Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Runaway Kaamchor

Every job and profession requires certain talents and skills. One can get by with lesser talent but hard to get by without the requisite skills. Not possessing skills is not a crime but not willing to acquire the required skills for the chosen job will only lead to failure and disaster. Some jobs require multiple skills – a plumber’s major skill is plumbing but he also requires some skills in masonry and carpentry. How does one make it in life? You either work and get somewhere. Or you get born in a rich family and squander your life the way you want. Or, you marry a rich man or woman and spend your life and money watching movies and taking frequent vacations. George Best could have been the greatest footballer of all time. His talent and skills were known to far exceed the great Pele or even Maradona. But his own quote sums how he destroyed his great talent, skill and wealth: "I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars. The rest I just squandered”. Try this one: “In 1969 I gave up women and alcohol - it was the worst 20 minutes of my life”.

Rahul Gandhi is no George Best. He neither has talent nor skill in anything other than blabbering nonsense, sabre-rattling or grandstanding. The guy just visits India sometimes every year, spends a few months, talks nonsense and vanishes. He does no known work. His only gift, as somebody called it, is that he’s a “Lucky sperm” born into a rich political family. That’s all. And this family has made the Congress a private company where all the employees are bonded for life or have to leave if they don’t accept mandatory servitude to the Chinese Gandhis. Even some very talented Congis shamelessly crawl at their feet. That RG is a comedian is now an immutable truth and even Congis cannot deny it.

It is fashionable for our cheap MSM to plagiarise American terms. They now call our MPs and MLAs “Lawmakers” as in the US. Our MPs and MLAs actually have a much bigger role to play than just make laws. They are given funds and can demand funds for projects or facilitate developmental work. Our little Pappu does nothing of that sort. For 666 years Amethi has been the private property of these Gandhis with nothing much to show. RG goes around blabbering in the whole country and even runs abroad but does nothing for anyone. Even his jibes are tutored and read from scripts. Even from written scripts he fails miserably. Look at this (Video 1.47 mins):

When you don’t have the talent or skills for something then don’t try to cover it up by more stupidity. For a politician, Modi has extraordinary skills in oratory that is known. But what is not recognised is that Modi also uses his arms, hands and fingers in good supporting animation. He is a well-trained speaker it seems. If you see RG, the only thing he does monotonously (in all speeches) with his right arm and hand (other than rolling up his sleeves like a streetfighter) is do a “Swaha” as we do in yagnas or in a marriage ceremony. Doesn’t anybody teach this dunce in Congress on how to use animation or emphasise a point? But the problem seems to be that Pappu is eminently UNTEACHABLE and he has been proving it since 2004 when he entered politics. From Kalawati to Dalit homes to suit-boot ki Sarkar to earthquake-like speeches in parliament the guy simply blabbers nonsense. And our stupid media promotes this guy as the next messiah:

Does this guy really possess any knowledge or brains to even ask questions on any topic to the PM or offer advice? I don’t think so. A little jerk who goes around talking “Aloo factories” in UP clearly needs some education on many things. And each time our MSM crooks orgasm in chorus when they see a scripted glimmer. In January 2013, they collectively orgasmed over his “Power is poison” nonsense. Then during the parliament session over demonetisation they kept asking “Has Rahul come of age”? In reality, these MSM fools, instead of calling him the dunce he is they pin their hopes on anybody, just anybody, who can topple Modi in any way possible. Just look at this Intellectual Moron, the Award-Wapsi gang leader, when she found Pappu can’t dance:

The Congis have no option but the media will frequently find options like Kejriwal or Akhilesh or even the Peeking Kanhaiya to keep their “Choola” burning but still end up losers. And RG throws mud at quite a few people and creates “item girl” ruckus in parliament. The Congress as a party backs this ruckus and drowns the voices of even others in the Opposition. That at the cost of promoting this duffer, the Congress drowns all other voices on the Opposition benches. No one pointed this out better than Modi on the drama that Congress uses to promote the blabbering dolt as a hero (Video: 3.45 mins):

That is as accurate as anyone can be. To cover up the “inferiority complex” of RG (and he is actually inferior to any Indian of his age or lesser at that) the Congress takes up the most nonsensical campaigns or disruptions. From “Earthquake” speeches to stupid nation-wide movements to fear of surgical strikes against corruption. Wait… Surgical strikes against corruption? Even that rattles the Congis? Of course, if Congis face hurdles in corruption they would feel like fish out of water. Thus, the silly utterances of the footsies of Pappu continue:

Stands in a Q to convert old notes. Goes to Bhiwandi for a court hearing and blabbers another speech trashing Modi against demonetisation. Goes to Mumbai and again disturbs Qs at banks or ATMs for his stupid stunts. This is what a Kaamchor does. His inferiority in talent or skills to make any sense leaves him with no option but to indulge in such theatre and drama. Politics wouldn’t be fun without some drama but the politician is not supposed to become a loose-tongued comedian. And after all this what does he do? Behaves like a Runaway Kaamchor:

He is very worried for India. He is very worried for Dalits and poor people. He will protect India from Modi. He will fight RSS to protect India. He will fight corruption. He will cause earthquakes of laughter with his comedy. He was found to be partying after 26/11 happened. Was abroad when Uttarakhand floods happened and returned to take a grand King-like tragedy tour. He will hunt for suffering farmers anywhere but not visit them in the Congress-ruled state of Karnataka. In short, a tragedy-tourist with no purpose at all. And THEN… he will runaway to his favourite jaunts in Thailand or Europe or anywhere. Anywhere but an Indian town or vacation haunt. Nobody has any problems with anyone taking a vacation. And our MPs are mostly on vacation considering Parliament sessions are only for around 150 days a year. The other days people like RG are anyway on vacation. He does no work. And his history of being the Runaway Kaamchor has been documented in many reports. See this one in particular from IndiaToday which describes his hop-scotch vacations:

In that particular episode RG had disappeared for over 50 days with no one then knowing where he was or what he was doing. Many suspect he was in a detox centre for drug-abuse. When he returned the Congis grandly announced “A new, improved, rejuvenated RG would be visible” like New Improved Surf. Never mind that. Who does he meet? What deals does he make? Why so much secrecy around his trips that need so much investigation by the media? And then the Congress party rants about Modi’s official foreign trips for national business which are no secret and not party-hopping jaunts. Only a person with no responsibility and runs away from any serious work and born into a family with money to burn can behave like this. And the media is being finally forced to recognise the wanton vacationing and runaway kaamchor:

Long ago there was a movie called “Kaamchor”. In this film, Rakesh Roshan is a slacker who weaves nice stories just to find a rich woman to marry and live a life of comfort doing nothing. He convinces the woman he wants no riches but true love and will never become a “Ghar Jamaai”. The rich woman falls for him and marries him. But unfortunately, instead of living in her mansion she decides to live in his poor house. Roshan’s dream-life shattered, the marriage goes into trouble till his wife finally forces him to work and live in honour. He finally learns his lesson and mends his ways. It’s not just running away. The Gandhis have a history of running away without as much as a mild intimation to the LS Secretariat. That is more like escaping from the country for various reasons. For RG one doesn’t even need to draw new cartoons on his silly antics. This cartoon is from January 2016 and needs no alteration at all:

Unfortunately for RG, there is no wife or woman who will teach him a lesson. Even his doting mother seems helpless. And his footsies wouldn’t dare teach the duffer that he has to do some real work to earn his political life and respect of people. He continues to live the life of a slacker. Shoots his mouth here and there and then runs off to his playgrounds in Europe or the East. Even the anti-Modi Gardiner Harris of NYT couldn’t help pointing out RG is a total failure and unfit for politics (See video at the end of this post). India is now in a different age from Pappus who passed before. This Runaway Kaamchor will not learn. He has no learning skills. And the poor Congis will keep hanging on to the Gandhis in search for their elusive crumbs.


  1. The article is hilarious as well as saddening how MSM is trying to make a hero out of an eminent idiot. May God save us all.

  2. This luck Sperm is indeed brainless.. Post Delhi elections, all he's doing is to follow Cheap Dramebazi of another lucky creature Arvind Kejriwal.. Hope he remained as a Brainless kid, rather imitating the creature called Kejriwal..

  3. What a riot this article was. :D :D I was cracking up at every line. Not to mention... it was precise and hard-hitting. It was like a surgical strike on RaGa. :)

    What gems... 'lucky sperm' and 'Uneducatable'. ROFL. Absolutely the best article I have read this year... on any topic. :)

  4. It is such a waste of nation's resources that Congress is hell bent on pushing this idiot on us at the cost of good polity, sanity and future example. Why can't someone in Congress stand boldly and slap RaGa in broad daylight in parliament or some such place defining reason thereof. Why can't some Press Council's sane member holds strong mirror not to promote such donkey on national scene day in & day out. Bah!!!

  5. I feel that Pup poo goes often to foreign countries to change his mobile oil. I also feel that Modi is no fool and his video clips of foreign tours will be before public in January 2019 before LS elections. The earthquake he promised is perhaps there in some hotel bed.

  6. Runaway kamchor,dunce still r insufficient to characterise this moron.After interview by Arnob Goswami it's clear this dunce is less than semiliterate Rabri.Tragedy is d Congis still keep hope on this hopeless.

  7. This is a real surgical strike on pappu ghandi which will find resonance even with staunch congis,you have done what they would love to do but don't have guts

  8. This is real eye opening piece by Ravinar ji, hopefully some people from Congress read and act on it, if they want to save the party from this still born baby, who refuses to grow and earn his stripes. He is slowly but surely writing the epitaph of the INC, but his foot lickers are not even aware of it, very soon they could a jolt, when finally India may have a "Congress mukt country"

  9. A very accurate description of a useless person who is hell-bent on destroying INC. His every utterance gives a boost to BJP.

  10. "Lucky Sperm" indeed! The druggy duffer has the real knack of uttering such nonsense that to pity him is to pity pity!! Amethi morons have a death wish to keep themselves utterly poor for getting this " Kamchor" his non working fat salary & stupidity. The feudal mentality of survivant Amethi idiots is unbelievable in 21st century. India/Indians need to throw all these dynastic genetically screwed morons out of system to progress. Imagine this DD meeting Putin!!! Shudder at the thought!!!

  11. He is a state guest. We have a whole security mechanism protecting this "individual & leader" at the expense of other citizens. Wonder if he will ever justify the special privilege that has been meted out to the "First Family"

  12. In addition to enjoying himself,it should not be a surprise if he is having secret meetings with Vatican forces to spread Christianity in India.As also take care of his secret accounts in Swiss banks.

  13. It is amazing how a party which doesn't even have intra-party democracy has been in power for most of the past 67 years since our 'freedom'. Rahul Gandhi has no credentials to stake a legitimate claim to be the Vice President of a once-respected Congress party. Alas, if only Congress leaders had heeded to Mohandas Gandhi's advise to disband Congress after 1947 (after India's "independence"). For once, BJP is benefiting from the very factor which kept Congress in power for most of the past 67 years - a weak Opposition. Though Modi is no statesman like former PM A.B. Vajpayee, he is certainly far better than Rahul Gandhi. So, unless Congress promotes merit over dynasty to lead the party, it will go from bad to worse.

    1. Why do you say that Modi is no statesman like ABV. And you compare Modi with RG!! What atrocity.

      I silently keep on wishing that RG is made the Congress party president for life at the earliest. And the right wing needs to give fuel to the congis looking at RG as their saviour.

  14. I am sure he will improve. He will start improving the day when he stops getting up in the morning at night.

    But, Narendra Modi should be grateful to him and his position in Congress party that a more powerful leader is not allowed in the opposition. As is, Sonia Gandhi has to spend her energy more in thwarting more eligible competition in the Congress party than making Pappu more eligible.

  15. Cong Mukth Bharat is a work in progress for Pappu: once the remaining handful of khanChris states r sold off,I guess the family will leave our shores for good.BTW Mrs.Maino's sperm was luckier bcz she could rule for more than a decade in an ecosystem of her liking: otherwise there is no diff btwn maa & beta as far as skill is concerned.

  16. Sreemoy Talukdar in firstpost says --"Her call of "hitting the streets" against Modi was answered so enthusiastically by party activists that by Wednesday afternoon, reports had poured in of widespread and sustained attacks on BJP's Bengal units. Tuesday's attack on BJP's Kolkata office and workers and vandalising of vehicles was followed by the bombing of BJP district President Krishna Bhattacharya's residence, who according to a report by Financial Express suffered injuries during the 9.30 pm attack."

    So bombing an office is "enthusiasm". Also note absence of word "goons" to describe TMC workers. Rather they are
    "political activists". Then they have the audacity to call themselves unbiased.

  17. RG is actually a deep cover BJP agent planted in SG's womb to destroy the Cong from within.

  18. Cong Mukth Bharat is a work in progress for Pappu: once the remaining handful of khanChris states r sold off,I guess the family will leave our shores for good.BTW Mrs.Maino's sperm was luckier bcz she could rule for more than a decade in an ecosystem of her liking: otherwise there is no diff btwn maa & beta as far as skill is concerned.

  19. For the benefit of readers who do not know Tamil, there is a proverb in Tamil which means: "the quality of cloth is determined by the yarn and the quality of child is determined by the mother". And exception to this is rarest of rare.
    So, pappu will be always like what he is and any way that's good for our great nation...

  20. Lets be fair...There is no lucky sperm here....
    1. Birth in a wealthy and powerful family in India - Surely some great karma in past lives...
    2. Has goodwill of some very intelligent and competent congressmen = Exceptional good karma in past lives...
    3. Able to live comfortable life with all possible comforts vacations servants security = Good karma in past life...
    4. Lack of intellect, lack of wisdom inspite of a great birth - Surely some atrocious bad karma in past lives...
    5. Not able to achieve goals and mediocre performance inspite of great birth = Very bad karma in past lives...
    6. Will always be second fiddle to other political leaders in other parties = Bad karmic actions in past lives....
    7. Lousy family life/now wife/no children = Very bad karmic actions in respect to women in past lives...

    Most probably looking at the above and his animosity towards Hindus and their traditions and affinity for minorities especially Islamic variety....
    1. Must have been one of the kings post 600 AD ravaging plundering raping looting in the pursuit of spreading a religion which explains the bad karma and also the good karma...
    2. One of the Roman Kings during the Crusades...

    A Scientific analysis would tell us that this is a product of good genetic lineage from Nehru Indira Rajiv and cranky Parsi lineage from Feroze and of course Mafiosi crooked Italian lineage from mother...which explains the birth comforts and the lack of other things...

    One thing is sure, this man will never be PM.

  21. Nice article. But please,this dumb to get dumber by age. It a blessing in disguise that this moron heads the Cong party else some one shrewd Would have been ruling the country with full power .same goes with our peaceful minority's. on personal note I like such jerks living a stupid life.

  22. He is not a mere KAMCHOR.Congress and Communist parties are full of such parasites who have never done and honest day's work.Rahul Gandhi is foolish and hence more dangerous to Indian polity.We want good people to be in our governments and equally good people in the opposition.

  23. This " lucky sperm" gate crashes for photo op on every issues Dadri, Dalit, OROP, Film Inst etc BUT why, why,why this arrogant kamchor shys away from rape cases, molestations ??? Isn't it thought provoking? MSM must question and find out.

  24. what do u have to say on that Teresa fan girL? Modi. i thought Maa Ganga ne bulaya thha isse.


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