Saturday, October 29, 2016

Cracker Whackers

It’s been going on for some years now. Come Diwali, many schools in urban areas start sermons about pollution and crackers to their students. Some political leaders and Bollymorons join in too along with assorted NGOs and “Miss World” type campaigners. Some schools ask students to write essays on pollution-free Diwali. Some hold elocution contests like “What will you do to have a pollution-free Diwali”? And because the Lutyens Crawlers are right in Delhi some schools specially “tutor” kids to do a song and dance to promote a pollution-free Diwali and the Commie, anti-Hindu media is invited to grab a video and do a show about it as CNN18 does here:

All very nice. Nobody should really have a problem with a “pollution-free-anything” let alone Diwali. But this noble campaign would be nice if it were uniformly done for festivities of all religions. The biggest noises coming out on this are always from Delhi – one of the biggest polluters in the world. You see, these swank campaigners with their fancy SUV trucks will pollute all they like but have problems only with Hindu festivals. That’s the problem. They want cracker-less Diwali, water-less Holi, Rakhee-less Raksha Bandhan, Raavan-less Ram-Leela and so on. They even rant about Karwa Chauth. Multiple fraud-accused scumbags like Teesta Setalvad even want Hindutva banned from public life but are fine with Quran recitals at election campaigns:

Some years back the media used to regularly carry out campaigns about adulterated sweets around Diwali while the same jerks will tour gluttony, muttony areas during Eid to tell us how great the road-side food is. And for a couple of years the focus has shifted to exemplary love for dogs and cats who are offended by crackers. This is never complete unless some Bollymoron sermonises the world about it.

Seems like the only time Anushka Sharma really over-loves animals is when they are chopped, skinned, boiled or roasted or fried and served to her on a plate to gobble up. Come Diwali, she’s worried about her pet and how the world tortures it with crackers during Diwali. There was some other media-moron who likes her meat dripping with blood, so it’s okay when streets are littered with blood from cows and goats slaughtered by her lovable chefs.

This whole “dogs are scared” started with the US. And the US does have a history of “Cracker Whackers”. Now the population of Cracker Whackers is growing in India too. The Americans love firecrackers and come the 4th of July they light up their skies (and even during Halloween) in most cities and towns with greatest of fireworks:

That’s how the “it scares my pets” thing started in the US and then the Indian “useful idiots” imported it to India. But the Americans who complain may have a genuine cause if you realise they own the highest number of pets in the world:

If you add up dogs and cats in the first image of the statistics above that is around 150 million pets. That figure is for a population of just over 300 million humans in the US. I don’t have any reliable figures for India but could find this article which estimates the figure of Indian pets at about 10 million in 2011. And the US does have other “loud crackers” which claim lives. Guns killed over 13000 people and injured over 26000. All the reports on the statistics hover around these figures for gun-crimes. I am not aware how many dogs were killed or lost their hearing due to firecrackers. Hope someone finds the data on that.

The activist-jerks haven’t stopped at mere public campaigns. They have even petitioned govts and the Supreme Court for a ban on crackers during Diwali. Now, you have to wonder why they want a ban on crackers ONLY during Diwali. Are crackers used only during Diwali? These are used even in weddings and other occasions. The worst offenders are those wedding “Baraats” that burst fire-crackers on public roads with their long procession. They cause nuisance to other users of roads and block traffic. Fantastically, these activist-jerks used “three toddlers” to file the petition in SC. The SC rightly threw it out.

These same activists don’t have a problem with thousands of illegal loudspeakers that serve as alarm-clocks to the local population early mornings. Of course, these are from the “peaceful” lot and the activists are scared to their nuts for their lives against them as are the politicians. Not to be left behind, ModiSarkar’s “MyGov” also issued advisories for a pollution-free Diwali. I don’t think the morons behind this account even realise the irony behind their well-intentioned nonsense:

Respiratory diseases. Injury to body parts. Impairment of hearing. Distress to animals. And, of course, polluting the environment. Most politicians and Babus aren’t very bright, just as most journalists are not. The BJP would do well to look inward and look at its own stupidity in doling out such sermons. Because there is no political party in this country that does not use a heavy number of fire-crackers to celebrate election victories or to even welcome their leader back from a hospital-treatment or from jail. Bollywood too does that (remember Sanjay Dutt or Salman Khan returning?). Here are BJP folks celebrating something smoky:

Well, that looks like a major victory in a State election or national election. Doesn’t it? Hold your breath – That kind of smoky-celebration is for a paltry “by poll” victory in a town called Maihar. What stops the GOI asking all political parties to first stop using crackers for election wins? Nothing! But as with frivolous dog-protectors and “Miss World” type activists they sermonise people only on Diwali about it. As the SC put it in the report I quoted earlier, people cannot be stopped celebrating their festivities with crackers as long as they do it sensibly and without harming others or the public in general. The best way to handle this is to make sure crackers are used responsibly especially with young children and also not near hospitals or old-age homes etc. Maybe a statutory warning “Children below 12 should not use firecrackers without parental supervision” or something like that would be more helpful than mindless rants against Diwali-crackers. There is a flip side to all this that no one even talks about. I received this beautiful Diwali greeting from a friend on Whatsapp:

It escapes general notice but people may have reduced usage of printed greeting cards in large numbers. So maybe tell them how many trees we may have saved. Cracker use in Diwali has also reduced to a good extent and is now done more responsibly. But Diwali without the sound of crackers and sparklers and “Diyas” and lights would be bizarre. So, celebrate with greater joy and enthusiasm. A HAPPY DIWALI to all … regardless of the Cracker Whackers. 

Monday, October 24, 2016

Media Lynch Mob

Kannada writer UR Ananthamurthy said he would leave if Narendra Modi becomes PM and later did a U-turn. Some little, failed starlet from Bollywood asked “how can I live in this country with my small kid” if Modi becomes PM. There’s this “Intolerance” champion Aamir Khan whose spouse also said they thought about leaving India. Lately, actor Om Puri is reported to have stated he would live in Pakistan if something else happens (while talking about Dadri). And in some other corner, a little unknown starlet called Swara tweets “… We don’t deserve to live in a democratic country”. There might be more. But the problem is – NOBODY LEAVES. They just stay in India and keep whining endlessly. Once again, some media folks, as well as Bollywood folks, are bitter that the SM has gotten the better of Bollywood folks like Karan Johar or Anurag Kashyap and the media mafia. Remember, earlier there was this Aaptard called Vishal Dadlani who had to eat crow after insulting a Jain Muni.

All it needed was for the Bollywood folks to condemn the Uri attack and show solidarity with our Jawans. A few did, most remained tight-lipped. The Pakis in the movie which is in the eye of the storm (Ae dil hai mushkil) seem to have left India because they wanted to remain loyal to their country. That is honourable. But it speaks very poorly of jerks like Johar who stretched the issue by remaining silent till the inevitable pressure of money made him fold up. He issued a video statement and all that. Elsewhere, Anurag Kashyap was asking Modi to “Say sorry” for visiting Pak as if the PM has to apologise for doing his diplomatic job. Later, this Kashyap turned around and said he never asked PM to apologise. I wonder what this moron meant by “say sorry”. KJ was relieved of the pressure by Raj Thackeray and assured his movie would be released. That set off the lynch mob in the media. Who better to kick-off the lynching than the Chief Rudaali for Pakis and terrorists? Here you go:

As you can see, whenever her “narrative” fails miserably, Barkha wants all of India to be ashamed. I believe the only ones who should be ashamed are Barkha and Johar. The two of them behaved like disgruntled babies over the boycott of ADHM and the power of SM to create such a huge impact. This was fun. Indians should be ashamed because her darling Rushdie was kept out by her own favourite Islamic goons. Society should be ashamed because Johar wilted under pressure. Okay! Now here are other jerks who continued their rants abroad – Sagarika Bubka and Om Puri:

Sagarika tells her audience Burhan Wani was no more than a “Facebook militant” who liked to pose with battle fatigues and AK-47s. Maybe like Govinda in the movie “Raja Babu” who keeps dressing up like celebrities and military heroes. Om Puri is pained by the Dadri incident which he says is a national “kalank”. Alright! Then he goes on to tell us that India is the biggest exporter of cow meat. I don’t see any difference between these two – both qualify for Category5Morons. Here’s a little about beef that most idiotic media folks mislead people with:
My problem with Bollywood is less with Pakis being hired as actors and more with the sinister “Islamification” of the industry. This is what media folks and Bollywood morons are covertly defending. We have seen all the Allah-Maula songs and how the Hindu guy in “Deewar” hates God but has adorable fascination for badge number “786”. I have written about it before and I can write a whole book about it but I don’t think anyone misses the systematic Islamification of Bollywood. The characters in Johar’s ADHM should further convince you on why this jerk was unwilling to condemn Pak terror along with his cast:
All these Muslim characters were originally not Indians. They were cultured Pakistanis in Canada or somewhere. They wore nice dresses and had the choicest of bridal gear. And, of course, like good Muslims had a love-triangle too. As it happened, after the outrage on SM, Johar quickly changed the Paki background to Lucknow. He turned Pakistanis into Indians in just about a month. Because when more in the public learn it was meant to be a Paki love-story more hell would have broken loose. That should explain the original reluctance of the Pakis in the movie and Johar in condemning Uri and standing by our Jawans.

So why this obsession with Paki actors? It is not something new. Way back in the 1980s we had BR Chopra importing Salma Agha for his movie “Nikaah” which was a big hit. Perhaps it helped that Salma was also a singer and sang most of the songs in the movie. Reports say that Salma was related to Peshawar-born Raj Kapoor. (Karan Johar’s father Yash Johar was also born in Lahore, Pakistan). So, there is some deep love between the Indian Punjabis (Of the Pak variety) and regular Pakis. Now add to this the underworld funding by Islamists and you have a good cocktail on why Bollywood is seeing Islamification since the 1970s. A report as close as in 2015 states that the Dons are still funding Bollywood just as many suspect that ISI is funding and influencing many in our media mafia. These are the reasons why Bollywood loves Pakistan and is reluctant to trash their terror-sponsorship as that would annoy their funders. They are as many mafia-wives and “Terror support services” in Bollywood as in Indian news media.

Still, Johar finally managed to talk to many in power, including the “Kadi Ninda” specialist, and Maharashtra CM to let his film release peacefully. KJ also assured in his video-whining that he won’t recruit Pak actors in future. Maybe that is the lesson that Bollywood needed to learn. Raj Thackeray too melted but appears to have made a silly demand that movies involving Pak stars the producers must donate 5 crores to the Army Welfare Fund. This is a stupid demand as RT has no authority to lay down such conditions or the block release of movies. Boycott is a social choice by general public but spurious demands by politicians are illegal. Johar wilted not so much because he is patriotic but a huge amount of money may be at stake. Nothing matters more to Bollywood and our MSM. But that was enough for the lynch mob of our media mafia to outrage in unison like a box of parrots:
It is almost as if these guys are the ones who were forced to pay money. Such is their ranting and whining like wet rats. Now, who in hell asked Johar to negotiate with Thackeray in the first place? RT is not any legal authority and the movie was not banned as many Bollymorons claimed. But the Islamists have taught the world that the only language certain folks understand is the language of “fear”. The CM or the Police are the right persons to deal with the situation and not Thackeray. The media lynch mob whines because their darling Bollywood and Johar folded up like cowards although people at large are still campaigning for a boycott of the film.

And if this lynch mob of the media, that hates everyone who holds an opinion different from theirs in utter contempt, wasn’t enough there is this “Fashion street intellectual” sitting in the US blabbering in the Wall Street Journal.  Sadanand Dhume and his “mirror” Barkha ask strikingly similar questions:
Dhume claims banning Pak actors will not “strike fear” among radicalised Islamic terrorists in Pakistan. As if anything would. Okay! Indus water? NO! Trade stoppage? NO! Surgical strikes? NO! Revoke diplomatic relations? NO! So what do these jokers want India to do? Sit around and sing Allah-Maula songs with Bollywood and Paki terrorists or the Pak govt? They just want India to do nothing but keep engaging in endless talks while our Jawans and civilians continue to be killed. The obtuse dumbness of Dhume can be seen in this one para in his article in which he equates Indo-Pak with US-USSR:

During the Cold War, the U.S. distinguished between the Soviet government and Russian writers, dancers and musicians. It recognized that when faced with an authoritarian foe, one of a free society’s greatest strengths is showcasing its freedom. India ought to come to the same conclusion. Instead of banishing Mr. Khan and his compatriots it ought to welcome them with open arms”.

Really? The US govt had nothing to do with making of “Dr Zhivago” or “Fiddler on the roof” or promotion of Tchaikovsky or any ballet shows. Many of the movies with Russian writers as source did not have any major Russian actors in them. The Americans enjoy more or less absolute FoE under their First Amendment which Indians don’t. US boycotted Moscow Olympics in 1980 and USSR Bloc returned the favour in 1984. The US also hounded Commies within the US as I wrote in Bollywood Sleepers. Dumb Dhume forgets that Russia and US aren’t neighbours and could have a prolonged Cold War. Dumb Dhume also forgets that Russia and US fought WWII as allies. And the only Russian and Eastern Bloc figures that the US befriended and supported were those who were willing to defect and become good sources of information for the US. Besides, apart from covert operations, neither Russia nor US were into direct terror activities against each other.

Pak has sworn a 1000-year holy jihad against India. Morons like Dhume can earn a bit writing crap in WSJ but ordinary Indians don’t see it his way. Now, the more important question: Does banning Pak actors make any difference? No, it may not directly have any impact on curbing Pak terrorism but it adds up the pressure by being one of many civil actions. Please bear in mind that the GOI has not banned any movie or any Pak actor or artist. To Pak-Rudaalis like Barkha and Dhume let’s ask a question with these images:

After many rapes and brutal rape and murders people hold candle-light marches. Sometimes it is orchestrated by the media lynch mobs. We call fake ones the “Mobatti Brigade”. The uproar and candle vigil was huge after the Nirbhaya incident in 2012. Can Dhume or Barkha explain if it has brought down rapes and murders? In fact reports say there are 93 rapes a day in India and UP alone had 1012 rapes and over 4000 molestation cases in just five months. So why don’t dumb folks like Barkha and Dhume ask people to stop these Mombatti vigils since it is not making any difference? People tend to protest in many ways. The demand for banning Pak actors stemmed from a public outcry which is similar to Mombatti vigils by media morons. Not each element may stop Pak terrorism but it all adds up in the overall.

There are many people in Social Media who are far superior in their intellect, insights and reason to studio mobs like Barkha, Shekhar Gupta, Rajdeep or C5M or Dhume. It is that these media lynch mobs are losing the plot that bothers them more than terrorism or anything. So they rant and rave at anything and everything that defeats their “narrative”. Barkha bad-mouths India as a “Third-world country” in the US and then she bad-mouths Arnab and Timesnow in another forum. Such is her frustration and failure to come to terms with her irrelevance and lack of influence in public discourse. She grandly rants about MNS threat to theatres in Mumbai as “Gundaraj” but immediately gets slapped about her Islamist-goon friends having shut down theatres in Kashmir for 27 years. Barkha’s mirror has never been blackened more. And there is this “Monkey-balancer” and street-thug who blabbers about media and bravery:

All because some Cyril Almeida in Pakistan was placed under house arrest or under some exit control list. This is the guy who hushed up the Cash4Votes scam on just a phone call from the Congress. This is the guy who behaved like a street thug with ordinary folks in New York. This is the guy who spent most of his media-life lying about Modi and Gujarat 2002. Nobody told this jerk – Bravery is never in the medium, bravery is in the person. At least he realises his media lynch mob is nothing more than a bunch of cowards who bark nonsense all the time.