Monday, July 17, 2017

The Indira Trickery

We all know how the incestuous Lutyens mafia works. Hardly anyone takes anything they say to be true unless cross-checked with multiple sources. Lately, even the multiple sources in the mafia can parrot the same song with lies as their chorus – like in the Junaid “murder-on-train-over-beef” incident. This turned out to be another of those hundreds of seat-fights on trains we see that turned ugly and tragic. You are all the more cautioned when a Wolf known to constantly howl against PM Narendra Modi suddenly sings a somewhat sweet song. It’s a new morning and a new warning, that some mischief is around the corner:
Naturally, I was wondering why Ramachandra Guha, a known Modi-hater since the days the latter was CM of Gujarat would suddenly want to rate his PMship like a Pop-chart. Although RG concedes Modi to be a successful PM, the mischief in the statement is unmistakeable. Guha was protecting “family jewels”. He wants to ensure his “Annadata” Nehru is somehow kept at the top. He then follows it up with the corrupt Indira Gandhi and with a flash of his pompous opinion, relegates Modi to third place in his silly wet dreams. Such is frustration of Lutyens crawlers over Modi’s success on many fronts.

Modi has had successes on many domestic fronts. He still has some way to go on many other reforms and critical issues but his PMship is not over yet. He has been a great success with his international diplomacy and has come to be recognised as an admired and powerful world-leader. Neither Nehru nor IndiraG had any kind of respect like that. Let’s bear in mind that Nehru won all the elections in a newly Independent India with the Opposition existing only nominally. Because the media then was nothing more than an adoring bunch of kids to Nehru, most of his failures were overlooked. If Nehru been around today, SM would have had a gala time exposing his failures and Pappuness on many fronts. SM writer Rajnikant Puranik has also written a book “99 blunders of Nehru”. These fakers of Nehru-Gandhi clan have no place to hide anymore.

IndiraG was the epitome of corruption, intolerant to criticism and an extreme dictator, the kind of which one hopes India never sees again. Even in IndiraG’s times the Opposition existed in a disorganised form and helped her win elections easily till she committed the crime of Emergency. In contrast, Modi has won election after election with against a massive alliance of Opposition, hundreds of small parties pitched against him and supported by an array of international media-mafia who want India to remain corrupt and profitable for them through the Gandhis and their Commies. This is a stunning feat that is conveniently ignored by fraudulent Distortians like Guha. But why Guha made that statement would be revealed a few months later when his family friend and Sickular accomplice, Sagarika Ghose released a book on IndiraG. Now I could sense the connection. Being a close Ghose-friend Guha would have known about the book being concocted and the chain of Indira, Indira, Indira was set in motion. Guha had to add Nehru because of “Roji Roti” compulsions, nothing else.

I have not read the book and nor am I going to. Candyfloss nonsense is not for me. So, Modi has scared these Lutyens crawlers so much that IndiraG has to be somehow pronounced the great PM she NEVER was. IndiraG really had no great ideas other than silly slogans and the usual “drama queen” acts. Even the 1971 war I would credit more to Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw than to Indira. He treated her like a little kid on issues of military battles. Indira will be more remembered for squandering the advantage without a clear-cut evacuation of Pakis from PoK. Mind you, both Nehru and Indira self-conferred Bharat Ratnas on themselves. They would have made Field Marshal, Admiral, President for life Dada Idi Amin proud. The public then did not have too many options. Anyway, all that is history. What stands out is that this C5M Sagarika writes a book on Indira and the greatest excerpt that she circulates in the media is about the juicy sex-life of Indira. That should tell you what candyfloss nonsense these technically uneducated but English-speaking mafia values. Even Indira didn’t have much of a formal educational qualification but she could speak English so anything about her can pass for this mafia.

Guha starts it. Sagarika finally puts it out proclaiming “Indira: India’s most powerful PM” and you how the dice is rolled. Can the little collective-croaking frogs then resist? Quickly, NDTV, a leading partner and pioneer of the Lutyens mafia and “Chinese Gandhi Slaves Club” latches on to it and holds a debate over the book and the topic. Who could be better than dawdle-head Nidhi Razdan to do the job? If there was an award for Modi-hating, Nidhi would be among the top 3 contenders. And I don’t have to tell you scores of newspapers and magazines are now running a PropAGandhi on Indira being the most powerful PM ever. Nice! Now, the interesting part is when it comes to sex life of Indira which Sagarika so gladly promotes as “excerpts” and these are being quoted all over. When the questions are asked, here is how she responds:
If it is “unverified” why publish it in the first place? BECAUSE, that kind of juicy sex-crap is what irrigates the writings of Sagarika without which her book would be nothing more than copy paste of newspaper articles here and there. And then she asks “even if she had sex, so what?”. Yes, it’s nobody’s business how many sex-partners Indira may have had, so why write about it? But imagine if some BJP or tall Hindu leader, especially a woman, were to be as cavalier as Indira as Sagarika’s book-excerpt describes. The entire Lutyens mafia would be giving us lessons on what being “Sati Savitri” or “Pavitra matrimony” is all about. But debauchery is acceptable within the Lutyens mafia and the Fiberal clans

And Sagarika tells another guy he probably needs a sex life, why grudge Indira. That’s laughable because the guy is merely quoting an article quoting her book. So, if that’s the standard measure that Sagarika applies what advice should we give to those who are orgasm-starved by her own write? Here’s what she wrote in Outlook, which later deleted the article from the web as they didn’t want to further exhibit the desperation of Sagarika:
Our Constitution and SC might guard many Rights. But certainly, I'm not sure they would be able to somehow ensure orgasms for desperadoes. To summarise, these idiotic Lutyens crawlers have now tied themselves in silly knots over Modi’s success. Modi is merely in his fourth year of PMship and they compare his legacy of two Congress failures who were PMs collectively for around 28 years during an uninterrupted 30-year rule of Congress till 1977

While these folks are still busy trying keep Nehru and Indira on a pedestal, the Congress goons are desperately trying to stop the release a film based on the Emergency by Madhur Bhandarkar called “Indu Sarkar”. They have protested everywhere he goes and indulged in violence too and threated a law and order problem in Mumbai and other places. The immoral Congress continues the legacy of Nehru and IndiraG who epitome intolerance, anti-democracy and a hunger for power that seems to have hit their claims like famine in an India that has grown more powerful under PM Modi. The Congress is dying and this stupid Indira trickery won’t work. Remember, a pack of wolves howls the most when one of theirs is dying – that’s exactly why Guha, Sagarika and others are howling.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Kashmiriyat Fraud

Last week PM Narendra Modi visited Israel to much fanfare, publicity and applause. He had many meetings with their PM Benjamin Netanyahu. I seriously wonder what Modi learned from Netanyahu on terrorism. Over the years, the random terrorist attacks on Israel have reduced. And even for minor attacks, Israel responds with full force. That’s how you deal with terrorists. Israel also marks terrorist leaders for assassination and carries out the task systematically. Modi, on the other hand, gives sermons, speeches and pathetically moth-eaten condemnations over every terror attack and whines about the pain he feels.

I am sorry Modi! You neither feel the pain of the families of the victims nor do you give a damn about securing the precious lives of Indians. Something you should have learned from Netanyahu’s resolve on this issue.  It now smacks of worse fakery when Modi and his bunch of Cabinet-blabber-mouths now tom-tom “Kashmiriyat” over Hindu Amarnath pilgrims killed by Islamic terrorists. This is the worst deception that a govt can heap on its citizens. Here are a few samples of Modi’s ministers:

Rajnath Singh has to be the most incompetent minister in GOI. In the case of Amarnath Yatris being attacked he even let go of his nonsensical “Kadi Ninda” and instead paid homage to fake Kashmiriyat. The dead and their families mattered two hoots to this man. The same goes for another blabbering minister called RS Prasad. They echo the very views of a shameless terror-sympathising Barkha. The tweet by YR Deshmukh echoes the thoughts of millions of Indians who naturally think this fraudulent Kashmiriyat is nothing but a load of rubbish to defend the terrorists and cover up the failures of State and Centre.

Predictably, Rajnath’s Kashmiriyat crap delighted all the terrorist support providers in the media and Sickular politics. The Sabas, Ranas, Guhas, Vikrams and many were naturally dancing like little schoolgirls in the rain. Rajnath had managed to win them over. He won them by completely overlooking the dead bodies of Hindus. Even otherwise, there are media pigs like Raghav Bahl who demanded the Amarnath attack must not identify the victims as Hindus. When these same Commie Pigs identify a Muslim victim in each and every incident and scream from the rooftops “Muslims under attack under ModiSarkar”:

Folks on SM were quick to latch on to the lying, hypocritical Commie Pig Bahl. And once Rajnath set the trend, other media criminals (with exceptions) also jumped on to the Kashmiriyat bandwagon. In a rare instance Modi and his ministers and the corrupt, terrorist-sympathising media were on the same team:

People like Shiv Aroor and some others still call the bluff of this nonsense called Kashmiriyat. But I don’t think Modi is bothered nor cares anymore for Hindu lives. His boring, monotonous speeches are reserved for attacking Gaurakshaks alone or for sermonising on school exams. Staunch Hindu supporters are no more as wilfully blind to the truth as Modi is:

Rajnath grandly claims that he is responsible for peace and tranquillity in the whole country. What can I possibly say any more about the incompetence and dhimmitude of this man and his govt? Not once has Rajnath visited Kerala or Bengal where continuous violence sees Hindus being killed – almost on a daily or weekly basis. Neither Modi nor Rajnath has the courage to even condemn such violence. Modi has not made one single statement condemning the killings in Bengal or Kerala. NOT ONE!

AB Vajpayee used the phrase “Kashmiriyat, Insaniyat, Jamooriyat” in a peace approach with the violent Kashmiris. It worked for a while but Islamists neither respect Insaniyat nor do they respect some Jamooriyat. In reality, Kashmiri Muslims are an intolerant lot, many of them separatists and stone-pelters. If such violent gangs of Kashmiris had any Kashmiriyat why would they still protest the return of KPs to their homes? A distraught KP rightly lashes out at the stupidity of Rajnath and asks a very valid question:

There is a serious moronery in the thinking of Rajnath and ModiSarkar. “All Kashmiris are not terrorists”! What kind of stupid statement is that? If all Kashmiris were indeed terrorists imagine the havoc across the state and country. This is like idiots stating “All Muslims are not terrorists”. Such moronic statements ignore the fact that terrorists have to be a minority in their population. But even a small 0.1% is enough to cause havoc and murder as is happening in Kashmir, other places in India and other parts of the world. This childish blabber of Rajnath tells you what hollow thinking he and ModiSarkar have on terrorism. And we expect them to destroy terrorists? We should be the most foolish if we ever believed that nonsense. ModiSarkar has absolutely no will to combat terrorism. When India was being painted as a “Rape country” did these guys say “all Indians are not rapists?” or did they ever say “all Hindus are not Gaurakshaks”? Such stupid, uneducated logic is used only by terrorists, those who support them and wimps in the govt.

The BJP is in the most unholy, immoral and opportunistic alliance with the PDP in J&K. That state govt and the GOI are NOT battling terrorists. They are battling the media and Sickulars to gain a positive image with them. They care two hoots about those dead at the hands of terrorists. The hypocritical Sickulars in media and politics hailed Burhan Wani as a great youth-leader, condemned our brave army, called the COAS names and now praise Rajnath for his Kashmiriyat nonsense. Guess whose hearts Modi and Rajnath are winning? The hearts of terrorist-supporters, rank anti-nationals and enemies of India. The corrupt PDP-BJP alliance is tying the hands of our Army while publicly claiming they have been given a free hand. If at all Army has to be given a free hand then the JK govt must be dismantled, President’s rule imposed and let the Army completely wipe out terrorists, at least in Kashmir, and launch-pads in POK that can be targeted with ease. There is no way this limp JK govt will battle terrorists – because they neither have the will, nor the courage to do so. I predict more attacks, more deaths that will go in vain. If all that is not enough, here’s a claim made by the Commie Varadabhai on his address to Army officers:
This guy is a constant India-hater, abuses our COAS with names like “Gen Dyer” and Modi is blissfully ignorant of what his Defence Minister or his Babus are up to. Commies like Varadabhai support terrorists in their ideology to break India, write mournful pieces in their rags for dead terrorists and they hate Hindus as a race and hold contempt for India as a country. And I must not miss out on a message to idiotic Modi-Slaves who constantly rant that “ModiSarkar cannot undo or do what the Congress and others could not in 60 years”. To this nonsense, such morons must be constantly reminded of what Modi said during the 2014 campaign:

If we come to power, the corrupt shall be punished…. You have given the Congress 60 years, I only seek 5 years from you… If I become PM, all the illegal immigrants will have to pack their bags and leave” … and he bragged about his 56-inch chest… thumping it like a WWE wrestler. None of these grand chest-thumping claims have been realised. I wonder if his slaves want to give him 55 more years. And Mr 56-inch wants the US, UK and the world to declare Pak a terror-state but he won’t do it himself, despite a private Bill. Why? Because Muslim votes are important to BJP and Modi. Stupid Hindu votes are taken for granted. That’s his political thinking. It’s not revolutionary action, what is missing is even strong signals that Modi wants to act on his promises.

If I am at the site of a major accident or terror attack and see victims suffering, my natural instinct would be to try and help some of them. Many others around me would also come in to help. Would the morons of the govt then call it “Gujaratiyat”? Even so, most of the bystanders in the Amarnath attack laughed and mocked the victims (Read this tweet). Then what the hell is this nonsense about Kashmiriyat when the locals mock the victims? What kind of “Haiwaniyat” does this? This is a device to fool Hindus. This fraud called Kashmiriyat is nothing but an insult to the victims, the dead and their families.

During the UPA rule, Narendra Modi never tired of taunting MMS as a weak PM, of doing nothing against Pakistan, of doing nothing about terrorism and so on. He even trashed Congress and called Aadhar a security risk and now you need an Aadhar even to get married or go to a public toilet or file tax returns. Such is the wimpy hypocrisy. To hide behind some economic reforms as cover for failure on security issues does not pass muster with dead Hindus or dead people anywhere. If the lives of Indians cannot be protected nothing else can become more important. And this Kashmiriyat nonsense is nothing but a major fraud perpetrated on Indians to protect terrorists, terrorism, anti-nationals, stone-pelters and govt failures. Enough of it.