Monday, May 30, 2016

Ishrat Trail

Mafia Bosses are never known to transact any illegal activity in writing. This is the reason Al Capone had to be convicted for income tax frauds and not for mass-murders or bootlegging. This is also true for many other Mafia Bosses in the US who could escape law for long periods for lack of evidence. Many convictions were accomplished through Mafia foot-soldiers who turned approvers, became “Rats” and spilled the beans on their Bosses. They may not be the typical Mafia but are stupid enough to expect any kind of Boss or Super-Boss to put down instructions for conspiracies, crimes or misdeeds in writing? The Congis think Indians are stupid enough to swallow that nonsense.

The trick is quite obvious. The trick is cleverly engineered. Some Congi poodle and bootlicker files an RTI application with the Home Ministry to know if the MHA has any record to prove Sonia Gandhi interfered with the affidavits on Ishrat Jahan (The LeT operative who is popular as Bihar Ki Beti with Sickulars). And there’s a terse reply from a Deputy Secretary in the MHA which reads as under (See Economic Times):

In his May 23 reply on behalf of the home ministry, deputy secretary in the ministry S.K. Chhikara “In this regard it is informed that the information sought by you (Poonawalla) is not available in the offices of which the undersigned is the CPIO”.

What was this duffer Poonawalla or Congis expecting? That SoniaG would type out or scribble a note to MMS to instruct P. Chidamabaram as follows?

Laughable! Even the worst idiot in India (If someone can actually be worse than RahulG on that count) knows that SoniaG was the ultimate Boss in the Congress-UPA govt. Not a leaf on any major issue would move without SoniaG’s nod. Major policies were in fact made by her coterie that made up the infamous NAC. HM Rajnath Singh has to be expected to monitor what reply flows out from his ministry on critical cases that have compromised National Security. Even Arun Jaitley is on record stating UPA was involved in “Anti-national” activities. I am reminded of the famous words of Deep Throat to Bob Woodward in the Watergate scandal:

This is what ModiSarkar needs to do – Work from the outer edges and get to the core. That’s how WoodStein got to Nixon in the Watergate crimes. The only foolish thing Nixon did was he kept tapes of all conversations in the White House. A practice he himself started. I don’t think the Congress was that dumb to keep such records. It is a known fact that many files commuted from 7RCR to 10JP for review and approval. We have had many problems with past PMs but at no time in our history was the PMO reduced to a mere poodle to a Super-Boss. Therein lies the key to the Ishrat Jahan case and the plot to eliminate Narendra Modi.

Take a case-study from the movie “A few good men” where Jack Nicholson (Col. Nathan Jessop) has ordered a “Code Red” to kill a worthless Marine, in his opinion, of the US Army under his command. Obviously, the Boss is not going to leave a written record or any kind of evidence that he ordered the murder. You have to work from the outer edges through the foot-soldiers to get a confession of the crime. You have to get “Approvers” to testify against the Boss! Watch this video from that movie (2.38 mins):

“You can’t handle the Truth. 
Especially Congis cannot!”

Yes, indeed! Many cannot handle the truth that the Congress wanted to screw Narendra Modi and Amit Shah and eliminate them from the political spectrum. This, so that they could happily ride to another cobbled and hobbled victory in LS2014. Unfortunately, the best laid plans can go wrong. It’s nature’s law. People saw through the hate-crimes of Congress and their bootlickers in the media and sympathy and respect for NaMo grew dramatically. They overwhelmingly voted for NaMo. I have always believed the Congress is an enemy of this country and must die for India to progress. Congress is a hindrance to this great country and a nagging nuisance at best. A party that still thinks RahulG is fit to be party president needs an asylum not our votes. This RTI application is a clever trick to get SoniaG distanced from the Ishrat trail and put only others in the dock. Here is what the ET article headlined and wrote:

Did the reply to the silly RTI application say anything like that? No Proof? No, it did not say anything like that but that’s how Congress and their slobbering media morons want to imply it. Not everyone is dumb like Pappu. The Deputy Secretary just said the information being sought is not available. His reply is politically correct but equally dumb. This is where a senior minister like Rajnath Singh must keep tabs on very critical cases. A better and prudent reply to that stupid RTI application would be:

Sir, this is a matter of ongoing investigation and at this point of time we cannot confirm or deny

That is where ModiSarkar is screwing up. The Ishrat conspiracy against Modi and others simply cannot be the handiwork of Little PC. He could have been one of the "Ideators" though. And poor MMS is not even capable of thinking up such nonsense although he is politically clever. The conspiracy against Modi and others had to come right from the top. As simple as that. Rajnath Singh even told Arnab in a recent interview on May 28 that the Ishrat case is under investigation and he would not like to hinder it by commenting on it. Why should a Deputy Secretary in his ministry say anything different?

I am confident that the Ishrat conspiracy will be established with proof and “Approvers”. ModiSarkar must just show the guts to find the “Rats” and make them sing on the Ishrat trail. Grant immunity to such Rats. We will know where and who it will lead to.  

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Trolling Heights

Takes few things to be impactful on SM. Facts, knowledge, ability to recall and most of all – A sense of humour. Seriously, do Prannoy Roy, Barkha or any Congi or Aaptard possess any of these? That’s why they lose to these communal Hindus. That’s why they want the Hindus “Internetally DEAD”! Because Hindus with their love for knowledge, new frontiers conquered the net in India unlike Nehru’s Sickulars.  They say Barkha is intelligent and I totally agree. After all, what is intelligence? I’m sure I stunned you with you that question because it’s hard to define it. Did you try? Simply put: “Intelligence is the ability to rationalise anything”. And Barkha has a godown full of it. She can even pass off a goof-up as sarcasm. All you had to do was hear her say “Oh God… what should I tell them?” (And that was just Stringing Along – country lanes?) or “It’s an error of judgement”. Any other country would have jailed her – But in India, the Congis dropped a Padma on her head in advance.

It’s not Biblical times. And Ye who cast the first stone, please remember – A bigger stone is likely to come back and hit you.  And the original MSM trolls even have a new line “Don’t shoot me, I’m just the stone-pelter” as half of Kashmiri kids do. Once upon a time a dumb woman who was so frustrated with Hindus on the net she thought she had created magic when she called them “Internet Hindus”. She gloated and gloated and gloated like the princess with her two-penny Aaptard and the mirror. To her utter chagrin, the stupid Hindus, instead of feeling insulted started wearing that badge with great honour and pride. Many Twitter handles sported the name “Internet Hindu” in some form or the other.

All that was not TROLLING – These Oxbridges were just educating you brown slaves. Get it? Okay!

I was a bit late in the SM game. This dumbtard even challenged Hindus to come up with such titles in "Inglees". In all modesty, I lay claim to creating many titles – among them being Category5Moron. It’s the highest title an anti-Hindu moron can be bestowed with. You troll someone, some party, some leader; sure as hell, it’s gonna come back to you. This is becoming INDIGESTABLE for the original haters and trolls of the MSM. They didn’t expect the return. They thought they were John McEnroe – Serve and volley, point over. It didn’t work like that. It went BANG-A-BOOMERANG!

Play the game, don’t whine! They never thought they would lose. Did they? They lost 2014 so badly it still hurts. EVERYDAY HURTS! That guy in his half-lungi… the street thug Rajdeep even said if Twitter were to be a poll indicator BJP would get full majority. Well models from Madison Street would be happy to meet this lungi now. Sometime back these little girls even concocted a Twitter handle called “BhaktHunters”. The primary job of these jokers called BhaktHunters was to create some bogus accounts, tweet some malicious tweets through them and then get them suspended. And the whole MSM, Congress and Aaptard Gang went “Hallelujah” and “Allah-Hu-Akhar” … “We have scalped another Bhakt”. All very nice and entertaining. Sometimes STAYING POWER matters in politics as much as it does in…. you know what I mean. Right? So some frustrated pieces of junk have started a new “CamPAIN” of playing victim. No, there’s no typo there so don’t look for one.

So the attack on Christians didn’t work. That mother-of-all-Chrislamist-paid Intolerance camPAIN didn’t work. The results from the 5 states recently on May 19 seem to have dampened their pants and skirts a bit more than ever before. What are we gonna do? So they came up with the bright idea of “Trolling women” being an act of violence. Troll to the help! Who would have ever thought of this except the little girls at NDTV? The brightest being the self-confessed hack who goes by the denomination of Sunetra Chaudhary? Here’s what she headlined after a joke with Maneka Gandhi, the Minister of Blabber:

Don’t you worry! I’m still sitting on my chair as I write this. Turns out what SunetraC peddled was an absolute LIE. But I’m equally surprised ManekaG didn’t say something like that. I would have considered it totally in tune with her “Blabberance”. Never mind! But something is bugging these nitwits in the MSM, Congress and Aaptard gang that they have been hatching some crappery to screw Hindus with bogus victim-playing. This is particularly directed against Bhakts or supporters of Modi who they claim are torturing their very existence into hell. Nice try. Some days back the Queen of Telly Trolls who trolled NaMo and many Hindu outfits since Jurassic days had this to whine about:

It must be frustrating. No joyrides. No Ahmed to tell you “Sonia Happy, Sonia Unhappy” or no free Golgappas from PMO. EVERYDAY HURTS. And the trolls are pushing the likes of Barkha Dutt deeper and deeper in their own device. What the… The Trolls are winning? Yes! The trolls are winning. They didn’t cast the first stone. They didn’t control the air-waves. They didn’t control TV. They didn’t control the print pimpernels. YOU DID! And now the so-called trolls are hitting back with more force after slaughtering the low-lives in 2014. That is eating them. So, what do we do? We gotta script something – NDTV-style. We get Arun Jaitley to a scripted interview by that Commie Chrislamist foot-soldier Prannoy Roy:

So Commie Prannoy Roy scripts an interview with Arun Jaitley (Natur-ally!) and asks him about online trolling. AJ gives a very brilliant answer: “Ignore or digest… debating it would only invite more trolling”. Fantastic, isn’t it? The minister has all the brains to answer this nonsense instead of asking his Pyjama friend “WHAT KIND OF STUPID QUESTION IS THAT?” Does he do that? No! He indulges James Roy in his venom and makes BJP supporters think they are uncontrollable beasts and nothing can be done about it. In glorious bonhomie, stupid BJP slaves also bow at the feet of this “Scripted-Mahatma” called Jaitley who has trashed NaMo and protected his Bhakts at the same time.

Seriously, a minister of the stature of Arun Jaitley is discussing TROLLING with bimbos like Prannoy Roy? This is his character? He should have just said “That’s a non-issue or a stupid issue to even discuss”.  Such is the fantastic scripting of lines by NDTV and Arun Jaitley. And stupid BJP supporters heave a sigh of relief that the man from the mountain called Shivalik, called Jaitley “defended Modi's supporters” by saying BJP has no control over its supporters. Is Jaitley giving stupid sly warnings on behalf of NDTV about another 66A? Did you thank the LORD today? Here’s my clear message to the ones who trolled Hindus, who trolled every Hindu tradition and culture, who even trolled NaMo for that matter:

If you cannot take it… QUIT! Stop whining like a stupid Possum. If you try to play dead in the middle of the highway; some vehicle will indeed CRUSH you”.

I wrote most of the stuff here on MediaCrooks.Com when Congress was in power, not when some cheap joker was the BJP minister. Don’t try innuendos or threaten with vague games with your consort NDTV. Keep it at Ashoka Road. And, adding sick-smelling gasoline to the fire to how to hunt these “alleged” trolls” who fight the lies and nonsense of MSM here’s Barkha again with her latest self-inflicted “Chabooks”:

Imagination is a good thing. As long as it doesn’t lead you to delusion or hallucination. I can do without Golgappas but do please spare this sick whining when you have no defence left. That despite Radiagate someone keeps you alive you in this game – Play or Perish! It is even fantastic that most of these morons are claiming they are “women” and therefore the discourse. Really? How about LOFN – I mean “Legs open for Namo”? Here’s what you get?

I have plenty of stock photos and abuse (Not just hurled at me but at a lot more – especially by these foul-mouthed women). The less said the better. If you don’t want to taste blood, don’t draw your Troll-sword first. As simple as that – Neither Jaitley nor NaMo can do you any favours unless you think all Indians are like Congi slaves. Get past that stupid notion. This is a free country and some will die for it to remain so. And since most of these media whiners are BA or MA in Anglai Literature types from wherever – there’s only one message for them. The Heathcliffs don't want you to play Catherines. You’re welcome to it. Enjoy your Trolling Heights!