बाल की खाल निकालना ही समझिये, पर आवश्यक लगा - मेंढ़क ‘चिचियाते’ नहीं, ‘टर्राते’ हैं| ‘चिचियाना’ तो चिड़ियों का स्वभाव है| सम्भवतः उसी प्रकार जिस प्रकार किसी पार्टी के IT Cell का रंगरूट उस पार्टी का सदस्य नहीं हो जाता|...सम्भवतः|)

      * "I think I asked for too much when I expected the ruling party of my state and country to protect me and my citizens. And, the party failed with flying colors.
      But still I would vote for BJP. You know why because it's way better than Congress and there's no other option."
      - the next time, dont vote BJP. please. they cant ensure our safety, with or without any flying (Bhagwa) colour. please vote CPI, like me. granted that they still wont be able to garner more than the minuscule number of seats they could the last time (because, no one has realized the potential & efficacy of true communism, except the books!), but atleast the guilt wont weigh heavy on your conscience, but rather there will be a sense of satisfaction to have voted for a party which actually doesnt even NEED to ensure your & mine safety! for, they simply dont allow itself the opposition fellows, & even their own dissensious & rebel entities to have & live a life (or a life less handicapped!). how cool is that, no?!

      * "And, that is the whole point. No party, no institution, no journalist is entirely bad or entirely good. Even our enemies can talk sense. But we fail to observe it because we are busy passing judgements."
      - 100 out of 100 points to that ‘the whole’ point! just a slight addition - no entity is entirely bad or entirely good; why except ofcourse, the ABVP! now that is entirely, erm…, 'goonda'. yes! thats the word!
      I really don’t know who had misguided the closet-communist shri arvind kejriwal in 2011 to literally request Dr. Rakesh Sinha to ask ABVP to publicise about IAC, “गली-गली, घर-घर”. Okay granted that he knew about the wide reach of the body, but didn’t he know about their nationalism being the toxic remnants of the food of some ideology, which can only give rise to poisonous goondaism?! nevertheless, arvind ji ultimately emerged all the wiser after coming to power. phew!

      P.S. – I would’ve LOVED to listen to umer about what work he did in Bastar. hopefully the same thing, (taking inspiration from his industrious & motivated father) which he would like to do with Kashmiri sunnis, that is, “कश्मीर के नौजवानों संघर्ष करो, हम तुम्हारे साथ हैं!”

    8. I am still cool. I am not here to prove my righteousness.

      1. Yes, neither CPI can guarantee my safety nor
      BJP. Which party can do it?

      2. Communism says - nobody has the right over dead
      labour (let's say laborer has manufactured some
      machine and sold it to an industrialist at a
      price of Rs. 2000, but the industrialist uses it
      and benefits from it for more than a decade. The
      laborer dies and his family is still poor and
      suffering.) So Communism says, the industrialist
      is entitled to pay a good part of his earnings
      to that family on a monthly basis. Is that wrong
      on Communism's part to say so?

      3. Communism also stresses on equal distribution of
      production by state. Therefore, sound education,
      fine healthcare and decent living standards are
      the right of every citizen. But may have you
      noticed the long queues at AIIMS hospital, the
      lakhs of villages with no schools and
      electricity in 2017?

      3. So yes, Communism does work for me and it will
      always. Written Ideas about Communism sound
      great, but they will only make a difference to
      India when followed sincerely with no siphon off
      of money and corruption. Unfortunately, that
      could never happen. Agree?

      4. I know why you dislike Communists. Because most
      of them can only talk about this ideology
      without having any noble intention and courage
      to follow the lifestyle of a communist. I too,
      agree on that part.

      5. On the other hand, no wing - be it the left wing
      or the right wing, has a right to violate law.
      I condemn all acts of disobedience of law, be
      them by BJP and ABVP or by JNU and CPI.

      6. If we continue to support such aggressive forms
      of implementing our ideology on others, we are
      on our way to creating an autocratic set up
      wherein if the majority likes Orange, the
      minority will be killed for liking blue. Agree?

      7. I have come across some really authentic JNU
      academicians who aren't money-motivated and they
      are keen to know the interiors of Bharat. I
      believe it is important to do research in those
      deprived area and dig the reality. Kill me for
      meeting authentic JNU people who believe in the
      communist ideology.

      8. The recent events have led to hazardous
      generalizations like, "if someone supports BJP,
      they must be a capitalist", "someone supports
      Communist ideology, they must be a Jihadi.",
      "All Pakistanis are bad", "All Hindus hate
      Muslims.". I do not want these stereotypes and
      hateful generalizations to spread and further
      divide the country into two. Kill me for that.

      9. You know one day I was debating with a
      non-vegetarian on why being a non-vegetarian is
      'unfair'. We concluded 'We think differently on
      this issue, let it be.'

      10. You are fine with the Capitalist ideology and I
      completely respect you for this. I don't think
      if you think different from me then you are
      bad. We both dearly love our India. That's all
      that matters.

      I also want to end our discussion on the note - 'We think differently on this issue, let it be.'


  18. is any way Gurmehar Kaur related to poonam pandy ?,as i find uncanny resemblance between them.

    1. she though certainly holds relation with the poonam pandey of vulture politics - maadarneeya tughlaq bin kejriwal.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Hi Mediacrooks, what is the name of the movie of the shared video in this post?


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