Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Modi Haters Naked

No interview of a Prime Minister is ever going to be perfect. And considering Narendra Modi doesn’t speak to media all that much it causes greater heartburn. It is also impossible to cover all the issues confronting India in an hour-long interview for any anchor. So when Arnab Goswami landed an interview with PM Modi for the first time on TV since the latter became PM it naturally became the talk of the whole country. It is not so much about Arnab but that people care to hear Modi speak. Whether the questions and responses of the PM were good, moderate or bad is something that depends on the menu of the person who watches it. So, we will safely leave that to the subjective views and opinions of individuals. What the interview did do is that it brought out thousands of idiots who still have no objectivity but limitless hatred for the PM. They have been unable to come to terms with the fact that this is a PM working at tremendous pace who has had more successes in a short period than his predecessors.

That in poll after poll Modi continues to remain a popular PM riles almost all these haters. Let’s look at some of the morons who responded to the interview and how their cup of hatred over-flowed. Where better to start than the Category5Moron (unfortunately I cannot assign a higher title to her):

Ahem! Sagarika is challenging Modi to hold a presser instead of favouring one individual. It doesn’t occur to this Goddess of Moronery that this individual is a senior colleague from her own Tabela called TOI. Leave that alone for a minute. This C5M has a problem with Arnab landing the chance to interview PM but not long ago she was begging for a “Sit-down” with her Street-thug, garbage of a journo called Rajdeep Sardesai:

So a Modi sit-down with Rajdeep would be TV Gold? Laughable idiocy! Modi did make Rajdeep sit-down on the bus-floor like a cleaner and made mince-meat of him in October 2012. Well, that is TV Gold for the C5M. These fools must now realise that their petty hatred has long dimissed their claim to be called journalists in any form. TOI naturally took her to task for her stupidity and forced her to delete her tweet on Arnab. For Sagarika, stupidity and lack of discretion is eternal. I have often called her the “Sergei Bubka of moronery”. She is likely to break her own record again. So let’s move to another chronic Modi-hater, the darling of Sagarika and Rajdeep. The camera-seeking-item-dancing Arvind Kejriwal (who chants Modi,Modi,Modi non-stop every day and night) who is India’s first and only National TwitterCM. Here:

This TwitterCM RTs his own tweet. Amazing! And he again calls Arnab a propagandist for Modi, like he did after an interview in April 2014. The TwitterCM forgets, of course, that he grandly tweeted his own appearance on an interview with Arnab on the same “Frankly speaking” show in 2013 over Delhi elections. Considering Kejri is an “Imandaar” CM as he grandly calls himself here is how he discourages propagandists:

That article in May 2016 in Fountain Ink exposes how AK courts media by appointing dozens of journalists to various govt bodies and institutions under Delhi Govt control. FountainInk is not accurate – I would call it “PURCHASE OF JOURNOS” for propagandising every foolisheness of AK as a grand accomplishment. And the names in the list of journos include some prominent bootlickers who frequently appear on TV shows or write columns in papers. Thus, Modi-hater AK has actually innovated new methods to PURCHASE journos and make them his slaves apart from bogus ads to various outlets. And they are rewarding him with 24X7 coverage of his lungi-dance. As with this pyschotic moron, the Congress couldn’t help being ahead of him:

Our journalists? Sometimes these losers don’t think before they speak. They still think they are in power and their slaves like Barkha, Shekhar, Rajdeep or Sagarika will cover up for them. It’s a bad goof-up that exposes the acute poverty of thought within the Congress. If their initial response was to poke holes into what the PM said or did not say, then that would have at least been passable criticism. No! They are stupidly poking holes at Arnab and his interview and claiming “our journos” merited asking questions. We all know what kind of scumbags the Congress had bred under inside their warehouse. It was one of my strongest reasons to start this blog itself to expose such crooks. Dumb as they are, the Congis even clarified that by “our” they meant entire nation:

Entire nation? And where was Arnab from? The hometown of their stupid boss RahulG in Jupiter? It is fascinating that fools tend to compound their own stupidity by clarifiying an unintended admission. That brings us to the biggest media AAPTards and Modi-haters in the league who let their envy of Arnab go to distastrous and distasteful lengths. Here are the scumbags of AajTak:

Individuals on SM trolling Modi or media is one thing, but a media house to publicly troll another media colleague and the PM with tasteless comments is truly unheard of. Even if they had criticised the interview with some points that could have passed. But no, this is raw hatred from AajTak that is pouring against Modi. And this cannot go un-noticed. Their nonsense was well caught by @ManicheJain who interacted with me on this and sent me info on how they begged him to delete his tweets:

You have humans behind machines? And the PM is what you morons – a machine parading as Modi? It is not just the channel that was pleading with him to delete his tweets but also individuals behind the nonsense who were trying to emotionally blackmail him into deleting:

Her job is at risk? It damn well be – sack the moron and sack every scumbag in IndiaToday group that believes that political hatred is passable in their jobs. These scumbags employed by AajTak also personally and professionally spew hatred against Modi? And Arnab is a Chamcha as AajTak claims? Have these Paid-Morons forgotten that Krantikari interview of AK by PP Bajpai. That wasn’t even an interview – it was an absolute SCAM! It is alarming that such shameless people are employed by news channels who exercise no discretion in venting their political frustrations and persuasions. They do have a right to their political preference but certainly not to the extent they start publicly pouring scorn on the PM and another media colleague. These are not common citizens who rant for one or other reason on SM. And this is not the first time from the garbage-can called India Today which has accumulated filth like Rajdeep, Karan Thapar etc. IT can pour filth on a BJP spokie in this fashion?

Thus, the Arnab-Modi interview, regardless of its contents, helped completely expose the pigheadedness of many media scoundrels who want the glory days of corruption of Congress back to profit from. This is where NaMo must strongly pull up Arun Jaitley too. Jaitley is publicly seen as the Durbari who patronises all these channels who pour mindless scorn on the PM and BJP ministers and members. Nobody has a problem even with harsh and invalid criticism. But to pour endless hatred and Jaitley still patronising channels like NDTV or India Today group will cost ModiSarkar heavily. As I&B minister he has done nothing to curb this nonsensical hatred. SM has exposed these Modi-haters naked over and over again. They are not going to change; ModiSarkar will have to.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Warning For Hindus

Like almost all Indians I used to watch a lot of movies. Like most Indians I also believed most of the bad stuff happened only in movies. Growing along, I realised many bad things that happened in movies also happened to me.  I have witnessed many communal riots in my hometown. Some of these were “engineered” by Congress to divert from other agitations – like the anti-reservation stir of 1985. Friends and I used to wait outside Vadilal Hospital in Ahmedabad watching bodies of dead Hindus and injured Hindus arriving there. We donated blood almost every day for the victims. That’s the least we could do. It wasn’t until 2002 that some Hindu groups retaliated so severely that the menace of provocation was put to rest. We have to see for how long. Here’s a small story about my hometown. NID is a landmark institute that is located on the west bank of Sabarmati in an area called Paldi. This is a map of the location:

The stretch I have marked in a red block was long occupied by Hindus. Land or bungalows or flats. Some Hindu got greedy when Muslims wanted to purchase his property at great prices, sometime in the 1960s I believe. SOLD! One large Muslim society comes up. Slowly, another one comes up nearby. Then a mosque comes up in the area. By 1990s most Hindus had exited the area and the red block is now completely or mostly occupied by Muslims who earlier lived in ghettos on the eastern side of Sabarmati. These are well to do Muslims – businessmen and enterprising families. They did not force any Hindu exodus but legally purchased and created their own stretch of area. Hindus just exited. Looks like they didn’t want the 5am alarm. And these are peaceful Muslims. Some of my closest school friends from years ago still live there and I used to mingle with them, stay with them all the time. But that’s not the story everywhere. This is why I have often warned that we cannot imagine it happens only to others. It could be at your doorstep and I have tweeted this often:

Brussels or Orlando. If the passionate guys had bombed some media house in India they would be hiding under Charlie Hebdo’s little underwear. I mean, seriously, you’ve got a place like Rameshwaram. I could bury thousands of Hindus there. But NO, you CANNOT go there. Why? Because my Mullah said so:

You see, I cannot go anywhere unless these Fatwa-loving idiots allow me to. In my own country? In my India? Don’t worry. They will complain about the smell about Bacon. When Hindus are roasted instead of Pigs at Godhra. So I get to tell you… you cannot ENTER:

That was from England. How is it different in my own country? From Kashmir to Kerala. From Bengal to Assam. From Dehganga to Godhra. You’re DEAD! It’s nothing to do with England. Temples destroyed in Kashmir. Hindus killed in Kerala. Bhatkal, Kasargod, Mangalore – Die Hindus! And even in my great country called Rajasthan… let us pick up some stats. After all, your death can only establish the true love joker Akbar had for Jodhabai? Look through that ledge.. Here’s what that Gharana sees:

If you are wondering where Tijara is. It’s a lonely hamlet near Alwar – between Gurugram and Delhi as the crow flies. I have been there. It hosts a great posh residential AC school. I recall the late Libyan Gaddafi who was prudent enough to say this:

We have 50 million Muslims in Europe. There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe—without swords, without guns, without conquest—will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades”.

If a Hindu says produce more kids – Blasphemy. Yes, while the Muslim will swamp you with sperminological impact. Be it Rohingya Muslims in Hyderabad. Be it illegal Banglas in Assam or Bengal. Be it illegal Muslim immigrants in every corner of Chennai or that Biryani Country in Tamil Nadu. Trust my Supreme Court to come to my rescue:

The SC of India, in a judgment delivered on July 12, 2005, while declaring the provisions of the Illegal Migrants (Determination by Tribunals) Act, 1983 as ultra vires of the Constitution, observed that ‘there can be no manner of doubt that the State of Assam is facing ‘external aggression and internal disturbance’ on account of the large scale illegal migration of Bangladeshi nationals’. The apex court went on to say that ‘the Bangladeshi nationals who have illegally crossed the border and have trespassed into Assam or are living in other parts of the country have no legal right of any kind to remain in India and they are liable to be deported”.

Nothing stops. Nothing that pigs who have sold our country to other pigs will promise you in election campaigns. So we have a redux of the Kashmir Kheer slurping. It is supposed to be a festival. Stupid Hindus go there. They want memories. And NDTV is the first to explain the harmony between large hearted Muslims in the ice-hole and their love for Hindus. You got it:

You see, Barkha’s loverly Muslims cannot stop whining for us. They are so “stoned” with the drug called love some Hindu women get to experience it first-hand. They bear the brunt of this love and end up in hospitals:

I safely presume that Hindu woman is alive, just injured. Those moronic stone pelters were just doing “Kheer blah di dah”. Where does that vicious contempt for other humans come from? Where does it birth? Where does filth grow? Don’t look any further. It comes from 10 commandments of Islam. It was education for me:

If it were written by Mundugopal Satyanarayan, I would have been dead. But thankfully, that was written by a Muslim himself. So I stay alive to write another sentence. But what the Devil will not tell you is that he will visit you in disguise. Sometimes, our best friends are Muslims who recognise his arrival:

Rajiv Malhotra is not fiction. Samuel Huntington is not fiction. Will Durrant is not fiction. Sonia Gandhi or Adhumoole Wahab is not fiction. BREAKING INDIA is not fiction. Destroying Hindus is not fiction. A cross from the South, A black stone to the North – Hindus are dead! They live in sublime slumber that someone else will do it for them. I crow about Shivaji, Maharana Pratap, Raja Chola or even Bhagat Singh. But I am thrilled when stupid Aurangzeb is turned to Kalaam or Akbar is turned to RanaPratap. That’s me. I am a Hindu. We are so silly we believe in condoms while Jesus-salesmen like the Irish still kill Savita Pavannar over abortion. The Commie Pigs mock Giririraj Singh when he says get more babies. We laugh at him. Who’s gonna have the last laugh?

Lately, Kairana or Shamli in UP is in the news on SM. Hindus being driven out. Wait your turn. Kashmir happened to Pandits. Evil will visit your doorstep, hang a Nimboo like you always to ward it off. Take Counsel! Jesus-salesmen to the South, Islamists to the North. Assam, Bengal. Durga is mere alternative reading. Some idiots are worried about Balochistan. Hindus pride themselves on not being destroyed by Islamists or Chrislamists. Talk about withholding, stands in a hall and issues us this threat like an Orlando Bloomerang. I love how tolerance has broken our spine:


The pattern of Muslim mob behaviour was established long ago. Dr Philip Hammond explains how they will produce more, import more and drive you out of your homes:

As long as the Muslim population remains around or under 2% in any given country, they will be for the most part be regarded as a peace-loving minority, and not as a threat to other citizens. (This is the case in: United States --0.6% Australia --1.5% Canada --1.9% China --1.8% Italy --1.5% Norway --1.8%)

At 2% to 5%, they begin to proselytize from other ethnic minorities and disaffected groups, often with major recruiting from the jails and among street gangs. (This is happening in: Denmark -- 2% Germany -- 3.7% United Kingdom --2.7% Spain --4% Thailand --4.6%)

When Muslims approach 10% of the population, they tend to increase lawlessness as a means of complaint about their conditions. Any non-Muslim action offends Islam, and results in uprisings and threats….. (Such tensions are seen daily, particularly in Muslim sections, in: Guyana --10% India -- 13.4% Israel --16% Kenya -- 10% Russia --15%)

After 80%, expect daily intimidation and violent jihad, some State-run ethnic cleansing, and even some genocide, as these nations drive out the infidels, and move toward 100% Muslim, such as has been experienced and in some ways is on-going in: Bangladesh --83% Egypt --90%  Iran --98%  Pakistan --97%  (Remember Kashmir?)

Bengal, Assam, Kashmir, Kerala, parts of Karnataka everywhere. Hindus have fondly embraced slumber to think they will last forever. Egypt thought so too. So did Persia. So did the entire Middle East. The warning is on the wall. Choose to see it or stay blissfully ignorant forever.