Saturday, August 27, 2016

Corrupt Kejri

After the December 2013 results of four state elections came in, the Congi-slaves in our MSM realised Congress was a sunken ship. They had realised it a bit earlier too. So they had to get behind another party that could combat Hindu-Evil which presented itself in the form of Narendra Modi. They put all their money on Arvind Kejriwal; the Charlatan-par-excellence. They thought “Little Kejri” will trash Modi & Co. and Congress could still come back through the back-door in LS2014. Didn’t happen. In case you haven’t read my previous posts on this charlatan I recommend these: The AAP-Sucker Proxies, The reincarnation of Arvind Kejriwal and Kejriwal cares two hoots for Delhi. Before we go any further, take a listen to the grand pronouncements by this charlatan (Youtube 20 secs):

Principles of a monumental Commie hypocrite: No Lal-Battis, No Bungalows, MLAs should live in one-room flats, No security, No quotas and No MP/MLA funds. Not to forget he swore on his kids never to enter politics. The cheat is never born suddenly. The cheat is always someone who has been one through his entire life. It is inevitable that the true colours come out only when tested.

I have stated many times AK doesn’t want to be CM. He wants to be above the highest power in India with no work except imposing his dumb-founded diktats on the country. He holds no portfolio or responsibility in the Delhi govt. Here’s a little burst from the “Reincarnation” post:

That AK was blatantly disloyal to any of his commitments is no more surprising to anyone. But I take pardonable pride in predicting the character of this charlatan in my posts long back. Unprincipled, tantrum-thrower, media-briber, work-shirker, wanton-vacationer, chronic-liar – all these epithets can fit AK on any given day. There’s a golden principle I had laid down long back on this blog site: “Indian MSM is the first line of defence for the corrupt”. AK knew it damn well and he knew the following principle too:

"If you want to sell a lie, 
you get the press to sell it for you."

That little line is from the movie Argo. If the BJP had announced Delhi elections immediately after LS2014, AAP would have been wiped out, just as they were thrashed in the LS elections. But on hindsight, it wasn’t a bad idea to hold it months later if only to expose how corrupt AK is, was and could be the greatest charlatan in our current political spectrum. Every single day since becoming CM for the second time AK has done nothing but do an “Item number” in the media, abuse the PM every single day, abuse the LG and do nothing but tweet and RT the most nonsensical stuff. I had to call him the TwitterCM of this country. I was certain that behind this daily Nautanki of AK; massive scams, nepotism, corruption, bribery and loot was on by the AAP govt. AK was bothered about all random incidents across the country except Delhi. Dadri, Rohit Vemula and so on. Like the other fool, Pappu, AK was a scavenger of Muslim-Dalit tragedies, even if some were fake. Even Justice Katju who is often ridiculed by many for his comments couldn’t help noticing AK’s stupid tactics. Here’s what Katju wrote in just after 9 months of AK’s second stint:

It is the time now for the Indian people to know the truth about that phenomenon called Arvind Kejriwal, that 'miracle man’, whom I had in an earlier post called a cunning fraud…. What is the vote bank of Kejriwal? He has none. Even the banias, the business community, are divided, and moreover they are only 2-3% of the population. So where will Kejriwal get his votes?... Realizing this, like a realistic politician, he has targeted the sizeable Muslim voters. He is determined to get the Muslim votes, at any cost. This is the reason why he rushed to Dadri to show he is a sympathizer of Muslims, why he supported the Mahagathbandhan in Bihar… He allocated a whopping Rs.536 crores in the Delhi budget (21 times last year's figure) for his self-publicity advertisements in Delhi… As regards the major problems of poverty, unemployment, price rise, malnutrition, healthcare and good education, I am afraid Kejriwal has no clue how to solve them, except by resorting to stunts… What is there in Kejriwal? I think he is only a demagogue, who has no real solution to the peoples' problems, as people have themselves realized by now”.

For once Justice Katju is spot on. Arvind Kejriwal is a guy who knows nothing about public service, has no goals and has no solutions to anything. He is often referred to as Sonia’s “other son” by people and as her stooge. He has drafted some of the dumbest laws one would ever read to transfer power to himself from the Centre and even arbitrary powers that can over-ride RBI rules. Such stupidity is a long list but fortunately India has a system that doesn’t permit this clown to implement his buffoonery. How did Corrupt Kejri get here? The story is long and part of it is explained in my three posts that I have linked in the first para. But former Intelligence Officer RSN Singh has the dope on this charlatan and those who have planted him to create chaos, help those breaking India and the worst scumbags like those JNU anti-nationals. Read the full article by RSN Singh in which he describes AK as “India’s biggest scam” and follow the lineage of this charlatan AK:

CIA, Rockefeller, Ford Foundation, Magsaysay Awards, Dutch Human Development organisation. The list could go on. Take a look at the beneficiaries. Some of the worst Commies, anti-Hindu NGOs – Teesta, Shabnam Hashmi, Yogendra Yadav and, of course, AK’s Parivartan and Kabir Foundation. Any surprise that AK is predominantly Anti-Hindu, dons the garb of a Muslim and woos them all the time? Follow the money! And money has been the undoing of many political criminals in the world. Kejri has now been paraded naked with CAG reports, IT raids and other news reports. His darling media and his stooges like Rajdeep, Sagarika, Saba Naqvi, Barkha Dutt will now have a lump in their throats and choke that their darling AK has been so badly exposed. Here’s the first loot:

130 crores with one MLA? Where did it come from and what was it for? How much more has been stocked with other Aaptards? AK who promises to cleanse Punjab of the drug menace, grandly supports Nitish Kumar’s idea of prohibition and promised commandos for women had this to show for it:

Commies are renowned for promising the moon and delivering people garbage for it. AK is no different from other Commies. His experiment has been tried in China, in India by Nehru and CPM and their clones, by Russia, by Venezuela. All of them have sunk their states or countries. AK has sunk Delhi. Imagine, the media criminals were portraying this charlatan as a future PM. Oh yes! India’s destruction is what AK’s promoters and many Pak stooges in our country desperately want. The video in the earlier part of this post shows Commies are the biggest liars and hypocrites on earth. The following shot summarises the deceptions by Kejri:

Yugpurush! Mahapurush! ThugPurush! Take your pick. Around a dozen of AK’s MLAs in Delhi are in corruption cases or other cases like molestation and fake degrees. Some may be behind bars at the time of writing. And in each case Kejri ranted “Modi, Modi, Modi” was harassing him, arresting his MLAs and the bizarre claim that Modi was planning to kill him. This psychotic moron cannot be a public servant; he doesn’t even need Vipassana or the like. What he really needs is a cell for mental illness as @Brakoo accurately portrays in this cartoon:

AK had only one grand strategy – Buy out the media and some of the most corrupt and anti-India folks in the Indian media. He funded the media through bogus ads, many outside Delhi, paid spurious and unwarranted commissions to firms related to his side-kick MS Sisodia. Though his media-crimes were known, the length to which Kejri had gone to project himself as the greatest saviour of people is alarming. This is now exposed by the CAG and these reports are now all over the place:

It is simply shocking how AK has subverted the entire Delhi govt into one private fiefdom and doesn’t want anyone to scrutinise him or his govt. SICK, CORRUPT AAPTARDS TO THE CORE. Apart from several fake claims, charlatan AK even claimed “AAP govt proved right by CAG audit”. What kind of despot Delhijans have elected is a warning for them and for this country. AK’s little poodles now claim AAP is nearly bankrupt for Punjab elections. I find that a massive lie perpetrated by brainless sidekick Ashutosh and AK’s bootlickers NDTV:

That bottom report is from January 2015. Corrupt Aaptards had become Crorepatis in just a year. Magic! I have no doubts most Aaptards have enriched themselves through public funds. There are unconfirmed reports circulating in private that the goons of AAP blackmail, extort and threaten schools and hospitals in Delhi for money. Hundreds of crores of black-money being reportedly collected through such acts. AK has gone as dumb as a dog, that cannot bark because it is stuck with a large greedy bone at its throat, over the 130 crores found through IT raids.

The drug-addicts are not in Punjab alone. The bigger drug-addicts are in AAP, whose MLAs and jobless Kejri have run amok with the drug called “power”. The MSM couldn’t stop giving “honesty certificates” to Manmohan Singh who presided over India’s most corrupt govt ever. But Kejri has the gall to call others corrupt, drug-mafia kings and endless name-calling. On top of it endless “item-girl” dances in the media, self-attacks by ink or slaps – all signs of a severely psychotic character.

AK has presided over unbridled corruption, nepotism and non-performance. AAP govt in Delhi to me is now the most corrupt in the country in terms of its relative size and powers. If Punjab or Goa, make the same stupid mistake Delhijans have made then complete destruction awaits them. In the meantime, Corrupt Kejri stands completely naked and paraded as the most corrupt CM of India.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Jihadi Amnesty

The Congis and other Sickulars were up in arms against BJP/Modi over some sedition case against a little-known actress called Ramya from Karnataka. She is also a Congress member. Their usual LIARS in the media are quick to fuel and peddle the Congi lies at the drop of a hat. Frequent liars like Indian Express tar Modi, twist and misquote statements by BJP members and rarely apologise (Unless it’s Arun Jaitley – the Durbar-King of MSM). The episode happened in Karnataka when a stray lawyer filed a PIL for sedition charge against Ramya and the court hasn’t even heard the petition yet. But here is what IE had to scream like a third-rate hyena:

The organised spreading of chaos, anarchy, anti-Dalit sentiments all have a pattern. Now, in addition to this they have the Kashmir strife to scream about. Many believe the noise over Ramya was created to distract from the crimes of Amnesty India (AI). AI recently held a conference in Bangalore to discuss some “Constitution values” supposedly. But incidents at the event where Kashmiri Muslims shouted anti-India slogans and demands for “Azaadi” made it amply clear what AI’s real agenda was. I don’t care about the sedition charge but Amnesty has an international reputation for fraudulent reporting, bias and even financial skulduggery. And the fact that an anti-Hindu writer like Aakar Patel who claims “Hindus killed Sikhs” in 1984 and not the Congis (which may include Muslims and Christians as we know) shows how this biased, hate-filled man and his organisation are spreading poison.

That the Bangalore event was intended to provoke anti-India poison is not a secret at all. And shameless Congis and Aakars of this world defend this as FoE. The same Aakar Patel had claimed “The critical learning was that freedom of speech in India must be regulated”. This was over the Gujarat 2002 riots. For Congis and Sickulars FoE is a convenience toilet. Try this – It was Nehru who amended the Constitution and crushed free speech. It was IndiraG who imposed Emergency and gagged media. It was the Sonia regime that passed the stupid 66A law. It was Sonia regime that filed 7000 sedition cases against the Kudankulam protesters. You know what hypocritical scumbags we are dealing with because they are out of power. Now, the Kudankulam protesters were not demanding Azaadi or shouting anti-India slogans. They were protesting a nuclear plant. But that constitutes sedition for these Sickulars but anti-India slogans do not.

That Amnesty is just one of the thousands of the SICK, anti-India NGOs should be in no doubt. Their international reputation and credibility is in tatters for a long time now and no country gives two hoots about their silly, biased reports. That Amnesty attacks only Democracies and not violent dictatorships is also well known. Let me list a few of their crimes from two Wiki pages Here and Here and some samples from these pages are in the image below:

Many British and US institutions blabber Human Rights but gladly beg for funds from the worst abusers of HR. London School of Economics (LSE) Head had to quit over the scandal of funds from Libyan terrorist Gaddafi. Human Rights Watch raised funds in Saudi Arabia to demonise Israel. Amnesty had links to those funding terrorist group Al Qaeda. In the Watergate scandal “Deep throat” famously laid down the golden rule – follow the money. I have repeatedly stated that those who are anti-India, including NGOs and loose activists, are invariably funded by vested interests who want to break Indian into pieces. Needless to add, they also have a predominantly anti-Hindu agenda. Amnesty is no less connected to Jihadis and this is an ongoing love-affair since a decade:

The reports on Amnesty’s jihadi links have been consistently coming out since 2009-10. Now we can understand why a Jihadi-sympathiser like Aakar Patel was planted as their India Head. Amnesty’s agenda is clear – keep Kashmir on the boil, stoke Azaadi slogans, anti-India slogans and pressurise the GOI to concede space to the enemies of India. Of course, these hate-India groups and other activists and media criminals do not spare one moment in their constant defence of Pakis and giving clean chits to Pak as this Commie Yogendra Yadav types do:

Elsewhere, the eternal Nehru-whiner and cover-up artist for Nehru-sins, the eminent Distortian Ram Guha quotes nonsense from an article by Vinod Sharma (who else) in HT claiming “Hindu Supremacy” has been the cause of the “Intifada” in Kashmir. If indeed Hindu Supremacy were to be practiced and prevailed, no Muslim would have been left behind in India. Hindus were slaughtered and driven out from Kashmir by Islamic criminals. Now they want to drive out “India” from Kashmir and some of our NGOs and media morons want that to happen:

There cannot be any doubt that Amnesty has strong jihadi links and will do everything to destabilise India through anti-India activities on the issue of Kashmir. You will not find Amnesty bitching about Balochistan, POK or atrocities of Pakistan. It’s a matter of who funds these jihadis. AI’s Bangalore was just one episode. They were planning more in Mumbai and other metros for louder noises. Here’s more on Amnesty’s terror links:

Many countries now demand that visitors, immigrants and entities sign a declaration that they will not indulge in any anti-national activities against that country. India should make a law that makes anti-India actions punishable and no foreign visitor or entity should be in India without signing a similar declaration. Besides that, GOI has already refused permission to AI for a South Asian Hub in India. AI is another of those violating FCRA laws and should be shown its place. Founder of modern-day terrorism and hero of jihadis, Yasser Arafat, in his first speech in the UN stated: “Today I come bearing an olive branch in one hand, and the freedom fighter's gun in the other. Do not let the olive branch fall from my hand. I repeat, do not let the olive branch fall from my hand”. Terrorists take pride in calling themselves “freedom fighters” but care two hoots about killing innocent civilians anywhere.

Regardless of what GOI says in public, I am certain ModiSarkar is doing the same with the militant and stone-pelting Kashmiris – An olive branch and the gun. The Kashmiris will deal with either of the two; it’s the choice they make. As for Jihadi Amnesty, they should learn to respect India, her maps, her borders and her integrity else they can get out or should be thrown out.