Monday, January 9, 2017

Trinamullah Goons

I had written Bengal’s Terror Machine over two years ago. Killings, bomb-making factories, wanton violence, counterfeit currency, appeasement of Jihadis. Nothing… nothing has changed since that post in October 2014.

On January 8, the New Indian Express released some files from PMO showing how SoniaG’s NAC commandeered the PMO during the Congress-UPA govt. The report reveals nothing new but merely confirms what everyone already knew. Our media mafia covered up the crimes of the UPA and NAC for having reduced the PMO to a puppet and a joke. And then plant bogus stories of “Sonia unhappy” over misdeeds of Congis as if she was some angel from above merely watching. She was actually a part of Congi crimes and scams. This is what Commies do everywhere when they get to power. That we got rid of the Congress is a great tribute to ordinary Indians. And such a fascist, dictatorial, anti-people party should never be brought to power again. Only the corrupt elite thrived and prospered under Congress.

That is true for the new heroes of our media mafia too. From Akhilesh Yadav to Mamata Banerjee, their aspirations are pinned on these characters. Arvind Kejriwal has been exposed to be a farce too much to be a favourite anymore. The Little Akhilesh (after continuing family squabbles) was recently projected as a development icon. The reality is that his SP govt has been far more violent and has seen more crimes during its 5 years. Here’s some stats from LiveMint:

Mind you, the SP is worse off in comparison to the BSP which is no angel itself. The BSP is as much filth as SP. The other thing common to all Commie parties is that they are predominantly anti-Hindu or anti-majority-culture. They will do anything and everything to drive the discourse to portray Hindus as evil. A stray comment by BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj on Muslim population explosion is portrayed as “communal” and draws an instant FIR by UP govt while the Mullahs who treat women as second-class humans with statements like “Gender equality is Un-Islamic and women are fit to only give birth” get buried quickly. And post the recent demonetisation, the corrupt Commie gangs are so upset that a filthy Mullah (Maulana Rehman) even issues a fatwa against the PM (video 1.46 mins):

The Mullah wants Modi’s head shaved and face blackened and offers a reward of Rs.25 lakhs for anyone who does it. This is nothing short of inciting and rewarding violence against the PM. Only a Psycho-babble Mamata will allow such a thing in a state. And they claim minorities (read Muslims) are suffering in India under ModiSarkar. On the contrary, some members of the minority community, especially Mullahs, have issued the most brazen, hate-filled statements. That Bhukari of Delhi audaciously says he cannot appear in court because it will cause communal tension. The AIMPLB says their personal law is above Constitution. And these are the guys suffering? I see Bengal and Kerala as gone cases. By rotation one Commie party replaces another and then the only pursuit is of altering demographics, killing Hindus and developing Muslim vote-banks. The lunatic rants of MamataB post-demonetisation has reached incurable levels. She is as psychotic or worse than Kejriwal in that department. The headlines consistently coming out of Bengal over the last few years don’t even shock us anymore:

The anti-Hindu riots from Deganga to the recent Dhulagarh one have been quietly covered up by the MSM. Not just cover up but the media-mafia even certifies these are just rumours being spread on Twitter as the street-thug consistently informs on anti-Hindu riots:

That IndiaToday even employs a liar like Rajdeep should indicate what has become of our cowardly media. Fortunately, individuals still stand out and investigate and bring us the truth of the anti-Hindu violence in Bengal. These communal riots are not even “incidents” anymore. They are well-organised cleansing of Hindus from Muslim towns or areas with a clear plan of another exodus like the Kashmir one. Journos from Rajdeep’s own stable trashed his nonsense without calling his lies:

Surrounded by sidekicks like Derek O’Brien or Sudipo Bandopadhyay who are as terribly foul-mouthed as MB herself the situation in Bengal has reached dangerous levels beyond tolerance. The CBI arrested Sudipo Bandopadhyay in the Rose Valley scam and all hell broke loose. Protests would have been fine and understandable but the TMC goons unleashed violence, bombed the BJP office and even licensed the party workers to shoot political opponents. MB’s dumb statements include wanting PM and Amit Shah arrested because they “don’t understand Indian politics”. To top this, MamataB claimed there is nothing wrong if her Sudip got 2-3 lakhs of scam money as bribes for political purposes. And the one supporting her gladly in her crimes is none other than a 10JP poodle known commonly in Lutyens as the “Wheeler-Dealer”:

So, chasing the criminals who looted millions of people in Ponzi schemes like Saradha or Rose Valley amounts to some kind of “punishment” to Shekhar Gupta. The media is the first line of defence for the corrupt. And they keep proving this line of mine true over and over again. And Shekhar does get a “Thank you” from MB for his defence. Why are these failed journos whining? It’s probably a defence-mechanism to protect themselves from their own crimes surfacing and being prosecuted. With their political-Godfathers falling all over, these scumbags see their very own miserable lives under threat. And that is Achche Din for the country. Psychotic Mamata’s utterances get worse by the day and have bordered on madness since demonetisation was announced on November 8, 2016:

She wanted President’s rule at the Centre. I seriously wonder how Bengalis tolerate such a person as their CM or what development or work they expect from her govt. Soaked as they are in politics, politics, politics and nothing but politics it is hard to fathom their expectations. I can only see Bengal going down the drain and deeper into a quagmire with such a lumpen govt. In the 2014 campaign Modi promised to deport illegal Bangladeshis “bag and baggage” from Bengal and NE. It’s a different story that he has completely forgotten that promise. But even at that time MB screamedWho is Modi to oust them”? She grandly implies she will even protect illegal immigrants to further consolidate her Votebank.

Elsewhere in Kerala, another BJP man’s house was burned down and he was killed. An attack on a guy also had CPM goons throwing out his 10-month old baby from his car. This is a continuing saga of attacks and killings of Hindus, attacking and destroying temples and even picketing and disrupting Hindu universities. The Commies in Bengal and Kerala have taken slaughter of Hindus to unprecedented levels while our Centre spinelessly watches. I don’t see any difference between the culture of the murderous ISIS and the goons of Trinamullah Congress or the CPM or CPI in India. And this is universally true of Commies and the modified image reflects their murderous Jihadi cult appropriately.


  1. Excellent and very hard hitting. I am sure a handful of RW blogs like this must be saving lives of many Hindus. 'Nautanki' by Mamata is sure desperate efforts to thwart 'Sailab' of anti-corruption action by Modi Sarkar from coming to her feet.

  2. Bengal is another Syria in the making. The least the Centre can do, in order not to worsen the situation there, is to post a no-nonsense, hard-hitting Governer.

  3. Bengal is another Syria in the making. The least the Centre can do, in order not to worsen the situation there, is to post a no-nonsense, hard-hitting Governer.

    1. The comparison is not correct...

      Iraq Libya Syria Yemen the mischief of Obama/Hillary/and CIA....backed by the powerful Jewish MNC lobby in the US...THEY FAILED MISERABLY....THIS ADVENTURE HAS BOOMERANGED ON THEM ...

      W Bengal has symptoms similar to J&K...
      Half of Bengal was lost in 1947...
      What is left with us after 1947 will also go the JK way very soon if Bengalis do not wake up....
      It is for the Bengalis to ACT NOW...

  4. You missed jehadi Maomata filing FIRs against Zee News journos.

  5. Hope the sleeping @HMOIndia @RajnathSingh @kiranrijiju @pmoindia @narendramodi read this blog and ACT

  6. and it seems like at international level commies such as chinese and russia have decided to help jehadis abroad.

  7. We fail to understand what is central government is doing except being mute spectator.Killing of Hindus has gone beyond the control of both MB and Kerala govt as they want their vote bank to flourish.It is high time we Hindus unite and do something.Surprisingly not a single word from Modi or his govt condemning these acts.

  8. Modi seriously needs to adopt a zero-tolerance policy to Mamata and commie goons of Kerala. I fail to understand what political compulsions make him turn a blind eye to obvious ethnic cleansing of Hindus and deaths of so many karyakartas there. He controlled the Gujarat mullas with an iron fist and made sure the once-common riots did not recur. Of course the demographics in the 2 states are abysmal, but the situation will only get worse if not controlled now.

  9. Time is approaching for Hindus to save and protect themselves from evil. With a Govt tied down by their own insecurities and fear of being labeled Hindu,who will protect Hindus if not themselves. All Hindus must stay cohesive,learn any form of self defence and be vigilant and react to any attack.

  10. Here are 8 points.Aryan Invasion-Dravidian is fake as per science.All Indians have same genetic lineage

    1)Muslims are good but 1st victim of Islam which remote controls them how to behave in majority [where only Islam] and how in minority [depending majority is soft then islamisation or organise then altaqqya [deciet] concepts.
    Indonesian Muslims have Sanskrit name and proud of Hindu ancestry, heritage Turkey is secular due to Ataturk reforms thats why these muslim majority are secular.Indian Muslims love Islamic invaders who exploited,screwed them but hate there Hindu ancestors

    2) Hindus believe all Religion leads to Divine but content wise scripture differ is that communal.Islam,Christianity believe there way is only way.If I believe in one God I will be Hindu.If I believe in one Goddess I will be Hindu and if I believe in multiple God/Goddess I will be Hindu and even if I am Athiest/Agnostic I will be Hindu and its one of the rare religion which has no founder.

    but if I dont believe in Christ or Muhammad I cant be Christian and Muslim.

    3) Hinduism is a culture,way of life & one of the rare to have secular concept in it.Thats why Jews, Parsis,Syrian Christians who were persecuted, threatened were accepted and blended in our culture married Hindu females.Moplah Muslims came as trader and they also married Hindu females.Even Athiest and Agnostic were accepted Ex: Charvaka

    4)DNA studies and the above history proved that Aryan Dravidian/Aryan invasion is bogus all India Subcontinent people irrespective of region,tribe,religion,colour have Hindu ancestry[Pakistani & Bangladeshi Muslims could not co exist and partition based on Islam]

    5) India culture,religion tells us to respect females thats why we call them Devi[Goddess] (Ladies) but to gentlemen we dont call Devta[God]. Namaste means I bow to the God/Goddess in you shows no untouchable.
    Islamic invaders gave the concept of Pak[Pure] and Najis[Dirty/Untouchable] but Indian subcontinent Muslims,Christians have no association with them as they accepted there religion only

    6) Marriage based on understanding,respect is love or arrange but no forced or cousin marriage[incest] and if done then no honor killing but avoid it as it causes genetic problems.
    Sex without Marriage & Marriage without Sex both R pathetic
    Present dowry system is European yes Bombay was used as Dowry by European invaders based. In Hindu it was called streedhan which was property of daughter cannot be used by groom,his family & it was generally used in emergency when she was widow.
    Purdah system,Female Infanticide,Jauhar/Sati came when Arab invaders captured our females converted them,enslaved them,raped them & to escape

    7) Valmiki who composed Ramayana was born in a family who we call Harijan/Dalit/Untouchable/Shudra same with Ved Vyas Author of Mahabharat her mother was fisherwoman ,Krishna Bhakt Meera Guru was Ravidass who was born or did Cobbler work.Chandragupta Maurya was born in family whom we call Harijan but he became King.
    Shree Ram was born in Kshatriya family became Kshatriya Vishwamitra was born in Kshatriya family became Brahmin.Kalidas of Shankutala was born in Shudra/Dalit family became scholar etc.So it was not birth based now no caste as we are multidimensional in work

    8) There is change in physical characteristic and color due to melanin even in Europeans who have similar DNA structure (blonde Swede, German, mediterranean Greek, less fair Southern Italians compared to other Europeans etc).
    Many regions of Northeast are mentioned in Mahabharat like Manipur state,Cities from Arunchal Pradesh,Assam,Nagaland etc region of India.One of Arjun [Mahabharat hero] wives Uloopi was from Manipur [that time also called Manipur] and there son Iravan fought for Pandavas,Bhim wife Hidimba was from Nagaland and there son was Ghatokcha Krishna wife Rukhmini was from Arunachal.Even Northeasterns were & are Indians as per DNA.Check it and Spread it





  11. How to wake up our Kumbhakarna PM, why he keep paper tigers like Rajnath as HM ?

    1. Try being the PM of this nation and only then u will know...

      The problem is there are people in the BJP too who have skeletons in their cupboard and are more interested in their development than the nations....

      It is not easy to purge these people out in five years...

      There is a consistent attempt by thieves from all parties including the BJP to shackle Modi after the demonetization drive....

      That is exactly why Birla and Sahara papers from the IT dept were leaked.

      The IAS gang's income has dwindled....under Modi...

      All the thieves are ganging up....

      In such a situation we need to back Modi and stop calling him names....

      Modi could sustain the demonet drive only because of the masses support and not because of BJP leaders...

  12. Now, that fanatical Catholic Derek O'Brien goes to Hyderabad to provoke Dalit students to indulge in anti-central agitations.Mind you he is really closer to Rahul Gandhi the other fanatical Catholic than to that show piece Mamata.Wait till the Pope comes when Dereks and RahulGs will indulge in large scale provocation of Dalits and tribals against main body of Hindus.There is not a single comment by CPM's leaders like BuddhaDeb.In 1947 it was only Muslim fanatics while now there is the bigger evil of Catholic church.

  13. Darjeeling, Kalimpong & Kurseong and hilly areas should break away from WB. Need more support for Gorkhaland in West Bengal...

  14. Let me point out a few mistakes in this article:
    1) In Kerala, CPI(M) is a HINDU dominant party, and their HINDUS are killing BJP's HINDUS & VICE VERSA - its not a one way affair. There are no major communal problems in Kerala. So it is not like Bengal.
    2) CPI -DO NOT- indulge in violence in Kerala. Ask anybody from Kerala. CPI is also a victim of violence by CPI(M), even when CPI is a junior partner in the ruling alliance LDF.
    3) There is no anti-Hindu campaign in Kerala. But there is some degree of minority appeasement by non-BJP parties.

    1. Whatever it is or maybe....Kerala and West Bengal are the next Kashmir on the block....Hopefully the citizens of Assam have woken up and they are doing the needful..

      If u are alive and I am alive and this blog is alive, come online in 2025 on this same webpage and we will revisit Kerala...

  15. It is all just so depressing. Article tells the truth and in the way it should be but still my anxiety can not be cured unless I take some action myself. Again I feel what can I do. I have decided I will settle in my village and protect the villages around from chrislamists as Ravinar has termed them.

  16. “ NAC papers - Politica,indica, corruptica “
    Government’s decision to release 710 files of now defunct National Advisory Council (NAC) is welcome.

    An important source material for historians, researchers, political analysts, journalists etc to expose how legitimate powers of the executive were usurped by an extra-Constitutional authority.
    Created in 2004 (UPA-I) and dissolved on,2014 ( UPA-2) before PM Modi took over. Longest ever proxy rule by the de facto ruler

    Consider some home truths about NAC’s bizarre style of functioning . Located in a 5-star office in Lutyen’s Delhi, its chain of command was carefully structured on need-to-know basis.
    Giving oral directions was the unwritten rule. These were quickly legitimized by the then de jure PM- who was richly endowed with pliability and a propensity to protect his comfort zone.
    Though incorruptible, he was dishonest, anyway.

    Union secretaries used to be summoned direct to the NAC bypassing ministers. The nervous bureaucrats shared their predicaments with successive Cabinet Secretaries but without results.

    All hell broke loose. Scams after scams. CWG, 2G,Coalgate, Choppers gate, Rober Vadra’s illicit land deals etc. Ottavio Quattrocchi,‘ great escape to Italy via London and Argentina, was deftly manipulated.

    Permission to CBI officers to fly to London to arrest Quattrocchi,was deliberately delayed to enable the culprit reach Italy and avoid arrest. Thanks to the Screening committee of Secretaries and the then Cabinet Secretary. Secretaries to the Chairperson NAC,were retired secretaries, handpicked by the Congress supremo. They must be questioned.

    All top appointments in GOI, PSUs and public sector banks bore the informal ( unsigned ) approvals of the supremo followed by signed legitimisation by de jure PM.

    The Prime Minister’s Relief Fund was blatantly misused by the de facto PM. Unfettered freedom to the supremo, without an iota of accountability.

    Chairperson NSA acting as super-PM, had prior access to all discussion papers before decision by competent authorities.

    Quiz the then Principal Secretary, Secretary or Joint Secretary to the then PM who carried files to NAC office for seeking oral directions .

    In short, the NAC committed all illegalities behind the screen. PM chose to turn a blind eye for a decade to remain in power, citing “compulsions of coalitions”

    A K Saxena (A retd civil servant )

    1. Great insider's insight...thank you...
      Sir, if u hv any inside info 2004 to 2014, pls write to the PMO will help...

  17. Ramkrishna Paramhansa, Swami Vivekanand, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Shyama Prasad Mukherjee and other real intellectuals must be cringing in shame in heaven at what pseudo intellectuals are doing to what is left of Bengal. This is a must read for all Indians in general and Bengalis in particular.

    Undivided Bengal was the only non north-western state to become Muslim majority thanks to the Bengali tendency to cozy up to the Mogul invaders. In 1747 the Marathas tried to liberate Bengal from Muslim hegemony. The Maratha forces under the command of Janoji Bhonsle suffered a resounding defeat at the battle of Burdwan at the hands of the Nawab of Bengal's forces led by Ali Vardi Khan. The locals (Bengali Hindus) overwhelmingly supported the Nawab and tilted the balance decisively in favour of the Khan's forces. The 'intellectuals' in those days managed to convince the Bengalis that the Afghan origin Nawab who represented the Moguls was their true protector while the Marathas were marauding barbarians! Had the the Marathas won the battle of Burdwan, Bengal would have managed to overthrow the yoke of Muslim rule and exactly 200 years later there would have been no East Pakistan and therefore no Bangladesh!

    The British managed to enter India through Bengal. They first managed to establish a significant foot hold in Calcutta, not in Bombay or Madras or anywhere on the west coast. The Bengali 'intellectuals' who were by now fed up with Muslim tyranny rolled out the red carpet for the British and were quick to get into missionary positions with the missionaries. Thus the British managed to enter India from a point farthest from their homeland.

    In 1977 the' intelligent' Bengalis managed to elect the communist parties to power and reelected the communists 6 times thereafter. These communists are the same ones who supported China during the 1962 Chinese invasion of India and were looking forward to Mao liberating India. Harkishan Singh Surjeet infamously wrote 'Chairman Mao is our Chairman'!

    Unfortunately, at crucial inflection points in history, an overwhelming majority of Bengalis have always made the wrong choices and supported the wrong side and wrong causes. Moreover, instead of learning from history they have always tried to put a gloss on their mistakes by using high sounding but hollow arguments like secularism, democracy, socialism, equality, freedom of speech, expression, religion etc! All these high brow principles are meaningless if there is no nation and no state left to defend them. Supporting the enemy in the interest of a putative larger cause seems to have become a typical Bengali trait!

    In 1947 Bengal became the only non north-western state to loose territory to Pakistan. (The north western states had always bourne the brunt of Muslim invasions and succumbed but Bengal had capitulated to the Muslims without a fight and had also resisted liberation by the Marathas thanks to their 'intellectuals'.). A Muslim East Pakistan (a new front line) was created in what should have been India's rear 4000 km away from the front line in the north-west. Today 2/3rds of Bengal is lost to Bangladesh and what is left behind is a shriveled up moth eaten West Bengal which of course we still proudly call 'Amar Shonar Bangla', although there is nothing 'amar' and nothing 'shonar' about it any more! West Bangladesh is a more apt and better description of Amar Shonar Bangla! Very soon this too shall be lost while Bengali 'intellectuals' are busy playing competitive pseudo-secularism in universities, in the arts, in culture, in the media, on prime time while slowly but steadily what is left of Bengal is being lost to the enemies of India.

    Read the following incisive analysis of what is happening in West Bengal today and circulate this widely:

    1. Excellent analysis...
      Also pls Google "Bengalis + Ajit Vadakayil for more info on this topic...

    2. In the first place had there been no Muslim majority in Bengal, scoundrels like Nehru, Gandhi and Jinnah would not have had any excuse to partition Bengal. The British as well as Indian scoundrels just exploited the situation prevailing in Bengal. The rot actually began in 1414 when Raja Ganesh the then ruler of Bengal (along with a large section of the population) converted to Islam in order to save his kingdom from Muslim invaders! The Bengalis eagerly started prostituting their women to the Muslim rulers and produced all the filth which led to the loss of territory at partition. Instead of capitulating meekly to the Muslim invaders, had the Bengalis stood up and resisted, we would have had a different history, a different present and we would be looking at a brighter future. Alas, at crucial inflection points in history Bengalis have taken the wrong decisions and supported the wrong side and this continues even today. You open the TV or newspaper you see Bengalis pontificating about secularism, socialism and all kinds of phreedoms, blissfully oblivious to what is happening in Bengal. Very soon there will be no Bengal and Bengalis will have to kiss goodbye to all their cherished philosophies and phreedoms! One more part of India would be lost to the enemies of India. Modi or for that matter even God cannot do anything about the situation unless the Bengalis wake up. This is very little chance of this happening as there are just too many Amartya Sens, Ramchandra Guhas, Mridula Mukherjees, Aditya Mukherjees, Sagarika Ghoses, Prannoy Roys, Arundhati Roys, Barun Deys and a plethora of fake liberals of the JNU variety among them. Very sad!

    3. Excellent analysis Patriot! You have put Bengali history and mindset in the right perspective.


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