Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Chacha Returns

“In a hierarchy, every employee tends 
to rise to his level of incompetence”

That principle by educationist Laurence J Peter is mostly true but also has many exceptions. Dramatic directional efforts have also resulted in greater performances by individuals taking on higher responsibilities. This is the trust that voters invested in Narendra Modi. He was voted PM based on his performances in Gujarat and also the vision he communicated well throughout many election campaigns. That he was also vilified by the Sickulars and media for being a Hindutva icon and for the 2002 riots helped him gain sympathy across India. It is many of his speeches in Gujarat (mostly made in Hindu to cater to the national audience) that made him an inevitable choice for the BJP PM candidate. It would be excessive to imagine the “development agenda” alone got NaMo the extraordinary support in LS2014. His being consistently viewed as a Hindutva icon, often referred to as the “Hindu Hriday Samrat” also played a big part. Modi also had been happy in portraying himself as such and calling himself a “Hindu Nationalist”.

On his last day in the Gujarat Assembly in May 2014 Modi was requested by his old friend Shankarsinh Vaghela, now in the Congress since long, to build the Ram Mandir. But I haven’t heard Modi mentioning the temple ever since he became PM. The last I remember him mentioning it was after the 2010 Allahabad HC verdict. Nothing after. Whenever Subramaniam Swamy raised the temple issue he was invariably snubbed. However, come UP2017 Amit Shah again grandly promises a Ram Mandir as part of the agenda. Some of the campaign promises that Modi made in his 2014 campaign speeches are:

# Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas (SSSV)
# Packing up and sending back illegal Bangladeshis
# Bringing back black money stashed abroad
# That people not only wanted corrupt thrown out but also punished. Modi promised this.

Modi has been largely successful in the SSSV agenda of his and that has earned him national and international laurels. And deservedly so. As someone who has fought the criminal media for long over their campaign of vilification of Modi through this blog-site, it does perturb me over his constant neglect of social causes and issues, especially where Hindus and Hindu issues are concerned. Politics across the world is dominated by economics, growth and employment but social issues are strongly woven into electoral outcomes. Since he became PM, Modi went across the country and the world giving great bladder-rocking speeches to large audiences. The euphoria was almost akin to Beatlemania. ModiSlaves even started calling him a Rockstar. It is what transpired in almost 3 years since he became PM that is stunning. Modi has shied away from taking any major Hindutva related decision or repealing any anti-Hindu policy.

World over Fiberals are falling and right wing is rising. There is no real right wing in India but the closest clone is BJP and Modi had acquired the reputation of a hardliner. Since Gujarat, there is nothing hardline or RW about Modi. Thus, when Donald Trump became President of the US and start taking tough, unpalatable decisions the comparison with Modi became inevitable. Let me assert – Modi is nothing like Trump. Modi is far more measured and far more sober as a politician, But it’s Modi’s unwillingness to act on his pre-election promises as against Trump where he comes a cropper. Trump got busy from day 1 implementing his agenda. With Modi many of his most ardent slaves are confused on what his agenda is. When Modi is criticized on his slowness, the ModiSlaves usually come up with silly nonsense like “You don’t know Modi – he’s a Chanakya” or “You just wait – Modi has an ace up his sleeve”. This balderdash by ModiSlaves who think they read his mind while in their toilets is even more comic. 

However, privately, even the greatest ModiSlaves cannot help admitting that Modi is different from the guy we knew from Gujarat or the guy from the 2014 election campaign. Some loosely suggest that he’s seeking a Nobel, which is silly. Some say he now wants to be a statesman, which Modi never will be remembered as. Some say he has just become too obsessed with his own image. In the past I have written caution-notes titled “Goody two shoes” or “Tiger light, clay feet”. I fear my worst imagination is coming true. With great power comes greater responsibility and Modi has worn that responsibility with great dignity. But with greater power or responsibility your fundamental beliefs and principles cannot be thrown to the winds. Read these words carefully:

So Congress can cater to Ramzan-based actions. Okay! Child producing centres? Okay! Hum paanch, humare pachees? Okay! And those who are multiplying population will have to learn a lesson. Ahem! So if Sakshi Maharaj talks about Muslim population explosion the BJP distances him. But that was the Modi of Gujarat in 2002. Today, Modi says 65% of our population is made of youth that are ass-ets. Population control can go to hell. Count a blessing by Mahatma Modi! Hindus are driven out of West UP or Bengal or Kerala. But hey, I am now PM so my principle beliefs can also change. In case of Modi, it doesn’t corrupt him. It makes him a bigger Nehru than Nehru was. Don’t take my word for it. None other than Modi’s photo-op seeking Lutyens Dalal wrote “Modi is our most Nehruvian PM since Nehru”. Holy cow! CHACHA RETURNS!

Shekhar “Wheeler Dealer” Gupta may have blabbered in routine Lutyens tongue but I am now seriously thinking that Modi wants to be remembered the way Fiberals cherish Nehru. The desire to be accepted by the worst scumbags in Lutyens, Commie media or across the world seems to drive Modi. It is here that Trump has come across as a maverick politician willing and daring to break shackles and Modi is failing. It is easy to puff up your chest in Hindu-dominated Gujarat and dare to tell the truth about worthless Madrassas (And Shiva only knows what they teach – I don’t):

Now that you have the power why are these useless Madrassas still being doled out to eternity? Why not demand they get to mainstream education? It’s worse when many of them disrespect our country, our Constitution and even our national anthem. You don’t have to be a Hindutva icon to demand Muslims commit their allegiance to this country. That’s what Trump did. And Trump did not seek Muslims to become Christians either. He just seeks commitment to America. But what does our Chacha blabber? He goes on to say “Islam is a religion of peace”. In 2001 Modi was the first to accept the term “Islamic terror” in an NDTV show with Rajdeep Sardesai. And now? Why such hypocrisy? You qualify to be Chacha! You have fallen to the deception while Trump had the marbles to take a call on Muslim terror threat like no world leader ever did. India has been the worst victim of Islamic terror. Nobody even sought Hindutva from you. They only sought a level-playing field for all Indians.

Kejri, Pappu, Nobrain, Lechury all rush to Hyderabad or Dadri to lament over a lynching or the cowardly suicide by Vemula. Over the fake Christians under attack campaign you set up a Christian helpline. But unending murders of Hindus, destruction of their temples and homes, wiping out towns of Hindu existence doesn’t bother you. But you weep in a function over a coward called Vemula. Birthdays, anniversaries, anthems for T-20 or sports – everything gets Modi’s attention EXCEPT Hindus being slaughtered. Hindu Hriday Samrat, please explain this:

While the Opposition rushed to every spot to create a “Hindu intolerance” nonsense, Modi just watched in utter wimpishness the slaughter of Hindus. Your duffer Venkiah Naidu blabbers about some Bhansali attack without knowing facts. Modi is more bothered about how Hindu-haters view him than how Hindus love him. What gives? Not one tweet or condemnation from Modi over the Kerala or Bengal killings or riots. And yet another one:

The comparison with Trump happens because he is clear about his conviction and intent on issues he promised action. Chacha Modi has lost his way in trying to be Goody Two Shoes. And the ModiSlaves keep on defending his slumber and failure. Modi could have visited families of Hindus killed in Kerala or Bengal and made a strong speech. Commie Pigs in these states cannot stop the PM’s visit as they stop others. Modi himself has experience of ABV and Prez Kalam visiting during 2002. What stops you? Do you care? Your visit and strong statements could have made a difference. You chose to keep counseling students of which there is no real need when there are million other psychologists and counselors doing the job. What’s worse? You have never been a parent nor attempted a competitive exam to be offering such counseling. Take good note of that.

As a staunch supporter I am truly disappointed at your stupid priorities. And I feel like Chacha Nehru has truly returned. I am not finished.

To be continued


  1. I can understand your anguish as well as all true Bharat Lovers. I asked in my earlier post whether Modi reads your blog. If he reads this or any of his team members tells him he will have sleep less nights if he has any balls left. Trump from the beginning doesn't care for good words from his opponents and he is a winner from his childhood. Born rich living rich.

    1. Trump hasn't come with 10 yrs agenda, #Modi has.

      Institutions of USA are just stagnating, in India they are dying or dead.

      Unemployment & homeless in USA are 20-30%, here it's 80%.
      social security in USA is well oiled, here it's laughable to the extent that Lutyen's Delhi have to stoke up Nationalism to keep Anarchy on streets of urban & semi urban areas at bay.
      MediaCrooks let me call you by better name such as rising Sun, Sanjay or Ravi, you wud be familiar with Hindi saying " भुखे भजन ना होये गोपाला"
      That more or less sums up the 3 yrs of #Present dispensation & next two years be happy if UCC if brought in & defeated in parliament pre election 2019.

      Am I delusional, yes if AAP loses #Punjab, ie I therein say AAP's win in #Punjab or at least majority of seats & cong reducing to 3 place will still justify my case.
      Till then��
      A Fan��

    2. Pls understand Trump is a PRESIDENT WITH OVERRIDING POWERS....



      Dont behave like a BULL IN A CHINA SHOP.....AND THIS IS FOR RAVINAR ALSO....

      It is not easy to change the mistakes of the last 60 years in five years....

      Give MODI time.....Let the composition of the Rajya Sabha change...

      We are on the path...

      Meanwhile, what are we doing???

      Why are 80% Hindus in this country not voting? While all the rest of the communal minorities line up to vote???

      Think about what we can do to strengthen Modi's hands rather than behaving like a JALLIKATTU BULL!!!!

      U want Ram Mandir to be built....when UP elections are around the corner where the Muslim Vote will decide who rules UP??? Punjab elections around the corner where the Sikh vote decides who rules Punjab....Goa elections where Christians decide who rules Goa...


      Be patient...

    3. HOw long should we wait. Three yrs gone. What has he done for Hindus?

    4. Dear Ravinar,

      I am pretty sure the Sikular's must be having a party after reading your silly article & chest thumping. You are making their cause so easy. Remove Modi so that all can again start looting India through NGOs's, Political Scams & Mass Conversions. If you are so concerned about Hindu lives in Bengal & Kerala you better tell the Bengali & Mallu Hindus to vote for Modi instead of chest beating against Modi.

      Modi is a Politician & the best Politician Hindus have ever created but he knows he cannot win next election if all sikular parties gang up against him before 2019. So his immediate goal is not to save a few Hindus in UP, Bengal & Kerala but to assert his control on Delhi beyond 2019. Hindu causes can be worked upon in leisure only when Hindus maintain power in Delhi.

    5. Well said. Ravinar forte is picking at MSM media and he seem to have not understood how India and its politics work. The comparison with Trump is tempting. Muslims constitute less than 2% in USA. And Modi needn't be Trump. Yes for now it seems clear Trump is more daring than Modi. But what are we to gain by pulling down Modi? Do you have an alternative in BJP. Do you have an ultra right wing movement in India. I always felt this Ravinar chap is an edgy chap. He should remain within his forte of revealing MSM 'stories'.

  2. The pain of a Hindu nationalist is very rightly put across. I don't know how it is done but it is the same feeling I have now for mr Modi. Heard one should care about loved ones at least. Hope some one shows this write up to Modi and he prints it and keep in his office table for guidance. We like be you Ravinar

    1. Hindu nationalist???

      Hv u even read the Bhagavad Gita???? Honestly????

      Hindus need to look within first and do their bit rather than demanding that Modi wave the magic wand....

      Credit Modi and his PMO with some intelligence....

  3. Ravi, It was last night my wife and I spoke exactly the same words, looks like you were eavesdropping and listening to our conversation. Too bad. I may have to install cctv.

    Implicit in your article is not a demand but a sincere anxiety, concern for the country. I am not sure if NaMo has his ears on the ground.

    I have been defending him stoutly for so long and feel let down.

    Keep writing


  4. Nobody else but you(Ravinar) can show the mirror to Modi.More Hardhitting than before

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  6. Modi is riding on billion Hindus hopes and you are expressing those billion Hindus concerns-as the hopes have remained hopes only during the 1st 3 year Modi rule. The entire article was truly held to the spirit and mood of the true Hindu and his broiling anger deep within but the best part I liked is the last lines "I am not finished -To be continued "

    Eagerly awaiting for the next part ....


    1. If only the adults in this billion went out to vote...
      If only some of these billions stop fighting for reservation like the patels and jats...
      If only some of these billions give up their castiest and parochial mentality...
      If only some of these billions do something for Hinduism rather than expect somebody else to do something for them....

      It is the Hindus themselves who are helping the HALF ITALIAN IDIOT TO RIDE PIGGYBACK ON THEIR SHOULDERS TO power WB...Bihar and now the same nonsense in UP....!!!

    2. Well written. It is easy for the congress to drive a wedge into the hindu population thru reservations, so unless Hindus unite, we cannot keep expecting modi to defend the indefensible

  7. Chacha Nehru II! The ONLY Hindu Hriday Samrat left today is our Guruji Dr. Subramanian @Swamy39 who is working relentlessly for A Hindu Reneissance but is THWARTED at every step by the neo BJP converts to Nehruism, examples are 2G,National Herald and Ram Mandir. One moron fondly caled SHAKUNI by PTs, contempt actually, was even quoted in some leaked cables as having famously said that BJP does not truly believe in Hindutva and that it is just a gimmick to win elections! No politician or his family crook who have looted trillions have been prosecuted or convicted. None except one from Jharkhand have gone to jail, that too just yesterday. Most are enjoying unfettered freedom while being on bail with Chara Chor being a prime example. Judicuary has been subverted where after 20 years courts ruled that a DRIVERLESS CAR killed a footpath dweller, and that a poor Black Buck shot itself while the shooter claims it died of natural causes. Meanwhile, being on bail he rakes in billions and will probably go scot free! This would directly reflect on the cops, the investigators, prosecutors and the judge! Truly, justice is BLIND, and so are many others. Do you expect justice for poor Hindus who are being butchered and driven away from their homes? No way. No SUO MOTO action by judges who poke their nose in every other trivial issue but not if Hindus are halaalled. So what do Hindus do? Tell the ex 56" and his wimps what we think about them and we will do if they are unwilling to be made accountable. The big stick alone works. BJP, deliver on your promises or as Jehadi Didi said... Be ready for Pechhona Baans. Jai ho!

  8. We feel the same, but lack the skill you display in collating the facts and expressing it. Many many thanks for you provide us the happiness of seeing our anguish expressed in words.

  9. Ravi, it is clear that he is not confused on his duties, and feels Hindu agenda conflicts with his rajdharma, and he is not the first Hindu ruler to fall in this trap, he is forgetting that stopping persecution of Hindus in India is his rajdharma. For example if he chooses to forgive someone who slaps in private despite all power at his command, he can do that, but someone slaps him in public then he has no right to forgive him because assault is on the head of state, similarly if he chooses to rule on basis of no religion descriminatation, he can do that but he is failing in his duties if he doesn't stop persecution of Hindus.

  10. Sorry, he is confused about his duties, and not as I have written in the first line.

  11. Modi cares a hoot for what we all think about him. He is doing things as if we don't exist and most likely he knows he is not coming back in 2019.

  12. The only leader who is working on Hindutva cause is Dr.Swamy despite being seen as an outsider in BJP..I have also never once seen PM Modi talking in support of Dr.Swamy..What a fall, Mr. PM!

    1. Swamy is highly overrated. He can neither deliver ram temple nor national herald. Time elapses no end to these cases.

    2. Swamy? Ha Ha Ha.
      Swamy cannot even bring up his own daughter properly with Hindu values. His daughter married a muslim. Since then he has lost his balance and tweets some nonsense every other day.

    3. I guess Swamy's daughter has much more brains than you...

      At least she married the muslim honorably who is a wonderful human being as far as I know... He is an Indian first and a muslim later....

      What u and ur half italian idiot leader is doing should put u and ur likes to shame...!!

  13. Entire BJP is rudderless.Their Ministers,ldrs,spokies r afraid or cluless what to say n how to defend.Mr Modi has made them like this because he is d ldr.Some hv started hero worshipping which is an ominous trend(Congi style).Of late substituting Gandhi Charkha is one of such trend.Hindus r most vulnerable during NDA II.Not a single CS filed in corrpn cases Vadra,PC,Chopper scam, Sunanda's murder n so many.Now iclusion of tainted ldrs from BSP,Cong in UP,PBB to Sharad Power bottles our hope.

    1. I totally agree with u...

      With the IB RAW CBI DRI ED IT etc...the finance ministry should have exposed the financial dealings of the crooks from the UPA Govt and their family members and friends....

      Playing Crooks like NCP against crooks in the Shiv Sena is wrong....
      The crook in the family is better than the crook with D company..

    2. And believe it or not....
      PC's son Karthik with crores of looted assets in foreign countries is not replying to ED summons for the umpteenth time...
      And nothing is being done...It is business as usual.....

      The problem is BJP ministers also have skeletons in their cupboard.....

    3. You seem to be a shivsena crab

    4. No I hv nothing to do with the shivsena...

      But what is the point of cosying up to a corrupt NCP which is appeasing Muslims in Maharashtra? This is the same NCP which has links to D Company which allowed D company to do business in Maharashtra and build a benaami empire....

      The crook within the family is much preferable to the crook in the enemy's camp....As simple as that...

  14. Very well said Ravinar. But Still I would give benefit of doubt to MODI for another 2 years. MODI openly goes to Temples and sports swastik and does PUJA. Even this indeed is breaking shackles from previous PM. Even most BJP are Congressman, so taking RAM Mandir issue will take heavy toll on all other issues. I am also not much satisfied with just development but would still have faith in hi for another 2 years..

  15. Chacha Modi ki jay ho!! He has made Hindus to die and/or go in minority sooner or later.

  16. Dear Ravinar,

    Modi is first and foremost a politician. Like profit making is first priority for a businessnam; election victories are first
    for a politician. How many Hindus in South and NE India share and appreciate Hindutva ideology in reality? They look for development, better
    standards of living. How many Hindu youth (who are a majority of Hindu population) care about Hindutva or Ram Mandir? Most of them aspire for
    better life, luxury and higher standards of living.
    Modi is a businessman who simply sells what his largest consumer base wants or needs, so the consumers buys his product (BJP) nextime as well. Ideology can take backseat when in power...
    This is just an observation. I understand and appreciate your blog though.

  17. BJP always crawls before media. Modi became an exception only because he was targeted very Badly and forced him to retort.
    Cadres and Sympathizers were satisfied due to the Same.


  18. You have represented my feeling in nice words, thanks and more power to your Pen.

  19. A thought provoking discourse. Lutyens moles and apathy may be the down fall of Modi. Hope it's not too late.

  20. You have to give it to him that he does not attend iftar parties and stopped such practice in PM residence also.

  21. So he hasn't played the game to you your satisfaction. He has a country to run and develop, in case you forget. So who should replace him, Pappu or Mayawati?

  22. Excellent hard-hitting article which tells about the bitter truth.
    I too am feeling disappointed with modiji. Especially after the promises made about black money and illegal Bangladeshi immigrants.

    1. There is as BJP govt in Assam that is working on this issue...

      The people of Assam have realized the danger...

      Unfortunately...Bengalis are still sleeping...

      Modi can only build a fence or work out with the Bangladeshi govt which he has done....(the bangladeshis are more pally with us than before)....BUT THE REST OF THE WORK HAS TO BE DONE BY MAMTA AND THE WB GOVT.....!!!!


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  24. Exactly my thoughts and I am sure a lot of Modi voters/admirers feel the same too. But none of us could write such a brilliant cohesive article. Thanks. I hope Shri Modi reads this and does a course correction. Otherwise Hindus would lose hope in law and governments and will have to take up arms to protect themselves....

  25. I think the problem is - and I remember you tweeting about it. That, there is no national level pro-hindu party which can put pressure on the BJP. BJP aspires to take the centrist space in Indian polity. It knows that even if it loses 2019, it can always make a comeback in 2024 as there is no alternative. Hence, takes Hindus for granted and does not take any action on pro-Hindu issues. Only Bal T and S Swamy were unabashed pro-hindu political leaders and Bal T is no more. And S Swamy is kept away. This is a sad situation for our beloved Bharat. I think we have to find a way to put pressure on BJP - I just don't know how.

  26. As Jaitley rightly said that Hindutva was only a political ploy for bjp to fool the majority Hindus. Modi is just another coward like Vajpayee.His utter silence on massacre of Hindus simply proves he is just another Gandhi wannabe.Bjp will lose badly in 2019 and I ain't voting for them.

    1. Good for you. Pls ensure that the Pappu is put in the PM's chair and then we can keep chest beating and wailing about the Hindus fate.

      The Hindus can get a spine only when their pockets are full. Where is the war chest of the Hindus which the Christians are getting from USA/Germany and the Muslims are getting from the ME.

      Civilisational wars are not fought on emotions. They are fought by brute power, which comes from economic might.

  27. Looks irrelevant but really a fact.Stop sending children to Christian schools,there will be generation of pro-Hindu,patriotic people across the country.Otherwise you will find a duffer like Rahul Gandhi being treated as a leading politician.Far worse it was hurting to see elderly Hindus touching the feet of a rabid Catholic Priyanka Vadra.How can these people have any respect for our country?

    1. BJP Kerala President Kummanam Rajasekharan (lifetime RSS pracharak) touched the feet of a Christian Catholic Bishop before last year assembly polls. What about that ?

    2. Touching the feet of elders or a genuine pious person is a tradition in Sanatana Dharma....

      Sanatana Dharma is not a one god one messiah one book faith....

      All mankind belongs to Sanatana Dharma...

      There are many Christians and Muslims in Kerala who respect Hindu beliefs and customs...

      It is the remaining rigid communal elements aided by foreign funding who need to be exposed....

  28. Ravinar, you are making a mistake consistently that Hindus are under attack in KERALA. It is totally WRONG. There is a long term WAR between HINDUS belonging to CPI(M) and HINDUS belonging to BJP/RSS. The reason for this struggle is that, CPI(M) is a 90% HINDU dominated party in Kerala, BJP/RSS have been successful in growing in Kerala at the cost of CPI(M), and CPI(M) is frantically trying to prevent the growth of BJP/RSS in Kerala, which is CPI(M)'s last bastion............. MUSLIMS are NOT involved in this issue. There is no quarrel between Hindus/Muslims/Christians in Kerala.

    You would be shocked how desperate and shameless CPI(M) is trying to poach people from BJP/RSS and how crazy they dance around when even a single guy leaves BJP/RSS and joins CPI(M). In 2014 March CPI(M) conducted a full day celebration program when 2 district level BJP leaders (who were accused in the murders of many CPI(M) workers in the past) rebelled and joined CPI(M) with some supporters. There were given important positions in party and District Panchayat boards. CPI(M) people are prowling around Kerala, trying to poach anyone from BJP/RSS by hook or crook. Recently the whole state leadership of CPI(M) got together and conducted huge rally to welcome a district level RSS leader into CPI(M) as if he were a National Hero or Olympics Gold Winner. Unfortunately after 3 days the same guy decided to quit and returned to RSS which was a rude shock !!!!!

    I'm a Malayali, born and brought up in Kerala, and am well versed about Kerala society and politics.

    1. Santosh,

      You or someone else has been repeatedly making this point. Perhaps the concept is not clear to you.

      In case you dont know, the Commie ideology hates religions, particularly Hinduism. So even if a Hindu joins a Commie then by sheer ideology he or she ceases to be a Hindu. Brinda Karata, Sitaram, Prakash all carry Hindu names and are born Hindus but they ceased to be Hindus once they accept the Commie ideology and cult that condemns Hinduism. So the war in Kerala is NOT a war between Commie Hindus and NonCommie Hindus.

      A Commie Hindu simply does not exist.

    2. The war is between ATHEISTS AND HINDUS....

      The minorities in Kerala are watching from the sidelines, adding fuel to the fire, and laughing their guts out....

      Kerala is the next Kashmir in the making...

    3. Sorry Ravinar. Commies are hindus! Their political thinking is different. 90% of CPI(M) in Kerala is hindu! There is a change of heart happening of late. And yes! there are some political killings happening and this is because the commies are feel threatened. The hindus are slowly but surely shifting loyalities.

  29. I read the article & felt as if mediacrooks read my mind to pen it!
    I still support Modi only because TINA(There Is No Alternative)

  30. We can find faculty with Modi for any amount of reasons,but let us understand and appreciate that he as PM has to balance many sectors
    But let's not forget without him still congress would have ruled India

  31. Hi Ravi,
    Pls understand that the main promise of Modi was "Acche Din". So I think his primary focus is fixing the economy. Given size of our country I think it will probably need entire 5 yrs to fix this. Else opposition will anyways pounce on him in 2019 asking where is the Acche Din.

    While Hindutva issues like Ram temple, Art 356 are important, it can only offer mode fodder for the media and opposition to create enough noise to derail everything else. I fear even some riots may be manufactured by the opposition who are just waiting for some issue to latch onto. They tried the same with DeMo but failed miserably. But they have tried a few token items like relocation of KPs, Triple Talaq etc.

    So my guess is Modi is only trying to fix the economy so that he can get elected again in 2019. If he touches any other issue at this point and even it goes wrong a little bit means that we will end up with a Pappu/AK as PM in 2019, who have the potential to undo 5 yrs of effort in 5 months.

    I have a gut feel all Hindutva issues will be addressed by Modi post 2019. Let us give him that much room, given that we have sufferred for the last 60 yrs.

    Moreover for us Hindus is there is NO other alternative.

  32. Yes, I share the frustration. So, does this frustration result in us not voting for BJP? No, for the fear of Congress returning, we end up voting for BJP. Do we have a choice?
    That weakness is what is being exploited.
    We are taken for granted, and rightly so!

  33. When will Modi learn from history?
    Despite so much 'vikaas' by late PVN and ABV, they could not win the 2nd term.
    It was Babri demolition that helped BJP win 96 election.
    Thanks for sharing my feelings. Waiting for the sequel.

  34. It seems he has stopped reading the Bhagwad Gita and is going through a phase of doubts and denial.

  35. Ravinarji, 100% with you, though one question. If not chacha Modi, who will carry thousand years stupidfed and modified Indians? Not the readers of yourself,chaiwallah and other such bloggers in hundreds. I am talking about still million idiot Abdullahs in begani shaadi mein, voting, promoting, enriching illegitimates against their own Interest? Until, we have time, resources, energy, consciousness to make these people normal let chacha Modis take advantage of us, as lesser evil.

  36. Here are some of the comments by a friend on BJP and Modi ji :

    "We send spokies; give exclusive interviews; release books; order officers to escort boss's darling queen in naval dockyards; and sign MOUs with...."

    "Hurts awful to recollect his earlier boasts.
    Pradhan Sevak of India metamorphosed into Pradhan Rakshak to Family.
    Indeed, great progression!"

    "RW messain underwent voluntary conversion
    Abhi Sak Ke Saath"

    "Unshackling Hindu Temples and RTE have now attained XXX status, a taboo for this nationalist government"

    "We realized the worthlessness of Modi in undoing discrimination against Hindus. Mega-gain for regional parties"

    "Now that people saw it all through, Modi could do well to unburden himself of those padded vests and briefs and start wearing his adult diapers"

    I couldn't agree more.

  37. Ravi... i think of late you are disillusioned by Modi as he is not coming very often about atrocities(!) committed against us .. i am from down south...i very well know.. we are chased and some of us are when one is at helm... things look different... and acting on ones belief system may not be prudent thing..... so i feel have faith.. nobody except"him" will deliver..two and half year is two short year to call a shot off.. have patience

  38. Hi,

    Few observations below -

    1. Comparing Trump ruling Muslim Population of 1% in US ( below 35 lacs only) and Modi with 15% + , apprx 18 cr Muslim population is not fair.

    2. Modi with his Gujarat baggage was being watched by all here and at world stage with skepticism. He has done fabulously well such that even guys like you and many 'Right Wingers' are criticizing him.

    3. Seeing this post and comments above of not voting him again etc, it is mature of Modi to move to Centre Left with new vote catchment than become an ABV and get thrown out by same RW. People who can't have patience of 3 years are not good enough to be banked on. It is a civilizational war not any tic tac toe.

    4. Such War is not fought by just being in power in Delhi. What do RW want him to do? make a Gujarat out of India ( which incidentally they say he did not do as he was new to power there !). A civil war will be naive and put us back by decades, u just can't wipe out Muslims from India whosoever comes to power.

    5. Are dhimmified, secularized, economically weakened Hindus themselves willing to fight? Do they vote for BJP in Kerala and WB? Instead arm chair soldiers proudly say they won't vote for Modi in 2019 !

    6. Yes he appeases Christians and Muslims and balances it with photo ops in temples for Hindus. Because he is a seasoned politician with lot at stake. Would 'Church in danger' rhetoric died by itself had he not gone to appease them? Were Muslims not insecure and ready to riot had he gone out like Trump? Was that a better option for India or present one is?

    7. All apprehensions about him being a religious bigot have been cleverly taken out in this 2-3 year period. Infact now Saudi confers him with highest civilian award and UAE becomes his ally. Not to forget Iran and Bangladesh. Does this not cool nerves of Muslim Indians and dhimmified Hindus? Also he gets the centre stage at world level as major non Nato ally of USA. With Christians shouting insecurity and Muslims rioting would it ever had happened?

    8. Yes he could have amended RTE and such anti Hindu laws, but with a dump BJP and no ecosystem developed by RSS in Media and academics, having no worthwhile think tank and law makers, we have to be patient on this front. Reigning in NGOs, lost Kashmir cause, discussions on Triple talak and UCC, part MSM turning to right, bringing Terrorism to notice of world leaders who were busy in good v/s bad terrorism ( he doesn't have to spell it as Islamic like Trump),Jallikattu revival, Char dham circuit etc etc are his contribution to Hindu cause in such short period.

    9. Islamic Terrorism and Muslim issue of India is connected to Pakistan specifically now. He has build up formidable Defence forces with high morale and equipments lacking before. Now a war with Pak and breaking it up, dismantling its terror infra will happen in next few years. All this ecosystem and sympathizers will vanish. Hindus will get many more decades to survive and fight if happens so, with orphan children of Pak running headless here. That will be his contribution to Hindu cause and not putting a Teesta in jail, or banning NDTV, taking on Rajdeep or ilk.

    10. Though a geographical Akhand Bharat as shown in RSS maps was never there ruled by one king, but in our life time we will see a Economic Akhand Bharat from Afghanistan to Vietnam, people of Hindu culture originally, coming together in a EU like formation with a common currency and common visa. This will be Modi's contribution to larger Hindu cause.

    Signs are clear as to what is happening here and at world stage. We are entering a window of war and a new world order where the Hindu cause, the Indian cause as mentioned above will be taken care of by the leader. I am ready to wait. Wait and fight. Constantly reminding him of this and not doing Andh Bhakti. Those who can walk with him good, those who chose to move away are welcome.

    1. Good reply. Also add -Bill introduced for Amendment to the citizenship act to give shelter to minorities( read Hindus) from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan. Declare India as natural home for persecuted Hindus from all over the world. If this is not Hindu cause , what is?
      I will be voting for BJP till infinity just to spite the M consolidation if nothing else.

    2. Regarding point 10: The Maurya empire during Ashoka's reign covered Afghanistan, parts of Iran and Bangladesh. So RSS is not completely daydreaming while speaking on Akhand Bharat.

    3. Excellent response Aar Vee. I am a regular on this blog and a huge fan of Ravinar and even get his angst. But I would like to highlight Point 3 of Aar Vee in particular. This is a fight for our civilization - a civilization eroded and ground to the dust over 1100 years of Mughal + British rule and 70+ years of home-grown misrule. There are no quick fixes to this - as a person who lives in the US, I can visibly see that Modi has instilled a sense of pride in the NRI community - his soft signals (not eating at a White House event because of Navratri going on etc.) all convey the message that I am Hindu and proud to be one.

      It is fundamentally this sense of pride that needs to be sparked and Modi is doing that. Should he address the situation in Kerala/WB, repeal RTE, remove state imposition over temples etc. - absolutely, he must. But there is no magic wand to do it all with.

      As I said, I understand your angst and it is extremely important to get our frustration and criticism across but we need some perspective and patience.

    4. Very nice points put up by you. I agree that NaMo has many limitations to fully carry out the Hindu agenda. Further, Hindus are such worthless lot that they would never unite even if NaMo builds the Ram Mandir. Yadav would still vote for Mulayam and dalits for Mayawati. The foolish Hindus of Bengal and kerala have still not opened their minds to voting for BJP. Hindus will never unite. They will always be jats, gujhars, jatavs, baniyas etc.

  39. All the Bhakts getting excited about the hard hitting article. TRUTH hurts. Get over it.
    Is BJP really about Hindutva or about Power grabbing?
    Just like Congress uses Minorities to come to power and do scams, BJP uses Majorities and sells the national wealth to Corporate groups.Period.
    NDA I - what was the main contribution of Vajpayee Govt?
    Selling Public Sector Companies at throw away price to Corporates. Getting mobile licence to Reliance.
    NDA II - what has the Modi Govt done so far?
    Write-off NPA of Public Banks and helping the Businessmen(Gujju Businessmen?) keep all their loot with themselves.
    Utilizing Hindu Shiv Sena all these years to grow in Maharashtra and now kicking out Shiv Sena and getting close to NCP by giving Padma Vibhushan to corrupt Sharad Pawar. Ha Ha Ha.
    Allowing Vijay Mallya to escape and talking about corrupt and strong borders.
    Right and left travelling across the world and helping Adani and Ambani to sign-off deals with his support.
    Meanwhile his ministers tweets and helps individuals personal problems which ideally a local administrator is supposed to do.
    Shushma Swaraj not uttering a word about visa problems of IT companies as a whole but helping passport issues of individuals which a passport officer is supposed to do.
    Suresh Prabhu looking at cleaning platform and blanket issues in train which a station master and TTE is supposed to do meanwhile trains are getting into accidents regularly.
    List can go on.

    Wake up Hindus. Modi is there in Delhi not for Hinduism but for Corporates.

    1. Of course, I forgot to mention about demonetisation nonsense which has hassled common man to such an extent I can vouch that BJP will not retain power in 2019.

    2. Dear Aar,

      Your blabber is typical Shivsena style. But running an absolute corrupt BMC & all the while using Chatrapati Shivaji & his Hindutva for political gains is not our idea of running a nationalist Government.

    3. Typical Bhakt casting anyone who comments about Modi. I am not from Maharashtra. I am from Tamilnadu.
      How is NCP Sharad Pawar better than Shiv Sena.

      Nationalist Government - poor ignorant. It is a Government for Corporates.

    4. Dear Aar,

      I am a hard core nationalist & don't mind flaunting it. Modi or no Modi, I will have to keep fighting anti-national, anti-hindu forces for next few decades atleast. So call me Bhakt, Chaddi, Sanghi, I really don't mind or care.

      Now coming to your comment :

      Your Question" How is NCP Sharad Pawar better than Shiv Sena? Answer: Yes, Shivsena is as bad as NCP minus it's pro-Hindu, Pro-Marathi tilt which was the calculated move by Bal Thackrey to carve his own votebank along with BJP's support some 3 decades earlier. For your knowledge, Shiv Sena was a Congress creation to cut into Leftist unions inside Mumbai.

      I have voted to Shiv Sena many times in my youth days & am proud about it.

      But today's shiv Sena is as bad as it get's & opposes Modi for no good reason only to save it's own corrupt BMC empire. It don't have winning chance without BJP's assistance & Hence I don't see anything wrong in BJP aligning with even NCP instead of Shiv Sena. Hope that clears my stand.

    5. Oh you fight against anti-nationals? Let me conduct a quiz for you.

      Indian Soldiers protect our lives by standing in hot sun and cold weather. Should we respect them? Yes or No.
      What about Indian Soldier who complained against his Army Superiors for serving bad food. Should we respect him? Yes or No.
      What about his Army Superiors who took revenge by incarcerating that Indian Soldier. Should we respect them? Yes or No.

      Indians are emotional fools. Its very easy to fool them. No wonder Ambanis and Adanis are looting us through their benami Govt.

    6. Again you start blabbering my friend. Do you think only Army fights anti-nationals ???

      Secondly, Why do you keep repeating Ambani & Adani like a Kejri Aaptard ??? If you have any proof please present it in open or shut up.Who has stopped you ???

    7. Couldn't answer the point for any of my complaints against NDA/Modi.

      Pathetic Bhakt - cry while your bosses utilise Hindus like you and loot the nation for Gujju Businessmen.

  40. For next post..
    - Freedom for Hindu temples
    -Scrapping anti hindu RtE
    - Ram Mandir
    - Haj quota increase
    - No action against missionaries
    - Continued providing benefits to kashmir separatists
    - in 2014, budget, jetley announced ₹100 cr fr resettlement of Kashmiri hindus, not much progress on this matter.
    - Col Purohit and Sadhvi Pragya still in jail without any proof.
    - Not that I think Asaram Bapu is saint, but he doesn't get bail and Tejpal got bail
    - NCERt continue to teach distorted or rather WRONG history. History textbook have not been revised.
    - No permission to Baba Ramdev to start his own education board.
    - (In Maharashtra) Failure to deal with Trupti Desai
    - Court decisions on Jalilkattu, Dahi handi and Bakri Eid,showing biases.

  41. Endorse every point you have made, not just agree. But strongly disagree with the solution you have suggested or advocating for. The reason is that, the problem is much more deep rooted than what you have perceived. I being from the left bastion of Kerala understand that there is no quick fix solution for the problem. To talk about something related to Hindu itself is a taboo in these parts of the country. Here, the BJP and RSS leaders themselves sound very different from rest of the country. They don’t care about cow slaughter and the sentiments related to that and even few of them consume that too. Such practices are mostly limited to public space. In personal life or inside family most of the Hindus still don’t prefer to do so. To say an example, most of these people don’t cook that in their houses. These are so not because the people here are less Hindus than rest of India, but because of the centuries old cultural invasion and the decades old left political rule. No one, including Modi or you and me can change it overnight or even in a decade or so. But, unlike all other causes and reasons which had happened here, the Modi factor is the only one which had an iota of influence in this part of the country. Even though RSS has most number of shakhas in Kerala than in any other part of India, their influence on these cultural aspects were fort fenced within the people who were closely associated with that. This is so because the left ideology here has a ‘cultural’ overtone unlike all the other political entities in the country. Here people just don’t cease to be Hindu by joining a left wing ideology. They claim to be, and I frankly believe them to be as Hindus as anyone else in the country. All these problems here are due to a political void present in this part of the country, which failed to produce a national leader of any kind since independence.
    Now, many people who were sympathizers of BJP and never voted for it due to tactical voting started voting for it and more importantly, started admitting it openly. In restaurants, beef started ceasing to be an item which everyone goes and order. Applying tilak (in this part, sandal paste) on forehead is a growing trend among youngsters. When I look at these changes I had come across over last 3 to 4 years no other answer other than ‘Modi’ could answer all these. It just started from the ‘Modi for PM’. I reiterate nothing other than Modi answer all these.
    But, the serious question still persists. Are these enough? Some people could argue that Modi could do a Trump. No. Modi is not trump. Why not? Answer comes from the very Kerala story itself. Trump is the leader of an economically prosperous entity. Modi is the leader of a nation which was culturally raped for centuries, which still couldn’t feed all its citizens, and that fail to acknowledge its heritage. This is the opportunity through which the lefts, evangelists, and the Arabs made their presence here. Until Modi eradicate the root cause, Hindu/Hinduism will never be revived in its pure form. Unlike the Gujarat CM Modi, who has very limited opportunity to rectify this, PM has almost everything with him except the atmosphere to do so. The very lefts, evangelists and Arabs of India are opposing it with tooth and nail. Unlike Trump who doesn’t need to worry about the integrity of his nation, Modi is to be worried about that for the time being. Empowering the nation economically and in defense capabilities is the first and foremost tasks towards everything we expect Modi to do us for voting him. Till date, he scores 100 % in both those aspects and doing it accordingly. So let’s give him time. He is on right cause.
    Yes, so far there are few things which he should have done. Like, RTE, Kashmiri Pundits, Text Books and so on. But, still, he is just half way. May be, waiting for an opportunity to do something in a scale and depth which even we don’t expect him to do. Considering that he doesn’t talk what he does, I am ready to wait. All those he did till now were known only to him till he announces it to the world.

    1. You have handled the subject very nicely in your comment.

      Hope Hindus understand the magnitude of our Problems & stop whining like a child for Modi to act on Hindu centric agenda.

      Does anyone believes that RSS would sit quietly & not act if Modi ever tries to copy Nehru the asshole???

    2. You have very well articulated the situation in Kerala. Couldn't agree with you more!

  42. Whose's PM is he anyway? People who voted against him or those wanted him as their PM...
    Now I can feel how most of the muslims would feel after being taken as mere vote banks for so many years. Hope has a long life but a small despair can paralyze it.

    1. Muslims do not "despair" - wait for UP results and you will know how strategically they continue to vote.

    2. The people whom they vote for are honest to them

  43. I was eagerly awaiting one such article! An excellent piece and a clear reminder to Modiji that development alone does not get votes. All the incremental votes that he got is not because of his development agenda alone but the four points on which he stressed that he would act and has miserably failed to doso! Can he tell us how many corrupt polilticians and babus have been prosecuted in the last three years~! Leave alone prosecution, against how many chagres have been framed for corruption. Forget CBI, even government bodies such as ED, INCOME TAX TRIBUNAL, CORPORATE AFFAIRS MINISTRY to name a feww - none have them have acted against the culprits or allegedly corrupt netas and babus. But he goes ahead and awards Sharad Pawar a Padma Vibhushan! In short i feel that Narendra Modi wants to become another Mahatma Gandhi!

  44. I was blocked on Twitter by you for lampooning ur objection to Modi ranting "Toilets before temples" in an election season in 2014.Perhaps those were early signs of what was coming.
    Pls unblock me atleast now.

  45. To Narendra Modi's credit, he never said a word when a Muslim was murdered in Dadri or when a Dalit committed suicide in Hydrabad dispite the opposition's constant demand that he say something. The question is, how many Hindus have to be murdered before he says something.

    In the end, we will have to ask ourselves, who else we ave in mind that can replace Narendra Modi and do everything we wish Modi would be doing. The most unfortunate part in India is Hindus are divided and divided we keep falling time and again.

    1. You are wrong sir...

      Modi publicly condoled Rohit Vemula's death and expressed sorrow for his mother and family. Please look it up, you will find many reports on it...

  46. Ravinar,
    This is reply to your response for my post on Kerala.
    Till a decade ago CPI(M) was an ATHEIST party in Kerala. Hence they have had negligible support among Christians and Muslims. However, similar to TN, Hindus were OK with the CPI(M)'s ideology, simultaneously keeping Hindu culture & tradition --- NOTE that Hindus are capable of maitaining multiple identities like European Liberal Christians, but Muslims are NOT capable.

    Meanwhile, after realizing that BJP is growing by gradually cutting into CPI(M)'s Hindu base, Kerala CPI(M) have started adopting Hindu religious icons, festivals, celebrations, etc to prevent Hindus from crossing over. CPI(M) has quietly dumped their WHOLE ATHEIST IDEOLOGY into the Arabian Sea and have become almost a HINDU organization, copying social activities of Sangh Parivar, but simultaneously attacking BJP/RSS to claim their secular credentials in front of Muslims. Its a typical Communist double-game as in China having embraced Capitalistic Economy wholeheartedly while maintaining "Communist" ideology of Totalitarian dictatorship.

    I'm not justifying Kerala CPI(M).. but if you take a deeper look you will see a an anti-SanghParivar sentiment by CPI(M) & Congress but -NO- general ANTI-HINDU activity in Kerala like what happens in Bengal.

  47. Good reply AAR VEE
    As Modi said Sab ke Saath Sab ka Vikas, he will make sure this slogan will definitely come in to practical. As all previous govts wanted us to spoon feed us with useless scheme's he is giving us job's to us, if more & more people employed there will be a dead silence. Let him give more time as the disease is very deep rooted it needs more time & Modi is not sitting idle, he is doing great, If you don't want him in next election what's the choice we have Barah cylinder walls or Tyre less cycle or Begum? Do you think any of these has the potential to run our country? I completely agree with AAR VEE "Those who can walk with him good, those who chose to move away are welcome"

  48. Gurudev You are correct to your interpretations about Modi ji's psyche and delivery of his social and economic responsibility to masses. We are having hard time to convince our friends about Modi and his actions on Kerla,Bengal,Kairana and Mujjafrnagar as well after He took the charge as PM.

    Bhakts are disappointed, only thing keep us live is his being a SwayamSevak . We feel that a Man who has solutes Bhagwa once is made for him. Whether you do it daily,weekly,monthly or yearly the flame is alive in your hearts. How can He forget about the sacrifices made by our forefathers to save Hindu Sanskriti and what not.

    His tendency to satisfy Muslims is going to be self sociedal for him. Every one knows that you are a Sanghi , they know about BJP as well, now instead of taking Hindutwa issues if you run from front, then this could be seen as cowardice approach by us.

    This tendency has to vanish . If Modi wanted to make strong India He has to take majority with him and minority will soon follow the suites.

    1. Mishraji

      Bihar mein dekha na kya hua...loha lohe ko kaathta dheere dheere....waqt hai...

  49. Right.It will be suicidal for Modi and BJP to follow a "Congress path" of appeasement of all and sundry.There has been no word from this govt about killing of Hindus in Kerala and Bengal.BJP in its anxiety to occupy the centrist [ and secular] space being vacated by Congress is falling in to the trap - laid by Christian media,evangelists and Islamists.

  50. What a brilliant piece. You mentioned every single thing that most of his supporters are feeling including me.

  51. That is the nature of chameleons .Dont be conned by such impotence ...hindu be doomed

  52. It is too early to frame opinion of BJP Govt for many reason
    1) There is no other minister worth his salt to bring in some new vision to ministries like Environment & Forests, Education, Industrial Technology, IT Technology

    2) The right to wait & do is changing the constitution by major amendments like removing special status to J & K state, remove the power from parliament & give it designated Regulators in each regulators, increase Regulators.

    3) Make it mandatory for each political party that positions like President or Chief Minister cannot be held more than TWO times in their life time, to break the backbone of Khangress & its over dependence on old guards. Limit the age to 70-75 maximum to all public institutions, NOT even in boardrooms.

    4) Make every accounts auditor responsible to report SCAMS & accountable for the annual reports endorsed by them, strip their licenses for entire life, with no chance to repeal & his assets confiscated including those belonging to his immediate family for observed SCAMS

    5) Remove religion based quota system to economic criteria

    6) Increase the strength of judges (with a life of 10 years) by adding notable civil personalities to ensure all cases are decided within ONE year maximum. once the back log reduces,(keep a target of 5-7-10 years) the best judges will be absorbed rest dismantled.

    7) Remove the generalists IAS & make it mandatory to have technical specialists to head organizations for no one goes to a general physician for cardiac surgery or critical medical treatment, so industry to be head by Chemical Specialist, Mechanical specialist ...etc.

    8) If BJP can do this, think their name shall be written in golden letters in indian history.

    9) Identify & form military technology teams to absorb more IITians in to satellite, missile, rocket & space station technology, bio-technology. If you set this today, may be 15 years down the lane, the world will send their engineers to get Indian visa. Such should be target.

    9) Currently Modi could have still done much better, seems lack effort & his subordinates are also lacking basic skills. sorry plight of BJP & its supporting organization RSS they are too ordinary people, made to look like big brains, in fact they are kindergarten people.

  53. Lawyer as finance minister
    Lawyer as IT & Telecom minister
    A non-entity is made HRD minister
    Uma Bharati is made responsible for holy place cleaning (she can talk but cannot execute nor have any ideas)
    It is time for revamping & make radical changes to our judicial system.
    Modi seems to have either developed cold feet or lost direction got vairagya after seeing the Indian constitution.
    Still will give him some more time.


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