Monday, February 27, 2017

Fiberal Artyfarts

To escape the summer-heat the engine drivers jumped into the engine furnace. That kind of Wodehousian humour best describes our Commie Fiberals. Or, desperation leaves them clinging on the edge of a house on fire as Elton John would have put it. From India to the US, Commie Fiberals are clinging to everything that will help cover up their frustration and stupidity. Here’s the queen of trolls clinging to some of the dumbest soundbites as HUGE HEADLINES:

But it doesn’t seem to be working.  News, analysis and communication now empowering the public at large leaves no room for the Artsy-fartsy liberals to hide anywhere. From Bollymorons like Anurag Kashyap or RG Verma to social-sludge crawlers like Shobha De, nobody spares their dumbassery anymore. No, not even the usually communication-shy police when it comes to trashing stupidity:

All the so-called artsy, intelligent Commie Fiberals like Shobha De are discovering that the internet is a very unforgiving domain. Sometime back the Commies orgasmed collectively when they thought they discovered that Kanhaiyalal of JNU. One artsy idiot even went to the extent of stating that in Kanhaiyalal “Modi had met his match”. Surely, that must have Modi’s legs shivering in fear. Barkha, Rajdeep, Rahul Kanwal and every stupid Fiberal went to pay respects at the feet of Kanhaiya. Soon, Kanhaiya “brayed” very loudly and the horse-dress fell off his back. Now we had to look for another hero. The search didn’t take long or maybe they were already building up another Rockstar for the appropriate launch. As with the JNU nonsense, they found one in Gurmehar Kaur, a student of Delhi University who also happens to be the daughter of a Kargil martyr. What a combination – Kargil martyr and a superstar-shield for the Commies:

Well, well! Daughter of a Kargil martyr in the same gang as the “Bharat ke tukde” and “Afzal Premi gang”. To top it all she’s also an Aaptard who hangs around with the likes of Kavita Krishnan, Shabnam Hashmi and John Dayal. These folks have been grooming the young kid quite well to behave stupidly. After the fracas at the Ramjas college she held out this placard claiming she stands up to ABVP goons and that ALL students of India were with her. Very nice! The story at Ramjas in short is that the Anti-India gang of Umar Khaled and Shehla Rashid types wanted to corrupt the DU too with their poison which the ABVP protested and there were clashes.

Rashid claimed huge stones were thrown at her and she was beaten up. She immediately took to Twitter to tweet about it and was later admitted to the famous Commie hospital called NDTV to whine her heart out. Artsy! Very Artsy! And then came Gurmehar’s placard which was promptly carried as a story of great courage by Hindustan Times and had all the other usual Commies standing up and applauding:

Okay, so now this Gurmehar is as big a hero as her soldier-father. We get it. Hope these guys build her up like a “Malala” and she finally gets a Nobel for her courage. Lest we forget, let me remind you of the horrible atrocities those “ABVP goons” committed against the peaceful SFI and “Afzal Premi” Commies. And who better to tell you that story than the Commie-hospital called NDTV. So, here you go:

So, some guy called Prashant Mukherjee from SFI says police was just a spectator while the ABVP goons slaughtered his “peaceful” group. To tell you the truth, I confused this guy with one of those Bollywood art-movie directors from Bengal. He bears uncanny resemblance to one such director. Even the Southern Commie Pig-farm, The Hindu, confirmed that this Mukri was beaten up very badly while police looked on:

There is just one problem. The stupid LIES of Commies don’t pass anymore. While The Hindu wanted to pass the attacker as an ABVP goon, he’s the same Prashant Mukherjee who was whining on NDTV about police being a spectator. This is guy in the pic attacking another. We all know the JNU-type filth. We all know the Barkha-type Rudaalis. Attack, abuse… and then play victim when exposed. And then Gurmehar placard thing happened and the “playing victim” was complete. The entire Commie gang was activated to start tweeting and singing like a box of parrots. Only, the RW found it very comic and couldn’t stop laughing at this stupidity. They realised that this girl was a “placard champion” and dug up past placards of hers. The one that was most amusing was in which she said Pakistan didn’t kill her dad, war did. That was enough to set off a huge fight of laughter challenge, especially among the RW. I couldn’t resist it myself:

Yes, even these blogs are not written by me. My keyboard does. And they listed a long list of crimes people did not commit. Hitler didn’t kill Jews – the Gas did. Salman Khan didn’t kill any pavement-sleeper – His SUV did. He didn’t kill any blackbuck – some bullet did. This was almost like that Truck killed vacationers at Nice in France – Not that Muslim terrorist. Maybe even Barkha didn’t indulge in any Radiagate scandal – her mobile phone did. Even Virender Sehwag realised he was wrongly credited with scoring all those triple centuries. He finally faced the truth propounded by new-wave artist Gurmehar and her Commie handlers:
I am as progressive as the next guy. I am fine with the worst of slogans and placards as long as they are not anti-national and do not support or glorify terrorists. The JNU idiots do exactly that and they claim it’s their FoE. And they are ably backed up and handled by Barkha, Kejri and Yechury type Commies who do want to see Pakistan succeed in its designs against India. But this latest round of art-work by a young girl, daughter of a Kargil martyr, shows us what filthy Commie indoctrination does in our schools and colleges. I balk at their talent and their artsy-fartsy ways of communicating as does this guy in the video (2.12 mins):

As with the “Progressive-Liberal” artist in the video, these new-wave Commie idiots are nothing but Artyfart experts. Whatever comes out of them – whether spoken, written or expressed, expresses the “waste of their life”. I am not complaining. I am convinced they will fart their stupid ideology and beliefs to death very soon. Let them fart some more.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Blackface Ravish

There was no black-screen over Nirbhaya. No Award Wapsi. There was no black-screen over farmers being shot in Pune under Congress. There was no black-screen over the attack on peaceful protesters at midnight at the Baba Ramdev camp. There was no black-screen over Himalayan heights of corruption by Congress. There was no black-screen to protest muzzling of free-speech with 66A. There was no black-screen over Barkha’s Radiagate scandal. There was no black-screen over corrupt Rajdeep’s suppression of Cash4Votes tapes. There was no black-screen when street-thug Rajdeep assaulted ordinary Modi supporters in New York. There was no black screen over umpteen deaths of our Jawans and civilians to terrorism. That’s how Commie Pigs fly!

But come an altercation, scuffle with lawyers and journos getting beaten, it sends Ravish Kumar of NDTV to a black-screen rant as if the whole country has been destroyed. Such are Commie whiners of NDTV. There is hardly any known face of NDTV that is not soaked in corruption of some kind or the other. And that all the Commie-Jihadis at NDTV are “Paid-slaves” of Congress is also not a great secret nor needs an Einstein to establish. And the self-righteous crooks are always the first ones to play victim:
Behind that black-screen that Ravish put up, he ranted and scoffed at everyone on earth. He chided and implied his viewers were brainless for the choices they make and the shows they watch. He defended anti-nationals of JNU in the garb of FoE. He even stated Islam has nothing to do with the Kashmir problem and terrorism. Underneath the cloak of journalism most of these guys come from Congress slave-families. Honour and fairness, that Ravish and his NDTV Commies so rant about, also demands that they disclose their DNA, associations and political boot-licking. Nature’s law of retribution always hits hard. And so, it turns out, this whiner and fake preacher of honesty comes from a Congress family and has a brother who is accused of being involved in sex rackets. Brajesh Pandey was also VP of Bihar Congress and has now resigned:

Just as corruption runs in the Congress, FILTH runs among their family-slaves. Naturally, once the news of the sex-trader came to light, ordinary people on SM taunted the pompous Ravish. They taunted him for sermonising the world while filth runs in his own family. Predictably, other Commie, Hindu-hating idiots of media jump to his defence:
Don’t forget to note, that even here the moron Nikhil Wagle addresses people as “Bhakts”. That labelling is lost on him while he defends Ravish. I don’t think anyone “abused” Ravish but how quickly these self-styled courageous retards start playing victim. The standards they apply to the whole country does not apply to them. They will charge anyone with “guilt by association” but their black insides should be treated as white as clean. A photo of Amit Shah with some jerk who assaulted Kanhaiyalal of JNU makes Amit Shah a jerk too. That’s NDTV logic! Not to forget, Wagle’s wife too was once arrested in some case. And while Wagle defends Ravish let us not forget how prejudiced these Commies really are. Sometime back Wagle abused and condemned the entire Brahmin community for some personal prejudices:
So, crooks who publicly air their hatred for all people of one community of Hindus with no reason or rhyme explained want that Ravish should not be taunted for filth in his own family. Never mind! Now the question is – do the sins of the brother make Ravish Kumar a sinner too? Legally no! MORALLY YES! Normally, I wouldn’t indict Ravish even morally. It would neither be reasonable nor justified. But these mediacrooks are the ones who have created and perpetuated the concept of “Guilty by association” when it comes to their own prejudices. In Ravish’s case, it is justified and we must explain to this Hindu-hating Commie why. And all it takes is a few acts of his own that DO NOT qualify as journalism. Read this emotional and instigative rant by Ravish over the Dadri incident from NDTV (excerpts):

The Dadri incident will get lost under the glory of some foreign trip or some clever rhetoric in an election rally…. We are not understanding what is happening around us. We are not being able to make others understand… Our politics has become a collective of opportunists and cowards. I had gone to Dadri to cover Mohammad Akhlaq's death. On the way back, I felt I was carrying another corpse inside me”.

But under years of crimes under Congress didn’t get such an emotional rant. This kind of nonsensical, emotional rants instigated by NDTV, in particular, and many other MSM outlets led to an “Intolerance” campaign implying all Hindus of India have become intolerant under ModiSarkar. And such incidents, though terrible, happen throughout India. What was the motive here? Because the victim was a Muslim the entire nonsense of intolerance was concocted and an entire country slammed. But hey, if filth runs in your own direct family, you have nothing to do with it. That is the jaundiced stupidity of media.

Coward Vemula commits suicide – Modi is responsible! Modi destroyed democracy! Periyar crap in IIT Madras – Modi is responsible! Dadri incident – Modi is responsible! Modi has created a climate of intolerance! Muzaffarnagar riots? Happened because Modi was campaigning! JNU Anti-nationals on fire defending terrorists – Modi is throttling free speech! Some Gaurakshaks get violent – Modi is responsible! Some Dalits get beaten in a fracas – Modi is responsible! And they scream Dalits under attack! Any Hindu or fringe element commits a crime – Modi is responsible! For all the events Modi is in no way connected to – he is responsible. Some stray attack on a church – Modi is responsible. Some nun raped in Bengal – Modi is responsible! But Ravish, sex-racket in your own direct family, – You are responsible for nothing? I refuse to believe Ravish was not aware of his brother’s businesses and chose NOT TO REPORT. I am entitled to that suspicion.

And what about the reporting of Ravish? On Demonetisation, he goes around peddling a tirade against Modi with what? He uses a Congress stooge as street-guy to peddle his hatred (See Surgical Victims). And again, he goes into crowds instigating them to speak against demonetisation but gets booed. In response, ravish chides the crowd as people who don’t care (see Black Eyes). At every opportunity, he instigates and provokes people to slam Modi. What kind of reporting is that? And still claims he’s a journalist? And rants about conscience and tolerance and crap like that? Laughable Idiot! And for his “guilt by association” nonsense (as that of most of the MSM) I don’t see why Ravish’s face shouldn’t be blackened for his brother’s sins:
For all the crimes, this guy and his channel have wrongly attributed to Modi, no matter where the incidents happened. Not once, I repeat NOT ONCE, have these Congi slaves ever held SoniaG responsible for any crimes in Congress states or all the monumental scams under Congress-UPA regime. They even designated Robert Vadra a private citizen on orders of Congress to protect the “FAMILY”. It is not just his brother Brajesh Pandey, but the practice of sexual exploitation of women has long been practiced in their Congress itself:

Has Ravish or NDTV ever discussed or debated these crimes of Congress. I am not even going into episodes of ND Tiwari or that guy Maderna from Rajasthan. And here is how Ravish defends when asked about his brother’s sex-racket:

NO MORON! Socially we don’t accept corrupt people. Media is the first line of defence of the corrupt, not ordinary people in society. It is the practice of Ravish and his Mafia-gang in MSM that covered-up the scams of Congress and SoniaG. His former colleague, Congress-Coolie Rajdeep even went to the extent of asking “Where is the fraud?” in the National Herald scam. Rajdeep also suppressed Cash4Votes tapes. Society does not protect corrupt Ravish, you and your media-mafia do. And since “Guilt by association” is a practice media has instituted against those they don’t like – you can be considered as guilty as your predator brother. You can change that ONLY if you revert to honest “reporting” and not blabbering and peddling crap.