Thursday, September 8, 2016

Terror Perks

American President Theodore Roosevelt was once asked in 1906 the reason for his popularity.  Roosevelt said, "To put into words what is in their hearts and minds but not in their mouths". “Hearts and minds” later became a slogan of sorts for politicians. Even today our intelligent politicians are either fighting to or are being asked to win the “hearts and minds” of Kashmiris. Except that the tactics being used by our politicians for ages are neither winning against the terrorists nor winning hearts. The only thing that has escalated is the violence and bigger agitations. Many years later Roosevelt’s quote was twisted a bit to suit the times. We will come to that later.

The dumbest thing our politicians have done in Kashmir is to try and bribe and buy out our worst enemies in the valley – The Hurriyat, Separatists and their denominations. If you try to buy silence by feeding the pigs, the more they squeal for freeloads. That these Hurriyat and bunch of separatists are “useful idiots” of Pak has never been a secret:

Just look up this Hurriyat casually on the net. Even the US funds them in some way or the other but it may now have stopped or reduced after PM Modi’s aggressive stand on Pak, POK and Balochistan. These “useful idiots” don’t matter in anyone’s game anymore other than maybe the ISI. What should indeed shock us is that our govt has funded these terrorists since 1989 and Gaurav Sawant did a brief summary of the crimes:

Let me summarise it for you:
# The Hurriyat refuses to have any discussions within our Constitution.
# Security for these separatists – 100 crs per year.
# Travel and hotel bills for last 5 years 26.43 crs. (Including visits to Pak envoy)
# Total expense on the above for the last 5 years – 507 crs.
# The 507 crs is higher than the money JK spends on Sarva Shikha Abhiyan.
# 2014-15 New GOI spent 287 crs for separatists’ security.
# Security during “agitations” for these traitors 2010-16 – 160 crs
# From 1989 till 2016 so far – 7207 crs spent on these traitors.

In a recent interview to "Hafiz-favourite" Barkha Dutt, Sajjad Lone slammed her for being part of the incitement of unrest in Kashmir. He also clearly stated nothing about these agitations are "spontaneous" but are clearly sponsored and funded by enemies of India. And GOI is doing the same by funding these terrorists.  Shocking as it may be, it is not all. Some of these traitors have criminal cases against them, including murder. But they joyfully walk around the valley, travel to Delhi, participate in seminars and sometimes even travel abroad. Life is good for these useful idiots:

But if I hold these traitors and Break-India morons in contempt, there are other bigger “useful idiots” I hold in greater contempt. Idiots from politics, from media, from NGOs who wail endlessly for such criminals. They want talks with these separatists no matter what as their goal is the same as those of the separatists. Meet some of them:

Insignificant “useful idiots” of Indian politics, some of them heads of murderous parties like CPM are desperate to kiss the separatists. If Modi had dissuaded them there would have been a furore. So he rightly sent the Commies to meet their separatist darlings – Raja, Yechury, Owaisi etc. Well, what do you know! Even the separatists considered it below their dignity to meet these scumbags who stood at their doors like beggars seeking alms. They wanted this humiliation. Now these Commies can shut their mouths and let GOI and the state govt deal with the situation. And this particular scumbag Yechury is the biggest scandal of them all. His party is in power in Kerala and routinely murders Hindus and political opponents. He is not able to stop that but wants to reach out to separatists:

The GOI has now made a decision to slash the doles and security to these separatists. I don’t see why those who promote terrorism and killing of innocents should be given any dole or security at all. And this is coming after two years of ModiSarkar. In particular, the Home Minister Rajnath Singh seems to have run out of clues on how to deal with the situation. Slashing these undeserved benefits is not the answer at all as reports suggest. Shockingly, 560 personnel seem to have been deployed to protect the very scumbags who engineer agitations and stone and grenade pelting at our Jawans. This is simply horrific:

To say that the Hurriyat bites the hands that feeds would be misplaced and a gross understatement. These are scroungers who are living off public money and threatening the very country that lets them live. Enough is enough, I would recommend not one more single rupee to these traitors and beggars:

You don’t win hearts and minds of people by feeding the traitors and enemies of India. To feed known enemies is to take for granted the rest of Indians for fools and their money too. These enemies are not even worth holding a dialogue with. At the slightest provocation it would save lives and expense to jail them for anti-national acts. Roosevelt talked about hearts and minds but many years later his quote was modified (also credited to actor John Wayne and even to Gen. George Patton) but a plaque hung on the wall of Charles Colson, White House counsel (convicted in the Watergate scandal). This explained his philosophy towards political enemies:

“If you've got them by the balls, 
their hearts and minds will follow”

GOI need not adopt this philosophy for political enemies or ordinary citizens. But the quote is well worth employing for traitors and scroungers of public money. Don’t even try to win their hearts or minds. Stop the terror perks and the rest will follow.


  1. I recall that in earlier days Mirwaiz Maulvi farouque father of scumbug Mirwaiz Umar farouqe was a sane voice in Kashmir. The Congi doles and appeasement politics worsened the situation. Lets not waste hard earned money of tax payers and blood of labouring soldiers on these anymore.

  2. GoI is right in putting a posture of affiability, which is what the press reports.
    But on the background, GoI appears to be doing right things, without appearing to be abruptly disrupting the anti national ecosystem.
    Changes cannot be pushed down the throat all at once. Gradually but consistently changes are being made.

  3. Let their partners in crime like the traitors, presstititutes and sickulars look after them. We can spend the money on real needs.

  4. When I saw in TV a frenzied crowd with d separatists shouting anti India n pro Pak slogans I could nt reconcile how d govt gives them dole.They r freely allowed to meet Pak HC for proPak events n seen entering the venues audaciously.Nowhere in the world such self humiliating, self destructive activities r allowed by a state.Govt should immediately stop all doles n restrict these anti nationals.

  5. When I saw in TV a frenzied crowd with d separatists shouting anti India n pro Pak slogans I could nt reconcile how d govt gives them dole.They r freely allowed to meet Pak HC for proPak events n seen entering the venues audaciously.Nowhere in the world such self humiliating, self destructive activities r allowed by a state.Govt should immediately stop all doles n restrict these anti nationals.

  6. Well put Ravi Bro!
    The only thing GOI needs to dole out to these bottom feeders are BULLETS & Long JAIL Terms.

  7. After Modi mentioned Baluchistan on 15th August, many from Baluchistan and PoK praised him to the skies. He must also feeling great.

    Modi has to stop this appeasement of separatists immediately.
    But if he does not, then the name and laurels he got on 15th August, will evaporate soon.

    1. But Salman Khurshid derided Modi reference to Baluchistan saying India has no common border with that country.Such bogus foreign policy experts along with a slavish MMS and selfish Sonia have ruined this country.

  8. If a loud stinging slap can take the form of written words then this article sure is one Ravi !.Thanks v. much.

  9. Raviji, forget the quotes but you have surely got many by their balls! Of course the castrated @incindia jerks have none.

  10. Raviji, forget the quotes but you have surely got many by their balls! Of course the castrated @incindia jerks have none.

  11. "The GOI has now made a decision to slash the doles and security to these separatists". Are you sure?

  12. It is srtange that this funding was going on till now. There should be zero security for these scumbags. Let then get their 72

  13. Ravinar
    Sorry to disappoint you,todays headline quotes confused HM Rajnath Singh "Perks for separetist to stay" and has further denied that there is any move to harden the stand against separetists.
    This is probably under the pressure of Opposition.
    Let us face the brutal fact Modi/Hindus may do chest thumping but ultimately it is empty bluster and unlike Muslims Hindus simply lack the stomach for a fight as they are too attached to comforts of life and are careerists and are not willing to sacrifice for their goals.

  14. ग़ुरुदेव सर्वप्रथम अक स्वयम्सेवक का प्रणाम स्वीकर किजिये. ऐसा जुता भिगो के मारा हे आप्ने कि देश द्रोहियो कि चमड़ी जरूर छिल गयी होगी .

    आप तो पूरे बबर शेर हे. शिकार भी करते हे तो पूरी ताकत के साथ /

    भगवान आपको इतनी शक्ति व हम सब का साथ दे कि ये मैदान छोद्केर भाग जाये/

  15. Another wonderfully written piece by Ravinar Ji. I just fail to understand, why the successive governments have been protecting and promoting these traitors who are the enemies of India. Instead of bringing them to task, we have been spending public money for their protection and travel. I feel disgusted...time to stop all this and all the money spent on these scumbags be recovered from them with interest, let them borrow from their parents in Pakistan and pay back.

  16. This "All Party Team" idea turned out to be a master stroke (intended or not) by BJP. BJP knew that the separatists will not be ready for dialogue (as they believe that they have India by the balls), of course the separatists slamming door on Commi traitors is a plus. As is, the world has almost totally ignored Kashmir problem. Now BJP has succeeded in portraying 'the other side' as the real villain. After slamming door on Commi traitors, even leftist media has started to lose interest in Kashmir. Now a days we see a one sentence blurb in Preestitute media like 'one more died in Kashmir, toll now stands at 73 etc.'.

  17. In Our Country we have so seen so many aberrations from JNU, Jadhavpur to people eulogizing Terrorists.
    But Paying for someone (who opposes our motherland) is seriously stretching too far and we have debate with one side claiming the supposed scaling down of perks to the Hurriyat as wrong.


  18. Thanks to Ravi we at least now KNOW that so much of money is being spent on these enemies of India.This is a sacrilege and should be stopped immediately.Most of them can be eliminated by ISI without much a do.Reason why GOI is trying to protect them.GOI has to move along following lines now without further waste of time.
    [1] Abrogate article 370 - dismiss PDP- BJP coalition govt if it fails to check the violence that could follow in the valley
    [2] Arrest all trouble makers in the valley and deport them out of J & K
    [3] Launch diplomatic offensive to convince the world that violence in the valley has morphed in to Islamic jihad now
    [4] Step up help to Baluch and POK resistance movements
    [5] Start arming Afghan security forces
    All these steps are in national interest and are also in political interest of BJP.

  19. Raja is a Xian,his daughter shouting Azaadi at JNU and Sitaram Yechury has Muslim wife.These two are so called Communists but in reality just rabid anti-Hindu elements.Nirmala Sitaraman rightly said that Yechury should not waste his time in Kashmir but go to CPM ruled Kerala where Hindus are getting murdered regularly with the government looking the other way.More importantly Hindus should know that Sitaram Yechury joined hands with the communists and Christian forces in Nepal in destroying the lone Hindu country in the world.

  20. Well written, All the recent events by commedy King Kejri and Anti Aurat Party (AAP) covered


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