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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Hillaryous Lutyens Crawlers

Sarah Jacob of NDTV cried on camera in November 2012. She cried because she was overwhelmed at Barack Obama’s re-election as US President. Prannoy Roy from the studio was thrilled too. He asked Jacob the equivalent of “Aap ko kaisa lag raha hai”? These are supposedly “journalists” who become campaigners. Post the Obama-victory you should see the electoral-orgasm some of our Congi bootlickers reached. I had the chance to record these in “The Obaminables”. The mind-numbing utterances of some of our media folks then was to indicate lessons that Modi should learn to win 2014. It just so happened that Modi laid his own path and won 2014 beyond expectations of people and his own party and much to the utter disgust and chagrin of the Lutyens Crawlers.

Some of these crawlers are now in the US to report on the presidential elections. Let me correct that! They are not in the US to report – they’re there to campaign for their darling Hillary Clinton. These Lutyens crawlers identify with the Democrats; being co-Fiberals and all. Elections in large democracies like India and US are quite a circus and that is one thing we share with the Americans. Other smaller democracies don’t generate so much heat, fights and acrimony. It is Hillary Clinton Vs Donald Trump. It’s the opinion of many that America is truly caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. For me though, Trump is a better-educated Pappu while Hillary is a Kejriwal and Sonia rolled into one. The US president does influence relations and events across the world. So most political observers and ordinary Indians too look at these elections keenly. We don’t directly have a stake except for which candidate would be good for India.

Since 2014 some of the Sonia-slaves have been made redundant. Their opinions don’t matter and at best they rant against ordinary people on Twitter or in some column in some newspaper. Therefore, the likes of Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai, Sagarika Ghose and some more landed up in the US to report on the US elections. Or should I say – campaign for Clinton? And, as they did in India, they chose to campaign for their liberal but corrupt darling. No media in the US really bothers about these guys but they “lobby” through their brokers to get into some forum or newspaper or channel for their histrionics and drama. Rajdeep and Sagarika got into Georgetown University, Washington DC to talk about (don’t laugh) – the evolution of media. And like his stupid polls in India, the Monkey Balancer was quick to tilt the scales in favour of his candidate:

Knowing who were in the audience it should be shocking Rajdeep didn’t get 10/10 in his stupid poll. This was on October 20. Elsewhere, the Hillary camp released some tapes of Trump’s misdemeanours from the past. Instantly, our “Lady of Perpetual Frustration” (who knows everything about ethics in her profession) was quick to outrage and claim it’s not about sex or morality but about abuse and assault. Voila! The Queen of immoral journalistic practices preaching. Still, here you go:

That’s right. All these years Barkha has reported or done interviews with the serial sex-abuser Bill Clinton but it never bothered her. It didn’t bother even one bit to ask him or Hillary a question about his sexcapades. You see, for jerks at NDTV, everything is “subjective” as their great journo Sunetra Choudhury established: “News is always subjective”. And then, Barkha got to write in the WaPo and she explains how “Hillary the Hawk” will tame Pakistan and the NYT peddler gladly tom-toms it too:

India counting on Hillary? So, this Dumbini thinks India is counting on Hillary? And who is India here? Her stupid Lutyens Crawlers who are bootlickers of anyone who is anti-India? I’m sure people haven’t forgotten how Shrillary wanted to destroy Modi and ensure Barkha’s darling Boss SoniaG returned to power. This was described at her “Get Modi” policy which was reversed by Obama once Modi inevitably became PM (This image is from Crucifying India – the most read post on MediaCrooks and for good reasons too):

Oh, yes! If Hillary becomes prez – she will indeed crucify India. She is no friend of India. So, is that any surprise that our Lutyens Labourers crawl for her? Follow the money is an enduring lesson that Deep Throat has left the world from Watergate. A casual look at where the Clintons get their funds from should show us through what lens she views India:

And reportedly, in quid-pro-quo, as Secretary of State, Hillary doled out many favours to these countries. Most of them are friendly with India but the biggest donor also funds Wahhabi aggression in India and through Pakistan. Politicians answer money more than morals or their conscience and the Clintons have shown all the signs in their actions that they answer the money. Reports of their actions and influence abound in US media and even in Indian media. None of these Lutyens Crawlers want to discuss the email scandals and funding scams of Hillary. Naturally! In July, this year the FBI decided to close investigations into the email scandal but then reopened it when new evidence became available. Barkha writes for WaPo. And this is the typically stupid, partisan response of WaPo when the tune changed:

When the FBI closed the investigation the WaPo carried a headline claiming Republicans attacked the FBI chief for doing his job. When the investigation was reopened on October 28, the headline next day claims he is damaging US democracy. As NDTV and their clones have established for years in India – “Journalism and reporting are always subjective”. And that’s why the US media started hiring redundant freelancers from Lutyens – to promote Clinton among Indian-Americans.

Elsewhere, Donald Trump mentioned he has great respect for Hindus. Predictably, another clown from NDTV, Sreenivasan Jain asks him why not Muslims because India also has Muslims (doesn’t matter that India also has Sikhs and Christians and others). So, Trump tells him he has great respect for India. In case you forgot, Jain’s colleague, the Hindu-hating Barkha once asked US Rep Tulsi Gabbard if she will “continue to remain a Hindu”. The Clintons’ venom and contempt for Hindus and India is not very different from our Lutyens scumbags. And the bad news kept on coming for Hillary after FBI reopened investigations:

Doug Schoen, a top Democrat and supporter of Hillary, pulled his support. Democrat supporter “Chicago Tribune” has gone to the extent of asking Hillary to step aside from the elections. And more scandals kept popping up from everywhere:

In pic-1 there’s Donna Brazile (former CNN employee and Democrats Chair) being been exposed helping Hillary to parrot Q&A at debates. Pic-2 has the story of Jet-scam by the Clintons – availing joyrides from Arabs. In pic-4 there is Huma Abedin. A Clinton loyalist for years. She’s a woman of Pak-origin who lived in Saudi Arabia and was also associated with a radical Muslim journal that opposed women’s rights. With these associations and funding by fundamentalist Islamic countries would Hillary be hawkish against Pakistan? Only an extreme pig-headed crawler would peddle that fakery. I would prefer to go with this article in the Sunday Guardian: “Clinton presidency will be a disaster for India”. Yes, indeed, the Clintons are nothing but hostile towards India and particularly PM Modi. True character shows up only behind the stage and the screens. Listen to this excerpted video of a spiteful Hillary after an interview went badly for her and her racist abuse of Donna Brazile (full video at Youtube):

Donna Brazile has since been sacked from CNN for her scandalous fixing of debate Q&As for Hillary. CNN is no different from her either – they have now come to be called “Clinton News Network”. HillaryGate has also the trappings of Nixon’s Watergate and probably even worse. The extreme desire to “fix opponents” backed by scam-ridden funding can be matched only by the Congi elements in India. Since the FBI reopened the investigations and more scandals of Hillary keep popping up Trump has gained a 1% lead over Hillary in the opinion polls as of November 1 according to ABC News. This turnaround has sent the Lutyens Crawlers into a hiding and into silence.

Ideally, it shouldn’t make any difference to us who is voted president in the US. No matter what candidates say before elections, once in office their decisions are influenced by a host of ministers and “Babus” like in India. But in the context of past history, and also considering who the Lutyens crawlers are batting for, I am clear that Hillary Clinton is a friend of enemies of India and certainly no friend of India.


  1. The aura of HRC is so negative and creepy. In the debates, one can clearly see her fake expressions. God bless America! Let the right sense prevail!

  2. Even if Clinton wins, her presidency will be marred by more controversies than Trump has generated before election. When it comes to foreign policy, Clinton is Machiavellian while Trump should bring fresh apolitical ideas.

  3. Even if Clinton wins, her presidency will be marred by more controversies than Trump has generated before election. When it comes to foreign policy, Clinton is Machiavellian while Trump should bring fresh apolitical ideas.

  4. On every occasion these news-traders are showing their anti-india stand over and over. In this Clinton episode they will be shell-shocked to come to terms of a TRUMP presidency if the current trend continues which would be very much good from Indian perspective.

  5. American media is the mother of media crooks in India and else where.. Hillary herself has been very abusive towards women who had talked about their abuse by Bill Clinton.

  6. It is obvious that both candidates are not the best of the lot however Trump seems to have more liking and tries to make some seemingly genuine gestures claiming his like towards the Hindus and Jews.

    Certainly if true this could be a much better news than the other Hillaryous operator.

  7. I am yet to come to terms with the Shrillary Bhakt's dumbness, if they are still buying her histrionics blind folded

  8. Hillary is next Nixon and Trump is next Kennedy ... USA and then the world is doomed

  9. "Crooked Hillary" as Prez would mean both the Clintons calling the shots in Washington. I remember when "Slick Willy" was running for his first term Hillary used to tell the audiences to vote for Bill because they would be getting her services also for free.

    How utterly immoral the Clintons are can be judged from what they did to the Serbs; all to please their paymasters in Saudi Arabia. If you remember, Serbia was first painted as a human rights violator, war criminal etc. Then the Serbs were bombed to the stone age. It's doubtful if they have fully recovered even now. And the Wahhabis are happy to have got a wholly Islamic country carved out out in the Balkans.

    The world is in for a nasty time if Crooked Hillary gets her finger on the nuke button.

  10. if the crooked lady wins, Joe Biden will be Secretary of state and Huma Abedin will be cheif of staff at White House. These three are known for their anti-India tirade. Hillary as Secretary of state wasted no time in reviving the Bill Clinton attitude towards India. These are excellently brought out by M.D. Nalapat in his article in Sunday Guardian! This lady by all means is a disaster for India. But with Modi at the helm, we can expect him to pull his weight around. Another favourable thing is that USA is no longer seen as a SuperPower and no one is scared as they used to be say some two decades back!

    1. well said usa is nolonger super power it has 20 trillion external debt boogie......
      if this spychopath hitlery comes to power....modi should keep low procile relationships only with usa and stop traveling to america.......
      only western and usa as well as russian econmy will flourish only of indian buy their arms for defence and india should start indigenization......rather than looking for west

  11. People may slam me all they like for being unsecular, but I like Donald Trump because he has the courage to call out the Islamic terrorists for what they are - blood thirsty savages. If elected, he would have a huge role to play in curbing Islamic fundamentalism. With the rest being shy and mollycoddling Islam and even isolating the religion from terrorism, he is the only hope for a saner and more peaceful world.

  12. Crawling snakes lizards do thy are very dangerous exact word describes thm lutyens crawlers

  13. My Prediction is that inspite of all brouhaha on Hillary by a slave, Pimp, biased, prejudiced media in US and India in favour of Hillary, Donald Trump will be proved as Narendra Modi in USA.Narendra Modi was obstructed vilified by a motivated media NGOs Congress's supari killers in 2014 election. Not only all these PIMPS are against Narendra Modi but also a section of BJP worked against him not to be nominated or not elected or if elected not get majority to be PM, but by defying all their logics he get elected and became PM of India by overwhelming support from all voters who wanted secure India from a bar maid Italian God Mother killer.Donald Trump is not hideous like Hillary.he is open and his life is transparent.Although India and USA are miles different in system but what I see is that voters are non committal to opinion seekers.Voters of US will not ruin their own future by voting Hillary.

  14. Sorry but Hillary is known devil and Trump is unknown devil. I was for Trump until he started ranting about using nuclear weapons. Obviously he doesn't understand the destruction caused by nuclear weapons. He has emboldened Pakis and others also to give nuclear threats. He'll bring humanity closer to doomsday by another minute at least.

  15. Let's pray to God, to give Americans the wisdom to choose the best of the worst.

  16. Let's pray to God, to give Americans the wisdom to choose the best of the worst.

  17. All the complaints against Hillary mostly happened during the nonrepresentative corrupt congi rule in India. Congis are not known for serving India's Hindu interests. After Trim maybe Hillary?

  18. From what I know, Mr. Trump has not even held a small Municipal government administrative post. As a corporation head you don't develop mental stability to handle criticism day in and day out. Poor administration of American presidency will be disastrous not just for America, but entire world. For comparison, just think of giving Indian PM-ship to Tata or Birla or one of the Ambani brothers. If we can't dream of doing that, we just should not wish Americans should do that.

    1. Same was the case with Narendra Modi when he was made CM of Gujarat in 2001.

    2. Good. The Americans would not mind starting Mr. Trump as a leader of a state first and give him experience to handle criticism day in and day out. As is, he attacks any body who criticizes him, including saying that the lady who criticized him that she must be bleeding from various places on her body !!

    3. tatas are not indians,,.....
      check cyrus mistry mother background.....hes irish citzen.....
      ratan tata has french mother back ground.......
      they are not indian citizens like you all think....we all are surrounded by beggars whom pose as billionors.......
      actualy ambani,tata,birla etc have taken laks of crores of money from indian banks......1000 times more than mallya
      when their empires bankrupt they will goto london like mallya and settle......

  19. Let us hope there are many more such elections around the globe, where these "crawlers" can rush and report.Life appears better here without these scumbags.Nixon was a big India hater but he could not prevent birth of Bangladesh. India was much weaker then.Now India is very strong and can make do with any Shrillary or Bump or whatever.Consider how abusive Duerte of Philippines has become.Americans are unable to fix him.They have become that powerless in international arena.

  20. With exit of Arnab Goswami from Times Now channel, appears that the vultures in the media are back again to promote the rotten. The way to kill the media channels is to choke their transmission & rewrite the mode of news reporting to make life difficult for the jounalists to talk nonsense.
    In all NDTV debate, they have kids in the gallery may be Buffalo Beauty Burqa Dutt likes it. It is only in India, irrespective of the subject (technical or non-technical) 10th class dropouts will discuss the future of India.

  21. Irrespective of what Indians want, Hillary is winning the election. If reliably Republican states like Arizona and Georgia are in play, we all should know where the election is headed. The only reason why the Indian right wing is supporting Trump is because of his anti muslim rants. But he pretty much made the same rants against Latinos, african americans,Jews and women rights (especially related to abortions). With the demographic changes in US, there is no way Trump is winning the election, he has way too many weaknesses that are helping Hillary. I live in Raleigh (Wake County) which is one of the 10 counties in the country with drastic demographic changes in last three years. This county will sure shot turn North Carolina into Blue thus making it impossible for Trump to win.

    All the Gujju NRIs openly supported Trump(my guess is, they were blindly driven by Trump's anti muslim rants), which was not unnoticed by Clinton camp, it will be very tricky for India and for sure the legal immigration reform is doomed.

    More over, Swastika is the only thing missing from Trump's rallies.

    So guys, go fly a kites till Nov8th.

    1. Dear Mr Reddy,

      America Politics do not & shall never revolve around what Indians want or who they vote. The only thing which matters for Politicians is who funds their campaign & Hillary is already heavily funded by Saudis & Omanis.

      In this world nobody stands for you unless you make your own stand clear. So no need to fly any kite as of now.

    2. Dear Mr. Narendra, you should have waited before categorically putting your self in a soup. Your rants against Right wing Indians and Gujju NRIs (I dont know what for you hated them?) did not do damage to Trump but blackened your face. If you were flying kite...please wakeup it already has been cut by Gujju kite flyers and its now time to wind the charkhi.

  22. Dear Ravinar,

    Is it not uncanny that some individuals from Non-BJP background commit suicide & the Congress Plays politics on their dead bodies???

    The below three individuals who for no earth shattering reasons committed suicide out of nowhere.

    1) Gajendra Chouhan,
    2) Rohit Vemula,
    3) Ram Grewal.

    The Plan seems quiet simple! We see it played & re-played again & again each year with renewed vigour.

    The Congress, JDU, AAP & their political supporters seems to have been abetting some individuals into committing suicides & trying to exhort political mileage from it like cheap third rate vultures.

    Hope people of Bharat take notice of this yearly drama & start questioning the opposition for the farce.

  23. It will stand India in good stead to get a dossier done on the VP candidate of Clinton. She may not complete her term.

  24. Very true.
    Hillary and triumph are both sides of the same coin.

  25. hillary and trumph both Re being funded by corporates.......
    trump a bankrupt billionor who has investments in india......got throgh all bankrupts becaz of hisncorporates help
    hillary..... psychopath who will start war in the middle east and will try to destroy india by favouring jihadi elements like she did in libiya......
    both work for corporates......both candidates are lobbied throuht popular vites by spending billions of dollars......
    american elections is not like indian election where we vote people and select them........like we did for modi,indira gandhi,vajpayee etc.....

    in america leaders are pre slected by corporates for doing hit job in middle east and oher asian countires....

    people vote cor 1 out of 2 puppets who are already pre choosen by corporates for hit jobs..

    stop comparing india vs america......which puppet will do goid for american and indians......
    indian democracy is 100 times better than anerica.....
    onky thing is its judiciary ,beurocracy and politics needs some nationalists and quick fix instant justice job need to be done

    1. True.Triamph wud b better. But again these things matter less where final decision will come from buildersburg group.

    2. but most of the people here donno what is bilderberg club,what is freemasonary how it controls collegeum of india.......
      no matter who comes youll see white race of europe and america,canada ,rusdis etc will be taken over by IMMIGRANTS......niggars,muslims,etc
      THEYLL uk,france already in the process ......to BECOME 3RD WORLD countries by 2030.

      ....so ia am wondering........ where these so called deshbakth NRIS WILL come .....

    3. in that way we should be thankfull to israel and bilderberg club ellites banking warlods who control and own all regimes of west and world......
      atleast this time will see white basterds minority in their own land and with their life standard reduced to that of 3rd world countries like nigeria,somalia etc...

    4. Absolutely right. And they r too scared of their own predictions too.

  26. Mr. Ravinar,
    I've been reading your whitewash blogs since more than 2 years and I commend you that you have predicted the outcome of the elections very right.
    Kudos to you sir.


  28. Dear Ravi,
    I am putting comments after a long long time on your blog. They are excellent and sharp as knife like before but unfortunately, I dont get much time nowadays. I read your article and then was thinking the striking similarities of the herd called libtards across the globe. The Huma Abedin...or whatever is a character which is similar to infamous NAC appointed by Sonia. Both are extra-constitutional elements poking their nose in constitutional process of governing a democratic country. Huma model of Hillary is quite similar to NAC model of Sonia. People rightly rejected her.


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