Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Media Bullies

A couple of days ago Sushma Swaraj trashed a columnist (Coomi Kapoor) for writing bogus gossip and trash about her. I guess the growing irrelevance of many media persons has left them floundering on what to do with their petty jobs. The junkets and free lunches are gone. The Golgappas are gone. The waltz through the corridors of power is gone. Even Ahmed Patel is gone from those corridors. And the hitjobs on ModiSarkar and his ministers keep on coming. Of course, some ministers of ModiSarkar deserve a fair share of blame for sucking up to these same media morons almost every single day and in over 2 years of govt, the BJP does not really have a strategy on altering public discourse.

Be that as it may, the fraudulent media has gone beyond mere politically-coloured reporting and falsehoods to tinkering with national security itself. The formidable support for Pakis, their terrorists, the Kashmir terrorists and Paki creeps in Bollywood has stood them naked far more than ever before. Take a look at this Commie deprived of any intelligence (a qualification for being a journo I suppose):

Some media guy in Pak is being harassed for his reports but this Jacob of CNN18 behaves as if the Indian govt is no different and is whining like a victim. He finds false equivalence in general to target GOI when other than Indira Gandhi no govt has ever throttled media. Yes, these anti-Hindu poodles do live in “troubled times” having lost all the crumbs thrown at them by the previous Congress govt. They now have to “earn” their food and thus flows their contempt for everything about India or the GOI even when it concerns an enemy. In fact, the BJP govt has been extremely “tolerant” of the filth most of the MSM throws at them.

It is in the context of Pakistan, terrorism and Manohar Parrikar’s admission that there were security lapses in Uri which cost lives in the terror attack which raises some questions about ModiSarkar and its policies with some media folks freely roaming around army camps, LOC and conflict zones. This becomes all the more prominent when a known Paki-sympathiser and Wani-type terrorist-sympathiser like Barkha Dutt is allowed a free run at army camps, conflict zones, LOC and around our key security locations. She has a history of bogus reporting like a Bollywood actress on fire, including her histrionics during the 26/11 carnage. That was one of her most shameful moments other than the Kargil reporting which is still surrounded by controversies. Take a look at the embedded hatred in the tweets when she deliberately communalises an attack to protect ISI or Pak terrorists:

In reality, her only sources are her “Alice in Wonderland” imagination or some silly “Ankit from IIT” based on which she concocts and tweets garbage all the time from or about conflict zones and terrorism. That she glorified Burhan Wani was a cue even Pak PM Nawaz Sharif took and hailed him as a great leader at the UN. Then there is her great “Commander” called Hafiz Saeed who was all praises for her work in Kashmir. And when Hafiz “Saab” praises some reporter it should leave no doubt whose work she indirectly facilitates. There are a number of cases where she has leaked information stupidly and GOI had even issued a notice to NDTV over the Pathankot attacks in January 2016 because of her irresponsible reporting. Post the Uri attacks there have been at least 3 more terror attacks in Kashmir. And this woman goes around tweeting and reporting from sensitive zones as if she’s on a picnic doing a song and dance with soldiers with some Bollywood “Item girl”:

She moves around with electronic gadgets, cameras and stuff and in this day and age there is enough technology to locate her silly movements and those of the Jawans. By some strange coincidence after her tweets on the Chenab river being a possible terrorist route, some terrorists seem to have taken the river-route in the recent incident at the EDI building:

Apparently, the GOI is sleeping or someone in the GOI is deliberately allowing this woman to walk around and have access to these sensitive locations. I suspect either a senior minister or a senior Babu is allowing this farcical crap to continue. The nation faces a serious terror threat and sensitive areas should be the last ones to be seen on TV. Others who watched her show on the “Borderline” nonsense even remarked that she asked silly questions to Jawans about their hours of duty, their shift timings and so on. For whose benefit are these dumb questions? This is not peace time on the LOC for such stories on TV. Obviously, Hafiz Saeed & Co. would be delighted to hear such stories from their “sources” in India. It is shameful that the GOI allows this criminal farce to continue and there is no doubt our soldiers are the ones who will end up paying a price:

A couple of news sites like Satyavijayi and PostcardNews inferred through other reports that the manner of recent terror strikes (3 in 20 days after the Uri attack) may be linked to the reports and tweets of Barkha and many of us have tweeted the report and questioned the wisdom of GOI allowing “Story-tellers” near conflict zones. As is her wont, Barkha immediately threatened a woman (Amrita Bhinder) on Twitter for merely tweeting one of the articles. She warned of criminal defamation case as if anybody cares two hoots for her silly threats. Only a coward issues such threats:

Barkha would do well to remember the international-thrashing she got for her frivolous reporting of 26/11 and her threats against Chaitanya Kunte. And then, playing “Cabinet-broker” in the infamous Radiagate scandal, she washed herself clean with her own clean chits. Vinod Mehta has written in his autobiography that she begged Arun Jaitley not to bring up her name in Radiagate in the Parliament. In any other democracy she would be behind bars for Cabinet-brokering, which incidentally is illegal in India. After such serious offences she has the gall to threaten ordinary folks with defamation as if anybody gives a damn about her threats. She has to realise that playing victim has a price and I am sure she knows the rotten reports she peddles. If she ever does sue someone she would also be well aware of the muck of her bogus journalism that would come out in the open.

In a recent talk with students I was asked why would these people bother when they have earned a good pile of money. The answer is simple – Their loss of power and relevance hurts them more. Barkha and some of her clan have reached levels of insanity and frustration in their doldrums and end up pouring scorn on ordinary people. Their filth is exposed bare almost every single day on Twitter. There are other media tyrants like her who are now cowering in some corner and even ranting at employers of individuals on the SM. Such is their desperation.

Nobody cares what Barkha does anymore. She Rajdeep and their Hammam are as naked as it can possibly get. That they spread lies about the GOI, their anti-national stands, Pak-pimping is also not a mountain anyway. They talk what money makes them talk. It is the GOI that should now protect our borders and security zones from those who are likely to put our soldiers at most risk. As for Barkha, her cowardice and hypocrisy cannot be better explained than her own stupid tweet about Pakis in Bollywood:

Barkha should learn it is not courage to pick on ordinary folks on SM and not threaten them like a COWARD. If you have guts, pick on the news sites. Even better than that, sue Arnab Goswami for calling out your treachery, pseudo-secularism and whining for Burhan Wani instead of ranting and whining on Twitter and Facebook. Else go fly a kite. Media bullies will not be tolerated any more than the terrorists of Pakistan or their sympathisers in India.


  1. Inspite of defence ministry's warning after Pathankot attacks,it is shoking to me why BD is being allowed near sensitive area.Inspite of receiving praise from Hafiz a terrorist of Pakistan why GOI is not taking action against her.Is it due to her closeness to Jai Italy? What is happening to so many cases of economic offences of NDTV and PC. What happened to Karthi after he ignored three summons from ED?

    1. Very clear that Modi follows Jaitely's instructions, not vice versa.

    2. To be frank, both Amit Shah and Modi are in complete awe of Jaitley. With criticism of Jaitley appearing regualarly on internet, his chelas in media have started writing articles praising finance ministry and him.

  2. Someone in the NDA government is protecting her otherwise how can she roam freely on the LOC with our jawans. But the buck stops at PM and it is for him to ensure she is neutralized like the Paki terrorists who target our jawans and people.

  3. Every time she refers " Army sources"and spread some lies, How legitimate is it ?
    How can she(any Journalist) have unofficial "ARMY SOURCES"? This is very serious , why nobody giving any credence to this ?

  4. If most unfortunately for the country,Rahul Gandhi becomes the PM,the damage people like Barkha can cause to the country is beyond comprehension.

    1. Do not worry. Rahul Gandhi's chance of becoming PM is less than that of a snow blizzard in Chennai. But Burqua is causing damage without Rahul Gandhi being anybody.

  5. People are asking how she is allowed in conflict zone, but no one, DM or PMO or Army HQ is not replying. WHY..? At leat now, will the GoI answer?

  6. High time there was a public debate on definition of "media" in India. Can electronic channels with over 75% ads and entertainment be called "news media?" Can print publications with over 75% ads and entertainment be called "news media"? It starts from there.

  7. Our media is nothing but sadist entertainer for few. It is the frivolous reporting which has caused TV news viewership to go down to lowest. How can these channels survive without someone paying for planted news? Irony is spreading falsehood and antinationals news has become a norm. May be some politicians have hidden stakes in these channels.

  8. Barkha attacked me on FB calling me crazy when I questioned her on the glorification of Wani
    She is anti nationa, corrupt (Radia) and views herself as the news rather than being a messenger of news

    She should be denied access to all sensitive installations.

    She is a mediocre intellect going to a university in the USA on Dad's money doesn't make you smart

  9. Another amusing thing is on Google for most of the news and videos the first hit which comes up is mostly NDTV. This piece of shit which nobody wants manages to somehow keep at the top. Even Hindi TV packages abroad NDTV is offered for free, no takers for it, other News Channels are at a premium. Here line of interview with Chetan Bhagat on his book One Indian Girl in the Town Hall show was like why wasnt the book written according to her requirement. LMAO Chetan Bhagat is the author of his book, BD go take a chill pill. She kept on embossing her kind of Western Feminism, why the heck Chetan Bhagat or anyone else should accept it.

  10. It fails one's imagination why Barkha gets the importance & protection for being anti national, is IBM doing its job?

  11. Barkha Dutt most possibly under close watch.She will get her DUE soon.

  12. Excellent article, as usual! Ravindran at his best!

  13. I don't have any doubt that it's Jetlee her patron saint in this govt ensures no harm comes to her and facilitates her access to sensitive areas.

  14. Surprised how this buffalo beauty i.e. Burqa Dutt is allowed to go near to security installation. There should be GOI barring her from leaving her workplace without being probed further. This lady should be treated like a criminal and her movements should be monitored n checked. NDTV is taking a bold & look intelligent stand in not airing what Pappu says, infact they are protecting Pappu from public backlash.

    1. May be you are anonymous. But don't insult poor buffaloes by comparing brokerdutt's appearance to beauty of buffalo. They are extremely useful animals feeding billions with their milk. This traitor is a curse to the country.

    2. Dear Gopal,
      Good word = "BrokerDutt"
      She is a traitor = Agree NO doubts on that.
      With each passing year she is gloating in her waist/hip size.
      If you can imagine her on all "four feet", she does look like buffalo - without make-up a real black buffalo.
      Though agree NOT to insult buffaloes, giving a realistic poetic description of buffalo.

      Note: Your point is well taken.

  15. Brilliant ... the last paragraph is as hard hitting as it can be - Salutes :-)

  16. You are right about these crooks having passed their prime.They can remain relevant in Delhi only and only by pimping for some foreign power at a price.Reason why there is so much is being written for Paki artists and "politicising" of surgical strikes.Reason why MSM is so enthu about reporting about those "revenge" strikes in Kashmir.They are trying to tell the public and the govt that such surgical strikes can result in to "revenge"

  17. Sir I feel sorry ..please unblock me @rmjoshy at twitter ..

  18. nature will teach burqa soon in november. excellent article

  19. Some times I wonder if GOI is using her as a bait? Lately we had three terrorist attacks in J & K, including in Pempore and in all cases Indian Jawans killed terrorists left and right as if our Jawans were expecting them.

  20. Sheer insanity, allowing her near security installations, talking to personnel about patrol timings etc. Who allowed this? Probably the same guy who didn't let Vadra's name to be removed from the list of persons exempted from airport security checks.

  21. It is amazing how despite a history of jeopardizing Indian Army's operations, Barkha Dutt remains with NDTV, of which Prannoy Roy had earned so much goodwill over the years. Barkha has moved on from being a journo to a power-broker n pimping for Pak, and is often rightly called a Presstitute. The infamous Radia Tapes exposed her and many of her ilk for their 'services' to powerful politicians and businessmen. Yet PM Modi or NDA Govt has not censured her or similar rotten-eggs in Indian media. About time PM Modi plans a "surgical strike" on such media-persons to prevent them from spreading false propaganda and mischievous reporting.

    1. Dear Simple Indian - Why wonder as Prannoy Roy is no white sheep. And Aroon Purie of India Today did not sack Punya Prasoon Bajpayee for "krantikari" expose by his own team member or sonia singh, nidhi kulpati, abhisar sharma all continue to retain their jobs. The so called majority of MSM is rotten to the core therefore Raviji started this blog.

    2. Prannoy James Roy...Half Indian Half Irish...

  22. There are some people in India who hv no known legal sources of income simply because either they are unemployable or they have no entrepreneurial skills or they are simply lazy to do any productive work.....OR THEY ARE JUST PLAIN ENVIOUS OF PEOPLE WHO ARE SUCCESSFUL IN THEIR WORK HOWEVER SMALL OR BIG IT MAY BE.....


    The language tenor and content of these people reflects where and from whom they receive their ghar ka kharcha and perks from...

    It is simple...

    Pick up an ideology or
    Pick up an issue like human rights or liberalism or feminism or LGBT or Minority rights or Environment or Nuclear blah blah....
    Float an NGO...
    Open a bank account...
    Gather a few sidekicks and make noise to attract media attention...
    Get into media debates and rave and rant...Of course with uninterrupted airtime from some celebrity media anchors...


    U can even make this a dynastic business...
    Ur children can take over from u...

    On the other side, u can have a lot of fun, publicity, media attention, international attention, awards, foreign invitations...
    U can enjoy licentious and perverse sex under the garb of liberal values...
    Even explore each others anal orifice and its contents under the garb of liberal LGBT values...
    Enjoy the best Scotch or Single Malt....
    Enjoy trips and vacations to foreign locales under the garb of conferences...
    Enjoy narcissistic publicity on TV debates....

    While all the while ur side kicks are busy attacking churches on the sly (remember delhi church attacks) or claim being attacked by gau rakshaks while travelling in an auto (remember Mumbai recently)...or cut a pigs head and plant it in front of a mosque or a cows head and plant it in front of a temple...or burn a holy book (remember punjab recently where an AAP MLA was arrested for this)....or garland some statue with chappals quietly at night.....etc etc....basically michief mongering to aid the agenda of 'BREAKING INDIA'

    Need i say anything more.....

    If the govt takes action against them...suddenly leaders from foreign countries start making funny statements...

    What to do ...After all we need FDI...?????????? THE $$$$ RULES THE WORLD....


    The only solution is to PLUCK THEM OUT ONE BY ONE AND EXPOSE THEM...
    But that won't be enough......
    U know what needs to be done....


    appreciate if u can tweet this or write on this topic

    On topic of ban on pak artists, most debates have missed one important point.

    Most countries have something called Labor Laws. If you want to work in US and try to get H1 Visa, or applying for GC, the company hiring has to prove one thing and most imp thing -- that is "they are NOT able to find such talent within USA, and made every attempt for that and hence they are hiring from outside". This is ethical obligation of USA companies for their country. And for that matter any company for their countries.

    Whether good times or bad times with Pak hardly matters when it comes to following this law. Ofcourse with the way realtions with Pak, this law should take even more priority and go thru further scrutiny and become no brainer to even attempt to hire.

    Unfortunately bollywood in the name of art have completely screwed these labor laws. Hiring fro russia, pak, so on...

    Part of the blame should go to Govt also, whether such labor laws exists? who is actually giving work permits, are they scrutinizing if such talent can be found in India? Are they taking bond from employees that to verify if visitor as Visitor VISA or Work VISA before giving employment (I best most dancers probably have visitor visa)

    Unfortunately Modi can't manage everything, this is where BJP 2nd rign leaders are mostly disappointment. Rajnath SIngh is non-existent (i guess this comes under home ministry)


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