Friday, September 30, 2016

Bollywood Sleepers

We have long faced Pak-sponsored terrorism. We have long been wrong about their goal. For long we believed it was all over Kashmir. We were wrong. Pakistan has never been able to reconcile to their defeat of 1971 and Bangladesh being created. All their actions are not merely for Kashmir. These are to bleed India and to break India “With a little help from their friends” in India. It is not merely to break India either. It is to completely destroy Hindus and wipe Hindu culture from the face of the earth. That is a long-standing goal of Chrislamists and you are seeing it in action every single day in India. On September 29, probably wee hours in the darkness, Indian Army carried out surgical strikes on terror camps across the LOC. Around 35-40 terrorists and some Pak soldiers were killed. This retribution is hopefully the first that will send a message to external enemies. Now that PM Modi has the backing of the nation on this (except a few traitors) the next task is to attend to internal traitors who contribute to the cause of terrorism and the Break-India campaign.

We have known the “Commie-Congress-Media-NGO” complex that desperately wants to break India. Most of these are funded by enemies of India who will stop at nothing to undermine the nation. Here is what a Ford-funded third-rate Twitter CM had to say in endorsing an article that bats for Pak and claims it is India that is “Isolated”:

Such people would have naturally been stung by the “Surgical strike” by the Indian Army across the LOC. There is another den of India-haters and Hindu-haters that now needs serious focus – Bollywood. What was once the great joy of India, movies being almost the only entertainment we had, has now become a fountain of anti-India, anti-Hindu forces. You know, I recall movies from the 1970s and 1980s where most characters in a movie would be Hindus but suddenly out of the blue some “Allah ko pyaari hai qurbani” type song would be sneaked in for no reason or rhyme. Or characters like Pran’s Pathan in “Zanjeer”. We thought these were mere coincidences or fun. It wasn’t! This grew to a point where the underworld, mostly made up of Muslim gangs in Mumbai, patronised by unscrupulous politicians, became the funding-fountain for movies. Their only condition? Promote Muslim actors and themes. Sanjay Dutt with weapons during the 1993 blast. Little starlets getting married to guys like Abu Salem. It all started to fall in place. Now slowly, Bollywood has more or less been Islamised, with rare exceptions.

Indian Muslims being successful in Bollywood is worthy of applause although recently many of them, without much talent, were in movies because of some “Godfather”. Every second or third movie would invariably have some “Khan” in it. Nothing is an accident. Look at this guy, Mahesh Bhatt, who endorsed RSS was responsible for 26/11 and his stupid comment about temples over the Nirbhaya incident in December 2012. It doesn’t matter to him that the rapists were mostly Muslims. Would he say something similar about destroying mosques when many Muslim women are raped? Definitely no! Extend this to Pappu’s nonsense when he says people go to temple and then rape women. You have the Chrislamist contempt for Hindus on fully display.

As with many Muslims in India, Bollywood too has those with their sympathies for Pak and not for India. Therefore, no matter how many Jawans or civilians Pak terrorists kill, for these traitors “life should go on” as normal and we should do business with Pak. Indian Muslims in Bollywood is a good thing. But for the Islamic-Paki-Punjabi origin gang in Bollywood it doesn’t stop there. They have to keep importing artists from Pak to increase the population of Muslims in Bollywood to assert its Islamisation. This is neither imagination nor fiction. It is an absolute fact. With unfailing regularity Bollywood movies ridicule Hindus, Hindu Gods and icons and vulgar songs with iconic names are peddled as “item numbers”. Everyone is aware about this and I need not produce more details. This site will deliver you on the instances (although I don’t agree with all the movies listed). Following the Uri attack and outrage across India, many wanted Pakis also dropped from Bollywood movies and Paki actors to exit India. Here are some current prominent Pakis in Bollywood among many who float around like dust:

Ideally, art should be without boundaries. No matter how many fences we build, no fence can stop an idea or thought. However, extraordinary situations demand extraordinary measures. And I believe Pakis in Bollywood and other art performances must quit India. Either they condemn Pak for terrorism or get out and stop scrounging in India. Predictably, the Pak stooges in media whose bigger riches come from pimping for Pak couldn’t resist outraging over the idea. Here are Rahul Kanwal and eternal “Wheeler Dealer” Shekhar Gupta, who even thinks Pak is a bigger market for movies. Such nonsense is what our media is made up of:

The army will go after the terrorists. But civilians must boycott Pakis so that they carry the message back home that because of their govt and army they are not welcome in India. Here’s the Chief-Rudaali for Pakistan, who cannot afford to spend one chance to whine for her “Mother” country:

Barkha has a typical pattern. Will first peddle her stupid opinion and will then catch hold of any jerk who will echo her opinion. In this case it was moron Karan Johar who is no more intelligent than Pappu and beyond an opinion has no issues about our Jawans being killed. Here’s another joker, Sonu Nigam, who thinks he’s bonding two conflicting-nations through his stupid art and the way I see it:

Sports and entertainment go way beyond their purposes. They also set political agenda and send political messages. Hitler wanted to prove superiority of the Whites or his Aryan race but a Black Jesse Owens shattered his stupidity in 1936. USA boycotted the Moscow Olympics in 1980. The then USSR (and their Easter Bloc allies) in return, boycotted the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984. South Africa faced a boycott for a long time over its apartheid policy. Most may not know this but India had to sacrifice a chance to win the Davis Cup in Tennis in 1974 due to our boycott of SA. We then had leading players like Vijay and Anand Amrithraj in our Tennis team. Every country and group has a prism through which it sees its sports and entertainment. IPL in Cricket has not recruited Pak players for some time now. Why should Bollywood be any different? Let’s go a long way back in time.

In the 1940s and 50s, during and after WWII, the US was besieged with the fear of many Communists stealing secrets for the KGB. The Communist Party of the US also was seen as a threat to the democracy of the US. Senator Joseph McCarthy carried out a hunt for Commies in Hollywood. Many Hollywood and other entertainers suspected with links to Commies were incarcerated and hounded. There are accusations of McCarthy being excessive which may be true. But the fact remains – NO SENSIBLE COUNTRY TOLERATES ENEMIES WITHIN. Here’s a quick glance on how the Commies in Hollywood were hounded:

Read more of the hounding of Commies in Hollywood here. We really don’t know who comes as a Paki artists and who comes to India as an ISI stooge. Therefore, unless they make cause with the place they want to work in we have no option but to look at them with suspicion. Moreover, why should we feed citizens of a country that is hell-bent on destroying India? We shouldn’t forget that it was the duffer-son of Mahesh Bhatt that was used by David Headley eventually leading to the 26/11 attacks. The same Mahesh Bhatt calls for Jihad in many of his speeches, whatever he means. SRK was trashed for claiming Pak is a “friendly neighbour”. Aamir Khan was made to pay (as also Snapdeal) for his nonsensical and fraudulent “India Intolerant” campaign against Modi. Aamir was also dropped from the Incredible India campaign.

Not all in Bollywood maybe traitors and not all Pakis in India may be evil. Fighting terrorism is all about eliminating risks as well. We cannot ask Indian citizens to leave. But we do have sleepers in Bollywood and we can definitely do without Pakis. We have no dearth of talent in India that we might miss the Pakis. Bollywood sleepers too need to be weeded out as in other domains. Pressure matters! And when the nation speaks in one voice, organisations will have no option to act on it. We should welcome this decision of Indian Motion Picture Association to get rid of Pakis till peace returns.

Monday, September 26, 2016


After a talk to a student-group where I criticised Nehru and his Commie policies and practices I was asked an interesting question by someone who appeared to be a big fan of his. “You criticise Nehru harshly but isn’t it Nehru who established democracy in India”? Such is the brainwashing of heads by Commies that there are people who actually think without Nehru there would be no democracy in India. All the others who were in Parliament or who fought for our independence were just sidekicks and would have turned India into a dictatorship. And the Indus Water Treaty (IWT) that is being discussed widely after the Uri terror-attacks again shows the sloppiness of Nehru’s thinking and lack of vision. Most legacies of Nehru lie in shambles. His era was one when Commies had a free run in establishing their dominance, bogus history and starting the running down of Hindu culture as a whole. There is no real right wing political party in India but there are individuals and non-political groups who are. Here are tweets that summarise the battle that’s been raging for a long time:

If you’re wondering why this is so, the answer is simple. For long the RW has been battling the lies and propaganda of Commies and therefore the burden of bringing out facts and truth weighs more heavily on them. The Commies (including Congress) could get away with any lie and propaganda. And the fact that a non-Congress govt with full majority is now at the Centre still upsets the whole establishment and media. A traitor is someone who betrays another, a group, a cause or a nation. Individuals and small groups may not matter much but when you play into the hands of the enemy of a nation then such treachery shouldn’t be tolerated even one inch.  Post the Uri attack PM Modi acknowledged one important aspect of terrorism – Terror support services:

A good chunk of our Commie media is part of this “Eco system” that Modi mentions. While a whole people await action against Pakistan, they are willing to wait a while to see how events unfold. But these traitors amongst us are proactive enough to rave and rant so much that they want to ensure no action against Pakistan is taken at all. It seems in the 10 years of UPA the Sonia-govt made absolutely no effort to modernise our weaponry. Any effort towards that was also mired in nothing but more and more corruption and scams. Not surprisingly, in a recent rally in Moradabad the Congress foot-soldiers were shouting “Pakistan Zindabad”. This is the Nehru-legacy (video 17 secs):

Long back, Congi filth-generator Manishankar Aiyar stated on a Pak channel that Modi must be ousted for peace between Pak and India. I consider the current Congress a greater enemy of India along with their Commie alliance partners. That’s a political party with their goons supporting an enemy that kills our soldiers and civilians. The voters will deal them a hand as they did in 2014. But the onus is on Modi to deal with other traitors amongst us – particularly in the corrupt and India-hating media. Look at this guy – I call him “Father Teresa”. No matter what the atrocity by Pak terrorists Sudheendra Kulkarni keeps preaching peace with Pak. What motivates his reckless nonsense? I guess paid junkets and luxury holidays by Pak or ISI must be a strong incentive:

Yes, indeed! The grass is definitely greener on the other side when the green-expense is being borne by the sponsors of anti-India campaigns whether terrorism or hatred. And Kulkarni is just one of them. There is this Pak-loving couple who have such intense hatred for Indians (particularly Hindus) that they would indulge in extreme levels of stupidity beyond belief to promote the cause of our enemy. It’s tragically hilarious. Here’s Rajdeep ranting and whining on a Pak channel about how some Indian TV channels and anchors are into war-mongering (the obvious reference being to Arnab Goswami and Timesnow – video 51 secs):

I have been strongly against Paki idiots being given space on Indian TV or any media platform to vent their nonsense and abuse India. However, from the HT summit to Paki pimps on NDTV, CNN-IBN and others, their eternal darling has been Parvez Musharraf who is the “war-criminal” of Kargil. So what is Rajdeep whining about? And the best part is, these Pakis on our channels are very loyal to their country unlike Rajdeep and others who spew hatred for India and Indians on Pak channels. That’s what traitors do:

And as a consequence of the hatred that Rajdeep and others pour against India and Indians on Pak channels, elements in that country are goaded to file cases against our anchors. Whether one likes Arnab or not, he has indeed become a “hyper-nationalist” loathed by these Sickular Paki-pimps. Rajdeep himself has many times invited the same Pakis on his channel to abuse India:

And their strident conflict with Arnab’s style of anti-Pak discourse will end up posing a threat to Arnab’s life itself. If Hafiz “Saab” is so enamoured by the loyalty of Barkha Dutt there is no reason to believe some loose-change terrorist will be inspired to have a go at Arnab because these Paki-pimps, see him destroying their cause. And if the Monk is blabbering disgraceful nonsense on a Pak channel can the moron be far behind? Here you go:

Borrowing from the “Monkey Balancing” concept of her hubby, Sagarika desperately wants to equate the failed state of Pak with the thriving democracy of India. And in the second tweet she again proves she’s the “Sergei Bubka of moronery”. She compares domestic incidents with terror-related issues and asks if the world should deny visas for it. Someone pointed out to this moron that actions like those of Rajdeep at MSG might warrant a visa-denial. So, in short, these traitors want India to do nothing about Pak in retaliation to terror-attacks for over 25 years. Don’t take military action, don’t cut-off bilateral ties, don’t abrogate Indus water treaty, don’t ban Paki artists or hate-mongers. Just do nothing and sit back and let our soldiers be killed. Here’s the Chief Pak-Rudaali trying best to thwart any action against Pak:

These morons simply don’t get it. A retaliation of any kind need not necessarily mean terrorism will stop. Is that good enough reason to do nothing? When Aamir Khan ranted about “Intolerance” folks on SM targeted Snapdeal and campaigned to boycott the online retailer. Consequently, Snapdeal had to drop the contract with Aamir Khan. That’s what a ban or boycott does. It forces those losing profitable jobs or contracts to send a message to their govt or organisation. Banning Pak artists from India would be a message to the Pak people to petition their govt and that if their govt does not stop terrorism they would be unwelcome in India. Such simple logic is not lost on morons like Barkha and the others. It is just that they don’t want their darling Pak, Pak terrorists or any Paki to suffer regardless of the deaths of Indian soldiers. Barkha even goes further. She rounds up a bunch of her sidekicks, conducts a debate and tweets a grand conclusion that she is reassured nobody wants to scrap the IWT:

I have no doubts Pakistan will be dismembered and destroyed. It’s a mathematical fact. But like I stated earlier in the post, now that Modi recognises the “eco-system” of terrorists and their supporters, he must first work to destroy these traitors. These traitors want India destroyed. Their Commie ideology wants “Bharat Ke Tukde” and particularly complete destruction of the Hindu culture. Modi has done the right thing in recognising this internal enemy first. We can wait a bit more for Pakistan to die. These traitors need to be attended first.

India is not merely facing terrorism. India is at a crossroads facing a major crisis of confidence. And in such a crisis it is the character-less rats and traitors that show up first to defend the indefensible.