Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Fiberal Survival Woes

Commie Fiberals across the world are feeling the heat. Hardly needs mention that a vast majority of Fiberals are funded by radical Islamists and have heaped their contempt on the majority community in many countries. It is slowly becoming a battle for life for these “Useful Idiots”. And we are seeing this in the US too.

Linda Sarsour is one of the women who led the Women’s March in Washington on January 21. Frankly, I am not sure what this march was all about but it seems it was to protest oppression of women or seek women’s rights. It came a day after Donald Trump became President and the hate-filled liberal anger continues to overflow against his victory. From the post-election violence to this march the so-called liberals are at their wits end on how to come to terms with their loss. And of all places in the world, it is in America that this Islamic Sarsour claims to fight for women’s freedom. This is how she and her gangs want to do it:
Hard to believe that those seeking more freedom and rights endorse the shameful Hijab and believe “Sharia is reasonable”. Sarsour is of Palestinian origin and that should explain. Elsewhere, the has-been singer Madonna in a dumb speech wanted to “blow up the White House”. And the B-grade artist followed it up with more obnoxious tweets. What if a Muslim man had said this in the US? What if a Black man had said this? What if an actor in Bollywood had said he wanted to blow up 7 LKM and kill Modi? After all, there are endless number of crazy people in the US and elsewhere wanting to kill the US President and other leaders. One crazy John Hinckley tried to kill Ronald Reagan being obsessed with the psychotic character from the movie “Taxi Driver”.

The intolerance of Fiberals like Madonna makes these idiots think they are daring and are entitled to mouth such extreme hatred. Hollywood even threatens a Blacklist that will boycott and harass artists who don’t oppose Trump. Such tolerance and respect for democracy. Same goes for many in Bollywood, Commie parties and quite of few in the Indian MSM. This stupid Madonna had earlier offered blow jobs to Hillary-voters. In yet more scorn, a writer for satire-show SNL (Saturday Night Live), Katie Rich, tweeted “Barron will be this country’s first homeschool shooter”. That bitchy tweet is about the 10-year old son of Trump. The goons have fallen so low that they attack an innocent kid. And here’s Madonna abusing Trump and actress Ashley Judd pouring sexual-abuse on Trump’s daughter:
That is abusive, Fiberal filth for you. The Leftist media in the US continues to wage a battle with Trump after having their faces smeared with eggs for their failed campaign for Hillary. On the day Trump was sworn in, a joker from TIME even claimed a bust of Martin Luther was removed from the WH. Turned out false again and he had to apologise:
Zeke Miller at least had the grace to apologise for his false report. Back home in India, our Fiberal goons continue their bogus lies in a continued attempt to keep their “Choola” burning. Trump has banned the criminally-biased CNN from many of his events. His Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, has firmly toldthe media:

There's been a lot of talk in the media about the responsibility to hold Donald Trump accountable. And I am here to tell you that it goes two ways. We are going to hold the press accountable as well”.

Technology is a great empowering tool. In this day and age of growing SM influence the MSM will kill itself by dishonesty and by assuming to be a great force that it is not anymore. Their battle is more for survival than anything else. Trump maybe Quixotic in many of his statements and his frequent outrage but he is not wrong when he makes this statement:

And Trump is also right when he stated Twitter is a way to bypass dishonest media. In all major democracies, the MSM has been characterised by Dhimmitude owing to Islamic funding, fighting for wrong causes, peddling fake news and contempt for the silent majority. In contrast, in India, Narendra Modi and his BJP party have shown utter cowardice in dealing with media-crimes. His ministers too are media-slaves.

At the recent Jaipur LitterFest an RSS leader was dramatically quoted by most of the media as being strongly against caste-based reservations. Like the box of parrots that they are, almost all media houses falsely reported a statement by Manmohan Vaidya. It took a lament from a DNA journalist, Rohit Gandhi, to quote the correct statement that “The leaders said that the RSS was for the idea of having reservation for the castes that have been discriminated against for centuries”. There wasn’t a single statement against reservations for such castes. Rohit wasn’t merely correcting falsehoods, he was lamenting the mistrust in media and failing journalism-standards. Here’s what the Edelman Trust in a survey for the World Economic Forum found:
Hardly surprising that the media is LEAST TRUSTED group in India and the second-least trusted in the world. Edelman correctly identifies them as part of the elite. All you have to do is to look at some of the Lutyens crawlers like Sagarika, Barkha, Rajdeep, Shekhar or even Saba Naqvi and you will find their snobbery and contempt for ordinary folks is far worse than some of the tyrants in history. Since 2014 their behaviour has been as stupid and brainless as what we are seeing from the Fiberals in the US today. The Indian mediacrooks have ZERO accountability, ZERO responsibility and believe themselves to be the most powerful modern-day Zamindars in the country. One such braggart who claimed to be the second-most powerful man after the PM has passed into history. Such is their arrogance. And then they whine about media freedoms and behave like Union goons:
Barkha frequently whines. Her whining can be more useful in the role of a Rudaali at funerals. She rants against Modi. Rants against ordinary people. Rants against her peers, like Arnab. Yet she claims voices are being shut down after barking every day with endless falsehoods. Barkha barked in the US too claiming great victory for Hillary in advance and that women will defeat Trump. Her stupidity had the “glass-ceiling” falling on her head. Such shameless bootlicking is what her journalism is about. Who wants to shut down her comic nonsense? Even the soberer Vikram Chandra blabbers about the press ganging up. It’s usually criminals that gang up. Had Narendra Modi declared a war on these scoundrels, half of them would be tottering in court cases. In reality Trump is luckier. He has not faced 14 years of abuse as Modi has. And the default voices of ISI and Pakistan speak up freely every time there is a crisis in “selective spots” in the country. In this case, the Pak-fed stooges started equating Chennai and Kashmir:
First, Baweja of HT asks if Tamilians are hurt by Jallikattu ban imagine what average Kashmiris feel for years. Such brainless monkey-balancing can only come from an absolute idiot. But the Lutyens Club Crawlers all speak in unison. Wheeler-Dealer Gupta asks why no pellet guns in Chennai and his partner-in-moronery, Barkha, echoes him. Something as simple as what @TheJaggi tells these idiots is NOT alien to them. Kashmiri Jihadis and youth have been pelting stones and grenades, killing Jawans, killing civilians. They forced the Hindu exodus. And all this is going on for over 25 years and they find bogus equivalence with a rare protest in Chennai. They KNOW the false equivalence they are peddling because they are the default spokies of ISI and Pak terrorists. Money Talks! Someone rightly asked why these Jihadi-footsies didn’t ask where the pellet guns were during the Malda or Dhulagarh riots in Bengal. You see, to them, the killing of Hindus is sanctioned under the Pak-driven agenda – be it in Bengal, Kerala or UP.

Folks like Baweja, Barkha, Gupta know damn well they are not relevant anymore. Their sole purpose in life now is to survive and frequently throw stones and bricks in any situation they can. And their gang will be joined by Ranas, Rajdeeps and Saba types in the “organised monkey-balancing”. I need not add that these folks would also like to see Jallikattu or Bull-sports stay banned because their foreign-funders dictate that stand. They are suffering from serious survival woes. The US women’s march was as Islamic as our media stooges I have named herein. A good part of the US media is also dictated by Islamic funds. Here’s what the marchers left behind:
It’s a perfect sample of Commie Fiberals. Whatever they do, whatever they say only leaves behind a trail of wanton, meaningless TRASH. We have wondered since 2014 how our media losers keep vomiting nonsense on every issue. I guess Fiberal survival woes are multiplying in India and across the world. I expect dramatic changes in the US and hope ModiSarkar too learns to treat the worthless Fiberals as Trump does.


  1. The main reason Media lost its unbiased nature in India:
    News media is not profitable any more especially Print. They have to earn money by other means especially funding from external sources.
    Even newschannels like NDTV are in heavy loss and are dependent on external funds. So they are just obeying their masters.

    In Tamilnadu, Vikatan and Kumudam used to be fair magazines. But they both are openly supporting DMK and ADMK respectively. Worst, all Tamil Journalist beg for money to report news when they attend press meet and cine meet. No money poor review is Tamil Journalism.

  2. Media journalist scums will be soon replaced by Robots. China already has put one in action.

  3. Media is loosing it's credibility by leaps and bounds. Simple reason is revenues don't add up to high cost living standards of editors. Playing middleman roles for politicians and business houses has become a way of life for most. In fact media is digging it's own grave. Easy money has eroded ethics all around.

  4. These fiberals are so deep into their act and for so long that its not easy for them to turn around.only thing that will probably help in this will be big jolt to them to ensure their accountability as has been rightly pointed out by this article.

  5. "Who wants to shut down her comic nonsense?" I read that "cosmic nonsense", and realized that it could be true.


    1. @mediacrooks Another master piece from you. Someone has to be bold, these MSM Prestitutes in India are acting against all National interest and showing the picture far from reality. Keep it up.

  7. Sir, In your next article please expose all those cowards in BJP who habitually suck up to these commie fibrals in the MSM

    1. Idiot you will never be able to lift yourself over politics. Donot act as a boot licker. Read the content unbiased then you will feel how serious is the matter

  8. I am equally disgusted with BJP leaders,spokies,PM.Spreading canard,hatred,abusing PM of d nation,mocking Nationalism n nationalists,supporting radicals,Pak r equally dangerous.BJP needs a strong IT cell n spokies,Leadrs to condemn n expose these bazarus on every occasion.If needed drag them to court,or impose penalty.Their larger agenda in connivance with foreign forces should b dealt with sternl so that it wd come to d knowledge of countrymen

    1. You political bigot go and stay in usa. U idiot born either in odisha or bengal mindless people what can you expect more. I have no words to schold you bas##d

  9. I am equally disgusted with BJP leaders,spokies,PM.Spreading canard,hatred,abusing PM of d nation,mocking Nationalism n nationalists,supporting radicals,Pak r equally dangerous.BJP needs a strong IT cell n spokies,Leadrs to condemn n expose these bazarus on every occasion.If needed drag them to court,or impose penalty.Their larger agenda in connivance with foreign forces should b dealt with sternl so that it wd come to d knowledge of countrymen

  10. Overrated Meryl Streep got nominated , AGAIN for an academy.

  11. So Trump is getting taste of what Modi has been getting since last 15 years now.Both should team up to end this regime of crooks.You say Modi/BJP should ACT against these crooks.Beg to defer Ravi! Modi it seems has deliberately allowed these crooks to bark all these decades.Modi has taught the world leaders and politicians how to treat these crooks.After prosecution of Nixon, it had gotten in to the heads of media crooks in democracies that they can change the regimes.It has come the full circles now.Modi,Putin,Trump,Abbe... they care two hoots for these two penny peddlers of lies.You are right about their "struggle" - Their days are numbered.

    1. U r absolutely correct....

      Sometimes negative publicity works to advantage....

      A large part of the credit to Modi's rise to become the PM goes to the CORRUPT CROOKED media...The more they demonised him..the more he became popular among simple Indians....

      Sometimes u should let the dogs bark....
      It is usually the dog that does not bark that bites....!!!

  12. To understand true colors of sharia read the book, 'Cruel and usual punishment' by Nomi Darwish. It's autobiographical account of the system.

  13. Donald Trump :--
    "Journalists are among the most dishonest human beings on earth "

    PM Modi would agree, having shared same experience.with Trump.Media has always been his worst detractor.
    Several indian journos- both print and electronic, are biased, paid and not independent, faithful to self-seeking politicians for a price and favours.

    A K SAXENA (A retd civil servant)

  14. Barkha's latest... Mr. Modi is taking India back to 1970 !!! Stupid lady, if we had this much semi-cashless economy in India in 70s, we would be a super power.

    1. In 1970 young couples deeply in love could buy affordable houses and raise a family....
      That is how people like me and you came to this planet and lived a decent life...

      Today, the cultural invasion by the West has ensured that the young generation fall in love, have sex with condoms or other contraception methods, and then either the female cries rape or they split and move on to find the next person to enjoy with.....

      They hv resigned themselves to this reality...and are just enjoying an EMI life....

    2. Are you agreeing with Barkha that Modi is dragging India back to 1970? I don't understand what is your point?

    3. In 1970 one could buy an affordable house...
      In 2017 can u ???

      So where is the question of Modi taking India back to 1970...

      Barkha Dutt is not a journalist....She is a Professional Kumar Ketkar...Karan Thapar...Rajdeep...Sogorika....Shekhar Gupta....

      They have been exposed...They have no credibility among the people of this country...

    4. I was criticizing Barkha what she wrote in Washington Post that Modi is dragging India back to 1970.

    5. I am not contesting ur argument... I am with u on that point totally...

      People like Barkha Dutt have to stay relevant, ward off competition, make money, please foreign friends, get invited for foreign jaunts....They will go to any extent to stay relevant...

  15. As I mentioned in a previous post, I m in agreement with you on pronouncement in the Indian scene.

    You are simply uniformed when it comes to what is going on in the US, particularly (now) with Donald Trump. Anyone opposing Trump is a commie to you. You are proving to be no different on your side as the likes of Rajdeep Sardesai, Burbha Dutt and others about what is happening in India. Name calling that you are indulging in (commie this and that..) is highly revealing of the weakness of your arguments. You are reacting this way possibly because you find some like Burkha are opposed to what Trump stands for. May be you should make up your mind independently of who else has what opinions based on facts! I suggest strongly that you educate yourself first (starting now) before you boldly write these blogs. You are losing credibility!

    I find this really sad. Someone I look to as a voice of reason is getting tripped and himself acting in the manner the Rajdeeps are in the Indian context.

  16. At least trump is more vocal and doesn't keep his thoughts to himself. Not sure when Modi and his ministers will understand about how to handle pimp media.

  17. India now needs an authentic information media channel. Selling truth does matter. BJP to recruit more technocrats into their team to guide them on different aspects of governance. BJP's IT team is useless. In education sector itself, the original certificate issues, verification to be centralized, where anyone can check the credentials that someone has genuinely passed or not, without divulging too much on personal information, one should be able to print duplicate marksheet & certificate by paying online & individuals should be updating the correct correspondence address linked to PAN or AADHAR cards,
    Revise the existing syllabus, universities are generating more unemployment every year, with their outdated syllabus & exam system. Institutes with no qualified teachers, derecognize them. Insist on minimum infrastructure (exists only paper).
    so much to do on education system nothing happening.
    Making India green again, improving the weather, controlling floods, restoring the forests, nothing happening on environment which is limited to measuring pollution levels in some cities.
    There is a lost that this BJP government could have done but the ministers are sitting ducks.

  18. Medias all over world are well known that they have few readership due to electronic medias, internet, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, What's app,,in which communication, discussion, debate, opinion is taking place and influence people quick and fast. It was not the conventional print media's support Modi win, Brexit, Trump win but social media influenced people too much. Aware of this danger, I think conventional media, at one side cleverly promote for their business survival, for coverage of controversial, but farcical stories, narrations, twists to attract anti-establishment lobbies, groups, even terrorist, fanatic groups (news, views, actions) as something unprecedented. Otherwise who will read these pseudo secular, liberal, left, opportunistic and hypocritical ivory tower sitting frauds narrations? Conventional medias and its typical writers are so hollow and people are ridiculing them all over world for their partisan, non-integrity and dishonesty"

  19. Dear Ravinar....

    Nithyananda ..when the name comes...all that one remembers is the sordid sex scandal...



    None of our crooked media and crooked journalists covered these proceedings...

    Here are some facts....

    Not a single court proceeding and clearing of Nithyananda's name appeared in any of the media channels or newspapers...

  20. i stopped watching the english news channels and only watch DD english. If every body stops boycotting these valgur channels,you will see the results. Why don't u publish this widely?


  21. Please expose more of the cowardice of this Govt

  22. Ravinar:

    Trump has enacted in 3 days what the Modi government has not done in 2.5 years: Trump has started fulfilling all of his Election Promises from Day One. What a difference!

    And Modi was elected with a bigger Mandate than Trump. See the "Manufactured Dissent" against Trump by corrupt Rothschild entities.

    For those Modi fan boys that keep repeating he is some kind of a Genius who is plotting to help Hindus in some kind of Grand Design, I see no such signs.

    Today the pathetic Amit Shah unveiled BJP's election manifesto in UP that calls for building a Ram Temple. How many times will the BJP and Modi try to fool people?

    You have given terrific advice to Trump. Almost all of them have been "listened to". Yet, you have sat here less than a few hundred miles from Modi and yet not one member of his Chamcha Cabinet or even Modi himself has implemented any of the magnificent advice you have provided since 2010.

    What is wrong with Modi and his Cabinet? How do we get their attention? What next. Please start a new series that will bring you to the center of attention in Indian politics.


  23. Thank God, now MSM is not be all & end all in itself.
    Otherwise we could have never read such a hard hitting article against MSM.
    No MSM would have committed harakiri of publishing it.

  24. This article is brilliant... I got through one such article which bids the farewell goodbye to Liberals...

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