Thursday, December 15, 2016

Why Commies Fail - 3

This is the 3rd and final part in this series. The previous parts are here – Part-1 and Part-2.

He ran away from the 2014 LS elections. His 2009 election was disputed in court and the Late Jayalalithaa called it a fraud but P Chidambaram has now made a back-door entry to the Parliament. He now lectures us on demonetisation with puerile nonsense. The media and even RW folks call him a “liberal”. There is nothing liberal about PC. He’s another Commie parading as a liberal. Some of his economic decisions are nothing but dictated by Commie doctrines. He now claimsDemonetisation is the biggest scam…. This is an absurd, thoughtless move, and no one in the world has a good word for it. Every major newspaper and economist has condemned it”. Which are these major newspapers or economists? All junk economists like MMS and Amartya Sen? The very people who were irresponsible with our economy and country. The very people who made scamming their natural birth-right. Read about PC in “How India’s intellectuals spread lies” (On the right side of the page click on “Contents” and pick the chapter on PC).  

That Amartya is even worse. He ran off from Nalanda with no financial responsibility whatsoever. Commies lie and they lie like there is no tomorrow and our media institutionalises such lies. These folks who form a little club by themselves are called “intellectuals” by our media and establishment. I call them “intellectual morons” from a book dedicated to those who poison societies with lies:

In the absence of options the lies may have a longer shelf-life but at some point, they get exposed. It’s another reason why Commies fail. They start believing their stupid lies will last eternally. Such people believe glib talking and blabbering can pass off their lies. Lamenting elsewhere, Gopal Gandhi laments the liberals are losing the battle. They live in such stupid lies themselves. There are no liberals in India. And Barkha promptly reminds us he’s MK Gandhi’s grandson:

The Commies cloak themselves as liberals and refuse to see the mirror. They fail and they are bound to fail with their stupid ideology of hatred and violence. Now what category does MK Gandhi himself belong to? MKG was neither RW nor liberal in any sense, although he didn’t preach violence. He was as much a Chrislamist as any of the present-day day Kejris. Quite correctly, a British political research-group clearly plotted MKG as a Commie:

That image is from an earlier post of mine on Commies and how they are hell-bent on destroying Hinduism and Hindus. The opponents of the collective Commie-gangs have failed in the past because of a weak will. Modi is showing no such weak will and has remained rock-solid on major reforms against the gang of Congress-CPM-BSP-TMC-AAP and others. The most vociferous Opposition voices on demonetisation appear to the ones hit most by it. The Commies still believe people can be fooled but the public at large can see them for what they are in this day age of instant communication and social media. Here’s what Delhijans think of the work-less Twitter CM who does nothing but rant and wail on everything and Modi. His life is stuck like the dog that chased the car and now doesn’t know what to do (video 3.26 mins):

Guy on the street even says Kejriwal has collected only black money in cash. I don’t think that’s a great secret with people. I have picked only one of many videos. The only place where Arvind Kejriwal can now peddle his nonsense is on TV, particularly NDTV. And the scowl and the glum look on the faces tells you a story by itself.

Those who support demonetisation are “Anti-nationals”. That comes from a guy who dances with Kanhaiya and others who shout anti-India slogans at JNU and other places. He is the guy who wants video evidence of surgical strikes on terrorists across the LOC. That is another reason why Commies fail. They shelter the corrupt and promote anti-national sentiments ridiculing a vast majority of patriots. Mamata Banerjee is cut from the same cloth as the CPM and is no less a Commie. Her rants, tantrums and excessive chest-beating over demonetisation can only mean a lot of political black-money is going up in flames. Here’s another video where she blabbers more than 1000 panchayats still don’t have banks (video 1.40 mins):

Now, these are the sins of the Congress and Commies who have ruled Bengal all along and also the country for a long time. Modi’s stinging reply to her was merited. What were these Commies doing for all these 70 years? Mamata herself is in her sixth year of power in Bengal – what was she doing for all this while when Panchayats were without banks? NOTHING! To say that these non-performing politicians were caught sleeping with demonetisation wouldn’t be far-fetched. And here’s the best part – Mamata is ranting and raving like a psycho over a routine army exercise. This is unbelievable crap coming from a CM of a large state (A past video of mindless rant: 30 secs):

It doesn’t even occur to her that her stupid rants avoidably exposed routine army exercises to the public at large and probably to the enemies across the border too. She claimed the army was attempting a coup in Bengal. Commies have a moronic lack of plain and simple logic. There are thousands of coups in the history of the world. No army has ever been known to take over a pathetic state in a coup. They usually take the Capital of the country and other important institutions and media mouthpieces. And according to Mamata our army was capturing toll-booths in Bengal? Like I said earlier… LIE, LIE and LIE some more and hope the public will consume it. Unfortunately, now the public just laughs at the Kejris and Mamatas. And the senior comedian of the lot isn’t far behind either. RahulG claims Modi is terrified of him:

These clowns really believe people will buy this nonsense. Even targeting Modi requires a certain level of mature, logical rant. These jokes and comical strips by Pappu & Co only delivers “Earthquake-like” like belly-aches after laughing a lot. Elsewhere, RahulG also claimed “PM is afraid that if he lets me speak his balloon will burst”. The only balloon that burst seems to have burst a long time ago. As if that wasn’t enough there was a sudden spate of Twitter account hackings from RahulG to Barkha and that posed a huge threat to “Digital security” and “Digital banking” in India. Such is the foolish gobbledygook peddled by Congis and Barkha Dutt and other ignorant morons in the media and politics. The only ones making hay with black money conversions were none other than politicians from these very parties it seems:

Commies from Congress, NCP, BSP, Samajwadi, JDU were all laundering black money worth crores at good commissions. This was a sting operation by the IndiaToday channel. There is no doubt some banks and even RBI officials have been involved in criminal operations helping the black money hoarders. If anything, demonetisation has also helped in exposing criminals in our banks and the very system itself. Amidst all this, certain crooks were arrested in the Agusta chopper scam forcing the Congis to scream even more. Any dramatic change will indeed involve a certain level of trauma. It will also lead to detoxification of a poisoned body – in this case the banks, corrupt politicians, political parties and officials in the Govt and elsewhere. Every time the Commies throw tantrums and rant, it would be worth remembering the words of Cicero:

The quote is attributed to Cicero from a speech in the Roman senate although the entire part cannot be confirmed as his. But the words still hold a lot of meaning. The Commie ideology, cult and practice is an enemy of progress and mankind. It has died in many parts of the world. The sooner the “Left-over” nonsense dies in India, the better for her people and the country.



  1. In Marathi, there is a saying that some people will even chop their own nose to spite others. The Left-overs have reached that stage now...hope they change from endangered species to extinct soon!

  2. Sir with this you have put Sri.Modi on notice and expects him to tighten screw further.Now the only recluse for Intellegentia is to prove He is also curruptive.But the irony is they follow the pied pipper Pappu as their leader.Shame on Bushans and their Legal lumineries.The best write-up from my respected SM friend.Keep going.

  3. When BJP won in 2014,we all thought that we were done with the commies and Congress, but it never happened and we are paying for it. With the masterstroke of Modi’s demonitisation the manace of Hindu haters and anti nationals may not have any more chances

  4. I've been reading your blog since a long time. This is off topic. For some reason video doesn't play on phone. On desktop it does, but it does not open the video on its YouTube link. Observed this for a while now, thought i should let you know.

  5. The expression in Mallikarjun Kharge's face is pricless

    1. Simple investigation is enough

      Assets when he joined politics in 1969....
      Assets today including those in name of family members...

  6. As expected your blog has started ripples in my friend circle. Since college days we were Left inclined, but now we have different perspective about LeftLibs perceptions.
    Thanks for continuous effort.

  7. Well written piece. No doubt black money with everyone will some how get redistributed and enter the banking system. In any situation there will be people who would make money. It is demand and supply situation. Most importantly shall we see excess currency deposited in banks till 30th December. That would open doors of a big scam if noticed.

  8. Brilliant work and Perfect timing ! all those commies who browse by the page secretly..Its over!!!

  9. The original commie leader who put India on the road to poverty was JL Nehru. How many people are aware that when WW2 ended India was one of the very few countries who profited from it. Britain ended the war owing India huge sums in sterling credits, which they kept paying till the mid Fifties. All this while JLN squandered the credit on his pet Stalinesque fantasies. Britain pulled itself out of the muck to again become a developed country. India is... well... when i see Venezuela, i think, there but for the grace of god, goes India.

  10. Hard hitting as usual. Indians
    are sick and tired of jerks like D RajA, Sitaram Yechury and the whole lot Bong commies who have collectively lost ALL narratives. Less said about the MSM #PRESSTITUTES the better. They have been reduced to beggars.

  11. Commie and commie ideology are like termites eating the vitals of the country. Unfortunately their moronic narratives are part of mainstream media , educational institutions, NGOs, policy making bodies etc..There is a desperate need to build an alternative, consistent and superior right wing narrative across board ..and soon..This blog is one such narrative but we need more..time is running out

  12. There are three levels of commies seen in India viz. national commie, regional commie and the local commie needless to mention the aura of think tanks. National commie thrives on NGOs, Universities, Intellectual institutions,media etc for their survival and growth but do not have any ground support in terms of cadres. Regional commie dwells on the vote banks of brain washed/ removed,left inclined public. This ritual is performed by the local commies at various demographies like trade unions when it comes to school drop outs or school/college politics in the case of students and employee unions for organised sector. The amount of leftism injected at these levels are more than enough to make him an addict with zero reception rate to logic and free thinking..

  13. This Demonetisation hoopla may subside in next fifteen days or next six months, but the exposure of corrupt banks, bank officials and the black money hoarders will continue for years to come. Modi Sarkar has instructed all banks to submit 'suspicious transactions' information to the Income Tax department and keep camera footage of bank business from November 8 to December 30. There must be millions of suspicious transactions and hours of video footage information which will take years to digest and thousands of culprits will be exposed over several years.

  14. Arnab Goswami is back with his new Channel called Republic......a fe more days wait now...Fir tho lag gayi kuch logon ki....

    Had he been there today on TV, RG ki tho left right ho jaati....

  15. In one speech with CVC and his dept. Modi told about a friend introducing him to a TTE in a 3 tier reserved compartment as he had no reservation and traveling to Delhi. Modi was talking about the honesty among corrupt also. The TTE allowed him to sit but did not give him reservation since he cannot take bribe from him as he was introduced by a known friend. See the rest of the video on youtube. Perhaps RG is talking about this incident of Modi's corruption that he is traveling in a reserved compartment with a general class ticket. LOL.

  16. if pup poo is so confident of bringing an earthquake by his speech, he should go to Pakistan and speak there and finish Pakistan. Just Joking.

  17. Communists are trying their best to remain relevant and are failing.They had their days and decades under the sun.They have wasted them in trying to look intelligent.WB and Tripura are two of our poorest states which were and are under Left rule.Remember Jyoti Basu not allowing unloading of super computer at Kolkata port? [All Left unions were opposed to any kind of computerisation in the eighties].

  18. 'The only balloon that burst seems to have burst a long time ago'..... That was a long shot. I don't know what to say.

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