Monday, January 30, 2017

Getting Past Gandhi

Abusing Lord Ram or Sita or any Hindu icon has now become fashionable among Commie Fiberals. Just read “The holes in the Mint” on the expletives showered on Hindu Gods. In the RamSethu case the Congress claimed in SC that Ram never existed. Sanjay Leela Bhansali wants to make a movie glorifying the romance of Allaudin Khilji and Padmavati under the silly claim that Padmavati was not a real historical character. If she wasn’t, how did she have romance with the murderer? And Hindus didn’t have a great history of recording history (quite a bit destroyed by invaders too) whereas the Commie Fiberals have a history of writing historical falsehoods. Bhansali was manhandled in a protest by Rajputs in Jaipur after they claimed the film-crew’s guards fired guns in the air and provoked violence. And the entire mafia screams attack on FoE.

That brings me to ask why is this stupid FoE only a one-way street? You can abuse Ram, Shiva and ridicule all Hindu icons under FoE but speak facts about Islam or Christianity, you might end up in jail. Sample this one:

Time and time again plays about Nathuram Godse have been banned. 
A new one is also being protested. Why? If Ma Durga as a “prostitute” 
is “alternative reading” for Commie Pigs… What’s their problem 
in a mere play about Godse?

Regardless of what one thinks of Godse, why should plays about him be banned. Why is there FoE only to abuse only Hindu Gods and historical figures? Bollywood glorifies mafia-murderers, including the recent movie “Raees”, but the Congi-Commies protest plays about Godse? Time and again books about the darker side of MK Gandhi have been banned. Why? Narendra Modi banned a book on MKG by Joseph Lelyveld claiming it alluded MKG was “bisexual”. So? You can abuse Lord Ram or Shiva but anything negative about MKG is blasphemy in this country? Our collective Dhimmitude over the propaganda and nonsensical myth perpetrated by Congress seems to be carried on by Modi even today. What is really infuriating is that some folks still peddle the fakery about MKG as if this great nation wouldn’t have been around if not for him:

Like the TOI editor, many Fiberals tell us Gandhi founded this nation. This is absolute balderdash that must not be allowed to pass anymore. Even as the leader of the freedom-movement in its LATER stages, Gandhi was ONLY one among many. The British merely found an “adjustable” and “pliant” person in MKG rather than confronting strident warriors like Netaji Bose. I too hold the view that these long parades and military displays on I-Day or R-Day are not necessary anymore but I don’t see any connection of that to MKG whatsoever as TOI’s poor analogy claims. Fact is that MKG did not want India to have armed forces and neither did Nehru. Imagine what this would have led to. Nehru thought the Police would suffice and MKG did not want to be a part of anything that had armed forces. Dhimmifying the nation would be more like it:

More and more people are now realising the fact that MKG is being over-glorified by the political and corrupt establishment and media for its own perverted goals. Dr. BR Ambedkar has been realistic in the fact that Netaji Bose was more of a threat to the British than MKG and was the real cause of a worn-out British leaving India:

Gandhi was not a founder of this ancient land or country nor did he work to unite India. It would be appropriate to call MKG the “Founder of Pakistan” for conceding to the British the breaking of India for petty political greed of the Congress. Even there, MKG & Co failed India miserably with a half-hearted partition after Pakistan was created for Muslims. Leaving Muslims behind in India ensured the eternal perpetuation of communal fights which has now assumed an entirely different dimension of frequent conflicts. Hindu exodus from Kashmir, Islamisation of Bengal and Kerala, Islamification of UP and Bihar being work-in-progress and Hindus reduced to second-class citizens in many parts of their own homeland. MKG was a Communist patron of Muslims as much as Nehru and the Congress were and are. His politics and ideology is accurately plotted by this research group:

The Communist-Islamic political alliance is now tormenting many democracies including the UK and the US. This is best explained in this video on how ISIS is using Commies to destroy Western culture and Christianity. In India, the Commie-Islamic alliance is sparing no effort in destroying Hinduism, Hindu customs and traditions and in some states killing the Hindus as well. MKG wanted to settle in Pakistan. That he is the patron-saint of Muslims cannot be in doubt if you look at his statements very closely:

MKG is the Fountainhead of Muslim appeasement in India. A curse and burden that we suffer even today. He failed to condemn the Kerala Moplah massacre, supported Khilafat (What the ISIS now proclaims) and stood by the British despite extremely murderous acts like Jallianwallah Bagh in his misguided quest for non-violence. The British in turn mollycoddled him to prevent any violence should something happen to him. This same poster-man of non-violence had no problems sending Indian recruits to fight for the British but was averse to India having a military force after Independence. He wrote to Hitler like a great friend of his. He looked down up on Africans through a racist prism while claiming to eliminate untouchability in India. His advice to Jews to surrender to Islamic murderers is simply unpalatable.
I’m not sure many would have heard of VO Chidambaram or many others like him who suffered and made great sacrifices for our freedom. Many have rotted in prisons or have died a horrible death. In contrast, the British-friend MKG had a relatively comfortable time in jails under them. The freedom movement had many heroes like Lokmanya Tilak, Rani Laxmibai, Netaji Bose and many many others. Yet, the nonsense has been perpetrated on this nation as if MKG was the sole torch-bearer of our freedom and has been given a fake title of “Father of the nation”. All this Congress propaganda and nonsense must now be thrown in the garbage can. There are many mistakes MKG has made and many of his decisions reflect a distinct lack of foresight and prudence. His transgressions in his personal life are also being written about now abroad if not in India. Although personal, MKG has only left behind fat heir-lumps like Tushar or Gopal who scavenge in his name as do the Chinese Gandhis.

Regardless of all that, MKG did contribute a lot to the freedom movement and deserves most of the honours bestowed upon him but not falsehoods around him. It is now time that Indians moved away from the God-like pedestal given to him. It’s the same attitude that enslaved India for ages. The Congis were successful in enslaving India after the British. The US has many former presidents on its currency bills as also some of its “founding fathers”. Why should MKG be alone on our currency notes? We must start honouring other great souls too. MKG did not “found” India and nor are titles like “Father of the nation” appropriate”. On his death anniversary, I believe MKG himself would deeply resent the manner in which is name has been exploited and other freedom-fighters marginalised or are forgotten. Get past the God-like Gandhi created by Congress and respect him for his contributions. That’s all.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Fiberal Survival Woes

Commie Fiberals across the world are feeling the heat. Hardly needs mention that a vast majority of Fiberals are funded by radical Islamists and have heaped their contempt on the majority community in many countries. It is slowly becoming a battle for life for these “Useful Idiots”. And we are seeing this in the US too.

Linda Sarsour is one of the women who led the Women’s March in Washington on January 21. Frankly, I am not sure what this march was all about but it seems it was to protest oppression of women or seek women’s rights. It came a day after Donald Trump became President and the hate-filled liberal anger continues to overflow against his victory. From the post-election violence to this march the so-called liberals are at their wits end on how to come to terms with their loss. And of all places in the world, it is in America that this Islamic Sarsour claims to fight for women’s freedom. This is how she and her gangs want to do it:
Hard to believe that those seeking more freedom and rights endorse the shameful Hijab and believe “Sharia is reasonable”. Sarsour is of Palestinian origin and that should explain. Elsewhere, the has-been singer Madonna in a dumb speech wanted to “blow up the White House”. And the B-grade artist followed it up with more obnoxious tweets. What if a Muslim man had said this in the US? What if a Black man had said this? What if an actor in Bollywood had said he wanted to blow up 7 LKM and kill Modi? After all, there are endless number of crazy people in the US and elsewhere wanting to kill the US President and other leaders. One crazy John Hinckley tried to kill Ronald Reagan being obsessed with the psychotic character from the movie “Taxi Driver”.

The intolerance of Fiberals like Madonna makes these idiots think they are daring and are entitled to mouth such extreme hatred. Hollywood even threatens a Blacklist that will boycott and harass artists who don’t oppose Trump. Such tolerance and respect for democracy. Same goes for many in Bollywood, Commie parties and quite of few in the Indian MSM. This stupid Madonna had earlier offered blow jobs to Hillary-voters. In yet more scorn, a writer for satire-show SNL (Saturday Night Live), Katie Rich, tweeted “Barron will be this country’s first homeschool shooter”. That bitchy tweet is about the 10-year old son of Trump. The goons have fallen so low that they attack an innocent kid. And here’s Madonna abusing Trump and actress Ashley Judd pouring sexual-abuse on Trump’s daughter:
That is abusive, Fiberal filth for you. The Leftist media in the US continues to wage a battle with Trump after having their faces smeared with eggs for their failed campaign for Hillary. On the day Trump was sworn in, a joker from TIME even claimed a bust of Martin Luther was removed from the WH. Turned out false again and he had to apologise:
Zeke Miller at least had the grace to apologise for his false report. Back home in India, our Fiberal goons continue their bogus lies in a continued attempt to keep their “Choola” burning. Trump has banned the criminally-biased CNN from many of his events. His Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, has firmly toldthe media:

There's been a lot of talk in the media about the responsibility to hold Donald Trump accountable. And I am here to tell you that it goes two ways. We are going to hold the press accountable as well”.

Technology is a great empowering tool. In this day and age of growing SM influence the MSM will kill itself by dishonesty and by assuming to be a great force that it is not anymore. Their battle is more for survival than anything else. Trump maybe Quixotic in many of his statements and his frequent outrage but he is not wrong when he makes this statement:

And Trump is also right when he stated Twitter is a way to bypass dishonest media. In all major democracies, the MSM has been characterised by Dhimmitude owing to Islamic funding, fighting for wrong causes, peddling fake news and contempt for the silent majority. In contrast, in India, Narendra Modi and his BJP party have shown utter cowardice in dealing with media-crimes. His ministers too are media-slaves.

At the recent Jaipur LitterFest an RSS leader was dramatically quoted by most of the media as being strongly against caste-based reservations. Like the box of parrots that they are, almost all media houses falsely reported a statement by Manmohan Vaidya. It took a lament from a DNA journalist, Rohit Gandhi, to quote the correct statement that “The leaders said that the RSS was for the idea of having reservation for the castes that have been discriminated against for centuries”. There wasn’t a single statement against reservations for such castes. Rohit wasn’t merely correcting falsehoods, he was lamenting the mistrust in media and failing journalism-standards. Here’s what the Edelman Trust in a survey for the World Economic Forum found:
Hardly surprising that the media is LEAST TRUSTED group in India and the second-least trusted in the world. Edelman correctly identifies them as part of the elite. All you have to do is to look at some of the Lutyens crawlers like Sagarika, Barkha, Rajdeep, Shekhar or even Saba Naqvi and you will find their snobbery and contempt for ordinary folks is far worse than some of the tyrants in history. Since 2014 their behaviour has been as stupid and brainless as what we are seeing from the Fiberals in the US today. The Indian mediacrooks have ZERO accountability, ZERO responsibility and believe themselves to be the most powerful modern-day Zamindars in the country. One such braggart who claimed to be the second-most powerful man after the PM has passed into history. Such is their arrogance. And then they whine about media freedoms and behave like Union goons:
Barkha frequently whines. Her whining can be more useful in the role of a Rudaali at funerals. She rants against Modi. Rants against ordinary people. Rants against her peers, like Arnab. Yet she claims voices are being shut down after barking every day with endless falsehoods. Barkha barked in the US too claiming great victory for Hillary in advance and that women will defeat Trump. Her stupidity had the “glass-ceiling” falling on her head. Such shameless bootlicking is what her journalism is about. Who wants to shut down her comic nonsense? Even the soberer Vikram Chandra blabbers about the press ganging up. It’s usually criminals that gang up. Had Narendra Modi declared a war on these scoundrels, half of them would be tottering in court cases. In reality Trump is luckier. He has not faced 14 years of abuse as Modi has. And the default voices of ISI and Pakistan speak up freely every time there is a crisis in “selective spots” in the country. In this case, the Pak-fed stooges started equating Chennai and Kashmir:
First, Baweja of HT asks if Tamilians are hurt by Jallikattu ban imagine what average Kashmiris feel for years. Such brainless monkey-balancing can only come from an absolute idiot. But the Lutyens Club Crawlers all speak in unison. Wheeler-Dealer Gupta asks why no pellet guns in Chennai and his partner-in-moronery, Barkha, echoes him. Something as simple as what @TheJaggi tells these idiots is NOT alien to them. Kashmiri Jihadis and youth have been pelting stones and grenades, killing Jawans, killing civilians. They forced the Hindu exodus. And all this is going on for over 25 years and they find bogus equivalence with a rare protest in Chennai. They KNOW the false equivalence they are peddling because they are the default spokies of ISI and Pak terrorists. Money Talks! Someone rightly asked why these Jihadi-footsies didn’t ask where the pellet guns were during the Malda or Dhulagarh riots in Bengal. You see, to them, the killing of Hindus is sanctioned under the Pak-driven agenda – be it in Bengal, Kerala or UP.

Folks like Baweja, Barkha, Gupta know damn well they are not relevant anymore. Their sole purpose in life now is to survive and frequently throw stones and bricks in any situation they can. And their gang will be joined by Ranas, Rajdeeps and Saba types in the “organised monkey-balancing”. I need not add that these folks would also like to see Jallikattu or Bull-sports stay banned because their foreign-funders dictate that stand. They are suffering from serious survival woes. The US women’s march was as Islamic as our media stooges I have named herein. A good part of the US media is also dictated by Islamic funds. Here’s what the marchers left behind:
It’s a perfect sample of Commie Fiberals. Whatever they do, whatever they say only leaves behind a trail of wanton, meaningless TRASH. We have wondered since 2014 how our media losers keep vomiting nonsense on every issue. I guess Fiberal survival woes are multiplying in India and across the world. I expect dramatic changes in the US and hope ModiSarkar too learns to treat the worthless Fiberals as Trump does.