Saturday, April 30, 2016

Congress Must Die

It was a long time ago, in May 2013, I wrote “For India to Progress, Congress Must Dissolve”. Perhaps I wasn’t quite accurate. Dissolve into what? In the past the Congress party has only produced clones of itself in the form of power-hungry individuals – NCP, Samajwadi Party, TMC and so on. The clones haven’t been very different from the mother-party in terms of mismanagement and scams. It’s come to be a given that no political party can survive without corruption for funding itself and seek and stay in power. The current outcome in the Agusta Westland Chopper-scam and bribery through an Italian Court’s judgement doesn’t surprise anyone at all. Subramaniam Swamy has been on a crusade against Congress corruption, particularly by the fake Gandhis and some ministers. And now as a Rajya Sabha member he brings more teeth to the campaign against the corrupt.

What is it about these fake Gandhis that they are so soaked in corruption, power-lust, destruction of democracy and democratic institutions? It runs in the family it seems. When asked about corruption, Indira Gandhi grandly stated that “Corruption was a universal phenomenon” thereby justifying the corrupt acts of her party. During the years of Emergency, Rajiv Gandhi was reported to have collected bribes from Boeing for aircraft purchases by Indian Airlines:

They Nehru-Gandhis have systematically divided this country on caste and community while claiming to be champions of the poor. In the 50 plus years they have decimated every other hero of India into dustbins as if theirs is the only family that ever worked for the country – that too with crimes like throttling free speech, Emergency, anti-Hindu laws, the discriminatory RTE crap, Reservations, massive loot of public companies. It never stops at anything. And if RajivG had his swan-song with Bofors his widow SoniaG has gone miles ahead in terms of corruption and loot of India through her Congress-UPA govt. From 2G to Agusta would make a very long epic movie on the crimes of Congress and their main leaders.

Under SoniaG there is hardly any doubt anymore that the party and ministers like P. Chidambaram allowed terrorists a free hand to eliminate Narendra Modi from the political scene. They concocted bogus cases against Hindus in Samjhauta blast, Malegaon. To appease their Muslim vote-bank they even coined stupid terms like “Saffron terror”. And the guy behind the Ishrat Conspiracy had the audacity to state he didn’t sign the affidavit that implied she wasn’t a LeT operative when a mountain of evidence confirmed she was:

Also, Little PC, his wife and the Littler Karti are also named in multiple financial crimes which are investigation by the ED and CBI. Post-Emergency Indira Gandhi was indicted by the Justice Shah Commission and was arrested. Typical of Drama-Queens IndiraG refused to go to Tihar unless she was hand-cuffed. We then had a “Khichdi” of a govt (as IndiraG referred to it) and when she was out she used all her political skills to dismantle the Janata Party govt through greedy folks like Charan Singh, Chandrashekhar and others. She came back to power in 1980 and the Justice Shah report was consigned to dustbin. All was forgiven. The agitation against the report and arrest of IndiraG were not different from what we see today over the Agusta scam. Ruckus in parliament, agitation on the streets (Particularly against S. Swamy). All this to defend SoniaG and the “family”. There’s just one problem.

SoniaG managed to pull down the Vajpayee-govt once but it came back to power. We now have a govt that cannot be pulled down even if Sonia purchases all the MPs that money or positions can buy. So the whining turns to what? A foot-soldier named Oscar Fernandes invokes imaginary “sacrifices” made by the Gandhis. I consider it laughable in the face of Himalayan corruption and loot of this country:

The Congress foot-soldiers, the party’s other cronies and some of their media slaves are asking one question like a box of parrots:

The BJP govt has been in power for 2 years, why didn’t they investigate the Agusta case all this while”?

Well, little darlings, the thing is that if the BJP govt had indeed speeded up the inquiry and held Sonia & Co. guilty and prosecutable – what would you have said? These same jokers would have screamed “Vendetta Politics, Vendetta Politics”. Right? So, now that an Italian court (the mother country of Sonia) has indicted these folks they aren’t able to rant “vendetta”. The only natural course is to run to media like SoniaG did, like Ahmed Patel is doing for a few days. Whining, whining, whining! That the BJP is trying to malign SoniaG and the Congress. In reality, most BJP supporters are complaining the GOI isn’t doing enough to lock the corrupt away. This, of course, is followed up by uncouth, uncivilised behaviour both inside and outside the parliament:

Congi goons are targeting Swamy personally as if he was the Italian judge that indicted the bunch of Congis of having received bribes. If the Italian govt convicted some of bribe-giving, it stands to reason some people did receive bribes. As simple as that and this was long suspected so nobody is surprised and I am sure internally even the Congis wouldn’t be surprised. But if they don’t save the Queen, the party is dead. Progressively, from IndiraG to RajivG to SoniaG on matters concerning India and the corruption has only exponentially grown (the only Congress exception being PV Narasimha Rao). With SoniaG there was also a massive anti-Hindu operation that is unforgiveable. She allowed a free-run to missionaries within and outside India for their Conversion-factory to operate. Laws like 66A (later struck down by SC) were made to punish any criticism of the Gandhis. She formed a coterie called NAC that nearly passed the CVB Bill that would have held any Hindu guilty over communal riots without evidence.

So what does SoniaG hope for? That by some miracle she and her Sickular, anti-Hindu allies will somehow return to power in 2019 and wash all the crimes away. They will manipulate and destroy all cases against Congis just like PC did with the Ishrat case. This must not happen! If the Congress under these Gandhis ever returns to power the death of India is assured in multiple terms. They had more or less managed to destroy the economy, the social structure, Hindu traditions and heritage and loot of national wealth unimaginable by any standards.

In a Noodle-poll (I call it that because these are quick polls with no scientific basis except public sentiments perhaps one-sided) Kanchan Gupta asks if Agusta and other crimes of Congress and Sonia will go the Bofors way. Here are the results:

People do feel that Agusta and other Congi crimes will go the same way and with good reasons. They have even lost faith in the Judiciary which now hears PILs on Lord Ram and such stupidity. There isn’t one institution that the Congress hasn’t corrupted apart from the financial loot. We must ask ourselves the question – What kind of exceptional moronery propelled us to vote for a govt led by a foreigner who has done nothing for India even as the “Bahu” of Indira Gandhi? Tavleen Singh asked that question to a stupefied Karan Thapar on IndiaToday a few days ago. The answer is – NOTHING! She has only sunk this country and the fools who defend her are nothing but worth comparing to “Mafia-wives”. Only such Mafia-wives put the "Family" above country. The hour is too late for such slaves. The sooner they learn it the better. DUMP HER!

We do criticise ModiSarkar and I do so very severely at times. That is because we demand performance from an Indian and ZERO from a foreigner with deep connections abroad which are mostly opaque. I don’t care if Sonia goes to jail or not and that doesn’t enthuse me. If anything, she should be allowed to leave this country and return home as a bargain if push comes to shove. If she and Congress ever return to power, I guarantee – The destruction of our economy and social structure would gain greater momentum. This party cannot be trusted anymore. There can be no dissolution and no denominations of it in whatever form. CONGRESS MUST DIE!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Gasbag Gurus

There’s an old story about China and Japan. When hostilities ended after WWII China, in a gesture of peace, gifted the Japanese govt a one-metre Golden Thread which was just 1 mm in thickness. The Japs didnt know if it was a gift or a taunt. After many years the Japs decided to something about it. So they drilled a hole through that 1 mm thread and gifted it to former allies Germany. The Germans too were a bit puzzled by this unusual marvel of a gift and wondered how to improvise on what the Japs had done to that extremely thin Golden thread. But given the Germans were engineering wizards they came up with a brilliant idea. They created another thiner thread and ran it though the very tiny hole the Japs had created through the 1 mm Golden Thread and tied it up at both ends. Germany too didn’t know what to do with that thread anymore. So when the Sonia-led govt came to power in 2004, the Germans gifted it to India. Promptly, the Congress govt named it “Rajiv Gandhi Golden Thread of Innovation” and passed it off as an innovative engineering idea by the late PM.

That’s how Congis have destroyed every other historical figure in India’s story and spared no effort to glorify only the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty shamelessly. And these jokers are now blabbering and grumbling about Gurgaon being renamed to Gurugram along with their TV poodles NDTV and Barkha Dutt who mock the change. Their stupidity gives me much joy. I love when the sick, talentless Congis squirm in discomfort. What’s in a name, eh? A lot, if you ask me. I applaud ModiSarkar for renaming Aurangenocide Road in Delhi to President APJ Kalam Road. This mass-murderer of Hindus has been glorified by the anti-Hindu Congress in tributes and in history. This Aurangenocide is listed as the 23rd biggest mass-murderer in the history of humankind.

In Gujarat hardly anyone calls Ahmedabad as Ahmedabad. Almost every Gujju calls it “Amdavad”. Even the railway station and airport sign boards write it as “Amdavad”. There was once even a proposal to rename the city to its original name “Karnavati” but it was shelved. There’s a Karnavati Express that runs from Mumbai to Ahmedabad. So when Gurgaon was recently renamed to “Gurugram” a lot of uneducated idiots from Congresss and media raised a hue and cry. These extreme hypocrites are blissfully washing away the crimes they heaped on the nation with bogus naming of schemes and monuments, even when unwarranted, after the Nehru-Gandhi clan. This here is the Bandra-Worli Sea Link in Mumbai:

This project had nothing to do with Congress. They didn’t even create it. The project was conceived under the Sena-BJP govt in 1999. So what did the Congi goons do? As soon as they came to power they renamed it “Rajiv Gandhi sea link”. Of course, no one refers to this monument by his name. So, imagine the “Happy tongue hypocrite” and sycophant who passes by the name of Shashi Tharoor tweets such crap on “creation”:

This guy who whacks and covers up the truth about the misdeeds of his own party was once a claimant to the UN Secretary’s office. Imagine the number of hypocritical garbage he would have spread across the world. He is now the Diggy of the media. The “run-to-guy” who is available like a “Pastiwala” ready for comments on any and all issues. He is truly out of work it appears. Well, what can you expect of ST when his boss is the Little Pappu who plays with a Puppy during a crisis? (Just like he partied hard after 26/11):

There is an “Old Mahabalipuram Road” in Chennai which was renamed to Rajiv Gandhi Salai just because it has some IT parks in it. Needless to say it had no reason or rhyme. People still refer to it as OMR road. But as the Congress-Clown likes to scream so often “India mey computer kaun laya”? The Gandhis are truly descendants of Charles Babbage. Naturally, when your party is led by a prattler who pretends he is Atlas and can carry the earth upon his shoulders and head then his little poodles and footsoldiers are not likely to be different. They are likely to be as dufferonimous as he is. Kanchan Gupta explains it to a 4-year old sycophant of the Congress gang:

It’s not just the Drona Awards but there’s even a Metro Station in Gurugram named after Guru Dronacharya. All this under Congress govts. So what are these jokers now whining about the renaming? Well, it’s carefully orchestrated to portray a Hindutva agenda and Dronacharya seeking Eklavya’s thumb as “Gurudakshina” as  an assault on a Dalit. Given that their new theme is Dalit this, Dalit that, they are now portraying Eklavya as a Dalit and that BJP govt in Haryana is renaming a town after someone who insulted a Dalit. Monumental Morons! Eklavya was a tribal as far as I know. Besides what exactly is Gurgaon or Gudgaon or Gudgaanva (as the locals pronounce it)?

It is a simple know historical fact that “Guru Ka Gaon” became Gurgaon (mostly pronounced Gudgaon). The renaming merely restores it to the correct title of Guru. Nobody’s going to call it Gudugram. It will correctly be called GURUgram as no Indian pronounces it “Gudu” unless you are a Shashi Tharoor devoid of education in history. And to imagine this is all coming from pathetic Congis who have named and renamed over 500 roads, bridges, monuments and what not after the Nehru-Gandhi clan. The sheer reading of their stupid dynastic cruelty can be seen in a video that runs a long time to the music of “The Terminator” in the The Gandhi Septology.

Delhi airport renamed after Indira Gandhi. Hyderabad airport renamed after Rajiv Gandhi. And after all these crimes the Congis have a problem with Gurugram of all things? If India must survive and move on it is absolutely necessary that the falsehoods and fake tributes bestowed to many must be dismantled. And the BJP govt must show absolutely no remorse in doing so. The Gasbag-Gurus of Congress and media can keep whining like little poodles. Doesn’t matter!