Friday, December 9, 2016

Why Commies Fail - 2

In the first part of this series I tried to explain that the Commies lust for power but once in power have no clue how to generate national wealth. Two – they consider themselves intellectuals and our establishment and media credits them with more brains than they actually have. And thirdly, Commies cannot survive without cronies and sycophants. The Indian opponents of Commies and what is called the RW or Centre-right calls them “liberals”. This is a fakery that Indian anti-Commies live in. Liberal is a western term that is used for a more centrist approach and those with progressive views. In India, there are no liberals there are only raw Commies. To avoid using the wrong term I started calling them Fiberals that suits them better. The fourth reason why Commies fail is that they weave stories of freedoms you never heard of but (like Kejriwal talks of Swaraj) but are murderous haters of freedoms.

Commies love their own freedoms but hate yours, 
especially your FoE and will do anything and 
everything to suppress any opposing view or dissent”.

Here’s the prima donna of Commies in Indian media who passes herself off as a liberal but, in reality, hates your freedoms. Barkha Dutt hasn’t shown any new character. As bloggers were rising to challenge the nonsense of Commies and their media, this is how she described them in June 2008 (video 2.13 mins):

That’s how she describes blogging and bloggers – They are hideously ugly… should be held up to some accountability and regardless of what, blogs are beasts. This comes from a Commie known for being the most irresponsible journalist. And pray what accountability does the MSM have in India? Hundreds of lies peddled every week with no one apologising or no one being punished. The recently exposed fake Murthal rape-story is just another episode. The Commies in India are primarily Hinduism and Hindu-haters. They find greater alignment with the Islamists (and Christians) unlike their western counterparts. I call them Chrislamists. So, an MF Hussain abusing Hindu Gods and icons would be defended as art but a Kamlesh Tiwari ridiculing Mohammad would be jailed for long without any charge-sheet. Ma Durga being called a prostitute is merely an “alternate reading” for some Commie pigs.

Tiwari had responded to the hate-filled Azam Khan for spurious remarks about RSS members. Where does this intolerance for FoE of others stem from? From none other than Commie Jawaharlal Nehru. Here’s how he curbed FoE with his first amendment to our Constitution. These are excerpts from a Wiki note but fairly accurate:

So, you see, Nehru was also into “Monkey balancing”. Because of his contempt for a RW mouthpiece the Congress banned a Commie magazine too. The curb on free speech by Nehru wasn’t to protect the state from any threat, violence or public disorder. It was simply to suppress dissent. Day in day out, these Commies believe it is their natural right to commit all crimes and for the State to overlook them. The echo-chamber of the Commies will also jump to protect their crimes. Here’s a crawler of the first order defending crimes of a fraud-accused:

Corrupt defend the corrupt. The very mention of “Ford” should be a warning that it is known to fund anti-Hindu, anti-India activities and that is why there is a perception of national security threat. Teesta Setalvad is not a petty-cash swindler. She’s a major puppet at the end of the money-strings of forces that want India to remain stunted. But you can trust Shekhar Gupta to defend such crimes. He too knows what his bread is buttered with. The Congress and CPM are known to have funded Teesta. Even the UPA govt has funded this scamini. What was all that for? If you think this is a stray case, it is not. Here’s another Commie, Hinduism-hater who blabbers sermons but is corrupt to the core:

Commies commit more crimes when their darling rulers are in power and then play victim when caught and penalised. And predictably, the cheapest scumbags and Commie Pigs in the media will cry “Dissent is being crushed”. You know, if you punish fraudsters and scamsters – you are crushing their dissent. I’m not joking:

Penalising a fraudster amounts to crushing dissent according to Commie pig Rajdeep Sardesai. And all this while Indira Jaising was Additional Solicitor of India. Their hatred for any govt that is not according to their narrative and agenda drives their intense contempt for justice for all. Don’t look too far. In the footsteps of her father, IndiraG imposed Emergency and jailed thousands because she simply could not tolerate dissent and couldn’t even respect a court judgement. Commies will not only defend the corrupt but even glorify them as social warriors who work for the betterment of humanity. Naturally, Congress is up in arms with their empty blabber against demonetisation. When once asked about corruption, IndiraG mere said it’s a “global phenomenon”. That’s the reason I call Congress the “Fountainhead of corruption in India” and why the party must die.

Commies are the biggest swindlers of your money 
and national wealth”.

And some Kapil Sibal will also tell you there’s zero loss. The Teestas and Jaisings tell you that swindling is some kind of birth-right for them. And who do these Commies mostly loot? The poor and the helpless. Who do they claim to condemn the most in terms of their ideology? The USA. But where will they get their ill-gotten funds from? The USA! The more you understand Commies the more you will realise they exist to destroy India. Cho Ramaswamy passed away recently. He is famous for his Tughlak magazine and plays and movie of the same name. He is credited with the following quote:

When I repeatedly say, Congress must die for India to progress it also implies that the Commie ideology and cult must also die. The greater the delay, the greater the dangers for India. In future parts, we will establish how incessant lying, fraudulent news reports and excessive violence are in the DNA of Commies.

To be continued… 


  1. looking forward to the next in the series. One thing is beyond comprehension. Why Govt. is silent in the case of Barkha Dutt (Radia Tapes), NDTV (well known case of money laundering) and many more cases. If Modi can not do it with 282 seats, he will never be able to do it. He is being seen as a weak PM instead of being seen as liberal or forgiving PM.

    1. And what good do you think putting NDTV out of business or BD behind bars will bring ? In no time another channel with a so called journo will be out there to fill the void. What is required is a destruction of the commie ecosystem and demonetization is the first nail in the coffin. Also, always remember history, dont give away advantage by playing into enemy hands. IG was jailed and she came out a hero after imposing emergency. Right now the commies have nothing to mount a credible opposition to the government moves. As long as they are in disarray slowly and steadily keep destroying the ecosystem like either repealing or amending RTE, releasing graduation stats of commie frat houses like JNU, kicking commie leeches out of the bunglows in Lutyens Delhi, highlighting work done in the north east and for f*ck sake have a good BJP spokiee who can kick some commie a$$ on media kangaroo courts.

    2. Bhushan it is not so simple...

      The Indian Goverment/Parliament/Judiciary/Media (the four pillars of govt) are heavily infested by people who receive foreign intelligence funding...

      We are a compromised nation...

  2. Your blog has rattled the anti India brigade combination of presstitutes,some FF NGOs,advocates,cheap authors,socialites,filmiwallahs,bindi brigade,politicians,mullahs n padries through your chain of narrations.This more than any Hindu leaders or present govt.SM is grateful to you.

  3. Your blog has rattled the anti India brigade combination of presstitutes,some FF NGOs,advocates,cheap authors,socialites,filmiwallahs,bindi brigade,politicians,mullahs n padries through your chain of narrations.This more than any Hindu leaders or present govt.SM is grateful to you.

  4. Raviji - the research you put out (with the kind of storage and archiving you have in nailing these so called MSM) is worth several Ph.D.s Would any commie run institution consider it worth? All educational institutions at the highest echelons has been infested by commies and congis combine. They have looted the brain and made highway of their choice in the minds of impressionable students. I wish students and young adults read your blog and get right perspective.

    1. JNU has become a de facto CPI CPIM CPI Maoist Party office and that too funded by the Indian tax payer....

      There is a news channel run by a Half Indian Half Irish fellow with a french beard who pretends to be Indian with an Indian name.....whose assets and financials need to be investigated....If the law takes its true course he will be in jail today...

  5. You are on a roll brother! Keep it up.

  6. Jai ho Raviji.... you are causing a lot of heartburn for Commies and Khangressis... I am enjoying this "fire" immensely! Keep more coming...

  7. Another nice piece. But lot of repetition from ur other articles, phrases etc. Some new stuff too. Communism is dead in their birth places like China, Russia and Vietnam etc. It s still thriving only among Indian scholars and Universities. Anand Sharma and Sitaram Yechuri are converted christians so naturaly they hate Hinduism.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. You forgot another convert close to the G family very old white haired lady was a minister in UPA 1 dropped in UPA 2 for party work....sports big bindi to fool poor simple Indians..

      Read this for more info on converts in Cong...

      The thing is Either:
      1. One of their parents is a European or American...
      2. Or their spouse is from the so called Minority community...
      3. Or some of them have themselves converted to the minority community just to be in the good books of the family....

      There are other so called self styled intellectuals, economists, Five-star activists, Bhikhari activists who run their ghar ka kharcha on foreign doles, media barons, journalists, TV anchors, Award wapsi and intolerance folks who come on TV regularly on debates who fulfill the above 1 to 3 criteria....

      No wonder their heart bleeds for ....and in that process they end up exposing themselves....

      It is not that they hate the majority community....It is just that having bonded in a relationship with the European or American or someone from the minority community, emotion has completely overtaken their logic and reasoning....

      Heart over the head syndrome...

  8. Only those whose births are illlegitimate pass adverse comment on MaDurga

  9. death of cho ramaswamy critics of al dravidia,congress corrupt commies is greate loss for
    true journalism and humor he possesed in exposing one can do that ever again......

  10. This current prevailing disease of main stream media including regional channels which have pathetic reporting & reporters are always seen standing next to sewerage gutters & reporting that India is underdeveloped when the development is lacking in their minds & brains. The greed to good life, fast life & to be constantly be seen on Page-3, is the primary weakness in all of them.
    Do not know compulsions of BJP govt in not coming up with new guidelines for the media to follow or start a new channel which while it poses a challenge to existing one for being thorough professional, & win the hearts of the public through open reporting.
    It is time that anyone who engages Buffalo Beauty or Rajdeep Sardesai should be shut down or hunted down for a shutdown.

    1. Actually the ground level reporters and journalists are quite good and they understand the crookedness bias and lies of media....and when u talk to them privately they express their anguish... They are bullied by those bigtime crooks sitting in AC offices of their channels to do what they do...The ground level guys are small time guys who earn a salary to feed their families...they hv no choice....It is the big time guys who earn lakhs and crores who are the crooks...and blackmailers...and even shameless sexual predators in the name of liberalism..remember Tehelka...

  11. To think that I used to sympathise with the communists when ever they lose any election! Thank you sir for opening my eyes. I know one of my relatives who is not exactly a communist but believes in communist ideology. His daughter is a doctor (nothing wrong with that) while his son is working in Europe. He even went to Tirupati on a piligrimage trip! I now realise that on a hypocrisy scale of 1 to 10, I rate them the highest.

  12. It is really difficult to trust the NAMO government particularly because there are several ministers with agenda different from the RSS ideology.If Vivekanand International Foundation (VIF) is the real think tank behind NAMO govt.(we have reasons to believe it is ) ... then the likes of arun jaitley should have nothing to do with the govt.
    This govt. is so full of contradictions that it is reasonable to assume that most decisions are center left leaning .Why would someone like Arun Jaitley (with his Lutyens and NDTV support staff ) be still a part of the govt.defies logic .
    A finger should be directly pointed towards the head of the govt. and his right hand man .He should be asked pointed and sharp questions about his link up with Jaitley .

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